Herijuana Feminized Seeds

Herijuana Feminized Seeds

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(25 customer reviews)

Seductively aromatic, Herijuana marijuana is a versatile indica that delivers delicious sedation and soothing relaxation for an evening of rest and relief.

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Herijuana Feminized Seeds

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When restlessness strikes in the evening, a soothing strain like Herijuana marijuana is sure to settle your body and mind. 

Herijuana is a strong, near-pure indica that centralizes its high on the body, melting away tension and stress, with a touch of sativa that delivers both a dreamy, bright happiness and comfortable sleepiness that helps consumers drift into a restful sleep. The boosted THC content (upwards of 25% at its height) of Herijuana marijuana appeals to medicinal consumers as well, who prize Herijuana for its ability to help manage pain, and its sedative qualities when taken at a higher dose. 

On a pungent whiff of lemon, earth, and pine, Herijuana marijuana is fragrant and flavorful, and its sturdy structure proves a resilient and productive strain, even for beginner level gardeners. Herijuana requires only eight to nine weeks of flowering before it’s ready for harvest, with between 16 and 18 ounces of versatile weed to serve your therapeutic needs. 

Additional information

Strain Genetics



20% Sativa, 80% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content



Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

CBD Level


Indoor Yield

Up to 500 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 600 gr

Best Use

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Herbal, Woody

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

25 reviews for Herijuana Feminized Seeds

  1. SilverStarlight76 Verified Owner

    With its seductive aroma and near-pure indica effects, this strain is perfect for melting away tension and stress after a long day. Its high THC content makes it popular among those seeking pain relief, while its dreamy happiness and sleepiness help you drift into a restful slumber.

  2. Saya Suzuki Verified Owner

    I absolutely love the sedative effects it delivers, easing tension and promoting relaxation. The earthy and pine fragrance is also a major plus. On the downside, the high THC content may not be suitable for everyone. Overall, a resilient and productive strain that’s perfect for therapeutic use.

  3. Ann Hayes Verified Owner

    Herijuana is worth trying, the seeds came very fast and all of them germinated without a problem. The growth was easy, and the plants were very healthy. Incredible euphoric feeling and great for relaxing and unwinding. Will definitely be buying again in the future.

  4. CultivateLife Verified Owner

    A very aromatic strain, usually clocking in around 20% THC. Great middle of the road hybrid….gives you the best of both worlds. A fresh yield of about 100 G per plant and a sweet flavor that makes me come back for more. Pretty solid choice all around. Would recommend GCS!

  5. Elizabeth Case Verified Owner

    So for those that want a high THC strain and a solid grow time this genetic is very good for that. Indica is heavy but the hint of Sativa makes the high so pleasant. Growers are probably the best site for seeds. All my seeds pleasantly germinated. Amazing value, thank you growers.

  6. 7DreamyDawn Verified Owner

    This versatile indica strain offers seductive aromas and delivers soothing relaxation, making it perfect for an evening of rest and relief. With its high THC content, Herijuana is also popular among medicinal users for managing pain and inducing sleep. Easy to grow and with a robust structure, this strain is suitable for beginners.

  7. Amanda W Verified Owner

    Herijuana is a fantastic strain, especially for those looking for a relaxing and happy high. It has earthy and herbal flavors that make smoking a pleasant experience. It helps with insomnia, pain, and stress, making it perfect for nighttime use. Overall, a great choice for anyone looking for a potent and effective Indica-dominant hybrid.

  8. GreenishSilverDragon Verified Owner

    A sedating strain that will soothe and relax all your senses to put your day and mind at ease. The woody herbal flavors made this an amazing-tasting strain, and the high was very strong. My seeds came in the mail within 7 days of my order and I was so impressed they all germinated. Proper quality seeds from Growers!

  9. Mudflats3 Verified Owner

    I love the smell of Herijuana, I love how easy it is to grow, and I love all of its effects. This is one of my top 3 for when I’m done with my day and ready to just chill the eff out.

    C. Thomas, Winthrop Town, MA

  10. ChronicCavalier88 Verified Owner

    Herijuana is the perfect strain for those looking for a relaxing and peaceful high. The earthy, herbal, and woody taste add to the calming experience. With 24% THC, it helps ease insomnia, pain, and stress. The full germination and intermediate growing difficulty make it a great option for seasoned growers looking for a challenge.

  11. Prankster Panda Verified Owner

    This is a very strong strain, I found it great to use for pain relief. The buds were nice and dense, and the taste had a bit of a sweet earthy flavor. I was able to get a pretty large yield from these seeds and the high lasted for quite a while. A very good strain overall.

  12. resint0wn Verified Owner

    Best smoking weed I have had in a while. Like, I can really have a “session” with herijuana. The smoke is easy and smooth, the buzz is nice and light. It’s perfect for parties or chillin with the homies. Still pretty new to marijuana, but I think I am getting better at this. Good times all around!

  13. tostonazo Verified Owner

    A deeply floral smell….intensely aromatic…really fills up the room with its gorgeous honey-like scent. The bees love it in the garden lol.
    Hard to grow outdoors….the seeds seem to be best adapted to indoor growing. I always start indoors and TP outdoors in the late-spring. UGH but the weather is so
    unpredictable these days!!

  14. KeyboardKowboy300 Verified Owner

    Herijuana is my go-to strain for a great night’s sleep. It’s perfect for insomnia and helps with my chronic pain, without making me feel too heavy or groggy in the morning. The earthy and herbal flavors make for a smooth smoke and I appreciate the woody undertones. Highly recommend it for anyone dealing with stress or sleep issues.

  15. Lonelydog125 Verified Owner

    I suffer from restless legs in the evening….ugh it makes it so hard to sleep. Believe it or not my doc recommend medical marijuana for my pain. I used to grow way back in the day, and stumbled on this site with such an amazing selection!! So cool they ship everywhere in the USA, and usually within 7 days! My seeds always arrive ON TIME and they are ready to grow right outta the package. Sweet deal and great for my RLS!

  16. Kiya Steadman Verified Owner

    Herijuana is soothing and uplifting. It’s been great for my stress and depression and definitely offers me a great way to relax! I try to burn through my supply over time, but sometimes I just go on a binge and smoke a ton of it in one night. It never gets overpowering and generally just puts me in a good mood. I hope you’ll try it for yourself. I never grew weed before working with pacific, but now….I am an expert!

  17. Rumaisa Cook Verified Owner

    Mmmm that sweet sweet smell of Herijuana. Nothing says “I’m home” like taking a deep toke of this indica leaning hybrid. So awesome! GCS has a GREAT selection of seeds, some strains I never even heard of! Plus their customer service team is really really helpful and always makes sure my seeds arrive on time!

  18. Frederick Holder Verified Owner

    Hope comes in many forms. In this case, it comes in the form of some amazing herijuana marijuana from Grower’s Choice. This indica hybrid has everything you need for a relaxing evening or weekend. Not about being productive, more about taking it nice and slow. Everything about this weed, from it’s fast shipping times, reliable yield, and a truly magnificent smell, makes this a 5/5 winner in my book. Try it out for yourself!!!

  19. GEORGE COLOMBO Verified Owner

    I love everything about this strain. It was easy to grow (I consider myself a newbie), produced a fine yield (10.4 oz. from three plants), and is as potent as I’d hoped. Also, the bouquet is gorgeous, perfume-like. I recommend Herijuana unreservedly. You won’t be disappointed.

  20. Teddie Kirk Verified Owner

    Pretty impressive. This weed grew taller than me and gave me almost 10 oz of weed. Took about 125 days until full maturity, at least in my climate. Better than what’s at the store.

  21. Joel Ybarra Verified Owner

    Herijuanna, sounds almost taboo. She took well to training. Sturdy structure, nice nugs. She was healthy enough I stalk split her main stem. She covered in tricomes. Yielded around 2 oz. of juicy buds from about a 4′ plant. It seemed to fly out of the jar. I suggest planting more than 1…

  22. Brian Faught Verified Owner

    Amazing they grew huge outdoor healthy hearty strain

  23. Rhian Stanton Verified Owner

    How about some herijuana marijuana to make your mj morning go as planned? I am a HUGE fan of this strain for it’s uplifting properties, it’s sweet flavor and it’s easy vibes. Great for smoking on the weekends, a solid grow in almost any garden. A really exciting strain, highly recommend it for anyone looking to start growing their own herb.

  24. Miriam Bassett Verified Owner

    Colorful as it is relaxing. Herijuana is a potent indica that helps me slow down, take a breath, and manage my stress. The mj is absolutely beautiful, a deep green and purple color, almost looks neon in the right lighting. Can’t wait for another shipment of mj!!

  25. Annaliese Wang Verified Owner

    Mmmm this weed is both beautiful and aromatic! Its purple flowers are eye-catchng, and it’s light floral flavor is something to be admired. I bought this strain online, had it delivered to my apartment and grew it on my balcony. Was WAY easier than expected, and always gave me an excellent yield. GCS has an amazing selection, plus fast shipping to keep you on the move.

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