Holy Grail Kush Seeds

Two words that users consistently give when describing this much sought-after indica-leaning, euphoric unwinder–Holy Grail Kush–are “pleasurable” and “enjoyable.”

  • 60% Indica 40% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 24%
  • Thrives in an arid, sunny environment
  • Offers a euphoric, relaxing experience
  • Provides large outdoor yields!
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Lauded as the first to receive a perfect score in the High Times Cannabis Cup’s Hybrid category in 2011 and winner of the 2012 Spannabis festival, Holy Grail Kush is an understandably, much sought-after, indica-leaning hybrid strain that is the offspring of OG#18 and Kosher Kush.

Profile and effects of Holy Grail Kush

With a potent 24% THC level that results in sheer relaxation, Holy Grail Kush cannabis is generally considered a nighttime kind of smoke, but due to its immediate burst of elation and energetic boost, it can also make for a productive daytime high. While Holy Grail Kush, which tastes of coffee and citrus and smells of earth and pine, is an effective mind and body calmer, it does not have a reputation for being too intense. Two words that users consistently give when describing this euphoric unwinder are “pleasurable” and “enjoyable.”

Medical benefits of Holy Grail Kush cannabis

Medically, per anecdotal evidence, Holy Grail Kush is considered a potentially good option for helping patients who suffer from stress. In terms of physical symptoms, it has a reputation for providing a heavy body stone that can potentially help with various conditions. Additionally, it’s known to increase the appetite and make users sleepy.

Growing Holy Grail Kush

Holy Grail Kush is easy for beginners to cultivate, though it should be remembered that its aroma will make itself clearly known, so you’ll need to choose a well-ventilated area. Also, its branches will need some support as they tend to grow quite heavy when flowering. Grown indoors, it should yield about 18 oz per square meter in 9-10 weeks. Outdoors, Holy Grail Kush cannabis thrives in a dry and sunny climate, where it can yield a generous 23 oz per plant near mid-October. 

Additional information

Strain Genetics

The OG #18 x Kosher Kush


40% Sativa, 60% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Energetic, Euphoric, Happy

Indoor Yield

Up to 510 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 650 g/plant

Best Use

Anytime, Depression, Pain


Herbal, Pine, Pungent

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Holy Grail Kush Seeds

Based on 56 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    Grow so far has went very well. No issues with seeds sprouting. This is the second of flowering. Plants looks great and nobody believes this is my very first time growing. Grow is in a 4×4 vivosun tent with a MarsHydro TSW 2000 light.

  2. Verified Owner

    Absolutely excellent. It’s a really big girl I’m not done with my **** yet I got a late start and I am done very much so just takes me a little bit much to do it but having a lot of fun and I really enjoy it and I enjoy smoking him and it’s been a real pleasure I gave you five stars thank you so much I’ll definitely base with you again no problem my head as I have a mesh count and I have an experience to problems trying to buy some on the mesh account I don’t know how to get to that always goes to something else and denies me elsewise been really really really great thanks

  3. Verified Owner

    Plant grew 2 months in veg stage..now 2 month flowering. Plant are about 4 ft tall. The tops are getting bigger every day. Smells great. Just need to figure when to harvest.. best strain so far.

  4. Verified Owner

    The seed arrived all good. It took an extra week or so due to the holiday. I have only one started, doing super. Much better than the White Widow autoflowers I have.

  5. Verified Owner

    Strong growth from day one.
    Very happy with the genetics.
    100% organic grow at 2 weeks from germination

  6. Verified Owner

    Very very nice.wow THEE OBAMA HI.LOL

  7. Verified Owner

    Pretty good experience growing a difficult strain. in winter time

  8. Verified Owner

    The holy grail Kush strain is vigorous and the smoke is smooth and enjoyable this opinion is in spite of my amateurish mistakes while growing. I am frequently heavy-handed with H2o and fertilizer but this grow I was to light-handed and ended up with a severe calcium deficiency which destroyed my grow, but in spite of this I still got an ounce per plant(Appalling, I know!) And I had to harvest two weeks early as a stop loss order, but the smoke is still very good because the Genes are excellent, no mistake, excellent! I highly recommend holy grail Kush and GCS. Excellent customer service as well !

  9. Verified Owner

    Had five beans, five germinated .done 4 indoors already & my god, WHAT A FINE PRODUCT. The last seed of holy grail kush from GCS was put outdoors & growing awesome bud.
    Every bean has been exactly what it is supposed to be. Great Job Guys

  10. Verified Owner

    All looks good 8 out of 10 have germinated and looking good at about 2/3 inches. I’m satisfied will see as season progresses.

  11. Verified Owner

    The hearty strain had the rot twice and she pulled through it well considering.
    growing hydro bubbleponics
    I’m sure it would be better without the rot
    totally satisfied

  12. Verified Owner

    It tastes just unbelievable,really nice stone,

  13. Verified Owner

    The staff is second to none. Even with the hiccups of the website changes seeds still came quickly. Couldn’t be happier with the high from these buds. Thanks gc

  14. Verified Owner

    Second grow of this strain and have only had 3 seeds out of 5 germinated gonna give another shot… stay tuned

  15. Verified Owner

    One of my favorite strains is also excellent for tinctures for edibles , I have grown 1-2 every grow
    Definitely 5-star strain

  16. Verified Owner

    This is a great strain for beginners because it is a tough strain to ****. I stressed it out the first run with poor burple lights from Amazon and over watering in ****** soil. (Testing to see if I really wanted to grow my own or buy from the local **** man). The first crop I had with these was embarrassing but a learning experience. Now this grow is amazing and I filled up a 4×4 tent with 4 different phenotypes from GCS. I’m growing them in 7gal fabric pots, with a 50/50 refreshed potting soil and coco coir. I mixed in organic amendments that had a 3-4-4 ratio because of all the old plant roots being broken down in the refreshed soil. My end of the run liquid nutrients are in the picture. These are pictures from the middle and end of week 3 of flower. I might run these until there is about 30 to 40 % Amber for a HEAVY HEAVY hitting strain. If you make edibles this is the strain you need, great yields, lots of thc, and it’s resistant to a lot of pests and mold.

  17. Verified Owner

    so far stellar only got 1 mixed with super lemon haze the haze is boss, but she wont budge, an she’s a feeder
    strong survived root rot twice an look at her now week 4 flower! BAM!!!!! I’M BURNING MY HAZE BUT SHE LOVES IT

  18. Verified Owner

    Awesome. Best strain I’ve come across

  19. Verified Owner

    These seeds sprouted very well. They are growing as they should. The other seeds (Skunk) we did have some issues. All is good, though.

  20. Verified Owner

    Everything is as described. Seeds germinated, nice easy indoor grow, and the buds are awesome. Good quality seeds, thankyou

  21. Verified Owner

    Good seeds and company

  22. Verified Owner

    My best friends purchased the fem.holy grail kush seeds from your company.So far so good. Even at only a foot tall snd starting to branch. They are smelling very sweet. I am so very happy with this strain. Will keep y’all informed on the development.Growing it in dried horse?. The best fertilizer I’ve come across.

  23. Verified Owner

    This was my first grow. I followed the on site instructions, and all 4 seeds I used germinated beautifully. I grew all 4 plants in an indoor grow tent with a 1500w LED grow light. I germinated and planted the seeds in Dec, and harvested in mid May. I ended up, with a final dry yield, of between 12-15oz per plant, and the buds are thickly coated in sticky trichomes. I really was expecting much less yield for growing 4 plants in a 4’x4’x7′ tent. I highly recommend Holy grail Kush for an easy and productive grow!!!

  24. Verified Owner

    I’m still in veg stage and it looks amazing I went away for 4 days and came back to this this leaf is on a A4 piece of paper hopefully the buds will be just as big

  25. Verified Owner

    So far so good. Plants are still in veg but growing healthy and rapidly. Have not tried as they are still growing. But so far things look very promising.

  26. Verified Owner

    Still in veg stage but looking great so far !! Easy germination and can’t wait to try

  27. Verified Owner

    Order, tracking, delivery, etc was great. All germinated and made it through flower and got about 3-4 zips per plant in a 2×4 tent with a mars hydro TSL LEDS in the 2×4 size with 6 plants in 4g fabric pots. My only issue (if you can call it a issue) is that there was a stray seed that was clearly not Holy grail kush and the buds from the mystery strain were AWESOME. Still fruity but tasted and smelled more like a grape strain with a crazy amount red pistils. Chalked it up to luck but I wish I knew what mystery strain it was. Grape Indica dominant, but not GDP. Maybe Grape Ape?

  28. Verified Owner

    Great germination the girls are currently in flower and are beautiful

  29. Verified Owner

    Only put em in two weeks ago it just got growing but I put 6 seeds in to germinate and only one has popped but had a look this morning and O E more came up the others I checked out & they rotted can U tell me why I put $$$ & a lot of time into this hoping to get good results my best results have been White Widow FEMS

  30. Verified Owner

    Still growing that looks beautiful

  31. Verified Owner

    I have 3 BK’s going since 420 the are in greenhouses 2 are over 10ft and 1 is 8ft but much bigger around.

  32. Verified Owner

    This cultivar is just splended as long as you have plenty natural nutrients it will grow beyond your wildest dreams that monster can is 10 foot in the air

  33. Verified Owner

    3weeks into flower and these babys are looking great!just ordered some runtz and cant wait to pop those in the ground!

  34. Verified Owner

    Enjoyed the grow connection, the relationship with this site has been amazing

  35. Verified Owner

    Excited 1st-time grower. TY GCS

  36. Verified Owner

    A perfect plant for a first grow indoors, no problems germinating such a beauty. The only place I will be buying my seeds from, it’s been an excellent experience.

  37. Verified Owner

    Experience is always good, great genetics 8 years of beans through this company. 2 short are holy grail kush taller gorilla glue auto.

  38. Verified Owner


  39. Verified Owner

    Despite only getting 1 seed to grow from my 1st batch, it turned out to be the most potent stuff I ever grew. GCS stands by their 100% guarantee and sent me replacement seeds. These have no problems germinating even with me F’ing with them if they come up as a helmethead. I had a seed pop up and the shell stuck to it and dried and held on tight. I usually try to moisten the husk again and then try to help it open. This time I got rough or distracted and ended up decapitating it. I never give up so I carefully removed the shell as best I could. It was kind of mushed but I tried to stick its head back on the stem I buried right up to the break. I kept it in a moist high humidity environment for about a week hoping it would reattach, but the head just continued to mush. The stem, without any leaves stayed green and juicy so I just continued to tend to this stem. After about 2 more weeks one fine thin hair, or so it looked like, just started to grow off the stem. A few more weeks and it proved to be a great fighter to live and reproduce. It had an odd 3 leaves node structure as opposed to the 1 or 2 leave nodes we usually get. Then it went outside for more abuse by me. I didn’t mean to, but I accidentally caused this plant to go through abuse that would most certainly **** a weaker genetic strain. This plant has been outside since April, made 2 clones by just sticking them in water for 3 days and then sticking them in soil. This mother plant that started life having its head torn off now has branches sticking out in all directions from its 3 stem nodes. The 1st seed I grew didn’t go through all this abuse and had 6 main colas that all weighed about 4 grams each when dried and cured. Completely covered in trichomes looking like an ice storm had coated it. This was the 1st 1 puff stuff I ever grew! Just holding the lighter away from the bowl and melting the trichomes would still give me a hit that expanded enough to cause me to cough. This stuff was STRONG! After 2-3 puffs I ended up coughing so hard I’d have to put it out and take a break for 30-90 minutes. I cannot wait to see how this unkillable outdoor plant will turn out! Still, 6-8 weeks to go. Its 2 clones are single branch clones with those 3 leave nodes and all 3 are now in week 2 of the flower. The mother and all her branches give me hopes that I may get over 1 Lb from this monster. My 1st indoor GCS Holy grail kush plant was certainly in the high 20’s for THC if not 30+. Every single puff of this stuff caused me to cough and get very high and had me snuffing out my joint by the 3rd or 4th ****. That’s why I call it HOLY Cough, the best I ever grew! Thanks, GCS !

  40. Verified Owner

    One of the nicest in my garden, coated in terps and resin,nice short plant with great sized nugs and heavy yield ?

  41. Verified Owner

    It really does smell like holy grail! The smoke is “good”. But it REALLY DOES SMELL LIKE HOLY SHEEEET GODLIKE GRAIL KUSH!!!!!! 😀

  42. Verified Owner

    Great smells and only have 4 weeks of flowers �

  43. Verified Owner

    Holy holy holy! This weed should be approved by all religions worldwide for its possibility of spiritual insight. I love smoking a fat bowl of Holy grail kush, sitting full lotus, and having a deep meditation session. I feel my body calm down and my brain relax. It’s a good strain for smoking at the end of the day!

  44. Verified Owner

    Grower Choice Seeds’ Holy Grail Kush is a potent strain that delivers a powerful body high and a relaxing, euphoric experience. The dense, resinous buds are a pleasure to smoke and the plant is easy to grow, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced growers.

  45. Verified Owner

    Indulging in the Holy Grail Kush is like entering a state of bliss. Its piney and sweet flavor transports you to a tranquil forest, while its woody undertones ground you in serenity. This strain is the perfect companion for anytime, as it effortlessly melts away depression, pain, and stress. With its easy growing difficulty, cultivating this strain is a rewarding experience for both novices and seasoned growers.

  46. Verified Owner

    Best purchase I have ever made. This MJ is top quality and hits super low and slow. It’s a creeper indica with some very fresh and uplifting flavors. SPICY! Best grow I’ve had in years!

  47. Verified Owner

    The Holy Grail Kush Feminized Seeds are impressive! The speedy delivery and robust, healthy plants speak volumes about their quality. As an experienced grower, I can confidently say these seeds are the real deal. I’m excited to see what these little beauties will produce. Highly recommended!

  48. Verified Owner

    Completely spectacular! The quality of these seeds was top-notch and the germination rate was perfect with no dead seeds. Growing the plants was a breeze, took 10 weeks and not much upkeep was needed on my end. I found that yield was excellent for this strain as well.

  49. Verified Owner

    Holy Grail Kush is an incredibly pleasurable and enjoyable strain to smoke. With its potent THC level and calming effects, it’s great for relaxation and unwinding. It tastes like coffee and citrus, and the earthy and pine scent adds to the overall experience. It’s also a good option for medical benefits, especially for reducing stress and physical pain. When it comes to growing, it’s beginner-friendly and yields good results both indoors and outdoors, though the strong aroma may require some ventilation.

  50. Verified Owner

    This really is the holy grail of kushes! It’s one of my favs to light up when I’m at the end of my day where it transports me to a more peaceful state of mind and being. Two thumbs up. Plus, it’s super easy to grow.

    D.K., Klamath Falls, OR.

  51. Verified Owner

    Holy Grail Kush is an incredible strain. It provides a strong Indica body high, which is perfect for those dealing with depression, pain, and stress. The euphoric and happy effects are a great bonus, and it can be smoked anytime. Overall, one of the best strains for relaxation and pain relief.

  52. Verified Owner

    The holy grail of strains is here! Easy to grow, quick grow time (9-10 weeks). An extremely pleasurable and enjoyable high. Love Sativa with Indica hybrids? This is great for that. My fourth order was with growers and I got my order super fast, with amazing quality in germination, Perfect 3/3.

  53. Verified Owner

    If you’re searching for the ultimate strain that will take you to a heavenly place, look no further than Holy Grail Kush. With its potent THC level and delightful flavors of coffee and citrus, this indica-dominant hybrid is a true gem.

  54. Verified Owner

    The name says it all – this strain is truly a holy grail for cannabis lovers. The buds are dense and resinous, with a spicy and earthy aroma. The high is intense and long-lasting, hitting both the body and mind. Overall, a top-quality strain that is definitely worth growing.

  55. Verified Owner

    Holy Grail Kush is a top-tier strain with a perfect balance of indica and sativa genetics. The euphoric and relaxed effects make it perfect for treating depression, pain, and stress. The sweet and woody flavor is a bonus. With full germination, this strain grew easily and produced an impressive yield of potent buds.

  56. Verified Owner

    With a potent 24% THC level, it offers a relaxing yet euphoric high. This indica-leaning strain is known for its pleasurable and enjoyable effects. It is also beneficial for relieving stress, depression, muscle spasms, and physical pain. Growing Holy Grail Kush is easy for beginners, producing high yields indoors or outdoors.

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