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Chemdog #4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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For a long-lasting mood and creativity boost paired with headache relief and a bit of euphoria, try Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds! This strain offers an impressive yield to dedicated intermediate gardeners, and is a great choice for late-afternoon treatment.

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Chemdog #4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A hybrid with a diesel, pungent scent with a citrus undertone (hence the name), Chemdog #4 is identified by its considerable height and light green, dense buds. Our Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds come with our lineage guarantee, and promise dedicated growers a long-lasting, uplifting effect that still offers relaxation and pain relief.

Stress will ebb away after a dose of Chemdog #4, along with lingering effects of depression and stress; some patients even find this strain works to ease headaches and boost creativity. Born of Thai and Nepalese strains, Chemdog #4 delivers heady euphoria that could be a bit too much for patients seeking a more medical, non-psychoactive treatment, but the strain’s popularity speaks for itself. Note that new patients may find they experience more sedation than euphoria.

A parent to many Diesel-based strains and the world-renowned OG Kush, our Chemdog #4 will leave you nice and relaxed without letting you fade into sleep. Perfect for the afternoon or evening, this strain won’t leave you in a mental fog like some of the more potent indicas – you should feel a bit of clarity, which assists with the creativity. Nausea and pain can be managed with Chemdog #4, as well.

Your Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds should germinate with ease (following our germination method), though cultivation does require a bit of a green thumb. The plants will spend between 9 and 11 weeks in the flowering stage, and can reach seven feet when grown outdoors, though they usually top out at about five feet in the grow room. You’ll be impressed with the yield, a significant offering of 500 to 600 grams per square meter indoors, and the potential for even more per plant, outside. At Growers Choice, we guarantee the genetics of your Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds – there’s no question that the seeds you plant will leave to a potent hybrid harvest capable of all kinds of medical and recreational feats. Just like our other strains, Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds are backed by our 90% germination guarantee (see our germination guide for the details) and are shipped straight to your door in discreet packaging, enclosed in medical-grade glass vials. Experience this powerful strains, today!

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Chemdog x Green Crack


80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Relaxing, Uplifting

Best Use

Evening; relieve anxiety; pain management; ease nausea


citrus, pine

Indoor Yield

500-600 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

500-600 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where To Grow

Indoor / Outdoor

Plant Height


0 responses to “Chemdog #4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. bella notte says:

    Take a few hits of the chemdog and you’ll be blasting off into outer space. This stuff gets me suuuuuper stoned and makes me wanna just chill out outside and draw. I love how strong it smells, super earthy and powerful, and the nugs are wicked fresh and surprisingly white. How amazing to finally have my own weed at home. GCS was great with delivery and customer service. Will definitely use them again!

  2. killahsteve says:

    Heavy indica strain, makes me hella sleepy, not a great party weed, much more suited to a relaxing night in. Got me a nice medical grade glass sealed package from GCS online and it’s some seriously nice product. Love how easy it was to germinate and take care of, though this weed does require some extra TLC. Killer buy over all though, cause the yield was good and the weed was super fresh and delicious.

  3. joehoffman says:

    I’ve got some nasty, persistent back pain and I like to smoke this weed to help relieve symptoms but also to put me in a good mood. I am a gardener by hobby, and I really enjoy the smell of fresh weed growing in the backyard. I feel like these plants did quite well among my other herbs and spices. Smells great too, kind of sour and earthy. Great head buzz as mentioned, and never gets me groggy!

  4. Erin Kelly says:

    Wow this weed makes me sleepy haha, which is ok cause I am usually just a nighttime smoker, helps with stress cause you get stoned and forget you’re stressed out haha, but it’s really pleasant and fun, great for just drifting through life, going to the park or something similar, helps a lot with being yourself, plus it taste amazing, really great sour flavor. My GF did the growing lol. Will buy more!

  5. Katz says:

    I usually smoke after lunch to ease some mild nausea and get me back into a working mode. I have been sick for a long time now, and need a little weed to help balance my stomach/help with appetite. I enjoy this weed though because it gives me a nice mental buzz as well. Helps a lot with stress and improved focus. My husband did most of the growing, but he’s a pro and I just love to watch him work. Great buy!

  6. ditsy blonde says:

    Boy I sure do get tired at work, like almost every day you can see me nodding off at my desk. How embarrassing! Turns out if I take a few hits of the Chemdog at lunch I can manage all afternoon long. I feel so much more creative and focused, and I usually just get a lot more work done. Even my boss has noticed…but don’t tell him my secret lol! Great growing out back, had an excellent time!

  7. blue eyes white dragon says:

    Chemdog is one of those strains that never fails to deliver. It always puts me in a great mood and offers some amazing creative thoughts! I feel super alive when I smoke this, like I can accomplish any task. It’s super cool looking too, has these streaks of bright white mixed among the green. It’s highly addictive, in a good way! You’ll want to be coming back for more and more!

  8. yario says:

    My friend told me about this site. I was skeptical at first but am so glad I checked it out! Ordering seeds with GCS is super easy and actually really fast! I feel like I am saving a ton of money by growing my own mj, and this strain in particular is really strong and delicious and helps me stay alert and awake throughout the day. I like it when I am in a creative rut too, helps me get my music off the ground.

  9. diamond sparkle says:

    This weed is great all around, it offers up some delicious nugs and doesn’t even take that long to grow! The high is super intense and a little murky if you smoke too much, but I like to temper it by taking just one or two hits at a time and floating in my mind! It’s great for stress and helps me relax, also perfect for coming up with creative ideas and projects. Excellent buy!

  10. sparklepork says:

    I have been smoking this weed for many years, but the dispensary down the street from me closed down 🙁 so I decided it was time for me to grow my own. This weed is surprisingly easy to manage. I got all 3 of my seeds to germ without issue, and they grew super tall and bushy in just about 4 months time. The buzz is really unique, almost feels like drinking a cup of coffee. Wakes me up and puts a smile on my face every time!

  11. fleeter wheater says:

    This is the best of the weeds I have tried from this site so far. It’s a real treat to grow this stuff in my backyard. I’ve been doing this a while so I get these huge tall plants that produce a ton of flower. I love how the nugs are super white and a little bit of green. It’s been a real trip! I gotta take it easy on this stuff cause it’s strong, usually one or two hits will do me fine. Great buy!

  12. cottonmouth98 says:

    A super powerful strain of weed. I really like how easy this was to grow indoors and offers up some amazing mental health benefits like a relaxed sense of self and relief from anxiety. It’s perfect for smoking after a long work day. I grew all by myself in the basement in a small grow room I set up. Was so surprised to see how well these plants did and am really stoked about how much weed I have. Definitely a great buy!

  13. Mark says:

    This weed is something super special, very strong and offers an incredible high that keeps on giving. Never a dull moment with this weed, it’s fun to grow indoors and offered me like 500 g per plant, wow! It’s been nice as a joint in the evening for having trippy creative thoughts and drifting off to sleep. Highly recommend!

  14. Jason Nelson says:

    This weed is powerful and it will get you stoned. If you’re all about a strong buzz like I am, then you’ll definitely dig this stuff. Grew it indoors, right in the basement, got my grow lamps set up and a small irrigation system. I love the taste and the smell, so earthy and pungent, and smoking this stuff is a bit harsh but so worth it. I can’t wait to buy more!

  15. Chloe Ratniss says:

    Not your grandfather’s weed, this stuff is strong and powerful, definitely gives you a nice kick in the rear if you’re feeling down or tired or having a crappy day. I love how tall and white these plants get, super amazing to watch them grow. I love the buzz, great in my head and relaxing in the body. Excellent buy!

  16. Rosemary J says:

    You can’t take the dog out of chemdog, cause this stuff has bite! It’s a powerful strain, one or two hits sends me off into outer space, but it’s pleasant up here, and it gives my mind an extra little bit of energy and creativity. I grew in the backyard and the plants got super tall and bushy, very impressive. I got nearly 400 g per plant and smoke every day y’all! Highly recommend!

  17. hstreet927 says:

    Powerful stuff! But also, very relaxing. Amazing what good genetics can create! GCS has an excellent online selection, a stellar array of weed to choose from, but Chemdog is definitely my favorite! It’s easy to grow, indoor or out. Has a fantastic yield, around 500 g per plant, and the buzz is very clean and intense. You’ll love it for sure!

  18. kelly sanchez says:

    Time to get your chemdog on. It’s super easy to grow and produces a ton of weed. It’s powerful stuff too, and gets me really stoned! I love the taste of this stuff, it’s super sour and earthy, what an amazing flavor and what an amazing weed from a great company that has an incredible and extensive online selection! I will definitely be back for more!

  19. amy porter says:

    If you’re an indica lover like me, definitely try out this strain! It’s not even green, it’s bright white like a light bulb, amazing! It’s kind of a challenging grow, so experienced stoners only!!! haha, but seriously, work this stuff indoors, you’ll get a better yield with a consistent lighting schedule. The buzz is great, as expected, so just let yourself enjoy and grow it at home!

  20. Cat Adam says:

    Not the easiest grow in the world, so maybe this isn’t best for new growers. Have a nice greenhouse in the backyard and am happy I had a chance to grow this stuff. It’s been a real treat working with this plant with it’s bright white leaves and flower! I love the smell and taste, very sour and citrusy. I enjoy the buzz as well, best for right after work, when you’re driving home!

  21. Erik Chen says:

    Powerful stuff! I need this weed when I am feeling blue or really tired in the afternoon, which happens quite a lot. I get really depressed and use weed to help with my symptoms. I have been growing weed for a while now, GCS is one of my favorite companies with a stellar online collection. Smoke this weed if you’re ok with a strong smell and powerful sativa high!

  22. Sarah Rodriguez says:

    Get down with the chemdog seeds, this is really something special. It’s got a hugely uplifting high that’s been great for my mood and energy levels, also helps me stay focused and creative so I can get my papers done ON TIME! Was fun to grow in my closet in my little space bucket, and got a pretty darn nice yield! I’ll definitely be back for more!

  23. pocopoco says:

    This was my second time ordering this strain from GCS and let me tell you, this strain is as good to grow indoors as it is outdoors! I got a solid 500 g harvest and the buds are super tight and white and absolutely delicious. Very pungent smell and pretty strong weed overall. I usually smoke at night for the heavy indica effects and it really helps me relax and sleep!

  24. umami mami says:

    Have been growing weed for a loooooong time. Have a nice greenhouse space in Oregon. Chemdog is one of my staples, sell it to the local dispensary and they pay me double. It’s a finicky strain to get started, but give it the right growing conditions and it’ll grow like the dickens! It’s a beautiful plant, makes about 400 grams if you do it right. The buds are bright white and smell sour. Love the way this weed hits, nice and smooth and gets you very high!

  25. Kyle M. says:

    A challenging strain for sure, not your typical grow and definitely prefers indoor conditions, specific lighting and soil moisture to ensure good growth. That being said, the weed is amazing, it’s got these dense white buds and is very tall! A great smoke for anytime of day, but best enjoyed in the afternoon or evening.

  26. Malcom Smith says:

    A powerful indica, but also has nice sativa elements so it’s not TOO overpowering, but yeah, don’t expect to get much done on this weed lol! I use it for my stress and anxiety levels, which has been really helpful, it is a great way to unwind after work, so you feel much better at the end of the day, and it was a good challenge to grow, wouldn’t recommend to beginner grower because this strain does require some skills. Other than that this strain is a real winner!

  27. Peter Rivera says:

    Surprisingly chilled out weed! You think with a name like Chemdog you’d be flying off your rocker, but quite the opposite is the case. Ordered online from GCS and the seeds shipped out really snappy. Got them all to germinate using the paper towel method, and wow they grew super fast! One look at them and you’ll be amazed, almost feel like you’re stoned! I’ve never seen trichomes that are so bright and white in color! Perfect evening smoke, in front of the TV or just chilling with your pals. I highly recommend!

  28. Darren Lim says:

    Very reliable seeds from a great company! GCS has the best online selection in the USA and they ship to your door super fast! Chemdog is one of those strains you think is going to knock you off your feet, but it turns out it’s a very relaxing strain without leaving you in a mental fog, my least favorite quality of weed. It’s an even buzz with a lot of creative potential, conversation starter for sure, and not too bad for helping you sleep at night as well. I’ll definitely be back for more.

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