Critical Jack Feminized Seeds

  • 50% Indica 50% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 20%
  • Easy to grow, great choice for novice cultivators
  • Offers ginormous outdoor yields!
  • Promotes a euphoric, creative experience
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Critical Jack Feminized Seeds

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Winner of the 2015 San Bernardino Hempcon Cup, this evenly-balanced strain definitely carries on the legacy of its parent strains, Critical Plus and Jack Herer. Every so often, you will run across a version of this strain that leans a bit more to the sativa side, which is an indicator of the wonderful cerebral high it bestows upon users.

Profile and Effects of Critical Jack

With a THC content that ranges from 18%-21%, like countless other strains, Critical Jack cannabis delivers a mood-boosting high that gives users a healthy shot of happiness. However, unlike those other strains, Critical Jack does not render users incapable of focusing on and completing the tasks at hand, making for an excellent daytime high. It’s a well-balanced, invigorating strain that isn’t too intense nor too extreme in its mental or physical buzz; instead, it walks that fine line of being all the best aspects of a sativa and indica without their less desirable effects.

What Critical Jack cannabis lacks in the looks department, it more than makes up for in aroma and flavor as it smells of sweet pine and tropical fruits with a similar taste that has an added hint of peppery spice to it.

Medical benefits of Critical Jack cannabis

Medically, Critical Jack can help to provide a cerebral buzz to potentially help you relax. Some medicinal users also claim it provides physical effects, and a couple of hours into its high is known to induce hunger, which can be potentially helpful for those who want to boost their appetite.

Growing Critical Jack

Not only is Critical Jack easy to grow, but it also provides an incredibly generous bounty. Cultivated indoors, it can yield around 21 oz per square meter in 8 weeks. Outdoors, it thrives in a temperate, Mediterranean climate where it can grow as tall as 10 feet and yield an astounding 40 oz per plant from the end of September to early October.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Critical Plus x Jack Herer


50% Indica, 50% Sativa

Strain Type

Balanced Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Creative, Euphoric, Focused

Indoor Yield

Up to 600 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 1200 g/plant

Best Use

Daytime, Depression, Fatigue


Citrus, Pine, Spicy

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Critical Jack Feminized Seeds

Based on 15 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    Critical Jack Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are an excellent choice for cannabis growers looking for a well-balanced strain. With its invigorating effects and mood-boosting high, it’s perfect for daytime use. The strain’s aroma of sweet pine and tropical fruits, with a hint of peppery spice, makes for a delightful sensory experience.

  2. Verified Owner

    Hey all, first review! Big fan of Critical Jack. Perfect sativa-driven hybrid. Looks great in my little planter. I grow indoors to some exemplary results. I was impressed by the sheer size and volume of flower, definitely one of the best strains I’ve come across so far for stress, anxiety and pain. Fast-growing too, usually only takes about 10 weeks indoors with proper lighting!

  3. Verified Owner

    Critical Jack may not have a lot of bag appeal, but looking good isn’t what makes a strain worthwhile–it’s all about the effects it delivers, and this one is a winner in that department! It’s a cinch to grow and its yields are huge regardless of where you grow it!

    Gabija Z., Castle Rock, CO

  4. Verified Owner

    Flower time was less than what was advertised it only took around 7 weeks which was a pleasant surprise. The flowers themselves were dense and smelled absolutely wonderful. High came on quickly and was overall an excellent strain to smoke. Definitely purchasing this strain again.

  5. Verified Owner

    I purchased these a couple months ago, and was really pleased with the customer service provided by growers choice. The strain grows really easily and is quite strong overall. I got a decent yield from these seeds and will definitely order again.

  6. Verified Owner

    Critical Jack is my go-to strain for a productive day. The balanced high keeps me focused, relaxed and uplifted. The yields are impressive and the plant is easy to grow. Definitely recommend for daytime use!

  7. Verified Owner

    Critical Jack Feminized Seeds are a seasoned smoker’s dream. The perfect blend of Critical Plus and Jack Herer, this strain delivers a smooth, cerebral high with a pleasant body buzz. Highly recommended for daytime use.

  8. Verified Owner

    Critical Jack is my go-to strain for a balanced high that doesn’t knock me out. The citrus and pine flavors make for a refreshing smoke, perfect for a daytime pick-me-up. My plants grew easily both indoors and outdoors, producing impressive yields.

  9. Verified Owner

    This gives a very medium level high, it isn’t too extreme on the body or mind but also is not too light. Think this is a high that’ll be good even for lighter smokers. The seeds bought from GCS were top quality and all 3 germinated and sprouted!

  10. Verified Owner

    I had a blast growing these seeds, and they all sprouted and germinated with ease. The high is fantastic, leaving me focused, relaxed, and uplifted. The citrus, pine, and spicy flavor is a delightful treat for the taste buds. It’s a perfect strain for daytime use, especially for combating depression, fatigue, and stress. With a moderate plant height and a high yield potential, Critical Jack is a dream come true for both beginner and experienced growers.

  11. Verified Owner

    If you are a big outdoor grower like me this is a great easy strain to take care of. Probably the most massive yield I’ve ever gotten from a seed. Growers Seeds have always sprouted perfectly for me so I highly recommend buying from them from reliable germination alone. The high for this is balanced and relaxed, I never feel too out of my body when I smoke this.

  12. Verified Owner

    I thoroughly enjoyed the energizing high from Critical Jack, which also had a good balance of relaxation and focus. The potency was great and I got a large yield which made it even more worth it.

  13. Verified Owner

    If you’re looking for a well-balanced, invigorating strain with a pleasant mental and physical buzz, Critical Jack Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds is a great choice. With a THC content of 18%-21%, it delivers a mood-boosting high without impairing focus. The strain has a sweet pine and tropical fruit aroma with a hint of peppery spice.

  14. Verified Owner

    This balanced strain will uplift your mood without overwhelming you, making it perfect for daytime use. Its fruity and spicy flavors are a treat for the senses. Plus, it’s easy to grow and provides a bountiful harvest. Get your Critical Jack Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds today and elevate your cannabis experience!

  15. Verified Owner

    Critical Jack Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a top choice for both experienced and novice growers. This well-balanced strain delivers a mood-boosting high that doesn’t hinder productivity, making it perfect for daytime use. Not only is it easy to grow, but it also provides a generous yield both indoors and outdoors. With its tropical fruit aroma and peppery spice taste, Critical Jack is a delight for the senses.

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