Grapefruit Feminized Seeds

  • 70% Sativa, 30% Indica
  • THC levels up to 25%
  • Moderate to high yielding plant
  • Promotes a sense of happiness, energy and uplift
  • Thrives in a temperate mediterranean climate
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Grapefruit Feminized Seeds

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Overview of Grapefruit Strain Seeds

Developed by Nectar Seeds, who crossed Cinderella 99 with a landrace sativa, Grapefruit is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that is beloved due to its high THC content, productive yields, and euphoric sativa effects. Effective for the daytime management of medical conditions, the potent Grapefruit strain is known for its uplifting effects to energize consumers, making it an excellent option for daytime usage.

Benefits of Growing Grapefruit Cannabis Seeds

Growing Grapefruit marijuana seeds is suitable for cultivators of all levels, particularly for sativa lovers and those seeking euphoric effects. This strain is known for its good yields and high THC content, making it suitable for pain management and stress relief. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, it is a favored marijuana strain for pain management and potentially alleviating stress and negative thoughts and feelings, etc.

Types of Grapefruit Seeds

While Grapefruit genetics are parent strains to a variety of popular options in cannabis, such as the sativa dominant Grapefruit and indica dominant Grapefruit Kush, it can be cultivated from various seed types including traditional seeds, autoflowering seeds, and feminized seeds. Depending on a grower’s ultimate goal each type offers a unique variety of benefits for beginner growers and experienced growers.

Traditional Seeds

Traditional seeds are just as the name implies, the traditional method of cultivation in which seeds germinate into a mix of both male and female plants. While these seeds will produce female seeds that will ultimately produce flower, traditional seeds are more optimal for those looking to harvest their seeds or to breed their strains. If flower is the goal with traditional seeds, care must be taken to remove male plants to avoid pollination of the female flowers, when the flowers are pollinated this results in inhibition of cannabinoid production and the flowers then begin to produce seeds.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autolfowering seeds are an optimal option for those looking for shorter growing periods, indoor growers, or limited in lighting. Traditional and feminized seeds require a lighting schedule of 16 hours of light, followed by 8 hours of dark during the vegetative stage, and once flowering begins most cultivators shift to an even schedule of 12 hours of each light and darkness. Autoflowering seeds remove this necessity as they will flower automatically regardless of lighting conditions. These seeds are friendlier for beginner growers as removing one variable makes growing simpler, and flowering is nearly guaranteed. One minor drawback is that autoflowering seeds are in their genetic heritage, stemming from cannabis ruderalis, which is naturally lower in THC this trait carries through with autoflowering strains.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized are the optimal seeds for growers looking to cultivate the maximum yield of flower possible during a growing season. Feminized seeds have been designed to produce exclusively female plants, the plants responsible for rewarding growers with buds. A feminized cannabis seed is produced by pollinating a female plant with another female plant that has been forced to produce pollen. As such, the resulting flowers will have seeds that have predominately female genetics, although hermaphroditic plants, though rare, are possible. Feminized seeds remove the need to remove male plants, aid in cost-effectiveness since the crop should be fully female instead of half, and are ideal if the only goal is to produce flower and not breed future strains.

Characteristics of Grapefruit Cannabis Seeds

Grapefruit marijuana seeds are suitable for both novice and commercial growers. Plants are easy to grow, requiring minimal maintenance outside of standard cultivation practices and techniques to manage growth; cultivators will be rewarded with a harvest providing potent flower with a generous yield.

Growth Pattern and Flowering Time

Grapefruit strain seeds can be planted both indoors and outdoors but are an ideal strain for indoor cultivation. Grapefruit cannabis seeds have a short flowering time of 55-65 days; plants are manageable for indoor growth with a growth pattern that exhibits vigorous growth and bushy structures that can be controlled with routine pruning.

Color, Size, and Aroma

Grapefruit cannabis seeds produce cannabis flower with iconic characteristics. Flowers are light green in color with orange hairs with grapefruit aroma – sweet and sour  – and a flavor like a fruit cocktail. This aroma is due to the major terpenes of myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. Growing conditions will ultimately dictate the final size of the buds. This is a strain that produces medium to large flowers that are tightly packed and conical in shape. Proper ventilation will be necessary to provide if grown indoors due to the pungent nature of these plants.

Effects on Mind and Body

Due to its genetic makeup and sativa dominance, this strain has the ability to impart various effects on the mind and body that are balanced and potent. This strain delivers a highly intense sensation for an uplifting experience that is mostly cerebral; however, it also delivers some effects of its indica genetics to promote physical relaxation. Consumer reviews describe the experience as one that is long-lasting, balanced, and potent.

How to Grow Grapefruit Strain Seeds

Grapefruit is considered easy to grow with generous yields for indoor cultivation of cannabis and outdoor growers. While it may have advantageous genetics for vigorously growing bushy plants, it is possible to optimize conditions to ensure a productive yield come harvest time, including choosing the proper growing environment, preparing the soil for planting, caring for the seeds during germination, along a routine watering and feeding schedule.

Choosing the Right Growing Environment

This strain can thrive in various environments. Cannabis prefers a warm, humid environment where outdoor grower yields will be greater than indoor. It will require around 55-65 days, 9-10 weeks, to flower. For indoor cultivation, an ideal temperature range is between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels around 50%. Indoor lighting conditions should follow 18-24 hours of light during the vegetative state and a shift to a cycle of 12 hours during flowering. Trimming lower branches will assist in ensuring proper ventilation and airflow, a step that will assist in preventing mold and mildew.

Preparing the Soil for Planting the Seeds

Soil preparation will help ensure that seeds will germinate and plants will flourish to produce a generous yield of flower. A well-draining soil medium with a pH between 6-6.8. Step-by-step instructions include adjusting the soil to achieve the proper pH, planting seeds no deeper than one-quarter to one-half of an inch deep, and keeping the seeds covered without compacting them. Some strains, such as Sweet Deep Grapefruit, require optimal growing conditions, including a warm sunny environment for outdoor cultivation and a standard diet.

Caring for the Seedlings During the Germination Period

Caring for seedlings during the germination period is crucial to ensure healthy development. Optimal conditions will include variables that can be accounted for, including temperature, light, and moisture. Cannabis seeds will require a warm environment for the germination of marijuana seeds, with a temperature range of 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit, and depending on the germination method, seeds should be kept moist but not waterlogged. Seeds do not necessarily require lighting; however, providing a low-intensity light source can promote healthy growth and help avoid stretching. To prevent waterlogged soil, water only when the top inch or two of the soil feels dry. Additionally, damping off is a fungal disease that can cause seedlings to rot; ensuring proper ventilation can help avoid this.

Watering and Feeding Strategies During Flowering Period

Watering and feeding strategies can vary depending on the exact strain being grown; however, in the case of Grapefruit Strain Seeds, with an easy-growing reputation, the strategies are common. Depending on the exact growing conditions, plants should be watered when the top one to two inches of soil is dry. Feeding should occur every one to two weeks with a balanced fertilizer; however, during the vegetative period, plants will require a fertilizer higher in nitrogen, and during the flowering period, plants will require additional phosphorus. During the flowering period, plants should be staked to prevent limbs from breaking from additional weight and ensure ventilation and airflow will ward off mold and mildew.

5 Similar Strains

  1. Tangie: This sativa-dominated strain offers an uplifting euphoric sensation coupled with an energy boost and citrusy aroma. You can find out more about Tangie and purchase it from Growers Choice Seeds.
  2. Lemon Haze: Known for its lemon citrus flavors and uplifting, creative high, Lemon Haze is a popular sativa-dominated strain. Details and purchase options for Lemon Haze are available here.
  3. Pineapple Express: This potent strain offers sweet fruit flavors with a pineapple aroma and provides a balanced high.
  4. Strawberry Cough: A sativa-dominated strain, Strawberry Cough provides an uplifting, clear high with an aroma and a fruity flavor reminiscent of strawberries.
  5. Orange Crush: This strain, with citrus flavors and aroma, offers an invigorating, euphoric high.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Cinderella 99, Sativa


30% Indica, 70% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Energetic, Happy, Uplifted

Indoor Yield

Up to 400g per m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 850g per plant

Best Use

Depression, Pain, Stress


Pungent, Sour, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Grapefruit Feminized Seeds

Based on 85 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    Amazing strain, super flavorful and the buzz is definitely exceptional.

  2. Verified Owner

    The packaging and shipping from Growers Choice was top notch. I’m at best a ghetto grower and at worst a lazy grower. I don’t want to have to baby and care for a high-maintenance plant. These are the dream. With very little extra care these beauties take on a robust rich green color and grow wider bushing out rather than stretching. We are only a little halfway thru their cycle and without a doubt these will be stars. Choosing the autoflower and femenized seeds was key. Growers choice know what they are doing and provide high quality product. If you are looking for an easy strain to grow I highly recommend this product. Under a simple grow light on 18 off 6 they are doing amazing, they are hearty and hard to kill requiring very little input from me. I will edit and upload pictures on the final harvest but I am already super delighted at how they are looking.

  3. Verified Owner

    This is some pungent and powerful weed that flowers quickly and brings me a sweet and uplifting sativa buzz. Get at it friends!

  4. Verified Owner

    ive tried some grapefruit and its potent im in love with some one yet i love myself more. i want to win your giveaway as im in love with a dutch women

  5. Verified Owner

    This stuff is super potent, but I didn’t love the flavors I got from it quite as much as some other GC strains i’ve grown (mainly OG kush being my favorite flavor profile). Very piney, and lemony. Great trich coverage though – definitely more of a day time jittery high than a couch lock in my experience.

  6. Verified Owner

    Very interesting plant, I grow it mainlining way, now it starts blooming, Im really curious how it will smell and taste.. same I got mango sapphire, but this one should be really thc high.. so I am very curious.

  7. Verified Owner

    Amazing Strain. Absolutely wonderful. It truly does double in size in flower. This strain is vigorous and flowers fairly quiclkly compared to its suggested 9-10 weeks. I’ll be checking the trichome colors but wow do I wish I got these seeds going at the same time… if I could have topped these they would even bushier right now. The buds look exactly like the picture, they’re like a muffin top rather than a cone, and dense up extremely fat!!! Very sticky, very smelly stuff.

  8. Verified Owner

    The best strain. I have to always keep extra seeds around I love it so much I have to have it every day. Thank you

  9. Verified Owner

    Great buds great seeds great allround

  10. Verified Owner

    Beautiful buds, mouth-wateringly tasty, pungent aroma, nice chunky yeild and great for rosin pressing

  11. Verified Owner

    I purchased a 3 pack for outdoor grow from June to late November , I had 8′ plants with buds the size of bananas. I was extremely happy with this strain and looking forward to my next grow in the upcoming months.

  12. Verified Owner

    my order was late but luckily the customer services helped me to sort that out, Strains were great, will give another shoot with other product soon…

  13. Verified Owner

    Grows very high yields an is a very nice smoke never had a better indoor plant love it definitely will run again without a doubt

  14. Verified Owner

    It was a pleasure to grow! The aroma was like incense! After I’d cured it for 3 months it was like smoking a fine cigar! Beautiful spicy, incense and diesel. A connoisseur strain.

  15. Verified Owner

    Out of the 5 seeds i got i planted 2 directly into soil without soaking them and both can up 4 days later and they look strong and healthy

  16. Verified Owner

    Top Notch strain. Harvested at 12 weeks under 400w LED in a 3x3tent pheno finding project… will update for more….

  17. Verified Owner

    First strain ever experimented with using Growers Choice Seeds. was very impressed by the quality , yield and flavor this strain provided. Its on my favorites list. This strain pretty much grows itself with little maintenance.

  18. Verified Owner

    Only got one seed to germinate but boy I tell you I found the keeper cut that dreams are made of frosty 73 day finisher who gives me almost 800 grams per m2 she does me right. I have kept her for a year now no decline in strength and vigor. Looks quite different then the common cut can’t wait to run the New and others from this library great breading super stable even to huge light leaks all around amazing hope to win a cup with her next year.

  19. Verified Owner

    Love strain. Grew like a wild flower. Stretched a bit quickly, would shorten veg time next time. Lovely smoke and great in oils.

  20. Verified Owner

    Beautiful buds, really smooth smoke and great for rosin pressing

  21. Verified Owner

    This is an awesome strain. Been medicating and would like to grow it pretty soon!

  22. Verified Owner

    best seeds in the world!!nice strains and strogn bud!! respect from greece guys!!keep going up..

  23. Verified Owner

    this strain has stayed in my garden for 3 calendar years so far, dont see any reason to let her go, strong skunky smells and taste, amazing buzz and gorgeous !

  24. Verified Owner

    Large buds Strong plant Late flower~

  25. Verified Owner

    just planting the seeds and cant wait for December to have my giant buds!

  26. Verified Owner

    2 out of 5 seeds didn’t sprout, but the customer service is SUPER responsive and helpful! Thank you for your help!

  27. Verified Owner

    Awesome Color on 4/5 plants 1 plant stayed mainly green fairly easy to grow

  28. Verified Owner

    one of the favourite product I have used up to date, easy to grow too

  29. Verified Owner

    couldn’t have asked for better seeds they popped within 1 day and grew upto produce some fire budss i definitely recommend these

  30. Verified Owner

    This seeds are the best that I have ever bought in general, the seeds popped within one day, they came out of the pot that I have put them within 2 days and the colour of the leaves that this plant produces are just gorgeous, not to mention the buds this plant produces they are dence, fat and have a nice piney smell to them. I would buy this plant all day!

  31. Verified Owner

    an amazing plant… these grapefruities are astounding achievement , and grew/performed EXACTLY as described…you can’t keep you’re hands off the end product

  32. Verified Owner

    My thoughts to grow Grapefruit is going very well. They weren’t growing the way I thought they would from one container to another into a 5-gallon and now they’re growing a lot better I got the clone off of them today.

  33. Verified Owner

    Thanks for the amazing things you guys doing thank you for your time to create such goodness.

  34. Verified Owner

    Solid strain… Grew this outside and indoor does great either way.

  35. Verified Owner

    Dopest dope i ever smoked!!!!!!! For real tho

  36. Verified Owner

    Great job on creating this gem. I personally think it’s the best I’ve ever had hands down. Top notch

  37. Verified Owner

    Excellent color and texture, nothing like some fresh grapefruit and a bowl of this will help you relax. I LOVE buying my mj online. It’s super easy!

  38. Verified Owner

    awesome plant easy to grow.. great taste

  39. Verified Owner

    Just got them soaked two in paper towel and they cracked overnight.. Grapefruit is my favorite strain so excited to see how this cross turns out.. Shipping was fast and I live down under?

  40. Verified Owner

    Awsome as it sounds looks great and fantastic!

  41. Verified Owner

    Grapefruit is what brought me here. Actually it’s what have birth to this cannabis mind of mine. A favorite I always recommend even if it’s not in front of me.

  42. Verified Owner

    Just ordered my first ever batch of seeds CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THEY GET HERE!!

  43. Verified Owner

    I’m hoping I could order some.. you guys seem to have good product..good price.. that for explaining in your description…

  44. Verified Owner

    The package arrived within 3 weeks all of them popped very fast. they are strong and growing like a weed. I will be placing an order for strong outdoor seeds shortly. Great place and kind people

  45. Verified Owner

    Great company! Genetics are amazing. Never had plants that just grow and produce no matter what until i went with grapfruit. Makes it too easy!!

  46. Verified Owner

    Great strain. Easy to grow. Excellent aroma, with lots of citrus coming through. A great grapefruit high that kicks creativity into high gear as well as, a great euphoria. Give this one a try for sure! Thanks GC.

  47. Verified Owner

    This Strain is ok… very solid

  48. Verified Owner

    First-time in life I see 2 plants from 1 seed,how it’s possible I dont know but tnx.

  49. Verified Owner

    I had grown these grapefruits several years ago. This one is far better all around. Great smell that is hard to pinpoint. OG with Exotic wood and pure joy for your nose… No kidding. I had gotten one seed and it kicked ass. I’ve grown 200 to 300 different strains over the last ten to 20 years. This is keeper for people who love bud. Grows tall so be aware it stretches. As stated large well spaced buds and lets lots of light in. Easy to trim and clone. They nailed this baby. Probably drip would work nicely for this one. Great finish and a good to great yielder.

  50. Verified Owner

    Easy to grow, very resistent and very nice looking. These are strong genetics.

  51. Verified Owner

    Grapefruit is a great strain. Top notch and well worth the money. The smell and taste will want u wanting more

  52. Verified Owner

    Growing, so far it is a success! Very resistant and easy to train!

  53. Verified Owner

    Just beautiful, wish it can be delivered even faster tho

  54. Verified Owner

    Lovely plant all round

  55. Verified Owner

    These ladies are Very stable and has a great taste, will purchase more !

  56. Verified Owner

    Thank you Growers Choice. This was easily the best smoke I’ve ever had seriously I can’t believe this came out of my garden! Super easy to grow. I’ve tried so many companies and my top 2 best strains ive had have both come from Growers Choice. The smell is ridiculous just so dank and it just seems to be caked in trichomes from the first 2 weeks of flower. I’ve had several grapefruits but nothing has ever tasted this good there’s nothing that compares

  57. Verified Owner

    Beautiful strain! Both of mine had the leaves turn purple/ Black. The smoke tastes smooth with a citrusy pine after taste. The effects are as the name, you can feel a sensation around your skull like a grapefruit! This is a 5 out of 5! Great buds, beautiful color, easy to grow and a pretty good yield off of two. I’ve trimmed some clones and will be growing again as it is a favorite!

  58. Verified Owner

    Love this site always good and always on time last time I got these I planted 3 of them and the flower that came from them was unbelievable it was soo good can’t wait too get more

  59. Verified Owner

    excellent high. exactly as the description states.. will invigorate your mind and body for a cheerfully productive day… very dense..breaks down well..VERY ENJOYABLE

  60. Verified Owner

    Absolutely love this strain. Tasty and strong. One plant showing hints of purple despite a very warm summer. Laden with sparkling thrichromes full of thc the buds were really easy to trim with very little in the bucket from 5 plants and despite being perfectly dry stuck to me fingers which then stuck to everything else. I did indeed feel the HYPE . Instant favourite from GCS.

  61. Verified Owner

    I can not withstand putting different strains in my tents, Growers Choice’s seeds always wins no lie. I don’t know how, but they put an incredible coco nutty aroma in there product that I find nowhere else! Thank you GCS team for another great experience

  62. Verified Owner

    Great strain. Great effect

  63. Verified Owner

    Awesome strain, real good taste and effect. Great yield too!

  64. Verified Owner

    Thank you Growers Choice. This was easily the best smoke I’ve ever had seriously I can’t believe this came out of my garden! Super easy to grow.

  65. Verified Owner

    Easy to grow, took nutrients well, fantastic results.I will purchase more seeds.

  66. Verified Owner

    This strain is awesome to grow and easy to cultivate. During veg she showed steady even growth topped her at 7inch flipped her at 9 and by week 5 I had fat and some of the most resinous bud I have ever seen. She finished at 10 and a half weeks ultra fat and sticky with amazing flavours. Seriously hard hitting well done guys.

  67. Verified Owner

    My plants are currently 76 days old and are doing nicely. I have 12 indoors and 13 outdoors. Everything is going well at present. My growth cycle has not ended so I can’t comment on the flowering of yield just yet. Thank you for your help and consideration, you guys have such amazing customer service.

  68. Verified Owner

    Well, not much to say here other than that the seeds were great, they grow at a steady rate over the course of 3-4 months and you are almost always guaranteed to get a sizeable yield. Best flavor I have had in a while; tastes similar to a field of wildflowers and honey. YUmmm! Very fresh and usually stays that way for months. The perfect afternoon and evening smoke for that much-needed burst of energy!

  69. Verified Owner

    Easy to grow and doesn’t take up much space. I’m not a huge wake-and-baker, but my partner is and she swears by this. We joke that in the mornings we both have our Grapefruit, mine in fruit form and hers in plant form ;-). Thanks GCS

    Steph H., Corvallis, OR

  70. Verified Owner

    This was as close to a perfect harvest as I could have imagined. My flower was bright purple and smelled absolutely fresh. I harvested large palm-sized nugs that took up a few ball jars in the basement. Great product with some FRESH results 🙂

  71. Verified Owner

    I recently purchased Grapefruit Kush Feminized Seeds from Great Choice Seeds, and I am blown away by the sweet, tangy fruit flavor. The buds are dense and sticky, and the high is uplifting and energetic. Highly recommend!

  72. Verified Owner

    The grapefruit taste of this strain was amazing and made for a very enjoyable smoke. The high is also quite nice with a good balance between body and mind. I was happy with the amount of bud I grew from these seeds and would definitely recommend this strain to others.

  73. Verified Owner

    Grapefruit is a deliciously pungent strain that sprouts with a burst of energy. It’s perfect for uplifting moods and providing relief from anxiety and depression. The sweet and sour flavor adds a refreshing twist to smoking sessions. With all seeds sprouting and germinating, this strain is a definite winner in my garden!

  74. Verified Owner

    Grapefruit gave me a boost of energy and put me in a happy mood every time I smoked it. The yield was impressive and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to grow. Highly recommend this strain for anyone looking to get a lot of buds and a great high.

  75. Verified Owner

    I was amazed by how fast and healthy these plants grew. The yield was excellent and the smell and taste of the grapefruit were really enjoyable. This strain gave me a nice uplifting high and I can definitely see myself growing more of it in the future.

  76. Verified Owner

    This is one of the best home grows I have ever done. The seeds were beautiful and very cooperative. I followed all the growing advice on this website and got pretty dang far! It’s a very productive plant. I missed the harvest window for 2 plants and they went to seed 🙁 But the ones that I caught…well, I am smoking that weed right now!

  77. Verified Owner

    Grapefruit is a must-have for anyone searching for an energetic and uplifting high. The full germination of all 10 seeds in my order was a great start to my plants. The sweet and sour taste is exquisite, and the effects are just as delicious. This sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for daytime use to combat anxiety, depression, and nausea. Thanks, Growers Choice for such a great product!

  78. Verified Owner

    I bought a 5 pack and had all 5 germinate, they are looking great. Estimating they will flower in 4 1/2 weeks and about very tall. From the 1st week of flowers and they were looking great. Great big leaves and thick stems. Can’t wait for these babies to finish. So far, 5 stars.

  79. Verified Owner

    Sweet and pungent grapefruit. Lovely weed with a deeply soothing indica profile met with a cerebral sativa kick! Not hard to order and even easier to grow. Just like working with a tomato plant! Fresh nugs for under $100? This is one of the best deals you’ll find online anywhere!!

  80. Verified Owner

    Productivity is in abundance with this high, found myself more motivated than ever to get things done once I smoked this. Perfect for the stoners that want to clear a hefty to-do list or let out their creativity. These seeds also came to me quickly and in excellent condition with GCS excellent service.

  81. Verified Owner

    Absolutely love this strain! It’s perfect for daytime use as it gives me a boost of energy and keeps me feeling happy and uplifted. The large yields also make it a great choice for growers. The only downside is that it doesn’t help much with my anxiety, but overall it’s definitely one of my favorites.

  82. Verified Owner

    The plants were bushy and easy to work with, and the flowering period was quick. The yield was moderate, but the quality of the bud made up for it. The taste and smell were amazing, and smoking it gave me a pleasant and invigorating high.

  83. Verified Owner

    The pungent and sweet aroma instantly elevated my mood, and the energizing high provided a burst of creativity and focus. Whether it was during the day or night, this strain kept me motivated and productive.

  84. Verified Owner

    With its invigorating effects and delicious smell and flavor, this sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for those seeking a productive and euphoric day. It’s also great for relieving stress, anxiety, pain, and even PMS symptoms. Plus, it’s easy to grow and has a quick flowering period.

  85. Verified Owner

    Lovely sour grapefruit weed, a solid hybrid that really hits the spot. Great for growers of all experience levels, this strain of feminized MJ is NOT to be missed….PLUS it ships all over the USA, you can’t get much better than that!

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