Pez Feminized Seeds

Pez Feminized Seeds

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A sticky sweet indica with a deceptively high THC content (25%), Pez marijuana is delicious and sedative, an excellent accompaniment to an evening of rest and relaxation

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Pez Feminized Seeds

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A pure indica of Asian heritage, at 27% THC, Pez marijuana is a thoroughly relaxing, if particularly potent, strain that sets in slowly, radiating in waves throughout your body to release all tension for a dreamy, slightly hallucinogenic experience. 

Popcorn-like buds crown Pez marijuana plants, releasing a sweet, berry aroma underscored by earthy, fruity, and tropical notes. The fragrance and flavor is as smooth as its onset, and before you know it you may find yourself locked in bliss in the comfort of your cushions. The tranquilizing effects of Pez marijuana have been beneficial among medical cannabis patients, who enjoy the strains ability to provide temporary, natural relief from chronic pain, inflammation, and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. Insomniacs will also find a friend in Pez, as its sedating effects help consumers find their way to a restful sleep. 

Whether cultivated indoors or out, Pez marijuana seeds thrive under humid, warm conditions, and require regular trimming to allow light to reach every growing node. Within 7-8 weeks, the sticky sweet buds of Pez marijuana will be ready for harvest, providing a high yield of versatile weed for your personal use. 

Additional information

Strain Genetics



100% Indica

Strain Type


Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Hungry, Relaxed, Sleepy

Indoor Yield

Up to 500 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 600 gr

Best Use

Anxiety, Depression, Evening, Insomnia


Earthy, Fruity, Tropical

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

27 reviews for Pez Feminized Seeds

  1. TwilightTrekker80 Verified Owner

    With a high THC content of 25%, this indica strain offers a delicious and sedative experience. Its sweet and fruity aroma, coupled with its relaxing effects, make it a great option for evening relaxation. This strain is also known for its therapeutic benefits, providing relief from chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

  2. brotherswe3 Verified Owner

    Pez is a fantastic strain for managing anxiety and insomnia, with a delicious fruity and earthy taste. While it may be intermediate in difficulty to grow, the indoor yield of up to 500 gr makes it well worth the effort. I highly recommend this strain for those looking for a relaxing and peaceful evening.

  3. rojones011 Verified Owner

    Pez is the easiest germination/sprouting seeds I’ve ever seen. It only took 2 days for the seeds to crack open. They look amazingly healthy right from then beginning.

  4. M Green Verified Owner

    With its deceptively high THC content of 25%, this sticky sweet indica strain is perfect for winding down after a long day. The popcorn-like buds release a deliciously sweet and berry aroma, enveloping you in relaxation. Not only does it provide temporary relief from pain and inflammation, but it also helps with anxiety and depression.

  5. 5RainRabbit Verified Owner

    Pez is a delightful strain that left me feeling impressed. The high was relaxing and provided a good buzz without being overwhelming. The earthy and fruity flavor was enjoyable, and it’s perfect for evening use to help with anxiety and insomnia. The medium-sized plants were fairly easy to grow, and the yield was satisfying.

  6. 3OceanOracle Verified Owner

    The sweet, berry aroma and smooth flavor make it a pleasure to smoke. The potent, relaxing effects are great for unwinding and finding relief from pain or mental health conditions. The only downside is that it can be quite strong, so newbies should take it slow.

  7. Nathan Hoffman Verified Owner

    Fruit lovers rejoice! Pez offers big yields of citrusy buds with intense effects that hit users immediately upon inhalation—a combination of immediate energy and deep relaxation at the same time! Growers Choice get me this order within the same week and I was got all 3 of the seeds germinated and sprouted within 24 hours! Big success!

  8. palmtreegalore Verified Owner

    Pez! An uplifting hybrid that produces hundreds and hundreds of tiny nugs! It’s a weed grower’s dream! I absolutely love the fresh flavor, the smooth smoke, and the wild and wonky high. It’s perfect for creative inspiration!

  9. BowserBasher123 Verified Owner

    I really enjoyed smoking Pez, it gave me a very nice body high that really relaxed me and helped me sleep. The fruity tropical taste and scent are fantastic. It’s definitely one of my new favorites for smoking in the evening or when I need help with my insomnia.

  10. MD Verified Owner

    This is one fast grower, and you definitely need to trim it on the regular. My best friend was a huge insomniac. I say “was” cuz now that I keep them supplied with Pez, they don’t have problems falling asleep anymore. Good stuff! Thanks GCS for being so dope. 😉

    Myra D., Kalamazoo, MI

  11. Jonathan Mills Verified Owner

    Pez Feminized Seeds are the perfect blend of THC and CBD for my chronic pain. The calming effect of the CBD combined with the uplifting buzz of the THC is nothing short of miraculous. I’m so grateful to Grower’s Choice Seeds for bringing such a fantastic strain to the market.

  12. acceptingcritic4 Verified Owner

    Excellent MJ for a very low price. Tastes a lot like the beloved candy and gets me stoned and with munchies so make sure pizza place is on speed dial LOL

  13. teenswithgrief Verified Owner

    The perfect indica with bright, sour flavors…just like the classic candy!

  14. CannabisCarnival1978 Verified Owner

    Fast to grow at about 8 weeks I had a wonderful time smoking this with its nice fruity taste and heavy high. Pez was simple enough to grow and I ended up falling asleep very easily, overall I would recommend this to anyone trying to find a strain to help them rest better.

  15. IndicaIllusion710 Verified Owner

    This strain’s high is just what I was looking for, nice and mellow with a slow build. The plant grew well and gave me a decent yield, which was great since it was my first time growing. Great strain for first time growers.

  16. Ramsayu_u Verified Owner

    Just turned over to flowering! Pez seeds are really bushy and all look good! Will definitely buy my seeds from homegrown cannabis from now on! Can’t wait for harvest and smoking some buds!!

  17. Taybah R. Verified Owner

    “Fast grower&very tall. A+

  18. 77Masonly Verified Owner

    This magnificent strain will have you stuck to the sofa. My girlfriend has to peel me off!

  19. Marian W. Verified Owner

    Amazing strain such a pleasure to grow and smoke..definitely always have this one in my grow.

  20. Elsa H. Verified Owner

    Couldn’t be happier. great company, fast delivery, professional service, good people!

  21. Cherieallan Verified Owner

    They sprouted really early and were taking off..I was taking care of them making sure they were getting light, My brother came over and told me they weren’t getting enough light.. but, now they are taking off I just pruned them and they are fantastic! I get a lot of info from the website thanks!

  22. Zakariah M Verified Owner

    Seeds are great – all 10 sprouted and are healthy!

  23. Burkehh Verified Owner

    Excited to see how these ladies grow and provide!!!

  24. Reyansh M. Verified Owner

    I think I should have started these a month before I planted them outside. we had a terrible spring so although they are growing well now. I have a few months left so we’ll see. I don’t believe it’s homegrown’s fault this is my 1st attempt.

  25. Kasim D. Verified Owner

    This flower is incredibly sticky, sour, and super freshhhhh! Buying online is just the right way to go. It’s because the shipping is fast (usually within 7 business days) and results in some of the BEST looking weed on the planet!!! Get excited you have found the online holy grail of mj, shipping all over the USA!

  26. Tao L. Verified Owner

    This is one crazy relaxing strain! I have major insomnia. I don’t like sleeping pills and melatonin leaves me feeling out of it the next day. With Pez, just a few tokes and I am good for the night, and I wake up feeling rested with zero brain fog.

    Tao L., New Bedford, MA

  27. Melissa Q Walker Verified Owner

    Pez has been my night time go-to every night. The plant grew beautifully, with lots of long individual colas that were like huge popsicles. The buds are more small pop corn like buds, but that’s ok because it doesn’t take much to be effective. I don’t suggest this for daytime use unless you only plan on sleeping and not doing anything. This strain is perfect for end of evening wind down, be careful as you may pass out on the couch often, as it gets you sleepy for sure. I can’t wait to grow the next one!

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