Lodi Dodi Feminized Seeds

Lodi Dodi Feminized Seeds

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(24 customer reviews)

Lodi Dodi marijuana is a juciy, potent wake-and-bake that will clear your mind with its energizing high, making for a creative, productive day.

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Lodi Dodi Feminized Seeds

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A psychedelic sativa with a tropical aroma, Lodi Dodi marijuana is like a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day – energetic and focused, wake and bake with this strain for a happy, productive day. 

Tipping the scales at upwards of 23% THC, Lodi Dodi marijuana is a seriously potent cannabis that can win over consumers with its fruity profile (on both the nose and tongue) and ability to bring clarity and focus. Lodi Dodi is the kind of strain that can melt anxiety and depression, a characteristic considered useful by the medical community. 

Lodi Dodi marijuana seeds may require some care and attention to guarantee a bumper crop, and is a strain best left to those with some experience cultivating cannabis. Capable of thriving both indoors and out, Lodi Dodi should be topped early to maintain a short stature if kept indoors, and monitored for signs of pests or temperature changes if grown outside. Lodi Dodi marijuana needs longer than average to flower, about 10 to 12 weeks, but will yield around 12 ounces per square meter/plant (indoors vs out). A harvest well worth the wait.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Lodi Dodi


30% Indica, 70% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Creative, Happy, Relaxed

Indoor Yield

Up to 350 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 350 gr

Best Use

Anytime, Depression, Lack of Appetite, Stress


Citrus, Floral, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

24 reviews for Lodi Dodi Feminized Seeds

  1. Nebula6Nomad Verified Owner

    With a tropical aroma and a burst of sunshine in every hit, this sativa-dominant strain is perfect for a wake-and-bake session. With its high THC content and ability to melt anxiety and depression, Lodi Dodi is a favorite among medical marijuana users.

  2. AuroraArtist34 Verified Owner

    With its tropical aroma and potent effects, this sativa is perfect for waking and baking. Its ability to melt away anxiety and depression makes it a favorite among the medical community. While it may require some experience to cultivate, the wait for harvest is well worth it. So grab some Lodi Dodi seeds and enjoy a creative and productive day.

  3. RainbowRider87 Verified Owner

    Lodi Dodi is a delightful strain with a name that’s just as catchy as its effects. This potent sativa offers a euphoric high that uplifts the spirit and soothes the mind. Growing this beauty was an absolute pleasure, as it flourished with ease and produced abundant buds. Its citrusy, floral, and sweet flavor adds a refreshing twist to the experience. Perfect for anytime use, especially for those seeking relief from depression, stress, or lack of appetite. Lodi Dodi, it’s a groovy strain that’s definitely worth trying!

  4. Unpredictable Udon Verified Owner

    I’ve been searching for a strain that could help me with my anxiety, and Lodi Dodi was just what I needed. It has a unique fruity taste that instantly lifts my mood and helps me relax. I’m glad I found this gem, thanks to Grower’s Choice Seeds.

  5. Astral1Adventurer Verified Owner

    Lodi Dodi Feminized Seeds by Growers Choice Seeds are a popular choice for marijuana growers seeking a productive and energizing strain. This potent sativa offers a tropical aroma and a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day. With a THC content of up to 23%, it can provide relief from anxiety and depression.

  6. EmeraldSword Verified Owner

    A nice energizing high found myself very productive after smoking this and really enjoyed the flavors. My seeds came in good condition and I was really happy that all of them sprouted and matured, great quality from Growers Choice Seeds.

  7. Takeshi Yamaguchi Verified Owner

    Smoking or growing Lodi Dodi feminized seeds is an absolute delight! I love the burst of tropical aroma and the energetic, focused high it provides. The potent THC levels really melt away my anxiety and depression. However, it does require some experience to cultivate successfully, and the longer flowering time can be a bit of a wait.

  8. PlowAndPlant Verified Owner

    A fresh and uplifting strain that’s been great for my pain and stress. I usually smoke at night because I am NOT a very productive stoner lol. I am much more about growing pot, smoking weed on the couch, and hanging out with my girlfriend. We’re really excited to explore this new hobby together and I am so thankful I came across GCS online. The BEST way to get weed seeds delivered, hands down!

  9. Heather Anderson Verified Owner

    I like to take this with my morning cup of coffee to start my day. Best way to wake up me, love how relaxed yet not sleepy I feel for the day with smoking this. After 10 weeks of growing this I got some solid flowering and was ready to harvest. For a high THC plant it’s pretty impressive how good it is for everyday smoke.

  10. C Weber Verified Owner

    The plants flourished and the yield was impressive. The high from smoking this strain is incredibly uplifting and creative, with a sense of relaxation. The citrus, floral, and sweet flavors make it a pleasure to smoke. I was pleased with Growers Choice Seeds’ customer service and the fast shipping. All of the seeds germinated successfully, ensuring a successful grow.

  11. InterstellarIslander37 Verified Owner

    Lodi Dodi is a great strain for anyone looking to feel creative. This strain has such a great uplifting and invigorating feel. The taste is sweet yet slightly peppery, which is quite unique. The buds grew quite a lot and were very easy to work with. A great strain for anyone seeking inspiration!

  12. NeverHitReady2023 Verified Owner

    Lodi Dodi by Grower Choice Seeds gave me a boost of creativity and happiness. The citrus and floral flavors were a pleasant surprise and made smoking this sativa-dominant hybrid a relaxing experience. The plants were easy to handle and produced a decent yield. Great for combating stress and lack of appetite.

  13. 360NoSense53 Verified Owner

    Lodi Dodi is a great strain for anyone looking for a strong head high and potent effects. It’s perfect for getting creative and feeling happy and relaxed. It’s an anytime strain that can help with stress.

  14. HS24 Verified Owner

    While I am usually more of an indica type of person, I do every so often like to start my day off with a sativa, especially when I am going into a deep clean mode at home. Lodi Dodi is one of my top 3 wake and bakes for certain.

    Seth H., Mackinac Island, MI

  15. CHICK_FR_135 Verified Owner

    Fresh and pungent Lodi Dodi is a great afternoon smoke that puts me in a delicious mindset! I usually get so tired around 3pm, but not when I smoke this pot! Beautiful, fresh, and uplifting. There is nothing better than growing your own pot, and for such an affordable price. If you don’t like working with plants, consider finding an autoflowering seed, these plants practically raise themselves!

  16. Leyla Wickens Verified Owner

    Wow what a rush! Lodi Dodi is my go-to wake and bake strain, especially on the weekends. Awesome flavor, very strong, harsh smoke. Makes me cough! Happy I bought online. The shipping is fast, and the seeds look great right outta the package. Helps me stay positive, awake, and creative during the day. Happy it all worked out!

  17. Eboni M. Verified Owner

    Oooo this one gives me a LOT of energy! I feel like I can get all kinds of work accomplished when I smoke this. It’s been great for my head and body aches. Mmmm so relaxing!

    MUCH better than dispo stuff, and cheaper in the longrun!

  18. Ajwa Jenkins Verified Owner

    Dang this really packs a punch! Makes me super stoned and very smiley. Heeheeeheeeeee!

    10 seeds for an affordable price, plus super reliable shipping and a quick grow time. Trust me this stuff grows at a CLIP! and it is a great harvest in the fall.

  19. Rania Coffey Verified Owner

    This stuff may be a little heavy for the average user. I thought I could handle it and the first time I smoked it I got extremely high and basically passed out on my bed LOL. Feeling like this is a good way to go, very accessible website with some seriously nice strains! The flower came out greener than a pine forest and bursting with FLAVOR!

  20. Naomi Hardin Verified Owner

    Lodi dodi is heavy and harsh, just make sure you’re an experienced smoker. Got like 500 grams, very sour, sticky, crumbly. Good weed no doubt. I’ll absolutely buy more, just need to finish setting up my indoor grow space. Go Canada!!

  21. Mina Costa Verified Owner

    Like a kick in the brain, lodi dodi is a funny weed with a serious high. Has a unique taste that I can’t quite explain, but almost certainly includes notes of cherry and pine. Can make you feel groggy if you smoke too much at the wrong time of day, so recommend trying it out after work while you’re cooking dinner or taking the dog for a walk.

  22. Kuba Reynolds Verified Owner

    I seek out the weeds that help me stay focused and productive rather than sleepy. Was very excited to have this strain sent over to me via the US Postal Service LOL. It was so nice to germinate these seeds by soaking them in water, I loved watching them grow. Makes for an excellent yield, too. My plants produced about 10 ounces of weed give or take. Best buy you can make for yourself. Get excited about this sativa dominant strain!!

  23. Franklyn Haas Verified Owner

    I love this weed, its super juicy. This weed tastes like citrus and grapes. I liked growing it outdoors among my melons, which are also dope. Buy some of this weed right now. The 5 seed option is perfect if you’re ever trying to get into the weed growing game. You’re gonna be super happy about it. The high is pretty potent, and it makes you feel kinda crazy. Be careful and have fun!!

  24. Nile Carver Verified Owner

    A very strong marijuana, tends to hit like a sack of bricks, best when smoked at night or after work, not ideal for smoking when you have a lot of work to get done. It was a fun grow, I am lucky to have a lot of space in my backyard, so I was able to let these guys get tall and bushy and robust. It was a fun experience, a little time consuming but well worth it. Recommend for anyone with gardening experience.

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