Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A nearly balanced hybrid, Jack Herer brings to the table the best of both sativa and indica effects. Users generally find they are happy and calm, but alert enough to carry on conversations. This daytime strain provides medical relief from the symptoms of depression, and can soothe away stress and anxieties, and reduce pain.

Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Jack Herer feminized cannabis seeds are named for the well-known and much-respected advocate of the industrial hemp legalization. An enduringly popular recreational and medical strain, Jack Herer is also recognized as a medical-grade pharmaceutical in the Netherlands.

Jack Herer Hybrid Cannabis Strain

A nearly balanced hybrid, Jack Herer brings to the table the best of both sativa and indica effects. Users generally find they are happy and calm after consuming the orange and lemon-scented vapor, but alert enough to carry on conversations that are bound to get interesting thanks to the strain’s ability to “Jack” up creativity.

Jack Herer Effects

You will notice a healthy deposit of sugar-like trichome resin on your Jack Herer plant, despite the level of sativa. This sticky surface is what offers those calming, blissful effects that play along so nicely with the more euphoric sativa qualities the strain provides. Depending on your tolerance and body chemistry, you might find yourself more energized, or deeply relaxed. A moderate THC level of about 18% means you’ll get the heady buzz for which cannabis is known, but should avoid any overpowering psychoactive effects. The effects of Jack Herer tend to be long-lasting.

Medical Jack Herer Cannabis

Medically, our Jack Herer cannabis seeds grow into medium-height plants that provide relief from the symptoms of depression, soothe away stress and anxieties, and reduce pain. The strain is not recommended for nighttime use since, despite the relaxation, users often find themselves too attentive to nod off – avoid this strain in the afternoon and evening if you struggle with falling asleep.

Jack Herer Seeds

Jack Herer cannabis seeds have a relatively short flowering period of 50 to 70 days. Large, round buds provide a good yield both indoor and out, though the medium height and compact body of Jack Herer makes it an ideal choice for indoor growing. You can expect up to 500 grams of harvestable flower from each square meter of indoor growth, and gardeners with moderate experience should find the growing process quite straight-forward. To learn more about this strain, take a look at our Jack Herer article!

Jack Herer feminized cannabis seeds infuse you with creative, calm alertness.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Haze x Skunk x Northern Lights #5


45% Indica, 55% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



blissful, Creative, energizing, Happy

Best Use

Anxiety, creative pursuits, Daytime, Improve mood, reduce stress


Earthy, Peppery, Pine

Indoor Yield

400-500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

600-800g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

116 reviews for Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Pola Cabrera (verified owner)

    This weed is gonna make you smile, even when you are depressed, you’ll be sure to smoke it each and every day to help you manage your deep unending sadness LOL that’s just a bit of depression humor for you. Have had a great experience smoking this weed and growing outdoors, even orderinng online was easy. Gotta keep it up!!

  2. Bianca Harris (verified owner)

    Everything feels illuminated when you smoke this strain. It makes me feel really strong and excited and it grows super well in my backyard. It’s a good buy for the price, and it helps me deal with my stress and anxiety really nicely. I burn through it like crazy, and I get pretty baked right around the time I get off work. Pretty exciting stuff!

  3. Abdulahi Mcfarland (verified owner)

    This is such an excellent strain…it has helped me with my stress and depression symptoms like nothing else. I reaaally like the flavor, it’s super sour and a little citrusy….makes my eyes a little dry LOL but it’s still super worth it. I love the flavor and the excellent smells too. Definitely gonna buy more!

  4. Ameera Draper (verified owner)

    Jack herer is something you gotta try! Sativa dominant, this weed is made for those who suffer depression and anxiety, it gives an excellent mood boost and sets me straight for the day. I like the smells and the tastes, I also like taking a few bong rips before going out into the world for some ice cream. Def gonna share this website with my friends who I know will be interested as well. Don’t miss out!!

  5. Willow Merritt (verified owner)

    Jack is where it’s at, it’s all kinds of chill and spill, you’re gonna be on a roller coaster inside your brain, and then you’re gonna splash down into the ocean and look for gold, and then you’re gonna swim with the fishes, and the squid lol. OMG I am so stoned on this dope sativa pot. Canada has NO pot seeds but GCS delivers to good old Alberta, lovely times all around def gonna have more of this weed!

  6. Maximilian Enriquez (verified owner)

    This strain will give you the burst of energy that you need to get through your morning. My commute is 2 hours long, and absolutely devastating, so I pack a small bowl and get really baked on my way to the shopping mall. Then I usually mess up a few smoothies and then my shift is over just like that! My true passion in life is growing, so I really am happy how this all turned out!

  7. Cecilia Paterson (verified owner)

    Jack Herer is a pretty righteous strain, it’s very lively and citrusy and intense, gives me a lot of sativa energy, makes me wanna jam and play some music, and then it helps with my depression, cause all of us depression patients need a little energy boost in the morning. I have been very pleased so far with GCS products, they always seem to work out beautifully!!

  8. Mathias Field (verified owner)

    This weed is like a kick in the rear when you’re feeling tired or kind of depressed. Really happy I bought these seeds online, it’s been a very positive step for me, with minimal consequences. I think by growing your own weed you are breaking the military-industrial complex and seizing the means of production. Very exciting!!!

  9. Nadeem Fletcher (verified owner)

    Jack herer….man I love this strain, I smoked it last night and it was the best decision I ever made. I smoked like 8 blunts the other day, got suuuuper stoned and decided to ride my bike all the way to the lake, and it was super chill and pretty awesomely fun, and I rode faster than I ever have before. I nearly crashed into a tree, who cares!?

  10. Gene Sparks (verified owner)

    I used to suffer from some intense depression, but I find that this weed had been really helpful in my journey. I take some actual medication for depression but also like to smoke this weed to help out. I like it’s sativa vibes, and it helps me manage all the days stressors without feeling too overwhelmed. Definitely give this weed a shot and you will not be disappointed!

  11. Melina Hardin (verified owner)

    This Jack herer weed is pretty rad…it’s great for smoking all on your own, or with some of your friends….not a bad way to spend a weekend, smoking dope and walking around Portland…and yeah man, you’re gonna make friends no matter what, you’re gonna be growing good weed from this so why not? What’s holding you back? Jack Herer is the bomb!

  12. Franklyn Rayner (verified owner)

    Get yourself on the Jack herer train and you will not be disappointed…a VERY chill time, makes me wanna smoke some dope and get very chilled out with my homies!!! I bought myself 6 little seeds and germinate them 2 at a time, and WOW they sure look great. They are as tall as me, and they smell like a citrus tree…very good vibes, I have not been disappointed at all!!!

  13. Murat Pearson (verified owner)

    This weed, mixed with my morning tea, is a great way to wake up, especially if you are tired and had a difficult night. Ordering online was nice and simple, plus the seeds shipped out really fast, I gotta say I am very impressed with myself, didn’t expect to get 500 grams of pot from this harvest, and here we are, swimming in weed, what a dream!

  14. mdan344 (verified owner)

    Gotta have my Jack, this weed grounds me, makes me super thrilled and happy, and is delicious stuff, very worth growing your own weed, helps with all kinds of stress and depression too, gotta love it for the smell and taste as well, and just GOTTA have that sweet citrus flavor wandering around inside my lungs and brain. Pretty darn awesome stuff. Gonna definitely buy some more for the fam!!!

  15. Roland Houston (verified owner)

    Jack herer is gonna make your day that much better. It’s gonna help me with my appetite hopefully because I have an eating disorder and I need something to balance my appetite levels and whatnot. I will definitely keep smoking this though, cause I just love the taste and its smell and it’s very earthy and sweet. I like the bright sativa vibes it gives off, a really nice flavor!

  16. Wasim Duran (verified owner)

    This strain really helps with stress and depression…honestly it’s better than antidepressants, and it makes for an awesome grow in the backyard during the summer months. I mean, once you harvest this emerald gold, you’ll be swimming in nug for months. The hardest part is keeping it from getting too stale, but if you smoke a huge joint like I do, then you’re gonna have a pretty awesome time either way LOL!

  17. Marni Lovell (verified owner)

    One of the best strains you’re gonna find anywhere on the internet. An absolutely gorgeous mix of indica and sativa vibes with these beautiful yellow and green leaves that will just leave your mind feeling free and excited. I am very excited about the prospect of growing this again, caus GCS seeds ship fast and always do a good job!

  18. Trystan Burch (verified owner)

    Hey how’s it going? I got myself some new seeds the other day and Just wanna say they are great and I absolutely love the way they grow so tall in my backyard, a real treat and they produce so much sticky nug it’s like a weed factory in here, pretty awesome and hella chill, definitely wanna keep growing this brand of seeds cause it’s awesome, and I really wanna buy more!

  19. Alex Ward (verified owner)

    This is not your grandfather’s weed…it’s bright and colorful, gets me really stoned and its even pretty easy to grow. I ordered it online and had it shipped all the way to Seattle, where I live, and got it growing in my backyard, and it sure does look amazing!! I love its bright green colorful leaves and the amazingly smooth citrus taste, it’s like lemon-lime man! It’s good stuff!

  20. jfnsdim (verified owner)

    The sativa powered jack herer is one for the ages. I LOOOOVE growing this weed, it’s delicious, it’s amazing, it’s the perfect strain for every afternoon or weekend, especially when you are on a hike. I feel so empowered by this strain, it’s so energizing and that’s just awesome! Love the vibes of this weed and definitely wanna buy some more!

  21. Edgar Menéndez (verified owner)

    Jack herer is a wild and wonderful experience, you get SO much marijuana and just wanna lie back and enjoy. Beautiful dope, and very uplifting too, helps me deal with pain and stress and also kinda tastes like fresh oranges. Great buy, especially for the price, and definitely worth the effort cause the weed you get is much better than from the store!

  22. Kimberly Burt (verified owner)

    What does jack herer bring to the table? Well, first off, it’s super lightweight and is nice for smoking any time of day, has a nice citrus flavor, and a good relaxing vibe to it. I smoke this to be very good to myself, helps me stay positive and happy. Gives me a great vibe as well. I chill with my homies like every single day and we pass around a joint and have a great conversation every time!

  23. Rosencrantz Rose (verified owner)

    Get on board with this jack herer strain, it’s seriously nice and relaxing and helps me deal with all kinds of things, and I get really stoned and hungry and I go to Denny’s and get their pancakes at 3 am and smoke cigarettes indoors, and it’s a bygone era, and a place where I can just drink coffee till 4 am and then drive home and watch the sunrise, pretty awesome stuff, you know?

  24. matt barker (verified owner)

    Nothing hits the spot quite like Jack herer seeds. This stuff is both relaxing and energizing. It improves focus and even increases productivity at work, which is astounding cause I have ADD and nothing works like that for me. Either way, was a great buy, and you really can’t find seeds like this in Canada anywhere. We have such cold winters here that it’s best to just grow indoors, you get a much nicer yield 🙂

  25. hangrycobra (verified owner)

    The jack herer strain is hella nice on a warm summer day in Portland. It’s all kinds of relaxing, makes for a good purchase if you are looking for a light and uplifting weed to make your afternoon better. Always a good time when the friends are in town, and I really love the sweet, mellow grow that comes with it. It’s got these perfect, soft greens that are easy on the eye, and somehow relax the brain. Can’t wait to buy more!

  26. Janice m. (verified owner)

    Jack herer is an exceptional strain, it’s all kinds of colorful and wonderful, also is very uplifting and euphoric without the crash! This was my first time growing mj, my buddy recommended me this site and I was just amazed! They ship out really fast actually, and their growing vids and info on this site are actually very helpful. Thanks GCS for helping me find my new hobby!!

  27. marty mcfly (verified owner)

    You may have never heard of this strain, but once you try it you will be hooked for life! I ordered online and had this stuff delivered right to my home. An absolutely gorgeous vibe, so nice to have just chillin’ in the backyard, so good for dealing with pain and stress and an absolute pleasure to have in class lol.

  28. viimam (verified owner)

    It’s hard to match what Jack Herer brings to the table. A nice citrusy smell and a very BIG yield when you play your cards right. I smoke to just relax and maintain composure. I smoke before meetings or after I put the kids to bed. I like how relaxing it all is, and I enjoy the sweet taste of the marijuana flower. I am new to this game, but as a mom with 3 kids, it’s necessary after 9pm 🙂

  29. milarose mcloughlin (verified owner)

    You wanna know Jack herer? Then you gotta try out this weed. It’s amazing!!! Beautiful smelling dope, absolutely lovely flower, very green and very fluffy, and it’s got the best citrus taste in the weed world. I ordered myself some online, got it shipped right to my doorstep. And now I am a weed fiend….making my way to the top of the weed growing game!

  30. jonasredding23 (verified owner)

    They say it is a balanced hybrid, but this weed is a sativa all the way…It’s a nice smoke in the afternoon, helps with anxiety and stress, keeps my mind focused and sharp all the way into the evening…it’s a good working strain…a nice creative buzz as well. I definitely enjoy smoking this weed with my friends, we always have a good time, and get the munchies lol.

  31. New Love Generation (verified owner)

    Jack herer is a nice vibe….I mean like I am not a review guy, but I just had to say I was really happy how this all turned out. Got a great vibe from this weed, made me super excited and also gave me some seriously nice buzz. Helped me with my depression and anxiety and also gave a me a good way to get excited about life. Well worth the effort if you’re down to get your hands dirty!!