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The Larry OG strain is an indica-leaning hybrid with a 60:40 indica to sativa ratio. It contains up to 23% THC and has a zesty lemon fragrance with an spicy, earthy, pungent after taste. It may even remind you of enjoying a slice of lemon merigue pie with a cup of strong coffee!

  • 60% indica 40% sativa
  • THC levels up to 23%
  • Contains delicious flavors of lemon, pine, and herbs
  • Promotes feelings of relaxation and happiness
  • Prefers to be grown indoors
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An Introduction to Larry OG Seeds

The Larry OG strain is an indica-leaning hybrid with 60% indica and 40% sativa, contains up to 23% THC, and makes this one potent strain that new users should approach with caution. It is sometimes known as “Lemon Larry” on account of its zesty lemon fragrance and flavor profile, the Larry OG strain is all about delivering users some exceptional relaxation combined with blissfully uplifting effects. If you think we’re being hyperbolic about what a fabulous hybrid strain this is, then consider the fact that Larry OG cannabis won first place at the 2014 Cannabis Cup in the indica strain category. In addition, its ease of growth makes it an excellent choice for growers of all skill levels. The Larry OG strain and its potent effects are the result of its acclaimed parent strains OG Kush cannabis and San Fernando Valley OG cannabis  (SFV OG) being matched together in sunny Orange County, California.

Fragrance and Flavor Profiles

As mentioned above, Larry OG cannabis is sometimes referred to as “Lemon Larry” because of its amazing terpene profile that provides users with a flavorful lemony aromatic journey on which to embark. Larry OG cannabis’ sweet lemon aroma with hints of crisp pine and woodsy earthiness serves as a strong indicator of what it will taste like. Providing users with a smooth smoke that is gentle on the lungs, Larry OG cannabis’ citrus flavor profile carries with it undertones of spicy herbaceousness and just a pinch of skunkiness to make this indica one tasty treat that some describe as being akin to a lemon meringue pie.

Effects of the Larry OG cannabis strain

While the Larry OG strain does provide users with relatively balanced effects, in that its sativa content is much more than just a blip on the radar, its thoroughly relaxing side makes it the ideal choice for unwinding after you’ve gotten everything done that you need to at the end of the day. Before you spark up with some Larry OG strain, make sure you have your snacks, blankets, pillows, etc. nearby as once you exhale your first toke or two its legendary effects quickly get to work by relaxing your body and raising your spirits and creativity with its cerebrally-stimulating properties. It provides users with a balanced combination of blissful tranquility and thought-provoking mindfulness, similar to Cement Shoes. In fact, many users say that this indica-leaning hybrid leaves them feeling focused, happy, and euphoric while contentedly relaxed for much of its high.

However, as the effects of this mood-lifting strain wear on you’ll realize that you haven’t moved from your couch in ages and that your ability and desire to do so have almost completely diminished. Fortunately, you’ll be in such a blissed-out state of peaceful placidity that you’ll be quite happy to just keep munching on your snacks as you cozy up under the blanket and rest your head on your pillow–all of which you wisely stashed nearby before going on this supremely satisfying journey with the Larry OG strain.

Cannabis Cultivation Tips for Larry OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Like all of the photoperiods, such as sativa-dominant strains Pineapple Express and Jack the Ripper, and autoflowers like indica-dominant Lucky Charms and evenly-balanced Dragon’s Breath, that we at Growers Choice Seeds sell, Larry OG cannabis seeds are feminized. The reason that this is advantageous to cannabis growers is that feminized seeds have a 99% chance of growing into all-female plants that provide cultivators with the cannabinoid-rich nuggets they want to pluck come harvest time.

Larry OG seeds produce feminized photoperiod plants, which means that you will need to adjust its light cycles in order for it to successfully transition from its vegetative stage to its flowering phase. (Autoflowers, on the other hand, move into their flowering stage based on their age and not changes to their light/dark schedule.)

Where to grow Larry OG marijuana seeds

Larry OG cannabis is highly resistant to common molds and mildews, making it an easy strain to grow from seed. While it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, or greenhouse growing, most expert growers recommend cultivating in an indoor setup where it’s possible to create, control, and maintain the optimal conditions to meet its growing needs. However, if you are going to practice indoor cultivation, you will want to make sure you have enough vertical space to do so as its plants can grow to be quite tall.

The growth stages for Larry OG cannabis plants

Once you have successfully germinated your Larry OG weed seeds and have planted them in soil, or whatever growing medium you are using, they will be in what is known as their seedling stage. While it varies from strain to strain, most marijuana plants are in their seedling stage for about 10-15 days. The way that you will know that they are entering their vegetative stage is when your plants have begun to develop leaves that have all seven “fingers,” or “blades.”

Once your Larry OG photoperiod plants are in their vegetative phase, during which time they generally require 18 hours of light and 6 hours of total darkness, they will likely need to be in their growth stage for anywhere from four to eight weeks until the plants are of a healthy size. After this, you can switch their light cycle to a 12/12 schedule to trigger their all-important flowering period. When they’ve completed their flowering stage, it will then be harvest time, after which you can dry and cure your precious buds and enjoy their beautiful blend of effects.

Larry OG cannabis harvest time and indoor/outdoor yields

When properly cared for, Larry OG plants should provide you with some pretty abundant yields of gorgeous mint green, dense nuggets that are coated in a plethora of crystal trichomes and brown and orange pistils. When grown inside, Larry OG cannabis should complete its flowering period in 65-70 days, providing growers with an abundant harvest of approximately 540 grams per square meter. If, however, you opt to cultivate this strain in Mother Nature, then outdoor growers can anticipate a relatively bountiful yield of 450 grams per plant sometime around the middle part of October.


Strain Genetics

OG Kush x San Fernando Valley OG Kush


40% Sativa, 60% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

CBD Level


THC Content


Flowering Time

65-70 days


Focused, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Muscle Spasms, Pain, Stress


Herbal, Lemon, Pine

Flowering Type


Indoor Yield

540 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

450 gr/plant

Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Yield Levels

High Yield


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  1. Verified Owner

    Great seeds for a great price. Gets my blood pumping in the morning and gets the creative juices flowing to my brain. I love smoking before a writer’s room session and enjoy just getting high after work as well. LA is the perfect place to grow weed. Does very well in our hot and dry climate. One of my absolute favorites!!

  2. Verified Owner

    Indulge in the blissful sensation of Larry OG marijuana, a strain that channels the spirit of California with its burst of euphoric energy. Like a ray of sunshine cutting through the darkness, Larry OG uplifts and invigorates while melting away stress and tension. With its aromatic citrus aroma and sticky sweet flavor, this strain is a true delight.

  3. Verified Owner

    Larry OG Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a must-have for any marijuana enthusiast. With its burst of euphoric energy and uplifting effects, Larry OG is the perfect strain to uplift and invigorate. Its aromatic, citrusy flavor adds to the overall experience, making it a delightful indulgence. Easy to cultivate, Larry OG seeds thrive in controlled settings like greenhouses.

  4. Verified Owner

    This strain offers a burst of euphoric energy that uplifts and invigorates, while also soothing away stress and tension. The aromatic citrus and sweet flavor make it even more enjoyable. Although Larry OG can get quite tall, it’s easy to cultivate and provides an impressive yield.

  5. Verified Owner

    In just 8 weeks I was gifted by this seed with a magnificent bounty! Amazing quality one-to-one quality hybrid. This grew so fast that I could not believe my eyes. Really thankful Growers delivery comes by so fast! Perfect germination.

  6. Verified Owner

    Larry OG is a fantastic balanced hybrid strain that I absolutely love. With its 50/50 blend of Indica and Sativa, it provides a perfect balance of effects. The high is focused, happy, and relaxed, making it great for relieving muscle spasms, pain, and stress. The flavor is herbal, lemon, and pine, giving it a fresh and invigorating taste.

  7. Verified Owner

    Not only did the package arrive quickly and discreetly but the Larry OG seed are now plants who are thriving and looks like it gonna be a good yield. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

  8. Verified Owner

    Larry OG is a Canadian favorite! I had my seeds shipped to my land outside Calgary. I grew 20 plants all at once….a little crazy but not impossible!
    Naturally, I am swimming in nug and really appreciate the variety, the fast shipping, and helpful customer service.
    I feel like I am part of a community!!

  9. Verified Owner

    Larry OG Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a must-have for any cannabis enthusiast. This strain delivers a burst of euphoric energy that can help uplift your mood and relieve stress. With a THC level of 26%, it’s a potent option for both recreational and medicinal users.

  10. Verified Owner

    Due to the winters here we grow in a greenhouse, and Larry OG is perfectly suited for it! This is definitely one of my top 5 wake and bakes. Two green thumbs up that’s for sure! Oh and GCS gets 5 stars every time!

    Kiara F., Capitol Hill, CO

  11. Verified Owner

    Larry OG has a really nice flavor profile to it with hints of lemon and pine. The high is extremely enjoyable, giving me a focused and happy feeling. I found it great for easing muscle spasms and pain, as well as reducing stress.

  12. Verified Owner

    Larry OG was a great strain with a very smooth smoke and a nice high. The plant grew quite well and produced buds that were frosty and sticky with a pungent aroma. Overall, a great purchase and definitely a strain to try.

  13. Verified Owner

    Really nice euphoric high that hits the body and mind quite equally. The high can last quite long and feel quite strong so if you like strong strains this will be a good pick for you. It also grows very fast and tall so be mindful of your space.

  14. Verified Owner

    Larry OG from Grower Choice Seeds gave me a focused and happy high that left me feeling relaxed. The herbal, lemon, and pine flavors were smooth and enjoyable. This strain also helped with my muscle spasms and stress. Overall, a great choice for anyone looking for a balanced and uplifting experience.

  15. Verified Owner

    The ultimate wake-and-bake strain. I always have a few joints rolled of the Larry OG before I hit the beaches…LA is a generally miserable place to live, but growing on my balcony in the hot sun is a strange silver lining. I get some really high quality nug every time I grow with GCS. Their seeds ship out really fast, and I never had trouble with germination, so overall not too bad!

  16. Verified Owner

    I had a smooth and satisfying experience watching these plants thrive. The high from Larry OG is the perfect balance of focus and relaxation. It melts away my muscle spasms and stress, leaving me feeling happy and content. The flavor is a refreshing blend of herbal, lemon, and pine, making every hit a delightful experience.

  17. Verified Owner

    Are you ready to chill HARDCORE? This stuff is wildly tasty, uplifting and satisfying. The bud is fresh and very dank….perfect for just dissolving into a bowl…or making into delicious cannabutter. No matter what happens, this gets me high and makes me smile 🙂 I will definitely buy online from them again!

  18. Verified Owner

    Larry is bright big and beautiful. The official weed of Southern Cali and MY backyard lol!
    All you need is 3 seeds to get started, and watch out cause they grow quick!
    Only took about 150-160 days till harvest. Some of the freshest bud I ever smoked!

  19. Verified Owner

    Take a smoooooth sweet hit off Larry OG and watch your problems melt away. There’s nothing better than this hybrid strain from GCS. They have such a massive online selection, I literally had to call customer service for some good recommendations. And they delivered! Soooo nice having fresh weed in the yard. Huge game changer!

  20. Verified Owner

    Perfect grow for us Canadian growers. I LOVE the incredible taste and smell of Larry OG. Has a bright citrusy scent and when you smoke it, it’s a lot like taking a gulp of fresh OJ. Ahhhhh delicious 🙂

    Buying online was simple and very convenient. The shipping times are about as fast as amazon, very professional. Had most of my seeds germinate within a week, which is hard to come by most other places!

  21. Verified Owner

    Nobody is going to take this weed away from me. I love the sweet and energetic smell of this weed. Kind of tastes citrusy and minty, VERY REFRESHING!!! Was able to cultivate nearly 800 G of marijuana, even in my Canadian grow room haha. Great shipping rates on these quality seeds!

  22. Verified Owner

    You should totally snag these seeds while they are on sale. GCS does amazing deals on all their weed but this one is my favorite. Bought like 10 seeds at once cause I am tryna grow for my whole family. Very excited that all of them germinated. Expecting well over 1000 Gs but I don’t know when the weed will be ready!

  23. Verified Owner

    Sweet indica that helps me deal with depression. Easy growing and light fluffy weed. The plants are pretty big though so make sure you have tall ceilings if growing indoors.

  24. Verified Owner

    If you suffer from anxiety or depression, I guarantee you will benefit from this weed. I used to shop around Oregon for different seed banks until I realized you could just order from GCS online. So convenient, and with their fast shipping, and reliable germination, this euphoria-driven weed is a true gem, even for beginners!!

  25. Verified Owner

    Great buy! This website has it all! Customer service led to me Larro OG, SO relaxing! Great for taking your time, and just having a good night. Its laid back, doesn’t demand a lot of you, other than that you play video games and have some fun haha!b Cultivating this is eaaaaasy! Great for my self confidence!!!

  26. Verified Owner

    Amazing strain. Smells like lemon pine. Grows a bit tall, but i top my plants so no biggie.

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