Kosher Kush Feminized Seeds

Explore Kosher Kush cannabis seeds and everything this strain has to offer. Learn about its origins, unique characteristics, and optimal growing techniques. Discover the rich aroma and flavor profile of this beloved strain, along with its potent effects and high yields. Ideal for both connoisseurs and cultivators, this indica-dominant hybrid is a must-have in any cannabis gathering and garden.

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Kosher Kush Feminized Seeds

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What is the Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain?

Kosher Kush has roots in the sunny climes of California and was originally bred by DNA Genetics. This amazing strain became popular as a standout for its remarkable THC content, which usually tests above 20%. Characterized by its indica dominance, Kosher Kush boasts dense, resinous buds that have a distinct aroma of earth and pine with a subtle hint of fruitiness. Its genetics are a well-kept secret, adding to its mystique and attractiveness in the cannabis community. This strain has gained acclaim for its potent effects, often described as deeply relaxing and sedative, making it a favorite for those seeking a tranquil escape from the stress of daily life.

What are its Effects?

Kosher Kush is a true masterpiece in the world of cannabis. As an indica-dominant hybrid, it is particularly loved for its ability to induce deep body relaxation. Users often report full-body relaxation, a sensation that goes above mere physical ease, as it enters the mind equally. With the mind and body in a serene state, this strain is said by many medical marijuana users to be an exceptional cannabis strain for those seeking comfort from chronic pain.

The THC content in Kosher Kush is the reason it’s such a potent strain. It’s not just the physical effects that are noteworthy as many users describe a fuzzy body sensation, a unique characteristic that sets it apart from other strains. The strain is also known for its ability to generate happiness, with a gentle yet profound impact on mood and mental state.

Kosher Kush is a variety that promises an extraordinary exploration into relaxation and well-being. Its effects are not just felt; they are experienced, making it a dream cannabis strain for both recreational and medicinal cannabis users. Whether you’re seeking complete body relaxation or a serene escape from everyday stresses, Kosher Kush offers a deeply immersive and satisfying experience.

What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

The creation of feminized cannabis seeds marked a significant turning point in the world of cannabis cultivation. Originating in the late 1990s, these seeds have transformed the way growers approach cannabis farming. The key to their popularity is in their unique genetic makeup: feminized seeds are bred to make sure that almost every plant grown from them will be female.

Female cannabis plants are the gold standard for growers, primarily because they produce buds that are rich in cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Before the popularization of feminized seeds, cultivators had to plant double the number of regular seeds, which produce both male or female plants, and then would have to identify and remove the males to prevent pollination.

Feminized seeds effectively eliminated this uncertainty and inefficiency. They became a game-changer, particularly for small-scale growers and those in regions with legal restrictions on the number of cannabis plants they could grow. By guaranteeing female plants, these seeds maximized the potential of every seed planted, creating a higher yield of usable cannabis.

What do Kosher Kush Female Cannabis Plants Look Like?

Kosher Kush cannabis plants are known for their striking indica-dominant features. These plants are typically robust and bushy, a common trait among indica varieties. Their stature is short to medium, making them ideal for growers with limited space, particularly those cultivating indoors.

The leaves of Kosher Kush stand out with their broad, dark green hue, often exhibiting shades of deep purple when exposed to cooler temperatures. This color change is a natural response to the environment and adds to the plant’s appealing look.

One of the most noticeable attributes of Kosher Kush is its buds. They are known for being large, densely packed, and generously coated with a layer of shiny trichomes. These trichomes are small but significant, containing the essential cannabinoids and terpenes that define the plant’s potency and aroma. The presence of orange pistils that are interwoven amongst the buds contributes to this strain’s eye-catching appearance.

During Kosher Kush’s flowering time, it releases a strong aroma renowned for smelling of earth, pine, and fruit. Overall, Kosher Kush cannabis plants are favored for their compact growth, impressive bud structure, and potent aroma. These features make them a popular choice for both growers and cannabis users.

Flavor and Aroma Profiles

Kosher Kush is also known for its unique and appealing taste and smell, which is a significant part of its popularity. The aroma of Kosher Kush is rich and in-depth, as described just above. Its combination of scents creates a deeply aromatic experience that is inviting to everyone it its presence.

When combusted, Kosher Kush delivers a flavor that mirrors its aromatic qualities. The predominant taste is earthy and woody, characteristic of many Kush varieties. This is complemented by a distinct sweetness and a hint of citrus, adding a refreshing dimension to its flavor. Some users also report a slightly spicy or herbal undertone, which rounds out its taste and makes it more complex.

Growing Kosher Kush

Growers love growing Kosher Kush, especially those who are familiar with indica-dominant strains. Indoors, its short and bushy stature makes it manageable in limited spaces, while outdoor cultivation can benefit from natural sunlight, ideal in warm, temperate climates. Growers have the choice of using soil, which can enhance the strain’s flavor profile, or hydroponics for more controlled nutrient delivery and potentially larger yields. Regular pruning and training techniques, such as topping and Low-Stress Training, are always important for maximizing light penetration and air circulation. This encourages bushier growth and increasing buds. High-intensity lighting, especially a mix of HPS and MH lights, is important during the flowering stage.

Maintaining optimal climate conditions is a must, with Kosher Kush preferring a warmer environment and moderate humidity. A balanced nutrient regime is key, providing essential nutrients throughout its growth phases. Finally, the timing of the harvest is important for the quality of the buds, generally indicated when trichomes shift from clear to a milky white color. Following these methods will make sure that Kosher Kush plants develop to their full potential, producing potent, flavorful buds with a rich aromatic profile.

Harvesting Kosher Kush

Harvesting Kosher Kush at the ideal time is important to maximize its quality and potency. Typically, this strain reaches its peak harvest readiness after about 9 to 10 weeks of flowering when grown indoors. The most reliable indicator that this strain is ready to be harvested is the color of its trichomes. When they shift from clear to a milky white hue, it signals that now is the optimal time for harvest. This change usually coincides with the pistils on the buds turning from white to a reddish-brown color.

Regarding its yield sizes, Kosher Kush is known for its generous output, especially when provided with optimal growing conditions. Indoor growers can expect a yield of around 19 ounces per square meter. For outdoor cultivators, each plant can produce approximately 21 ounces under ideal circumstances. Harvesting at the right moment allows growers to make the most of this abundant yield, reaping the benefits of their careful cultivation in the form of high-quality, potent buds.

 Similar Cannabis Strains

  1. OG Kush: Often considered a classic, OG Kush shares a similar genetic background with Kosher Kush. Known for its potent effects and distinct earthy and pine flavors, it’s a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.
  2. Bubba Kush: This indica-dominant strain is renowned for its heavy tranquilizing effects. Bubba Kush and Kosher Kush share a similar flavor profile and are both celebrated for their deep relaxation properties.
  3. Granddaddy Purple: Similar to Kosher Kush, Granddaddy Purple is an indica-dominant strain known for its relaxing effects and ability to aid sleep. It also boasts a complex berry and grape aroma.
  4. Tahoe OG Kush: This strain is another member of the OG family, like Kosher Kush. It’s favored for its strong, fast-acting effects that provide a powerful sense of relaxation.
  5. Blueberry Kush: A cross between Blueberry and OG Kush, this strain shares the relaxing and sedative effects of Kosher Kush. It’s also known for its distinctive blueberry aroma and flavor.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Kosher Kush


100% Indica

Strain Type


Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Indoor Yield

Up to 550 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 450 gr

Best Use

Anxiety, Evening, Insomnia, Pain


Earthy, Pine, Pungent

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Kosher Kush Feminized Seeds

Based on 26 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    Pretty relaxing stuff, really takes the “edge” off if you know what I mean. Bought this weed online and had it delivered to Oregon. Fast shipping and air-tight packaging make this a great sell to anyone who has a passion for growing. Takes a fair bit of pruning and watering, LOVE, but in the end, turns out great, solid yield, fluffy flowers, good vibes!!

  2. Verified Owner

    Easy to grow, really takes care of itself in the right environment. Helps me deal with pain and stress, also combats my depression beautifully. Feeling very lucky I stumbled onto a site where I could buy my own marijuana seeds. Their customer service was so useful, and helped me find the right strain for me. Plus the growing tips on this site made for some fat nugs and chill times driven by this indica beauty…

  3. Verified Owner

    If you have a hankering for some pure delicious kush, I strongly recommend trying out the Kosher Kush. Perfect strain for beginners, and an excellent buy if you are strapped for cash. Believe me, this weed will make you relaxed and happy, and it will save you $$ at the dispensary in the long run. Awesome sauce people!!!

  4. Verified Owner

    Nice way to wind down. Has a sour, earthy flavor and a smooth, creamy buzz. Been growing this since I was in college, but GCS genetics make these seeds some of the best you can find at this price point.

  5. Verified Owner

    The kush is BOSS! I love this strain for it’s MASSIVE nugs and it’s incredible style! Very green and light, crumbles up in my hand. Makes for the best thin-rolled joints of any weed I have come across to this day. I was fortunate to live in CA and ordered my seeds through GCS. These guys are based RIGHT HERE in Cali, their seeds come from growers WHO REALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Even if you’re new to weed, you’re guaranteed to have a great time working with these seeds.

  6. Verified Owner

    So kosher you can bring it home to your mother for the holidays 🙂 This weed is a good backyard grow, but does even better indoors. The smells and tastes are so alluring, I can’t help but keep growing it! My new favorite weed BY FAR and so easy to order online!

  7. Verified Owner

    Ordered three seeds of the Kosher Kush. I’m definitely a Fan of This. Thank you Growers Choice Seeds.

  8. Verified Owner

    Mmm gimme that PURE indica energy for a night of light and bright relaxation. So dang HAPPY to have this weed in my new apartment just growing in the sun. It looks so delicious, like I could just pluck some of the buds off and eat them! But really, it’s all about that harvest! Great yields, nearing 500 grams every grow. I am a master of Kosher kush now, and I am tryna make it happen!

  9. Verified Owner

    Ha! I love kosher kush….it’s a deeply relaxing, soothing, and sedative indica. PERFECT in the evenings. Helps me with stress, anxiety, and depression.
    I definitely don’t consider myself an expert, but I DO enjoy the thrill of working in my garden!! Buying MJ online makes it easy!!

  10. Verified Owner

    The plants were strong and healthy, and the yield was impressive. The high it provides is soothing and perfect for evening use. When smoking this strain, the earthy and pine flavors really come through, with a pungent twist. It’s a great choice for those seeking relief from anxiety, insomnia, and pain.

  11. Verified Owner

    A deeply relaxing strain that helps with stress and anxiety. Kosher kush is soft and fluffy these nugs feel lighter than air! I took great care of my plants, and I really believe MJ takes a lot of commitment and concentration to get it right. You might fail 1, 2, 3 seasons in a row, but you learn more every time. Cut the wait in half by reading the blogs and learning valuable growing techniques. It’s a challenge but SO worth it once you NAIL it!

  12. Verified Owner

    I am hard to impress, but I gotta say, this mj did the trick. Excellent yields…about 100 G per plant, usually walking away with between 400-500 G per harvest…I grow over the summer…usually just in my backyard…but this year I wanted to experiment and grow indoors. Pretty surprised how well this turned out. Got way more mj than expected. Fresh as heck, very pungent. I definitely want to burn through my stash a little slower, but hey, having a good time.

  13. Verified Owner

    Kosher Kush is an incredible strain that delivers a strong and relaxing high. The earthy and pine flavor adds to the overall experience. It’s perfect for evening use to help with anxiety, insomnia, and pain. Growing this strain was a breeze, and the yields were impressive both indoors and outdoors. Overall, I highly recommend Kosher Kush for its potency and therapeutic effects.

  14. Verified Owner

    This was an excellent addition to my garden, as its fast-growing time and great earthy taste made it very accessible. The high is all on the body and is great for easing off any pains one might have. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice body high.

  15. Verified Owner

    Kosher Kush is definitely a great option for anyone looking for a strain that has a strong indica body high. I loved how relaxed and happy I felt after smoking this strain, and it was definitely easy to grow. I found it really helpful for anxiety and insomnia, and the earthy and pine taste was very pleasant. It’s definitely a great strain to use in the evening if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep!

  16. Verified Owner

    Kosher Kush is a mouth-watering strain with a strong and long-lasting high. The buds are dense and coated in crystals, making it perfect for a relaxing evening smoke. GCS customer service is excellent and the seeds arrived quickly and safely.

  17. Verified Owner

    These seeds arrived very quickly and sprouted within a few days. They grew into healthy and strong plants with great yields. The buds had a very nice aroma and produced a relaxing and mellow high. Happy with my purchase from this site.

  18. Verified Owner

    My only complaint about Kosher Kush is sometimes I forget to have snacks set up on my coffee table and then when I need some chips and dip I’m too couchlocked to walk the 100 feet to my kitchen. But that’s my fault and not Kosher Kush’s. So, I guess I don’t have any complaints!

    E.J., Winooski, VT

  19. Verified Owner

    I’m thrilled with my recent purchase of Kosher Kush. The buds are dense, sticky, and pack a powerful punch. As a proud Jewish person, I love that this strain is certified “kosher” and held to such high standards. It’s a great strain for unwinding after a long day or just relaxing with friends. Highly recommend giving it a try!

  20. Verified Owner

    Sweet, sticky kosher kush is on YOUR side. I buy this strain of MJ every year, right around now in early spring. These seeds are fresh, they germinate well, and if you grow indoors (like in a greenhouse) you are certain to have some exceptional results. I LOVE working with Grower’s Choice. Nobody has selection like them, and their customer service crew is *actually* helpful!

  21. Verified Owner

    Could not believe how helpful Growers customer service and website are. Got so much info to help me start growing! Clearly cares about the community! Got this for my first grow and got 4/5 seeds germinated. Going very well in my outdoor garden so far!

  22. Verified Owner

    Kosher Kush Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds offer a relaxing and sedating experience. With its high THC content and resilient structure, this pure indica strain is perfect for evening use and treating insomnia.

  23. Verified Owner

    It may take a little longer to flower, but the wait is worth it. The yield is impressive, ranging from 16 to 19 ounces, and the quality is top-notch. The sedative effects and the mood upliftment are just what I needed after a long day. The earthy and piney aroma is also a plus.

  24. Verified Owner

    This pure indica strain offers fast-acting sedation and calming effects, perfect for unwinding with friends. With a high THC content of up to 25%, this strain is potent and resilient. The earthy and piney aroma fills the room, creating a peaceful environment. While it may take some time to flower, the result is a bountiful harvest of sticky cannabis that you’ll want to share.

  25. Verified Owner

    With its impressive sedating effects and high THC content, this pure indica strain is perfect for unwinding with friends. The earthy aroma and bountiful harvest make it a favorite among growers. Don’t miss out on this top-quality strain that will leave you relaxed and giggly.

  26. Verified Owner

    I never had a bowl of kosher kush I didn’t like. This hybrid indica is a good grow and produces soft, fluffy nugs.
    GCS is legit af, THEY ship all over the USA and even into Canada. I am STOKED!!!
    Thanks for the awesome nugs!

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