Lemon Kush Feminized Seeds

  • 50% Indica, 50% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 23%
  • Thrives in warm, dry Mediterranean climate.
  • Induces happiness, calmness and relaxation
  • Ideal for beginner growers
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Lemon Kush Feminized Seeds

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What is Lemon Kush?

Lemon Kush is among one of the most popular strains of cannabis for consumers; not only does it provide a significant amount of THC in the dense, sticky buds, but its citrus-forward lemon flavor and aroma are a favorite across the board. The origins of Lemon Kush are not well understood. Common belief and practice in the US is a cross between Master Kush and Lemon Joy, but other varieties, such as Alien Genetics, are also popular, along with the various strains that start with the name Lemon.

Varieties of Lemon Kush

Quite a few Lemon Kush Variants exist, such as Super Lemon Kush, Amnesia Lemon Kush, Critical Lemon Kush, San Fernando Lemon Kush, and Lemon Kush Headband. Each strain has its own unique characteristics. The Super strain approaches 20% THC content with similar properties in taste and aroma. Amnesia also approaches 20% THC content with a spicy lemon taste and aromas. Critical has a THC content of 20%, but its taste and aroma include notes of fuel and earth to complement the citrus. San Fernando varies in THC content from 14-21% and provides a woody citrus flavor to complement earthy lemon aromas. Headband also ranges in THC content from 19-23% and differs in taste and aroma, fuel and citrus in flavor, with spice, pine, and lemon in the aroma.

Effects of Lemon Kush

Due to genetics, this is a well-balanced strain with an equal sativa and indica balance, which in turn provides a balanced combination of mental and physical effects. Effects of Lemon Kush include a cerebral buzz, revitalization feelings after 20-30 minutes, and a gradual boost in mental energy, suitable for pursuing creative avenues. Additionally, due to the indica characteristics, it also promotes a calm, physically relaxed state. It is also ideal for individuals desiring a long experience, as the effects are long-lasting and resinous buds are slow burning.

Growing Lemon Kush Feminized Seeds

This is a rewarding strain for the novice and professional grower, not just for its rich citrus flavor and aroma but also because it is not difficult or large to grow. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, with a flowering time of 60-70 days. Cultivation efforts can be further enhanced with the use of feminized seeds and quality growing media.

Harvest Time

Lemon Kush plants are compact and have a relatively short flowering time. While other strains might not have the genetics that provide additional indicators to indicate harvest time, Lemon Kush does. As flowers begin to mature, one can tell when the optimal time to harvest will be, and that is when the flowers begin to become frosted with trichomes and orange pistils begin to make their appearance.

Flowering Time

Beginning with Lemon Kush feminized seeds, this strain does not take too long before one can harvest flower, with an average flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. Various growing conditions can impact the resulting flower. This strain is best suited for indoor cultivation; outdoor cultivation can result in a greater yield; however, the plant only thrives in a warm or Mediterranean climate. Additionally, the genetics of this strain are well known for the iconic lemon scent. To promote those genetics, it is recommended that plants are cultivated in organic soil.

Germination of Cannabis Seeds

The germination process of cannabis seeds can be considered both the easiest and most difficult steps when cultivating cannabis. While there are many recommended techniques, considering some factors of this strain, such as flower potting directly in the soil about half an inch deep to promote optimal conditions and successful germination. For successful germination, a few factors should be considered, such as a temperature between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, a humidity range of 70-90%, and a medium that is damp but never saturated. Within a week and a half, a seedling should sprout, while the roots would have developed days before. It is also important to cover the seeds only loosely with soil.

Organic Soil for Optimal Growth

Organic cultivation materials promote a variety of benefits. In particular, with organic soil, it provides greater improved nutrient availability, enhanced microbial activity, and increased water retention. Growing Lemon Kush feminized seeds in the soil, specifically organic soil, is recommended as these conditions promote a stronger lemon scent and aroma in the harvested flower.

Medium-Sized Plants and Impressive Yields

Lemon Kush plants are suitable for growers of all levels due to their impressive yields and easy-to-manage medium-sized plants. The yield potential of lemon kush is optimized through the use of feminized seeds, negating the need to remove male plants or manage pollen. Optimally, individual plants are capable of producing up to 500 grams of flower per square meter indoors.

Benefits of Planting Lemon Kush Feminized Seeds

Lemon Kush could be considered a Jack of All Trades strain that incorporates the features of both sativa and indica characteristics and potent THC content. Its versatility makes it a potential candidate for almost any application, especially to promote relaxation and experience potent body effects.

Potential Pain Relief and Relaxation Benefits

Lemon Kush is a balanced hybrid strain possessing qualities found in both indica and sativa-leaning plants. Lemon Kush affects both the body and mind to promote relaxation. According to some anecdotal evidence, with THC contents approaching and surpassing levels of 20%, this is a strain suited to potentially provide relief by binding to receptors in the endocannabinoid system. In turn, coupled with the natural sedative properties of indica genetics, this strain also contains relaxation benefits, for an uplifted mood.

Uplifting Citrus Aroma and Sweet Lemony Taste

Liminone is a prominent terpene categorized by an uplifting citrus aroma and sweet lemony taste, and it is part of this strain. Flowers have an invigorating burst of freshness and zesty notes of citrus with a hint of spiciness and earthy undertones. Along with liminone, this strain also contains a symphony of terpenes: myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, valencene, and phellandrene, each orchestrating a sensory symphony.

Female Plants Produce High-Quality Buds & Resin Content

While the background of this strain is not fully known, Lemon Kush’s genetics are fascinating; as implied in the name, genetically, there is a Kush varietal in the lineage. These plants are mainly indica, stocky with a height of 80-100cm and medium-high yields. Female plants produce high-quality buds with dense resin content and trichomes. The production of trichomes, and therefore resin, is the plant’s response to various types of stress. The production of trichomes is an evolutionary mechanism to coat and protect the flowers. Growing robust female plants while maintaining stringent environmental controls will result in high-quality buds and dense resin production.

Where to Buy Lemon Kush Feminized Seeds?

There are various seed banks for purchasing feminized seeds to cultivate female plants, and therefore, there are several established and reputable online shops where seeds can be ordered.

Similar Marijuana Strains

Lemon Haze: Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its citrusy and lemony aroma and flavor. It offers a similar uplifting and energetic high, making it ideal for those seeking a mood boost and enhanced concentration.

Lemon Skunk: Lemon Skunk is another strain with a strong lemon scent and taste. Lemon Skunk is described as having a lemony and zesty flavor profile. As a hybrid strain, Lemon Skunk provides a balanced experience, combining relaxation with cerebral euphoria.

Lemon OG: Lemon OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that combines the flavors of lemon and pine. Lemon OG offers a relaxing and sedating high, making it an ideal choice for evening or nighttime use for feelings of relaxation and stress relief.

Super Lemon Haze: Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that boasts a potent lemon scent and taste, along with a high THC content. Super Lemon Haze is known for its uplifting and creative effects, suitable for daytime use.

Lemon Diesel: Lemon Diesel is a hybrid strain that crosses California Sour and Lost Coast OG. Lemon Diesel offers a blend of diesel and lemony aromas and flavors. The effects of Lemon Diesel are usually described as uplifting and euphoric.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Lemon Joy, Master Kush


50% Indica, 50% Sativa

Strain Type

Balanced Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Focused, Happy

Indoor Yield

Up to 500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 1000g per plant

Best Use

Insomnia, Nausea, Pain


Citrus, Spicy, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Lemon Kush Feminized Seeds

Based on 83 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    My favorite strain is this Lemon kush, easy to cultivate and with great flower production, as well as the smell and the effect.

  2. Verified Owner

    Very fruity strain which yields exceptionally well. Perfect smoke for daytime enjoyment.

  3. Verified Owner

    Yo, this strain is dope! I grew it along with durban poison and bubba’s gift and BD fron GCS was the top of that, without questions. Really trippy high, whole body buzz, all you are looking for. Creativity enchancing from the start, very happy mood, relaxing after the peak. In the matter of fact I’m gonna roll some right away. Cheers!

  4. Verified Owner

    Easy to grow, great for beginners & an amazing smoke

  5. Verified Owner

    Hi from Ohio! I grow outdoor with 65 gallon smart pots. The Lemon kush is huge as hell almost 6 meter looks fantastic i can not wait the harvest time. Just the storms make me havey days… Cross fingers hope the best… I realy love this genetic the humboldt bank the best for me i was try a lot of seed bank… This the best!!

  6. Verified Owner

    I grow this strain a while back now but did not turn out how I would like would do it again coz it was probably my own fault as to Why Was not great lol

  7. Verified Owner

    I have tried another company lemon kush.. hands down GCS lemon kush crushed the competition..

  8. Verified Owner

    My 1st ever-indoor grow germination was a breeze the plant was beautiful and so was the smoke I’m on my second indoor now growing Black D.O.G Purple Trainwreck and of course Lemon kush You will forever be my go-to for genetics because of the 100% germination and I need to try a whole bunch more of your different beans I’m so happy to have started with GCS genetics Thank you so very much

  9. Verified Owner

    Fantastic strain and Awesome company. a pleasure to grow

  10. Verified Owner

    Wow such an amazing strain, clean smooth smoke massive A ***** from me

  11. Verified Owner

    Beautiful strain, thank you GCS!

  12. Verified Owner

    i love GCS’s quality. Big buds and great smoke everytime. I got a huge yield off my last blue dream getting more this season!!

  13. Verified Owner

    So beautiful smokes clean

  14. Verified Owner

    Truly one of the best. You never get “bored” with Lemon kush. If I had to only smoke one strain…..I would be hard-pressed to find something other than Blue Dream. Its a “go to” pot, never let you down.

  15. Verified Owner

    The Lemon kush helps me with my appetite, nausea, stomach cramps and other medical issues. The Lemon scent is perfect. She gets a little stretchy but let her go a full ten weeks and she will reward you with some huge colas.

  16. Verified Owner

    Easy to grow. Smells range from fresh citrus to almost a cat urine smell but in a weird, oddly good way… Potent stuff and great high! Energetic and concentrated but also able to sleep if need be.

  17. Verified Owner

    Great weed. Fantastic fruity flavor and smell. Big yields. Cures well … in fact it just gets better and better. Good hybrid balanced stone from her famous parents. Must have.

  18. Verified Owner

    I chose lemon kush for a stable Sativa and was not disappointed. Very resistant, needs lots of nutrients but a very stable and resistant genetic. Mine have 4 weeks to go, can’t wait to have a smoke. Thank you GCS

  19. Verified Owner

    Healthy grower, strong genetic going to be a hit in the outdoor garden this year

  20. Verified Owner

    Excellent strain with a sweet taste of blackcurrant & liquorice sweets. They have good mould resistance as I had damp problems in my grow space and they got 0% mould issues. I would highly recommend this strain as it pretty much grow itself and as a nice seductive high.

  21. Verified Owner

    Grew 3 seeds 1 year ago , man those were sweet ! Berry and sweet taste, one pheno tasted like lemon! Will order more for my next grow !

  22. Verified Owner

    This is a sweet, uplifting sativa that’s easy to grow. Love ordering seeds online with GCS, great selection!

  23. Verified Owner

    it stretches 3 times after I change the time to 12/12. got 10 litters of dried buds. smoke her = cant sleep 6 hours. better smoke dayetime. love y gcs:)

  24. Verified Owner

    Lemon Kush is a great beginner strain. It’s stalky, strong, resilient and gives great yields. I have learned a lot about troubleshooting any plant errors growing this strain. As a first time grower I was easily able to identify any common mistakes such as over/under watering, time to transplant, nitrogen deficiencies etc. and this plant is quick to respond making it a swift lesson. I recommend growing blue dream for any first-time cultivator since it gives that stereotype result of big buds, dank smell, and it’s an ego booster after a successful harvest. I love blue dream through and through.

  25. Verified Owner

    Lemon kush is my 4th strain from GCS! 77 days from seed shoot in 3l tara! 8 week 12/12 to harvest! Very strong, ash-blue leaf reminds hoarfrost! Thank you GCS!

  26. Verified Owner

    The lemon kush is awesome taste fruity and woody , travells you in forest walking easy to grow 1-5 i give 2 difficulty.Buds are huge with lot of resin and gloves recommend. Also not full with water I make 1waterring 4 litres every 3rd day. enjoy this remarkable beautiful tree and tasted in about 10 weeks thats got me to be perfect.

  27. Verified Owner

    Tried this stain through a friend and it was amazing!!! Can’t wait to get mine!!!

  28. Verified Owner

    This company seems very wise on everything you need to no! Even a beginner like my self you guys boost my confidence where I’m not to worried about my first time growing indoors! Thanks a lot.

  29. Verified Owner

    I’ve been growing Lemon kush along with a handful of other hybrid strains outdoors for a few years and it is always the outstanding producer and crowd favorite. This year I decided to quit fooling around and I planted three of them. Just beginning to flower, one is ten feet tall and a beautiful specimen. The other two are tied for second place among the other plants. I have fun growing new strains but if I were doing it exclusively for production they would all be lemon kush.

  30. Verified Owner

    Delicious and easy to grow. Perfect strain all around.

  31. Verified Owner

    Growers Choice seeds has never let me down and lemon kush is no exception. A favorite of mine to enjoy over the years it is a pleasure to grow this hearty strain for the first time. Keep up the great work GCS.

  32. Verified Owner

    Growing for the very first time. I got 2 of these beautiful girls, react well to topping. This is an ornamental plant as you can see the beautiful green color she brings out. The greenhouse makes it a perfect home for them, fingers crossed. Thank you GCS excited for harvest!

  33. Verified Owner

    One of the most fantastic smelling plants I’ve ever grown. Strong lemony fuel smell, by far my favorite in my garden.

  34. Verified Owner

    This is the first GCS strain to grow and must say I am impressed. Fantastic smell and looks. Very dense buds and extremely nice crystals forming, great yield, but got a little “fox tails ” in the end of each grow.

  35. Verified Owner

    well said i been with DNA i thinking about your strains its like picking at my brain

  36. Verified Owner

    The wonderful strain that hits all the right notes of what I look for in a sativa for the daytime. It’s not racy and I can still focus while working. I find myself becoming very creative even in business matters as the lemon kush taps that part of the brain. I tend to have trouble growing haze strains or long flowering varieties but this one was more manageable. Lots of glittery trichomes and a delicious aroma makes you want a sample in those final weeks of flower.

  37. Verified Owner

    368 grams dry weight and tasted lush will buy again

  38. Verified Owner

    Grew this for the sole purpose of making thai sticks. Worth EVERY second of time, and cent spent. 200+g dry in a greenhouse grow, 25 gal planter. NICE!!!!

  39. Verified Owner

    My olde man grew this thistick when I was in high school in 1994. I was grade nine but had the best Cannabis. I’m excited to have it back …

  40. Verified Owner

    All seeds popped, beautiful strain, balanced effects, solid hybrid high, citrus and flowery aroma. Top notch

  41. Verified Owner

    Absolutely anyone can grow this weed….it’s seriously so easy you barely even have to worry about it. If you live in a warm sunny place like southern Cali, then you’re sure to have great success. Lemon kush LOVES the HOT temps and does really well in the summer drought. The citrusy lemon smell is to die for…and it makes me feel light and euphoric! Big win for homegrowers!

  42. Verified Owner

    Scary yield, good, good quality.

  43. Verified Owner

    I am in love with LK from the very first day she sprouted. She lives for freedom. Always faster than any other ladies in her habitat. Now she is in day 40. I have still not switched her to bloom. As much as I can feel from her attitude, she likes to have some 4 or 6 hours darkness in vegetative. I am planning to remain her in veg. about 60 days. She smells like the most epic cured mj. Leaves are glorious and beautiful. Would like to see them forever. She is in a 30 lt airpot and coco. in the first 25 days I didnt give her any fertilizer. She is fantastic. As long as you keep the pH of the water – with or without fertilizer- in 5.8, she will be like a dancing lady. Icant imagine how she will be in blooming and at the end of the story. Will write about her once again. Definitely grower friendly a beautiful plant. Love so much!

  44. Verified Owner

    I grew one single plant out. Kinda hit the jackpot I guess cause she turned out some fan favorite stuff. Very loud lemon pledge smell that needs to be contained…..cracking a jar makes everyone’s heads turn. Really good vigor from the start. There was no stopping her, she just turns into a tree quick. I got a Sativa leaner that I had to wait 80 days before she was ready. Definitely worth the wait. Anyone I pass some flower to always comes back for more.

  45. Verified Owner

    One of the 3 photoperiods I have grown from Growers Choice…another awesome strain. Thank you GCS!!

  46. Verified Owner

    I grew this one last year and it was an All-Star winner. My hardcore home dogs could not believe this was outdoor

  47. Verified Owner

    The title is the basic report. I ordered these seeds,it was a healthy plant. Very nice buzz. I crossed with male plant of Red Lebanese, so I produced seeds, can not be certain how plants from those seeds will work out. May report back next fall.

  48. Verified Owner

    Nice Indica plant with Spicy Lemony flavors. Uplifting affect with a get up and go feel for an indica. Good for Day and Night time use. Love this one to treat any mid-day Anxiety..

  49. Verified Owner

    Not stable but nice smoke very lemon

  50. Verified Owner

    Honestly good value if you want to start a cheap outdoor crop but i would personally go for a jack herer for a higher quality smoke not to say you cannot find keepers in a pack of these but from my observations there are plenty of better strains. i grew out 10 outdoors and some phenotypes had a pleasant herbal and lemony but more like lemon rinds Read more about the review stating okay genetics good price pointtaste but a few were more of a putrid afghani type taste (you’ll know if you smoked it before) some phenotypes were very sativa in nug and plant structure and for me proved to be useless due to finish times and overall but quality. my advice if you were going to grow these out in search of a mother plant would be to throw away any sativa pheno and go for the most afghani type plants and further select from there

  51. Verified Owner

    Bought these and received them within 2 weeks. Started 2 seeds, both popped. One is very strong, does well with LST, topping, Scrog, other plant is a little scraggly. We’re using the strong one as a mother, it’s really beautiful, all clones are strong. Really good yields, indoor (400-500gm/plant). Lemony smell, nice plant for medicinal use, stressRead more about review stating Great for medicinal use, anxiety, insomnia.

  52. Verified Owner

    Came pretty fast and Have grown into really healthy plants, Just about to harvest and Im guessing im gonna get 2 pounds from six plants outdoors,
    Super frosty, Smells super good, overall just loving the genetics, I have a few 1 and 2 ounce colas
    Would recommend this strain.

  53. Verified Owner

    Overall a good strain: strong and Hardy growing, stretches a bit to form very long colas. Our finishes fast to a very balanced tasty product. for the processo definitely a good surprise.

  54. Verified Owner

    Arrived on time, I germinated 1 seed, it is in flower now, can’t wait for harvest.

  55. Verified Owner

    It works. I have never smoked something as good as lemon kush. You really don’t even have to use it much to get stoned. I’d recommend this for anyone who smokes weed.

  56. Verified Owner

    This Lemon Kush from breeder Female Seeds was very nice. Had a lemony scent and a half joint gave a nice high lasting about three hours. As I wanted to be able to grow from seed I pollinated one of the plants with Red Lebinon that plant produced significantly weaker weed and only mild effects.

  57. Verified Owner

    Citrus and Haze flavor . Tight little nuggets. Real good smoke.

  58. Verified Owner

    I think this is a very good medicinal strain. Actually, it is mildly pscyhedelic feeling. You get a rush at the start, and then you are propelled into a psychedelic brainstorm for the first 10 minutes. Then it mellows out and I just feel really happy and uplifted. It is not overpowering so it’s good if you get anxiety. If you are a person who love..

  59. Verified Owner

    I can always count on Growers Choice to get me a quality product in a timely manner.

  60. Verified Owner

    Good as always

  61. Verified Owner

    ??? Yes this is the one !

  62. Verified Owner

    great plant kills the pain tastes sooooooooooooooo good

  63. Verified Owner

    Had a excellent experience with purchase, custom service, delivery.. everything went perfectly.. Took about 3 weeks from purchase to receiving. I didn’t use Bitcoin, heard it may be quicker..?

  64. Verified Owner

    High-quality genetics, the Sativa characteristics will typically wait to show through near the end of the flowering cycle. Does best with light feeding, highly recommend it for those seeking a well-balanced hybrid.

  65. Verified Owner

    One of the best examples of this strain, is high yield excellent high, thank you

  66. Verified Owner

    Put four seeds in the ground, all four came up! This one is a smelly grow, keep in mind.

  67. Verified Owner

    I was skeptical about Lemon Kush really tasting all citrusy, but it really IS like having a tall cold glass of lemonade on a hot day! I love starting out my mornings with this beaut of a strain. I usually grow inside but definitely recommend growing it outside, cuz the harvests are insane! Thanks GCS!

    Jordan P., Sunnyvale, CA

  68. Verified Owner


  69. Verified Owner

    Fantastic weed at an unbeatable price. If you follow the germination guidelines found on GCS, you’re almost certain to have success!

  70. Verified Owner

    Lemon Kush is a great strain for anytime use. It has a nice balance of indica and sativa and its moderate CBD content offers some pain relief. The citrusy flavor and happy, relaxed effects make it a favorite of mine. It was easy to grow and had a good yield both indoors and outdoors.

  71. Verified Owner

    Lemon Kush is a great strain for those looking for a relaxing and euphoric high. The yields from growing this outdoors were impressive and I really appreciated the pain and stress relief it provided.

  72. Verified Owner

    The high is uplifting and energizing, perfect for combating depression and stress. Smoking this strain is a delight, with its citrusy and spicy flavors leaving a sweet aftertaste. Growers Choice Seeds provides excellent customer service, with fast shipping and all seeds germinating successfully. Highly recommended for its therapeutic benefits and easy cultivation.

  73. Verified Owner

    I was looking for a strain that was easy to grow and had a sweet, citrus flavor. I found both in Lemon Kush! The plant grew well and produced a great yield. Smoking it was a delight, with a smooth and uplifting high that left me feeling relaxed and happy.

  74. Verified Owner

    Even if you’re brand new to weed, you will be able to make beautiful lemon kush flower. This weed is USER_FRIENDLY, and it makes some of the best-looking nug I have grown in a looooong time.
    Lemony flavor and a vibrant uplifting sativa high! Good for depression and cloudy, rainy days.

  75. Verified Owner

    An unbelievable wake and bake variety with a fresh lemon tart flavor….great with coffee and eggs!

  76. Verified Owner

    Wanted an easy-to-grow one-to-one hybrid and GCS customer service helped me out by recommending this seed. This was an excellent pick and I got a ton of weed from the great buds on this strain. Well worth the 10 weeks it took to grow and I really enjoyed the high from it.

  77. Verified Owner

    Balanced hybrids are probably my favorite, so for me, something like this was a no-brainer. Great grow time, great taste (love lemons), and good growing time. Love the transparency I get on the strains information page. From my experience with GCS, this information has been 100% accurate.

  78. Verified Owner

    The combination of two amazing strains creates a lemony and earthy flavor that is so very tasty. The effects are also amazing and just what I need for a chill day.

  79. Verified Owner

    This weed is so lemony you might think you accidentally took a bite of fresh lemon….and I MEAN it. I really am a weed fanatic and have been a grower for almost 15 years. Got sick of my regular seed supplier and so decided to try this one out. Not bad! Great seeds with strong germination for under $100!

  80. Verified Owner

    Lemon Kush is a fantastic strain that offers a refreshing, citric high. I love its uplifting effects and the burst of energy it provides. It’s great for socializing and has also helped me with chronic pain. Growing this strain is relatively easy, and the impressive yield is definitely a plus.

  81. Verified Owner

    This strain offers an incredible yield and a burst of citric THC, making it a delightful wake-and-bake option. With its mellow high and pungent aroma, Lemon Kush is a refreshing and energizing hybrid. Whether you’re seeking recreational or medicinal benefits, this strain is versatile and potent.

  82. Verified Owner

    Lemon Kush Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a must-have for any marijuana grower. With a high yield and potent THC content, this strain is perfect for both recreational and medicinal use. The sweet and citrusy flavor will invigorate your senses, while the balanced hybrid effects will enhance your mood and provide relief for various ailments.

  83. Verified Owner

    With its potent THC content and incredible yield, this strain is perfect for both beginners and experienced growers. The sweet and citrusy aroma of Lemon Kush will uplift your mood and provide a burst of energy. It is also a popular choice among medical users for its ability to alleviate pain and inflammation. Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, Lemon Kush is sure to impress with its abundant bud production.

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