Chemdog #4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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For a long-lasting mood and creativity boost paired with headache relief and a bit of euphoria, try Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds! This strain offers an impressive yield to dedicated intermediate gardeners, and is a great choice for late-afternoon treatment.

Chemdog #4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A hybrid with a diesel, pungent scent with a citrus undertone (hence the name), Chemdog #4 is identified by its considerable height and light green, dense buds. Our Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds come with our lineage guarantee, and promise dedicated growers a long-lasting, uplifting effect that still offers relaxation and pain relief.

Stress will ebb away after a dose of Chemdog #4, along with lingering effects of depression and stress; some patients even find this strain works to ease headaches and boost creativity. Born of Thai and Nepalese strains, Chemdog #4 delivers heady euphoria that could be a bit too much for patients seeking a more medical, non-psychoactive treatment, but the strain’s popularity speaks for itself. Note that new patients may find they experience more sedation than euphoria.

A parent to many Diesel-based strains and the world-renowned OG Kush, our Chemdog #4 will leave you nice and relaxed without letting you fade into sleep. Perfect for the afternoon or evening, this strain won’t leave you in a mental fog like some of the more potent indicas – you should feel a bit of clarity, which assists with the creativity. Nausea and pain can be managed with Chemdog #4, as well.

Your Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds should germinate with ease (following our germination method), though cultivation does require a bit of a green thumb. The plants will spend between 9 and 11 weeks in the flowering stage, and can reach seven feet when grown outdoors, though they usually top out at about five feet in the grow room. You’ll be impressed with the yield, a significant offering of 500 to 600 grams per square meter indoors, and the potential for even more per plant, outside. At Growers Choice, we guarantee the genetics of your Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds – there’s no question that the seeds you plant will leave to a potent hybrid harvest capable of all kinds of medical and recreational feats. Just like our other strains, Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds are backed by our 90% germination guarantee (see our germination guide for the details) and are shipped straight to your door in discreet packaging, enclosed in medical-grade glass vials. Experience this powerful strains, today!

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Chemdog x Green Crack


20% Sativa, 80% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted

Best Use

Anxiety, Ease nausea, Evening, pain management


Citrus, Pine

Indoor Yield

500-600 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

500-600 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

99 reviews for Chemdog #4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Kenneth Hopkins (verified owner)

    I received my order today. Currently germinating my seed. Very excited for the end results of this strain.

  2. Oliwia Payne (verified owner)

    Sativa strains are my absolute favorite. I can’t get enough of their high-energy creative buzz that lasts for HOURS! Easy to order it online, and when it grows to its full height, it’s nearly 5 ft tall so make sure you have the space in your home!!! Well worth the effort on this stuff, will buy again!!!

  3. Usmaan Browning (verified owner)

    This sativa strain is good on the brain…it makes my head feel nice and light and it gets me more excited than ever to smoke it in the afternoon to help with some energy dips. I never felt better in my life, it’s good times every time, and it makes me feel a little less like a bump on a log and more like superman!!

  4. Kathryn King (verified owner)

    Chemdog is pretty great. It’s revitalizing and very clean. Not hard to grow, but does take some effort, so don’t be lazy until you harvest. Happy I can keep growing my own bud at home, makes life way easier. Feeling pretty stoked about the next couple of harvests, cause this flower is top quality!

  5. Hakim Jennings (verified owner)

    This is one AWESOME strain of marijuana. I love the sweet taste and excellent texture that makes this weed a real winner in my book. Bought my seeds online and had them shipped to my place in Cali. Just an awesome grow, makes for a great buy in the sunshine, cheap weed but very high quality. Can’t beat these deals!!

  6. Kaleb Naylor (verified owner)

    You’re gonna totally love this weed, it’s all kinds of exciting and just the right amount of chillll. Ordered myself some of this weed online and had it shipped to the office where I work lol. I then snuck it into the garden at home without the wife knowing. I mean, she figured it out pretty quick, but now she’s on board knowing we have fresh sativa marijuana on the way!

  7. Charlotte Bravo (verified owner)

    Was pretty stoked about this purchase. I love the way it makes me feel, very buzzy and alert, a great buy for a very reasonable price, gets me nice and stoned, keeps me feeling fresh AF and makes going out to the club a great experience every time. I have a lot of social anxiety and smoking this heavy sativa strain has been pretty great for breaking me outta my shell 🙂

  8. Maariyah Redfern (verified owner)

    Gotta get some more Chemdog in my life. I am sooo thrilled to have this weed in my back pocket, it smells amazing!! OMG like a pine forest! And man, it just baked my head into a loaf of bread and cheese. I am dumb but very happy, and it makes working at Dairy Queen so much easier lol!!!

  9. Rex Greene (verified owner)

    Daaaaang this is some goood weed! I ordered myself 10 seeds online, they look awesome so far, no complications to speak of, but very exciting no matter what. Great vibes truly, and even better when you get to finally grow this stuff indoors. I was really impressed at how nicely it came together, gonna definitely buy it again, you know how awesome it all will be!

  10. Khadija Edmonds (verified owner)

    I went to the weed store the other day, they charge a ton of money for this strain, flower or joint. I was pretty happy I stumbled across this website though, It’s definitely time for me to start growing my own weed, at the very least it’s worth doing it to save $$. Broke all the rules and still got a good result, smells great. I just love smoking marijuana 🙂

  11. Reese Noel (verified owner)

    This chemdog weed is what gets me up in the morning and what keeps me feeling positive throughout the day…I smoke during my morning breakfast and I smoke at lunch to keep my head in the clouds. Sometimes the day is just too difficult and we need something to take the edge off. I like smoking this right after I get off work too. Evening traffic is pretty easy peasy. Definitely gonna make it work!

  12. Kendra Alcock (verified owner)

    I grow my weed indoors. I find that I like to have control over my weed environment. I get a very substantial yield. Very clean looking flower. Nice and chill buzzy and fun. I worked at a weed farm for a couple years so know how to do this. GCS has great seeds, very easy to grow for beginners.

  13. Abigale Mcclure (verified owner)

    Chemdog is nice and easy going….gets me real chill and very happy. I bought myself 3 little seeds and they grew into HUGE plants, just as big as humanly possible, very exciting given the taste of the weed and the massive and intense spending that I have. I like that it was cheap and delicious and gave me a great head buzz, gonna totally buy more!!!

  14. Felix Miller (verified owner)

    Chemdog #4 is chill and very powerful.

    I got 3 seeds and grew them over the span of 5 months….easy but time consuming.

    Got nearly 700 grams of pot.


  15. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Chemdog is the ultimate GOD of marijuana. It’s so uplifting you may want to go for a run after smoking, or maybe just do a little dance in your pjs. I myself love to take the dog for a long walk and stare at all the bright green trees. I really love living out on the PNW, the smells and textures of everything are great. Pretty dang happy, and I will absolutely keep growing more!

  16. Dr. Weed (verified owner)

    Chemdog is a pretty unique strain, it makes me really buzzy really fast, so I never am afraid to just take one hit and see where it gets me…I ordered online and had it shipped to my place here in SoCal, and man I love living here, where the weather is warm all year round, and it’s just so sunny and amazing, I couldn’t tell ya how great this whole thing was, and I will definitely keep growing!

  17. Naima Rollins (verified owner)

    Chemdog is a powerful yet subtle strain, you feel it tugging at your brain like a dog on a leash and it leads to all kinds of fun pathways down alleyways and into the forests that surround the home where we live. I love growing weed out here in the country, the hot humid summers here are PERFECT for growing mj, and it’s been a nice time for all of us. Never been happier truly!!!

  18. Aqib Phelps (verified owner)

    I think this strain is a little stronger than I was expecting, but I am still pretty into it. I thought maybe I was gonna have trouble growing this at home, but I actually found it to be very rewarding and it smells just amazing. Turns out I have quite the green thumb. I am pretty excited for the smells and tastes and definitely wanna keep buying more. I will absolutely come back to GCS for more pot seeds!

  19. Phoenix Avery (verified owner)

    This weed is all kinds of sour and sweet and definitely good for baking into lemon bars or brownies or something. It’s been really fun to make this into a hobby of mind during the quarantine. Ordering online with GCS has just made it so easy to have my own pot seeds delivered to my door. Now it’s Xmas time and time for buying pot seeds as gifts for family!!!

  20. Velma Chapman (verified owner)

    I love getting my hands on this weed, it’s so chill and relaxing and helps with stress and depression. I used to take antidepressants and I think this stuff is better than those, it feels more natural and organic, and it helps in a more natural way. I am definitely gonna grow more, feel like I can definitely get some good harvests out of this, so hey, why not buy more seeds from GCS?

  21. Ansley Snide (verified owner)

    Chemdog is a great strain for getting all amped up and taking a long hike in the woods with your dog!! I am so happy I am finally growing my own weed! I got a HUGE yield bigger than I expected and I can’t wait to just smoke it all right now. It’s so sour and it hits suuuper hard, so I definitely think I am gonna have a great time when I smoke my bong tonight! OMG GCS is the best and they deliver so fast!!!

  22. Kian Morgan (verified owner)

    This chemdog weed is seriously chill. It helps me manage my pain and stress and makes for an excellent buy. I had no problem at all getting these seeds started, and especially amazing for the price. When these plants get established, they look like little trees and they produce a lot of nice flower. I have a very nice yield coming my way from these plants, and I feel pretty darn good about growing them!

  23. Diwrecktor299 (verified owner)

    This one is my favorite. I love the chill colors and the wild sour flavors, helps me deal man, makes all my relationship issues more manageable. Me and the old lady is having issues man, but we both like growing weed, and this is her favorite strain, sometimes I think that its weed that keeps us together. Either way, love GCS, great company, and definitely a good buy!

  24. rusty kraken (verified owner)

    This strain is all kinds of wonderful, it’s strong and smelly and helps with stress and depression and it’s like electric! I feel super alive!!! I am ready to surf the waves and just have a good time in this life. It’s been so good for mental illness. I feel very pleased by this weed. I can’t wait to grow more, what a fun experience!

  25. jim broder (verified owner)

    I smoke this and then I take a bath, like the DUDE in big lebowski. I love smoking this dope, it’s super chill and also very strong and uplifting. Ordered myself 3 seeds online, it’s a good place to start, and gets me hella stoned. Not hard to grow, does require some attention. I recommend giving yourself at least a few minutes a day to water and check on the plants, you won’t be disappointed. Great vibes all around!

  26. Hank masterson (verified owner)

    I was always a fan of the chemdog strain cause it made me feel like I was a superhero or something. Once I smoked this I was cleaning my house at a mile a minute, and I even took a good nap. It’s great to have on my one day off, and I think you oughta try this for yourself. It’s gotta be a good one though, and it’s helpful for the price to get as much weed from this plant as you can!!!

  27. Terrence Steven (verified owner)

    Chemdog is a particularly strong strain of marijuana, It always gives me a jolt, sends electricity running through my veins, has a POWERFUL smell, and a very energizing buzz. I like to smoke it before going on a hike or before biking into the gorge. Growing weed in my own backyard is pretty great, and I really can’t complain otherwise. Very satisfied with the seeds, wanna buy more 🙂

  28. vegemeaterarian (verified owner)

    The chemdog is a wowza type strain that keeps the brain feeling electric even when it’s a slow night. I work at a bar, and when I smoke before work, I find I can fly around the bar and do a great job remembering orders lol, plus all my customers laugh at my jokes, or maybe that’s just in my head lol. Growing in the basement is solid choice, has all kinds of great benefits, makes for a nice vibe and a good buy!

  29. usnkimtoo (verified owner)

    I feel like most weeds peter out after about 90 minutes, but this buzz lasts for hours! It’s soooo good for creativity and is amazing for all it’s worth. Its a cheap buy, makes for a nice garden grow, and helps me stay active during quarantine. I feel like smoking is good for my stress levels, and this has been also very nice for just socializing in general. I think you oughta try it out for yourself and experience the magic!

  30. bossbitch27 (verified owner)

    This strain is not for the faint of heart…it’s a good buy when you are really tired and want something to pick you up. I ordered online, just sorta chose it at random, and it shipped out like right away! Put it into the ground and followed some YouTube vids on how to make sure I got the ball rolling. Here I am 4 months later, smoking my own dope, super heavy and fresh. Gotta love it!!!

  31. supahsmashly (verified owner)

    I was really happy to see my seeds arrived the other day. I thought it was gonna take forever…but like it only took 4 days!!! Perfect for growing at home and managing yourself…it’s not that hard and honestly it is just plain fun! Ordered my seeds online, and as a fellow smoker, let me just say, this is THE BEST place to buy pot seeds and I feel absolutely amazing about what I am smoking now 🙂

  32. 2020terror (verified owner)

    If it’s not chemdog, then what are you smoking!!!! I ordered my weed online, cause it’s the future and things are looking good for weed in America. I smoke this to feel nice and relaxed and it really strikes the right balance between stoney world and focused Jeff. Cause I can get all kinds of creative work done when I smoke chemdog, great energy boost!

  33. elefunky (verified owner)

    Chemdog is a nice vibe, but super strong so BE CAREFUL lol. You gotta know your limits when you’re smoking marijuana, and this stuff is a puff puff pass kinda deal. I really dig the taste and smell of this stuff too…I mean it’s like a PNW forest in your brain. I smoke deeep hits of this fresh herb, love it’s white and green flower too, very exciting and exotic!

  34. cobra darko (verified owner)

    Prepare yourself, this is a very intense strain of marijuana…makes for an excellent indoor grow, your whole home will smell like chemdog for weeks and it smells amazing!!! I love being able to order online, especially during the pandemic, it’s such a good time to grow weed in your own backyard. Very liberating and wonderful. I will totally buy more weed from GCS!

  35. road – trip (verified owner)

    I always wanted a dog….but I never knew I needed a chemdog! lol What a great experience….has all the best features of weed without any of the difficulty of growing it. It’s smooth sailing if you know what you are doing, and it helps tremendously with pain, stress, and anxiety. I like the vibes of this stuff too, super mellow and introspective, good for just taking it easy on the beach 🙂

  36. Handson (verified owner)

    I can get a little depressed in the middle of the day….when it feels like the day is dragging and it just gets a little sad…especially when you can’t get into your job….I mean weed doesn’t solve all problems and doesn’t make life any easier but it does help you get into the right headspace about certain things. Easy online ordering. Good for growing outdoors too!!

  37. Honls (verified owner)

    I get these terrible migraines when I am stressed out. I am really happy I found this weed. It’s easy growing and some powerful smoking that obliterates my headaches at the source! I love GCS, great selection, great prices!!!

  38. Kalua Pig (verified owner)

    I thought this strain was going to be too strong for me, but it turns out it was just right! I ordered my seeds online and had them delivered to my home here in Portland. I got them in just about a week and started growing them right away! They did very well out in the backyard and made for an impressive harvest. Very sticky nug, so nice to roll into a joint or smoke a bowl!

  39. Cole Milstein (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I bought this weed…it’s really great for when you’re stressed and need something to calm you down and get you focused cause that’s the best part about this weed is that you can actually smoke it and still get work done! That’s why I take a wee little hit at lunch and go back to work and get things DONE! It’s pretty pungent though so, you know, be careful.

  40. Daniel Jefferson (verified owner)

    Chemical dogginess, like sooooo chem bro, like suuuper breaking bad, and also very good for your tired and aching brain. I helped bring this stuff into my home. Ordered it online and brought it right home from the mailbox and put the seeds into the earth. They LOVED it, and grew to be soooo big, beautiful and strong. Good buy!

  41. Jason Belt (verified owner)

    Chemdog is where the music happens. I smoke before I play gigs or before practice. Opens my mind creatively…makes me feel wild and free…eliminates social anxiety and helps me feel a lot stronger…I am happy to buy more seeds from this site because I have had nothing but positive results. I will definitely make the effort to buy more. It’s a great selection and everything always germinates perfectly! Highly recommend!

  42. Pops (verified owner)

    Chemdog is your new best friend. This stuff is wildly popular in my friend group and when I started growing my own, my friends totally lost it! This stuff is fresher and gets you higher than what you find in the dispensary. It’s SUPER sticky and absolutely gorgeous and colorful. I will absolutely order again cause the yield was HUGE and will last me for ages! I am so happy rn!!!!

  43. Moth Man (verified owner)

    Chemgod #4 is really nice to have in your life…it’s strong and very sour and keeps me awake when I am feeling sleepy. I want to smoke this every day. It helps me deal with pain and stress. I want to minimize my worry in this life and this weed helps me stay focused when the going gets rough. I am very happy with my purchase and will buy again!