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Great White Shark Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Great White Shark feminized cannabis seeds develop into flowers that offer deep relaxation, creativity, and relief from pain and stress. Though you may receive a bit of energy, this strain is best used in the evening, or during lazy days dedicated to relaxation, meditation, and de-stressing. Great White Shark can ease migraines and calm symptoms of PTSD, depression, and anxiety, and stimulate appetite in people dealing with chemotherapy or eating disorders.

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Great White Shark Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Another popular indica strain, Great White Shark feminized cannabis seeds flourish into a relaxing, mindful hybrid that traces its lineage to Super Skunk, Brazilian and Indian strains. With a mid-range THC level of about 16%, our Great White Shark is the perfect choice of cannabis seed for relaxation, whether therapeutic or just for enjoyment.

High-Resin Great White Shark

Named for the generous coating of crystal-white resin that covers its flowers and leaves, Great White Shark causes a strong buzz that comes on quickly, and lasts for some time. The 25% balance of sativa euphoria adds just enough energy to the sensation to prevent you from lapsing into total lethargy; overall, though, a deeply calming effect makes this strain a great option for evening relaxation, or days during which you plan to do little more than chill out, meditate, and pursue your creative side.

Great White Shark Seeds

Great White Shark cannabis seeds are a suitable medical selection for people who are seeking to treat their recurring, chronic pain. The strain will boost the appetite, so keep some tasty snacks around the house, or get ready to practice some serious self control! Medically, this common side effect makes Great White Shark an excellent option for people struggling with eating disorders or undergoing chemotherapy cancer treatments. Furthermore, a gentle elevation of the mood and deep sense of relaxation can help those who are trying to lessen feelings of stress and anxiety. The strain has been used with success in the treatment of attention deficit disorders, PTSD, nausea, depression, and migraines.

Great White Shark Strain Yield

Great White Shark cannabis seeds are easy to grow, and do best in indoor soil or water hydroponic conditions, where they are known for producing a considerable amount of product over its eight to 10 week flowering period – as much as 700 grams of harvest-ready flower for each square meter of growth. In the proper conditions, outdoor gardening is also an options, and in their natural open-air environment, Great White Shark cannabis seeds can grow to support up to 1000 grams of flower per plant.

Check our our Great White Shark Feminized Cannabis article to learn even more about this healing strain.

Our Great White Shark feminized cannabis seeds are a good choice for deep relaxation and creativity.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Super Skunk x S. American Sativa x S. Indian Sativa


75% Indica / 25% Sativa

Flowering Time

56-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, relaxing, body stone, sedative

Best Use

Evening; Full body relaxation; low-energy creative pursuits; pain management


Sweet, earthy, citrus

Indoor Yield

700g per m2

Outdoor Yield

1000g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


0 responses to “Great White Shark Feminized Cannabis Seeds”


    This is one heck of a strain of weed. It’s powerful and it kills my pain and stress. It’s super nice growing outdoors, got a great yield off this stuff and it’s been great to have around. I am definitely a fan of GCS, they have such an amazing online selection. Great speedy delivery and customer service and they’re always reliable. Customer 4 life!!!

  2. Ellen says:

    It’s not your typical strain of mj. First off, it’s waaaayyyy more relaxing than the name suggests, all I wanna do on this stuff is pet bunnies and look at clouds. Also, it’s remarkably easy to grow, super nice if you’ve got a greenhouse in your backyard. Takes super well to the sun and a fair amount of water. Nice nugs on this plant, yellow and dense like little popcorns! Definitely a worthy buy!

  3. Nathan F. says:

    This has helped me tremendously with pain and depression. I got into a car accident recently and am still on the mend. My wonderful husband has been doing much of the growing, and has graciously pre-rolled a few joints for me for evening pain. This helps soothe my aching joints and puts me in a good place. I feel very fortunate to have this in my life. 5 stars!

  4. Ashley Dunnfrey says:

    Holeeeee cow, these plants produce so much flower I don’t even know what to do with it all! I have the perfect greenhouse out back, it’s been growing weed for years but this is my first time growing with GCS. Very happy with the fast delivery time and the quality of the seeds. The flowers are beautiful, bright yellow and super dense. A very chilled out high, great for getting homework done or watching TV…or both! It’s been a great thing to have around the house, the roommates love it too!

  5. i92jd9fn4 says:

    Don’t be afraid of the Great White Shark, this weed is surprisingly mild and very uplifting. I had a great experience growing this in my yard, does super well in an outdoor environment, especially if it has enough sun and an even watering schedule. It’s been a real treat taking care of these plants on my own, I feel my gardening skills have improved dramatically and things are looking pretty darn healthy. Has been great for my self esteem and has reduced my stress!

  6. Dunkaroo mv says:

    I need some pain relief and help sleeping at night. This weed always seems to do the trick. This is my third (?) time ordering with GCS. Their online selection is better than ever, but this one has to be my favorite, I am a creature of habit i guess haha! Got a GREAT yield this time around, I think I am better at this now than at the start. Got some nice bud from this plant, so fresh! Cant wait to smoke it this evening, right before bed!

  7. Shirley Temple says:

    I think this weed really earns this title simply by how MUCH weed you get from just 3 plants. Like I am now swimming in an OCEAN of weed, remarkable stuff, and so easy to grow too! I ordered online, was really impressed by their HUGE selection, and got my seeds shipped out super fast, what a treat! The germ guide on this site is really helpful, and the plants grew just as expected. I am really impressed with myself haha! Great smoking this stuff, I am a big fan!

  8. caesar ruiz says:

    OMG!!!! This is the ultimate lazy day strain!!! I smoke this usually on my days off from work, and it’s perfect for chilling in the park and reading all afternoon. It makes me chilled out but doesn’t make me sleepy like some indicas tend to. I enjoyed growing it as well, what a fun gardening project, and super great for for my stress and anxiety! Come on you gotta try hanging with the shark!!!!

  9. shakestr says:

    I’ve been having trouble sleeping as of late, and my usual sleep meds do not seem to be working. My doctor recommended I take some medical mj and boy was he right! I ordered these seeds online from PSB and had them delivered right to my door. An excellent variety for insomnia. I grew this in the backyard and after only a few months had a nice size yield! Now I sleep through the night like a baby!

  10. leaves cruncher says:

    Such an amazingly high yielding strain of mj, and so affordable as well! I am really impressed by all the delicious flavors and herbs that this provides. I smoke usually in the evening cause it’s pretty indica heavy and usually puts me on the couch. It’s been great for stress however, and really offers me a way to unwind after work. Not bad for sleep problems as well!

  11. jerry walker says:

    This strain took a big old bite outta my pain, stress, and depression! I grew these plants out in my backyard, and WOW did they take well to my garden bed soil!!! I got way more weed than I anticipated and now I am swimming in delicious herb. It’s been a great experience growing my own mj, I feel like I’ve learned so much! I’ll definitely be back for more weed!

  12. puffman says:

    With such an intimidating name, you’d think this weed would be a little intense, but in fact, it is anything but! There’s something very special about this stuff. Really great for getting stoned with your buddies after work, cause it’ll keep you chilling for a while, but it will eventually just put you to sleep. It’s a very relaxing strain, helps with stress and anxiety and tastes amazing!

  13. energeticchemist says:

    My first review for this website involved this strain. It’s a mixed review to be sure. First, I want to compliment grower’s choice- these were the fastest sprouting cannabis seeds I’ve ever sprouted. 2 of the 3 seeds had nearly 1 cm long taproots in less than 24 hours of placing them in the glass of water. Very impressive and unprecedented for what I’m used to. Good fast growth as well. Now, the bad news is that the 2 plants I decided to grow (culled the 3rd seedling) were completely different. I mean, they grew differently, looked differently, matured differently (one had all dead orange hairs, the other healthy white hairs when harvested). The finished product was also very different- the nugs smelled, tasted, and looked different and one was much denser than the other. They both were sharing the same nutrient solution so I’m not sure what happened. Even the high was different between the two. I’d like some answers as to why it happened this way. Ultimately, both phenotypes were well received by their recipients so I can”t downplay things too much.

  14. Gina Sanchez says:

    I am a veteran and have suffered PTSD for the past few years since my service. I was recommended medical MJ by my doctor to help curb episodes. I decided to order this strain online and I am very happy I did. It’s remarkably easy to grow and offers a great yield! I usually smoke in the evenings to help me sleep or during the day if I am feeling particularly on edge. It has helped me quite a lot. I will be back for more.

  15. Mathis says:

    Unbelievable yield from this plant! I got so much weed that I don’t know what to do with it all! It’s a beautiful strain, has the deep yellow flowers and it smells very sweet and earthy. I love the buzz, so mild and relaxing, great for stress and relaxation. I need some usually before I go to sleep to help me unwind, has been great for my insomnia!

  16. kisskiss bangbang says:

    Oh my god, I have so much weed I don’t even know what to do with it all! This is some excellent stuff, grows great and has these beautiful bright yellow flowers that are truly something to behold. It gets me stoned in the best way possible, really tackles the shark inside me, you know? It gets me feeling relaxed, super chill, helps with my mood and even some pain management. A superior strain on all accounts!

  17. brian t says:

    Not exactly as aggressive as a shark, in fact this weed is very relaxing and helps me sleep at night! I love the taste and smell of this weed, super sour and delicious, helps me relax and all the stress just melts away, or floats away like a balloon. Great for watching TV or just chilling with my gf. A good buy!

  18. ashley carson says:

    One of the best bang for your buck buys on this site. It’s amazingly easy to grow and Watch Out! You’re gonna get a TON of marijuana, so much that you’re gonna want to share it with your friends! It’s got these bright white streaks mixed in with the green nugs and it gives me such a relaxing body high, I nearly drift off to sleep right when I smoke it. Perfect for those of us who need to de-stress after work!

  19. Curtis Banks says:

    This weed really helps me sleep. It’s super easy to grow, especially indoors if you’ve got the space, and it come up nice and tall with a ton of weed after only 4 months or so. I really hope to grow this again this summer, cause the weed lasts me all winter. Great selection on GCS, very down for more!

  20. ilovetrees says:

    If you’re looking to grow commercially, this is a great strain to have on your list. I run a small greenhouse and sell to local dispensaries. I’ve got like a ton of weed from this strain alone, very easy to grow and produces nearly 1000 g per plant!!! So you’ll easily exceed your investment costs. Easy to buy from GCS in wholesale, and they offer a great price. Definitely worth checking out!

  21. Samantha83 says:

    An excellent grow for beginners, and a super tasty and accessible strain of mj. I love the short flowering time and how easy it was to prune and care for. GCS has an amazing selection but I am glad I chose this strain for it’s balanced hybrid properties that help me relax but don’t totally knock me out. Super great for pain and stress!

  22. Kevin Johnson says:

    WOW one of the best outdoor grows on this site. Trust me, just pop these seeds into your garden and watch them grow! It’s super easy, and I am not even an experienced gardener. I loved the smell and taste of this weed, and have been smoking it primarily in the evening to help me with relaxation, stress, and sleep.

  23. Edward Owen says:

    I have strong symptoms of depression and anxiety, and I use mj to help ease my mind. I grew this weed in my backyard and got an incredible yield, I am now swimming an a ton of nug, no pun intended! This has been great for the evenings after work, have really relieved my stress and eased my worried mind. I also sleep better than ever before!

  24. Rodney R says:

    I didn’t know much about these feminized great white shark seeds before trying them. The name sounds kind of aggressive but the high is super mellow and chill. I like to partake in this weed after a particularly trying day at work and I love knowing how well I’ll sleep after.

  25. george mckinley says:

    Excellent bang for your buck, this weed is so great for my headaches and joint pain. I can’t help but feel like this is the answer to my arthritis, at least for now. I loved how easy it was to grow, and now I have a literal mountain of weed to draw from. I’m serious this plant produces a TON of nug, and it’s so very relaxing but also uplifting, energizing for the mind but relaxing for the body, sure to cure what ails you!

  26. Lara Johnson says:

    I’ve never been as calm and chilled out as I was after vaping great white shark and I’m a very high-strung person so this is saying something. I really love being able to order these seeds online and have them delivered directly to my apartment in a discreet package that doesn’t at all give away the contents. Growers Choice also does deliver to Canada, which is fantastic as the quality of cannabis where I am in western Canada is pretty poor. All my seeds from GC germinated and grew (mostly) very well. I’m pleased that I now have something around to “take me down a peg” when I need it, which is farily frequently!

  27. Rachel McCoy says:

    I need a little bit of help relaxing at the end of the day, I have a very stressful work schedule (I travel a lot) so when I am home I need a little dose of the great white shark to relax and sleep through the night. I ordered the seeds off GCS and had them delivered right to my house. My husband did most of the growing cause I am gone most of the time, but when I got home, there they were, 3 beautiful weed plants with amazing delicious golden nugs. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  28. Shannon T says:

    WOW great bang for your buck with this weed. If you get your seeds to germinate evenly (which is easy using the methods on this site) you’ll get at least 1000 grams of weed to smoke all your own! A delicious indica blend, highly relaxing and very easy to just watch a movie or listen to your favorite record, has helped me tremendously with stress, anxiety and depression and it tastes great too, like citrus and pine! Try it for yourself!

  29. Nicky Lawson says:

    An amazing yield!!! This is such amazing weed, super duper relaxing and great on the weekends or in the evening. I am new to mj, have never grown weed myself, but GCS is a great place to start and it’s got an amazing selection that can’t be beat! Seeds shipped out super fast and I was really impressed how easy it was to grow. I smoke this and instantly feel relaxed, great for anxiety and stress, even helps me sleep!

  30. Jacob Knapp says:

    Perfect for beginning growers! So glad I stumbled on GCS website and discovered all the amazing seeds they have to offer! I chose the Great white strain because, well, I enjoy the name haha! First time grower (obviously) and had great success. All 3 of my seeds germinated using the paper towel method and I got SO MUCH weed! I smoke this in the evening to help me unwind, great for stress relief and pain management, plus its great for sleep! I’ll definitely be back for more!

  31. Jay H. says:

    A very solid bang for your buck type strain. Have been growing weed for years but first time buying seeds through GSC. What a fantastic online selection with fast delivery and excellent customer service! Great White is a nicely balanced indica strain, excellent for those looking to unwind at the end of a busy day. Fairly easy to cultivate and grew without any trouble in my backyard, so long as It had consistent sunlight and watering schedule. I reaped a whopping 900 grams which will last me for months! I enjoy the high, it’s very mellow and the smoke has an earthy sweetness to it. Highly recommended!

  32. HansonRG says:

    This stuff gives you the best of both worlds. It’s a strong sativa and a strong indica. You’ll feel the effects of both parts pretty quickly. You’ll get a rush of calming energy without any of the jitters or nerves, just make sure not to smoke too much too fast. Great White is a powerful strain that can either make you get a lot of work done, or relax all day on the couch. It just depends on what day you’re smoking it or what your plans are. Highly recommend this guy!

  33. Paul R. says:

    They do not call this great white shark for nothing. The high just won’t let you go. It is daaannkkk. Great for pain relief too. I found it smelled a bit like a campfire, but I grow outside in the country. I was going to try growing indoors but decided against it for no other reason than feeling like it was easier. I got mine to about 5ft. What I loved most was that these are feminized cannabis seeds, so I know exactly what I’m getting every single time.

  34. Ashton.ray92 says:

    Easy to grow so far. About 2 months in and they’re getting tall and leafy. 3/3 germinated following the guide. Cant wait to see how they turn out.

  35. Lance H. says:

    If you don’t know anything about Great White Shark, the Growers Choice version is really nice example of the strain. I’ve grown it a few times, better indoors than out so you can have control, still a long flowering time so don’t plant it if you’re impatient. My one complaint was the vial was cracked when it arrived. That’s probably not their fault, but it’s something to think about, specifically because you don’t want the atmosphere to affect the viability. I prefer buying my cannabis seeds online because the genetics are usually more trustworthy, if it happens again I will probably order from somewhere else, only because i’m investing a lot and I want to make sure I always get my money’s worth – but I’m happy to give this company another try given the other positives.

  36. Hanley Ruth says:

    Never had great luck with buying seeds before so I decided to try online. Everything was great. Delivery in the USA came one day early. Nothing fancy grow room wise, just the basics, and still got some good plants. 4 of 5 seeds sprouted. Will definitely be buying other feminized cannabis seeds from here soon so I’m not wasting half my crops anymore.

  37. Harris G. says:

    Good yield from this stuff. Surprised, because I haven’t had that when ordering from other companies online. I saw some reviews complaining their seeds didn’t germinated and admitting they didn’t follow the germination guide, but still being upset. Follow the guide. It actually works, that’s the point. If you’re missing steps, it won’t work. The company is super helpful if you call in too and ask questions. Would highly recommend this place as the best to buy feminized cannabis seeds. I followed to guide closely and all of my seeds germinated.

  38. OnlineRoadster says:

    I’ve never heard of feminized cannabis seeds before I found this place. i was just googling where to buy cannabis seeds when this site popped up in the search results. i was totally overwhelmed by the selection, but the detailed descriptions helped me narrow down my choices. I use MJ all the time, but I wanted something specific to help me relax while I’m doing yoga and really meditate. This stuff is exactly what I needed.

  39. Rachel P. says:

    I originally bought these feminized cannabis seeds for myself. I couldn’t find this same quality when trying to buy cannabis seeds locally. I do physical labour all day, so I’m in a lot of pain afterwards, and this strain was great. I grow outside, but it held up to the natural elements. I was extremely careful to ensure they didn’t contract any diseases, but they grew healthy and perfect.

  40. Wayde says:

    I never thought a plant could be beautiful until it came time to harvest my Growers Choice Great White Shark, it’s like poetry. I like the little sativa kick it gives, but over all I use this strain when I want to chill out. From personal experience, it’s one of the easier strains to grow, and you get a good yield if you pay attention to what you’re doing. GC makes it easy with good quality and – this is awesome – feminized cannabis seeds, and you know they’re going to be fresh when they get to you because they invested in good packaging.

  41. selincarlt says:

    If you want something that gives you an outrageous yield, look no further! I ordered this because I wanted something to help with depression, and this had a lot of great reviews. This was an easy grow with abundant results and the strain itself has been ideal for brining up my mood and giving me an appetite and helped me fall asleep easier at night. This is my new favourite and I will be back for more.

  42. wuyangliu135 says:

    Great strain and the taste was awesome, Shipping was quick as usual and amazing customer service!

  43. irmyferny says:

    Order a package of Great White because the reviews mentioned that people tended to get a large harvest off of this one. The seeds I got sprouted without issue, and then ended up flowering beautifully. Like others said, the harvest was heavy and I was impressed by how much it yielded.
    High wise, Great White Shark was superb. Taste was a bit fruity and it was a dream to smoke. Just a few tokes and I could already feel the high creeping up on me, so I was impressed. My body had a solid buzz going and I melted right in to it. Highly recommend.

  44. msakowla7 says:

    Was drawn to this strain because of the beautiful colour of the buds, and I was so happy when my produced a big yield of beautiful buds. Sure was on the heavier side of highs, because this one knocked me down in a good way! Can imagine this strain would be great for pain or if you have insomnia, because it made me so sleepy and happy. A little goes a long way, and that’s going to keep me coming back for more.

  45. aprilmalone051 says:

    Yet another great strain, and I’m willing to bet these seeds will grow some really nice flower. I’m looking forward to sharing this harvest with a friend who deals with a lot of stress – I think it will really help her out. Right now this review is just based on the quality of the customer service and packaging – which rock – and I’ll try to comment more once I’ve grown them.

  46. Thomas Gai says:

    I’m running 700w of LEDs on 1 plant and I produce a solid 70g. Very good high. My favorite one yet.

  47. Daniel Hoggs says: