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Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Known for its long-lasting, energetic high, Super Silver Haze feminized cannabis seeds also give a nod to their latent indica roots by mellowing out further on in the experience. This strain will start you off with a happy, uplifting sensation that will make you want to get moving, leaving all your stress and worries behind you. Stick to daytime use with this invigorating strain.

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Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Super Silver Haze feminized cannabis seeds have long been considered one of the prime varieties in the cannabis industry. A sativa-dominant hybrid made by cross-breeding three well-known strains – Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze – the ancestors of our much-hailed strain have taken home top prize at multiple Cannabis Cup competitions.

Is Super Silver Haze Energizing?

Known for its long-lasting, energetic high, Super Silver Haze also gives a nod to its latent indica roots (just 20%) by mellowing out further on in the experience. The presence of indica also features in the thick THC resin (hence the “silver” in its name) that coats the long buds. When burned or vaporized, Super Silver Haze offers up a spicy, citrus-y flavor, and will start you off with a happy, uplifting sensation that will make you want to get moving (but please stay safe!).

Treat Sickness with Super Silver Haze

Medically, Super Silver Haze is touted as a treatment for stress and anxiety; it will kick those troubling worries to the curb in exchange for a carefree, heady feeling of joy. You might find you develop the munchies when medicating with Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds, a harmless side effect that can even come in handy for people struggling with eating disorders or chemotherapy treatments. Also great for those battling cancer is the strain’s ability to fend off nausea.

Depending on your internal composition, you may find Super Silver Haze can ease away your chronic pain or migraine, though often a strong indica is the best choice for these symptoms. Our top-notch cannabis seeds can also grow into powerful fatigue-fighters and mood elevators.

Super Silver Haze Yield Per Plant

Ideal for indoor hydroponic conditions – and Screen of Green methods – after a moderate 60-70 day flowering period Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds will deliver up to 800 grams of harvestable flowers for every square meter of greenery. The strain can perform admirably outdoors, with the proper, temperate conditions.
Our Super Silver Haze Cannabis Strain will tell you even more about this popular varietal.

Order Super Silver Haze feminized cannabis seeds and start your home healing today.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Skunk #1 x Northern Lights x Haze


80% Sativa / 20% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, uplifting, energizing then relaxing

Best Use

Daytime; Relief from stress and nausea; motivation


Sweet, spicy, citrus

Indoor Yield

700-800g per m2

Outdoor Yield

800-1000g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


0 responses to “Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. winodino says:

    This is one of my favorite sativa plants, does super well in the morning with my tea or coffee and really keeps things in perspective. I love how easy it was to grow and gets me feeling super alive and happy once I smoke it! It’s a great afternoon smoke to help stave off the crash and it keeps my ideas sharp and focused through the afternoon. Great buy from GCS!

  2. 949code says:

    This weed is a regular jet pack for your tired brain, and it helps when you can’t get outta bed in the morning. I like to wake and bake, gets me in a great mood for the rest of the day. Helps me feel focused and creative and even makes work feel a little better. I hope I can grow indoors next time to improve my yield, but we’ll see if the wife is okay with it. It’s something special for sure, and I think I will definitely be back for more!

  3. 837sterlingsilver says:

    I have never smoked a weed that make me feel like I chugged an entire gallon of coffee but this kinda does that to me. It’s Super buzzy and energizing, gets me going in the morning and keeps me moving after lunch. Helps a ton with focus and creativity and makes me a real chatterbox. What a fun grow too, the germination guide on this site really helps get things going. I’ll definitely head back over to GCS for my next batch of mj seeds!

  4. kal penn says:

    This weed is like jet fuel and you are about to blast off into outer space! I grow this stuff in my basement, and these plants look wicked nice. I finally got a little taste the other day, suuuuper fresh and really sour tasting too. I love the dense green buds and these big white pistils as well. It’s an eye catching plant for sure. I am very satisfied with the growing process, I can tell these seeds have great genetics.

  5. Robert Redford says:

    If you want some mid-afternoon energy, then definitely take a few puffs of this good stuff. I LOVED growing it, it’s been a dream of mine to grow my own mj for years now, SUPER glad I came across GCS and got to peruse their amazing online selection! It’s really a pretty weed, has deep green nugs and some bright white pistils to accompany it. I am really impressed with this stuff, and will definitely buy more!

  6. Teddy Andrews says:

    This weed hits me almost like a cup of strong coffee! It’s VERY energizing, and it lasts a LONG time, so don’t smoke it right before bed, you’ll totally regret it haha! Great experience ordering online with GCS, they delivered super fast, and it totally was an easy grow, especially indoors. I am pretty stoked about this stuff, it’s really nice and sour, and when I smoke it, I have a burst of creativity!

  7. 87348 fiyo says:

    This has to be one of my new favorites, it’s way more uplifting than I was expecting. It’s actually been really great for my depression symptoms, helps me with fatigue, and actually makes me feel social, which is a rarity lol! I had my bf do most of the growing work, and he’s done an amazing job, we love smoking together, he’s such a sweetie! We usually get high and go for a walk in the woods. Times are good!

  8. Tasha Fierce says:

    This is definitely part of a complete breakfast! It’s perfect if ya gotta get up early in the AM and the coffee just isnt cutting it! I am very pleased with the results and how things turned out. Not a difficult grow, but I am new to this so had a little trouble getting things started. But hey, here I am with a ton of mj to smoke. Great high for sativa lovers and lasts a long time. Nice sour taste too! Good buy 🙂

  9. ringer07 says:

    This has to be one of the better strains out on the market. it’s really quite strong and delicious. It gives me a great had buzz and also keeps me focused on whatever I am working on. I have good feelings about this stuff, it grows great in my backyard and provides me with a lot of nug! I prefer the taste and smell to other weeds, nice and sour and earthy, like weed should be! Feeling great in my body and mind.

  10. ali morgan says:

    This is one of my all time favorite strains. I am definitely a sativa lover, and this weed really scratches that itch! It’s an incredible vibe and really helps me with social anxiety and stress. Sometimes I;ll take a hit during my lunch break to make the afternoon flow a little bit better as well, cause work gets boring! I definitely enjoy this weed and will definitely be back for more!

  11. FORDE says:

    If I am ever feeling lazy and coffee just isn’t cutting it, then I turn to this weed to help get me through the day! It’s an amazing strain, helpful for fatigue and stress and even depression a little bit. I ordered my seeds online with GCS and had them delivered right to my door. All 3 of my seeds germinated using the paper towel method and in just 4 months I got some delicious herb to enjoy. Great buy!

  12. jimbo3689 says:

    First time grower here, and this was something I’ve always wanted to do. It was super easy to order my seeds online with GCS. A perfect hybrid of indica and sativa, but definitely leads to greater focus, creativity and mood. It’s been excellent for my stress nd anxiety. My worries just melt right away. I’ll be happy to come back for more!

  13. tyedye603 says:

    An amazingly fuzzy strain that gives me the energy boost I need throughout the day. A great backyard grow with a really solid yield! It offers some wonderful mind benefits, has been great for my stress and energy levels and even helps me stay alert and social throughout the day. It’s an excellent buy for anyone looking to spice up their afternoons or weekends!

  14. yeeeeet says:

    Wow. powerful stuff! This weed really just found its way into my life and I am so happy for that! I love the smell and the taste, and it’s super easy to grow with an incredible yield! I only needed 3 seeds and produced like SOOOOoooo much bud, I am set for the entire year, for only $30? What a steal! The buzz is really uplifting, gets me through some rough days at work. Great buy!

  15. grilled cheesus says:

    A nice, long-lasting energetic high. What a great experience this has been. I loved ordering my seeds online with GCS, the offered me such a wonderful selection and the shipping was super fast! I never knew I had such a green thumb, this stuff sprouted and grew tall in no time. Great yield and high quality weed. Love the smell and the taste. Highly recommend!

  16. Bueller says:

    WOW I got a ton of weed from this strain, it’s remarkably delicious and complex and offers me a boost of mood and energy. It also gives me the munchies! I loved growing it in my backyard, it’s a real treat to have this stuff in your garden. It’s been helpful for my depression and anxiety symptoms and is a real benefit to my life! Thanks GCS!

  17. Yvonne Burns says:

    This weed makes me feel like a super hero. A delicious blend of indica and sativa that makes me feel like a rock star. I love how easy this weed is to grow and produce and it gives off these delicious nugs that are seriously sour and fantastic. Great for getting me off my butt in the morning and killing the afternoon slump. Also great as a J passed around with friends. Will buy again!

  18. oldbigdawg69 says:

    No issues or fuss with ordering or delivery. Will buy again. Great selection and great people. Thanks GC.

  19. donnydarko says:

    These plants are incredible. I loved growing this weed, it’s super easy to do all on your own. Trust me, I don’t know anything about growing weed, and here I am with nearly 1000 g! Wow! I ordered my seeds online with GCS. They arrived super fast and the germ was really easy! I smoke in the afternoons usually to help me chillax and stay alert. Great sativa blend!

  20. Tommy Larson says:

    I guess you could say I am not a huge fan of my job. So i usually smoke this weed in the morning and during my lunch break to help me stay focused and alert. It was very nice having this grow in my backyard, and it produced these dense white and green nugs that really pack a punch. If you are a sativa lover, then this weed is for you!

  21. Virgina Woof says:

    Wow, what an amazing strain of mj. This stuff is a real treat for the eyes, great for growing indoors if you’ve got the space or a grow lamp. Amazing to watch the flowers form and them smoke them haha! It’s got a nice earthy flavor and it helps me with relaxation and sleep. Not overpowering!

  22. rebecca forman says:

    I am a medicinal user, I have chronic headaches and migraines and nothing but weed seems to help me with my symptoms. I am super happy with this strain. Was easy to grow in the backyard and offered a buzz that keeps me feeling great even when my mind is a little wonky. I like smoking in the afternoons when staring at my computer screen gets to be too much. Will definitely be back for more!

  23. mark thomas says:

    It’s always important where to buy cannabis seeds and I’v been telling all my friends to buy from Grower’s Choice. You can’t beat their germination guarantee and their service is so prompt and professional.

    I absolutely love super silver weed as it gives me such great energy! Just when I feel like I want to flop down on the couch and do nothing, I smoke some slippery silver and soon enough I’m ready for anything! It cheers me up too, like makes me think everything is better than OK.

  24. Randall Ruiz says:

    This is a magical strain that’s easier to grow than almost any other weed I have grown in the past! Ordered online with GCS, was really impressed by their selection, and definitely recommend this site to anyone. A VERY high yielding strain, especially if you grow indoors like me! It’s a very relaxing high, great for stress relief and creativity!

  25. inspector gadget says:

    This is actually a super cool looking plant. I like the strain so far–generally I prefer the more sleep-inducing weed, but this is great for daytime. It gives energy and makes me feel happy without too much dopiness. Feminized seeds are definitely the way to go. Good customer service on this site, but the best is the quick shipping.

  26. Jillian Mos says:

    A very high producing strain, one that is sure to scratch the getting high itch! Very relaxing and uplifting high, but too much and watch out! You’ll be couch locked and wanting to fall asleep! It’s been really great for my depression and anxiety! I love this stuff, will definitely be back for more!

  27. Alex M. says:

    If you are looking for a good long-term investment, this super silver haze will do the trick! It takes a bit of time to germinate the seeds and the grow time can be a bit long too, but once you harvest your 1000 g of weed you’ll forget about all that. An amazing strain, super bright colors and tastes tangy, almost like citrus, gets me good and stoned every time. I use this in the afternoons to avoid a crash and also on the weekends when I’m looking to turn up!

  28. Lexi says:

    Yum yum yummmm, this weed is absolutely delicious and offers a very energetic high that’s perfect for your mornings or lunch breaks at work. It helps me stay positive, creative, and energized throughout my day, but definitely does NOT help me sleep at night lol. Fun to grow, but was a bit fickle at the beginning, would probably recommend indoor growing for best results.

  29. Tyree Shields says:

    Killer yield on this plant, nothing shy of 800 grams if you know your stuff. Not too difficult to grow however, and pretty nice looking plant as well, nicely sized and has bright green trichomes, pretty pungent too. Nicely energizing buzz, tastes kind of sour, like a sour candy. Good stuff!

  30. Wilson L says:

    Excellent bang for your buck! Ordered seeds online through GCS and they showed up super fast! Got 4 of 5 seeds to pop, and the 4 that did grew into beautiful luscious plants in my basement! So much fun! I smoke this sativa blend anytime of day, very intense and energetic, but not for the faint of heart, just be prepared to have a TON of creative insight!

  31. Kalin T. says:

    Wow such an incredible yield from just 3 plants! I ordered online from GCS and was very impressed by their wide selection and just how easy it was to have the seeds delivered directly to my door. Germination was a cinch when I followed the germination guide here on the website, and only about 4 months after putting my starts in the ground I was smoking my very own mj. A nice and peppy sativa with great mental high effects that boost focus and creativity, but also are great for treating my headaches and problems with anxiety. It’s a delicious strain that tastes almost peppery and is something I look forward to on the daily.

  32. julio.rosa.a says:

    Hello! I bought a pack of three seeds of this baby and I started to germinate two, which I already have in very healthy seedlings. As soon as the germination everything has been excellent! Let’s see how they behave throughout the development process and in the end in flowering! I’m really satisfied, so far!

  33. chrismccall898 says:

    Quite the impressive strain. High quality and quantity. Looks exactly as the picture does. Convenient service.

  34. Bmmatthew00 says:

    As described and on time. Now to the germinate stage❤️

  35. tagme5150 says:

    Medicinal user, seeds arrived within a week. Nice discrete packaging. Will update as we go. Thank You.

  36. Sasha T. says:

    This is definitely one of my topic favorite strains of marijuana. It’s long lasting, calming, and very uplifting. Good daytime med for sure. Used to order this strain from a different company but switched over when I heard I could get feminized cannabis seeds here. Was happy to discover this is where I can order all my favorite strains from now on. Great quality seeds for such an extensive product line too. Def recommend this strain.

  37. shearerjustin says:

    My seeds auto flowered for some reason. Kind of surprised, but it is grow great and looks amazing.

  38. Paula T. says:

    There’s a lot to say about this plant. Not only will you get a great yield, but the effects of it are really amazing. I decided to keep my plants indoors and I think I probably could’ve gotten an even bigger harvest if I’d put it outdoors. It was also much easier to grow than I expected—you can tell that these seeds are the real deal. If you’re afraid of buying some seeds because you’ve never tried to, don’t worry. These feminized cannabis seeds seriously produce results.

  39. pete_ie says:

    These are the best feminized cannabis seeds, hands down, and Growers Choice is the easiest place to order seeds. Placing the order online is easy and delivery is quick and my seeds were nice and fresh. I was looking for some cannabis to help me deal with chronic fatigue, and this strain has worked better than anything else I’ve tried. The growing period was relatively short, the plant produced great flowers, and I love the flavor of the strain. This is definitely my plant of choice going forward, and I can’t wait to order more.

  40. Alyson R. says:

    If you’re looking for where to buy cannabis seeds, I highly recommend this company. Best feminized cannabis seeds you’ll find, even online where there are more choices. The price is good and the quality is even better. I have had no issues with any of my seeds. I usually check in to find out if they have any new growing tips as well. Delivery is pretty fast in the USA, so no issues there either.

  41. kintzputz says:

    First time trying Super Silver Haze, it was okay, but not my favorite. The smoke was a bit harsh, and it made me super hungry but I’m trying to lose weight so it’s not going to work for me. I’d say it was pretty easy to grow, I have a hydro set up in my apartment and they germed like a dream. I only planted two of my five seeds, though, I’ll probably give the others away. Would I recommend it to other people? I guess, but it’s definitely not my first choice.

  42. Lee Mussell says:

    Total newcomer to growing weed but it was recommended I buy feminized cannabis seeds so that’s the first thing I looked for when I started shopping online for pot. Really I wanted something that would make me feel a little bit better, lots of people talk about weed being uplifting and I’m tired of trying prescription meds which make me feel so weird. I thought this strain sounded pretty good and I was right for the most part. I didn’t have a hard time growing it, at least all my plants were female – I heard about grab bags where you can end up with male seeds and my friend told me how much of a waste of money that can be – and I had a pretty good yield for a first-timer, at least I think. I didn’t do anything too special because I have to grow inside, but it was easy with a little LED. I will say this is also good for headaches, I know the site says it but I tried it instead of an Advil because it was all I had and it really worked! I know I’ll buy seeds from Growers Choice again, definiteyl try a few of the other strains.

  43. HaroldGR says:

    First time MJ grower, and now I know why everyone loves this company. My order came way faster than expected and completely sealed. Used the germination guide as reference and everything else I could find to help me grow. Since curing, I haven’t had a migraine in over 2 months and I usually get them twice a month and they can last anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks. If you’re going to buy, buy online because you won’t find any where to buy this kind of quality feminized cannabis seed. I did a little bit of research before ordering, and you can really tell the difference, newbie or not.

  44. Michael Pear says:

    I got these seeds mainly to combat my depression. It really helped to start with those tiny pot seeds and actually grow them into something that could help you. I’m glad I bought online, otherwise I probably never would have known what feminized cannabis seeds are. Since I’m new to growing, I wouldn’t have known how to pick a male out of the bunch. Overall, these were pretty easy to grow and I highly recommend.

  45. colemass911 says:

    This was my first time with super silver haze, and I feel like Ive missing out on something amazing for years! Every seed I bought germinated and I used a hydroponic garden for growing. It was a great choice, because my plants thrived and by the time they were ready to harvest there was a solid yield. This one took me a bit more work and effort, but it all paid off because this is one of the best smokes Ive ever had. I always fall for the hybrids because I love the overall feeling I get, and this one makes my body and mind feel good and happy. Cannot recommend this enough.

  46. tawandaaa21 says:

    I don’t have a single complaint about Super Silver Haze, and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. Read that it’s good for outdoor growing, but I kept it indoors.. so maybe next time I’ll try outside and see how it goes, I’ve always wanted to try. Like other people have mentioned, this one just makes you feel happy, and who doesn’t want that? If Im ever feeling blah, I know a bowl of this will put me in a much better headspace.

  47. charlieedann says:

    Order arrived without hassle, and my seeds were nicely contained in some reusable glass vials (nice touch!). I got to work right away, and managed to have all my seeds germinated and planted without issue. The grow on this one was average, and I wasn’t expecting anything fast, so I took my time and it paid off. I like to believe it was my expert growing skills that gave me such an amazing yield, but I know this strain is made to provide. I’ll be happily smoking this for quite awhile! There is no way to feel down when it comes to this silver haze.

  48. britfleming12 says:

    I’m a die hard White Widow fan, especially because my depression tends to get the better of me. But while I was ordering seeds I noticed this one was on sale, so I figured why not! Gotta say that the yield from my plants was insane, and I was not expecting as much as I got. I thank Growers Choice