Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

  • 100% Indica
  • THC levels up to 20%
  • Thrives better indoors
  • Delivers a feeling of euphoria
  • Induces calmness and sleepiness
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Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

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Befitting its name, Granddaddy Purple is an old-school cannabis strain that cannabis cultivators have admired for decades. Cannabis consumption has been on the rise, and all these years later, Granddaddy Purple remains a popular cannabis strain. This strain certainly caters to a specific type of marijuana user, and that type of user could be you. Is Granddaddy Purple the perfect strain for you? Let’s find out!

A Pure Strain in a World of Hybrids

These days, thanks to those aforementioned cannabis cultivators, most marijuana strains are hybrids. They mix the parentage of sativa strains and indica strains. Most of the Growers Choice Seeds catalog is comprised of balanced strains or dominant strains, wherein the sativa or the indica parentage tilts the scales in their direction. This makes total sense. Many are fans of cannabis seed strains that bring the effects of sativa and indica together. Some, though, still like to indulge in marijuana strains that keep it pure. Granddaddy Purple seeds could be perfect for you if you are a fan of indica effects. This is a pure indica strain, so if your typical indica-dominant strains still aren’t quite enough, we have you covered with Granddaddy Purple.

The Flavor and Aroma of Granddaddy Purple

The purple color of this cannabis strain can give you a hint of a tempting aroma. You will notice a complex berry aroma. In addition to that aroma of berries, you can expect the flavor of juicy grapes. In addition to the sweet aroma, there is something of an earthy aroma to keep things from being overly sweet and fruity. This helps make Granddaddy Purple a popular cannabis strain for those who appreciate berry goodness. Heck, berry greatness!

What is the THC level of Granddaddy Purple Seeds?

Many in the cannabis market prize a strain based on its THC content. THC is the psychoactive chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. Just because Granddaddy Purple plants give you the aroma of grapes and sweet berries, don’t expect the strain to be gentle. The THC level in Granddaddy Purple comes in at around 20 percent and can top out at up to 23 percent. That makes for a high-powered strain that can hit you with the psychoactive effects of marijuana with gusto. So start slow with Granddaddy Purple! Its extreme potency could be overwhelming if you aren’t used to it.

A Quick Note on Purple Cannabis

When we told you about the THC content level in Granddaddy Purple, you may have thought to yourself, “Well of course, it’s purple weed!” There have long been associations between the purple color of certain strains to certain characteristics found in marijuana. People will tell you that purple weed is stronger. Some think that only indicas are purple in color. Neither of these things is true. The shades of purple seed in some marijuana strains have nothing to do with the THC content, and not all purple strains are indicas, or even indica-dominant. Now, Granddaddy Purple is a purple strain that does so happen to have a lot of THC in it, and it is also a pure indica. As such, if that is what you want from your cannabis, we recommend Granddaddy Purple seeds. You can’t merely buy marijuana seeds for some strain with purple shades to it and expect high THC and indica effects.

What to Expect When You Smoke Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple has coveted characteristics among those who like to use marijuana to chill out. As a pure indica, Granddaddy Purple is all about physical relaxation. Indica strains are felt more in the body, and are relaxing, whereas sativas are energizing and give you more of a “heady” high. The relaxing effects of Granddaddy Purple can be felt throughout your body. We recommend saving this strain and its calming effects for a night in by yourself, or before you go to bed. An indica like Granddaddy Purple is not well suited for daytime use. It is, however, a great choice for nighttime. A bit of Granddaddy Purple before bed can help you not only relax but also sleep. This is excellent weed for folks who want to chill out and don’t mind some couch lock, or drifting off not too long after smoking thanks to the comprehensive relaxation effects of this strain.

Is Granddaddy Purple a Good Medical Strain?

We’d call the Granddaddy Purple strain suitable for medical use. The high THC and pure indica nature give Granddaddy Purple medicinal properties that can potentially help with sleep issues, including insomnia. Some medicinal marijuana users also find this to be a high-quality weed for potentially alleviating symptoms of pain, and stimulating hunger when struggling with loss of appetite. For some medicinal conditions, we’d definitely recommend discussing if marijuana is right for you with your doctor. If you just want to try something to help with sleep issues or to alleviate a bit of stress, though, you are probably in the market for some Granddaddy Purple seeds.

Growing Plants from Granddaddy Purple Seeds

Even novice growers should be able to handle growing Granddaddy Purple plants! This is one of the easier strains to grow. Granddaddy Purple seeds tend to do better in terms of average yield with indoor growers. The strain can take a bit longer in terms of flowering time, often between eight and 11 weeks. After that, expect an indoor yield of 400 grams per square meter, and an outdoor yield of 500 grams per plant. Again, Granddaddy Purple seeds tend to flourish better indoors, with carefully-monitored humidity levels, but if you are an experienced grower, you may want to give it a shot outside as well.

Get Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is a cannabis seed bank dedicated to providing quality marijuana seeds to all our customers. That includes Granddaddy Purple seeds because we want you to be left with high-quality weed when all is said and done. You should have a berry aftertaste in your mouth from smoking great Granddaddy Purple weed, not left with a bitter aftertaste from a disappointing yield. We have several other strains similar to Granddaddy Purple you may want to consider as well:

  1. Purple Urkle: Purple Urkle’s great for those who want Granddaddy’s purple berry flavors and high THC, but want a bit of sativa parentage in the mix as well.
  2. Purple Diesel: A purple strain with sweet berry flavor, but moderate THC levels and sativa-leaning parentage.
  3. Grape Ape: Grape Ape is very similar to Granddaddy Purple, but with an even more impressive yield potential!
  4. Master Kush: A different flavor profile, but another pure indica strain for you to consider.
  5. Wedding Cake: If you want sweetness and a lot of THC, Wedding Cake lives up to its name in terms of flavor, but comes in at 25 percent THC as well.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Granddaddy Purple


100% Indica

Strain Type


CBD Level


THC Content


Flowering Time

50-60 days


Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Best Use

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Berry, Grape, Sweet

Flowering Type


Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

Based on 31 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    One of my favorite all time strains, arrived quickly & all 5 seeds look to be in good condition. Still not in the flowering stage but so far so good. Based on all the other strains ive tried from Growers Choice Seeds, no doubt it will be amazing.

  2. Verified Owner

    Shipping was fast and germinated nicely. They are growing nicely and I’m very happy so far. I’ll add another review after harvest. Great company!!!

  3. Verified Owner

    Grandaddy purple is an OG west coast strain started here in SF, and I am proud to grow it right here where it originated. Best looking grow I have had so far, it’s a very robust plant with a lot of cRAYYYYYYY looking flower, that’s so sticky and tight and just plain NAST. Do a kickflip BRUH!

  4. Verified Owner

    One of the few strains that thrives outdoors better than indoors. Lucky that I live in SoCal, literally the perfect growing conditions for all kinds of weed. I really like the taste, the smell, and the vibezzzz. The fat purple nugs are exciting, they are like “special” haha. I feel like a true weed wizard when I grow this strain.

  5. Verified Owner

    So purple you’ll probably look twice. It’s a berry-flavored weed, perfect on the weekends or after work. I used to come home to my plant every evening, I prune and water it like crazy. 6 months go by and I am swimming in purple flower. Never thought it was possible.

  6. Verified Owner

    After a long hike in the mountains, I really look forward to smoking the granddaddy purple at the trailhead. It’s my way of telling myself “job well done.” Had 5 seeds delivered after ordering them online. I am a total outdoors person so I loved working with these plants, they made good summer companions, along with my doggo.

  7. Verified Owner

    23% THC is nothing to joke about. This stuff hits hard and FAST and is mostly best for experienced smokers and growers. The purple nugs are light and fluffy, pack very well into a bong or a joint. Excellent marijuana for the masses.

  8. Verified Owner

    This purple weed is so bright it almost hurt my eyes! Buying online is the ONLY way to go, especially if you’re living in a rural community without consistent access to marijuana! It’s as convenient as can be, they ship anywhere in the US and Canada! You can also expect a pretty nice looking yield friends 🙂

  9. Verified Owner

    These fat purple nugs aren’t gonna grow themselves! Get your dang butt over to the checkout line and BUY these weed seeds! Online is the way to go, SO much more convenient and fast! Plus the seeds are great, maybe a little small?

  10. Verified Owner

    Granddaddy purple, or GDP as my friends and I call it, is really something special. Gotta have this weed in my life. It’s so dang tasty and helps a lot with stress and anxiety. I promis you, you will enjoy this weed, even the growing process is fun! I got nearly 600 Grams from 3 plants, that’s nearly 200 G per plant!! Always quality products from GCS!

  11. Verified Owner

    Another excellent cultivar that really seems to enjoy and tolerate the summer heat. Much like the Blackberry Kush review I left. Beautiful green foliage, but a slow starter. This particular cultivar was planted directly into the garden with only a small addition of any amendments to the soil. Impressive nonetheless and recommended! Easy to grow and clone.

  12. Verified Owner

    OMG I am a total stoner….and I VERY happy to grow my own weed and I had great success! GRanddaddy Purps has those SWEET flavors that make any night feel a little brighter!

  13. Verified Owner

    This strain lives up to its name with its beautiful purple hues and sweet grape flavor. Its euphoric and relaxed effects are perfect for unwinding after a long day. Growers Choice Seeds provided fast shipping and all of my seeds germinated with ease. Highly recommend this strain for anyone looking for a delicious and mellow high.

  14. Verified Owner

    Granddaddy Purple is the ultimate relaxation strain. With its sweet berry and grape flavors, it provides a euphoric and relaxed high that’s perfect for those struggling with insomnia, pain, or stress. All of my seeds sprouted and germinated successfully, leading to a rewarding growing experience.

  15. Verified Owner

    This strain was definitely worth growing, as it produced some of the biggest and most beautiful buds that I have ever had. The high was very relaxing and mellow, perfect for nighttime use. Highly recommend this strain for anyone looking for a top-quality indica experience.

  16. Verified Owner

    Call your mother!!!

  17. Verified Owner

    23% THC? Yes PLEASE!!!

  18. Verified Owner

    Granddaddy Purple is definitely a strain that lives up to the hype. Huge yields and an incredibly smooth smoke highlight the overall beauty of this strain. The grape and berry flavors really come through and the high is powerful but not overwhelming. Would highly recommend this strain to anyone.

  19. Verified Owner

    Granddaddy Purple, an Indica strain with sweet berry and grape flavors. Growers Choice Seeds provided excellent and helpful customer service, and the shipping was fast. This strain is perfect for those struggling with insomnia, pain, and stress.

  20. Verified Owner

    For those who need help getting to sleep, I highly recommend Grandaddy purp. I was having a hard time sleeping and couldn’t find the right strain to get me going. This one has been putting me to ease every night. An added bonus for the sweet grape flavor. What’s even better? This plant is an absolute breeze to grow!

  21. Verified Owner

    These nugs do NOT disappoint. I was able to harvest flower clusters the size of my hand, and sometimes even bigger. The yields were impressive! I measured out about 100 or so grams per plant, and around 500 G in total (across 5 plants).

    GDP is a sweet, deeply soothing indica that helps with stress and anxiety. It’s been a great experience working with MJ again, feels like it has been so long. I am very excited for this upcoming growing season. My skills are sharper than ever!

  22. Verified Owner

    Great for smoking with your homies on a Friday night. It kills stress but keeps you chatty….the perfect combo for someone with social anxiety (aka me lol).

  23. Verified Owner

    Very high THC percentages on Granddaddy will have you flying fast and cruising right into bed. Growing this was easy outdoors, this seed was quite forgiving with its conditions and rewarded me with a great amount of weed. Absolutely perfect!

  24. Verified Owner

    Granddaddy Purple is the ultimate insomniac strain. It melts away pain and stress while leaving you feeling euphoric and relaxed. It’s a go-to for those who need a heavy indica to help them sleep. The taste is like a sweet grape candy and the high is long-lasting. Highly recommend for nighttime use.

  25. Verified Owner

    Excellent choice if you like purple weed and a moderate challenge in the garden. Purchased 10 seeds online and they were FAST to ship to my apartment! I was honestly amazed! The seeds took about 1 week to germinate and popped right out of the ground with a little purple crown that grew taller than me over the course of 3 months! Awesome choice, very fresh!

  26. Verified Owner

    Hey hey! Just harvested my 5 plants! OMG I am totally swimming in high quality weed! What an awesome investment! Purple and frosty and delicious, a great buy!

  27. Verified Owner

    When smoking, I love the sweet and fruity flavor with hints of grapes and berries. The relaxing effects are perfect for unwinding after a long day or before bedtime. As for growing, it’s relatively easy, making it suitable even for novice growers.

  28. Verified Owner

    As a repeat buyer, I can confidently say that Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds from Grower’s Choice Seeds are the real deal. The plants produced gorgeous purple buds and gave me a great harvest.

  29. Verified Owner

    I just had to share my experience with Granddaddy Purple seeds from Growers Choice Seeds. This pure indica strain is a true gem among all the hybrids out there. The grape-like flavor and aroma are absolutely delightful. With THC levels ranging from 20% to 23%, it’s definitely a potent strain, so take it slow.

  30. Verified Owner

    I had so much fun growing granddady purple. It’s become more than a hobby for me, it’s become a passion! Maybe a profession in the near future? Love that GCS ships so quickly….and that their customer service team is made of real people… that’s a relief! 100% germination and a beautiful bounty of purple flower in 4 months!

  31. Verified Owner

    “Granddaddy Purple is a pure indica strain with a delightful grape flavor and powerful effects. With a THC level ranging from 20 to 23 percent, this strain is not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re a medical user seeking pain relief or simply looking to grow your own stash, Granddaddy Purple seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a great option.

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