Yumbolt Feminized Seeds

Yumbolt Feminized Seeds

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(16 customer reviews)

The hard-to-find Yumbolt (aka “Yumboldt”) has relaxing effects that sneak up on you and gradually increase in intensity over time.

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Yumbolt Feminized Seeds

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Also spelled “Yumboldt,” this hard-to-find pure indica strain originated in Humboldt County, California in the 1970s—most likely by way of Afghani and Himalayan landrace strains.


Effects of Yumbolt cannabis

While it is a heavy-hitting indica with a THC content of up to 24%, Yumbolt’s effects sneak up on you and gradually increase in intensity over time. As a pure indica, you can anticipate experiencing a full-on body high that is about 100% relaxation. As such, Yumbolt isn’t a strain to indulge in when you’re wanting to focus or accomplish a long list of to-dos, but instead is more ideal for when you want to just kick back and do a whole lot of nothing without feeling completely paralyzed. Most users describe experiencing a warm buzz that subtly shifts their mood into either a sense of pleasure or happiness until gently drifting off to sleep.


Medical benefits of Yumbolt

Medically, Yumbolt cannabis has the potential to serve patients suffering from chronic pain, nerve pain or damage, nausea, inflammation, and, of course, insomnia.


Yumbolt cannabis characteristics

With small, dank, dense, conical-shaped, bright green buds covered in rust-colored hairs and a thin dusting of trichomes, Yumbolt has a unique sweet and spicy pungent pine and floral aroma and a sweet and spicy pine taste that will immediately clarify how it got “Yum” in its name.


Growing Yumbolt cannabis

Some experience and a warm climate are definitely required for growing Yumbolt, and its height will greatly vary depending on if it is grown indoors or outdoors. Using hydroponics is recommended for growing Yumbolt indoors, at which point it will reach 2-2.5 feet, yielding about 14 oz per square meter in 9-10 weeks. Think Southern California climate when cultivating Yumbolt outside and it’ll achieve 5 feet in height, yielding 16 oz per plant around the end of October. 

Additional information

Strain Genetics



10% Sativa, 90% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Indoor Yield

Up to 400 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 450 gr

Best Use

Evening, Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Pine, Spicy, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

16 reviews for Yumbolt Feminized Seeds

  1. palmtreeperry Verified Owner

    Got these seeds 3 weeks ago and I was very impressed but how fast the order arrived. My seeds were in good condition and sprouted without issue, with perfect germination, Growers Choice Seeds was an excellent seed service. The customer service rep was also very helpful and friendly when helping me pick out this strain. Really happy with what I have and cannot wait till I get this fully flowering!

  2. Sybil Haynes Verified Owner

    I was impressed by how much bud I managed to get from growing this, definitely worth the effort. The high on Yumbolt is very satisfying and calming, a great strain to use for relaxing at the end of a long day.

  3. HashHero1000 Verified Owner

    Sweet and spicy pungent aromas may put some people off, but if you can acquire a taste for it this strain has a lot to offer. from its nice relaxing hight to get you sleepy, this will bring any insomniac to bed with ease. If you want a nice Indica-dominant hybrid with a hint of Sativa, Yumbolt is something worth your time.

  4. Robert Carswell Verified Owner

    I recently purchased a bunch of hard hitting indicas and was blown away by the speed of delivery and the professional looking packaging. Yumbolt, Kosher Kush, Afgoo and Herijuana are exactly the strains I need. The order came 3 days faster than the post office advised and seeds are very protected from possible damage. Can’t wait to pop a a few of these babies. Now comes the hard part. Waiting for the results!

  5. Harlan Woodward Verified Owner

    I was blown away by the incredible customer service experience I received from Growers Choice Seeds. The flexible and informative blog coupled with the fast shipping meant I was able to get started with my seeds right away. All of my seeds germinated perfectly and the yields were impressive. The Yumbolt strain was very effective at treating my insomnia and pain, while leaving me feeling happy, relaxed, and stress-free.

  6. QuartzQuester56 Verified Owner

    Yumbolt is a delightful strain that takes you on a flavorful journey. With hints of pine, spice, and sweetness, it tantalizes the taste buds. Growing Yumbolt is a breeze for beginners, as it is easy to manage. The plants grow lush and vibrant, producing beautiful buds. The high is calming and perfect for evenings, alleviating insomnia, pain, and stress.

  7. ambiguousbutterb33r Verified Owner

    Great MJ helps with stress, depression, and anxiety. Yumboldt does all of those things at once! I love this strain cause it’s so reliable and easy to grow in northern climates. I live in Maple Valley WA and use these seeds to grow in my greenhouse. They are so quick to germinate in there, I am truly impressed! Makes me happy as I can be. Very nice weed for such a low price. I am a lucky man!

  8. KushKing420 Verified Owner

    Thanks to the excellent customer service, I chose Yumbolt Fem Seeds. All 5 of my seeds germinated into beautiful buds. This strain is a great crafty blend of sweetness and smoky earthiness. Honestly a must-try

  9. KirbyKiller24 Verified Owner

    Yumbolt is a perfect strain for relaxing and easing stress and insomnia. The sweet and spicy aroma of pine combined with the relaxing and happy effects make it a great strain for evening use. The indoor yield is generous, and its easy growth makes it suitable for beginner growers.

  10. Dylan Woods Verified Owner

    Yummm, this strain is definitely a “creeper.” You can hit it for like 5 minutes, not feel anything, then all of the sudden the indica buzz will creep up your spine and into your brain. I am really excited with the prospect of growing indoors next season. I am building a DOPE looking greenhouse, and it’s coming together nicely. You ain’t seen nothing yet. My flower might be the best on the west coast.

  11. Jordanna D Verified Owner

    Hey all, I am a new customer with GCS but not for long! Just writing in to say I got my seeds in the mail earlier today. They are beautiful little marbles and look great already. I am SO excited for my first cannabis cultivation experience. SOoooo glad they ship to Canada! I will have to write back with a growing update….just wish I could post pictures!

  12. Eileen Smyth Verified Owner

    Creeper strain…hits nice and slow and then slowly gains intensity over time. Buying online is probably the easiest way to obtain MJ seeds. Very happy with the customer service and speed of delivery. I soaked my seeds to improve germination and it worked great! All 5 of my seeds popped and grew into mid-size weed plants with a lot of color and a fresh pine smell.

  13. Janis E. Verified Owner

    I grew up in Humboldt County. So, when I had to move to the East Coast for work, being able to get Yumboldt seeds has felt like having a little piece of home with me. I’d been looking everywhere for them and was so happy to find that GCS sells them!

    Janis E., Adams Morgan, D.C.

  14. Vienna Barlow Verified Owner

    Yummy! Great for backyard growing. Makes tons of little fliowers! Had great experienc with GCS, very fast shipping!

  15. Jamal Handley Verified Owner

    Wow, great strain!

  16. Huseyin Allison Verified Owner

    A pacific northwest original…great for northern climates. I personally have a small farm in Maple Valley WA with a greenhouse that is IDEAL for growing MJ. It loves the early season warmth in the GH, but when the summer comes around, time to move outdoors. It prefers temps between 85-95 degrees in the summer. But it tolerates cooler temps into the 60s. Very adaptable plant with hardy, long lasting flower!

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