Blueberry Kush Feminized Seeds

Blueberry Kush Feminized Seeds

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(119 customer reviews)

Fans of fruity marijuana strains are going to love Blueberry Kush feminized seeds. As its name suggests, this strain smells of freshly picked blueberries and comes with a 90% indica profile. We recommend smoking Blueberry Kush in the evening or nighttime hours.

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Blueberry Kush Feminized Seeds

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In the world of marijuana strains, there are many who prize the strains that are found in the Kush family. These strains take their name from the Hindu Kush mountain, a region in Asia where cannabis plants have grown in the wild for decades, and one assumes even centuries. However, among cannabis aficionados, one fruit seems prized over the rest, and that is the blueberry. There is a litany of cannabis strains that are blueberry focused, which you can see right in the name. Here, in Blueberry Kush, we bring these two beloved worlds together. That makes for a strain that is an excellent choice for a multitude of marijuana users, and those looking to buy marijuana seeds to grow their own plants at home. There are few marijuana fans out there who wouldn’t be intrigued by Blueberry Kush feminized seeds, especially when you can get your cannabis seeds from a company like Growers Choice Seeds.

The Details on Blueberry Kush Seeds

Blueberry Kush is not one of those strains with unknown parentage. No, it is the product of two legendary strains. The birth of Blueberry Kush resulted from cross-breeding Blueberry with OG Kush. Now, while “OG” may lead one to assume a strain is one of the original cannabis varieties, the current belief is that “OG” is actually a bit of nomenclature that ties a strain to California, a longtime hotbed of cannabis cultivation. Blueberry Kush is an indica-dominant strain, and it does indeed land heavily on the indica side of things. Our Blueberry Kush cannabis seeds give you a strain that comes in at 90 percent indica, and a mere 10 percent sativa. Only a smidge of sativa is in the mix to curb some of the sensations of a pure indica. That has helped turn Blueberry Kush into a classic strain for indica enthusiasts. Some also find this to be the ideal strain for their desired THC levels. Blueberry Kush comes in at 19 percent THC, at least here at Growers Choice Seeds. Anything above 20 percent is largely considered high in THC, so using that metric, Blueberry Kush comes in at a pretty high level of THC, so you can really feel it, but not so high that it might be overpowering.

What is the Flavor and Aroma Profile of Blueberry Kush?

With Blueberry Kush seeds, you are one step closer to one of the fruitiest strains you are going to find. Expect an incredible aroma reminiscent of fresh blueberries. That sweet aroma is impressive enough as is, and it is prized by many. It’s the flavor of Blueberry Kush, though, that really makes this one of the finest quality cannabis strains you can find. The delicious taste may have you thinking you just ate a handful of real blueberries. With one of the fruitiest flavor profiles in the world of marijuana, some consider Blueberry Kush the tastiest cannabis experience out there. If you like fruity flavors, why wouldn’t you go with one of the fruitiest strains out there? it makes for an amazing smoke for lovers of fruity strains, and any fan of blueberries should give Blueberry Kush a shot.

Using the Blueberry Kush strain

What does it mean to use a strain that is so indica dominant? In addition to a rich taste and a fresh aroma, Blueberry Kush has deeply calming, indica-driven effects. Indica is felt more in the body and is for relaxing and chilling out. If you seek a relaxing experience when you use marijuana, then Blueberry Kush is a fine choice. The fact it isn’t a particularly powerful variety of marijuana is also beneficial in this sense. There is less risk of being overpowered by the THC with a strain that comes in at this THC level. The hint of sativa in this strain has uplifting qualities as well, which means you can feel a boost in mood while also feeling relaxation in your body.

Is Blueberry Kush a good medicinal cannabis strain?

What are the potential benefits of using Blueberry Kush as a medical marijuana user? There is a wide range of reasons why Blueberry Kush feminized seeds are popular with medical cannabis users. As indicas are felt largely in the body, chronic pain and severe pain can be helped with this strain. Perhaps the best use of a strain like this is when it comes to sleep issues. Medicinal users dealing with persistent insomnia have benefited from using Blueberry Kush. It is certainly a vigorous plant when it comes to fighting sleep problems.

Growing Cannabis Plants from Blueberry Kush Strain Seeds

Blueberry Kush is a favorite of old-school connoisseurs and relatively new cannabis growers, it’s not necessarily a variety for beginners. Experienced growers should have no problem making their Blueberry Kush feminized seeds thrive, but we recommend having a couple of plants and harvests under your belt before you make the move to this strain. Yes, the aroma of berries and the luxurious levels of indica content is enticing, but your patience will be rewarded! You should be able to grow Blueberry Kush indoors or outdoors. Indica strains, particularly Kush strains, have long been able to thrive in colder climates, opening up more cannabis growers to cultivate plants outdoors. These sturdy plants tend to be of medium height. You can expect a flowering time of 55 to 65 days, which is roughly 8-9 weeks. There’s a lot to like about Blueberry Kush, but it is not known for its impressive yield. This is a strain prized for its indulgent smoke quality more than offering up a very bountiful harvest. Indoor growers can likely expect 450 to 550 grams per square meter. Outdoor plants, meanwhile, tend to yield 500 to 600 grams per plant.

Get Quality Blueberry Feminized Seeds

With a sweet flavor and intense body high, Blueberry Kush is on its way to legendary status to many. If you would like to grow your own Blueberry Kush plants, it’s time to get your seeds from Growers Choice. Our seeds are all fully feminized because you want female marijuana plants. Only female marijuana plants have buds, and buds contain almost all the THC in marijuana. We have Blueberry Kush seeds for sale right now, and you can have them shipped right to you quickly and discreetly. This popular cross of Blueberry and the much-loved OG Kush could be the perfect strain for an experienced grower looking for sweet flavors and fruity terpenes. Here are some other strains to consider that are similar to Blueberry Kush as well.

  1. Blueberry Headband: We told you a lot of blueberry strains exist. Blueberry Headband tilts toward sativa genetics and is known for its heady high.
  2. Blueberry: We have the original Blueberry strain available at Growers Choice in auto-flower seed form. This seed type is better for new cannabis growers, so consider our Blueberry seeds if that sounds right for you.
  3. Berry White: Named for its berry flavor and effects akin to its namesake’s music, Berry White has high THC levels that can really help you ease into your evening, or a good night of sleep.
  4. Purple Kush: Purple Kush is a pure indica that is fruity, and earthy, and has a compact growth pattern that is ideal for those with less room for indoor growing.
  5. Blueberry Cheesecake: Once more into the world of Blueberry strains. Some say this low-THC strain has euphoric qualities with sativa genetics that can help keep you energized with anxiety-blocking effects for good measure.

Additional information


Blueberry x OG Kush


10% Sativa, 90% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

CBD Level


THC Content


Indoor/Green House

450-550g per m2


500g-600g per plant


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Anxiety, Evening, pain management, reduce stress, sleep-inducing


Berry, Sweet

Growing Difficulty




Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Flowering Time

55 – 65 Days

Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

119 reviews for Blueberry Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. keepingitgrounded Verified Owner

    A very nice body high, I found myself enjoying the stress-relieving high and a happy outlook this strain has to offer. Took me 9 weeks to grow but easily worth that time as these buds had a great-tasting berry sweetness to them.

  2. Rosanne Mcclain Verified Owner

    Blueberry Kush Fem Seeds although didn’t give me a good yield, they sure are tasty with a fruity herbal type of mix. It took me 9 weeks with my indoor setup. All 3 of the seeds germinated and im really happy with what I ended up with.

  3. Danielle L Verified Owner

    Useful for helping you sleep. This strain got me to readjust my sleep schedule and get myself back on track. A good way to end the day and unwind, if you want a relaxing high and a good harvest size weed you should pick up Blueberry.

  4. Maya Kim Verified Owner

    This strain of MJ is just as soothing as it is tasty! It’s like smoking a blueberry smoothie, YUM! Great looking BUD with a fresh berry flavor. My plants turned out just like the pictures above! I was skeptical at first but ordering weed seeds online is definitely the way to go! I burn through this MJ pretty fast so GOOD thing it usually produces over 500 G per harvest. That LASTS!

  5. ollie beck. Verified Owner

    A truly healing strain mixing together blueberry and OG Kush. I am so happy with how my seeds turned out! They look amazing!

  6. Arwa C. Verified Owner

    This MJ is purple as the king’s robe and smells like fresh berries. Excellent evening smoke, very high quality bud, and always great shipping. GCS is my go-to online seed bank, especially since I live in Canada!

  7. Marwan Shea Verified Owner

    Some light and easy smoking, great for the afternoons and evenings. I like the purple kush….it’s very pretty. Plus it smells like a nice berry bush in the summer. Don’t be discouraged if you’re new. There’s some great growing advice on this site!

  8. Karen M. Verified Owner

    I’m pretty picky about taste when it comes to a strain. Like, I’m not the biggest fan of ones that taste like fuel or skunk. This one tastes amazing. I shared some with some of my friends, and none of them could believe how great it tastes. It’s like having a little blueberry nightcap before going to bed.

    Karen M., Glendale, AZ

  9. Dwayne Austin Verified Owner

    It was good all around. Gave me the munchies more than anything. Good for catching a slight buzz.

  10. Jaspal Maynard Verified Owner

    I am so tired of mediocre weed, and I find the stuff at my dispensary is truly no good. Def gonna buy some more of this stuff when I get the chance cause it grows super well where I am living. Dr. Jones even said it would be good for my mental health, so I think you ought to try it too and see how you feel!!

  11. Osama Walsh Verified Owner

    This is some seriously nice stuff, and it gives me a great high, one that helps with stress and anxiety, and it gets me nice and jazzed up as well. I can’t wait till I am just swimming in marijuana, cause last time it was a great purchase and it honestly just keeps getting better. I love the taste and smell and always the color cause this stuff is so green it hurts!

  12. Jasmine Plant Verified Owner

    I’ll admit I have terrible insomnia and I like to smoke this with my girlfriend before we go to bed to help with stress and depression. It puts me right to sleep, and I sleep like a baby! I finally can sleep through the night thanks to this homegrown indica, plus the blueberry flavor is just lovely!

  13. Taio Tate Verified Owner

    Blueberry is my favorite of the berries, and it smells just fantastic. I love the vibes, too. It’s some mellow stuff, never gets too overwhelming and it hits just right. It kind of plants me on my couch where I can roll a few joints, smoke em until it gets too late and then just pass right out. Very good for my anxiety, great for insomnia as well!

  14. Natasha Costa Verified Owner

    OMGGGGG I love blueberry weed and I wanna smoke it like all the dang time. I ordered it online and it shipped right to my amazing home here in the suburbs of Seattle where I live my rich and tech-insipred lifestyle while making sure to dress conservatively, wear rectangluar frames, sport my light pepper gray hair slicked back, and of course, smoke my own PNW marijuana. GOD I LOVE BEING SO FRIGGIN RICH!!!!

  15. Carter Moyer Verified Owner

    Blueberry is nice and stable, keeps your mind even-keeled, and keeps you body nice and still. It’s a very meditative strain, gets my head feeling all swimmy and those blueberry flavors are just fantastic. I recommended it to all my friends who are also growing marijuana, and they decided to buy some too, such an awesome time!

  16. KUSHDRAGON801 Verified Owner

    Beautiful looks amazing

  17. Reanne Wilde Verified Owner

    Blueberry is nice and relaxing and it helps with pain, stress and depression. It’s my “video game” strain that makes me really stoned and gets me in the mood to shoot zombies, I am suuuper excited to keep buying this strain from GCS, they have a phenomenal selection!! I think buying seeds online is the way of the future. Very exciting times, can’t wait to get some more!

  18. Enrique Parkes Verified Owner

    Kush strains, as everyone knows, are the most relaxing. But did you know they are also one of the easiest to grow? I am pretty stoked about this weed, I am gonna keep growing it no matter where I live, but luckily right now it’s legal in Oregon and reeeeaaaalllly easy to grow here haha. Plus the seeds ship out really fast and they look amazing!!!

  19. Kobe Cantu Verified Owner

    The blueberry strain is gonna help you kick up your feet and have a really nice time. I find that it reduces social anxiety really nicely. It’s great for parties and just chillin’ out on the VERANDA. I mean, I am hella wealthy and in LA, so yeah, I GOT a veranda.

  20. Adrianna Malone Verified Owner

    Blueberry is my favorite berry of them all, so it’s natural that I would want some of this in my marijuana. Ordered it online and it shipped out right quick. Looks amazing and smells pretty fantastic too when it’s done growing. I get very HIGH and just chillax on my couch and watch football. Nothing went wrong while I was growing and I am pretty stoked for the future!

  21. xDragon5674x Verified Owner

    So I bought blueberry kush feminized because I really wanted to see how amazing The strain is, turns out it’s a blueberry autoflower on accident and oh my God the nug production the crystallization the smell the absolute beauty of this plant is just unreal, not to mention it’s blowing me away that it’s budding in 24h of light…. Great strain, very first Auto ever super easy super strong

  22. Betsy Tang Verified Owner

    This is so nice….I am such a huge fan of this stuff. I worked very hard to get this stuff up and running….I built a small greenhouse and actually am growing some stuff in it. It’s hella nice to have this stuff right in my backyard. Get’s me really nice and stoned. I am very pleased when I smoke this. All my troubles disappear in a flash and the blueberry flavor is to die for!

  23. Liberty Humphrey Verified Owner

    Blueberry Kush is the real star of the dream team in my opinion…I love having this weed in my corner for some very stressful days. I got pretty experimental with my awesome harvest and made some tincture which I like to dissolve in water and just enjoy all the time during the day. Sip sip sip! I got a very nice vibe from this strain, gets me really stoned, and it helps me deal with pain and stress!!!

  24. Conall Wall Verified Owner

    One of the nicer strains out on the market, helps with stress and depression and has a nice blueberry flavor. It’s easy to grow and always makes some very nice flower, some of it even looks purple! Very happy for what I have from this place and definitely going to get more weed from them in the future!!!

  25. Lyndsey Whitney Verified Owner

    I worked really hard to get my garden space ready for blueberry weed, and it’s come together very nicely I think. I am not an expert by any means, but I have had a lot of succes when growing marijuana in the past. I definitely enjoy the sweet and relaxing flavor of blueberry and have had a lot of success growing this in the past. Hope I can keep going and my landlord doesn’t get pissed LOL.

  26. Lennie Rosario Verified Owner

    I worked really hard to get my blueberry kush up and off the ground this time around…for some reason had issues with germination, but that’s okay cause it all worked out in the end and I got 3 very nice looking plants that are almost as tall as I am! I was really thrilled though to have these growing in the backyard, smelled like blueberry all the way through and gives me the most relaxing body high ever!!!

  27. Janae Mccabe Verified Owner

    Beautiful and blue and absolutely fruity to the max! I love the amazing taste and smell of this weed, and most of all I love how easy it is to grow. Has always been a good buy for me, and never let me down. Ordering online is definitely the way to go, and it helps with all kinds of stress and depression too. I highly recommend buying this new strain, it’s gonna change your life forever!

  28. weedmaster420549 Verified Owner

    There is nothing better than waking up to the smell of fresh coffee and weed floating down from the kitchen, it’s pretty great, pretty relaxing, and also a lot of fun! I ordered it online and had it delivered straight to my home here in San Diego…Got a BIG yield too, perfect growing conditions down here, lots of sunshine and warmth and the weed just loves it. Can’t get better than this!

  29. angel.solorio.sol1 Verified Owner

    By far my favorite indica strain ..Its smoke is so good ..I can wait to make blueberry brownies next ..
    If you like a nice lay back indica give this a try ..

  30. Jack Lucas Verified Owner

    This is one beautiful blue weed, it’s like out of a fairy tale or something and it makes you feel just fantastic!!! I smoke it at night to help the old bones relax. It’s like lighting a fireplace inside your brain, your whole body feels so relaxed and happy and life itself is as good as can be. I always buy from GCS cause they have the best selection on the internet and they ship out hella fast. Good genetics on these pot seeds!

  31. conezzz Verified Owner

    This blueberry kush strain is seriously amazing!! I bought some seeds online and had them shipped out to my place here in western washington. Our summers are kind of cool out here so we need to grow our weed in a greenhouse, and it’s all good cause it always comes out beautifully. Excellent yield every time, especially if you know how to prune your branches properly. Love me some blueberry weed!

  32. Esther Montilla Verified Owner

    Blueberry kush is a dream come true. Nothing is as beautiful as these little purple nugs, and they taste so sweet, like fresh blueberries right off the bush! I ordered my seeds online, had them delivered and they are doing GREAT in my backyard. I am so amazed how nicely these little guys took to my garden soil, all it takes is some sun, water and TLC and you’ve got some seriously delicious nug coming your way!

  33. Monica Cotton Verified Owner

    Blueberry is a world-class strain, good for taking huge bong rips in the evening and digging those low-key indica vibes, perfect for just chilling out, playing video games or reading your favorite book. I have been very pleased with growing my weed cause it’s always so reliable when it comes from GCS. It’s beautiful and colorful and very lively. I can’t say I am disappointed in any way!

  34. Brandon Crawford Verified Owner

    This blueberry kush is the bees knees, it’s very chill and relaxing and helps with all kinds of bubbly good times, like when you just wanna keep driving into the sunset or whatever. I know it’s gonna be crazy the next few months, and I am definitely feeling like I need some of this homegrown weed to get me through this horrifying election season. I have never been happier though, great buy!

  35. hazy man Verified Owner

    I am such a huge fan of blueberry kush I felt like I just had to share my thoughts and feelings on the whole thing. I ordered online from the website, was amazed at their vast selection, but purple and blueberry weed combined is just hard to beat! I looooove the relaxing taste and smell from this stuff, and I am so relaxed when I smoke it. I feel like all my stress is just melted away and it puts me in a great spot to be a part of my own body haha!

  36. Lauren h. Verified Owner

    You really can’t go wrong with blueberry kush. It’s a beautiful buy, helps me with all kinds of stress and depression. I like ordering online, it makes my life easier cause I am always running around all day. I think it’s better to smoke this weed and then take it easy, maybe chill on the couch or read a book. I find it to be very relaxing, and I can’t wait to have more in my life 🙂

  37. harvestman Verified Owner

    I wrote this review cause I just love growing this weed and wanted to say how much I appreciate GCS for allowing me to have access to so many amazing pot seeds online. Blueberry is a really beautiful strain, has a nice vibe to it, and it is also extremely relaxing. I highly anticipate my next harvest!!

  38. quirkydanjo Verified Owner

    I was very excited cause my next batch of seeds arrived today. I already grew this weed once before, last season, and had a great experience. THis time, I am going all the way, and setting up my indoor grow room, which is gonna be sweet! Now I can grow all year round, and let me tell ya, that is a game-changer here in WA!

  39. greenwichsf Verified Owner

    Blueberry is a wowza strain that makes all the anxiety and pain go away. It’s a nice cloudy high that’s good at night when you’re trying to relax and take your mind off of things. I ordered this online and had it delivered right as the pandemic started and was able to grow it very successfully with the help of the internet 🙂 I am a HUGE fan, will definitely buy my pot seeds from GCS from now on!

  40. libertycarty Verified Owner

    The blueberry flavor is out of this world! I never thought I would be able to grow my own stuff, but it’s really easy and the yield is pretty incredible. I smoked it all day yesterday, and I was really surprised to see it become so heavy and filled with dense nugs! I love their tight stickiness, and I just love crushing it up into a bowl or rolling a fat spliff. I am suuuper into GCS, great buy!!

  41. helenteller Verified Owner

    I’ve been smoking this weed lately…find it pretty nice and enjoyable, not too heavy and also pretty sweet to taste. It’s definitely an after work, video games and beer type strain. Makes all the worries disappear, all the best parts of the night feel even better. Ever try playing a horror game on this weed? Well, it’s super scary, that’s all I’m gonna say!!

  42. Ativa Verified Owner

    Blueberry kush is a nice vibe. It’s been soooo helpful for my stress and depression. It makes me feel really relaxed and happy and it also gives me all the sweet flavor of berries that I crave. It’s like a desert weed, but don’t tell anyone that I usually smoke it before my dinner lol!

  43. Shooting Rubberbands Verified Owner

    The blueberry kush is a very unique and relaxing strain. It makes for a great buy when you have the craving for smells and tastes. When it comes to having the best seeds in town, GCS always takes the cake. I ordered online and just had it shipped out to my apartment in the bay area. It’s a goooood time, managing my small weed plant. I will definitely buy more!!!

  44. neat-nick Verified Owner

    Blueberry kush will make your day better, I guarantee it. It’s gonna make a crappy day into a beautiful one! The clouds in your mind wil disappear and the shadows will dry up like puddles in the sun after a rainfall. I am very excited by this website….great prices, fast delivery, and a HUGE selection. I feel like I can finally take control of growing my own pot!!!

  45. Rainbowz Verified Owner

    I tried growing actual blueberries, and they weren’t nearly as good! I love this marijuana, it helps me manage my stress and anxiety, gives me a boost of confidence and helps me get my term papers done on time sans the freaking out that usually follows up to them. Ordering online was nice and easy, got my seeds at my doorstep in less than a week! Perfect for growing in the backyard or whatevs. Well worth it!

  46. happy and healthy Verified Owner

    I always recommend kush strains to my friends cause they are super easy to grow and always produce a ton of bud. I think this weed is a good start for new growers, and the blueberry smell and taste will almost certainly have you hooked. Don’t worry about waiting 4 months, it will just fly by, and when you get to harvest this weed you will be so proud of yourself. Highly recommend!

  47. Jr. Boy Verified Owner

    I love fresh blueberries in the spring. I am very thrilled to have this weed growing in my backyard. I am pretty good at it believe it or not. I got my plants to be HUGE, very strong and beautiful, very purple too. I can’t believe how much flower is showing up on the plant. When I harvest and dry this, I will smoke it every day for the taste and smell and to relax!!!

  48. Koa Verified Owner

    I wanted some weed for my bday, so my brother got me these seeds off this website, I just wanted to write in and say I love them and they are growing great. I think you’ll probably enjoy them too. Nice smell!

  49. Dr. Scott Smith Verified Owner

    Blueberry kush is well worth the effort, everything about it is beautiful, it’s strong and relaxing and the flavor is nice and mellow. It’s my favorite to smoke when I am sitting poolside in the backyard, chilling with my HOT girlfriend. I do love buying this stuff, and will absolutely do so again. Well worth it!

  50. Brandon Lamattino Verified Owner

    Kush it up yall! This weed is easy to order online and it grows beautifully no matter where you plant it…it’s very adaptable and makes for a great backyard strain. I am thrilled to have this be part of my daily gardening routine, it’s super fun 🙂 Ordered my strain online, got them shipped to my door and they were in the ground that same day. 5 months later, I am harvesting ounces of fresh weed. Amazing stuff!!!

  51. Nick @ Nite Verified Owner

    Blueberry kush is everyone’s favorite…just think of a strain that smells and tastes as good as this one? I don’t think you can! I ordered my seeds online, right off of this website and had them shipped to my front door. I am very pleased with the results…smells and tastes great and has an amazing tingly buzz to it. I know how great weed can be, and this one is high up on that list. Definitely worth the buy for the freshness!!!

  52. Shetland Verified Owner

    If you’re new to growing your own weed, I think you may very much enjoy this marijuana…it’s very easy to grow, nice to have in your backyard and has a lovely smell that even your neighbors will envy. It’s a great buy if you’re looking for a big yield and an indica smoke that relaxes the body and soothes a tired mind. I really appreciate GCS and their wonderful seeds 🙂

  53. Pat Harrison Verified Owner

    Blueberry is a very unique strain with a lot of potential for goodness and happiness…making memories with friends and smoking dope around the bonfire on the beach…it’s very relaxing and uplifting…fantastic for smoking on the go or even when you’re just at home. I am very happy with my GCS product, great seeds, great purchase!

  54. Tea Leaf Verified Owner

    I wanted a fruity weed that would help me relax…customer service at GCS recommended this weed…pretty great strain I gotta admit…smells and tastes delicious…has a great flavor…just like a fresh blueberry in the fall…love this grow cause it’s super easy and really productive…nice to have this in my life though…better every time I grow it…outdoors or indoors…you’ll get a great crop.

  55. Lipton Verified Owner

    Never seen a weed so purple in all my life! I am just crazy about this bud. Hella chill and tastes awesome too. I smoke this and ride my motorcycle to the coast…has been great for my back pain and makes everything around me feel much…fresher! I will always be a fan of weed, but I am loyal to GCS cause their seeds are the best…hands down!

  56. McGrubber Verified Owner

    I get terrible tension headaches…makes things much harder during the day, especially when my boss is breathing down my neck to get things done on time. I smoke a little bit of this at lunch and feel much better. Happy to be growing my own weed finally, it’s been years in the making. I only have a closet grow space, but I tell ya, it makes for some amazing weed when you have the right grow lights. Highly recommend this purple goodness!

  57. Fresh Watergrower Verified Owner

    I wanted a weed that would help me with my stress and headaches…I smoke this stuff almost nightly and it has been hugely helpful during these stressful times. I grew a lot of weed last summer, right outside in my backyard. I built a bunch of raised beds cause I am old and need a new hobby haha! I am happy with how this turned out though. Got an excellent yield, bigger than expected, and certainly worth the effort. The blueberry flavor is really astounding, and it makes for a great buy when you are down and out!

  58. @lightingsolutions Verified Owner

    It’s like blueberry jam but inside my mind…like my whole brain turns to preserves and it’s pretty darn great. I smoke it all the dang time, morning, noon and night. It’s sooooo relaxing and fun and just plain lovely. I am just a hobbyist when it comes to growing pot, but I found this strain very easy and enjoyable to manage. Can’t believe how fast everything flowered! Great stuff!

  59. Dusty Bottoms Verified Owner

    I have never grown weed before, so this was a brand new experience for me. I really enjoyed the challenge of it, but it wasn’t so hard that I cried or anything like that lol. Nope, it did really well out in my backyard and made for a great little side project during the summer. When it was ready for harvest you could practically smell it down the street, but it’s cool, the people of Portland were all very chill about my weed growing habit, and since it tastes like blueberry, all my neighbors wanted a taste!

  60. @midnight Verified Owner

    Blueberry is a delicious flavor no matter what way you cook it up…which is exactly what I did with this weed. I made some weed muffins with my blueberry weed oil, how cool is that? This strain is GREAT for making edibles, it’ll give you a relaxing buzz and will help you fall asleep, but you’ll dig the blueberry flavor with every bite. Great buy online with Grower’s, I’ll be back for more 🙂

  61. Whinning Verified Owner

    Definitely a winner. Great buy, fast delivery, flavorful weed. Got me some FAT nugs off these plants, super impressive. I am not a professional grower, but I definitely enjoy working in the garden. Perfect germination too in my litte grow room in the back of the house. I love these fluffy nugs that are the size of my fist, and the bright pink and green colors are pretty eye-catching. Everyone I’ve shared this with definitely enjoys it. Highly recommend!

  62. pbj time Verified Owner

    Blueberry kush is secretly the best kush of the batch, not cause it’s so purple and tastes like blueberries, but cause it’s fresh as hell and gives me the lightest bubbliest high in the whole world! I loved the smell of this weed and growing it at home was so much fun! I got nearly 800 grams of pot from my grow, which is waaaaay more than I can smoke, so I shared the love with my friends and family and it’s a hit at all the family gatherings. Perfect for chill nights with friends, some video games, so beers. You really can’t go wrong. It’s kind of a lifesiver!

  63. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  64. Sudan Verified Owner

    I was looking for some premium kush strains and I got the cream of the crop. God I love blueberry kush so much! It’s so nice and relaxing and helps me with depression! I feel like a new person every time I smoke this weed. Gets me hella stoned, but it’s really subtle, and it chills with you and never harshes your buzz. Great for sharing with friends on a Saturday night. You’ll have a great time!

  65. Leathermen Verified Owner

    This weed is definitely on the kushier side of things…if that makes any sense. Like, it’s really mellow and the flavor is fantastic, but it’s not gonna be like in your face, you know? You smoke it and are like, “cool, what’s on TV?” I definitely recommend use as a night strain cause otherwise, you will fall right to sleep! Not difficult to grow, and the online ordering makes things so much easier. I think you’ll definitely enjoy this strain!

  66. Flowerchild Verified Owner

    It’s sweet and then it’s sour and then it’s real smoooooth. I bought 3 seeds online with GCS, on a whim, and they showed up at my door in less than a week. 100% germ on these seeds (used the paper towel method on this site) and got some truly excellent results. I found myself really enjoying caring for these plants. The flowers they produced were large and purple and wonderful. I have no complaints!

  67. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  68. Birdflew Verified Owner

    Great customer service and fast delivery. Showed up on my doorstep in just one week and was easy to germinate and grow. I love doing these backyard projects, makes for a great hobby and is very rewarding. Nothing beats having those purple nugs just show up on your plants one day, you’ll jump for joy! Smoking this weed is a great thing for anxiety and depression, makes for a fun time with friends and a good option when you’re stressed

  69. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  70. Baby Verified Owner

    Blueberry is one of my favorite flavors. I grew up in the south used to get fresh blueberries in the fall and make delicious pies from them…this is just as good. It has a nice sour/sweet taste and the flower is remarkably purple. I smoke it almost every day, but mostly in the evening to help with back pain. I really like kush strains, it makes for a great beginner grow, especially if you have extra room in your backyard!

  71. inExcellentCondition Verified Owner

    Never seen a weed so purple in my life. I can’t believe just how well these plants did, and how much flower they produced. I got a BIG fast yield off my plants, and the buds are absolutely delicious, taste like earthy blueberry and sre sticky and dank and super purple! I love smoking this neon stuff with my friends, gets us all stoney and makes us laugh all night. I can’t believe how much fun this was, I will DEF be back for more!

  72. Ranger Rick Verified Owner

    Purple rain….that’s what this weed reminds me of. I LOVE sitting and listening to music when I am stoned. It helps tremendously with stress and anxiety and makes the ear candy that much better. I smoke before work and then before bed, love the sweet berry flavor and the Bright BRIGHT green leaves. It’s kinda crazy to think I grew this myself. But the grow guide on the GCS site made it quite easy. I followed their germination steps and all 3 of my plants did really well! I’ll def buy more!

  73. Briar Verified Owner

    When the day is long and you get home and just wanna chill, then the blueberry kush will get you where you wanna go! It’s a perfect balance between sweet and sour tasting, very similar to blueberry or other fresh summer berries 🙂 Not to mention it’s a beautiful plant, with big thick nugs that are super colorful and green and purple! It can’t get much better than this, and I highly recommend you give this mj a try!

  74. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  75. adam schiff Verified Owner

    My mom used to make blueberry pie around the holidays, and the taste of this marijuana makes me feel nostalgic for it…I really like it for its indica properties though, very relaxing and helps with when you’re feeling tired or stressed or just plain blue…The taste will get you feeling better for sure, but really, the weed helps me de-stress and sleep better at night. Plus, it’s a fun grow, not too demanding with a nice yield to look forward to at the end!

  76. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  77. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  78. Bernardgia Verified Owner

    Blueberry has to be my favorite summertime treat, and not just the berries, the weed too! This has been my go-to for some time now, it’s really relaxing…and it’s pretty easy to cultivate…I am not much of a grower, but I am happy I chose this weed cause it practically manages itself. Plus it’ll impress your friends with its brightly colored leaves and purple flower. Definitely the best way to spend a Saturday!

  79. edwinlingard Verified Owner

    If you’re feeling blue, pick up a little stick of the blueberry to help get you back on your feet. It’s super nice for those rainy days where all you wanna do is lay on the couch and play PS4. I have been doing this a lot recently cause there’s no farming work during the winter time! So I go to my little plants in the garage, harvest my nugs, let em dry and smoke this wonderful blueberry indica melange to just chill out and have fun. Can you blame me?

  80. Nathan Velasquez Verified Owner

    Got my seeds a few days ago just threw them into some water now time for the magic to happen!

  81. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  82. fruitypiexx Verified Owner

    Blueberry goodness in every toke! Love this stuff! Have been smoking it for years and JUST started growing my own weed. I am pretty excited about how it went. Turns out I have a natural knack for gardening and taking care of these magical plants. I maybe shoulda waited to germinate all 3 seeds cause now I have WAY more weed than I can smoke, but around 1000 g on my first attempt is pretty good!

  83. Mimi4000 Verified Owner

    One day I am gonna start my own grow operation, but for now I am just growing for myself. I am very pleased with the strain. Ordered my seeds online and got them delivered in less than a week! Followed the paper towel method listed on this site, and it worked perfectly! I got some nice purple nugs and smoke this stuff on the daily! It stores really well and is super fresh and tasty! Plus it tastes like blueberries!

  84. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  85. Allison Dean Verified Owner

    Working outside all day is great but it takes a toll on the body and I am pretty excited I finally had a chance to grow this at home and smoke for some mild pain relief. The smell is just like blueberries, not offensive at all and the nugs are bright purple which is pretty cool too. Love smoking it at night, relaxes the body and helps me sleep. Will be back for more!

  86. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  87. Matt oleary Verified Owner

    This is what heaven tastes like!!! I got my seeds delivered from the GCS website and they showed up super fast! What a killer ride it has been. I love all the delicious flavors that come in this weed, like sour berries, a little earthiness and a little skunky flavor. So tasty! It’s a mellow high, doesn’t hit too hard or harsh and the buzz is nice and easy, great for anxiety and depression. I always look forward to smoking it when I get home from work!

  88. browniepoints Verified Owner

    This is super tasty weed, really helps with my stress and anxiety at the end of a long day! Great for backyard growing, gets a ton of sunlight in my raised bed area and offers up some delicious blue nugs. Love the taste and flavor, just like a fresh blueberry in the summer, and it’s very relaxing! Highly recommend!

  89. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  90. Leo Huang Verified Owner

    This is some blueberry goodness, really helps with the stress of life and keeps me feeling in a good mood. I like the easy grow, and it’s super convenient to just order these online. They do really well, i promise, great seeds with great genetics! Plus I really like the plant, it’s kind of amazing, super colorful and fragrant, had definitely been an improvement in my life!

  91. KeiraK Verified Owner

    If you dig the taste of fresh berries (and who doesn’t, lets be honest) you’re gonna adore this weed. It’s an excellent strain, perfect for nighttime use, as it helps with aches and pains and gets me to relax after a stressful day. I am a big fan of the indica heavy hybrids, they seem to do the best when grown indoors, and they produce a nice, heavy, healthy yield after about 4 months or so. Give it a whirl!

  92. alligatorred Verified Owner

    This is a very special variety of weed. It helps with stress and anxiety and depression and has a great flavor. I am middle aged but recently started smoking mj to help with these conditions. New to grower’s choice as well, but I love to garden and am happy I got this variety. I enjoy the sweet berry flavor and the relaxing effects of the weed. It’s not overpowering…it’s empowering!

  93. Jacob D Verified Owner

    If you love fruity weed, then this is the golden ticket. I LOVE this marijuana, have been growing it for years, and finally got a chance to buy with grower’s choice seeds. They really have an impressive online collection, and they deliver really fast, faster than Amazon in a lot of instances haha! Very nice indoor grow, your house will smell like blueberries and weed. It’s super nice for stress and anxiety at the end of the day.

  94. Joe hudson Verified Owner

    If you love sweet, fruity weeds like me, you’re gonna LOVE blueberry kush. It’s something special for sure, with it’s brightly colored buds and delicious taste. It’s kinda like smoking blueberry pie, which is just fantastic if you ask me! It’s got a nice relaxing vibe, helps me with stress, anxiety, even depression. Great for chilling out at home after work and definitely great for sharing with friends.

  95. hohoho Verified Owner

    I feel like this weed had been really great for my mental state. I used to not be able to relax after work, I was always anxious and depressed and feeling a little down about my job, which still isn’t great, but the weed helps A LOT with winding down and helping me sleep. I’ve been feeling a lot better these days, excellent vibes and great dreams at night. And of course the taste is to die for, so sweet, just like berries!

  96. Winter Gonzalez Verified Owner

    Well if you ever need some real deal relaxation, this is the perfect combo of tasty blueberry flavor and a wave of indica chilled out vibes! I got myself a new grow space in the basement and WOW these plants really took off down there. Love growing and trimming this weed, great hobby for sure, and my wife seems to like it too haha, always a good thing! I smoke this usually at night with my wife, we watch a movie then head to sleep!

  97. derwin Verified Owner

    What a fun experience this was! I was so stoked on growing this weed I just HAD to leave a review. Amazing weed! It’s so fresh and smells just like blueberries!!! I love to have a smoke session with my sister and we just gab and gab into the night. It’s very relaxing, so it eventually puts me into a deep sleep. I really love this stuff!

  98. jlover Verified Owner

    This is an excellent strain of mj, especially if you love indicas like I do. I am definitely an after-work smoker and really dig the delicious vibes and blueberry flavor this weed provides. I prefer to roll a J when I get home and smoke on the back patio. It was real easy to grow and actually smells and looks great in my garden. Excellent buy!

  99. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  100. Glenn Cook Verified Owner

    This is one of my all-time favorite strains of weed. I have grown it a few times, and am now a regular customer at GCS! They have such an amazing online selection, but this one really takes the cake! I love the sour berry taste and the laid back vibes of this weed! It’s an incredible weed for stress and relaxation, and really offers up some delicious health benefits. I will ALWAYS be back for more!

  101. raene05 Verified Owner

    Love these seeds. All were feminized and all germinated into beautiful purple flowers. Thanks GC seeds!

  102. Becky Verified Owner

    Who doesn’t love the taste of fresh blueberries? This weed has been an excellent grow, very cooperative and delicious. It’s got a nice yield, somewhere in the mid-400’s and the weed is top notch quality! Such a big fan of the relaxing high and smooth smoking experience. Happy I could get in on this stuff, I will definitely buy more!

  103. germ Verified Owner

    This is an excellent strain of weed. It’s very easy to grow and is a big producer, just like most kush strains. It’s remarkably good to the taste, has the sweet taste of blueberries, excellent stuff. Has been great for my pain and my migraines, and I’ve been happy to share this with my gf. She seems to like it too. I’ll be back for more 🙂

  104. Martinez Verified Owner

    When bedtime rolls around this is the strain I reach for. Nothing beats that delicious berry flavor and makes me feel super sleepy and relaxed. This strain has all but eliminated my insomnia, and now I sleep through the night. It was very easy to grow, have a nice indoor greenhouse out back and I am very happy with the result. I think this is something I ought to buy again!

  105. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  106. Nicole Jones Verified Owner

    Yum yum, blueberry in my belly! This is my favorite strain of weed BY FAR! It’s SO easy to grow and offers up a lovely yield that always lasts a while. Have been ordering from GCS for some time. Very impressed with their selection and their customer service is always spot on. The grow is easy for any level of skill and the buzz is super worth it. Helps with depression stress and headaches. Woohoo!

  107. billy joe bob Verified Owner

    This is definitely the best strain on this site. It’s got all sorts of deliciousness about it. The smell and taste are similar to blueberries for sure. It’s an easy-grow kush strain, perfect for your backyard, plus it looks amazing with all of it’s purple and green leaves, and purple buds too. Very impressive stuff and great for depression and anxiety!

  108. Tim Canning Verified Owner

    This is a nice, strong indica strain, should be called a sleeping pill legally cause this stuff puts me right to bed. I usually roll up a J and smoke it on my back porch in the evenings, and within the hour I am sound asleep on my couch or in my bed. It’s been great for my insomnia, and has really helped with my stress. I hope to keep growing this weed for years to come!

  109. dukethenuke Verified Owner

    How can you go wrong with this strain? It smells and tastes like blueberries and it is SOOOOO relaxing. I love taking a few tokes when I come home from class and it helps me chill out for the night. Gets me super stoned and all I wanna do is watch Godzilla. I smoke and chill with my cat too. It was an easy grow, try it for yourself!

  110. Trey Gordon Verified Owner

    There’s something very special about this weed. It’s got an excellent flavor and smoke texture, just like blueberries, and it’s just the most relaxing time you’ll ever have. The king of the kush strains in my opinion and worth every penny. A great investment for backyard growers and did really well even in the shade. Mad respect for this weed!

  111. Kristine Wong Verified Owner

    Of all the purple weeds, this one is the most…purple haha! It’s a very rewarding grow, great for backyards or basements, easy to get these babies to germ and once they were set they grew super fast! It’s a wonderful smell between blueberries and earthy sweetness and of course it gets you feeling super relaxed and happy!

  112. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  113. Brian Willson Verified Owner

    OMG if you’re wound as tight as I am you NEED to try this strain of mj. So amazingly relaxing and good for my mental health. I love the strong blueberry taste and amazing vibes that come from this weed. It’s incredibly relaxing and also easy to grow! I smoke these dank purple nugs at night to help me with relaxation and sleep!

  114. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  115. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  116. Hector P Verified Owner

    It’s my favorite strain of weed of all time! It really comes up in a deep purple color and delivers a great yield even if you’re a beginner. Super fast delivery from GCS (ordered online) and WOW in just 4 months I have my very own weed to smoke. Definitely an evening strain, and great for stress headaches and sleep, plus it tastes like blueberries!

  117. Bradford Matthews Verified Owner

    I don’t think there’s any better feeling than falling asleep after a nice calm evening with this blueberry kush. Weed like this is the reason I started buying seeds and growing my own! My plants have gotten quite tall and look fantastic, good quality product for sure. I find that if I have a headache, blueberry kush is a pretty healing strain.

  118. Heidi Verified Owner

    This is a very special marijuana, one that will keep you coming back for more and more and more! It’s great for anxiety and depression, makes a great impression at parties, and your friends will absolutely love you for having grown it. I personally love GCS, think they’re a great company with an amazing online selection, very worthy of your time. The smoke tastes like berries yo!

  119. Lara Johnson Verified Owner

    My friend and I would joke about doing a marijuana tour of the USA and blueberry kush, from California, would absolutely be on the list of mary jane to use! However, I guess there’s no need for such a tour as I can now order the cannabis seeds online and do my own growing, but the idea still sounds fun. Blueberry kush is one of my favorite strains, not just because the effects are wonderful and relaxing but also because the taste is total berry delicousness. If you doubt this actually tastes like blueberry, you should not doubt it, it really does! What a great treat at the end of the day … blueberry kush sends me to the sweetest kind of restful sleep.

  120. Tom Rodgers Verified Owner

    OMG Sooooo relaxing, this is the perfect evening, weekend, or beach strain, my preference being the beach! I grew right in my backyard, beautiful tall and bushy plants with deep purple nugs, it’s really something to behold! I am amazed at the amount of weed I got from just 3 plants and I totally love the blueberry flavor. YOu really can’t go wrong with this kush strain, try it for yourself!

  121. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  122. Kevin Lam Verified Owner

    I am a west coast native so have been smoking the blueberry kush for a long time now, also have been growing weed in my backyard for around the same amount of time haha! First time buyer with GCS though and am really impressed with their online selection! This weed grows super well outdoors, gives me a great yield every time, and the purple nugs never get old! I smoke usually in the evening to help me with stress and sleep, and it tastes like blueberry pie! You won’t be disappointed!

  123. Randysextion Verified Owner

    This Strain is amazing but it is a diva.
    You can definitely tell how much love and care someone put into this strain by how it comes out.

    Everyone I know is going crazy over this!!
    If you harvested when it has a lot of white to clear and a few Amber trichomes.
    You get a nice quick long lasting high, with a smooth body effect. You will start feeling happy for no reason, definitely a depression and stress Slayer

  124. RandyS

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  125. Darren Belvins Verified Owner

    I usually have trouble sleeping at night so this weed was super helpful in putting me to bed! So I grew this strain in my basement and had a lot of success, scored nearly 500 grams and have been smoking in the evenings since. Great for relaxation and euphoria, fun for watching a movie or just relaxing. Plus I’ve been sleeping better than ever!

  126. RandyS

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  127. Archie Neal Verified Owner

    A truly amazing plant, very tall and bushy and purple, it even smells like blueberries! Probably the most relaxing strain I have every smoked, love to kick it and smoke a j and watch some Netflix with my gf! Fun to grow and pretty easy too, grew in my basement and had great success, solid germination and a very impressive yield! This is seriously like my dessert after dinner, and I look forward to smoking it every evening!

  128. ryananewcombe Verified Owner

    3 for 3 on the Blueberry i got, beautiful looking plants cant wait to see how the end up!!!!

  129. Byron R. Verified Owner