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Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A nearly balanced hybrid, Jack Herer brings to the table the best of both sativa and indica effects. Users generally find they are happy and calm, but alert enough to carry on conversations. This daytime strain provides medical relief from the symptoms of depression, and can soothe away stress and anxieties, and reduce pain.

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Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Jack Herer feminized cannabis seeds are named for the well-known and much-respected advocate of the industrial hemp legalization. An enduringly popular recreational and medical strain, Jack Herer is also recognized as a medical-grade pharmaceutical in the Netherlands.

Jack Herer Hybrid Cannabis Strain

A nearly balanced hybrid, Jack Herer brings to the table the best of both sativa and indica effects. Users generally find they are happy and calm after consuming the orange and lemon-scented vapor, but alert enough to carry on conversations that are bound to get interesting thanks to the strain’s ability to “Jack” up creativity.

Jack Herer Effects

You will notice a healthy deposit of sugar-like trichome resin on your Jack Herer plant, despite the level of sativa. This sticky surface is what offers those calming, blissful effects that play along so nicely with the more euphoric sativa qualities the strain provides. Depending on your tolerance and body chemistry, you might find yourself more energized, or deeply relaxed. A moderate THC level of about 18% means you’ll get the heady buzz for which cannabis is known, but should avoid any overpowering psychoactive effects. The effects of Jack Herer tend to be long-lasting.

Medical Jack Herer Cannabis

Medically, our Jack Herer cannabis seeds grow into medium-height plants that provide relief from the symptoms of depression, soothe away stress and anxieties, and reduce pain. The strain is not recommended for nighttime use since, despite the relaxation, users often find themselves too attentive to nod off – avoid this strain in the afternoon and evening if you struggle with falling asleep.

Jack Herer Seeds

Jack Herer cannabis seeds have a relatively short flowering period of 50 to 70 days. Large, round buds provide a good yield both indoor and out, though the medium height and compact body of Jack Herer makes it an ideal choice for indoor growing. You can expect up to 500 grams of harvestable flower from each square meter of indoor growth, and gardeners with moderate experience should find the growing process quite straight-forward. To learn more about this strain, take a look at our Jack Herer article!

Jack Herer feminized cannabis seeds infuse you with creative, calm alertness.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Haze x Skunk x Northern Lights #5


45% Indica, 55% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



blissful, Creative, energizing, Happy

Best Use

Anxiety, creative pursuits, Daytime, Improve mood, reduce stress


Earthy, Peppery, Pine

Indoor Yield

400-500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

600-800g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

78 reviews for Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Apple Dumplin (verified owner)

    Probably the most perfect weed ever devised and grown commercially….it’s so relaxing that you can’t possibly be disappointed. I love these little seeds, so round, so perfect, so easy to grow. Got nearly 500 grams of pure smoking pot. And believe me, I do smoke it! Love buying this weed online…makes it sooooo easy to just grow my own nug at home. Definitely gonna buy more, just watch me!

  2. Quilter (verified owner)

    Always been a big-time fan of the jack herer strain…better than ever when you grow your own…gets a HUGE yield…bigger than last time…especially now that I can grow indoors…smokes just fine too…nice and sour…a little citrusy…better than what you can find in stores…gets me real stoned…helps me with stress…not a problem.

  3. Earl Smith (verified owner)

    Jack herer is a nice change of pace…it’s a break from the normal day to day…gives me a crazy head rush and makes the body feel all tingly…mmmm so nice! I smoke it to chillax…always makes a good investment cause homegrown weed is definitely the best…I will smoke this weed till I am out…but I tell ya I probably won’t run out for a while…I got a HUGE yield!

  4. Madd Dogg (verified owner)

    Jack herer is the king of the weed. It’s strong and delicious and helps with depression. Everyone who is anyone loves this strain, gives you a great boost of energy and increases mental clarity, helps with pain and stress and depression and even makes the world seem a little brighter. Fast delivery from GCS, big fat nugs when you’re done, it’s that simple and definitely worth the buy!

  5. @putthelimeinthecoconut (verified owner)

    Jack herer is one heck of kick to the brain. It sends me into hyperdrive, and makes me wanna ride my motorcycle into the sunset. Beautiful bud….absolutely perfect grow too. So lucky that I have a greenhouse. Feeling pretty stoked about how nicely these plants turned out. Means I am definitely onto something here. The flower is bright green and orange with these little pistils sticking out from the plant everywhere, it’s really eye-catching. Very sour smoking, but I tell ya, it’s the happiest high I can think of!

  6. Sunglow (verified owner)

    Everyone who is a stoner has come across this weed at some point…it’s an excellent hybrid combining the best of both worlds! The indica makes it easy to relax and the sativa makes me feel focused and happy and alert! It’s a win-win, especially if you have anxiety or depression, this stuff just balances me out…plus it’s easy to grow!

  7. Hank Williams (verified owner)

    Jack herer brings a little extra joy to my life, and I need that, especially now when things are so difficult. I ordered my seeds online with GCS and got them delivered to my door. They were in this great glass packaging and I germinated 2 of the 3 and am saving one for later. Great growth off these plants, and nearly 400 grams to show for my efforts, all very fresh, very green, and very sour tasting stuff. I smoke it almost every afternoon for a nice mood boost and to give me life in conversations ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Nightmare (verified owner)

    I don’t really know who Jack Herer was in real life, but I am definitely a fan of his weed! This was my first time ordering with GCS and I am very happy about the results of my grow. I got nearly 500 grams of fresh weed from these plants, and it wasn’t even that much effort on my part. I like the taste and smell of this bud, very relaxing and also very intoxicating lol. It’s a sativa leaning hybrid so it won’t put you to sleep but won’t make you paranoid either. Give it a try!

  9. Socially Distanced (verified owner)

    I know it’s crazy but I love smoking this weed before parties. I get just stoned enough that I feel nice and buzzed but can still carry on some conversations. It’s well worth the effort of growing your own pot. Tastes amazing and also has a beautiful look to it as well. Nice bright colors, almost neon, and very sticky smelly bud. Can’t believe how much I harvested, much better than expected. Time to take a huge bong rip. Thanks for reading!

  10. Jack Lover (verified owner)

    Jack herer is the winner of the bunch. Tastes great and gets you super stoned, but not like groggy stoned, more like excited, and active and alive! I got 3 seeds delivered to my place from growers. Followed the grow guide on this site to get myself up and running. Wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought, and got some pretty impressive yields, which I am very happy about. Beautiful bud too, super green and a little orange, wicked bright! Love this weed, will smoke every day!

  11. Thomas Napoli

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  12. Tacoadict (verified owner)

    Always the best in the bunch. I am a huge stoner, but new to growing my own, so decided to try this one out cause I have purchased it from the dispensary many times. Great stuff! Easy online ordering and super fast delivery to my home. Got an excellent growing experience from this and really enjoyed the process of watching the flower form into tight little nugs. It’s super sour and very uplifting. You can’t go wrong!

  13. Calico (verified owner)

    Jack up your day a notch with this hard-hitting strain of mj. I am thrilled to have this in my growing arsenal. It helps with pain and depression and gives me a great energy boost. Absolutely no complaints on the growing side of things. GXS has great seeds that are easy to order online and have delivered. They’ve always been a 5/5 in my book, so definitely no problem with this strain ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. theGreenCurtain (verified owner)

    I liked to get jacked up on the jack herer weed. It’s a huge mood boost and a great little addition to my greenhouse collection. I smoke it almost every day, mostly after work to shake off all the stress and misery. I ride my bike all the way down westlake and am back in first hill before you know it. The hills never get easier here in Seattle, but the weed is always good. Happy as a clam!

  15. Power Plant (verified owner)

    Everyone has come across this strain at some point or another. It’s definitely a classic and offers up some incredible tastes and smells for all to enjoy! I am a huge fan of sativa strains and this stuff really scratches the itch. It’s a nice head buzz, helps with stress and anxiety and depression, and makes for a great social activity, filled with laughs and great munchies. You won’t be disappointed!

  16. Barbedwire (verified owner)

    I guess I really didn’t know jack about growing weed before this process. I learned a lot from these 3 little seeds, and following the grow guides on this site really helped me get to the flowering stage. It wasn’t THAT hard…but I am not a grower, honestly, and this was a little bit new for me, but I did pretty well all things considered. It’s good to have this around the house, perks me up when I am feeling tired and even helps with chores. You can’t beat that!

  17. Wanderer (verified owner)

    Jack herer is a classic…something I’ve been smoking for at least the last 10 years. I never thought to grow my own mj, but I am Sooooo glad I decided to try it out. Maybe it’s the genetics in the seeds, but these guys sprouted beautifully, and they grew up super fast in my greenhouse out back, an absolutely stunning plant with incredible color and aroma, it’ll impress your friends too. Definitely has a citrusy taste and gives me a BOOST of great energy!

  18. Honey-Girl (verified owner)

    I suppose this weed is kinda like the jack of all trades….it has a great earthy stank to it, really dank weed with a sour flavor, delicious smoking and sooooo nice to pack a joint and share it with your friends. It’s not too difficult to grow either. I got myself 3 seeds from GCS and grew them in the backyard and WOW only 4 months later there are soooo many flowers on my plant. I can’t believe just how easy this all was. Thanks GCS!

  19. Great Yield (verified owner)

    A very uplifting and energizing strain, great for daytime use and for parties/social events. I liked the grow, but I am not a weed grower. I feel like I kinda neglected my plants so my yield was a bit smallish but the buds were pretty fresh when I finally harvested them. I got myself probably like 400 g? Idk, it doesn’t really matter, but the smell of this stuff is pretty remarkable, very citrusy and kinda woodsy too, and even just the bright green colors will make your day better.

  20. Last Time (verified owner)

    Jack herer is one of those strains that really stands the test of time. I used to grow this in my greenhouse back in the day, but got sick and had to take a break. Luckily I am on the up and up and can finally get back out into the garden. So glad I came across GCS, they have an amazing online selection, and their delivery is wicked fast! I germinated these babies indoors and had them out in the garden the next day! I love this weed!

  21. HALLIWELL (verified owner)

    This weed gets me JACKED up, and I get super excited about life! I love socializing, and I love moving around, it’s basically like adderall for me, increases concentration, and I even feel a little bit creative! I got myself 3 seeds from GCS and planted them in the backyard, and they did super well back there in all the sunlight and whatnot…had to water them fairly frequently, but that’s no problem…Got a nice yield, and very fresh nug ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. PORTer (verified owner)

    Jack Herer is one of those strains that just stays with you wherever you go…It’s a nice easy smoke, makes any afternoon feel like a dream. My favorite thing to do is smoke this mj and head to the park for a few hours, get some sun and read a book, take a walk among the trees, and enjoy the smell of the dead leaves rustling. It’s all so bright and shimmery…I really do love this weed. I will buy again!

  23. cococolleen (verified owner)

    This weed brings a lot to the table, there’s all the colors and vibes it provides, really brings a party to the next level and helps with social anxiety. It’s an easy grow…but it can be fickle and delicate so be careful where you grow it. Outdoors is nice, but not really reliable all the time, the yield will be smallish In my experience, but indoors is where this weed really shines. It loves consistency and the yield is much, much bigger. I have a TON of weed at my place now, and I am about to smoke it!

  24. Chocolite007 (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  25. gongreen (verified owner)

    I don’t care for the weed that turns my mind into mush, this stuff tends to keep me pretty sharp, like it’s very relaxing, but my mind stays really buzzy and focused and alert. That’s the benefit of the hybrids! Got a nice yield from my plant, only germinated one of the 3 seeds I ordered (saving the rest for later) but got around 300 g from just one plant and that’ll definitely keep me going for a while. I love the smell and taste, very sour and earthy. Couldn’t ask for more!

  26. Kelly Raines (verified owner)

    I’m a return customer, I’ve been buying from GCS for a long time and this has been my go-to for a while now. It’s an easy grow, a classic strain, very well documented and easy to follow, and hey, the grow guide on this site is super helpful! The buzz is solid! Its easy breezy and great for my stress and my mind. Now I can finally relax after work, and feel good about the night ahead. Depression doesn’t stand a chance!

  27. Isabel Dawson (verified owner)

    Best of both worlds, gives you a nice sativa buzz with a mellow indica kick that puts you right at ease. Perfect for an after work chill session will friends or for just cooking dinner at home. It’s not hard to grow, honestly I was surprised, but it’s something worth noting. I am not a good gardener and this came easy to me, so I recommend it to novices like myself. Great yield too. Definitely will be back for more!

  28. Lucky Jenney (verified owner)

    If you are a smoker of any legacy you will know this strain like the back of your hand. It’s a real easy grow and offers up a ton of bud for your enjoyment. I smoke personally to help battle anxiety which really plagues my time and ruins a lot of my days. Having a nice sativa dominant hybrid around really does the trick. It’s a good toke when you’re off work and just dealing with traffic. Happy as can be, definitely worth the buy!

  29. juan carlos (verified owner)

    Once you take a hit of this, then you’ll be floating on cloud 9. It’s an amazing hybrid, really helps with stress and anxiety and gets me feeling super buzzy and focused. I dig the sour taste and the ease of the grow and how fast my seeds were delivered. I feel super fortunate to have found GCS. What an amazing company!

  30. Youngju (verified owner)

    If you’re a fan of hybrids this one is definitely top of my list. It’s a classic mj strain, and it’s actually really hard to find in Canada! Got my seeds delivered with PSB, so easy to order online! and the smell of this herb is so sour and sticky and dank, I am pretty stoked about how this turned out, and how well my plants did out back. Good stuff for sure!

  31. Danny R (verified owner)

    This is some Grade A marijuana with a zest for life! Loved growing this stuff, it was just an experiment in life, got some seeds delivered from GCS, had some trouble with germination but finally got my seeds going. Beautiful buds, and absolutely perfect for backyard growing. A very nice yield too, such gorgeous tasty nugs, they smell sour and then taste a little sweet, it’s a wonderful mind trip, helps with anxiety and stress. Highly recommend!

  32. iencmislap (verified owner)

    If there’s a weed out there to help with social anxiety, this is it! It’s such a great experience growing this weed, has helped tremendously with the stress and anxiety, both at work and at parties. I feel like I am much more social at work, can speak to my boss a little more easily, and when I am stoned on the Jack Herer, my friends really cut it up. It’s been a real trip for sure, but my life is better because of it for sure!

  33. ozzimotosan (verified owner)

    I love this stuff and knew I would. It has only positive effects of Sativa and Indica in equal amounts.
    If Jack is the breeder (and I know who he is as I saw his show on Tee Wee), he definitely knew what he was doing.
    Next grow is Tangerine Dream, next Spring. Hoping for April. At the rate this is going I’ll be out by then! LOL!

  34. ozzimotosan (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  35. mobster1234 (verified owner)

    On my new property, I finally have a ton of space to grow weed! Got a big old greenhouse built out back, with indoor lighting and everything, so everyone in the neighborhood will want some haha! Jack herer is an all-time fave. I’ve grown it before, gotten some nice results, but something about these seeds took it to the next level.