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Maui Wowie Seeds

Maui Wowie cannabis is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has a distinctly tropical flavor profile that draws users in, and its uplifting and euphoric effects provide an incomparable high. These weed seeds will transport you to a tropical paradise with their fruity and sweet aroma.

  • 85% Sativa, 15% Indica
  • THC levels up to 16%
  • Has a sweet, citrus and tropical flavor
  • Provides happiness, energy and uplifted spirits
  • Thrives in a warm, tropical outdoor climate
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Maui Wowie, also known as Maui Waui, is a sativa-dominant strain that has a sweet, tropical flavor reminiscent of pineapple and other tropical fruits. Its effects are mostly uplifting and creative, making it a great choice for those looking for an energizing yet mellow high.

What is the history of the Maui Wowie strain?

It was created by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love in the 1960s when they crossed Kula Crippler with their own Lightning Bolt strain. This combination resulted in a hybrid that was both uplifting and energizing, which quickly became a popular choice for marijuana enthusiasts.

The genetics of Maui Waui consists of 85% Sativa and 15% Indica, with a THC content of 16%. This makes it an ideal strain for those looking for an energizing yet mellow high with adverse effects.

What is the Maui Wowie strain known for?

Maui Wowie cannabis seeds are known for their resilience and adaptability to different growing environments. They produce high yields, with dense buds that are mostly green and have a thick coating of trichomes and orange hairs. The plants are short and bushy in structure, making them perfect for indoor cultivation. In terms of flavor, Maui Wowie has a sweet, tropical taste reminiscent of pineapple and other exotic fruits.

What are the flavors and aromas of the Maui Wowie strain?

Maui Wowie feminized seeds are renowned for their unique tropical flavors and aromas. This classic Hawaiian strain has a scent that is reminiscent of fresh tropical fruits, as well as earthy and herbal undertones.

Additionally, Maui Wowie possesses an array of additional scents and tastes that contribute to its well-balanced profile, including citrus and pine. These alluring tropical flavors make Maui Wowie weed seeds a popular choice among cannabis connoisseurs.

What are the effects of the Maui Wowie strain?

Maui Wowie is a well-known sativa-dominant hybrid with long-lasting effects that make it a popular choice. This strain is famous for its euphoric effects, providing users with a rush of positive energy, a sense of peace, and motivation.

The effects of Maui Wowie cannabis are subtle yet multi-layered, making it a great strain for any time of day. Its analgesic properties make it a popular choice among those looking for energy and its sweet, tropical flavor makes it an enjoyable strain to consume. Overall, Its effects are mostly uplifting and creative, making it a great choice for those looking for an energizing yet mellow high.

How can I cultivate Maui Wowie cannabis seeds?

Outdoor cultivation of Maui Wowie marijuana seeds is possible in warm, tropical climates with temperatures ranging from 75-85°F and humidity levels at 40-50%. Plants can reach heights up to 5 or 6 feet and generally require some support structure due to their dense branches and long buds. Outdoor cultivation usually has a slightly longer flowering period of 9-12 weeks, with outdoor yields of up to 500 g/plant.

Indoor Cultivation is ideal because of how much you can control the environment, allowing for a higher chance of success. Maui Wowie plants are incredibly resilient and easy to grow, making them an excellent choice for both experienced and novice growers alike. The Maui Wowie strain has impressive yields, each plant can potentially produce an indoor yield of 500g/m2.

How can I germinate Maui Wowie cannabis seeds?

For successful germination, growers can use the paper towel method. This method requires soaking two paper towels with distilled water and placing them on a plate or tray. Place the Maui Wowie cannabis seeds in between the two wet towels and then cover the entire plate or tray with a damp cloth.

The plate should then be placed in a warm and dark environment and monitored every 12-24 hours to check if the towels are still moist. If they begin to dry out, more distilled water can be added to keep them damp. After a few days, the seeds should begin to sprout and can be planted outdoors or in an indoor growing medium.

How many hours of light are necessary for growth?

Maui Wowie plants require a specific amount of light to thrive. During the vegetative stage, they should receive 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness per day. This can be accomplished by using artificial lighting such as fluorescent bulbs, LED lights, or high-intensity discharge lamps.

Once they reach a height of 8-12 inches, they can be switched to the flowering stage by reducing light exposure to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. This will trigger the plants’ flowering cycle and help them produce buds.

What is the flowering time for Maui Wowie marijuana?

In terms of cultivation, Maui Wowie has an average flowering time of 8-11 weeks and can produce up to 500 grams per plant. It’s an ideal strain for both indoor and outdoor growers due to its resilience and adaptability. Growing this strain requires special attention to ensure optimal conditions are met during both the vegetative and flowering stages.

What are the vertical space requirements for maximum yields?

When growing Maui Wowie seeds, it is important to consider the vertical space needed for the plants to maximize yields. Maui Wowie plants can reach heights of 155-175 cm outdoors and 130-150 cm indoors, so indoor growers should take appropriate measures to provide ample vertical space during the vegetative stage.

Techniques like SOG (Sea of Green) or SCROG (Screen of Green) can be used to make the most of limited space. Properly managed vertical space in combination with the right light cycle, temperatures, and a humid environment breed successful and happy plants.

What are some tips from experienced growers for the best results?

When it comes to environmental conditions, we recommend maintaining daytime temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit with plenty of sun and nighttime temperatures between 62 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and trying to keep the humidity levels at 40-50 percent.

To ensure that your plants receive the proper nutrition, you should use high-quality soil and fertilizer that is designed for cannabis cultivation. We also recommend using a vegetative nutrient blend during the early stages of growth and transitioning to a flowering nutrient blend when your plants begin to produce buds.

What are suitable climates and soil types for growing Maui Wowie cannabis seeds?

Maui Waui cannabis seeds thrive best in warm and tropical climate environments with temperatures ranging from 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 62 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night. As such, it is best grown in tropical or subtropical climates.

Maui Wowie marijuana seeds also prefer nutrient-rich soil that is well-aerated and slightly acidic with a pH of 6.0–7.5. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although outdoor cultivation tends to yield better results.

What kind of soil is best for Maui Wowie cannabis seeds?

The Hawaiian Islands are known for their unique qualities as an archipelago, including their volcanic soil. This rich and nutrient-rich soil contributes to the tropical flavor profile of Maui Wowie feminized seeds and their robust growth.

The volcanic ash found in the soil is a natural source of minerals that help in the development and structure of the plant. These minerals help to provide additional nutrients and promote healthier growth. As a result, the soil in the Hawaiian Islands is an ideal setting for growing Maui Wowie feminized seeds.


Strain Genetics

Hawaiian sativa


15% Indica, 85% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Energetic, Euphoric, Uplifted

Indoor Yield

Up to 400g per m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 450g per plant

Best Use

Anxiety, Depression, Pain


Citrus, Sweet, Tropical

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Yield Levels

Moderate Yield


Based on 84 Reviews

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  1. Verified Owner

    I can’t contain my excitement about these feminized cannabis seeds! These seeds are like a little slice of heaven for any cannabis lover.

  2. Verified Owner

    It’s a journey filled with learning and growth, both literally and figuratively. Watching my seeds transform into healthy plants has been an absolute joy.

  3. Verified Owner

    As soon as I take that first hit, I can feel the weight of the world sliding off my shoulders. Your potent yet gentle embrace cradles me in a sense of peace and tranquility. With you, I can truly let go and find solace in the moment.

  4. Verified Owner

    Maui Wowie feminized cannabis seeds have become a crucial part of my self-care routine. The calming effects of this strain help melt away stress and anxiety, allowing me to find inner peace and serenity.

  5. Verified Owner

    This strain requires minimal effort and attention, making it ideal for beginners or those with a busy schedule. These seeds guaranteed to give you a satisfying and rewarding cultivation experience.

  6. Verified Owner

    I love winding down with a joint of these buds, letting the stress melt away as I sink into a state of pure tranquility. And knowing that they only produce female plants means I can count on a consistent supply of those resinous and trichome-covered beauties.

  7. Verified Owner

    My bedtime companion. The soothing effects and calming properties ease me into a deep slumber like no other strain can.

  8. Verified Owner

    The genetics are top-notch, resulting in some seriously impressive plants. But the real magic happens when you see those trichome-covered buds. It’s a beauty that words simply can’t describe.

  9. Verified Owner

    These seeds are the real deal, my friends. They produce some seriously potent plants that are covered in sticky, resinous goodness.

  10. Verified Owner

    The dreams these seeds bring are vivid and filled with tranquility. Night after night, thes strain ensure I get the rest I deserve.

  11. Verified Owner

    Maui Wowie feminized cannabis seeds have become a staple in my garden. The distinct flavor and aromatic profile make this strain a must-have for any cannabis enthusiast. It provides a well-rounded high that leaves me feeling relaxed and content.

  12. Verified Owner

    I love spending my days with you, curling up with a good book or enjoying a movie marathon. Like a warm hug from the universe, reminding me to slow down and savor the simple joys of life.

  13. Verified Owner

    Maui wowie is awesome! I burn through this weed like crazy, especially when I am surfing! I bought 10 seeds….was worried this would not be enough. Turns out it was MORE than I could have ever wanted!! I was somehow able to secure over 100 G per plant, and was treating my plants with NEEM to manage pests organically. You really don’t know how good this weed can be!

  14. Verified Owner

    Maui Wowie Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a must-have for any marijuana enthusiast. With its tropical flavor and uplifting effects, this sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for a mellow yet energizing high. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or a novice, Maui Wowie cannabis seeds are resilient and adaptable, making them easy to cultivate both indoors and outdoors.

  15. Verified Owner

    I’ve personally had a great experience with the Maui Wowie strain from Growers Choice Seeds. The tropical flavors and uplifting effects make it a standout choice for anyone looking for a mellow yet energizing high. The plants were easy to grow and produced dense buds, and the germination guarantee gave me peace of mind.

  16. Verified Owner

    One of the more gorgeus strains of MJ I have seen in my life. When harvested, this weed provides some gorgeous green-yellow nugs and gives me a buzz that lasts for hours. It’s so relaxing, and I am so thankful for it! I bought 10 seeds and it was the perfect amount. MY MJ is as tall as me, and after some love and pruning, I can make these plants produce upwards of 100 G per plant!

  17. Verified Owner

    These seeds have been growing well so far, has been about 4 weeks, and really happy with how healthy these plants are. My seeds were excellent quality from Growers and they all germinated perfectly! Not a single one was lost. They also shipped my order very quickly, I was very pleased with their services overall.

  18. Verified Owner

    This strain was really nice and smooth to smoke, with a great tropical taste to it. The high was upbeat and energetic, which I found perfect for daytime use. These seeds grew very well and I ended up with a great yield from my plants.

  19. Verified Owner

    Maui Wowie is a must-try strain for both smoking and growing. The fruity high and euphoric effects are simply unbeatable. I love how it clears my mind and brings a burst of energy. Plus, the citrus and earthy flavors make it even more enjoyable.

  20. Verified Owner

    Got me so high it felt like I was on a beach in Maui enjoying the sun. Never felt more relaxed and carefree in my life than when smoking this. Great tropical taste, and with how easy it is to grow you bet I’ll keep buying these seeds for a long time to come.

  21. Verified Owner

    Maui Wowie is an absolute delight to grow. The high is a euphoric and uplifting experience, perfect for a sunny day. Smoking this strain is like taking a tropical vacation, with its citrusy and sweet flavors.

  22. Verified Owner

    Maui Wowie is like a tropical vacation in a nug. Growing this strain was a breeze, with beautiful plants that thrived with minimal effort. The high is uplifting and energizing, perfect for tackling the day with a smile. The flavor is a delightful mix of citrus and sweetness, transporting you to a sunny beach.

  23. Verified Owner

    Maui Wowie is like that scene from Dave Chappelle’s “Half Baked” – a classic that never gets old. The sweet, tropical taste and uplifting effects are the perfect combo for a chill day. Kudos to Grower’s Choice Seeds for bringing the fire with these genetics.

  24. Verified Owner

    Great bang for your buck. I spent less than $100 on seeds and came out with over 500 G of pot. What a deal! Tasty nug, very fresh and tight and covered in crystals. Has a tropical aroma for sure. I am in the habit of smoking it in the afternoon for some energy and relaxation…works great!

  25. Verified Owner

    Maui Wowie is a favorite of mine for its uplifting and happy effects. The tropical and citrus flavors are delicious and the indoor yield is impressive. It’s perfect for daytime use to combat anxiety and depression, and ease pain.

  26. Verified Owner

    Maui Wowie is the perfect daytime smoke for those looking for an energetic and uplifting high. It has a sweet and tropical taste that’s perfect for those who enjoy fruity strains. The euphoric and happy high is great for combating anxiety and stress without feeling too heavy. Recommend giving Maui Wowie a try if you’re looking for a productive and enjoyable high!

  27. Verified Owner

    I plant my weed outdoors, and it is hit or miss but if we have a dry summer in Oregon, which is also hit or miss. So if you don’t mind growing indoors you might have more success. Great weed however, with a low price tag on it. Fresh tropical tastes and a smooth euphoric high. Surf’s up!

  28. Verified Owner

    I grew 1 seed and it got pollinated by a hermi but still got me high. Grew it outdoors and harvested after 7 weeks of flowering mid October. It takes a few bowls but it gets you a euphoric high that makes you want to tell the world about.

  29. Verified Owner

    8 more weeks and the harvest is on. I’ll post a pic when/if they ever have that feature.

  30. Verified Owner

    Just put into jars 3.8 oz nice yield for my 2×3 tent. Great smell easy too grow great seeds. Thanks GCS!

  31. Verified Owner

    From seed to full grown and getting ready for the season to end in a few months things have been great. Planted outside with other veggies and they have been thriving from the statr, can’t wait for the buds.

  32. Verified Owner

    First grow, had a few hiccups early in veg with an issue with nutrients and one day in flower where it got a little extra light cuz the timer got messed up but overall seems to be a solid delivery. I’ve bought 10 started these two two and I’m getting ready to start another six of this strain. Harvested last week and will be curing this weekend.

  33. Verified Owner

    So far all 4 are still standing and striving. learning stuff as I go along. Will continue to update all on how my grow is going.

  34. Verified Owner

    Wow planted them (4) seeds took them 2-3 days to germinate and pop up. Got all 4 up and are seeing green on all of them. So far so good. Growing them indoors with indoor lights (gotta figure this one out still). Plus using the fertilizer recommended so we will see how they turn out.

  35. Verified Owner

    First time grow with real seeds!! Thank you, great experience overall , from first order , to present. I topped her indoor grow. Fox farm , yield. 2 half gallon , and four , quart size mason jars. Awesome smoke?

  36. Verified Owner

    My Mowie Wowie plants have just switched to flowering phase of lighting schedule yesterday 6/7/21, after 4 months veg stage, nice full bushy foliage in tent, maybe harvest in 3 months! Stay tuned…

  37. Verified Owner

    This plant produces some Big and Beautiful nugs that smell like pineapple and coconut. You really can’t get better than this! These nugs are fresh and tasty, they help with depression, too. So if I am ever in a bad mood, or stressed out, I pack a quick bowl and feel much better right away!

  38. Verified Owner

    I’m a carpenter by trade. At the end of a work day my body’s wrecked from the work. Maui Wowie has been a lifesaver with how it relaxes my sore muscles without leaving me totally wrecked. Oh! And! It’s easy AF to grow!

    Jo M., Rockland, ME

  39. Verified Owner

    All germinated Big yield nice friendly buzz one of them tasted a little fruity

  40. Verified Owner

    It grew very fast in a 4 x 5 grow tent.

  41. Verified Owner

    I’m about 4 weeks from harvest and they look and smell wonderful. I only grew 2 of the maui wowie plants. Much less stretchy then I expected, about the same as the hybrids, 75 cm indoor or so.

  42. Verified Owner

    All seeds have germinated and looking great. Soon to be harvested.
    movin on to try my luck with the gelato seeds.
    Thank you very much GCS !

  43. Verified Owner

    I love the Maui Wowie! The plants did not get as big as the others, but the pineapple scent is divine and effects are perfect for me. I highly recommend it and I have highly recommended your company to many many people. Thank you for making me feel secure, safe, and well attended too!

  44. Verified Owner

    Difficult to grow indoors had the wrong soil
    should be basite (volcanic) blue MG fert. helped. Over 4 months to grow. Nice buds.

  45. Verified Owner

    My first grow, all 4 seeds popped. Was a great experience. Bud turned out great. Very frosty and dripping with resins. Citrus flavor with pine and pineapple notes. The aroma of the room while smoking smells amazing. Kodos GCS

  46. Verified Owner

    Great no problems

  47. Verified Owner

    Great grow, plants turned out great. I grow indoors in Iowa and am limited on space so still have seeds left from the mix pack I bought. Just harvested, now drying and curing. Tested some bud just before harvest and very happy. Seeds sprouted nicely. I’ll buy more as soon as needed. Thanks GCS!

  48. Verified Owner

    Excellent Seeds and Genetics! Finished week 5 of flower.

  49. Verified Owner

    One of my all time faves. Maui wowie has that dank tropical flavor that makes it well worth the extra effort and time it takes to grow your own! Very fragrant and hella delicious. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to grow at home!

  50. Verified Owner

    I topped my 4 week old Maui and noticed three shoots at two of the nodes. I kept the top clone for a mother. I just finished my 2nd grow with GCS. I love their genetics!

  51. Verified Owner

    I ordered a 10 pack and all germinated with no prob! I’m in week 6 of flower and the smell is amazing! I smell citrus lemons and buds are fattening up with a very sticky trichome coverage! I feed about a gallon every 2 days into 10 gallon pots! I just ordered 10 more seeds but going with white widow this time due to the special offer you guys offered us! Thanks for that so I went ahead and got an extra 10% off my order from my last purchase offer, I really love how they are all about the customer, couldn’t recommend this company enough!

  52. Verified Owner

    Thank you GCS! I ordered Mowie Wowie as a blast from my past, as growing up in LA that was a popular strain in late 70s and 80s. So I decided to order your seeds for my first time doing hydroponics and I am super happy I did. Not only did every seed germinate, the seeds grew into beautiful high yielding gorgeous plants and I am beyond happy with high and taste. Thank you again for your seeds and awesome store!

  53. Verified Owner

    In almost all these reviews there is mention of the mouth watering smell of fresh pineapple. The odor, so far in week 5 of flower, will not draw attention. It smells like freshly cut pineapple.

    I have grown, and finished 5 different strains from gcs. I have also grown several from other banks. First, I want stability. I don’t want 3 different phenos because I need to now what to expect. GCS has the most stable genetics over the rest.

    Now about this girl. She has a sister that is virtually identical in height, growth pattern, and flower size. This one has always been a brighter and lighter shade of green. I turned up her nutes and she eats and drinks like a horse. Every third, or so, node has three stem shoots instead of two. She also has a stronger fragrance. I decide to use her clones before flowering.

    As you can see she trained extremely well. I topped her main cola. That cutting turned into my first pure mainline project you see in the pic. The other pic is of a lower clone I put into flower as soon as it rooted. She is in her third week of flower in a one gallon container. When Miss Maui began to stretch I LST her almost daily. Her height from soil to the top of her canopy is 17 inches. Her width stayed within the boundaries of her 3 gallon pot. Perfect! 4 main colas with probably 30 top buds reached canopy level and the rest were lolipoped and discarded. (this is difficult to do, but I read it’s best for quantity and quality)

    I can’t wait to try her out and see the results of her mainline. My favorite grow so far….

  54. Verified Owner

    All seeds germinated easy grow. I just reordered more. Can’t wait to do it again. My friend’s love it more than anything else I grew in past.thanks to GCS,, I’LL be buying more for shure ?

  55. Verified Owner

    This has been one of the best plants I was ever able to grow it just wanted to grow that’s all it had on it’s mind.
    The picture I’m trying to put on it’s taken two weeks ago and the guy standing next to it is 6 foot one she is a beautiful girl.
    I also have a Bruce banner and he is grown up and followed his maximum growth the article says they get a 10 feet high he’s 10 foot plus.
    I really hope you guys keep up the quality I’ve had a real hard time finding anybody that’s consistent and is a decent place to deal with.

  56. Verified Owner

    Super fast shipping
    Highly sought after seeds
    Healthy looking seeds no doubt all will spring out

    One word to describe my experience “Perfect”

  57. Verified Owner

    True monster if planted outdoors using a bag of ocean forest she poped quick.she loved being roped over and over again a real submissive just remember don’t forget to give her da potassium she needs pineapple pineapples is all u will smell she’s a big girl will need to be supported got 3 1/2 pounds wet weight no leaves dryed 900 grams solid thick gorgeous buds pics don’t do justice bright orange hairs thanks GCS .got 450 grams per clone and I planted them out late same way.I would highly reccomend this strain 17+Year on the look out of my own twist of this strain tropical Hawaii sauce.peace and happy growing

  58. Verified Owner

    Excellent genetics and near 100 percent germination. This specific strain is nutrient hungry, but grow thick and hardy. Outstanding buy.

  59. Verified Owner

    If you have the right soil, ph, nutrients, and lighting….. She will bless you and grow like a monster! Awesome pineapple � smell coming from the thick leaves and it’s not even in flower yet!

  60. Verified Owner

    It’s been a long time since Maui Wowie has been around, so I decided to grow my own. I was extremely impressed with the genetics and had my best yielding indoor plants to date. My 2 girls yielded 9oz and 8.5oz of gorgeous bud at an average height of 23″. The aroma and taste puts you on the beach at Kaanapali regardless of your zip code 🙂 Looking forward to the next grow of this impressive strain.

  61. Verified Owner

    Grown twice same results: 6 plants 4×4 tent 7 gal fabric pots, 315wCMH 4k, 3k, 10k to finish. 2 oz per of mind blowing Sativa. 10-12 weeks veg to pick…1 week to dry 6 weeks to cure. Boom.

  62. Verified Owner

    Excellent strain. 100 % germination, veg fast & finish quick, tasty, and potent!

  63. Verified Owner

    This was my first experience purchasing seeds & I have to say I had reservations at first .But ,everything promised has come to be fact. Read & followed your info received on E Mail .My new hobby……………. the results have been amazing. Much appreciated

  64. Verified Owner

    I have one plant right now, about 3 feet tall nice and healthy she’s doing great cant wait to test this strain! Haven’t smoked Maui in 30 years thanks GCS for bringing back a piece of my childhood! GCS is such a great company from start to finish!

  65. Verified Owner

    I’m growing one female Maui Wowie plant indoors (along with one-each of Chocolope, Super Lemon Haze, and Strawberry Cough), and they’ve been flowering now for about 4 weeks… and they’re SPECTACULAR! I wish I could upload photos.

  66. Verified Owner

    All germinated. Growing nicely with great structure. I’ll flip them to flower in a couple of weeks. GCS ALWAYS delivers!

  67. Verified Owner

    I had great results as I’ve had in the past. Good yield (4oz per plant with scrogging) . Highly recommend Maui Wowie and highly recommend GCS. It’s the only place I’ve purchased seeds from and always had a good experience.

  68. Verified Owner

    Just started three weeks ago under light. They are thriving young seedlings

  69. Verified Owner

    Started with 10 seeds and had 9 of 10 germinate . Plants were easy to grow . Would recommend , have a few pictures to share , happy growing !

  70. Verified Owner

    the wow was just that…..great seeds same for the blue dream thanks

  71. Verified Owner

    Okay, so, got my seeds about a month ago. Planted them in the garden after germninating them indoors. They are doing GREAT! Beautiful colors and smells are beginning to fill the air! I am deeply familiar with this strain. It was my go-to for many years when I lived in Chicago and got high before band practice ha! Now I am living in WA and growing my own. I love working with GCS, they always supply from the best breeders in NorCal. Never let me down!

  72. Verified Owner

    I am at the one month mark. I planted 2 in soil, they both look great.

  73. Verified Owner

    10 of 10 sprouted heathy seedlings that survived a 3 day ice storm power outage a week and a half in. All are thriving and have nearly identical height and node spacing. This is my second run from GCS and I couldn’t be happier with them. Premium genetics, premium customer service.

  74. Verified Owner

    Like it, very smooth smoke, wish shipping could be faster tho

  75. Verified Owner

    Already in week five of flower and so far so good.

  76. Verified Owner

    Two plants = 2 lbs of righteousness! Super smooth & gives everyone the giggles! GCS is my go to place for great seeds & customer service!

  77. Verified Owner

    Awesome grow. Topped her early. 5gal pot. She didnt stretch much but the buds stack up really nice. She smells pungent.
    The smoke is smooth and stoney. Stimulate high. Good anytime smoke.

  78. Verified Owner

    Nice plants, heavy buds……no getting the pineapple taste but the buzz is great…

  79. Verified Owner

    The Maui Howie are doing ok but I have a grand daddy purple that is very healthy and 15 feet tall in northern michigan ?

  80. Verified Owner

    Just put them into flowering stage yesterday to say it best these girls have been really putting out the smell i mean my entire house smells like heaven and I don’t want it any other way. Ive had nothing but great service and dedication from the GCS team. I a. Extremely happy with the movie wowie strain from GCS , beautiful and I mean beautiful plants that are from great genetics and a great choice for ANY grower old or new. A very pleasant strain to grow

  81. Verified Owner

    The plants are budding nicely.
    After cutting and drying I will let ya know.
    It’s getting cold here in pennsylvania and can’t wait to try my crop?

  82. Verified Owner

    Great outdoor grow here in Fl.

  83. Verified Owner

    Budding nicely. In a temperate rainforest on a mountaintop. All started. animals took some, puppies knocked some over and either ate or hid the rest. Very pleased though otherwise. Not harvested yet but look real nice.

  84. Verified Owner

    I thought this was going to be “working ****”? Man this stuff is strong!

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