Blueberry Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Blueberry Kush feminized cannabis seeds are a great choice for anyone looking to ease a wide range of symptoms that plague their evening hours. This 19% THC strain comes from a combo of classic Blueberry and OG Kush, and delivers stress and anxiety relieve, eases pain, and can even induce healing sleep.

Blueberry Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Originating on the west coast, this blend of healing Blueberry and much-loved OG Kush delivers deeply calming, Indica-driven effects that can lift the most persistent insomnia and ease even the most severe pain. Blueberry Kush cannabis seeds from Growers Choice let you manage pain that previously kept you from sleep with an all-natural, low-side-effect alternative to pharmaceutical opioids and sleep aids.

What Are The Effects of Blueberry Kush?

Blueberry Kush will leave you feeling happy and relaxed, and a bit euphoric, before lowering you into sleep. Thanks to the curative effects of CBD and the unique blend of other indica cannabinoids, Blueberry Kush cannabis can soothe depression and send stress and tension running for the hills. The moderate euphoria experienced with this strain shouldn’t turn away those seeking medical treatment, because sleep will follow quickly in its footsteps.

Medical Uses for Blueberry Kush Cannabis Seeds?

Patients have found great success using Blueberry Kush cannabis seeds to treat anxiety and migraines, nausea, mood disorders, and conditions like ADHD. The symptoms of chemotherapy can be waylaid by this fruity, herbal strain, and some may find the moderate levels of CBD counteract spasms and seizures.

Is Blueberry Kush Hard to Grow?

Once you have germinated your Blueberry Kush cannabis seeds (a simple matter with our detailed germination guide), you should see moderate-height plants that require a bit of know-how for successful cultivation. A flowering stage of six to nine weeks should result in a moderate harvest of resinous buds – up to 400 grams per square meter when grown indoors (recommended) or up to 600 grams per plant outside in ideal temperatures. Lower yields are possible, depending on the conditions, but this superior medical strain is not generally grown for its huge harvest; rather, home cultivation patients are seeking the powerful effects.

Tested Cannabis Seeds and Genetics

At Growers Choice, we sell only the finest products, and our Blueberry Kush cannabis seeds are just one more example of our dedication to quality. Lab-tested for genetics and hand-selected before delivery, our Blueberry Kush cannabis seeds are packaged in medical-grade glass vials that ensure your seeds remain fresh and viable as long as possible. We back up every order with our 90% germination guarantee. Reach out to our helpful, knowledgeable support staff if you have any questions about this premium product, or place your order for Blueberry Kush cannabis seeds, today.

Additional information

THC Content


CBD Level



10% Sativa, 90% Indica


Blueberry x OG Kush

Indoor/Green House

450-550g per m2


500g-600g per plant


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Anxiety, Evening, pain management, reduce stress, sleep-inducing


Berry, Sweet

Growing Difficulty




Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Flowering Time

55 – 65 Days

Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

110 reviews for Blueberry Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Jaspal Maynard (verified owner)

    I am so tired of mediocre weed, and I find the stuff at my dispensary is truly no good. Def gonna buy some more of this stuff when I get the chance cause it grows super well where I am living. Dr. Jones even said it would be good for my mental health, so I think you ought to try it too and see how you feel!!

  2. Osama Walsh (verified owner)

    This is some seriously nice stuff, and it gives me a great high, one that helps with stress and anxiety, and it gets me nice and jazzed up as well. I can’t wait till I am just swimming in marijuana, cause last time it was a great purchase and it honestly just keeps getting better. I love the taste and smell and always the color cause this stuff is so green it hurts!

  3. Jasmine Plant (verified owner)

    I’ll admit I have terrible insomnia and I like to smoke this with my girlfriend before we go to bed to help with stress and depression. It puts me right to sleep, and I sleep like a baby! I finally can sleep through the night thanks to this homegrown indica, plus the blueberry flavor is just lovely!

  4. Taio Tate (verified owner)

    Blueberry is my favorite of the berries, and it smells just fantastic. I love the vibes, too. It’s some mellow stuff, never gets too overwhelming and it hits just right. It kind of plants me on my couch where I can roll a few joints, smoke em until it gets too late and then just pass right out. Very good for my anxiety, great for insomnia as well!

  5. Natasha Costa (verified owner)

    OMGGGGG I love blueberry weed and I wanna smoke it like all the dang time. I ordered it online and it shipped right to my amazing home here in the suburbs of Seattle where I live my rich and tech-insipred lifestyle while making sure to dress conservatively, wear rectangluar frames, sport my light pepper gray hair slicked back, and of course, smoke my own PNW marijuana. GOD I LOVE BEING SO FRIGGIN RICH!!!!

  6. Carter Moyer (verified owner)

    Blueberry is nice and stable, keeps your mind even-keeled, and keeps you body nice and still. It’s a very meditative strain, gets my head feeling all swimmy and those blueberry flavors are just fantastic. I recommended it to all my friends who are also growing marijuana, and they decided to buy some too, such an awesome time!

  7. KUSHDRAGON801 (verified owner)

    Beautiful looks amazing

  8. Reanne Wilde (verified owner)

    Blueberry is nice and relaxing and it helps with pain, stress and depression. It’s my “video game” strain that makes me really stoned and gets me in the mood to shoot zombies, I am suuuper excited to keep buying this strain from GCS, they have a phenomenal selection!! I think buying seeds online is the way of the future. Very exciting times, can’t wait to get some more!

  9. Enrique Parkes (verified owner)

    Kush strains, as everyone knows, are the most relaxing. But did you know they are also one of the easiest to grow? I am pretty stoked about this weed, I am gonna keep growing it no matter where I live, but luckily right now it’s legal in Oregon and reeeeaaaalllly easy to grow here haha. Plus the seeds ship out really fast and they look amazing!!!

  10. Kobe Cantu (verified owner)

    The blueberry strain is gonna help you kick up your feet and have a really nice time. I find that it reduces social anxiety really nicely. It’s great for parties and just chillin’ out on the VERANDA. I mean, I am hella wealthy and in LA, so yeah, I GOT a veranda.

  11. Adrianna Malone (verified owner)

    Blueberry is my favorite berry of them all, so it’s natural that I would want some of this in my marijuana. Ordered it online and it shipped out right quick. Looks amazing and smells pretty fantastic too when it’s done growing. I get very HIGH and just chillax on my couch and watch football. Nothing went wrong while I was growing and I am pretty stoked for the future!

  12. xDragon5674x (verified owner)

    So I bought blueberry kush feminized because I really wanted to see how amazing The strain is, turns out it’s a blueberry autoflower on accident and oh my God the nug production the crystallization the smell the absolute beauty of this plant is just unreal, not to mention it’s blowing me away that it’s budding in 24h of light…. Great strain, very first Auto ever super easy super strong

  13. Betsy Tang (verified owner)

    This is so nice….I am such a huge fan of this stuff. I worked very hard to get this stuff up and running….I built a small greenhouse and actually am growing some stuff in it. It’s hella nice to have this stuff right in my backyard. Get’s me really nice and stoned. I am very pleased when I smoke this. All my troubles disappear in a flash and the blueberry flavor is to die for!

  14. Liberty Humphrey (verified owner)

    Blueberry Kush is the real star of the dream team in my opinion…I love having this weed in my corner for some very stressful days. I got pretty experimental with my awesome harvest and made some tincture which I like to dissolve in water and just enjoy all the time during the day. Sip sip sip! I got a very nice vibe from this strain, gets me really stoned, and it helps me deal with pain and stress!!!

  15. Conall Wall (verified owner)

    One of the nicer strains out on the market, helps with stress and depression and has a nice blueberry flavor. It’s easy to grow and always makes some very nice flower, some of it even looks purple! Very happy for what I have from this place and definitely going to get more weed from them in the future!!!

  16. Lyndsey Whitney (verified owner)

    I worked really hard to get my garden space ready for blueberry weed, and it’s come together very nicely I think. I am not an expert by any means, but I have had a lot of succes when growing marijuana in the past. I definitely enjoy the sweet and relaxing flavor of blueberry and have had a lot of success growing this in the past. Hope I can keep going and my landlord doesn’t get pissed LOL.

  17. Lennie Rosario (verified owner)

    I worked really hard to get my blueberry kush up and off the ground this time around…for some reason had issues with germination, but that’s okay cause it all worked out in the end and I got 3 very nice looking plants that are almost as tall as I am! I was really thrilled though to have these growing in the backyard, smelled like blueberry all the way through and gives me the most relaxing body high ever!!!

  18. Janae Mccabe (verified owner)

    Beautiful and blue and absolutely fruity to the max! I love the amazing taste and smell of this weed, and most of all I love how easy it is to grow. Has always been a good buy for me, and never let me down. Ordering online is definitely the way to go, and it helps with all kinds of stress and depression too. I highly recommend buying this new strain, it’s gonna change your life forever!

  19. weedmaster420549 (verified owner)

    There is nothing better than waking up to the smell of fresh coffee and weed floating down from the kitchen, it’s pretty great, pretty relaxing, and also a lot of fun! I ordered it online and had it delivered straight to my home here in San Diego…Got a BIG yield too, perfect growing conditions down here, lots of sunshine and warmth and the weed just loves it. Can’t get better than this!

  20. angel.solorio.sol1 (verified owner)

    By far my favorite indica strain ..Its smoke is so good ..I can wait to make blueberry brownies next ..
    If you like a nice lay back indica give this a try ..

  21. Jack Lucas (verified owner)

    This is one beautiful blue weed, it’s like out of a fairy tale or something and it makes you feel just fantastic!!! I smoke it at night to help the old bones relax. It’s like lighting a fireplace inside your brain, your whole body feels so relaxed and happy and life itself is as good as can be. I always buy from GCS cause they have the best selection on the internet and they ship out hella fast. Good genetics on these pot seeds!

  22. conezzz (verified owner)

    This blueberry kush strain is seriously amazing!! I bought some seeds online and had them shipped out to my place here in western washington. Our summers are kind of cool out here so we need to grow our weed in a greenhouse, and it’s all good cause it always comes out beautifully. Excellent yield every time, especially if you know how to prune your branches properly. Love me some blueberry weed!

  23. Esther Montilla (verified owner)

    Blueberry kush is a dream come true. Nothing is as beautiful as these little purple nugs, and they taste so sweet, like fresh blueberries right off the bush! I ordered my seeds online, had them delivered and they are doing GREAT in my backyard. I am so amazed how nicely these little guys took to my garden soil, all it takes is some sun, water and TLC and you’ve got some seriously delicious nug coming your way!

  24. Monica Cotton (verified owner)

    Blueberry is a world-class strain, good for taking huge bong rips in the evening and digging those low-key indica vibes, perfect for just chilling out, playing video games or reading your favorite book. I have been very pleased with growing my weed cause it’s always so reliable when it comes from GCS. It’s beautiful and colorful and very lively. I can’t say I am disappointed in any way!

  25. Brandon Crawford (verified owner)

    This blueberry kush is the bees knees, it’s very chill and relaxing and helps with all kinds of bubbly good times, like when you just wanna keep driving into the sunset or whatever. I know it’s gonna be crazy the next few months, and I am definitely feeling like I need some of this homegrown weed to get me through this horrifying election season. I have never been happier though, great buy!

  26. hazy man (verified owner)

    I am such a huge fan of blueberry kush I felt like I just had to share my thoughts and feelings on the whole thing. I ordered online from the website, was amazed at their vast selection, but purple and blueberry weed combined is just hard to beat! I looooove the relaxing taste and smell from this stuff, and I am so relaxed when I smoke it. I feel like all my stress is just melted away and it puts me in a great spot to be a part of my own body haha!

  27. Lauren h. (verified owner)

    You really can’t go wrong with blueberry kush. It’s a beautiful buy, helps me with all kinds of stress and depression. I like ordering online, it makes my life easier cause I am always running around all day. I think it’s better to smoke this weed and then take it easy, maybe chill on the couch or read a book. I find it to be very relaxing, and I can’t wait to have more in my life 🙂

  28. harvestman (verified owner)

    I wrote this review cause I just love growing this weed and wanted to say how much I appreciate GCS for allowing me to have access to so many amazing pot seeds online. Blueberry is a really beautiful strain, has a nice vibe to it, and it is also extremely relaxing. I highly anticipate my next harvest!!

  29. quirkydanjo (verified owner)

    I was very excited cause my next batch of seeds arrived today. I already grew this weed once before, last season, and had a great experience. THis time, I am going all the way, and setting up my indoor grow room, which is gonna be sweet! Now I can grow all year round, and let me tell ya, that is a game-changer here in WA!

  30. greenwichsf (verified owner)

    Blueberry is a wowza strain that makes all the anxiety and pain go away. It’s a nice cloudy high that’s good at night when you’re trying to relax and take your mind off of things. I ordered this online and had it delivered right as the pandemic started and was able to grow it very successfully with the help of the internet 🙂 I am a HUGE fan, will definitely buy my pot seeds from GCS from now on!

  31. libertycarty (verified owner)

    The blueberry flavor is out of this world! I never thought I would be able to grow my own stuff, but it’s really easy and the yield is pretty incredible. I smoked it all day yesterday, and I was really surprised to see it become so heavy and filled with dense nugs! I love their tight stickiness, and I just love crushing it up into a bowl or rolling a fat spliff. I am suuuper into GCS, great buy!!

  32. helenteller (verified owner)

    I’ve been smoking this weed lately…find it pretty nice and enjoyable, not too heavy and also pretty sweet to taste. It’s definitely an after work, video games and beer type strain. Makes all the worries disappear, all the best parts of the night feel even better. Ever try playing a horror game on this weed? Well, it’s super scary, that’s all I’m gonna say!!

  33. Ativa (verified owner)

    Blueberry kush is a nice vibe. It’s been soooo helpful for my stress and depression. It makes me feel really relaxed and happy and it also gives me all the sweet flavor of berries that I crave. It’s like a desert weed, but don’t tell anyone that I usually smoke it before my dinner lol!

  34. Shooting Rubberbands (verified owner)

    The blueberry kush is a very unique and relaxing strain. It makes for a great buy when you have the craving for smells and tastes. When it comes to having the best seeds in town, GCS always takes the cake. I ordered online and just had it shipped out to my apartment in the bay area. It’s a goooood time, managing my small weed plant. I will definitely buy more!!!

  35. neat-nick (verified owner)

    Blueberry kush will make your day better, I guarantee it. It’s gonna make a crappy day into a beautiful one! The clouds in your mind wil disappear and the shadows will dry up like puddles in the sun after a rainfall. I am very excited by this website….great prices, fast delivery, and a HUGE selection. I feel like I can finally take control of growing my own pot!!!

  36. Rainbowz (verified owner)

    I tried growing actual blueberries, and they weren’t nearly as good! I love this marijuana, it helps me manage my stress and anxiety, gives me a boost of confidence and helps me get my term papers done on time sans the freaking out that usually follows up to them. Ordering online was nice and easy, got my seeds at my doorstep in less than a week! Perfect for growing in the backyard or whatevs. Well worth it!

  37. happy and healthy (verified owner)

    I always recommend kush strains to my friends cause they are super easy to grow and always produce a ton of bud. I think this weed is a good start for new growers, and the blueberry smell and taste will almost certainly have you hooked. Don’t worry about waiting 4 months, it will just fly by, and when you get to harvest this weed you will be so proud of yourself. Highly recommend!

  38. Jr. Boy (verified owner)

    I love fresh blueberries in the spring. I am very thrilled to have this weed growing in my backyard. I am pretty good at it believe it or not. I got my plants to be HUGE, very strong and beautiful, very purple too. I can’t believe how much flower is showing up on the plant. When I harvest and dry this, I will smoke it every day for the taste and smell and to relax!!!

  39. Koa (verified owner)

    I wanted some weed for my bday, so my brother got me these seeds off this website, I just wanted to write in and say I love them and they are growing great. I think you’ll probably enjoy them too. Nice smell!

  40. Dr. Scott Smith (verified owner)

    Blueberry kush is well worth the effort, everything about it is beautiful, it’s strong and relaxing and the flavor is nice and mellow. It’s my favorite to smoke when I am sitting poolside in the backyard, chilling with my HOT girlfriend. I do love buying this stuff, and will absolutely do so again. Well worth it!

  41. Brandon Lamattino (verified owner)

    Kush it up yall! This weed is easy to order online and it grows beautifully no matter where you plant it…it’s very adaptable and makes for a great backyard strain. I am thrilled to have this be part of my daily gardening routine, it’s super fun 🙂 Ordered my strain online, got them shipped to my door and they were in the ground that same day. 5 months later, I am harvesting ounces of fresh weed. Amazing stuff!!!

  42. Nick @ Nite (verified owner)