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Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A nearly balanced hybrid, Jack Herer brings to the table the best of both sativa and indica effects. Users generally find they are happy and calm, but alert enough to carry on conversations. This daytime strain provides medical relief from the symptoms of depression, and can soothe away stress and anxieties, and reduce pain.

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Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Jack Herer feminized cannabis seeds are named for the well-known and much-respected advocate of the industrial hemp legalization. An enduringly popular recreational and medical strain, Jack Herer is also recognized as a medical-grade pharmaceutical in the Netherlands.

Jack Herer Hybrid Cannabis Strain

A nearly balanced hybrid, Jack Herer brings to the table the best of both sativa and indica effects. Users generally find they are happy and calm after consuming the orange and lemon-scented vapor, but alert enough to carry on conversations that are bound to get interesting thanks to the strain’s ability to “Jack” up creativity.

Jack Herer Effects

You will notice a healthy deposit of sugar-like trichome resin on your Jack Herer plant, despite the level of sativa. This sticky surface is what offers those calming, blissful effects that play along so nicely with the more euphoric sativa qualities the strain provides. Depending on your tolerance and body chemistry, you might find yourself more energized, or deeply relaxed. A moderate THC level of about 18% means you’ll get the heady buzz for which cannabis is known, but should avoid any overpowering psychoactive effects. The effects of Jack Herer tend to be long-lasting.

Medical Jack Herer Cannabis

Medically, our Jack Herer cannabis seeds grow into medium-height plants that provide relief from the symptoms of depression, soothe away stress and anxieties, and reduce pain. The strain is not recommended for nighttime use since, despite the relaxation, users often find themselves too attentive to nod off – avoid this strain in the afternoon and evening if you struggle with falling asleep.

Jack Herer Seeds

Jack Herer cannabis seeds have a relatively short flowering period of 50 to 70 days. Large, round buds provide a good yield both indoor and out, though the medium height and compact body of Jack Herer makes it an ideal choice for indoor growing. You can expect up to 500 grams of harvestable flower from each square meter of indoor growth, and gardeners with moderate experience should find the growing process quite straight-forward. To learn more about this strain, take a look at our Jack Herer article!

Jack Herer feminized cannabis seeds infuse you with creative, calm alertness.

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4.5 (2 votes)

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Haze x Skunk x Northern Lights #5


55% Sativa / 45% Indica

Flowering Time

50-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, blissful, creative, energizing

Best Use

Daytime; Improve mood; creative pursuits; reduce stress and anxiety


Earthy, peppery, pine

Indoor Yield

400-500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

600-800g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


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  1. juan carlos says:

    Once you take a hit of this, then you’ll be floating on cloud 9. It’s an amazing hybrid, really helps with stress and anxiety and gets me feeling super buzzy and focused. I dig the sour taste and the ease of the grow and how fast my seeds were delivered. I feel super fortunate to have found GCS. What an amazing company!

  2. Youngju says:

    If you’re a fan of hybrids this one is definitely top of my list. It’s a classic mj strain, and it’s actually really hard to find in Canada! Got my seeds delivered with PSB, so easy to order online! and the smell of this herb is so sour and sticky and dank, I am pretty stoked about how this turned out, and how well my plants did out back. Good stuff for sure!

  3. Danny R says:

    This is some Grade A marijuana with a zest for life! Loved growing this stuff, it was just an experiment in life, got some seeds delivered from GCS, had some trouble with germination but finally got my seeds going. Beautiful buds, and absolutely perfect for backyard growing. A very nice yield too, such gorgeous tasty nugs, they smell sour and then taste a little sweet, it’s a wonderful mind trip, helps with anxiety and stress. Highly recommend!

  4. iencmislap says:

    If there’s a weed out there to help with social anxiety, this is it! It’s such a great experience growing this weed, has helped tremendously with the stress and anxiety, both at work and at parties. I feel like I am much more social at work, can speak to my boss a little more easily, and when I am stoned on the Jack Herer, my friends really cut it up. It’s been a real trip for sure, but my life is better because of it for sure!

  5. ozzimotosan says:

    I love this stuff and knew I would. It has only positive effects of Sativa and Indica in equal amounts.
    If Jack is the breeder (and I know who he is as I saw his show on Tee Wee), he definitely knew what he was doing.
    Next grow is Tangerine Dream, next Spring. Hoping for April. At the rate this is going I’ll be out by then! LOL!

  6. mobster1234 says:

    On my new property, I finally have a ton of space to grow weed! Got a big old greenhouse built out back, with indoor lighting and everything, so everyone in the neighborhood will want some haha! Jack herer is an all-time fave. I’ve grown it before, gotten some nice results, but something about these seeds took it to the next level. Maybe it’s the genetics? Who knows? Either way, I am really happy with the quality of this weed!

  7. smoothers says:

    This has to be one of the better grows I have done in years. I have a full greenhouse out back, sell to a few local dispensaries and was really happy to see GCS ships wholesale. Really easy to work with them, excellent customer service and timely delivery too. Got a very nice even germ off these seeds, hovering around 90%, and an excellent yield. Tried a little for myself and am happy with the results!

  8. LittleBear says:

    I came down with a significant illness a few months ago that puts my body in a state of distress. I need weed to help me with some of the side effects. This weed in particular helps with my symptoms and also puts me in a good mood. A great way to kill 2 birds with one stone. I am happy with the way my buds turned out, and definitely will grow more. I think indoors may be a better option next time around.

  9. silly billy says:

    I’ve got a great growing space in the backyard and am really happy I got a chance to try out this mj for myself. I ordered the weed seeds online with GCS and had em shipped out to my place. I used their germination guide on this site to great results and got more weed than I expected! This stuff is great for sharing with friends, it’s also been great at the end of a long day and helps me relax and unwind. Perfect for stress!

  10. construction man says:

    I am one of those rare people who uses weed to help me socialize and this strain really does the trick. Not only does it help me unwind and relax, but it helps me stay social all through the night. I feel like I can chat for hours on this weed, so I usually smoke it before parties and before chilling with my friends as well. I am really happy I chose this strain, it’s an amazing vibe and I can’t wait to buy more!

  11. Anthony Black says:

    This is some incredible stuff, really delicious and amazing, love the sour tastes and vibes of this stuff, but the high is nothing but sweet sweet relief from stress anxiety, depression and fatigue! I really dig the growing process, very straightforward, anyone can do it! Not to mention ordering online with GCS is easy as pie and the weed ships right to my door! Will definitely be back for more!

  12. ifkd460 says:

    A very uplifting strain of mj. Really dig the delicious vibes of this stuff. It’s super brightly colored, with intense greens and orange colors all around the plant. It’s a classic strain so you know it’s gotta be good. It’s an impressive strain that works well in almost any environment. I truly enjoy the sour taste and the euphoric buzz this weed provides. Best seeds in the USA!

  13. Sam says:

    This is a great strain of mj. I just love the taste and smell of this hybrid, super sour and citrusy, and it offers a great buzz too! I usually smoke this weed in the afternoons after my lunch break to help with the 3pm crash, also great when I get home and am just chilling with the dog. It’s been a great grow and a great buy, I’ll be back for more!

  14. SoulMates says:

    This weed has been great for me socially, I usually smoke it before I head out to parties or the bar and wow I really get social! I love chatting people up and the buzz keeps me from feeling anxious, it’s great! A very fun and enjoyable grow, did it in my backyard, and I love the nugs this came up with, delicious buds of green and orange. Great buy!

  15. Lou Jenkins says:

    This strain is popular for a reason, it’s got all the best qualities of an indica and sativa! It’s really worth your time to grow this indoors, you’ll get a remarkable yield that will last you for ages! It’s sweet then sour and it’s wicked relaxing. You’ll dig listening to tunes or watching your favorite movie. All your worries will just melt away. Happy as a clam! I’ll definitely be back for more 🙂

  16. nguyen says:

    Yum yummmm! This weed is my favorite. It’s been so great for my headaches and depression. I love smoking this stuff in the afternoons to give me a little mood boost. Not difficult to grow and the seeds were very responsive to my tending. Looks great in the garden and is loved by everyone in my household. A staple stoner crop!

  17. growmaster5k says:

    This has to be one of my favorite strains on the market. It’s ridiculously easy to grow, and ordering seeds online through GCS could not be simpler! I love the smell of this weed, it’s sour and sweet and tastes just the same. It gives me a great buzz, but it’s never overwhelming, perfect for upping my mood or helping me improve my focus. Definitely a worthy buy!

  18. Gary says:

    If you need relief from depression, this is the perfect strain for you. It’s really easy to grow and has a lovely sour floral smell to it, so it’ll look good in your garden. A nice medium harvest that’ll last you quite some time! It’s a classic strain so you know it’ll be good, and this is something exciting for those of us who struggle with bad moods and cloudy days.

  19. Gregory Bell says:

    Love this stuff. Great for the back pain and for my immense stress and anxiety. Have been a medical mj user for years but this was my first time growing my own bud. WOW what a difference. It was so green and fresh and fluffy. My gf seems to love it as well, and I smoke usually at night to help me unwind and get the last of my work completed before I go to sleep.

  20. amanda banana says:

    If you’re looking for that warm fuzzy feeling when you smoke, this is the perfect strain for that. It’s a nicely balanced hybrid that has been great for my anxiety, depression, and overall fatigue. I love the smell and taste of Jack Herer, it’s amazingly sweet with a hint of sour earthiness. Its something to share with friends or just chill in the park with on a sunny afternoon!

  21. negativenancy says:

    This weed is my favorite, I love the way it tastes and smells, it’s super citrusy and delicious! I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from chronic pain or insomnia. GSC has an amazing selection and I will definitely be back for more!

  22. Kayla Roy says:

    The perfect daytime strain for stress and anxiety. I have a very stressful work life, I am always on the clock and need help relaxing and staying focused. Jack Herer is my go to for sure. It was easy to grow in my basement and has these bright green and orange nugs. It’s been very useful during the work week in calming my mind and helping me stay focused!

  23. nananana BATMAN says:

    This weed is a great choice for a day spent with your in-laws. It’s a nice escape high but you are totally with it enough to participate in whatever is going on. I had good results with the seeds but it’s not my first rodeo. I prefer other strains but this one performed well.

  24. Gregory F. says:

    This classic strain if perfect if you’re a creative type like me. I run a small graphic design firm in SF and I need to be on my creative game all day long, it’s important that I stick with a weed that helps me wake up and do good work. I have a small garden bed out back where I planted my seeds and got three beautiful plants with bright white and yellow buds. Truly inspiring! I usually smoke at lunch and it helps me get through a long day, and keep on top of my game!

  25. Lara Johnson says:

    I find that I do really well with marijuana strains that are hybrids and the more closely balanced for me, the better. Jack Herer is the best hybrid: it smooths out my anxious personality but also gives me the happy feels and even blissful feels too! Also, it is among the best indoor grows; since the plant is pretty compact and not too tall, it fits in most small spaces, which is great because I certainly don’t have a lot of grow space where I’m living! My friend claims Jack Herere makes him more creative, but I haven’t felt that. I just feel chilled and joyful, which is more than enough for me!

  26. tracybrockman says:

    Purchased five of these Jack Herer seeds in December and they have all sprouted great and turned out even better. We just harvested about two weeks ago with the last one coming down a few days ago. It’s a nice motivating buzz that turns into relaxation just when you need it to. These plants thrived indoors with a small 300W LED light and I can’t wait to see what they do under more light with a little training. Will definitely purchase again and always from Growers Choice Seeds. Thanks guys!

  27. Kathryn B. says:

    Wow if there ever was a perfect backyard strain this would be it! Jack Herer is a classic, almost any stoner you know will have heard of it or smoked it at some point. I was amazed at GCS online collection so went with a safe bet and was NOT disappointed! A great grow, super fun and even pretty quick too! I got a GREAT yield and smoke this stuff every afternoon for a burst of creativity and life!

  28. greenmonsterxoxo says:

    One of the best strains on the market, hands down, and GCS has the genetics to give you some solid yield on your grow! I have been smoking JH for many years, but this was my first attempt at growing, got 4 of 5 seeds to germinate, not bad, and the 4 plants grew super tall and bushy, with the brightest green and orange buds you’ve ever seen! A very balanced high that’s great anytime of day! Helps me stay happy and concentrated through the workday!

  29. Bryce Morrison says:

    This is my favorite strain of weed, have been smoking it for years! It’s a well balanced hybrid that will keep you feeling both energized and calm. It’s fun to grow and the seeds were shipped out super quick. I got all 5 of my seeds to germ and then only 3 months later I started seeing beautiful green crystals! A great anytime weed, perfect for afternoons or weekends. Has been helpful with stress and anxiety as well as mood.

  30. Herbert M says:

    Happy as a clam with my brand new weed plants! First time grower and new to GCS as well. Stellar online selection of seeds, so much to offer and so many delicious strains! Jack herer is that perfect middle ground that any stoner can enjoy, Grew them in my backyard and had amazing results! I have so much weed I don’t know what to do with it all. A great smoke anytime of day, sativa dominant means its great for energy and mood. Helps with anxiety too!

  31. Billy N. says:

    An excellent choice for the seasoned stoner. Jack Herer is one of those classic strains that delivers the best of both worlds. I found the body high to be mellow and relaxing while the mental stimulation to help with mood, focus and creativity. Have been cultivating weed for some time now, was very impressed at the reliability of my GSC seeds, all 5 germinated quickly and the grow was fairly straightforward. Moderate yield of about 450 grams, not bad. I smoke usually in the afternoons when my mood tends to dip. I handle my depression through smoking in small amounts which helps with motivation and happiness.

  32. Monica223 says:

    OMG I loooove the smell of this strain! It smells like summer in a bowl with orange and lemon notes. My whole house smells citrusy after smoking. I’m a big fan of hybrid strains in general so it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. This one is definitely up there though! This strain gives me all the warm and fuzzy feelings. I feel happy, calm, relaxed, euphoric, and creative all at the same time. It’s a great hybrid for the morning or evening, so it really is great to have on-hand at all times. It’s a classic in my book.

  33. Ashley B. says:

    Never actually tried a Sativa before. Easy to grow this outside. I did it in buckets in my backyard. They probably needed some extra sun but they did pretty well without it. This is a popular and hearty strain and I’m glad I decided to go with feminized cannabis seeds. Never have an issue with them and always end up with a higher yield since I’m not worrying about male plants. When you smoke this though, just know that it’s a pretty strong head high. You’ll definitely be the life of the party.

  34. Jack Plonz says:

    Jack Herer is a favorite of mine, I’ve grown these cannabis seeds from a few different vendors. Ordering online is usually the best way to go, because you’re more likely to get something that hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for ages, or at least that’s been my experience. For indicas, it’s one of the best. I recently ordered 5 seeds from Growers Choice, they showed up on time but they didn’t germinate. That was disappointing. But they sorted me out. I was hesitant to germ the second time around – once bitten, twice shy – but the new lot of seeds didn’t give me any trouble. They seem on the up and up for an online seed shop, I’ll order again, barring any more problems with germination.

  35. Jake Smithe says:

    Really just bought this because it’s so well known. Now I’m glad I did because I know why it’s so popular. Mine didn’t grow too tall, but I read that’s normal. Still got quite a bit out of them. It really brightens your mood and is just amazing overall. I’ve bought a few other feminized cannabis seeds from here and they never disappoint. Will continue to be a happy customer!

  36. Kendra Kyle says:

    My dad and mom have rheumatoid arthritis, so I grow this stuff for them. I’ve tried it before and it’s really relaxing. I usually bake it into cookies for them, because they didn’t want to smoke. Haven’t tried growing outdoors, only indoors. I never grew before I found this comapny, but seems to be the best. I hear about it all the time from other growers I’ve met. Grateful now that I know what feminized cannabis seeds are so i never had to deal with the hassle. Ordering online is easy and delivery is quick

  37. Lawrence F. says:

    I couldn’t wait to buy again because Jack Herer is the best. i know it’s popular and a lot of places sell the seeds, but there is no where to buy feminized cannabis seeds of the same caliber as Growers Choice. They have the germination guarantee, which i’ve needed to use and that just says it all. I’m also impressed by how open they are about their process. They also have specific medical seeds that are high in CBD, but this strain is particularly great.

  38. John says:

    I feel like a really deep calming effect when I use Jack Herer. I would never buy anywhere else except this company because of the quality. Plus the guarantee of feminized cannabis seeds takes a load off your plate as a grower. I prefer to grow inside, because I don’t live in the best area to grow outside, but I always get an incredible yield and really nice buds off my plants.

  39. renardvie says:

    What is there to say about Jack Herer? It’s OG weed if there is any. You can probably buy these seeds anywhere but I’ve had great success with this company. Every now and then I’ll catch a sale but I don’t mind paying full price because I know I’m not going to get taken advantage of. Seeds always show up on time, they’re packed tight, they’re fresh. Trust is key when you’re buying marijuana seeds. I recommend these guys, so far they’ve been true to their word.”

  40. emrt says:

    Really impressed with my Jack Herer seeds. No issues with my order or delivery, I was worried as it was my first purchase from an online weed store but I have zero complaints!

    5 stars.

  41. cheungtiffani says:

    Based off the reviews and some help from customer service, I ordered this strain because I wanted something more chill for when I’m working on my writing; something that would let me focus and help my creative juices flow. This tasted great and gave me just the effect I was looking for.
    As a first time buyer this ended up being the perfect choice, and I had no problems with the seeds I received or the process of getting them to grow. Really happy with the results and would definitely purchase again.

  42. Mason says:

    Jack is a classic and I’ve grown if off and on for years. GCS has the best Jack I’ve have grown to date. It had a high yield and a wonderful aroma. The high is very mellow, and the flowers taste delicious. Will definitely purchase again!

  43. Sam Mason says:

    Beautiful! I really don’t have much else to say about this strain – I was extremely impressed. I’ve grown Jack from other seeds before and this crop was by far superior. Relatively straightforward grow, moderate yield (as anticipated), and I just sampled it yesterday afternoon – piney taste and a touch of euphoria before it settled down into relaxation. Very nice.

  44. hoosiers1955 says:

    I wanted something to help my creativity and to help with motivation around the house while still helping me with my depression. CGS’ customer service rep, Alex, was super helpful and understanding of my issues. I ordered some Jack Herer and after about 2 months I had a little over a pound of very piney, magical flowers. With just a few hits I can greet the day with a smile on my face and enough energy to face any challenge.

  45. Simon Huang says:

    I have tried this strain from a local dispensary, but wanted to grow it myself to compare the quality. I gotta say Growers Choice must have some good breeders because my plant was much better than what I tried before. JackH is not too overpowering but gives an amazing feel. I do feel more creative with the right amount. Highly recommended.

  46. Justin Samson says:

    This strain is my morning cup of coffee. I first tried it when I was depressed a few years ago and I’ve continued to reach for it when I feel unhappy. It elevates my mood and allows me to function normally, instead of being a cranky monster on those hard days. 5 stars for sure!

  47. wholmes82 says:

    Highly recommend this to first-timers as its an easy-to-grow, high-yielding strain. Love the piney aroma and cerebral effects. Definitely a winner as far as sativa-dominant strains go. I can smoke this first thing in the morning and have a productive day.

  48. Eugene So says:

    One of my favourite plants. It’s a classic, always a crowd pleaser and comes with great yield too. It grew quite quickly. Germination to harvest was about 2 weeks or so. Got a nice 180g of awesome bud with plenty of resin crystals. Not to mention the wonderful aroma as well. 10/10 would buy again for sure.

  49. Samuel says:

    I’ve grown Jack before, so I knew what to expect and that’s pretty much what I got. Followed all the usual steps including the flowering time you say, and I got a lot of resin for a hybrid. Happy with it and could buy again.

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