NYC Diesel Seeds

Ever since sativa-dominant NYC Diesel hit the scene it has amassed a loyal following amongst those in the cannabis community thanks to its energetic, wake-and-bake, happy vibes, and mellow body stone.

  • 60% Sativa 40% Indica
  • THC levels up to 21%
  • Thrives in soil rich in micro-organisms
  • Promotes a sense of energy and upliftment
  • Delivers a feeling of happiness and creativity
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What are the common effects of the NYC Diesel strain?

  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted

While NYC Diesel is far from being an easy strain to grow, those who are able to will be glad they put in the time and effort as this hybrid produces some amazing marijuana plants that contain 60% sativa, 40% indica, and THC levels that range from 18% to 21%.

Ever since NYC Diesel hit the scene it has amassed a loyal following amongst those in the cannabis community thanks to its energetic, wake-and-bake, happy vibes, and mellow body stone.

This captivating sativa-dominant hybrid provides users with a cerebral experience that seems to open the floodgates to creativity, uplifting positivity, and joy-filled laughter. Thanks to how its cerebral effects spur on some incredible out-of-the-box thoughts and ideas, it’s no wonder that so many artists, writers, musicians, and the like flock to NYC Diesel when they’re needing that extra boost and muse to start or keep creating.

In addition, its optimistic and euphoric effects are said to quickly take folk out of the foggy dreary dumps and up to the mountaintops of clear-headed elation and a renewed sense of vigor and vim, all while providing them with just the right amount of body relaxation so that any pent-up tensions seem to magically disappear.

Whether you use NYC Diesel in the morning or afternoon as a source of revitalization, inspiration, motivation, and lightheartedness or in the evening as a pre-game before heading out with friends–chances are you’ll be glad you did!

What are the potential medical benefits of the NYC Diesel strain?

Along with being popular amongst creative types in the recreational cannabis community, the NYC Diesel strain is also a huge favorite among those in the medical marijuana community thanks to its potential to address a variety of mental and physical health symptoms.

Thanks to this sativa-leaning strain’s ability to provide the mind and body with deep relaxation and a blissful state of contented happiness, NYC Diesel is considered to be an effective ally in combating issues such as chronic stress, heaving feelings of despair and negativity, and other more serious mood-related disorders.

As a purported analgesic, the NYC Diesel strain is often used by medical patients suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, chronic backaches, joint pain, headaches, and inflammation to get some temporary relief. In addition, its tendency to induce the munchies may help those struggling with a loss of appetite and/or nausea. Lastly, thanks to NYC Diesel’s dynamically uplifting properties, it may help to re-energize those feeling weighed down by fatigue. Keep in mind that the medicinal benefits of cannabis are purely anecdotal, and should not be used in lieu of consulting with a medical professional.

What are the adverse effects of the NYC Diesel strain?

As is typical for most any potent strain, users may experience dry and itchy eyes, as well as feelings of dehydration–both of which can be easily addressed by using eye drops and drinking plenty of water, respectively.

For users who have a low tolerance to THC or who choose to exceed their usual dosage, it is possible that they may encounter an increase in their paranoia levels, or have a slight headache and a bit of a dizzy spell. However, these cases are pretty rare and tend to be easily avoidable by using the NYC Diesel strain in conservative moderation.

What are the fragrance and flavor profiles of the NYC Diesel strain?

The NYC Diesel strain’s terpene profile

Terpenes, which occur naturally in cannabis, as well as other types of plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, etc., are what give them their flavors and fragrances, as well as their potential healing properties.

The dominant terpene in the NYC Diesel hybrid strain is that of myrcene. Its other terpenes that give this strain its appetizing fragrances and flavors are caryophyllene, α-Pinene, phellandrene, humulene, and L-Limonene–each of which you can easily look up online to find out their specific traits.

NYC Diesel’s smell and taste

Those familiar with the world of Diesel strains with likely definitely notice that NYC Diesel smells a lot like a variant of Sour Diesel as it has strong diesel aromas mixed with pungent, sweet shocks of lime and grapefruit.

Its flavors are quite similar to its aroma, providing users with some delectably sweet and tangy grapefruit notes, accompanied by bursts of lime and accented with notes of diesel.

How do I grow NYC Diesel marijuana seeds?

Unfortunately, NYC Diesel is not a good choice for growers who are anything but experienced as it requires a lot of maintenance and a significant amount of previous cultivation experience. Fortunately, since Growers Choice Seeds only sells feminized cannabis seeds, experienced growers have a 99% chance of ending up with all-female, bud-bearing plants.

While NYC Diesel can definitely be grown outdoors in a hot and sunny setting that is also dry, indoor growers will probably have an easier time growing it inside where they can carefully control and monitor its growing needs.

However, it you do end up growing this sativa outside, you will want to make sure that your soil is rich in a diverse array of micro-organisms.

No matter where you grow it, you will need to give it plenty of space in which to grow upwards and trim it regularly as its plants can reach 12 feet tall, which even in an outdoor garden can be a bit too much to deal with.

What do NYC Diesel plants look like?

As mentioned above, NYC Diesel plants, which produce elongated colorful buds, can reach as tall as 12 feet.

Its nuggets, which are blanketed in bright orange crystal trichomes, have some serious bag appeal both in their size and coloration–displaying an array of shades of greens, purples, blues, and yellows that are generously interspersed with curly orange pistils.

When to harvest your NYC Diesel cannabis plants

When NYC Diesel is given the proper care and has all of its cultivation needs met, it should reward growers with pretty considerable yields indoors and out.

Cultivated inside, this sativa-leaning hybrid takes a relatively long time of 10-12 weeks to flower. However, the wait will be worth your while once you harvest its almost 400 grams per square meter.

Grown outside, you can look forward to reaping NYC Diesel’s almost 340+ grams per plant usually around the early part of November.

Where can I purchase NYC Diesel marijuana seeds?

If quality and a vast array of options are important to you, then Growers Choice Seeds is the cannabis seed bank for you. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our cannabis seeds, which include thousands of premium hybrids and landrace strains, that we provide one of the highest germination rate guarantees in the entire industry, which is just one of the many reasons why we have so many loyal customers the world over.

Some of the many other reasons why Growers Choice is so popular with commercial and at-home cannabis cultivators are provided below:

  • Our extensive seed catalog
  • Our knowledgeable and quality customer service team
  • Our speedy and discreet shipping service
  • Our free and informative blog on almost everything you need to know about cannabis, including how to grow it.

Similar cannabis strains to the NYC Diesel strain

1. Afghani: This 100% indica strain that makes for an ideal evening smoke when you’re ready to relax and unwind is one of the strains that some believe to be a parent strain to NYC Diesel.

2. Sour Diesel: Many, for good reason, believe that an unnamed Sour Diesel variety is likely to be one of NYC Diesel’s parent strains. As such, this upper of a sativa-dominant hybrid that is known to elevate your mood and keep you in a positive headspace is a good example of a Sour Diesel.

3. Purple Sour Diesel: This well-balanced, physically calming yet energetically invigorating strain that leaves you feeling like you’ve reached the mountaintop is also another good example of a Sour Diesel strain that for all we know may be part of NYC Diesel’s genetics.

4. Oregon Diesel: Created to “make you stupid and lazy,” this near-pure indica hybrid will likely have you couch-locked with a smile on your face. It also happens to have NYC Diesel as one of its parent strains.

5. Shipwreck: This hugely popular sativa-leaning hybrid, which also has a 60:40 sativa-to-indica content, is another one of NYC Diesel’s offspring.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Sour Diesel x Afghani x Hawaiian


40% Indica, 60% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

70-80 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Energetic, Happy, Uplifted

Indoor Yield

Up to 400 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 300 gr

Best Use

Daytime, Depression, Pain


Citrus, Diesel, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for NYC Diesel Seeds

Based on 71 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    10/10 germination
    At week 5 veg they are 5 feet plus- they love the Sun and like full sun. Outdoors they are just now starting to prebud.
    Smells like diesel fuel for sure ….maybe a little skunky too…about 6 weeks from finishing – yield is average as colas are more sativa dom on my phenos…

  2. Verified Owner

    Will buy again all around great service

  3. Verified Owner

    Shipping was fast, only 3 out of 5 germinated but I will give it a second shot !

  4. Verified Owner

    I am an east coaster at heart. Had to buy NYC diesel and grow in OR to honor my dang hometown! So glad GCS had this strain online! WOW such fast shipping and reliable seeds. Grew like gangbusters in the yard. Grew it in a tomato cage. Super helpful life hack!

  5. Verified Owner

    Great strain for those looking for a growing challenge and an unforgettable high! Bought my seeds online and they were in my mailbox…like 7 days later? SUPER fast. They came in this nice gold package and were soaking right away. I got 500 G of weed across my 3 plants. Pretty proud of my dang self 🙂

  6. Verified Owner

    i received your product in a timely manner.have not started the process as yet

  7. Verified Owner

    Cannot say enough good things about the genetics from GCS they grew amazing and turned out amazing

  8. Verified Owner

    I didn’t REALLY believe that a strain could “fuel your creative endeavors” like the description says. But, I’m happy to tell you, I was so wrong. I’m a full-time artist, and it totally helps me when I’m feeling creatively blocked. My friend, who’s an expert cultivator, definitely helped me with growing this one.

    Hannah P., Monterey, CA

  9. Verified Owner

    My order came very fast in less then a week. Like most people I wasn’t sure what would happen if I sent cash, well I did and they filled my order with no issue in fact this is the 4th time I order from GC and this is the only place that will get my money going forward. Thanks

  10. Verified Owner

    Slapped the cash in envelope got beans 8 days later, put 5 in glass all 5 sprouted 36 hrs later. Growers Choicerocks.

  11. Verified Owner

    Wow Great plants!!! Awesome smoke!! Grew 2 in a water farm setup. I got 4 oz per plants!!!

  12. Verified Owner

    Nothing better for chilling around LA than NYC diesel LOL! Such a delicious strain, have been smoking it for years but this is my first time growing! GCS has a stellar online collection, so hard to choose just one! But man, had to go with my favorite strain! Easy to grow in my backyard, got great yield and delicious stanky herb. Helpful for mood and stress, my favorite weed in the world!

  13. Verified Owner

    The strong, sour, bitter flavor of NYC gives me a light, powerful high that drives my creative endeavors! I never go to band practice without a few tokes of MJ and I feel like it really ups my playing. I feel light, euphoric, and limberrrrr. Been a smoker since before I can remember, and it’s always a good choice to grow your own. Especially since MJ is so abundant these days!

  14. Verified Owner

    Grew these for the first time last year. I wanted Sour diesel but SD was out of stock. Pleased with NYCD. Very potent. Big plant. Large yield. Finished first week of October at 45* latitude. Like another reviewer stated it seems a little susceptible to mold. I had a dry fall but I still had some mold.

  15. Verified Owner

    Very satisfied with the delivery time only took 5 days to arrive here in Massachusetts. Seeds sprouted in less than 24 hours.plants are flourishing nicely 3 weeks in and they are doing excellent!I will continue to order seeds from Gowers Choice! Best strains and great customer service!

  16. Verified Owner

    Process was easy and fast

  17. Verified Owner

    The little girl is about 2.5 weeks from harvest and looks amazing! I have her under a 180 watt LED and she is thriving excellently. Her hairs are standing straight towards the light and are starting to change color. I think that I will get an 1.5-2.0 ounces dry. GCS rocks!

  18. Verified Owner

    little over 3 months from seed, five feet tall, had to try a clipping – from the bottom and WOW toasted her a bit an lit, I’m baked.

  19. Verified Owner

    This east coast gem is now a west coast staple! Great looking bud. I was able to put my seeds out in the yard and have them grow out there. It’s pretty cool! I definitely want to buy more of them, it’s just a money thing right now. Either way, I am still working through my last batch, so it’s pretty fun to have a gardening hobby over the summer, especially when the result is delicious and dank weed!

  20. Verified Owner

    Received my order in 10 days! Waiting to finish my California Dreams, also from GCS, to start my NYC Diesel. Thanks again GCS!

  21. Verified Owner

    So far my experience has been very good put 5 in and 5 of them popped very happy so far

  22. Verified Owner

    Unless you have a massive indoor space, I HIGHLY recommend growing this one outside cuz GCS isn’t joking when they say the plants reach around 12 feet tall! I’ve been growing for a VERY long time so growing this was a cinch, but I do NOT recommend it if you don’t have much experience.

    Evelyn B., Redwood City, CA

  23. Verified Owner

    Very quick shipping of my order packed securely in a bubble package. A+++ will order with GCS again

  24. Verified Owner

    Very short time for delivery. They were a gift so not sure if sprouted yet or at all. I’m sure I would have heard if they were a fail.

  25. Verified Owner

    This is the 3rd seed bank I’ve tried. Nirvana, Seedsman and now GCS. GCS was hands down the fastest delivery time. Within a week. I’ve had **** on Amazon and EBay take longer. Much props.
    Still haven’t germed yet, won’t be for a bit. Not till others come down. I’ll do another review then. But if the genetics are as good as the shipping, I’d be a happy customer for many years to come. Also, customer service… Top Notch

  26. Verified Owner

    Buying MJ online has never been easier! One of the few benefits of living in 2022 is the high availability of weed! I bought 10 seeds online, and they were quick to ship (Which is always a guessing game). The seeds were a little delayed in germination but thankfully they all eventually came around. 9/10 seeds germed. They mostly reached maturity, some were attacked by pests, but all of em were looking good. This nug is pretty great! Very high energy, eliminates my social anxiety!

  27. Verified Owner

    Delivery has become so much faster than before.
    I haven’t germinated any yet but have no doubt they will be just fine

  28. Verified Owner

    Got the seeds quickly. Outdoor grower in have a few weeks to see how well germination goes. Last year planted 5 super skunk. All 5 came up. Took time on curing. Came out great. Kudos Growers Choice. Curing is the key to flavor and smell

  29. Verified Owner

    I was really happy to find autoflowering seeds online for NYC Diesel because I read that the feminized version is actually pretty hard to grow. The high starts off pretty heady but definitely moves into an overall relaxed feeling that makes it easy to still talk to people and not trip out too hard over random stuff. THC is high but not so high that I get lost in thought, haha. I’d definitely order from GCS again I’m very happy with their service.

  30. Verified Owner

    Well I have a lot of social anxiety so needed a weed that would make going to parties and socializing a little bit smoother, so I jumped on the NYC Diesel train and I am super glad I did! This was my first time growing mj (have been smoking pot for years) and hands down this is the best bud I’ve ever tasted. I didn’t even mind the gasoline smell and taste, actually thought it was kind of intriguing. One of a kind!!

  31. Verified Owner

    The service was great and fast to bad I can’t say the same for the other guys.
    Love the sit, good info and fun with all the eye candy I wish one day I can grow,
    One thing I wish you have more autos to pic from but it’s all good still.
    Best stone

  32. Verified Owner

    You folks could not be more helpful. You guys rock!!

  33. Verified Owner

    Thanks for prompt delivery.
    Good germination in seed starting mix.
    Transplanted into cups. Looking good.

  34. Verified Owner

    This is some strong herb right here. I would describe the high as powerful, stimulating, fast-acting. If you’re looking to buy some 1-hit weed, I’d say get some NYC Diesel (or also Sour Diesel). My housemates and I have been going on this one plant for like a month now.

  35. Verified Owner

    Love this variety!!! The hybrid levels of the sativa vs the indica are just perfect for me. Gets me nice and relaxed without shutting my brain off. I can still have a conversation and I can still be around people without being weird. That’s super important in my book. When I ordered my seeds from Pacific I got them wicked fast and they looked great. Can’t wait to grow some more.

  36. Verified Owner

    Similar to my previous review, grow was easy – 4/5 seeds yielded – just really does not taste like diesel – more like what i imagine girl scout cookie would taste like:)

  37. Verified Owner

    Art student here, and I love me some mj to help me get into the creative flow! NYC Diesel is my JAM and Growers Choice has some seriously amazing seeds to choose from. Had a great time growing in my little space buckets. Got a seriously nice yield, like 500 grams, and smoke this after class to get into my zone and create beautiful paintings. Also great for mood and feeling sociable!

  38. Verified Owner

    Bought 2 kinds of feminized. NY Diesel (5) & Northern Lights (5). 10 for 10 sprouting between 2 moist folded paper towels on a plate in a ziploc bag and wrapped loosely in a bath towel. 7 popped in 1 day. Better have your pots ready!

  39. Verified Owner

    Can’t really comment at the moment,

  40. Verified Owner

    100% success with germination by simply using the free guide provided. I will purchase again.

  41. Verified Owner

    Great ****, grew during the off season in a small tent. Used a 3 gal pot to control size. I wish I used a 7 or 10 gal now. After 3 weeks of cure the smell was amazing, taste was even better, high was awesome. CA man my whole life so I don’t have a reference to this **** and the only NY person I know didn’t try it cause I smoked it all by myself in 2 weeks. will definitely grow again.

  42. Verified Owner

    Ohhhh yes!I KNEW they would have it!!! I am totes gonna buy this as a gift for my brother living in NYC! Ships all over the USA….even Canada!

  43. Verified Owner

    My first ever indoor grow and I am hooked! I purchased the USA pack and everything came out amazing. My yield was down, but the quality was not. I learned a lot, so I’m sure NY next run will be even better. From the looks of the NYCD that I now have outside, I can get these buds way bigger.

  44. Verified Owner

    Sometimes I get so stressed at my job I need something to help me unwind and turn the giant OFF switch in my brain. This strain does it pretty well. Just grew NYC diesel for the first time and I love it. Only ordered 3 seeds but they all germinated and I got a nice yield for just 3 plants. Buying these seeds from Pacific again, but maybe getting a few more this time. I think I want to keep some nugs of this strain around for days when work gets tough.

  45. Verified Owner

    I love marijuana (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) but I had a bad experience a few years ago where I got super paranoid and tripped out in a super sketch way. So, since then I’m careful about which strains I smoke cuz I def don’t want to go through that again. I gravitate towards NYC D because the high is strong and immediate and I read it never steers one towards those paranoid feelings. NYC D is the best for my situation then. Also love the fast delivery from GCS, it’s where to get cannabis no watter where you are.

  46. Verified Owner

    This is a review for the company as I have not tried the product yet. I am leery when looking for new seed sources. You never know what you are getting. I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I ordered my 10 seeds on Monday the 5th. Received a confirmation email stating that the order was shipped today, Friday the 9th. Got home from work and there was my order sitting in the mailbox. 4 days. I live in BC mind you but still this is impressive. There were more seeds than I had ordered as well which also impressed me. I have some Crown Royale, White Cookies, CB Dream, and CB Dutch Treat growing right now so I won’t be starting these for a while but I am looking forward to trying them out. I have a 100% germination rate with any seed I use so that shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve paid the same amount for half as many at another place I get from. If these are half as good as the reviews state I will be back. There are a few strains I’d like to try. Thank you.

  47. Verified Owner

    I’m of two minds with NYC Diesel. On one hand, I liked that this pot made me more chatty and social as I have social anxiety in group settings. And it made me feel good – a calming, full-body relaxing feeling.

    However, the diesel taste was a bit offputting for me. It really does smell like gasoline! Didn’t like that so much. An acquired taste, I’d say.

    Again, on the positive side, ordering was simple and this strain was not hard to grow. Love the auto-flowering strains of weed – they are so easy to grow! Might order a different strain next time.

  48. Verified Owner

    If you’re looking for a reliable source of high-quality NYC Diesel Seeds, look no further than here. Their fast, discreet shipping made the whole process a breeze. Almost forgot to mention the best part, 5/5 germination success.

  49. Verified Owner

    I harvested the NYC diesel this morning. The leaves were purple, all the pistils were orange and the bud looked like it had attitude. I figure I should get about 1.5 oz dry out of her. The buds were nice and dense. But believe it or not, there was no odor to it, unless you touched the buds and then your fingers stink. I cannot wait to try her.

  50. Verified Owner

    This was my first grow and it was a doozie. An absolute joy to grow and to smoke!

  51. Verified Owner

    Every seed germinated quickly. Also easily cloned for your multipliers. Grew tall outdoors and generous quantity. The only problem, and I don’t blame the company is that in Southwestern Ontario they seem a bit susceptible to mold the last two years. I blame the weather.

  52. Verified Owner

    Put seeds in PT and it cracked the next day, put in a cup and sprouted up the next day, fast delivery, they don’t call them Growers Choice for anything.

  53. Verified Owner

    Great and easy grow with huge beautiful flowers

  54. Verified Owner

    All seeds cracked open within 36 hours, all seeds are now in 5-gallon pots under LED lights all is coming along fine they will be going into flower within the next few weeks. Like all seeds I get from Growers Choice the buds are out of this world I don’t get my seeds from anyone besides Growers Choice.

  55. Verified Owner

    I found the taste of this strain to be really nice with a mix of citrus and diesel flavors. The high is really strong but also very clear, which I really like. These seeds grew really well and I ended up with a big harvest.

  56. Verified Owner

    Growers Choice Seeds’ NYC Diesel. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain gave me a burst of energy and a euphoric high, making it great for daytime use. The citrus and diesel flavors were unique and enjoyable.

  57. Verified Owner

    This is very difficult to grow, but the trouble is well worth the time. Took me about 12 weeks and I got a very nice strain that gives a great body and mental high. If you are an adept gardener and want a great high this strain is definitely for you.

  58. Verified Owner

    Helps with the stress and anxiety of everyday life. I smoke usually once in the morning and once at night to keep a steady buzz going throughout the day.
    My weed skills have definitely improved. My yields are much higher, nearing 150 G per plant, and some of the freshest, dankest nug on the planet.
    I’ll be buying more today for my summer grow!

  59. Verified Owner

    Big fan of the Diesel strain. Have been smoking them for years. I gravitate towards this strain cause I tend to get super paranoid when I smoke, but for some crazy reason, this bud does the exact opposite to me. I feel very alive and social and chatty and relaxed all at the same time! Which Is a huge relief cause I love smoking weed haha! Online ordering was easy as could be. GCS has got it going on!!

  60. Verified Owner

    NYC Diesel is a high-flying strain that really takes you on a journey. The plants grew beautifully and the nugs were dense and coated in trichomes. The high is energetic and uplifting, perfect for daytime use. The taste is a refreshing mix of citrus and diesel, with a hint of sweetness. This strain is great for combating depression, pain, and stress.

  61. Verified Owner

    NYC Diesel was a bit of a challenge to grow but it was definitely worth it. This strain has a really nice uplifting head high that was perfect for daytime use and helped me destress and feel energized. The citrus taste was quite nice as well. However, it did take quite a long time to grow this, about 12 weeks, despite this it was still worth growing.

  62. Verified Owner

    This weed can grow anywhere in the USA, doesnt have to be NYC! I buy online to save time and give me a good chance of getting the best weed seeds in town. I love purchasing online with GCS, their selection is amazing, and their customer service team is so nice 🙂 They always help me make my selection and guide me through payment. I am loving being a part of this weed growing-community!

  63. Verified Owner

    It’s ALL about that NYC Diesel when it comes to creativity and self expression. I am always toking this weed before band practice and gigs. It’s got that sour diesel flavor and an uplifting energizing high that puts me in the right headspace on stage. I LOVE buying this weed online, it’s simple and reliable and the growing instructions on this site really set you up for success. JOIN the homegrown revolution!

  64. Verified Owner

    Really nice inspire high from this. This distinctively fruity marijuana produces strong effects that give users a buzzy, euphoric sense of relaxation. Its Sativa-dominant genetics make it an ideal option for daytime use, a good high to go about the day with.

  65. Verified Owner

    I recently tried NYC Diesel marijuana and I must say, it’s a winner. The uplifting and creative high is just what I needed to get my artistic juices flowing. The fruity and diesel flavors were a pleasant surprise.

  66. Verified Owner

    I was amazed by the vibrant citrus flavors and sweet undertones of NYC Diesel. It provided a smooth and uplifting high that helped alleviate my stress and pain. Perfect for daytime use and dealing with any depressive states.

  67. Verified Owner

    One of my favorite strains….very harsh and sour….takes a long time to grow….exceptionally long, but the wait is worthwhile! Great choice for new growers looking for a challenge. I grow indoors, under some LED lights and am happy with the results so far. I am blessed to have these seeds growing so easily in my own apartment. I never thought I’d see the day. Great choice!

  68. Verified Owner

    This strain is a true gem, offering a perfect balance of uplifting energy and a mild body stone. The creative cerebral experience it provides is unparalleled, making it a favorite among artists and patients alike. With its unique blend of diesel and fruit aromas, NYC Diesel is a feast for the senses.

  69. Verified Owner

    planted 5 and only one survived–thank god because my original stash (that I grew from your seeds “northern lights”= all 5 survived and being the kinda guy I am= gave most of it away.

  70. Verified Owner

    With its uplifting and energizing high, this sativa strain is perfect for sparking creativity and happiness. The 20% THC content provides a balanced high that allows the mind to roam freely, while the tangy citrus and sour fuel flavors add to the overall experience.

  71. Verified Owner

    This weed came out kinda dry, hate to say it….I don’t think I watered correctly, but I still got some nice looking flower. The plant itself grew kinda leggy. Needed support and a few fertilizer applications to get it to produce….I don’t think I really am ready to grow my own, but it was a fun experience and the weed is actually pretty good.

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*To be covered by the Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds 90% Germination Guarantee, you must precisely follow the Germination Method.

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