Kali Mist Feminized Seeds

Kali Mist Feminized Seeds

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(26 customer reviews)

Having taken first place three times in its storied history, Kali Mist marijuana is the award winning, sativa dominant strain you didn’t know you needed in your life.

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Kali Mist Feminized Seeds

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Having taken first place three times in its storied history, Kali Mist marijuana is the award winning, sativa dominant strain you didn’t know you needed in your life. A fast favorite among newcomers and veterans, Kali Mist boasts a moderate THC content but delicious effect. 

Energetic and happy – two characteristics that embody a Kali mist marijuana high, and ofer explanation as to why most consumers recommend the strain be reserved for mornings. It will clear your mind, provide focus, and induce creativity. Struggling with lethargy, stress, depression? In addition to the natural CBD content, the mood-enhancing qualities of Kali Mist can help drastically. 

The Kali Mist strain of marijuana carries a potent and distinctive aroma, blending the strong scents of herbs, earthy tones, fruity notes, and a hint of pine, which some may find to be overpowering.

Cultivating Kali Mist cannabis seeds is quite simple. While it’s rather short in stature, these plants tend to develop many branches with few leaves and large buds. Kali mist seeds, when cultivated in appropriate conditions, can offer a healthy yield of between 11 and 18 ounces indoors or 25 ounces per plant when grown outside. They benefit from low-stress training techniques and will be ready for harvest after about 12 weeks of flowering. 

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Kali Mist


10% Indica, 90% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

70-80 days

THC Content



Energetic, Euphoric, Uplifted

CBD Level


Indoor Yield

Up to 450 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 700 gr

Best Use

Anxiety, Depression, Pain


Herbal, Skunky, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

26 reviews for Kali Mist Feminized Seeds

  1. BudBrigadier420 Verified Owner

    Not the easiest strain to grow, but definitely worth the effort. Kali Mist has a unique spicy, earthy flavor and a pleasant, uplifting high. The plants produced a decent yield and the flowers were beautiful. Would recommend to experienced growers looking for a challenge.

  2. Astral2Adventurer Verified Owner

    The plants were easy to grow and produced large, potent buds. The energetic and uplifting high was exactly what I was looking for, making it perfect for morning use. The sweet and spicy flavor was a nice bonus. The only downside was the overpowering aroma, but the benefits definitely outweighed that.

  3. CosmicCactus76 Verified Owner

    With its award-winning history and sativa dominance, this strain is sure to satisfy. The energetic and happy high will clear your mind and boost your creativity. Plus, it’s great for combating stress and depression. The scent and flavor are a unique blend of herbs, earth, fruit, and pine.

  4. SaltySeagull2023 Verified Owner

    All of my seeds germinated successfully and grew into strong and healthy plants. The sativa-dominant hybrid gives me a burst of energy and uplifts my mood. It’s perfect for managing anxiety, depression, and pain. The flavor is a delightful blend of herbal, skunky, and sweet. With a moderate CBD level and a high THC content, it provides a wonderful balance.

  5. Lori Smith Verified Owner

    Ever check out Growers germination guides and info? Really helped me get started! Now I’m growing more difficult seeds like this and it’s absolutely awesome! The herbal skunky taste of this one makes it excellent for me! Perfect 3/3 germination too!

  6. Jones H Verified Owner

    This is the weed you didn’t know you needed in your life!
    Kali mist is a grow of intermediate difficulty. It’s quite fickle in its younger stages but once it lays down roots it can be quite resilient.
    I am a backyard grower, and I always start my seeds in March, transplant outdoors in May, and harvest late-August! Just enough time to smoke weed and enjoy the autumn chill 🙂

  7. Alina Verified Owner

    I don’t have much indoor growing space, and because we can get such long winters I have to choose strains that don’t take up a lot of space inside in the cold months. Kali Mist fits the bill. It’s an absolute must for any sativa fan.

    A. Begay Anchorage, AK

  8. Isabella T Verified Owner

    With its moderate THC content and delicious effect, this sativa dominant strain is perfect for mornings. Not only will it enhance your mood, but it can also help with lethargy, stress, and depression. With its distinctive aroma and sweet and spicy flavor, Kali Mist is a favorite among newcomers and veterans alike.

  9. Sandy Gonzalez Verified Owner

    Kali Mist is an amazing strain that really helps alleviate my anxiety and depression. The herbal and skunky flavor is unique and enjoyable, and the sweet undertones make it even better. Overall, a highly recommended strain for those looking for a natural solution to their mental health struggles.

  10. Staci Stokes Verified Owner

    I was impressed with the customer service at Growers Choice Seeds, they helped me choose Kali Mist which took a bit longer to grow but was worth the wait. The yield was fantastic and the quality of the buds was top-notch. The high was very euphoric and uplifting, definitely recommend it.

  11. UniverseUsher Verified Owner

    I love the fast shipping and friendly customer service when I ordered Kali Mist Feminized Seeds. I can’t wait to see the gorgeous plants they will produce.

  12. GardenGoddess Verified Owner

    I honestly had never heard of Kali mist before….I was so excited to read up on it….customer service team also recommended it to me. I couldn’t say NO!
    I ordered 10 seeds online, and they were in my mailbox in like 5 days? FAST!
    I soaked them (as suggested online) and they sprouted MUCH more quickly. A great choice as a new grower….the sativa energy is GREAT for banishing depression and anxiety. Feelin g great about all this!

  13. Kyoko Matsui Verified Owner

    The plants flourished with ease, producing vibrant and hearty buds. The high from Kali Mist is invigorating and uplifting, making it perfect for relieving anxiety and depression. The flavor is a delightful blend of herbal, skunky, and sweet notes that tantalize the taste buds. Highly recommended for those seeking a rewarding growing experience and a euphoric high.

  14. Gregory Friedman Verified Owner

    Kali Mist was a very light strain that made me feel a light high that was calming yet I still felt energetic enough to be active. Found this good for going about my day relaxed and got a really nice yield growing this outdoors. The seeds I bought from Growers all sprouted excellently and I was happy not a single seed went to waste.

  15. aimi7luLoa Verified Owner

    So refreshing! Kali Mist is a light, uplifting sativa with a deep euphoria that inspires happiness, laughter, and creativity! It’s a lesser known strain no doubt, but it’s always available here on GCS, especially with such a wide selection, it’s great to know the gems! Took about 10 weeks to grow, and produces at least 100 G per plant. Those are some good odds!

  16. Dreamy5Drifter Verified Owner

    With its moderate THC content and energetic, happy effects, Kali Mist is perfect for morning use. It can help clear your mind, provide focus, and induce creativity. Whether you’re struggling with lethargy, stress, or depression, Kali Mist’s mood-enhancing qualities can make a difference.

  17. Stacie Green Verified Owner

    Born and bred for Cali growers, this light sativa is perfect for daytime smoking, especially chilling at the beach! Can’t wait for my next seed packet to arrive. The seeds germinate quickly and reliably and produce delicious sour nug in about 10 weeks!

  18. Sahra Mccall Verified Owner

    Very uplifting high! Great for smoking on my days off! Growing weed is an excellent hobby, and it takes my mind off what’s stressing me out!
    This last harvest was my best to date, nearly 600 G and a LOT of good bud all very fresh!

  19. Alivia Clifford Verified Owner

    Great for managing pain and stress. Perfect in the evenings when I am sitting on my porch. I LOVE buying weed online, it’s so much easier and yields some great results. Helps me stay positive during these trying times. Give it a go 😉

  20. Mairead House Verified Owner

    A rare find, but definitely worth the search! Kali mist is a surprisingly strong sativa, with a mellow indica backbone. You will be just as energetic as if you’d taken that first sip of coffee in the morning. Ahhhh, so refreshing!

  21. Brenda Greaves Verified Owner

    Makes for a sweet after dinner snack….usually mellows me out and puts me in the mood to just calm down and take it easy for the night. Never heard of this site before a friend recommended it to me. The power of this weed is immense. I feel incredibly lucky to have this in my back pocket when I am traveling or just taking a stroll. It’s a great strain to just have on-hand, and it usually ends up giving you a sweet energy!

  22. Max Gallegos Verified Owner

    There’s a reason this strain is winning all kinds of awards. It’a a very nice and uplifting strain that gives me a great head buzz. I smoke it almost daily, just to reduce my stress levels and give me something to be excited about. I was able to secure 800 grams of very fresh weed. It was a good experience, one I’d like to replicate.

  23. Quentin Hammond Verified Owner

    Have been a west coaster my whole life, and I have always wanted to grow my own bud. My friend actually uses this site and recommended me this strain. Great buy, a real gem. Working in my garden again has been great for my depression and anxiety. I think smoking your own bud is really the way to go, especially a nice hybrid like Kali Mist.

  24. Verity Jeffery Verified Owner

    Some NICE marijuana, a sweet velvety smooth smoke that has a tropical taste and a heavy sativa effect. Perfect for beach days, or for long walks in the woods. Bought my seeds online, was surprised and happy to see how easy it was for these to grow. They basically ruled themselves, and they look fantastic, bright green and healthy. Thrilled to have Kali mist in my life.

  25. Mikayla Mack Verified Owner

    Wow kali mist is really something special. It’s an easy grow, and it produces this totally groovy weed that has a bluish color to it, and is an absolute gem at the end of a long day. Super relaxing. Indica vibes all around. Ordered online and had this weed delivered straight to my mailbox. Has been a joy and experience to get this weed growing. Awesome buy.

  26. the Clown Verified Owner

    Very excited to try these out, winner of multiple awards since it’s beginning. Moderate level of cbd with a “moderate” level of thc is a winner in my book. Catching a kali buzz with a moderate boost of healing properties? Sign me up! Hey, thank you gcs for providing quite the selection for beginner cultivators to some of the more original ‘creators’. Your showcase grows as does your adult novelty collectors. Much love

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