Snowcap Feminized Seeds

  • 50% indica, 50% sativa
  • THC levels up to 24%
  • Ideal for beginner growers
  • Promotes a sense of euphoria and uplift
  • Thrives in a sunny and warm Mediterranean climate
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Snowcap Feminized Seeds

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What are Snowcap Strain Seeds?

Let’s enter the frosty world of Snowcap Strain Seeds, a marijuana variety that’s as cool as its name suggests. Originating from the electric cannabis culture of the West Coast, Snowcap is a mystery wrapped in a riddle, with its exact lineage and breeder details shrouded in a mist as thick as its smoke. But don’t let that cloud your judgment, because this strain stands out in the crowd. It’s like a caffeine shot for your senses, with a THC level that usually hovers around the impressive 20-22% mark. A hit of Snowcap is like a winter wonderland adventure, where every puff brings you closer to discovering its enchanting effects. Known for its invigorating and uplifting influence, it leaves users feeling like they’re sledding down the euphoric slopes of relaxation and creativity. So buckle up, we’re about to explore the frosty peaks and valleys of the Snowcap strain, where every flake is a fragment of fun!

What are the Effects?

The Snowcap strain is a delightful mix of effects that spins you through a spectrum of sensations, making it a go-to choice for both recreational and medicinal users.

Snowcap is like the espresso of marijuana strains that zaps you with an instant buzz of euphoria. This uplifting effect is similar to a shot of caffeine for your mood, making it an excellent daytime strain. You can expect a wave of cerebral energy, sparking creativity and invigorating the mind. It’s a fantastic strain for those looking to fuel their creative minds or for anyone seeking a boost to tackle their day with renewed zest.

Also, Snowcap is known for its calming yet energizing effects. It’s a hybrid marijuana strain that masterfully balances the line between relaxation and stimulation, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a blend of mind and body effects. For medicinal cannabis users, Snowcap can be a good choice. Some medicinal users claim its potent effects are helpful in potentially alleviating feelings of stress and mild pain. Its uplifting and euphoric energy can also put you in a better mood.

To summarize, Snowcap offers a combination of effects that have a diverse range of needs. From its cerebral, uplifting energy to its potential medicinal benefits, it’s a strain that provides an enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a recreational enthusiast or a medicinal user, Snowcap’s potent effects and delightful flavor profile make it a popular strain in the cannabis community.

Parent Strains of Snowcap

The Snowcap strain, a mysterious yet captivating hybrid, owes its unique characteristics to a lineage of legendary cannabis strains. Among its reputed ancestors is Humboldt Snow, a strain originating from the cannabis haven of Humboldt County in California. Known for its potent effects and distinctive flavor, Humboldt Snow likely imparts the robust THC levels and crisp, refreshing taste found in Snowcap.

Another probable parent is the iconic Jack Herer strain, named after the famed cannabis activist. Jack Herer is known for its cerebral and creative stimulation, traits that resonate in Snowcap’s uplifting and energizing effects. Also, the genetics of Snowcap may be enriched by the influence of Haze varieties, such as Silver Haze, and possibly Kush varieties like Bubba Kush, known for their dynamic flavors and potent medicinal properties. This blend of influences from its parent strains gives Snowcap a balanced and versatile profile, making it a nice choice for a wide range of users, from those in pursuit of creative sparks to those seeking solace from stress.

Growing Snowcap Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds represent a significant advancement in cannabis cultivation. These seeds are specially bred to eliminate the male chromosomes, making sure that nearly 100% of the plants grown from them turn out to be female. Female cannabis plants are the ones that produce the buds sought after by consumers and medical users. This innovation in seed technology has revolutionized home and commercial growing, as it removes the uncertainty and labor-intensive process of identifying and removing male plants, which do not produce consumable flowers and can pollinate females, leading to seeded flowers.

Growers find feminized seeds extremely beneficial, particularly those with limited space or resources. They can maximize their growing space and resources by focusing solely on plants that will yield the desired product. This efficiency is especially crucial for medicinal growers who rely on consistent and potent yields for their needs.

When it comes to growing Snowcap Feminized Seeds, there are several best practices to consider. Snowcap, known for its hardy nature and moderate growing difficulty, is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. However, the strain particularly thrives in controlled indoor environments where variables such as temperature, humidity, and light cycles can be precisely managed. Snowcap plants tend to prefer cooler temperatures, reflecting their frosty name, and respond well to lower humidity levels, especially during the flowering stage to prevent mold and mildew.

For indoor growers, employing a hydroponic system can be particularly effective, as it allows for greater control over the nutrients and water the plants receive, potentially leading to a more potent and flavorful harvest. However, soil cultivation is also a viable option, especially for those seeking a more natural growing process, as it can enhance the flavor profile of the final product.

Proper lighting is important for Snowcap Feminized Seeds. A consistent light schedule of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness is recommended during the vegetative stage, shifting to a 12/12 light cycle to induce flowering. Snowcap generally has a moderate flowering time, so growers should be patient and attentive to the signs that the plants are ready for harvest.

Finally, due to its balanced hybrid nature, Snowcap can benefit from both Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG) training methods. These techniques help maximize light exposure and air circulation for the plants, leading to an even canopy and potentially larger yields. Snowcap Feminized Seeds offer growers the advantage of a guaranteed female crop, leading to a more efficient and rewarding cultivation experience. With the right growing conditions and techniques, these seeds can produce high-quality, potent buds that embody the best qualities of the Snowcap strain.

What do Snowcap Plants Look Like?

Snowcap plants are known for their visually appealing stature. They typically have a medium to tall height, characteristic of many Sativa-dominant hybrids. This trait makes them a suitable candidate for training techniques like topping and bending in confined spaces. The leaves of Snowcap plants are often a vibrant green, with the narrow, elongated leaflets that are typical of Sativa strains. The foliage may become more pronounced and lush as the plant matures, creating a dense canopy that is both beautiful and efficient for light absorption.

As flowering begins, Snowcap plants really start to show their beauty. The buds are typically dense and conical, covered in a generous coating of white trichomes that give the plant a frosted, snow-like appearance; hence the name, Snowcap. This frosty layer not only adds to its visual appeal but also indicates a high concentration of THC and other cannabinoids. The buds of Snowcap may have hints of other colors like orange or amber, especially near the pistils and calyxes. These warm tones contrast beautifully with the cooler green of the leaves and the white of the trichomes, creating a beautiful plant.

As the plants mature, they begin to have a rich, aromatic scent. The resin production in Snowcap is notably high, contributing to the sticky feel of the buds and the potency of the final product. Snowcap plants tend to have a robust and bushy growth pattern. This growth style makes them well-suited for both Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG) techniques in indoor setups, as they can fill out space efficiently and respond well to training and pruning.

Similar Weed Seeds

If you’re looking for cannabis strains similar to the Snowcap strain, here are five seeds that offer comparable experiences, either in terms of effects, flavor profile, or growing characteristics:

  1. Jack Herer: Another Sativa-dominant strain, Jack Herer is famous for its uplifting and clear-headed high, much like Snowcap. It offers a blissful, cerebral buzz combined with a peppery, piney flavor profile. This strain is also a staple for medical marijuana users due to its balance of cerebral and physical effects.
  2. White Widow: A classic hybrid strain, White Widow is well-loved for its potent effects and resin production. It shares the frosty, trichome-rich appearance of Snowcap and provides a powerful burst of euphoria and energy, followed by a relaxing undertone.
  3. Green Crack: This strain is known for its energizing and focusing effects, making it a great daytime choice like Snowcap. Green Crack offers a tangy, fruity flavor profile and is popular among those looking for a sharp, invigorating mental buzz.
  4. Blue Dream: A balanced hybrid, Blue Dream is famous for its full-body relaxation coupled with gentle cerebral invigoration. It’s often chosen for its similarity to Snowcap in terms of providing a soothing yet uplifting experience, along with a sweet berry aroma.
  5. Silver Haze: This Sativa-dominant strain shares many of Snowcap’s qualities, especially its uplifting and cerebral effects. Silver Haze is celebrated for its ability to invigorate and stimulate the mind, offering a euphoric and energizing experience that is similar to what Snowcap provides.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Humboldt Snow, Haze


50% Indica, 50% Sativa

Strain Type

Balanced Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted

Indoor Yield

Up to 350g per m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 450g per plant

Best Use

Depression, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Pine, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Snowcap Feminized Seeds

Based on 69 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    We have planted 3 of our 10 Snowcap seeds and they are looking awesome! We have a few more weeks before harvesting!

  2. Verified Owner

    Now that I have finished my ‘rookie’ year growing indoors and out I am totally ready to endorse this strain.
    A wide, thick plant that grew quickly. By the end of their stretch they were a little over 6 feet tall and 8 ft wide! We had frost, and hail and the Snowcap did beautifully. Huge colas, great buzz!
    A year ago I bought 3 different strains from this outfit. All geminated and grew well.

  3. Verified Owner

    Great! Plants germinated on 3/25/2022. All seeds germinated and all the plants are healthy. Transplanted outside in the garden 5/1/2022. Doing excellent. I have topped them twice for business and yield. Extremely satisfied with the purchase. I have tried other seed banks. I didn’t get the customer service and germination rates that I do here.

  4. Verified Owner

    Haven’t grown yet. Will advise at a later date. I grow starting in May.

  5. Verified Owner

    Yeeeup, these nugs are highly crystalized and look like they’re totally covered in white frost! Absolutely beautiful yields off seeds that germinate every time. ALWAYS soak your seeds before planting, it increases rate of growth and ensures germination. Thanks for reading!

  6. Verified Owner

    The Snowcap is incredible so far! I put two in the oven and two came out 60 days later 6′ tall super green and reaching for the sky, could not wait another 3 months for them to start flowering. So I started 12 12 schedules. It’s been week and a half both are flowering nicely. Looks to be a great harvest. Can’t wait. Let u know.

  7. Verified Owner

    so far so good .they are still growing .plants look good

  8. Verified Owner

    Easy germinating easy starting water sensitive when starting in ground looking very nice doing well

  9. Verified Owner

    Almost all seeds sprouted and doing great! Growers Choice always replaces the seeds that don’t pop and is quick to deliver. Awesome company to buy from.

  10. Verified Owner

    All the seeds I planted are beautiful. They are healthy and huge.

  11. Verified Owner

    For my first grow I’m very happy, yielded way more than expected big beautiful flowers, at this time I’m 17 days into curing I’m gonna try it at 30 days but the way it looks and smells it’s gonna taste great. Will let you know

  12. Verified Owner

    I think the service is great..
    I haven’t tasted it yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

  13. Verified Owner

    The seeds arrived within days, and 100% of the seeds germinated without runts or defective genetics. All seeds are vigorous healthy and strong demonstrating superior Breeding quality. I haven’t flowered these yet but I have flowered these genetics in a prior year and can say nothing but good things about them.

  14. Verified Owner

    I think I have ordered 3 times from these folks.
    Learned with autoflower. I believe around 30 plants so far with their seeds, NEVER had one seed not germinated. Never had a male from them either. Top-notch! I make Oil for a Cancer patient so we need the medicine and count on the grow. I saw a review about never having a successful start? For me, wet paper towel in a zip lock and leave the end open, less than a week I’m ready to plant. Never fails.

  15. Verified Owner

    BOOOM! There 6 feet tall not 3!

  16. Verified Owner

    3 growing and doing GREAT Still 4 weeks of flowering to go, can’t wait!

  17. Verified Owner

    Seeds arrived within 10 days of ordering with a check. Four of five Snowcap seeds sprouted. Extremely robust plants, easy to grow and Hardy. Photos are of day 28 of flower, end of week 4. Four plants in 10 gallon fabric pots in a 5×5 vivo sun grow tent. Two Mars hydro SP 250 led lights. Incorporated LST and ***** training techniques. GC customer service is extremely quick and helpful. My favorite seed company!

  18. Verified Owner

    Interestingly, all the seeds germinated on time, and some died due to lack of experience, but out of the remaining six, three did great, especially with all the stress I put them through (nut burn, overwatering, and environmental stress). Nice small and compact with an herbal sweet aroma. The high is great but can be narcotic if overused. Beautiful plant…I would like to see a nice strain come from this hybrid if you can cross it with a more dominant Indica strains.

  19. Verified Owner

    Interesting, all the seeds germinated on time, some died due to lack of experience, but out of the remainder six, three did great especially with all the stress I put them through (nut burn, overwatering, and environmental stress). Nice small and compact with an herbal sweet aroma. The high is great but can be narcotic if overused. Beautiful plant…I would like to see a nice strain come from this hybrid if you can cross it with a more dominant indica strain like like chocolate thai or durban poison.

  20. Verified Owner

    Bought 10 Snowcap seeds , 9 out of 10 germinated. 6 died due to strong of soil . 3 plants survived and turned out nice. Wish everyone a happy grow.

  21. Verified Owner

    Nice plants. Not 2 Tall, Great buds EASY GROW

  22. Verified Owner

    5 plants from 5 seeds so no complaints there! Unfortunately the delivery was slow and missed 6 weeks of great weather. The seeds cracked open after 2 days in wet cloth and were placed into jiffy pots, which were then transferred to bigger pots when the roots started showing through, about 3 days later. They are now between 2 to 2 and a half foot tall (with massive fan leaves! ) after 8 weeks of growth. They already smell amazing. So far so good!

  23. Verified Owner

    This strain has truly been a pleasure to grow. I wish I was able to attach some photos to show what I mean. Handles LST really well and is able to bounce back really quickly with defoliation.

  24. Verified Owner

    Easy to grow in my outdoor, sheltered garden. We have a very warm, sunny climate here.

  25. Verified Owner

    Came out great, great taste

  26. Verified Owner

    Just grow can’t use truck driver but my friends love it and I love growing soon I will retire and it’s on like donkey Kong

  27. Verified Owner

    Purchased the Snowcap seeds from your site in September. They germinated quickly and I stuck them in my garden and they took off. The buds developed very nicely and grew very plump. Just recently harvested and am in the process of curing. Looks like it’s going to be a nice smoke. Hope to get into it in about 3 weeks. Thanks

  28. Verified Owner

    At this point very happy…growing outdoors and they are just a week into flower. Enjoy watching them advance daily can’t wait to see the end product..

  29. Verified Owner

    This strain is very forgiving. I’m a beginner and, due to my mistakes, the yield wasn’t great. Just started curing the nugs, but I think the 3-4 oz i got will be killer. Smells like citrus, pine and fruit loops cereal. Smoked some of the final trim and the high is very cerebral/trippy. Like it!

  30. Verified Owner

    Seeds arrived on the 5th of April and am currently testing the waters with one lone lil’ soldier growing. It was germinated and planted in the soil on the 7th of April, So we are roughly 6 days in and I have no idea what to expect.

    Things are LOOKING okay so far and according to the free guides available to us here on this site, I think I am doing okay enough to be considered on track.

  31. Verified Owner

    have not tried them yet will review them again but so far so good.

  32. Verified Owner

    Having good luck so far, 100% germination rate. Strong healthy plants

  33. Verified Owner

    95% germination, fast growing, great volume. Awesome head buzz and great body buzz.

  34. Verified Owner

    Great so far I planted 10 seeds. I ended up with 6 plants. I tried them. It is good so far but I am letting them cure a little longer. I’ve started 3 more plants about 3 weeks ago. Can’t wait..

  35. Verified Owner

    Rock your world

  36. Verified Owner

    Beautiful! Love it!

  37. Verified Owner

    just started, they sprouted fine.

  38. Verified Owner

    It is the excellent bud and easy to grow. One plant can get quite large and with little to smell. It is great for growing indoors.

  39. Verified Owner

    Snowcap is truly a beautiful grow. These tiny little BB-sized flowers are capped with sticky white crystals, and it does look like snow! My indoor grow setup in the garage is almost complete, and the last thing I need is a new batch of seeds. It’s great to have a reliable seed distributor with GCS, their products are delightful! They have so much to choose from and they’re always in store. I am so happy I am finally growing my own pot!

  40. Verified Owner

    Stable genetics and very far yields with this strain. Super unique smell and taste for me.

  41. Verified Owner

    my snowcap clone got me 32oz. started in 1/22/21. put out side in 4/20/21 temp was about 50.

  42. Verified Owner

    Grew very well here in mid Michigan. Survived 3 frosts, and a hail storm in Sept!
    Beautiful, heavy buds, great yield, and great buzz!

  43. Verified Owner

    Every Snowcap, Super silverhaze and White Widow auto seed popped. Within 28 hours they were in soil. They must enjoy their new home as they are healthy and robust. Set Snowcap into flower yesterday along with some SS.

    My white widow autos also all germinated and grew. Every seed popped. One seed in the batch is small and I will save it for later. 70 days in and 2 ladies are ready. This was a very easy grow with probably 1 dry oz. per plant.

    Very good results so far…Haven’t tasted anything yet but the smell is awesome.

  44. Verified Owner

    Growers Choice has been a great experience. My Female Snowcap start Sep 14 2021 and today is Nov 7 2021 she is doing so good I email GC for some help and they replied with in 24 hours. With great help. Thank you ?

  45. Verified Owner

    Fun, easy plant to grow. Took topping and Snowcap is like a champ. A soldier for sure. Nice hints of purple. Probably my favorite strain so far from a grower’s perspective.

  46. Verified Owner

    Very potent easy to grow huge yield when ***** method used

  47. Verified Owner

    I’ve grown a few of the Snowcap strain seeds from GC and all have been amazing, I really want to get my current run tested for potentcy because it’s covered in trichromes and smells exactly like blue race fuel with citrus and earthy undertones. Today is week 9 from the flip to 12/12 and the buds look amazing, falling over from the weight and the colors are intense. For anyone who enjoys the body high of a strong indica this will be your favorite, because it also gets you had high with a euphoria and relaxation that’s nearly impossible to describe.

  48. Verified Owner

    I am writing this and changing my review to five star. I left a review of 2 or 3 star based on germination rate. Without asking, customer support contacted me and is replacing the seeds that didn’t germinate. For that alone, I have to give five (5) stars as I consider that exceptional customer service. As for the original seeds, the eight (8) that did germinate are showing good growth. Looking forward to this strain both for smoking and making edibles.

  49. Verified Owner

    Dreamwalking! Gone ~ out there.. my 2nd generation Snowcap from Growers Choice. Amazing scent. Best 2 strains for my head: Bluberry kush & SC!!

  50. Verified Owner

    I grew this girl with a few other ladies. In a 10 gallon pot, 2 month veg, with training. Yielded 5.5 oz dried and jarred. Wonderful head buzz. I did cut a bit early when she was cloudy with very little amber so it was a very strong head high. Super impressed, nice citrus taste. Thanks for quality genetics GCS.

  51. Verified Owner

    I used to order from other seed banks but had some negative experiences with slow deliveries and pretty bad customer service. A friend recommended GCS. I’m SO glad they did! Everything with GCS is so straightforward and easy and their customer service is top notch!

    Oh and Snowcap is the bomb!

    Lindsey G., Montebello, VA

  52. Verified Owner

    Snowcap great strain with amazing results, its vey adaptable to different kinds of environments and does good in the flowering stages under fall weather has compared to summer. Fall produces bigger and denser colas with a lot of frosty trichomes with a more dank pungent aroma as to summer Colas. Looking forward to growing more of this strain.

  53. Verified Owner

    I haven’t had a chance to start growing the Snowcap ♀ specifically, but I have been doing business w/ Growers Choice for a while now, and I’ve never gotten a clunker from them yet. More to the point, they have the best, fattest, most healthy and plumpest seeds that I’ve ever bought. I’ve done business with many, many seed dealers online for over a decade, so I know of which I speak.
    If you buy from Growers Choice. I can attest to their products. They won’t ever let you down.
    Later ‘taters.
    docms (Dr. Marshall, MD, PhD)

  54. Verified Owner

    When I have my own farm, I plan to buy mj seeds in bulk…but now I am stuck in apartment living and it’s a little harder to grow more than one plant at a time. I got my 5 seeds online which saved me a ton of time. Snowcap is one of my favorites for it’s gorgeous crystallized flower and delicious smell. A hybrid indica that hits juuuust right!

  55. Verified Owner

    This strain was excellent, with its great taste and amazingly high. Good creative energy hits me whenever I smoke this and I thoroughly enjoyed all the effects, and felt absolute bliss. This plant is pretty easy to grow as well making it great for any level of gardener.

  56. Verified Owner

    With a balanced hybrid strain that delivers a burst of energy and creativity, Snowcap is perfect for starting the day. Its citrus and menthol aroma is invigorating, and its high THC and CBD content make it a favorite among both recreational and medicinal users.

  57. Verified Owner

    Snowcap definitely lifted my mood with its creative and happy high. This strain was really good for me as someone who struggles with anxiety and depression and found myself really relaxed after smoking this. The 10 week grow time was worth it for the excellent quality of this strain.

  58. Verified Owner

    Snowcap is like a breath of fresh mountain air. The plants grew tall and proud, covered in a snowy white resin. The high is invigorating and uplifting, melting away stress and bringing a sense of clarity. The citrus and pine flavors add a refreshing twist to each puff. Perfect for calming the mind and finding inner peace.

  59. Verified Owner

    I am really happy I finally had a chance to grow my own marijuana! The smells and tastes are out of this world. Waaaay better than anything I have ever purchased at a dispensary, though I really do love my local dispo. I am considering going small-scale commerical and selling to my local store, especially since GCS does such great rates on wholesale seed.

  60. Verified Owner

    Snowcap is a great strain for boosting creativity and relaxation while also helping to alleviate anxiety and stress. The citrus, pine, and sweet taste is delicious, and the yield is impressive for an easy-to-grow strain.

  61. Verified Owner

    This strain has a nice citrusy taste and a really good relaxing high that hits the body and mind well. I was impressed with the amount of weed I was able to get from these seeds despite not expecting too much. Definitely would say its a reliable strain.

  62. Verified Owner

    Snowcap Feminized Seeds from Grower’s Choice Seeds are the perfect addition to my spiritual journey. The germination process was a breeze and all 5 seeds sprouted. Can’t wait to see how the buds turn out!

  63. Verified Owner

    Nice citrus menthol taste with such an amazing high. a nice buzz that has me giddy but not overwhelmed, i feel I get a lot of productive work done with this high. If you are looking for a good active high, I highly recommend this strain.

  64. Verified Owner

    Snowcap is a balanced hybrid strain that delivers a creative and happy high. It was a pleasure growing this strain as the plants thrived easily and produced a decent yield. The high was uplifting and relaxing, perfect for relieving anxiety, depression, and stress. The flavor profile is a delightful combination of citrus, pine, and sweetness.

  65. Verified Owner

    This 50/50 hybrid provided a burst of creative energy and giddy laughter, perfect for starting my day. The citrus and menthol scent was refreshing, and the 24% THC and 4% CBD content delivered a clear-headed high that helped with my chronic stress and inflammation.

  66. Verified Owner

    No matter how down and depressed I feel, I can smoke a bowl of snowcap and am instantly stoned and giggly. It’s been great for managing moods and depression in general. Better than antidepressants too, cause this doesn’t make you feel numb inside, just chilled out and appreciative. I plan to build a greenhouse for growing this year and I am so excited to grow indoors. It’s going to be a huge adjustment but I am ready for a change! At least I know I have great seeds on my side!

  67. Verified Owner

    The high was just perfect, giving me a boost of creative energy and a lot of giggles. The plants grew beautifully, with no dead seeds, and the customer service was top-notch. The effects were exactly what I was looking for, and the taste was delicious.

  68. Verified Owner

    Has a sweet and sour flavor….and the flower is nicely capped with snow crystals….makes me smile every time 🙂
    200 G is my max yield, which I know isn’t much. I do tend to get lazy, and I don’t wanna water like every day!!!
    Good thing snowcap is pretty self sufficient. Yummy and fun to work with!

  69. Verified Owner

    With its refreshing citrus and menthol fragrance and a THC content of 24%, this balanced hybrid strain delivers an instant and euphoric buzz. It is not only popular among recreational users but also recommended by the medical community to treat conditions like chronic stress, depression, and pain.

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