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Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds

If the name Zkittlez sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of Skittles candy, which has a lot of similarities to this marijuana strain. Zkittlez is a Cannabis Cup-winning hybrid that smells sweet, citrusy, and tropical. There’s no need to book an expensive vacation when you have Zkittlez feminized seeds by your side.

  • 60% Indica 40% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 23%
  • Easy to grow and great for novice cultivators
  • Promotes happiness and euphoria
  • Delivers deep relaxation
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A snapshot of Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds

Named for the infamous, rainbow-colored candy, this hybrid strain is a major hit with fans of sweet, fruity flavors. It is also fairly easy to cultivate and well-suited to novice growers. On average, the Zkittlez strain has a flowering stage that spans 7-8 weeks, while its yields average 350 grams per square meter with indoor cultivation and 450 grams per plant when grown outside.

In addition to its confection-esque taste, Zkittlez is also favored by cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy delicately balanced effects. A perfect 50:50 mixture of sativa and indica genetics, it delivers both the mind-brightening lucidity and enhanced focus associated with the sativa subspecies, as well as the indulgent, sedating properties of indica plants. Like all our strains, Zkittlez seeds have fully feminized genetics.

Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds lineage and genetics

Created with thought and care by creative and talented cultivators, Zkittlez feminized seeds are the offspring of Grape Ape feminized seeds, Grapefruit cannabis seeds, and a third, mystery strain. While we can only speculate as to the rest of its genetic makeup, one thing is for sure: Zkittlez plants blend the finest qualities of their parent strains expertly. This strain’s deeply calming effects and soothing properties stem from indica-dominant Grape Ape, while its scintillating, cerebral effects originate with Grapefruit.

Given its delectable flavors and reputation for tapping into vivid sensory experiences, it’s no surprise Zkittlez has been awarded the Cannabis Cup numerous times. It has also won the hearts of many newbie cannabis lovers and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts alike.

While this strain’s lineage is perfectly balanced, most agree that it behaves more like an indica than a sativa. It also provides a cannabinoid profile with a moderate dose of THC at 17-19%.

What are the effects of Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds?

While this strain contains equal parts indica and sativa influences, it tends to mimic the effects of a slightly indica-dominant hybrid. As such, many cannabis users report Zkittlez marijuana plants provide palpable, relaxing effects. Nervousness and stress tend to melt away and are replaced by pleasant, uplifting feelings.

Other fans adore this strain’s ability to tap into undiscovered realms of the imagination. It gently unveils your inner sense of creativity—yet its cerebral effects typically avoid becoming overwhelming. In short, this strain is most often described as mellow, soothing, and dreamlike. You may find it’s ideal for a quiet afternoon indoors spent chatting with friends or indulging in a wide range of artistic hobbies.

Does the Zkittlez feminized cannabis strain have therapeutic benefits?

It’s important to note that no cannabis strain is guaranteed to provide therapeutic effects. Ultimately, every individual will have their own unique experience. Moreover, cannabis should never be considered a substitute for seeking medical advice from a trained professional.

Still, research continues into certain promising aspects of medical marijuana. Only time will tell precisely how effective cannabis may potentially be in treating symptoms—but in the meantime, a good amount of anecdotal evidence and firsthand accounts do support the idea that certain users find that specific strains provide a range of benefits and can even ease certain symptoms.

Some cannabis users report that the Zkittlez cannabis strain, specifically, helps them manage issues such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. Others believe that it helps mitigate some of the symptoms associated with PTSD and insomnia.

What do Zkittlez feminized weed plants look, taste, and smell like?

This plant’s appearance is as captivating as its flavors: Imbued with eye-catching, rainbow hues, Zkittlez cannabis typically develops shades of green, orange, and purple. Many home growers enjoy how aesthetically pleasing Zkittlez is, and consider its visual qualities as beautiful as the experience the plants provide.

Terpene Profile

This strain’s terpene profile is responsible for its tropical, berry-like aroma and sweet, citrus flavors. Some fans of this strain detect subtler notes of herbs and earth. Zkittlez cannabis plants owes their bright and vibrant scent and taste to the following terpenes:

  • alpha-humulene
  • limonene
  • myrcene
  • linalool
  • caryophyllene

Each of these compounds contributes their own influences that, when combined, create a taste and flavor experience that is distinctly Zkittlez-esque. Alpha-humulene is known for its hops-like flavor and is also present in plants such as sage and coriander. Limonene is a compound found in actual lemons and limes—thus, it’s no surprise it adds to this strain’s citrus bite.

Myrcene is present in certain fruits and spices such as thyme, lemongrass, and mangoes—as well as cannabis strains like Swiss Cheese Feminized Seeds, Birthday Cake Feminized Seeds in addition to Zkittlez itself. Linalool is distinctively floral and is often described as reminiscent of lavender. It is also found in strains such as Ice Cream Cake feminized seeds and  Do-Si-Dos Feminized Auto-flowering seeds. This terpene adds a flowery sweetness to the Zkittlez weed strain, while caryophyllene rounds out the terpene profile with hints of spice and pepper.

How do I grow  Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds?

If you’re a beginner grower with a sweet tooth and a love for balanced effects—look no further. Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds are quite user-friendly and easy to grow. While there are a variety of options available in our library, Zkittlez plants have a reputation for serving as an excellent starter strain in any at-home weed garden.

First, you’ll want to find a suitable grow space within your private residence. The ideal location should be a room or area outdoors where your plants will not be disturbed. We also recommend indoor growers invest in some grow lights. Like all photoperiod varieties, this strain will require specific light cycles to flower. Typically, this works out to about twelve hours of light versus twelve hours of darkness on repeat—but there are ways to tweak this standard that can further optimize healthy growth and flowering. If you’re curious to learn more about light cycles, we have an excellent article that covers virtually everything any novice gardener will need to know.

Like many cannabis strains, Zkittlez truly thrives with a thoughtfully-controlled environment that takes into consideration variables such as temperature, and humidity levels in addition to light. On average, proper care will result in a flowering time of 7-9 weeks. While the above info skims the surface of growing tips, aspiring gardeners with a taste for knowledge are welcome to take a deep dive into more nuanced cultivation details with our in-depth beginner’s guide.

Where can I purchase premium Zkittlez feminized seeds?

If you’ve decided that Zkittlez feminized seeds sound like the right choice, then you’ve come to the right place—Growers Choice. We are just as passionate about the art of cannabis cultivation as our visitors and customers; one of our core values is providing the best possible experience for cannabis gardeners. This means providing high-quality feminized seeds and key educational knowledge for cannabis newbies and longtime gardeners alike.

There are plenty of online seed banks around, but not all adhere to the same quality standards as Growers Choice. Given Zkittlez’ well-earned reputation for delighting an array of cannabis users, it only makes sense to provide potential growers with the right seeds and the proper know-how to unlock this strain’s full potential.

Our Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds are feminized, lab-tested, and hand-selected. Like all our strains of cannabis, they come with a 90% germination guarantee and are fully feminized. Feminized seeds provide a highly optimized experience for growers in comparison to regular seeds. This is because female weed plants produce resinous flowers (also known as buds), which are the part of the plant responsible for providing the effects of any given strain. While regular seeds are excellent for creating new strains, feminized seeds ensure more generous yields.

What are the benefits of cultivating the GMO Cookies feminized strain?

Aspiring growers who live in areas where home growing is legal have the opportunity to truly delve into the art form of cannabis cultivation. If you’re simply craving some Zkittlez weed, there’s nothing wrong with picking up a pre-packaged item at your local dispensary, but many cannabis enthusiasts feel that purchasing something off the shelf doesn’t provide the same benefits as cultivating their own cannabis plants. Growing Zkittlez marijuana at home is a more customizable and enjoyable experience.

While a DIY grow can be simple—ambitious growers seeking a more involved process also have the option of exploring different types of growing techniques such as SCROG, SOG, and hydroponic systems.

Tending to your own Zkittlez cannabis plants also allows a wider range of options in terms of actually consuming your cannabis. Drying, curing, and smoking flowers is a time-tested classic, but for those looking to flex their creativity muscles, home growing allows growers the opportunity to create a number of customized cannabis infusions. This opens the door to making a variety of edibles or other DIY items such as Zkittles cookies, Zkittlez canna-butter, and more. Some growers even brew their own Zkittleztea. We wish you luck in cultivating this sweet and delightful strain!

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Grape Ape x Grapefruit


50% Indica, 50% Sativa

Strain Type

Balanced Hybrid

CBD Level


THC Content


Best Use

Depression, Evening, Insomnia

Flowering Time

7-8 weeks


Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy


Citrus, Sweet, Tropical

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds

Based on 22 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    Shipping was fast and germinated nicely. They are growing nicely and I’m very happy so far. I’ll add another review after harvest. Great company!!!

  2. Verified Owner

    Nothing like the sweet smell of zkittlez weed in the morning. This is for def a wake and bake strain, helps with stress and depression, also with anxiety. Honestly just puts me ina good mood in the morning. I work outdoors, so this is exactly what I need for an extra pep in my step. I will always buy from GCS for their low prices and fast delivery!

  3. Verified Owner

    5 seeds were ordered, and 4 of them took root. A little disappointing, but the seeds that germinated blossomed into completely developed plants with stunning flowers. The nug was wonderful and fluffy, quite sour, and just a little bit sweet, as you could anticipate. Has a strong sativa energy hit that makes me feel vivacious and imaginative. Can’t really complain, what a great purchase!

  4. Verified Owner

    The one seed I attempted to germinate popped without any problems. I grow hydroponically (dwc) and randomly decided to experiment with this new seedling and immediately put her into the flowering tent. This phenotype exploded in size, had an intense branching pattern, and turned deep purple to the point that it was almost black.

    I harvested 6 dry ounces of premium, manicured bud that measured between 27-31% TAC on the tCheck device. I am a seasoned smoker with a very high tolerance and this stuff completely melts me and everyone else who tries it into a happy (and obliterated) puddle. Seriously though, the strength scares me. Smoke this one slowly

  5. Verified Owner

    Over all my experience has been very great. Had a few seeds not germinate but ilgm promptly send me a replacement. Genetics seem to be very strong. Can’t wait to sample each one of them.

  6. Verified Owner

    Ordered 5 seeds, 4 of them germinated. Slightly disappointing but the seeds that grew became fully mature plants with beautiful looking flower. Just as you’d expect, the nug was nice and fluffy, very sour and a little sweet. Hits with that deep sativa energy that makes me feel lively and creative! Really can’t complain, what an awesome buy!

  7. Verified Owner

    Super sweet maybe even the sweetest it’s going on my top 3 I won’t go without a weekend I don’t hit zkettles all day …

  8. Verified Owner

    Grew in soil, LEDs all but 2 germinated. Super fruity smell at the end. Smokes great and awesome for cooking

  9. Verified Owner

    Couldn’t be happier bought 5 seeds germinated 2 popped in 1 day about 2 weeks to finish can’t wait

  10. Verified Owner

    If you’re into dense stinky sticky buds that don’t grow too large indoors then zkittlez is cool …. if you’re into that .

  11. Verified Owner

    Zkittlez is an amazing strain that provides a perfect balance of relaxation and happiness. The citrusy, tropical flavor is amazing and the effects are perfect for relieving stress and insomnia. It was easy to grow and produced a good yield.

  12. Verified Owner

    1st outdoor grow, started indoors in April, moved outdoors in 3 gal pots(I know that held em back, it’s all I had) harvest in late September and got 5 ounces per plant. Nice an relaxing smoke, friend used some to make butter and the cookies were phenomenal. Great high, relaxing, not sleepy and no paranoia. Gonna do larger pots next season.

  13. Verified Owner

    This is my first ever harvest as I’m a beginner and on the way to becoming a budding green thumb. Thank goodness for the grow series blog and the customer service in helping me with all my questions. Customer service here is the real MVP. Happy to say my Zkittlez Seeds produced fruity flavors that put me to sleep!

  14. Verified Owner

    Yoooooo! Zkittlez is a classic strain with a sour flavor and a fragrance similar to candies! I am a solo home grower…I use a lot gardening tips from this website (check out the blog section), I also call on customer service if I ever have a problem my plants or my order….They have a 60-day seed replacement and a 90% germ guarantee. A very reliable product with superior results!

  15. Verified Owner

    This was some of the tastiest **** I’ve ever eaten in terms of appearance, aroma, and flavour. And it was quite simple to grow—highly recommended!

  16. Verified Owner

    Has a sweet and sour flavor and a bright uplifting high! I like it for its sativa makeup and I honestly just feel great every time I smoke it. It’s been good for my body and my mind. I am thankful I finally had a chance to work with some pot at home. Learned a lot about the plant. FUN TIMES all around, and great prices!

  17. Verified Owner

    Zkittlez is a great strain for those dealing with depression and stress, as it can help you feel happy and relaxed. This strain was easy to grow, and with 2 months of flowering time, I got a great yield. The fast shipping and excellent customer service experience from Growers Choice Seeds made this purchase a breeze, and their blog was a great resource for information.

  18. Verified Owner

    Experience the sweetest high that will transport you to a tropical paradise. Growing this strain was like tending to a garden of happiness. The plants were vibrant and lush, bursting with citrus and tropical flavors. The high was pure bliss, leaving me in a state of relaxation and contentment. Perfect for those seeking relief from stress, insomnia, or a mood boost.

  19. Verified Owner

    So normally don’t write reviews, but Growers Choice customer service was so friendly and helpful. I had Bought a 5 pack and only had 2 seeds sprouts, seems I got a little unlucky. The excellent customer service people at growers replaced the other 3 not problem and I got my order amazingly fast. So for that excellent service alone i give this purchase a 5/5

  20. Verified Owner

    I just started smoking this weed and….it’s a lot stronger than I expected. Smoking too much makes me feel strangely awkward and anxious so I reserve it for when I am home alone. Much better that way. I like letting my mind wander and my creativity flow. Great strain for painting, music, or writing. Really opens and expands the minds. It’s got a very sour flavor, can’t QUITE taste the rainbow, but I do enjoy the feeling.

  21. Verified Owner

    Sweet and sour flavor and a great energy that helps me relax. It’s an easy garden grow and usually can be relied on to produce at least a few hundred grams of MJ.

    Ships to Canada in about a week’s time. The flower is solid, not the finest in the world, but good. Stays fresh and gets me high. A good purchase.

  22. Verified Owner

    I really enjoyed this strain, the mellow THC level makes it very easy to smoke and not too overwhelming of a high. With how easy it was to grow I will happily continue buying these seeds to keep a consistent stock up. seeds from Growers Choice were also an excellent quality!

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