Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies. Boost your creative intuition and take stress down a notch with this popular hybrid strain that can ease pain and improve appetite while also offering a nice sense of euphoria. GSC is suitable

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Do OG Kush or Durban Poison top your list of fave cannabis strains? Then you really ought to try the enduringly popular Girl Scout Cookies. The marijuana answer to everyone’s favorite boxed snack, Girl Scout Cookies might actually be less addicting than those darn thin mints. Experience the benefits of a true hybrid with Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds from Growers Choice.

A nicely balanced hybrid that falls ever so slightly to the indica side, Girl Scout Cookies delivers happy relaxing euphoria in a sweet and pungent flavor with side notes of citrus and spice. You’ll find yourself gently uplifted after a dose of this impressive strain, and may feel a boost in creative power – it’s the perfect time to pull out your guitar or canvas.

From a medical perspective, Girl Scout Cookies is an excellent stress-reliever, sending anxiety and depression down the drain as it eases away worries. At the same time, this strain can induce sleep at the close of its effect, provides impressive pain-killing power, and can trigger appetite. These latter two effects make Girl Scout Cookies a good choice for people undergoing chemotherapy or struggling with anorexia.

Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds are a good choice for gardeners both new and old – the strain is not difficult to cultivate, and offers up an average yield. If you live in a warm and humid climate, you could have good success with an outdoor Girl Scout Cookies crop; otherwise, indoors is ideal and the plants – which lean more toward indica in their short to medium height and bushy appearance – lend themselves well to the “Sea of Green” low-stress training method. You’re looking at a flowering stage of between eight and 10 weeks.

At Growers Choice, you can count on receiving only the best Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds. Not only are all our seeds tested to genetic authenticity and viability, they are also hand-selected when you order, and placed in medical-grade glass vials that keep them safe and fresh. Your order arrives on your doorstep in discreet packaging; we ship everywhere in the world, but customers are responsible for determining and following the laws of their region.

In regions where home cultivation is permitted, rest assured your investment is safe – your Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds are covered by a 90% Germination Guarantee that is contingent only on your following our easy germination guide. Order today, and discover the benefits of home-grown medicine from Growers Choice.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

OG Kush x Durban Poison


40% Indica, 60% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Creative, Euphoric, Happy

Best Use

Daytime, pain management, reduce stress


Earthy, Sweet

Indoor Yield

450-550 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

600-700 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

97 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. ktmblm0602 (verified owner)

    Again 3 seeds three plants ! I have yet had one seed of the 40 or so I have ordered , I look forward to my harvest of this strain which is perfect for baking 🙂

  2. Cavan Mercer (verified owner)

    Loving this weed from GCS! This site always has the best deals…and selection! I was very fortunate to have this stuff show up in my mailbox right after I ordered it. I had been waiting for this moment for so long, I could barely contain my excitement. Very trippy and excited feeling!

  3. Aamina Rosa (verified owner)

    I was like a little skeptical cause how good can a strain called girl scout cookies actually be? Turns out it is really good stuff! Makes me smile every time, and it’s easy to grow. Just followed the instructions on this website, feeling pretty great about it now. I am the king of weed!!

  4. Hibba Devlin (verified owner)

    Girl scout cookies are really something special. I love the incredible flavor and relaxing aroma…it’s like smoking a flavorful cloud, and it makes my heart jump a few paces and a smile grow on my face, I feel so lucky and fortunate. I plan to purchase even more online cause it’s super easy and fun!!!

  5. Cartwright (verified owner)

    A very uplifting strain with a lot of potential to make you smile! I have nothing but good experiences with GCS, their seeds are always on point and their reviews are consistently outstanding! Have gotten a few strains from them but this one has to be my all-time favorite!

  6. Alysia Griffiths (verified owner)

    This girl scout cookies strain is seriously the best, I am amazed I haven’t heard of it yet. I was very excited for the taste and smell of this weed, it’s so sour, it’s like smoking sour candy, and it gives me the most energizing buzz. I can easily get work done, or even just chill out and watch some TV. It was a little hard for me to grow, I am not much of a pruner, but I got some good work done on these plants and they provided, for sure.

  7. Hope Cresswell (verified owner)

    I am a big eater when I am smoking marijuana. I always get the munchies super hard, and I usually make some pizza and drink some beer. I ordered this weed online and had it delivered to my place in Cali. My backyard is the perfect spot for growing marijuana, the most sunshine and dryness, which is good for growing weed. Definitely a good buy on my part, gonna smoke it again and again!!

  8. Camilla Rigby (verified owner)

    This weed is straight up dank!!! It’s so easy to grow, it makes me feel like a true farmer, which is amazing!!! Ordered these seeds online and had them shipped to my new spot in Bremerton WA, and I am growing these seeds right in my backyard, looks super dope under all that greenhouse plastic, very exciting!!

  9. Stephen Goulding (verified owner)

    When life gives ya lemons, turn them into delicious lemon weed cookies LOL. Girl scout cookies are the best for smoking, or baking, anytime of day. Helps me deal with stress and mostly gives me something to look forward to. I ordered online, and before I could blink these flowers just showed up. Dang, I am a master grower, and this weed is where it’s at!!

  10. Hakeem Baker (verified owner)

    Girl scouts is one beautiful strain of mj, I ordered in Cali and they shipped in like 3 days!!! Customer service was soooo useful, got me exactly the strain I needed for this occasion, highly recommend this stuff too, reduces my pain levels, keeps me alert and focused and my ADD is finally under control!!

  11. Momina Ayers (verified owner)

    Dang, I never knew I could love a weed so very much. It’s sooooo nice and relaxing, it’s like taking a bath without the water LOL. I usually just smoke this in the afternoon to stay focused at work, or all day on the weekends. Great for walking around Portland and just having myself a good old time. Smells amazing, and dang these broad green leaves are a sight to behold!

  12. froilan.rodriguez3 (verified owner)

    Great strain! Seeds were bigger than usual, 100% germination rate with this one. Definitely the best Girl Scout Cookies i have smoked, easy to grow as well.

  13. Gerrard Stout (verified owner)

    These girl scout cookies are just fantastic and smell great. I have been a huge fan of these seeds ever since I ordered them. GCS had a great online selection and very useful customer service team. I am definitely gonna keep growing my own weed though cause I definitely like the smell and taste of this bud. I worked very hard to keep this weed up and running. Gonna have a huge harvest soon!

  14. Debbie Swanson (verified owner)

    Yep you read the name right….when you smoke this mj, you’re gonna be filled with all the wonderful smiles you can handle, and then it’s time to break into the thin mints….pretty damned exciting though…I feel like a true believer now. Never had a chance to grow my own weed when I was a boy, but now I am a man, a full grown man and I wanna keep buying this marijuana and my mother will never stop me.

  15. Kymani Espinoza (verified owner)

    I feel like this weed is fuel for my brain….it helps me be creative and gives me all the great Ideas I have for school papers or projects. I grow in my closet, which is pretty awesome I gotta admit, and the smell of this weed is outta this world! It’s like chilling in a citrus grove in California, the taste is so bright and sweet it’s like candy. I am VERY pleased by this amazing strain!

  16. Lexie Parkes (verified owner)

    Couldn’t find this weed nearly anywhere, which was pretty surprising. Had no luck at the dispensary down the street and definitely not any luck on other websites. Luckily, GCS came through for me and my seeds shipped out hella fast! I really enjoyed purchasing them and then growing them in my yard, it never gets old, watching this weed turn big and beautiful and mature. So much to enjoy!

  17. Amani Ridley (verified owner)

    I got myself a nice strain of girl scout cookies, and I grew it all summer long. This weed is hella nice, very relaxing, and good for my mental state! I ordered it online and had it shipped to my place here in New Mexico, and don’t tell the police but I’ve been growing it in my backyard and it’s doing great! Got an awesome yield coming my way, with some stellar stoney weed to enjoy in the future!

  18. Raymond Mccabe (verified owner)

    It’s totally worth growing this weed in your spare time. It’s really really nice stuff, very fresh, very clean, and honestly better than what you’re gonna find at the dispensary. I highly recommend trying it out, and even if you’re not good at growing weed, you’ll still get a good harvest. It’s not that hard!

  19. Habiba Talbot (verified owner)

    I loved growing this in my basement. Yes, it was something of an upfront investment, but it was worth it cause the quality of the weed is undeniable…I am pretty excited for the future of my weed growing operation though, and I think I am gonna start sharing it with friends and such, I think they’ll like this strain cause its super bright and citrusy and makes you laugh for hours!

  20. Elspeth Beltran (verified owner)

    This girl scout cookies strain is seriously the best…have you heard of it??? It’s so chill and helps with strong emotions like depression and stress. I really like smoking this dope too, cause it makes me feel very much like a jelly donut, which is pretty fun if you ask me. I roll up these beautiful joints, they are so BIG, and they smell just amazing. Good buys!!

  21. Tom Chapman (verified owner)

    This is a very bright and happy strain that’s KIND of like smoking some actual cookies, but for real though, it’s more about the growing process in my mind, it’s so rewarding and fun, and I just wanna keep growing my own dope!! The trichomes are super dense and colorful and covered in just these bright sticky crystals. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!

  22. Abbie Miller (verified owner)

    These cookies are better than the rest. They look and taste amazing and they smell just fantastic!!! It’s a nice, bright and uplifting high that helps me stay positive during the day. I ordered online and had it delivered to my apartment here in western washington. Grew these seeds in HUGE pots right on my front balcony, super heavy, but man are they green and my neighbors are def jealous!!

  23. Marcus Swanson (verified owner)

    I woke up this morning and smoked some of this dope. Tastes as fresh as the first day I picked it, which feels like forever ago, but that’s probably because I am just stoned. What does it all mean? I am lost in so many rooms in the same house, and even that is a tired metaphor, but it’s the only one I know. I am glad I ordered this weed online, happy to find it in my mailbox a week later. Smokin dope never felt so good!

  24. Zebrass (verified owner)

    Sweet sour and all around delicioso! I have been a fan of this weed for ages now, and I finally got a chance to grow it for myself. Beautiful, full, colorful buds. I smoke to just kleep my head on straight during this crazy time. I am so happy I have these beautiful pot seeds from Grower’s, it’s like a gift to myself. I have been just so thrilled with the online orderign and the vast selection I can’t help but come back for more!

  25. devon g (verified owner)

    I was amazed when I found this website, there are literally so many strains to choose from, it’s hard to choose just one. I went with the cookies strain thought cause it’s a classic and I thought I had a good chance of getting it right. Turns out I was correct! This is a great strain for growing in your backyard, it does really well in full sunlight and well-drained soil. Beautiful bud all around and definitely worth the price!

  26. DOOREXTLLC (verified owner)

    I looove me some girl scout cookies…have to get myself some of these for lunch or something, gotta pack it in and then get high under the bleachers on the football field LOL, I just put it in my sock or whatever, nobody is going to know. I don’t tell anybody and they don’t ask questions. The smell of the weed was pretty strong one day so I ditched it…it’s ok there’s more at home. Good grow!!

  27. PAUL CYBULSKI (verified owner)

    Solid grower, thick stems and huge colas. Very bright green throughout the grow and full yield as expected. I’m very happy with this strain and seed set!!

  28. formula23832 (verified owner)

    The girl scout cookies strain is good when you really wanna get stoned and creative. I love smoking this before band practice or before shows. It gets me seriously amped up, makes me feel really buzzy and strong and all kinds of wild and wonderful. I GOT 600 GRAMS!!!! better than I ever expected, and it helps me with all kinds of creative writing projects I’ve been working on 🙂

  29. Henry Ugala (verified owner)

    Girl scout cookies is a strain worthy of a strain. I really like this weed cause it’s a nice relaxing vibe, but it’s also a sativa so you’re not gonna like just fall asleep at work or whatever. I know there’s like a moral obligation to be sober at work, but I find the cookies make me perform better. I am happier, more focused, and it helps me manage my pain and stress from standing on my feet all day. You’re definitely gonna want to buy some!

  30. elijahbo (verified owner)

    Well it’s finally time for me to leave a review of this amazing weed. It’s both delicious and intense, and it makes me feel like I am floating on cloud 9. Sure, maybe I didn’t get any sleep last night, but I am feeling absolutely amazing overall, and that’s cause i smoked this weed right when I got up in the morning. Really beautiful strain, an absolute gem in the purest sense possible. Can’t wait to buy more!

  31. maya lopez (verified owner)

    I was really craving some girl scout cookies…I wanted to buy some weed for myself and my new gf 🙂 We have a great yard at home and figured it would be great to start growing some of our own MJ. Our friend Carol recommended this website. WE got a nice order, maybe like 5 different strains, but this one’s our fave! The most uplifting, relaxing, and euphoric weed you could ever smoke. Happy as can be!

  32. johngordon (verified owner)

    I was always into the girl scout cookies strain….it’s a lot stronger than you think, but it’s a nice relaxing high, very sweet and like a dream. I ordered online and found this stuff to be priced just right, got it delivered to my home, and am very excited to keep growing more. I germinate one seed at a time to keep the harvest going all season long!!!

  33. Caryolyn Summers (verified owner)

    You best get yourself some of this marijuana, it’s truly the most delicious stuff you can buy, a very relaxing and incredible strain and just about the best way to relieve stress I have ever come across. It’s well worth the time it takes to grow, definitely a good buy for the price, and the quality is just as good as it gets!

  34. voomooo (verified owner)

    The girl scout cookies are seriously the best nugs of weed on the market. I love the glorious sour And sweet taste of these tight nugs. I am such a boss at growing weed, everyone wants to buy from me, but I never sell to them cause I don’t wanna bother with it. I wanna enjoy this sativa dream all for myself. I am the king of nugzz!

  35. Slow Orbit (verified owner)

    What’s your favorite girl scout cookie? My favorite by far is this strain of weed haha! I ordered my seeds online, GCS has a great selection with very fair pricing, and the growing info they give you is extremely useful…they truly want you to succeed! Better quality than anything I can get in the store…and it smells good too, sour and citrusy…yum!

  36. Jonathon (verified owner)

    When it’s time to break out the cookies….you will know where to turn. This weed is both chilled out and delicious…it’s easy to order online and even easier to take care of. I have been very impressed by the taste and smell….so citrusy and sour and makes for a nice vibe all around….I highly recommend trying it out….homegrown is the best stuff out there…makes life that much easier!

  37. Makalawena (verified owner)

    You want some of this in your lunch box believe me lol. It’s not as good as some fresh cookies, but it will do. It’s got a nice sour flavor, strong sativa vibes and a very relaxing buzz. Pretty happy to have this in my backyard, well worth the effort and the time. Homegrown is the future!

  38. Buttah-Flies (verified owner)

    I am sooooo down to smoke gril scout cookies every day for the rest of my life. It’s an amazing strain that brings out the best in life. Always puts me in a good mood, a nice relaxing stupor where I can read a book or go for a walk…mostly I like walking olly, my dog, and smoking a joint of GSC. I find it very useful in battling depression, but ultimately it’s just a nice high.

  39. Kellen (verified owner)

    Cookies have the be the best munchies food out there, and it’s absolutely delicious weed too! I have been smoking this strain for a looooong time now, it brings me way back to the days when things were a little different and we could all share a joint together. I am happy to be growing my own weed again, and I am definitely down to buy more from this website, best seeds anywhere in Canada!

  40. Mike Ingels (verified owner)

    Girl scout cookies is a real gem….makes for the perfect backyard grow….helps with pain and depression and also is a great bang for your buck….super nice and easy, grows great right next to the other herbs and spices…the flavor mixture is just amazing, I seriously love this weed, and will totally buy more of it, don’t be hating!

  41. Firewalker (verified owner)

    Yeah not many complaints about this weed. It grew pretty well and made some nice flower, very sour and bright, kinda like drinking a sprite or something refreshing like that in the summer…makes my eyes hella red lol and gives me munchies. Good vibes overall 🙂

  42. Pillar Hoja (verified owner)

    You want some delicious weed that will totally brighten up your day? Go for the Girl scout cookies strain and trust me you will not be disappointed! Ordered my seeds online and got them delivered right to my door. I was so impressed by how quickly these seeds grew and how much weed I got from my plants! I smoke it every evening when I get home, it puts me in a good mood and makes me want to cook! SO stoked for the future y’all!

  43. March Maddness (verified owner)

    I wanted some fresh cookies and all I got was this lousy weed! JUST KIDDING! This weed is amazing…it’s super strong and tastes nice and sweet and earthy…maybe not like cookies exactly, but it makes for a great munchies, so get your oven ready! I will definitely grow this again and maybe indoors next time!

  44. Clint Omega (verified owner)

    Girl scout cookies are really the best stoner snack in the world, no wonder they named a strain after them! Got a GREAT little yield, so healthy and super sour and sitcky. Great for rolling blunts or smoking out of a bong. Make sure you dry it thoroughly, otherwise it’s too wet to smoke lol!

  45. Matthew Sharon (verified owner)

    Don’t worry be happy….that’s my philosophy behind this weed and I expect it will be yours as well. A good good buy from the people over at GCS, one of the best seeds you can find on the internet…and so full of flavor you will just be amazed. The weed is high quality, very crystalline and sticky and brightly colored. So full of life and happiness. I hihgly recommend it to anyone suffering from depression!

  46. Cubby Pickering (verified owner)

    Girl scout cookies is the way of the future…it’s the way to handle your stress and anxiety…the way to solve problems in your relationship….you name it! I got myself 3 seeds from Pacific, and they showed up like right away! Such fast shipping, it’s truly remarkable. I am very happy with the result and definitely wanna keep growing this stuff, great genetics or whatever…it’s some seriously impressive weed!

  47. GummyBears (verified owner)

    Gimme those THIN MINTS! Haha I truly enjoy this weed…it helps me stay focused and happy during hard times. I grow it in the backyard where I have a lot of space…it’s truly decadent and delicious…makes for an excellent smoke in the afternoon when you’re feeling tired or depressed…lol we all do let’s be real. Perfect growing when it’s summertime and the smell it just smells like sunshine! Well worth the effort!

  48. Hydroponix (verified owner)

    We all love the girl scout cookies, and I am a personal fan of the Thin mints. I always order a box or two…and then get really stoned off this weed and eat like the whole box at once lol. Can you blame me? I definitely enjoy growing weed…it’s become a pastime of mine, gotten me through some tough times and just knowing that there’s gonna be this weed at the end of all this hard work makes it worthwhile!

  49. Hardwoods (verified owner)

    I think if I smoked this weed every day for the rest of my life, I would be a happy man. Definitely my new favorite. I ordered it cause I just wanted to try something different, and cause I liked the name. Pretty stoked by the results! Excellent flavor and smell, kinda sweet but mostly sour, and it’s a nice sativa blend so makes me feel super happy and energized. Can’t wait to buy more mj!

  50. Chunky Logs (verified owner)

    I never thought I’d be the type of person to grow their own weed, but here I am! I just started smoking about a year ago and I really love it. This stuff helps me stay focused and relaxed and even helps me battle my depression. I got 3 seeds from GCS online and definitely will want to buy more to increase my harvest next time. I love the big flavor and the fresh nug, nothing is better for shaking off the blues!

  51. @potatomacsalad (verified owner)

    You was some fresh cookies? Then go for this nug, it’s about as fresh as can be! I love the taste and smell, absolutely wonderful stuff, makes for a great gardening project and always makes a good yield. I can’t stop smoking this stuff, it’s pretty darn amazing and definitely worth the effort. I got myself nearly 600 grams which is way more than I need, but hey, it’s pretty great either way! Definitely worth a shot!

  52. fit&flare (verified owner)

    I was a girl scout growing up and remember going door to door and selling cookies! Those were different times of course, and people loved when I would knock on their doors. Today, not so much. But at least the weed is good! Got a great little harvest, and an excellent sativa leaning blend that gives me a great had buzz while also calming me waaaay down. It’s great for taking long walks or painting. It’s been a godsend during quarantine 🙂

  53. Worker Bee (verified owner)

    It’s not quite as delicious as girl scout cookies irl, but it’s definitely a good smoke. Great for stressful moments when you need to escape and get back to what’s important in life. I am super stoked about this grow, it got me nearly 500 grams, and since we’re all stuck inside, it gives my mind a little escape, cause being inside all day can get a little redundant. I am very excited about sharing this with my buddies, they’ll love that sour taste and bright buzzy high!

  54. FloweralNotes (verified owner)

    Everyone will love this strain, it’s so sour and delicious and great for growing if you’re new to weed. The smell and taste are excellent, nice and sour and a little sweet too. The brightest green leaves I have ever seen, and the yield off these plants is astounding, definitely worthwhile if you’re looking for a light, happy buzz that helps with creative thinking!

  55. Duckface (verified owner)

    This is some SOUR dank kush! I looooove this stuff more than most other things in life. Feeling tired? Depressed? Had a rough day at work? This weed is the answer, it’s soooo uplifitng and smooth and makes me super duper happy. I like playing with my cat or going on a walk or drawing birds….omg I love this stuff, so easy to grow! Definitely try it!

  56. Hang 10 (verified owner)

    Get ready to have a fun night. I can’t believe how EASY this whole process was. I ordered online and had them delivered to my place in eastern Washington. Showed up in less than a week, absolutely amazing! I also got a great little yield off these medium-sized plants and all of it is fresh as can be! Dank sticky earthy bud, just like the good lord intended, and a little dash of sativa goodness in there makes the world go round!

  57. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  59. Big Bird (verified owner)

    It amazes me to think that I can grow my own weed called Girl Scout Cookies and then eat some real Girl Scout Cookies when I am totally stoned! Mostly I smoke for depression and anxiety. It’s been an excellent choice for dealing with my symptoms on difficult days and when I am trying to stay focused at work. It is mostly a sativa strain, so I do feel a boost of energy and focus. I definitely will be back for more!

  60. Cat Eye (verified owner)

    If you wanna snack all night long, smoke a little of this mj for some real-deal appetite stimulation and a great little head buzz. I swear this weed tastes really citrusy, like oranges or something, and it makes for just the happiest high in the world!

    Got myself 3 seeds from Grower’s, easy peezy growing, took only like 4 months to get to flowering, and absolutely delicious dank herb. You won’t be disappointed by this stuff, and it’s gonna help ya smile!

  61. Bench Mark (verified owner)

    At the end of my days, I need to take my stress levels down a notch. I usually smoke this right after work cause it gives me a huge boost of energy and helps me stay happy and positive. Sometimes I’ll grab some food with my friends downtown and we’ll smoke in the alley before chowing down. Loved growing this weed in my backayrd at home, did really well out there and made a HUGE yield, can’t wait to buy more!

  62. the Seed Guy (verified owner)

    I have never grown or even smoked weed before. This was totally new for me, and I really happy I did it. This strain was a real hit with my housemates, we all chipped in and bought a little greenhouse for the backyard and got these babies started. The grow went by FAST…got soooo much nug there’s more than enough to share!

    Ordered online with GCS and they sure know how to ship! Seeds arrived in under a week, great germination too. I am a new GCS super fan!!!!

  63. Ingles (verified owner)

    If you love thin mints then you’re gonna totally dig this weed. Not cause it TASTES like mint or anything, but dang if you get all stoney on this and eat some actual cookies you’re gonna go bananas, and I mean that! Definitely a delicious strain too, has it’s wonderful sour flavor and it’s bright green and a little bit orange too. I had a great time growing this out back, you know i just germinated the 3 seeds indoors and put them in the garden this year, pretty fast grow for mj and very high quality weed!

  64. greenthumb (verified owner)

    Well, who doesn’t love Girl Scout Cookies? This weed really scratches the itch, and it gives me the munchies HARDCORE! My favorite thing to do is smoke a bowl of this mj and then go for a looooong walk in the woods to help me clear my mind and relax. Good for depression, great for stress, excellent for anxiety, it’s an all around winner and you can’t go wrong. Perfect for new growers, nice sour taste. Come on, you KNOW you wanna try it!

  65. Sam Man (verified owner)

    If you’ve never tried this strain of mj, you are missing out! Grower’s has the BEST online selection anywhere, plus you can’t beat the price! It’s perfect if you’re new to weed and are just looking to try out growing it for yourself. It was very rewarding growing this in the backyard…with some seriously delicious results. The weed is both sweet and sour and helps tremendously with depression and stress!

  66. kayradcliffe229 (verified owner)

    This weed is like a nostalgia trip for me. I used to smoke this stuff back in college. I even grew some for myself. I am pretty amazed how easy it really is. I got around 1,000 g from my 5 plants. It’s a LOT of weed, but I will probably use a lot of it to make cookies ironically enough. I am definitely open to getting an indoor space set up for myself. I will definitely have a bigger yield and I bet the weed will taste even better. Either way, this stuff is great, helps with stress and depression. Will buy again.

  67. Joannamanotti (verified owner)

    Girl scout cookies….used to be my favorite cookies…who doesn’t love thin mints? I digress, but it’s super relevant to this review cause it got me to order some weed seeds online with GCS and grow them right at home. Super convenient and a great hobby for the summertime. I love coming home from my office life and jumping into my garden. Super stoked on this weed, and it’s great for chilling with you’re buddies too. Wonderful head buzz, check it out!

  68. Freeedman (verified owner)

    Now I can finally grow and smoke my very own mj! What an amazing experience it’s been ordering online with GCS and having these seeds delivered right to my door! It’s perfect for growing indoors or if you have a particularly sunny backyard. Pretty amazing overall, and it’s got this great vibe about it that lends it to be really relaxing and pretty fun to smoke during the evening hours. I like smoking and then taking a long walk around my neighborhood, great thoughts!

  69. adam winter (verified owner)

    High quality weed at an excellent price. I got my seeds delivered right to my home. It’s been an excellent experience getting to FINALLY use my greenhouse in the backyard and these plants did beautifully. They grew huge and tall and gave me a nice yield. A very strong pungent flavor, but a wonderful hybrid buzz, nice for the head, nice for the body, and good for stress relief all around. Highly recommend!

  70. Keith Cooper (verified owner)

    How’s about you give this a try? It isn’t as good as some REAL girl scout cookies but we’ll call it a close second. Easy to grow this weed, helps a lot with pain and stress, and it’s perfect for dealing with social anxiety. Great party weed lol! Ordered my seeds online with GCS and had em shipped to my place out in Oregon. Best seeds in the USA for sure, and probably at the best price too. Will be back for more!

  71. ed greene (verified owner)

    This is a great smelling weed, very sweet and little sour too. really wakes up the senses! Makes me feel like a million bucks with a bag of potato chips. Has helped me a lot with my stress and social anxiety, which is actually kind of amazing! I now feel much more social and excited about going to parties and bars. Great weed!

  72. porkdisco (verified owner)

    If you’re a stoner veteran then you definitely know about the girl scout cookies, this one has been on my grow list since I was 21! Now I finally have my chance! My weed turned out sooooo well, super tall and bushy, and the nugs are really dense and green, such an incredible blend between indica and sativa, helps so much with anxiety and depression, and gives me a killer high that just won’t quit. I feel so fortunate to have found GCS!

  73. strmtrpr (verified owner)

    This will cure what ails you, gets me super stoned and also keeps me alert active and social as well. Love how easy ti was to grow, got myself 3 seeds from GCS and they all sprouted evenly and grew into beautiful plants. Pretty happy I have this around, even just the sweet and sour smell of the weed puts me in a good mood, great for depression and social anxiety!

  74. candysucker (verified owner)

    It’s better than thin mint cookies, but not by much lol! Great growing, especially for beginners. In my mind, Girl scout cookies is a nearly perfect hybrid, gets me nice and stoned, helps with stress and anxiety but also keeps me alert and focused. I am a really big fan of growing indoors, makes for a great yield and an even better tasting weed. Helps with freshness and quality as well. I smoke this everyday right after work, can’t beat it!

  75. hollymolly (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains from back in the day. Glad I was able to grow it finally in my new grow space in the basement. Got a killer yield, didn’t even take that long to grow, and the plants did super well, like wow who knew I could be so good at this so late in life? Guess I missed my calling. Try this stuff out, it’s amazing.

  76. Cassie W (verified owner)

    Love me some girl scout cookies! This is a remarkably relaxing strain, helps a ton with anxiety and depression and is an absolute classic! Great for indoor growing, finally got to try out my garage space and the plants did really well! Big yields and really high quality nug, perfect for new and experienced growers alike. I am a customer for life now, thanks GCS!

  77. Colonel Sanders (verified owner)

    I am a musician and this weed helps me get ready for shows. I smoke this with my band mates and immediately feel ready to SLAY! It’s super easy to grow, got like 500 g from a single plant, and the trimming is super fun too. It’s got a nice smell to it, and also gives me a great high even when I am smoking at home. Love that sweet/sour taste. Can’t get better than this!

  78. London A (verified owner)

    Whichever way you grow it, this stuff always comes out great! I’m a returning customer, have been buying from GCS for months and I think this is probably my favorite strain. I love the different flavors and textures of this high, it’s like a massage for your mind, works out all the stress and anxiety and makes me just a pool of chill water. I am super impressed by the yield off this plant too. Excellent buy, will definitely be back for more!

  79. tree farmer (verified owner)

    I think this weed is just as good as the stuff you’ll find at the dispensary. It’s really nice for headaches and stress and depression. It’s a nicely balanced hybrid that gives off some amazing vibes, especially when you’re stoned on it! It’s got that classic sour sweet taste to it and has really changed my perspective on how to manage my anger, stress and discontent. Happy as a clam!

  80. Sam (verified owner)

    This one is for the books. If you’re a stoner like me, you really gotta get around to trying this weed. It’s perfect for almost any occasion! A near-balanced hybrid that tends towards sativa traits. It’s been great for my stress and anxiety and actually makes me rather sociable and relaxed. I’ll sometimes smoke this when I am at a party or even just chilling with my buds. You really can’t go wrong with this one 🙂

  81. margaritavil (verified owner)

    I am a musician and really enjoy smoking weed before practice and before shows. For some reason, girl scout cookies always seems to awaken my mind to some amazing ideas. I am really pleased with how easy it was to order online and grow my own weed, right in the backyard too! So delicious too, has a wonderful citrusy taste and a laid back vibe. I will definitely be back for more!

  82. Oliver Gatz (verified owner)

    College student here. I’ve been interested in growing weed for some time now, and this was my first attempt. Super glad I started with the Girl Scout Cookies, one of my all time favorite strains! I am super happy I grew this in my little space bucket in my apartment, and this stuff really took off! It’s super high quality nug. Really offers some amazing mental health benefits, keeps me creative and focused and happy. Great buy!

  83. Diane Turner (verified owner)

    This is one of my all time favorite weeds, it’s super easy to grow and has been a really good experience for me! Ordered my seeds online with GCS and they showed up super fast! Have a nice greenhouse in the backyard which is where I grew these. It’s been an excellent time, so much deliciousness and almost 500 g per plant! Great for parties or just weekend chillin!

  84. white rabbit 404 (verified owner)

    If there ever was a good outdoor strain, this is it! I’ve been smoking this stuff for ages, and decided it was time to grow my own. Love the taste and the smell, absolutely delicious flavors, sweet and earthy! The buzz is rocking, so very mild but uplifting and offers some amazing insights and creativity. Not to mention it gives you the munchies hardcore! Love this stuff, will buy again!

  85. Melissa Miller (verified owner)

    This is a classic strain, have been growing this for many years, and this was my first time with GCS. I am really impressed with their online selection, it’s amazing how fast my seeds shipped out and they all germinated beautifully. I got like 300 g per plant and the weed is very high quality. I love the buzz and the easy smoking. Great buy!

  86. Nowheresville (verified owner)

    This is my first time growing weed and I am really happy I went with GSC. It’s a very easy strain to grow, even right in your backyard, very adaptable to most soils and offers a really impressive yield. I usually smoke this weed in the afternoons when I get off work cause otherwise I feel cloudy and groggy. This weed has been great for that reason though, has helped with anxiety and depression and tastes great!

  87. zero420xx (verified owner)

    The perfect weed, I am convinced! I have been growing and smoking this weed for years, but this was my first order with GCS, excellent stuff and truly an exciting experience to grow it in your basement or backyard. It’s got that universal appeal meaning everyone will find something to love about it, either the body or the mind buzz, or maybe the delicious sweet smell? Great stuff!!!

  88. wyatt holmes (verified owner)

    Nothing helps me chillax like this weed. It’s been super good for my nervous habits, and actually has helped me quit smoking cigarettes as well. `I enjoyed the growing process, it’s been fun and challenging, but the weed is really top notch and it gets me super stoned, great for creativity and for conversation. This is the ultimate party weed!

  89. Ben Abner (verified owner)

    Very easy weed to grow, has some excellent benefits for the mind, always puts me in a good mood, and gives me a fresh start to my day. It’s the perfect weed to smoke anytime of day, it’ll boost your mood, give you focus and drive, but also chill you out. Like I said, super easy to grow and offers up like 600 g per plant! So fantastic!!!

  90. John David (verified owner)

    A great daytime smoke, especially if you crash in the afternoon like I do. I need a lot of weed to help me stay focused throughout the day and Girl Scout Cookies is a nice way to achieve that. Had a great grow session as well, with a lot of fun times pruning and cultivating the weed in the backyard, love the smell and the dank sticky nugs. Happy times y’all!

  91. angela winkle (verified owner)

    Got into a bad car accident a little while back. It’s been a rough ride getting back on my feet, but I am happy I found this strain. It’s been great for helping with my inflammation and also with my lack of appetite. My husband did most of the growing but he said he didn’t have any problems. It taste sour and sweet and really helps me relax at night.

  92. Christopher wilson (verified owner)

    If you need help getting a project or a paper done, take it from a fellow student, girl scout cookies is the mj strain for you! I used to miss deadlines all the dang time, but this stuff really helps me kick it up a notch, it gets me good and stoned, but also gives me a nice energy boost plus it offers a nice burst of creativity as well. It was really easy to grow indoors and my yield was super impressive. Definitely a worthy buy!

  93. Desiree Mann (verified owner)

    This was my first try growing marijuana and first time buying online with GCS. They have a really impressive online selection, and the seeds shipped to my door in no time at all, what a dream! I was absolutely impressed by what I ordered, and just how fast the seeds took off. Girl Scout Cookies is a GREAT strain for beginners, even the buzz is nice and mild and even. I love this anytime of day, a winner for sure!

  94. Olivertwistee (verified owner)

    A very sessionable weed, great for sharing with friends or family, and mega chill. Easy to grow and a solid strain for beginners, definitely worth the energy it takes, cause it can be a bit finicky at times. Ordered my seeds online from GCS, they shipped out super fast! Wow this stuff is great for stress and anxiety, makes me feel relaxed and sociable. Also it tastes like citrus and pine. Delicious!

  95. Sully A. (verified owner)

    If you ever need a pick me up, turn to the girl scout cookies. So glad I shipped online with GCS, they have an amazing selection, it was so hard to choose just one seed! I love growing this strain, and the bud is so beautiful and bright green. Helps me stay focused and keeps me in a good mood. Don’t close the door on this strain!

  96. badgeboa125 (verified owner)

    I almost wish I had a box of actual girl scout cookies every time I smoke this weed, it gives me the munchies lol! Very easy to grow, and I am no gardener. GCS has a great selection, have been ordering from them for a few months now, great stuff! The weed is delicious, tangy in flavor and kind of sweet, a very relaxing buzz, keeps your mind in a good place and really useful for pain relief as well!

  97. Cleo Cuevas (verified owner)

    Seriously one of my favorite weed strains ever. Have been smoking for years but wanted to try growing! Ordered online through GCS, got my seeds super fast. They all germinated and grew into 3 beautiful plants, and they produced a huge yield too! The smoke is nice and sour, a little sweet too, and you get a great buzz.

  98. Norman Conway (verified owner)

    Great weed from a great company! I was so happy I stumbled on the GCS website. They seriously have the best online seed selection anywhere in the USA! I am familiar with growing mj, have been doing so in my backyard for many years. This is an excellent outdoor grow, and gave me a significant yield of about 800 grams! A very uplifting strain of weed, gives a nice cerebral buzz that aids in creativity and focus, also holds a comfortable body buzz as well. A real gem!

  99. Jorge (verified owner)

    It grew well and tastes as good as the stuff I get from the local dispensary, will definitely buy again!

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