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Permafrost is a sativa-dominant hybrid, combining parent strains White Widow and Trainwreck strain. This potent cannabis strain is known for its creative, euphoric effects, and is considered by many medical users to be effective at relieving chronic stress and anxious thoughts and feelings. It’s an easy-to-grow strain, offering abundant yields, and has a distinctive earthy, pine aroma.

  • 70% Sativa, 30% Indica
  • THC levels up to 18%
  • Flowering time: Indoors 10-11 weeks, Outdoors in late October
  • Induces a sense of mental clarity and calm
  • Known for its generous coating of resin-rich trichomes 
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An Introduction to Permafrost Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Permafrost feminized cannabis seeds grow into beautiful plants with tingly, refreshing effects. A sativa-dominant hybrid, the Permafrost strain is also an excellent choice for beginner growers. Not only is it fairly easy to cultivate, but this strain also affords gardeners of all skill levels a simpler way to produce a bountiful harvest.

When asked to name their favorite qualities, longtime admirers of Permafrost often refer to this strain’s crisp, pine-like taste, energizing properties, and 18% THC levels. Other users and growers enjoy its convergence of mind and body effects; Permafrost’s 70:30 sativa to indica ratio creates a harmonious balance of physical calm and cerebral clarity.

Our Permafrost strain seeds are fully feminized, hand-selected, and lab-tested. They are also backed by the best germination guarantee in the industry and have a flowering time of approximately 10–11 weeks. Home gardeners can anticipate yields averaging 450 grams per square meter with indoor cultivation and 450 grams per plant for outdoor cultivation.

Permafrost Lineage

The allure of Permafrost extends back in time to its parent strains. There are varying theories as to Permafrost cannabis’ lineage, although most experts agree it is most likely the offspring of Trainwreck and White Widow. Each highly respected in its own right, these two powerhouse strains share many commonalities with their offspring.

A longtime classic amongst cannabis connoisseurs, White Widow is the stuff of legends: this strain began as a major fixture in the Amsterdam coffeehouse scene. It wasn’t long before it won the hearts of cannabis lovers all over the globe. Today, White Widow feminized seeds are best known for growing into earthy, citrus-scented plants with astonishingly high levels of THC at 26%.

Permafrost’s other parent strain, Trainwreck, is a near-pure sativa with 18% THC. Permafrost has this strain to thank for its blend of earth flavors and refreshing hints of pine. Like its offspring, Trainwreck is sought out by many cannabis users for its stress-melting effects.

How did Permafrost get its name?

This strain’s name is a nod to its snow-coated appearance and earth-like flavors. The term “Permafrost”  refers to a layer of soil (typically in arctic regions) that remains frozen year-round—literally meaning “permanent frost.”

Permafrost’s thick layer of icy trichomes isn’t just a treat for the eyes, it hints at this plant’s whimsical, resin-driven effects. Once grown, harvested, dried, and cured, Permafrost’s flowers provide a sensory experience that illustrates precisely why this strain is truly deserving of its name.

What does Permafrost taste like?

Like all marijuana strains, the appeal of Permafrost will vary from person to person. Some love Permafrost’s soothing effects, others its generous THC levels. Many also chase after this strain for its distinct and memorable taste.

Permafrost isn’t just associated with Winter because of its icy coating and visual allure. Its aroma and flavor are also a nod to snow-covered forests and fresh pine.  Many describe Permafrost’s taste as woody, accented by hints of mint, spice, and undertones of sweetness.

Permafrost Effects

Summed up in a single word, this strain is whimsical from start to finish. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, cannabis connoisseurs can expect energizing, cerebral effects including an enhanced depth of experience,  sharpened perceptions, and a wellspring of creativity.

Crisp and clear, the Permafrost experience cuts through any mental haze, while its uplifting effects transport the user to a euphoric place. Like any good hybrid, Permafrost’s mental effects are expertly counterbalanced by its indica influence.

The result is a harmonious balance: As the sensory detail peaks, you’ll notice a sense of full-body calm. Users of this strain are left with thoughts that are both mellow yet precise, vibrant yet effortless.

Do Permafrost feminized seeds have any therapeutic benefits?

It’s important to note that no strain of cannabis is ever guaranteed to alleviate symptoms of any condition. The scientific and medical communities continue to study the effects of cannabis, including its potential to quell some of the negative effects associated with various health conditions.

This said, there is a good amount of anecdotal evidence to suggest that cannabis does help some individuals find relief. Ultimately, every person and every condition will be different. Permafrost feminized cannabis seeds grow into sativa-rich plants that some users report as helpful for lessening the symptoms associated with anxiety disorders.

Some medical users have also reported that Permafrost helps minimize certain types of physical pain including backaches, muscle spasms, and certain symptoms associated with arthritis. Most importantly,  encourage anyone looking into cannabis for medical purposes to first consult with a trained health professional.

Potential Adverse Effects of Permafrost Cannabis

Everyone has their own, unique reactions to different strains of cannabis. While many consider the Permafrost experience to be wholly enjoyable, there is always some chance that certain strains of cannabis may cause some adverse effects.

Permafrost has a fairly high THC content at 18%. While this does not produce any negative experiences for the majority of users, it may be too much for some beginners or those sensitive to THC.

Permafrost may also cause some mild dryness in the mouth and eyes. Others may experience mild headaches, dizziness, or paranoia. If you’re new to the world of cannabis, we recommend starting slowly. This may mean selecting a less powerful strain; consider low-THC strains such as Cannatonic Feminized seeds or Nordle Feminized Seeds.

How to Cultivate Permafrost Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A dream for growers of all skill levels, Permafrost feminized cannabis seeds fare best in a warm, temperate climate. If you happen to live in a region that naturally has this type of weather, then outdoor cultivation may be an excellent option (so long as it is legally allowed in your area).

Indoor growers can mimic a warm climate by using grow lights and checking the temperature of their grow room with a thermometer. As with any strain, there are a number of growing techniques you can use for your Permafrost plants such as aeroponics, hydroponics, and others—but the simplest and most traditional method is planting your germinated seeds in nutrient-dense soil.

Avoiding Growing Challenges

As one of the easier strains to grow, you won’t need to worry as much about potential challenges such as diseases and pests. Yet, it’s always a good rule of thumb to at least be aware of potential pitfalls, and know how to prevent any issues before they arise.

With Permafrost and other strains, you can also help ward off septoria and other diseases by keeping an eye on your room temperature and humidity levels. As a general rule, seedlings will prefer a humidity range around 60% that gradually drops to 40%; the humidity level can be lowered further still with a dehumidifier during the flowering phase.

Abundant Yields

The attributes of Permafrost extend far beyond average if your plants are properly cared for. While you can expect good yields of 450 grams per plant outdoors, and 450 grams per square meter indoors, some in the growers community report abundant yields that fall above average.

To help your Permafrost plants produce greater yields, water them regularly, keep humidity and temperature at ideal levels, and provide the appropriate amount and type of nutrients. Intermediate-level gardeners who prefer earthy sativa-dominant strains with good yields may also enjoy Power Plant feminized seeds.

What Type of Home Growers Enjoy Permafrost Cannabis Seeds?

Permafrost is an ideal choice for people who love sativa-dominant strains with a high yield potential. They’re also well-suited to those who prefer cannabis strains that don’t require extra care; Permafrost is user-friendly and therefore, an excellent fit for newbies eager to learn.

Permafrost’s cerebral effects make it a great daytime strain. If you happen to be the type of person who loves getting things done, Permafrost may be a good fit. This strain is especially helpful for tackling creative endeavors. Some home growers may even find it provides the mental clarity and renewed enthusiasm to tackle once-abandoned projects.

What Can I Purchase High-Quality Permafrost Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

There are a number of places that sell seeds online, but unfortunately, not all adhere to the same standards. At Growers Choice, our core values are built entirely around seed quality, variety, and prioritizing the needs of our home growers.

Our Permafrost feminized cannabis seeds come with a 90% germination guarantee. Like all our strains seeds, they are hand-selected, lab-tested, and are developed by industry experts with a passion for excellence. Good luck and happy growing!

Permafrost Seeds Details

Strain Genetics

Trainwreck, White Widow


30% Indica, 70% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Creative, Energetic, Euphoric

Indoor Yield

Up to 450g per m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 450g per plant

Best Use

Anxiety, Fatigue, Pain


Earthy, Pine, Woody

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Permafrost Seeds

Based on 32 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    Tastes pretty sour and minty and usually leaves me with a light sativa buzz that lasts through the afternoon. Never grew my own weed before this, I just decided to do it as a hobby. Turns out I am pretty dang good at it, and it ships hella fast to Oregon. Good choice, if you have the time 😉

  2. Verified Owner

    With its high THC content and pungent floral aroma, it’s the perfect strain to start my day with. Not only does it give me a burst of energy and creativity, but it also helps me relax and stay focused. Plus, the fact that it’s easy to grow and yields high makes it the ideal choice for beginners like me.

  3. Verified Owner

    With a high yield and sturdy profile, these seeds are perfect for both experienced growers and newcomers to cannabis cultivation. The Permafrost strain offers a relaxing yet alert high, melting away tension and stress while increasing energy and creativity. It’s also known for its medical benefits, providing relief from chronic pain and improving mood.

  4. Verified Owner

    Permafrost, is a delight to smoke and grow. I love the energetic and creative high it gives me, perfect for a productive day. The pungent floral aroma is a definite plus. It’s great for relieving stress and chronic pain.

  5. Verified Owner

    Permafrost is truly impressive. It delivers a strong and enjoyable high that alleviates anxiety and fatigue. The earthy, pine, and woody flavor adds to the overall experience. Growing this strain is a breeze, making it perfect for beginners.

  6. Verified Owner

    Starts my day off chipper and energetic whenever I hit this strain. With the energetic high and earthy woody taste I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. Easy enough to grow indoors and outdoors and had my seeds flowered in 10 weeks.

  7. Verified Owner

    Great looking weed with a subtle minty flavor. Best smoked at the end of a long day!

  8. Verified Owner

    A tasty treat for all to enjoy! I love permafrost for its deeply relaxing flavor profile and crystal-crusted NUGZ!

  9. Verified Owner

    I had a great experience growing and smoking Permafrost from Growers Choice Seeds. The sativa head high was perfect for keeping me alert and focused throughout the day, while still feeling mellow and relaxed. The customer service was top-notch, and shipping was really fast. I definitely recommend this strain to anyone looking for a happy, relaxed, and sleepy high.

  10. Verified Owner

    Permafrost truly lives up to its name as it provided a frosty and exhilarating growing experience. The plants grew strong and resilient, with a beautiful earthy aroma that filled the room. The high was a perfect balance of relaxation and energy, melting away anxiety and fatigue. This strain is definitely a go-to for anytime use and offers great relief for pain.

  11. Verified Owner

    Growing Permafrost was a breeze. I loved the quality and consistency of the plants, and the high was out of this world. Thanks for making the process quick, easy and enjoyable!

  12. Verified Owner

    Permafrost is a great strain for those who suffer from anxiety, pain, or fatigue. The earthy and pine flavors are a bonus to the uplifting effects of this sativa-dominant hybrid. The indoor and outdoor yields are impressive and the easy-to-grow nature of this strain makes it perfect for beginners.

  13. Verified Owner

    I HATE cleaning, but I also HATE chaos and messes. So, my solution? I put on my favorite playlist, have some Permafrost and suddenly cleaning my place every weekend isn’t the worst thing ever. In fact, Permafrost makes me feel like maybe I don’t actually hate to clean. HA!

    Sonja O., Sherwood, OR

  14. Verified Owner

    This sturdy growing, high-yielding plant provides an amazing headrush of euphoria and energy. Excellent choice for a daytime smoke if you want to still be productive in a day but have good vibes. Easy to grow and has a great earthy taste.

  15. Verified Owner

    This strain has a really unique taste to it, a mix of piney and minty that was really enjoyable. The high was both relaxing and uplifting, giving me a nice balanced feeling. Was happy with the yield and the ease of growing these seeds.

  16. Verified Owner

    Excellent weed with a delicious flavor. It’s been great to have around the house. I bought 5 seeds just to get started and it’s working out pretty well so far! I have all of my seeds in the yard at the moment, 4/5 of them have already started! I can’t say I know much about marijuana or how to grow it, I just wanted a fun experience for the summer. GCS is great for that and carries some of my favorite seeds!

  17. Verified Owner

    I’m always so anxious, it had gotten to the point where I took over-the-counter pills to help me focus and calm down. But I didn’t like the side effects from the pills – I broke out in hives once. So ….thought I’d try marijuana as a medical solution. A friend recommended permafrost and now I love it. Soon after smoking this I can focus and not worry the world is going to end tomorrow. Thank you, GCS!! It’s true that it does take awhile to grow, but in my case this plant is worth the wait.

  18. Verified Owner

    This weed has been super helpful with my ADD! I feel like I can concentrate and have so much more energy throughout the day. What a dream! I love how nice and compact this plant is and easy to grow right in my basement! It smells and tastes just like the forest, which is what makes this my absolute favorite. I love to share it with friends and it helps me finish my homework! Great buy!!!!

  19. Verified Owner

    I smoke this for gastrointestinal issues and it’s incredibly helpful. I don’t like to smoke too much of it, it’s a little strong for me. But as a one-toke medical use I can highly recommend it. Everyone’s body is different, but weed has been helpful for some of us with GI stuff going on, so it’s worth trying if you haven’t. I’ve only just started growing my own, but this strain was a good one because it was straightforward and I didn’t have any problems. All of my seeds germinated with zero frustration. Good weed and good price.

  20. Verified Owner

    An awesome strain to smoke when you want to still accomplish some things with your day. I smoked some hits of Permafrost and went on about my business, just in a more relaxed, happy kind of a way. No paranoia at all and I was still conversational. All in all a good experience, even with the grow. Was happy with the seeds and the plants were easy to flower. All in all a great experience from germination to smoke.

  21. Verified Owner

    I’ve was diagnosed with MS five years ago and by far, one of the best things to help treat my condition has been this strain. Permafrost gives me a chance to have a normal body for a little while. From reducing inflammation to providing pain relief, this magical cannabis works wonders for me. I’m also able to get relief from muscle stiffness and spasms. And it helps me sleep! Can’t recommend this strain enough for medical users. If even just for a little pick-me-up. Permafrost works wonders.

  22. Verified Owner

    My partner grew this for me to treat my arthritis and it has been the best weed I’ve smoked yet. My joints usually hurt just about all the time, except for when I smoke permafrost. We are planning on ordering this strain again since I liked it so much. It’s really hard for me to find medicine that *actually* provides some pain relief. Lucky to have strains like permafrost around to treat people like me.

  23. Verified Owner

    So easy to grow, my son grew it on his back porch. We all love the crystalized look of perma mj … not that it’s that important to its use, but it is a pretty plant! I love the hybrid effect of this weed, it lets my mind focus but also calms any stress from my body. I love I can order this from Canada, plan to buy more seeds soon.

  24. Verified Owner

    Living in cold cold Canada I should probably be smoking some kind of tropical mj – Maui Wowie or whatever. But Permafrost is it for this Albertan. This probably the best weed I’ve found for daytime use. I can focus on stuff that needs doing, but in a relaxed way. Growing was super simple. Got a nice big harvest of sticky buds. I’m a popular guy in my dorm right now!

  25. Verified Owner

    I’ve basically been perma-stoned since growing Permafrost. I really like this cannabis for anxiety issues, it levels me the hell out and helps me stay focused during the day. 30% indica in this hybrid relaxes me just enough but the heavier sativa is great for daytime use definitely.

    Easy to grow indoors for sure, I had a good yield and didn’t have to do too much with the ladies other than let them do their thing.

  26. Verified Owner

    A solid indoor grow, great for joint pain and stress. I got into a car accident a few months back and have a lot of joint pain and inflammation as a result, so I decided to grow MJ to help with my symptoms, and I tell you this stuff really is great. Big sticky green buds the size of a fist and they taste nice and sour. Helps me relax almost instantly, and then I am feeling great for hours on end, has helped my symptoms tremendously.

  27. Verified Owner

    A stellar sativa leaning hybrid, and a pretty solid indoor grow! First time ordering with Pacific but very impressed by how easy it was to order online, the seeds all germinated and sprouted up in no time at all. It looked so good I was showing it off to friends and family! Next thing I know I am smoking my very own bud and stoned as can be! I love this weed, and can’t wait to buy more!!!

  28. Verified Owner

    You guys. This shit is no joke. I never thought I could use weed to treat my ADHD, but wow this stuff really does work! I only ordered a few seeds to try it out cuz I was skeptical. Now that I’m a believer I’ll be buying a whole lot more. Thanks GCS !

  29. Verified Owner

    PermaFUN is more like it. So many giggles and goofy conversations with this highly sociable pot. Best weed I’ve had in a looooong time. And I grew it myself!!

  30. Verified Owner

    I grew a crop of 15 Permafrost plants in my backyard and when it was time to harvest, that area of my yard looked like a fresh snow had just fallen! I started ordering from GCS last January and have been nothing but happy with every experience with them. Great company!

    Carmela A., Sparks, NV

  31. Verified Owner

    Hello, long time grower but first time buyer with Grower’s. Was recommended this site by a good friend. They had success with these seeds as well and thought I’d like them. I appreciated how quickly they shipped to my house. I also had reliable germination which was great. The only hangup was pest pressure in my yard. Ugh, I hate aphids but they love me! That’s okay, some Neem solved all my problems and I still had a great harvest.

  32. Verified Owner

    An absolute GEM! My weed looks like its covered in SNOW!

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