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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies. Boost your creative intuition and take stress down a notch with this popular hybrid strain that can ease pain and improve appetite while also offering a nice sense of euphoria. GSC is suitable

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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Do OG Kush or Durban Poison top your list of fave cannabis strains? Then you really ought to try the enduringly popular Girl Scout Cookies. The marijuana answer to everyone’s favorite boxed snack, Girl Scout Cookies might actually be less addicting than those darn thin mints. Experience the benefits of a true hybrid with Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds from Growers Choice.

A nicely balanced hybrid that falls ever so slightly to the indica side, Girl Scout Cookies delivers happy relaxing euphoria in a sweet and pungent flavor with side notes of citrus and spice. You’ll find yourself gently uplifted after a dose of this impressive strain, and may feel a boost in creative power – it’s the perfect time to pull out your guitar or canvas.

From a medical perspective, Girl Scout Cookies is an excellent stress-reliever, sending anxiety and depression down the drain as it eases away worries. At the same time, this strain can induce sleep at the close of its effect, provides impressive pain-killing power, and can trigger appetite. These latter two effects make Girl Scout Cookies a good choice for people undergoing chemotherapy or struggling with anorexia.

Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds are a good choice for gardeners both new and old – the strain is not difficult to cultivate, and offers up an average yield. If you live in a warm and humid climate, you could have good success with an outdoor Girl Scout Cookies crop; otherwise, indoors is ideal and the plants – which lean more toward indica in their short to medium height and bushy appearance – lend themselves well to the “Sea of Green” low-stress training method. You’re looking at a flowering stage of between eight and 10 weeks.

At Growers Choice, you can count on receiving only the best Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds. Not only are all our seeds tested to genetic authenticity and viability, they are also hand-selected when you order, and placed in medical-grade glass vials that keep them safe and fresh. Your order arrives on your doorstep in discreet packaging; we ship everywhere in the world, but customers are responsible for determining and following the laws of their region.

In regions where home cultivation is permitted, rest assured your investment is safe – your Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds are covered by a 90% Germination Guarantee that is contingent only on your following our easy germination guide. Order today, and discover the benefits of home-grown medicine from Growers Choice.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

OG Kush x Durban Poison


60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Euphoric, Creative

Best Use

Daytime; relieve stress; pain management


sweet, earthy

Indoor Yield

450-550 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

600-700 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where To Grow

Indoor / Outdoor

Plant Height


21 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. porkdisco (verified owner)

    If you’re a stoner veteran then you definitely know about the girl scout cookies, this one has been on my grow list since I was 21! Now I finally have my chance! My weed turned out sooooo well, super tall and bushy, and the nugs are really dense and green, such an incredible blend between indica and sativa, helps so much with anxiety and depression, and gives me a killer high that just won’t quit. I feel so fortunate to have found GCS!

  2. Sam (verified owner)

    This one is for the books. If you’re a stoner like me, you really gotta get around to trying this weed. It’s perfect for almost any occasion! A near-balanced hybrid that tends towards sativa traits. It’s been great for my stress and anxiety and actually makes me rather sociable and relaxed. I’ll sometimes smoke this when I am at a party or even just chilling with my buds. You really can’t go wrong with this one 🙂

  3. margaritavil (verified owner)

    I am a musician and really enjoy smoking weed before practice and before shows. For some reason, girl scout cookies always seems to awaken my mind to some amazing ideas. I am really pleased with how easy it was to order online and grow my own weed, right in the backyard too! So delicious too, has a wonderful citrusy taste and a laid back vibe. I will definitely be back for more!

  4. Oliver Gatz (verified owner)

    College student here. I’ve been interested in growing weed for some time now, and this was my first attempt. Super glad I started with the Girl Scout Cookies, one of my all time favorite strains! I am super happy I grew this in my little space bucket in my apartment, and this stuff really took off! It’s super high quality nug. Really offers some amazing mental health benefits, keeps me creative and focused and happy. Great buy!

  5. Diane Turner (verified owner)

    This is one of my all time favorite weeds, it’s super easy to grow and has been a really good experience for me! Ordered my seeds online with GCS and they showed up super fast! Have a nice greenhouse in the backyard which is where I grew these. It’s been an excellent time, so much deliciousness and almost 500 g per plant! Great for parties or just weekend chillin!

  6. white rabbit 404 (verified owner)

    If there ever was a good outdoor strain, this is it! I’ve been smoking this stuff for ages, and decided it was time to grow my own. Love the taste and the smell, absolutely delicious flavors, sweet and earthy! The buzz is rocking, so very mild but uplifting and offers some amazing insights and creativity. Not to mention it gives you the munchies hardcore! Love this stuff, will buy again!

  7. Melissa Miller (verified owner)

    This is a classic strain, have been growing this for many years, and this was my first time with GCS. I am really impressed with their online selection, it’s amazing how fast my seeds shipped out and they all germinated beautifully. I got like 300 g per plant and the weed is very high quality. I love the buzz and the easy smoking. Great buy!

  8. Nowheresville (verified owner)

    This is my first time growing weed and I am really happy I went with GSC. It’s a very easy strain to grow, even right in your backyard, very adaptable to most soils and offers a really impressive yield. I usually smoke this weed in the afternoons when I get off work cause otherwise I feel cloudy and groggy. This weed has been great for that reason though, has helped with anxiety and depression and tastes great!

  9. zero420xx (verified owner)

    The perfect weed, I am convinced! I have been growing and smoking this weed for years, but this was my first order with GCS, excellent stuff and truly an exciting experience to grow it in your basement or backyard. It’s got that universal appeal meaning everyone will find something to love about it, either the body or the mind buzz, or maybe the delicious sweet smell? Great stuff!!!

  10. wyatt holmes (verified owner)

    Nothing helps me chillax like this weed. It’s been super good for my nervous habits, and actually has helped me quit smoking cigarettes as well. `I enjoyed the growing process, it’s been fun and challenging, but the weed is really top notch and it gets me super stoned, great for creativity and for conversation. This is the ultimate party weed!

  11. Ben Abner (verified owner)

    Very easy weed to grow, has some excellent benefits for the mind, always puts me in a good mood, and gives me a fresh start to my day. It’s the perfect weed to smoke anytime of day, it’ll boost your mood, give you focus and drive, but also chill you out. Like I said, super easy to grow and offers up like 600 g per plant! So fantastic!!!

  12. John David (verified owner)

    A great daytime smoke, especially if you crash in the afternoon like I do. I need a lot of weed to help me stay focused throughout the day and Girl Scout Cookies is a nice way to achieve that. Had a great grow session as well, with a lot of fun times pruning and cultivating the weed in the backyard, love the smell and the dank sticky nugs. Happy times y’all!

  13. angela winkle (verified owner)

    Got into a bad car accident a little while back. It’s been a rough ride getting back on my feet, but I am happy I found this strain. It’s been great for helping with my inflammation and also with my lack of appetite. My husband did most of the growing but he said he didn’t have any problems. It taste sour and sweet and really helps me relax at night.

  14. Christopher wilson (verified owner)

    If you need help getting a project or a paper done, take it from a fellow student, girl scout cookies is the mj strain for you! I used to miss deadlines all the dang time, but this stuff really helps me kick it up a notch, it gets me good and stoned, but also gives me a nice energy boost plus it offers a nice burst of creativity as well. It was really easy to grow indoors and my yield was super impressive. Definitely a worthy buy!

  15. Desiree Mann (verified owner)

    This was my first try growing marijuana and first time buying online with GCS. They have a really impressive online selection, and the seeds shipped to my door in no time at all, what a dream! I was absolutely impressed by what I ordered, and just how fast the seeds took off. Girl Scout Cookies is a GREAT strain for beginners, even the buzz is nice and mild and even. I love this anytime of day, a winner for sure!

  16. Olivertwistee (verified owner)

    A very sessionable weed, great for sharing with friends or family, and mega chill. Easy to grow and a solid strain for beginners, definitely worth the energy it takes, cause it can be a bit finicky at times. Ordered my seeds online from GCS, they shipped out super fast! Wow this stuff is great for stress and anxiety, makes me feel relaxed and sociable. Also it tastes like citrus and pine. Delicious!

  17. Sully A. (verified owner)

    If you ever need a pick me up, turn to the girl scout cookies. So glad I shipped online with GCS, they have an amazing selection, it was so hard to choose just one seed! I love growing this strain, and the bud is so beautiful and bright green. Helps me stay focused and keeps me in a good mood. Don’t close the door on this strain!

  18. badgeboa125 (verified owner)

    I almost wish I had a box of actual girl scout cookies every time I smoke this weed, it gives me the munchies lol! Very easy to grow, and I am no gardener. GCS has a great selection, have been ordering from them for a few months now, great stuff! The weed is delicious, tangy in flavor and kind of sweet, a very relaxing buzz, keeps your mind in a good place and really useful for pain relief as well!

  19. Cleo Cuevas (verified owner)

    Seriously one of my favorite weed strains ever. Have been smoking for years but wanted to try growing! Ordered online through GCS, got my seeds super fast. They all germinated and grew into 3 beautiful plants, and they produced a huge yield too! The smoke is nice and sour, a little sweet too, and you get a great buzz.

  20. Norman Conway (verified owner)

    Great weed from a great company! I was so happy I stumbled on the GCS website. They seriously have the best online seed selection anywhere in the USA! I am familiar with growing mj, have been doing so in my backyard for many years. This is an excellent outdoor grow, and gave me a significant yield of about 800 grams! A very uplifting strain of weed, gives a nice cerebral buzz that aids in creativity and focus, also holds a comfortable body buzz as well. A real gem!

  21. Jorge (verified owner)

    It grew well and tastes as good as the stuff I get from the local dispensary, will definitely buy again!

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