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Mexican Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Bred from sativa-dominant Mexican landrace strains, our Mexican Haze is a great daytime choice to fight fatigue and stress. Though it possesses less in the way of pain relief, this strain can treat headaches and sharpen mental focus.

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Mexican Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Get uplifted and focused with Mexican Haze cannabis seeds. This sativa-dominant strain features high-
elevation Mexican landrace parentage, and delivers euphoria and mental clarity with a touch of
relaxation and creativity in an earthy, spicy taste and scent.
If you aren’t choosing Mexican Haze for the recreational high, then you’re probably looking for the
fatigue or stress relief that has endeared this strain to most medical users. In addition, many patients
find Mexican-based strains can soothe headaches and stifle nausea, and some even turn to Mexican
Haze for its ability to curb the symptoms of ADD (thanks to its ability to improve concentration).
The Haze ancestry of this multipurpose strain may also help those struggling with depression, and could
offer a bit of pain relief. If, however, analgesia is your primary goal, Mexican Haze cannabis seeds are
not your ideal option.
The Mexican heritage of our Mexican Haze cannabis seeds make this strain suitable for outdoor growing,
though as usual an indoor grow room will give you more control over essentials like temperature and
humidity, and can often give better results. A considerably tall variety that’s quite easy to cultivate,
Mexican Haze delivers moderate yields; most plants offer about 400-500 grams per square meter. You
can look forward to a mid-length flowering stage of between nine and 11 weeks.
Mexican Haze cannabis seeds from Growers Choice are always carefully selected and packaged before
being shipped to your door. All our strains are tested for genetic authenticity so you know the seeds you
order are the plants you’ll get. After we receive your order or Mexican Haze cannabis seeds, each seed is
hand-selected and inspected for cracks, then placed in a medical-grade glass vial that keeps everything
fresh and viable.
At Growers Choice, we offer the highest germination guarantee in the industry. If fewer than 90% of
your Mexican Haze cannabis seeds germinate, we will deliver fresh new seeds to replace the duds.
We’re dedicated to reliability and quality, so when you order from Growers Choice, you know you’re
getting a profession, trustworthy product.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Haze blend


80% Sativa / 20% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Energetic, Relaxing

Best Use

Daytime; relieve stress; relieve depression; improve appetite


earthy, woody

Indoor Yield

400-500 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

600-700 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where To Grow

Indoor / Outdoor

Plant Height


0 responses to “Mexican Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. Susie Greenhall says:

    Love me some Mexican haze! I’ve been growing this weed in one form or another since I was in college, but really happy to see that GCS has a feminized version of this strain I can grow in my backyard! Got my greenhouse all set up and this time around got the biggest yield yet, almost 1000 g from just 3 plants and only 4 months of growing, easy as pie! Smells amazing, and it helps with fatigue and stress. Keeps me feeling sharp throughout the day too!

  2. roadkillz222 says:

    This one is great for your depression and sadness cause it’s go those sativa vibes that wake up the senses and get me going any day of the week. Easy grow too, even if you’re not experienced with weed and it does super well in a backyard setting, pretty stoked about this stuff, absolutely no complaints, but it does smell strong, so make sure your neighbors don’t mind!

  3. blackshirt winter says:

    I’ve had many afternoons taking long, epic hikes on this weed, helps me a lot with stress and anxiety and gets me super energized. I am not much of a grower, but this weed came easy to me for some reason. It’s really nice just out in the backyard, did well in the little raised bed that I built. I am pretty stoked to have this stuff in my back pocket for the trails. Gives me a great energizing buzz. You know I’ll be back for more!

  4. Roy S. says:

    The perfect greenhouse strain if there ever was one. It’s a great flavor and vibe, and has that sour taste I remember from when I was growing up in Mexico. Great sativa energy to it, solid buzz that keeps me going. I feel really happy when I am on this stuff, gets me through the day. Great company with fast delivery. Well worth the effort!

  5. hotdog says:

    I feel like I have smoked this weed in the past, but I can’t say when or where. There’s just something nostalgic about this stuff, it brings me way back to my days in SoCal, chilling on the beach and whatnot. Great for backyard growing, especially if you’ve got the sunlight and enough water. Such a lovely strong skunky smell too. Hits all the right notes, I’ll be sure to come back for more!

  6. Janet Lee says:

    Dang, I hardly had to take care of these plants at all! They were so easy to manage and grew super tall and bushy! Got a seriously nice yield off this stuff, plus the bud is super sticky, dank, sour and delicious. Nearly the perfect sativa, makes for an excellent party weed, and is a MUST on the weekends when you’re hanging with your bros. Happy I got to try this out, will definitely be back for more!

  7. Carter C says:

    I love me the haze strains of mj. It feels super nice to smoke this in the morning before work or just on the weekends before going on long bike rides. I feel remarkably better about life, so much stronger and more focused. Has a nice earthy taste and doesn’t take too big a toll on your lungs either. Makes me feel ALIVE! I love how easy this was to grow as well, super nice to have around !

  8. telltale says:

    This weed always puts a smile on my face. It’s delicious and very powerful, always kicks my butt into gear for the afternoon grind. I like smoking it on my lunch break to get that extra boost of energy I need to stave off the 3:30 slump. Yawn!!! Glad I got to grow this stuff, have been wanting to try to grow weed for years, so this was a great opportunity for me. Very happy I did this!!!

  9. tiptop says:

    The best wake-up strain on the market! I tell you, living in the PNW really does something to your mental senses. It makes you a little tired and the gloom really adds to that discontent. I happen to enjoy growing weed, and this stuff practically took care of itself. I really dig the delicious sour earthy taste and the way this stuff really wakes me up! I suddenly feel so much better and want to keep living all day long!

  10. moons over says:

    This weed is so handy. I don’t think I could function without it. I am a field worker and need to get up and out to handle the crops early in the AM. It’s really hard to get out of bed in the morning. I usually smoke this alongside breakfast and it really really helps. It’s got a nice sour taste. I am a big fan, definitely will be back for more!

  11. jason says:

    Wonderfully invigorating sativa weed! It’s been a life saver some mornings when I just can’t get out of bed. I usually smoke this at breakfast and feel real nice for when it’s time to go into work. I really dig the euphoric thoughts that go racing through my head as I bike down the street to work. Super worth it! It’s also very easy to grow and helps a LOT with depression. I highly recommend!

  12. eugene fitz says:

    This is an excellent buy. So incredibly easy to grow, it really just takes up like a weed and grows crazy tall! Glad I grew this outdoors, it seemed to really help with my yield. Great smoking for stress and anxiety, super relaxing stuff, but has a nice sativa edge to it as well making it perfect for energy and mood improvement as well. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  13. Henson says:

    This weed practically grows itself, it’s super easy to do and offers a hell of a yield. A nice sativa blend that helps me with energy and focus, keeps me active when I am feeling really tired or depressed. It’s been great at work and has kept me feeling creative through the afternoon, but it’s kinda pungent so watch out!

  14. wendy says:

    This is probably the easiest grow I have ever done. It’s wicked simple, just throw the seeds in the ground and they will grow. It’s almost like they tale care of themselves. Nice sativa buzz, gives me a very uplifting mood and offers me some great insights and creative energy. Good when you’re super tired at work, keeps me focused!

  15. Gabriel Merza says:

    This is some powerful weed, and it’s really easy to grow and I did it right in my backyard! It’s got this great earthy and spicy smell that will intoxicate the senses. It’s a great sativa weed, gives me a ton of energy and puts me in a good mood. I feel solid and focused and wicked creative!

  16. Lisa H. says:

    This weed is super adaptable, and very easy to grow no matter what your experience level is. I love the taste and the smell, it’s super sour and earthy and the sativa content is just amazing, it’ll send your head spinning and offers a delicious buzz that keeps on giving. Has been great for my mood and energy levels and definitely improves my focus. Happy to buy again!

  17. Peter Folk says:

    This is one heck of an mj strain. It’s really easy to grow, and I mean SUPER easy to grow. Throw this stuff in the ground anywhere and it’s sure to sprout up! It’s delicious weed, very sativa dominant so you won’t fall asleep, has been great for ambition and creativity and helps me get my work done in an orderly fashion. Smells super earthy too! Love this stuff!

  18. owingowen says:

    This weed has been great in the early mornings. I’ve felt relaxed and better than ever. It’s good for waking up due to its sativa properties, and it’s been helpful in fighting depression as well. Very easy to grow, even with minimal experience, and has a strong earthy taste to it. It’ll wake you up and won’t let you down!

  19. Bobbieadams says:

    Of course you gotta love the mexican haze. It’s just the most exciting weed to grow cause it’s SOOOOooooo easy, and it puts out like 700 grams PER PLANT! I mean, who could ask for more? This weeds like perfect if you’re trying to study, or get some other work done, it’s great for depression and helps me stay focused!!!

  20. Mary Bidwell says:

    So rare to find this weed available for at-home growing. Was so happy to find this on GCS! I ordered my seeds online and had them shipped to my house. Got them to germ using the paper towel method I found on this site and got them all growing in the backyard, amazing how easy it all was, and the yield was really nice. Has a sour pungent earthy smell and taste and gets me to focus super well on my work!

  21. Jonathan Murray says:

    So used to getting up super early for work, I can’t stand it to be completely honest. I grew this weed to give me a kick in the butt in the morning, and it works. Gives me a nice energy boost along with breakfast, has a nice earthy flavor and has a great pick me up vibe about it, loved growing too. Nice stuff!

  22. daniel martinz says:

    If you’re looking for a killer sativa buzz then this is the weed for you! It’s super easy to grow, seriously once you have the seeds germinated this stuff just pops up like crazy and grows just like a weed in your garden. You will love the strong earthy smell and taste of this weed, it’s super pungent and strong and gives you a great burst of energy!

  23. Sheri Parks says:

    I really struggle with my energy levels, not sure what causes my fatigue but no matter how well I sleep at night, I always wake up tired! This weed was a fun grow, pretty pungent stuff, really earthy and sour, tastes ancient! I like the buzz though, it’s really helpful with my focus and energy especially in the afternoon. Would definitely give it a shot!

  24. agent orange says:

    Perfect outdoor strain, seriously amazing growing this stuff right in my backyard! Even my wife approved of it! It’s delicious stuff, super earthy tasting, makes me think this is like, an ancient strain of weed or something. Gets me stoned for hours, great in the afternoon to stave off a crash, makes me feel focused and alert and helps with creativity as well!

  25. John Mcleod says:

    This is a powerful strain, for dedicated stoners only! It’s actually very easy to grow outdoors, gives off a ton of delicious nug, perfect if you’re living in SoCal like me! It’s got a very strong earthy smell and tastes kind of bitter, but man will this get you stoned!

  26. nestedwit13 says:

    We all have a little too much stress in our lives. That’s why I smoke the haze, it’s very useful for stress relief and offers a good mood boost that’ll keep ya in the zone! Very easy to grow, did so in my backyard, and got a serious yield, tight buds that are super green! I smoke right after work to keep me in the right head space. Great seeds from a great company. Highly recommend!

  27. Lionel Y says:

    Much needed weed. I love how sticky and sour this herb is, it gets me super stoned and gives me all kinds of great vibes and energy. Have been growing weed for years! Definitely a worthy buy from a solid online store. Try this one out for yourself, it really helps with how you’re feeling and your focus.

  28. Norman Ellison says:

    Mexican Haze was a great choice for my day to day life! I am constantly struggling with my energy levels during the day, as my job is very stressful and tends to wear me down. I smoke a little bit of the haze on my lunch break and it gives me an extra boost of energy to handle the afternoon. Not only that but it helps me keep my stress under control and offers bursts of creativity as well. A pretty easy strain if you know your way around mj, and a fairly short flowering time as well.

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