Presidential Bubba Kush Feminized Seeds

Presidential Bubba Kush Feminized Seeds

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(19 customer reviews)

Presidential Bubba Kush isn’t as powerful as a president, but it attracts attention like one with the power exerts over users.

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Presidential Bubba Kush Feminized Seeds

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Also known as “Presidential OG” and “Presidential Bubba,” Presidential Bubba Kush is the offspring of celebrated parent strains Bubble Gum and OG Kush. With a THC content that runs 16%-23%, this almost-pure indica might not possess the same power as a president, but it definitely attracts attention like one with the power that it does exert over users.


The taste and effect of Presidential Bubba Kush cannabis

Smelling strongly of pine and citrus with a similarly enjoyable flavor that has earthy notes to it, Presidential Bubba Kush is a leader in the world of hard-and-fast-hitting highs. However, despite the power it wields, it does so in an equitable manner when it comes to distributing physical and mental highs. Presidential Bubba Kush lifts even the bluest of moods while bringing on chilled-out sedation. It’s a euphoric and calming high that leaves your mind feeling clearer and more inspired and your body ready to rest. And rest, you will.


Can Presidential Bubba Kush help with symptoms?

In fact, Presidential Bubba Kush’s strong soothing and sedative quality is something those that suffer from sleep disorders can definitely benefit from. It is also known to help patients who are seeking to treat chronic pain, low-grade migraines and headaches, depression, and even milder cases of PTSD. However, it is important to remember that one of this strain’s negative effects is that some users, especially those with a low tolerance for THC, can experience paranoia.


Growing Presidential Bubba Kush cannabis seeds at home

Presidential Bubba Kush, which has dense green buds layered in a crystalline coating of trichomes all interspersed with amber hairs, is an easy plant to grow that averages 3 feet in height. Grown indoors, it yields about 17 oz per square meter and can be harvest-ready in as few as 7 weeks. Grown outside, Presidential Bubba Kush thrives in a dry climate, yielding around 21 oz per plant in 8-9 weeks.

Additional information

Strain Genetics



100% Indica

Strain Type


Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Indoor Yield

Up to 450 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 400 gr

Best Use

Anxiety, Evening, Insomnia, Stress


Ammonia, Citrus, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

19 reviews for Presidential Bubba Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. CelestialCrafter13 Verified Owner

    With a THC content of 16%-23%, this almost-pure indica strain offers a hard-hitting high that leaves users feeling euphoric and calm. It is known to help with various symptoms such as sleep disorders, chronic pain, migraines, and depression.

  2. Solar7Serenade Verified Owner

    The taste is a delightful blend of pine, citrus, and earthy notes, making each hit a flavorful experience. The effects are equally impressive, providing a euphoric and calming high that uplifts the mood while inducing a state of relaxation. For those dealing with sleep disorders or seeking relief from chronic pain and depression, Presidential Bubba Kush is a godsend.

  3. Gustavo Cordero Verified Owner

    Presidential Bubba Kush is a strain that truly impressed me. The high it provided was euphoric and relaxing, perfect for relieving stress after a long day. The sweet and citrusy flavor was a delightful surprise.

  4. jadasayshey3 Verified Owner

    Bubba for president! Haha. This was so easy peasy to grow. I swear GCS has about the best seed catalog around. I love that my favorite classics like Presidential Bubba Kush are here and that I can still always find a buncha new ones to grow.

    Jada K., Sterling Heights, MI

  5. 2WindyWolf Verified Owner

    The taste and effect of the strain are enjoyable, providing a euphoric and calming high. The only downside is the potential for paranoia in some users. Overall, a great strain to grow and smoke.

  6. Kelly Morgan Verified Owner

    Great plant to grow for novices, it was easy and fast, only took 8 weeks and the high was excellent. The THC content is nice and mellow to keep me relaxed all day. The third time i bought off GCS and it was well worth it with their great customer service and quick shipping times.

  7. Lisa Miller Verified Owner

    The best Indica I have ever had, Presidential Bubba has an amazing relaxing effect and I easily feel relaxed once I smoke it. Even though it is a smaller plant it yields a great amount of weed and is well worth the efforts.

  8. DopeDragon Verified Owner

    This is an amazing strain which gives an Indica body high. The euphoric and happy feeling lasts for a while. I had an amazing experience with Growers Choice Seeds with their great customer service, fast shipping, and all my seeds germinated perfectly. Highly recommend this strain and this company.

  9. Ronald James Verified Owner

    If only politics were as smooth and relaxing as the high I got from Presidential Bubba Kush . Grower’s Choice Seeds really knows how to deliver on quality and customer service.

  10. Amina F Verified Owner

    Presidential Bubba Kush is an absolute winner! Its name alone is enough to catch your attention. Growing these plants was a breeze, even for a beginner like me. The high is incredibly relaxing, perfect for winding down after a long day. The plants themselves were beautiful, with dense buds and a sweet citrus aroma.

  11. SaggitariusScarface Verified Owner

    Great cross-breed. Presidential Kush + Bubba Kush = Presidential Bubba. A highly relaxing hybrid with deep indica powers that eliminate stress and anxiety. I also LOVED growing out of my garden. Such a lovely place for a few mj plants. Loving that they ship all over the USA!

  12. ChronicCyclone710 Verified Owner

    I love the smooth smoke and relaxing high from this strain, definitely one of my favorites. I was impressed with the quality and volume of buds I got from my plants and how easy they were to grow.

  13. Allison Valencia Verified Owner

    Presidential Bubba Kush is a fantastic strain for relaxation and stress relief. I was thrilled with the full germination of my seeds and the easy growing process. The euphoric and happy effects combined with the sweet and citrus flavor make this one of my favorite strains. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a soothing and calming experience.

  14. JC Fox Verified Owner

    Dang if Bubba kush was president, I think the world would probably be a much better place! Buying online is super convenient. I am still pretty new to growing so I read over the blogs on this site to learn all the helpful tips and tricks there are! I am getting pretty decent and my yields are definitely going up. Just gotta complete my greenhouse for next season!

  15. Mathewp057 Verified Owner

    Living out in LA, you will need to grow your own weed cause it’s just too dang expensive to live out here. I decided to buy my seeds online, have them shipped to my new address and I was off to the races. Great looking bud so far, the flowers are dense and fragrant. I can’t wait for harvest time. I am going to have a sizeable yield, especially growing bubba nug.

  16. Nora L. Verified Owner

    This is one of the best to just chill the eff out with after a long day of dealing with high-maintenance clients. Like I will literally come home super stressed out from meeting after meeting and then VOILA! I have a few hits and I’m suddenly relaxed.

    Nora L., Boston, MA

  17. Lorenzo R Verified Owner

    Presidential + Bubba + Awesome! I am a month into this grow and yes it has grown in height but I have never had a plant bush out so quick. I can’t wait to see the total yield but if I had to guess it will be plentiful

  18. Lidia Hoffman Verified Owner

    Bubba is great bang for your buck. This weed produces a TON of pot….and without much effort! I am in LOVE with these lush, fragrant, fluffy nugs! Not only that but my yields were about 150 G m(2) which is a LOTTA nug, for such a cheap price! It really does pay to grow at home. You will NOT be disappointed by this fantastic product!

  19. Alivia Ramos Verified Owner

    The cross between Bubba and Presidential is like….if Obama and Jabba the Hut got together and smoked a J. A VERY unlikely combo….but oh so delightful!
    This is a HIGH yielding strain….no matter who ya are, you can count on at least 500 grams of pot from your 3-plant harvest.
    Feminized seeds make a quality flower, very tight, light, fresh, sticky, and dank.
    Great for baking and tinctures. A real winner\!

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