Headband Feminized Seeds

Headband Feminized Seeds

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(77 customer reviews)

The Headband marijuana strain is one that you’ll feel starts in your head before working its way down through your body. This potent strain is the perfect choice for smokers looking to melt the stress away.

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Headband Feminized Seeds

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The Headband cannabis strain is one where its name truly does it justice. The popular strain gets its name since as soon as you smoke it, you’ll feel a tight sensation across your forehead that feels like a headband. Smokers get an excellent marijuana strain with a high potency thanks to an impressive THC level that averages 23%, so when we say you’ll feel this hybrid strain, you’ll really feel this strain!

What is the history of Headband marijuana seeds?

When Sour Diesel and OG Kush were crossed, that’s how Headband was created. Yes, these two came together to form one beautiful cannabis strain! However, who actually bred them in the first place is up for debate. One camp says it was Colorado’s Reserva Privada and another camp gives the credit to California’s Humboldt County. 

Sour Diesel is one of the top sativa-dominant strains, providing users with cerebral and energizing effects that hit hard and fast. This is for those bold smokers due to its strong, diesel flavors and aroma. OG Kush is better known as Premium OG, which says it all. The strain features notes of lemon mixed with pine along with a complex aroma. 

As a result of the effects of marijuana strains like these, Headband grew to be the high-THC, legendary hybrid indica-dominant strain it is now!

What are the effects of Headband?

  • Relaxing effects
  • Stress relieving
  • Euphoric
  • Cerebral effects

Where do we even start when it comes to the effects of this popular strain? The fast-acting marijuana strain starts by providing cerebral effects. As they take place, you feel a tightening pressure around your head that feels like a headband. As the strain makes its way from the head through the body, smokers get a large dose of euphoria that relieves bodily pains. The calming feeling spreads throughout the body to give you a couch-lock feeling.

The Headband cannabis strain aids in blissfully stress-relieving effects to help you relax and unwind after even the longest, most tiresome days. Best of all, the high-end indica-dominant strain gives you a dreamy high for around three hours.

What is the flavor profile of the Headband strain?

First of all, when you take your first hit of the Headband strain, you’ll get a blast of pungency that’s balanced with a blend of lemon tones for a great citrusy taste. The lemon zest flavors provide a bit of sweetness and a bit of tanginess and sourness to tickle your tastebuds.

As the creamy smoke fills the air, you’ll smell a punchy aroma of lemon that makes you want to continue to smoke. Although Headband provides a relatively simple flavor profile, it’s still intriguing enough to keep you holding on and indulging!

What is the plant structure and growth rate of the Headband strain?

The Headband marijuana plant starts off as short and bushy before growing into a tall plant with small buds that resemble popcorn. Under ideal conditions, you can expect Headband plants to reach a height of 30-60 inches indoors or outdoors for a manageable height.

Once it flowers, you’ll be drawn into thick, dense nuggets with a bold dark green color. When you get a peep of the white trichomes, you’ll see for yourself that this cannabis strain is the real deal. Those sticky trichomes signify Headband packs plenty of THC for you to enjoy at your leisure!

What is the importance of light penetration?

As a sativa-dominant strain, these cannabis seeds need you to stay on top of their feeding and lighting schedule. That’s why it’s important to understand the importance of light penetration and how it plays a role in the growth of this cannabis strain.

As Headband grows, it needs 18 hours of light followed by 6 hours of dark. During the flowering stage, you need to ensure your plants get 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. With the right light penetration and optimal conditions, your cannabis strain will produce indoor yields of 500-600 grams per plant. Outdoor plants will yield up to 800 grams per plant. 

What is the flowering time of this strain?

What’s the best environment for this strain to flower? Mediterranean climates bode the best for this Headband strain indica hybrid since it requires a warm climate with temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees F. Under the right conditions, expect Headband to flower in 8-10 weeks indoors. For outdoor plants, they will flower around the middle of October. 

What is the optimal humidity level for this strain?

Since Headband thrives in a Mediterranean climate, it provides the perfect humidity levels to ensure your plants bloom and thrive. In addition to excellent air circulation, you should keep your humidity level at 50%. This provides the perfect amount of moisture to allow the seeds to grow into the bountiful plants they’re destined to become!

What are the different strains of Headband?

Headband has been used to create numerous hybrid strains. One example is the Blueberry Headband strain that was created by Emerald Triangle Seeds. The seed bank crossed the DNA genetics of the Blueberry, Headband, Emerald OG, Cali Sour Diesel, and Bubba Kush strains.

Blueberry Headband provides a sweet and delicious blueberry flavor whose aroma is just as sweet and intoxicating. The hybrid strain provides users with soothing body effects and a kind of euphoria that rushes through your body.

An elite clone is considered a holy-grail strain since they are bred to be genetically identical to some of the top and most revered parent strains. They provide superior qualities, such as consistency in growth and predictable growth patterns. 

That’s how you get the 707 Headband strain, which is straight out of Humboldt County and whose name is an ode to the county’s area code. It’s a real heavyweight with genetics from the Mendocino elite clone and the True OG strain.

Just like its compadre Headband, 707 packs a punch with its high potency due to an elevated THC content. Although it provides strong effects, it’s still balanced enough to give smokers calming and creative effects. It’ll also put you to sleep!

Relax, Unwind, and Release with Headband Strain

When you’re ready to relax, unwind, and release with the Headband strain, you need some premium seeds, right? Of course, so the next thing is where do you get them? The only right answer is Growers Choice Seeds, where we offer high-quality products, fast and discreet shipping, and great prices. Check us out to learn more!

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Additional information

Strain Genetics



40% Sativa, 60% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Indoor Yield

Up to 500 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 600 gr

Best Use

Anytime, Depression, Headache, Stress


Citrus, Diesel, Earthy

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

77 reviews for Headband Feminized Seeds

  1. Sunray6Shark Verified Owner

    With its high THC content and stress-relieving effects, this classic strain is perfect for relaxation and mood enhancement. The fluffy embrace of the effects can last for hours, providing a soothing experience. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, migraines, or insomnia, Headband marijuana is a great option.

  2. MeteorMystic59 Verified Owner

    A strong and uplifting strain with a pungent earthy aroma. The effects are great for managing stress and anxiety. The grow was very successful and the yield was impressive. This is definitely a strain to try for its unique and potent effects.

  3. RabidRaccoon99 Verified Owner

    Headband is an exceptional hybrid strain with a high THC content that guarantees a powerful, yet calming high. I was surprised at how easy it was to grow and was pleased with its high indoor yields. With its citrus, diesel, and earthy flavor, it is definitely a go-to strain for relaxation and stress relief.

  4. Chelsea King Verified Owner

    Headband is a great strain for any time of day. It provides a euphoric and happy high that is perfect for combating depression. The citrus flavor is a nice touch and the large yields make it worth the effort to grow. However, it can be a bit difficult to grow so make sure you have some experience before trying your hand at it.

  5. Jacob Brooks Verified Owner

    So this was my first purchase from growers and I could not have been happier. Got full sprout germination from my 5 seeds. Thoroughly happy with this purchase. I got my order within 1 week of purchase. Found their on-site info very helpful. Growers blogs are so informative and helpful for beginners.

  6. josiah_dakota_3 Verified Owner

    Mmm so cozy, feels like I am wrapping myself in a warm blanket! Buying online is definitely the way to go! I will never have such delicious weed as this if I am shopping at the dispensary. Headband is an absolute CLASSIC and grows in MOST environments. A win-win!

  7. Melissa F Verified Owner

    Some excellent weed that will give a short 3-hour burst high and becomes very relaxing and mellow afterward. A precursor, however, these seeds were very hard to grow as they required a lot of care and attention. Half the time I was unsure if I was caring for them properly. Be sure to do your homework on this strain!

  8. MajesticMeadow34 Verified Owner

    With a high-THC content and stress-relieving effects, this classic strain is perfect for those in need of a little self-love. The fluffy embrace of the Headband effect can last for hours, providing sweet relief for anxiety, depression, and even migraines.

  9. Chunyu Liu Verified Owner

    Headband Feminized Seeds are a must-have for any cannabis enthusiast! I absolutely love the stress-relieving effects this strain provides – it’s like a warm hug for your brain. The potent THC levels really make a difference, helping to ease anxiety and depression. The lemony notes in the smoke are a delightful touch. The only downside is the longer flowering time, but the bountiful harvest of sticky nugs is definitely worth the wait.

  10. CelestialChampion Verified Owner

    I highly recommend the Headband Feminized Seeds from GCS. Not only did they provide excellent customer service, but their fast shipping ensured that I received my order just after I setup my grow tent.

  11. WanderingWampa88 Verified Owner

    Headband from Grower Choice Seeds was a great strain for me. It gave me a euphoric and happy high that was perfect for relieving my stress and headaches. The citrus and diesel flavors were delicious and the earthy undertones added a nice touch. Highly recommend for anytime use and for those dealing with depression and stress.

  12. NatureNurturer Verified Owner

    Headband melts away my stress, pain, and anxiety. Feeling VERY lucky I finally have my outdoor grow space PERFECTED! My soil is gorgeous and well cared for. I put a lot of love into the composting and turning, added worms, even built a dang greenhouse. Can you tell weed is my passion in life? Has a great rec from a friend about GCS and am glad I listened! They have the best prices anywhere online and they ship to WA state quickly no questions asked!

  13. Caitlin S. Verified Owner

    The wait time for Headband is 100% worth it. I grow it out back and consistently get 600ish grams from each of my plants. This is one of my top 5 strains cuz of how chill it is, and Growers Choice is my top no. 1 choice for ordering seeds from.

    Caitlin S., Reno, NV

  14. OoWee7Iefo Verified Owner

    I feel like I’ve “arrived” as a marijuana grower being able to grow the formidable headband mj! It’s true that humidity levels were a little tricky with this lady (she likes it pretty warm!) but my own human lady loves headband so what am I supposed to do? I must serve the lady of the house. We both like headband for the creamy taste and the tingle on my head after ingesting them is pretty trippy! In a fantastic way, I mean though. I’ll probably order more of these seeds now that I’ve figured out the secret to headband mj cultivation.

  15. 4CrimsonCondor Verified Owner

    The combination of sativa and indica genetics provides a balanced and enjoyable experience. The citrus, diesel, and earthy flavors are both refreshing and invigorating. Growing Headband may require some expertise, but the high indoor and outdoor yields make it worth the effort.

  16. Anwat2002 Verified Owner

    A commercial grower in SE Washington with a knack for indica-heavy strains, ordered wholesale online from Growers and delivery was fast and smooth. Cultivating around 80 Sq/ft of this strain Can be challenging at times, as humidity levels definitely impact overall yield. Still, seeds were great, germination great, and with a little TLC, a reliable yield. I will return for more seeds!

  17. Mayfield104 Verified Owner

    My friend insisted I try a Headband pot, but I don’t know. I prefer marijuana which makes my whole body tingle and this was too focused on the head area for me. It was like only half of my body was affected by the high. Happy new years guys !

  18. Hooks3896 Verified Owner

    This is HANDS DOWN my favorite strain for daytime smoking. Can’t beat the productivity, the happy mood, the focus, the energy! So good! This is an awesome hybrid if you don’t like getting couch-locked. Not Headband. You’ll be up and buzzing around with just a couple vape hits. This is a well-known strain around here in California. Never heard a bad word about it. Best weed ever.

  19. MIchelle Hunt Verified Owner


    I purchased 10 seeds online. I am a customer in Vancouver, Canada. I really like it here (I’m new), and I wanted to experiment with the various ways of growing marijuana on the west coast. I was ambitious and grew my weed indoors. Very much a win, helps me with stress, anxiety, and depression. A win for all!!

  20. Brad R. Verified Owner

    I’ve bought this strain in bud form from the dispensary a ton of times and I really love it. So now that I’m growing my own weed I decided to give it a try. It was kind of difficult and I felt a little bit in over my head at times. But I managed to still get a great crop and I’m super happy with the results! Not sure I’ll try to grow this one again, but it was a good experience and I learned a lot!

  21. bluegarcinia Verified Owner

    Definitely the child of OG Kush and Sour Diesel! The best of both worlds. I grew it inside and I’m not the most experienced gardener but I had a successful crop overall. I kept the humidity down and the plant seemed to thrive, I got approximately 550 grams per plant which I’m really happy with. I really like the way Growers Choice boxes its packages too, really discreet and quick shipping.

  22. xioNg3IW Verified Owner

    I will say that I had a good experience with Growers Choice. The delivery to where I am in Canada was fast and ordering was simple. I think I’ll buy Lemon Haze seeds next time. ?

  23. Thon1991 Verified Owner

    Such a classic strain. Really love the headband for its potent head high. I like to low-dose it before work and I’m a super focused super sharp highly functioning machine for hours. Do not smoke if you’re just gonna sit on the couch. Might get stuck on a treadmill of thoughts. Definitely recommend this one for an active day or repetitive motions. Awesome creamy smoke that is super smooth. Kind of a technical grow, so only giving 4 stars

  24. Nourse1018 Verified Owner

    I wanted to challenge myself to grow a more complicated seed of cannabis so I decided to try this one. Well worth the effort! Once I got the humidity right, it really flourished … nice and bushy. The headband is powerful, you only need a little bit to feel the effect. (I didn’t feel the pressure on my head like a headband but whatevs.) And the taste is lemony and smooth. I’m gonna order this mj again, really turned out well.

  25. Jackhammer85 Verified Owner

    I feel like this weed is what they smoke at the cafes over in the state, it’s very high-quality stuff, makes you feel extremely relaxed and happy at the same time, relieves stress and headaches, and definitely gives you the munchies! Have been growing weed for years, and this stuff can be a bit challenging if you don’t have the skills, so treat it well and you might just get yourself a 600 g yield!

  26. James R. Jones Verified Owner

    This one did take some effort to get the plants happy. Humidity is definitely the key. That said, I got a really nice yield of fragrant, kushy buds. Excellent cannabis. These are high-quality seeds. A “best buy” for this grower.

  27. mimpifoundation1991 Verified Owner

    This is one heck of a marijuana strain! I love the way this stuff tastes and smells, very sour and earthy, and the buzz is hella relaxing! It’s perfect for smoking at the beach or on a hike, and it’s been great for my general mood as well. It was a decent grow, but I was a little overwhelmed at times, I guess I am not much of a grower, but I really enjoyed the process and still got a nice yield. Will definitely be back for more!

  28. ohQuotooc9o Verified Owner

    What an amazing strain, really enjoyed it!

  29. Hazel B. Verified Owner

    Great work again at GCS, if you hold in your smoke you will feel the head sensation. I always grow a couple of different strains cause I get bored fast. And I always run out of Growers the fastest.

  30. Roomens Verified Owner

    Thank you Growers Choice. This was easily the best smoke I’ve ever had seriously I can’t believe this came out of my garden! Super easy to grow.

  31. Takahashi Daigo Verified Owner

    Awesome strain, a real good taste, and effect. Great yield too!

  32. frankfarmer15 Verified Owner

    I can not withstand putting different strains in my tents, Growers Choices always wins no lie. I don’t know how, but they put an incredible coconutty aroma in there product that I find nowhere else! Thank you GCS team for another great experience!

  33. aip1coh7Ah Verified Owner

    Here’s my Headband that was grown last year in the great outdoors. I love it because, besides the amazing dank OG type of smell, taste, and amazing bag appeal it has, its also good for commercial use. Just give her enough space for roots and watch it grow into a monster. A very nice uplifting high that finishes in mellow couchlock after a couple of hours. Top-notch strain!

  34. Fasithater Verified Owner

    Excellent high. exactly as the description states.. Mostly EUPHORIC.. very dense..breaks down well..VERY ENJOYABLE

  35. Washington38 Verified Owner

    Bought 2 packs of HB and over 1 year’s time in 3 grow grew them all out, and Vietnam rooftop grow. The great cultivar will be ordering more for the next grow as Id like to keep it around.

  36. bayarealimos Verified Owner

    Thank you Growers Choice seeds. This was easily the best smoke I’ve ever had seriously I can’t believe this came out of my garden! Super easy to grow. I’ve tried so many companies and the top 2 best strains I’ve had have both come from Growers Choice. The smell is ridiculous just so dank and it just seems to be caked in trichomes from the first 2 weeks of flower. I’ve had several headbands but nothing has ever tasted this good there’s nothing that compares

  37. eXaNgiu7U Verified Owner

    Picked up some of these a few months back. Ended up with 3 different phenos but they were all keepers for sure. The plant structure and overall health and resistance is absolutely amazing. The late flower colors are absolutely amazing. I had brown, red, and black leaf phenos. Made my flower room light up. Strong citrus scent with OG undertones of pine/earth. Nice dense buds and an amazing high. I love sativa/sativa dominant strains and this strain easily made its way into my top 3 with the likes of Ghost Train Haze and GG#4. Already ordered more beans of this and green crack. Can’t wait to run them. I rate this a MUST BUY to my fellow growers and Sativa lovers.

  38. Anita R. Verified Owner

    Love this site always good and always on time last time I got these I planted 3 of them and the flower that came from them was unbelievable it was soo good can’t wait too get more

  39. Strat16 Verified Owner

    Headband has been in my medical growth for 6 cycles now and has over-excelled in every phase of growth cycles. This strain is very lenient to mistakes and isn’t stunted easily. The smoke is smooth with a ground taste but the smell is very fruity. All around awesome strain for potency and yield currently giving Amherst sour diesel and chocolate mint OG a test run but I’m sure with Growers Choice genetics I will not be disappointed!

  40. Templin W. Verified Owner

    This strain is beautiful! The leaves on both of mine turned purple/black. After curing, the buds were rock hard and had a wonderful aroma of lemon and pine. The smoke tastes smooth with a citrusy pine aftertaste. As the name implies, you can feel a headband-like sensation around your skull! I give this a 5 out of 5! The buds are great, the color is beautiful, and the yield is pretty good off of two plants. I’ve trimmed some clones and will be growing it again!

  41. Linda D. Eaker Verified Owner

    After three weeks of seedlings and two weeks of veg, these girls are doing amazing. Great growth and can already get a small sample of smell when I rub the stalk. Didn’t get them from here but a seed bank with Grower Choice seeds. So excited to see the finished product. Definitely ordering some more from the great people of Growers Choice seeds!!

  42. obamacareopin Verified Owner

    As the co-owner here at Happy Farms we’ve been working with this strain for a few years now and have crossed it here and there but we always seem to go back to the original genetics a very good strain very rewarding in the end

  43. ahhu1kaiNg1 Verified Owner

    The seed produced beauty. 1.5-meter plant, large full flowers, super sticky. I have grown nice plants before but what makes this one special is the effects. Initially, very powerful but mellows to a nice buzz so you can get on with your day. Blue dream has always been my favorite strain but headband, well I think next season I will grow both. Thanks, GCS!

  44. Thile1961 Verified Owner

    I’m gonna leave my review now cus iv grown it before the best bud iv ever smoked they were a few phenols but 1 stood out from the rest not that others sucked hope this time around I’ll see THE ONE again lol peace xxx

  45. Judy J. Verified Owner

    Headband os a great strain. Top-notch and well worth the money. The smell and taste will want u want more

  46. familytreedan5 Verified Owner

    First-time in my life I see 2 plants from 1 seed, how it’s possible I don’t know but tnx.

  47. dai9hooY Verified Owner

    Just ordered my first-ever batch of seeds CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THEY GET HERE!!

  48. Thops1951 Verified Owner

    Dense buds that honestly smell/taste like fruity pebbles. One of the most vigorous plants I’ve worked with. Great job GCS!

  49. Schulte J. Verified Owner

    A beautiful plant that produces large dense lime-green buds with hints of purple. The leaves turn almost black they are so purple the closer you get to harvest. These are some of the easiest buds I have ever trimmed. I only had one seed I received as a freebie, but kept cloning for several grows, which this plant clones easily. The headband is easily one of the top producers I have grown. This plant excels whether grown organically or using synthetics. I love GCS genetics is only one of the reasons why.

  50. Hugginsbuggins Verified Owner

    Great company! Genetics are amazing. Never had plants that just grow and produce no matter what until I went with Growers Choice. Makes it too easy!!

  51. Hortons18 Verified Owner

    Great strain. Easy to grow. Excellent aroma, with lots of citrus coming through. A great headband high that kicks creativity into high gear as well as, a great euphoria. Give this one a try for sure! Thanks, GCS.

  52. Emma M. Verified Owner

    The headband is what brought me here. Actually, it’s what have birth to this cannabis mind of mine. A favorite I always recommend even if it’s not in front of me.

  53. lrgshare Verified Owner

    I’m hoping I could order some. you guys seem to have a good product and..good price.. that for explained in your description…

  54. UoCh4Veiqu Verified Owner

    Awsome as it sounds look great and fantastic!!

  55. BrandySGregory Verified Owner

    this awesome plant is easy to grow.. great taste!!

  56. Aries73 Verified Owner

    Cannabis oil cures cancer! wake up, people!

  57. Benny Verified Owner

    This MJ is great at making me smile 🙂

    OK so I bought 10 seeds online and they arrived within 10 days!! Easy to germinate and a quick grow (usually around 10 weeks).

    If you buy wholesale, you’re guaranteed fresh seeds all year long, and for the best possible price!

  58. Lewis67 Verified Owner

    Thanks for the amazing things you guys doing thank you for your time to create such goodness.

  59. Brandy S. Verified Owner

    As the name implies, Headband gives that tingly, halo feeling on your cranium. Euphoric in its onset, its energizing effects will betray its Indica dominance and surprise the toker with blasts of motivation. May have elevated CBN levels because I have personally felt appetite suppression from this strain. She keeps you coming back fosh.

  60. Jack Lang Verified Owner

    Very nice taste. Didn’t leave me with the normal dry mouth and/or dry eyes. Also did not experience any headaches. I felt like I had a slight case of nausea; just enough to make it difficult to decide what I wanted for dinner. The sensation was one of relaxation without hindering your ability to function both physically and mentally

  61. ripespot1185 Verified Owner

    Great job on creating this gem. I personally think it’s the best I’ve ever had hands down. Top-notch

  62. oocheSoow6Ei Verified Owner

    Dopest dope i ever smoked!!!!!!! For real tho

  63. Marmuccuself96 Verified Owner

    Very Good strain… Grew this outside and indoor does great either way.

  64. GretchenDTabor Verified Owner

    Headband powerful cerebral effects, which can be immediately felt behind the eyes and across the forehead as this new elite hybrid lives up to its name, I love it!

  65. cybercloudexpo1 Verified Owner

    These seeds are the best that I have ever bought in general, the seeds popped within one day, they came out of the pot that I put them in within 2 days and the color of the leaves that this plant produces are just gorgeous, not to mention the buds this plant produces they are dense, fat and have a nice piney smell to them. I would buy this plant all day!

  66. Waddellreviews Verified Owner

    An amazing plant…I received a single seed as a freebie from another order…the headband is an astounding achievement and grew/performed EXACTLY as described…you can’t keep your hands off the end product

  67. Caath6Jie Verified Owner

    I couldnt have asked for better seeds they popped within 1 day and grew up to produce some fire buds I definitely recommend these

  68. Thavess1998 Verified Owner

    Best product I have used up to date

  69. Tabarez91 Verified Owner

    I work hard every day, and I like having something to look forward to at the end of a long day, and I gotta say, this is it! I didn’t have to work TOO hard though to grow this weed, it’s pretty amazing stuff and it helps me with headaches, but mostly it gives me a great head buzz and makes TV watching so much fun!!

  70. Terri B. Verified Owner

    Powerful yet very smooth on the tongue and throat. A very flavorful strain that tastes kinda like fruity pebbles and gives you the best buzz imaginable. A very happy strain, and a great buy especially for the price. Fast delivery and very useful growing instructions online. Blessed!!

  71. smartnapkin Verified Owner

    A very underrated strain keeps the demons away LOL. I have never seen nicer flowers in my life. These nugs formed perfectly and are encased in some gorgeous crystals that make them look almost magical. Have had nothing but a good time when I smoke it, and it’ll definitely keep me coming back to Growers Choice for more pot seeds!

  72. weicuM7Ooz Verified Owner

    I smoke this weed like a chimney, can’t get enough of it…it’s the perfect strain for California living, and it is remarkably chill and laid back, never overwhelming and doesn’t get me too faded. I order online, have it shipped to Los Angeles, and just grow on my porch (with a permit of course), and it is looking pretty great gotta say!

  73. Thadmilly Verified Owner

    Awesome sauce! This weed is amazing and helps with stress. It’s a great earthy flavor and the weed just looks fantastic. I am very relaxed when I smoke this and I plan to keep growing with Growers Choice seeds. They ship all the way to Canada where I live, and they help me manage my stress. Great to be in the garden!!

  74. Tacoma Verified Owner

    The headband is a great strain with a lot of flavors! The best for smoking with your friends and loved ones. Makes any night into a laugh fest. We are always joking and smoking ? It’s not even difficult to cultivate. Any gardener with mild experience can do it!

  75. Jones31 Verified Owner

    A nice fruity flavor. Some dank, sour nugs that hit reaaaaal slow. I like taking deep long bong rips. Makes a HUGE diff in my day! I will happily buy this weed again and again. It’s all about SOIL. If you grow with that black gold, you’re gonna get some FIIIINE looking marijuana. Do not wait! Jump on these dope deals right away!

  76. Peggy J. Verified Owner

    You know, I have been smoking weed for a long time, and most weeds don’t get me blazed anymore….except for my headband!! Great weed for our times. WE ALL need to forget how difficult life is these days, and if you like working outdoors, Headband is a treat to grow in the garden.

    Been growing mj since I was in my 20s. It’s always been a great hobby, and now I can finally master my skills for the right price!

  77. Kirstie Copeland Verified Owner

    A nice blend of indica and sativa. Has a classic weed flavor, very earthy, a little sweet, a little skunky! Nice energy in the afternoons and late at night. Highly recommend it!

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