Pineapple Chunk Feminized Seeds

Pineapple Chunk Feminized Seeds

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(71 customer reviews)

Dripping with juicy flavor and an incredible amount of THC (24%), Pineapple Chunk marijuana is an easy-growing indica-hybrid that blasts away stress and pain.

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Pineapple Chunk Feminized Seeds

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Sweet, tropical pineapple is loaded with vitamins and minerals that do wonders for the body. It makes sense that Pineapple Chunk marijuana would be just as chock-full of the good stuff that helps brighten your outlook on life. 

Pineapple Chunk marijuana boasts an impressive content of THC – 24% – and is one of those strains that is not to be taken lightly. A hybrid with tons of street cred, it will deliver you promptly to the couch if not consumed with care. These blissful and deeply reaching effects have helped Pineapple Chunk to become a favorite among patients with strong, chronic pain, insomnia, and other physical ailments. 

A sturdy and stable plant with a fast growth profile, Pineapple Chunk marijuana seeds are an excellent option for first-time growers. Indoors or out, these plants are quite resistant to mold and disease. Pineapple Chunk requires as little as 8 to 9 weeks of flowering before its ready to harvest, and you’ll be blown away by its out-of-this-world yield, which can reach about 22 ounces per plant/square meter. 

Additional information

Strain Genetics



20% Sativa, 80% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Indoor Yield

Up to 600 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 600 gr

Best Use

Evening, Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Berry, Pine, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height


71 reviews for Pineapple Chunk Feminized Seeds

  1. NorthernNavigator88 Verified Owner

    With its high THC content of 24%, this indica-hybrid strain is perfect for relieving stress and pain. It’s easy to grow and has a fast growth profile, making it suitable for beginners.

  2. 6DuskDolphin Verified Owner

    The sweet and fruity flavor was amazing, and the high it gave me was pure bliss. It left me feeling happy, relaxed, and uplifted. The indoor yield was impressive, and this strain was a fairly easy grow. Definitely perfect for evening use to help with insomnia and stress.

  3. Xiu W Verified Owner

    The tropical, sweet pineapple flavor is absolutely delicious, and the high THC content of 24% really packs a punch. Not only did it help alleviate my chronic pain, but it also left me feeling blissful and deeply relaxed.

  4. Sky5Skimmer Verified Owner

    The flavor is incredibly juicy and the high THC content makes it perfect for blasting away stress and pain. This strain is definitely not to be taken lightly, so consume with care. It’s a great option for first-time growers too, as it’s resistant to mold and disease.

  5. Richard Love Verified Owner

    An Indica-dominant hybrid with an unmistakable pine smell. Note that this strain has a high mold resistance and can thrive in tough outdoor conditions as long as temperatures aren’t extreme one way or another. Really happy I got a perfect 3/3 seeds germinated.

  6. ernest geen Verified Owner

    These nugs are JUICY! Great tropical flavor and smell, and hits nice and slow, just dripping and oozing with indica goodness! Can’t say enough good things about GCS!

  7. FarmingFinesse Verified Owner

    Juicy Juicy flavor and a delightful buzz. Purchased 10 seeds online and had them in my mailbox one week later. Has that pineapple flavor that just burns into my soul and makes me want to live on Hawaii Again. I DO miss the Big Island!

  8. Cory Hines Verified Owner

    Pineapple Jack is the new love of my life, sorry hubby! The tropical aroma takes me straight to a beach vacation. This strain is like a piña colada in my mouth and I’m here for it

  9. SunshineScribe29 Verified Owner

    Pineapple Chunk is the perfect strain for a sweet and uplifting experience. Growing these plants was a breeze, and the reward was worth it. The high is a delightful blend of relaxation and euphoria, perfect for evenings when you need to unwind. The flavor is a delicious mix of berry and pineapple, with a hint of pine. This strain is ideal for relieving insomnia, pain, and stress.

  10. GreenGauss420 Verified Owner

    I really enjoyed the unique pineapple taste that this strain has, which definitely sets it apart from other strains. The high was nice and relaxing without being too overwhelming, making it a great strain to smoke after a long day. I also had a pretty good yield from these seeds, which is always a plus.

  11. StellarPhoenix Verified Owner

    Growing for the first time and really excited. Growers’ blog was helpful in helping me make an informed decision and I ordered Pineapple Chunk. These seeds came super fast in the mail and happy to have all 3/3 of my seeds sprouting strong. Excellent ordering service from Growers Choice seeds!

  12. SecondToNone69 Verified Owner

    This strain had a strong aroma of fresh pineapples and tasted just as sweet as it smelled. The happy and relaxed effects helped me unwind after a long day and helped with my chronic pain. The yield was impressive and the growing process was easy, making it a favorite in my collection.

  13. Jordan L Verified Owner

    I have ongoing chronic back pain that can literally keep me awake all night. Instead of relying on sleeping pills and pain meds, I use Pineapple Chunk. It always eases my pain and helps me fall and, most importantly for me, stay asleep.
    Jordan L., Montpelier, VT

  14. MaximilianSt Verified Owner

    So much better than what you will find in the store. This weed is delicious, fresh, and easy to grow, even indoors! Buy your MJ right here and expect the best!

  15. texascowboys23 Verified Owner

    Bought it befor,does not disappoint

  16. Whitley C. Verified Owner

    I confess that I totally ordered this one because of the picture. To be fair, I wanted to grow some strains with serious bag appeal, and Pineapple Chunk does NOT disappoint. I grew this inside and outside and was happy with both results. I love that GCS has SO many strains available!!!

    Whitley C., Norfolk, VA

  17. matt_dum Verified Owner

    Chunky Pineapple grew into a delightful, girthy, treat. I would buy these genetics again. +1up. One of my fav’s thus far.

  18. Madison T Verified Owner

    Great strain! Thanks for being such a quality based company

  19. ShecklerR Verified Owner

    Really a great staring to grow. Terpenes went on overload and produced a smooth oily residue all over the plants that smelled so sweet and pleasant. Mold resistant and super thick buds. Easy to get 1.5 a light.

  20. Ollieeeee2 Verified Owner

    Pineapple Chunk delivered!
    Over 25 ounces from one plant in my garden, and would’ve been more had I seen some powdery mildew earlier on the lower branches.
    This is not a wake n bake strain! It is perfect for relaxing @ night, and for a good night snore fest!
    Definitely a strain for both quality & quantity!

  21. sheridan5_5_5 Verified Owner

    Seeds germinated right away

  22. R LEE Verified Owner

    As usual Growers Choice never lets you down I have grown this strain for the last 3 years and it never disappoints, an absolute killer outdoor strain with great resistance to bugs and bud rot! I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone who hasn’t tried it indoors or outside 10/10 from me

  23. escobar100 Verified Owner

    Actually grew my autos first. Just germed the Pineapple Chunk Fem and it popped in less than 24 hours. She is in her root starter plug now. Really looking forward to this grow. Thank you for all you do. Keep it up!

  24. Angus E Verified Owner

    Growing great so far still in veg

  25. c levendal Verified Owner

    Pretty awesome strain so far. 10 out of 10 germinated. About 3 weeks in and growing vigorously. Really solid genetics.

  26. JoeJay3453 Verified Owner

    Always a favorite, easy to grow, great to smoke.

  27. scarface_nick Verified Owner

    Nice bushy plants. Does well with LST. Produces nice sticky an stinky sweet buds. All seeds popped in shot glass within 24 hrs

  28. trent smith Verified Owner

    I’ve grown this strain a lot of different times over a few years now and anytime I start over in a new location or outdoor season and even when ask of best all-around strains I ever grew. This one is always reliable and always has good growth from start to finish 3 out of 3 germinated as usual good germ rates and it’s a good cheese skunk with a hint of pineaRead more about the review stating Always good to gopple. It’s a heavy couch lock for me always go well with the younger crowds who can stayed glued to the couch all day . If you have mold problems and bugs give this one ago. She fights well against all and true to her skunk genetics is truly what they call “loud” If you are just starting to grow then go with this one she won’t disappoint

  29. marissa k Verified Owner

    Hardy strain with good open structure, good yield, awesome finale product, frosty with lots of purple.

  30. Reece D Verified Owner

    One of my favourite strains always good to grow

  31. KB Louis Verified Owner

    NiceGerminated well easy to care for nice smoke decent yield anything from GCS is always good

  32. Luca Taylor Verified Owner

    This strain grows fast, has a very big yield, great calyx to leaf ratio which makes for easy trimming, TONS of crystals, smells and tastes wonderful! It’s kind of hard to describe the taste, kind of fruity, hashy/earthy, and sweet at the end of the bowl. No pineapple what so ever though (sigh).

  33. jacked.kelley Verified Owner

    Very productive strain and nice smooth smoke quality at it’s best strain I have seen so far !

  34. toby_wahali Verified Owner

    Very good package whit the breeder packaging very nice

  35. nolan n Verified Owner

    Ive grown pinapple chunk 9 times .If you dry and cure it right it smells just like pineapple.Big yield great terps.It finneshes in about 9 weeks. excellent .my favorite strain to grow it always delivers …Easy to grow!

  36. Luke butler Verified Owner

    Gosh I gotta say I like the high THC *and* high CBD of this strain. Haha, I also *really* love the yield of grandios proportions. Seriously. I didn’t know plants could even make this much weed. I had to prop up some of my girls because the colas got so heavy. I really love the taste of this weed and the high. I started off buying this seed to grow it for friends who had requested it, but I think I’m gonna keep some for myself! Love it!

  37. jricciardo Verified Owner

    I played around a little with micro-dosing this weed and working on creative projects. I highly recommend it! I had a lot of focus and didn’t have any trouble coming up with new ideas. I’m an artist so finding the right weed to help me get things flowing is really important for my livelihood. I’m so glad I can grow this at home and save some much needed money.

  38. Florrie P Verified Owner

    So yes! Got my pineapple chunk seeds about a month ago. And after soaking them in water for about 48 hrs, they were ready for planting. This little trick saved me SO much time when it came to germination and I think gave the plants as a whole a great head start! They are about waist height now and are beginning to smell a LOT like fresh pineapple. It’s like a little vacation right in my backyard!

  39. Tashayla R Verified Owner

    OMG this weed is a lifesaver, absolutely helpful in dealing with headaches, pain, and stress. Like the CBD content in this one is apparent, and the buzz is highly relaxing and spectacular. I usually grow weed in the backyard and got like 600 grams from this strain, smells and looks amazing, with nugs that look like little popcorn kernels and smell like tropical fruit. What a treat to have at the end of a long day or on the weekend as well. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  40. cici o Verified Owner

    I am really happy I bought these seeds!! Was so easy to order online and the seeds shipped out super fast! I love growing stuff in my garden and wanted to have MJ in the mix! heck yeah I got like 500 G and that’s only my first time! What can I say, I am a natural LOL!!! Such a fun time being stoned, feels like you’re smoking a pina colada and transports your mind to the Hawaiian islands! Oh my god I can’t say enough about how great this pot is! You gotta try it to believe it!!!!

  41. Wesly Peterson Verified Owner

    Heavy hitting weed both in potency and yield! I’m super stoked I ordered these seeds. Had them delivered in less than a week, germinated right away, and they finished flowering after like 8 weeks. I read this was a strain that was particularly resistant to all sorts of stuff like mold and pests but I grew it in an indoor controlled environment anyway and it was easy af.

  42. mastergrower3000 Verified Owner

    Full of cristals, Right now in my box 30 days flower side by Critical Kush BF.smell strong.
    Cant wait to taste that fat buds.

  43. TheLegend_ Verified Owner

    Talk about pain relief! Pineapple Chunk does it better than any strain I’ve smoked so far — and I’ve smoked A LOT of weed. Ordered this strain on account of rumors that you get a heavy yield and they were right. I got so much weed! Kind of amazing when you consider how cheap the seeds are. You definitely get your moneys worth with this strain. Order it you won’t be sorry.

  44. neon_chemist Verified Owner

    Pineapple Chunk mj is like magic. You get a full-body high from the top of your head to the ends of your fingertips AND ALSO a trippy head buzz. I’ve never felt anything like this strain of marijuana before that affects everything in me in such a wonderful way. Ordering from Pacific Seeds was so simple, I know where to get all my mj seeds from for now on. Love tasting wonderful, magical Pineapple Chunk!

  45. Grant thomson Verified Owner

    Yes indeed, this is some powerful marijuana. About the strongest, you can buy in my experience, unless you’re looking to get into extracts. I tried this out at a party with a bunch of friends and we were good and stoned, all of us, on just a couple of joints.

    I found this to be easy grow and got a nice big yield out of it in a pretty short period. Gave some to a lady I know who’s a medical user and she was quite pleased. Can’t beat Pacific for speedy delivery. If all that sounds good to you, order away.

  46. moe z Verified Owner

    Nice hybrid with a well-balanced inclusion of CBD. I’m partial to strains that include CBD since it does wonder for my anxiety issues and inflammation. I use it mostly for medical reasons and this is one of my top five. Pineapple Chunk helps my body to function. Period. Otherwise, I’m a creaky, anxiety-ridden mess. So needless to say, this is a strain that I grow regularly. I use an indoor hydro system and typically get good results. First time ordering from Pacific and am very happy with the delivery as well as the quality.

  47. Mina Kondil Verified Owner

    PMS and cramps got you down? Here’s your answer (well, my answer.) Really nice combo platter of effects, from easing anxiety and tension to pain relief. I don’t smoke much for non-medical reasons and I don’t like the shit that Big Pharma tries to sell you at pharmacies. This magical weed eases my mind and body. Nuff said.

  48. asadulin888 Verified Owner

    Buy these seeds! You won’t be sorry. I’m not, and I’m about to put in an order for 10 more. Very tasty weed with an earthy pineapple taste that I personally really enjoy. It’s not only one of my favorite strains of cannabis to smoke, it’s also one of my favorites to grow. It’ll surprise you! Go ahead, give it a try. For the price you really can’t go wrong, and I’d highly recommend to rookies or experienced gardeners.

  49. tevin beckford Verified Owner

    Easy to grow with a hefty yield, this stuff looks and smells amazing, with huge green trichomes and sticky resinous crystals. This weed is a stoner’s paradise, so full of THC you’ll be up and at ’em in no time at all. Helpful in the morning on those gloomy mornings when all you want to do is lay in bed. But no, smoke this before you leave the house in the morning and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation all day long! Really great for lifting gloomy moods as well. Highly recommend!

  50. bigserge416 Verified Owner

    very, very happy with this order! pineapple chunk is good all around. read that it’s pretty easy to grow and i think i read right – grew it indoors and it was super easy and i got a lot of weed out of it. nice little bit of sativa to keep things interesting but mostly indica for ultimate relaxation. real nice skunky flavor so you know its good.

  51. kash Verified Owner

    Best grow ever best medicine I’ve had helping me through the big C easy to to grow with fantastic results in hydro

  52. k ballard Verified Owner

    Bought a 3 pack . All germinated. Plants grew fast and huge. Biggest was over 7 ft. Foot long colas on her. All buds covered in trichomes. Beautiful ripe pineapple smell at harvest.

  53. Carlton Jr Verified Owner

    This was part of my 3rd ever grow and she put out 170g. It’s been curing for three weeks so far (but I’ve been picking) and the smell is a very powerful “earthy” smell. I used their own words to describe that but when you open the jar it’s like something pungent that you can’t wait to rub your nose in. Not really sticky but this is a great mid-dayRead more about review stating My best girl yet girl. This was grown in a scrog with a Red Dragon but this Pineapple chunk dominated. It had a lot of stretch during flower. ~Veg 47 Flower 55, 5 gal smartpot, LED, 4×4, scrog, Dynagro nutes~

  54. 911buds Verified Owner

    Really easy pain-free strain to grow. Would be perfect for a first-time grower, with decent yield with outstanding flavors and smells from the buds. 100% germination. Will definitely be buying it again

  55. nishita p Verified Owner

    Quick germinating, 100% germination rate..strong grow so far…shipping was discreet and fast…can’t wait to see how this turn out

  56. Brianna Dacres Verified Owner

    Overall AMAZING!!! Beautiful seeds, tiger stripes and all. Great strain and perfect price! One of the best strains to grow great for beginners and vetted growers.

  57. k13f Verified Owner

    Some good sleep was had after trying Pineapple Chunk, was very couch locked and happy with the taste and smell. was a large one that took up plenty of room to produce thick buds

  58. hollis67 Verified Owner

    Loved this strain. Got it as a freebee and some of the reviews had me worried, but the plant I got was amazing and a huge yielded of dank, frosty, delicious buds

  59. sami j Verified Owner

    Nice fruity smell pheno i got was a little stretchy but amazing smell and flavor

  60. user93999922 Verified Owner

    Absolutely the best! 100% germination and healthy breed. This strain is definitely a keeper!

  61. juannick Verified Owner

    Love this plant, but a lot of stretch…

  62. ML Verified Owner

    This is by far one of my favorite photoperiod strains! Pineapple chunk has everything you’d expect from this strain! The aroma is fantastic and the couch lock is the best part. There are no medical conditions listed but I have chronic back pain and arthritis that seems to disappear for the duration of the effects. I highly recommend this!

  63. res1nb0y Verified Owner

    Awesome plants, respond well to training.

  64. preston Verified Owner

    Great strain!! Get ready for her flowering stretch !!!

  65. so_awesome_01 Verified Owner

    I’m growing 8 different strains outdoors in San Diego, CA. The pineapple chunk loves it down here! It’s thriving and throughout the grow, other strains have shows minor nute deficiencies while the pineapple chunk powers through it all. It’s about a foot taller than the second biggest plant. No complaints!

  66. Khalil Curry Verified Owner

    This plant will put you to sleep great high easy grow couch lock for sure

  67. N Birdsong Verified Owner

    Outdoor, recycled soil,25gallon pot. Handled SF California heat wave and was tallest in garden topped,and juicy , girth colas and the smell is nice, not overpowering . Awaiting cure results but looking great so far.

  68. Dr Kush Verified Owner

    This strain seemed to be a little finnicky and the end result was a plant that made very small, but dense, buds that did not have an overpowering smell but did have a very strong high. The taste was pleasant but just lacking a little. The yield was my biggest issue, with the average plant giving me 6 ounces, and 8 is usually my consistent target. Read more about review stating Less Yield Than I Am Use ToMaybe you’ll have better luck.

  69. ava dash Verified Owner

    Great aroma the seedlings literally stunk up my house. Little temperamental not the easiest to grow but grew out nicely with huge colas did not stretch too much, dried and cured properly the smoke is definetly top shelf.

  70. Frederick Wong Verified Owner

    Man, my weed almost looks as good in the one in the picture above! Got my seeds online, they shipped right to my door in like…5 days?? I soaked the seeds for a day or two before planting. That really sped up germination. TBH I wish I had grown indoors, but next time I’ll have my greenhouse all set up!

  71. farmerfriend Verified Owner

    Ilost 3 seeds out of 15 so far. plants look great. Thanks,Barry

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