Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds

Explore the amazing indica-dominant hybrid that is known as Big Buddha Cheese. Straight out of the UK, this marijuana strain is known for relaxation and euphoria that will surround your mind and body. Keep on reading to learn the best growing techniques, when to harvest, its taste profile and so much more.

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Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds

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What is the Big Buddha Cheese Marijuana Strain?

Welcome to the world of Big Buddha Cheese, a legendary strain that’s as intriguing as its name! Originating in the UK, this strain is a creation of Big Buddha Seeds. It’s an iconic indica-dominant hybrid, born from the marriage of UK Cheese and Afghani. Big Buddha Cheese is known for its distinctive aroma and flavor profile. Think bold, cheesy tang with a hint of earthy undertones. But there’s more than just taste to this strain. Its buds are known for their dense structure and a generous coating of trichomes. And the effects? Get ready for a smooth, relaxing high that soothes the body and uplifts the mind, perfect for those chill evenings or creative sessions. Let’s dive in and explore why Big Buddha Cheese has become a must-try for cannabis connoisseurs!

What are Big Buddha Cheese’s Effects?

One puff of Big Buddha Cheese, and you’re in for an experience that’s as rich and deep as its aroma. This award-winning strain is not just about its distinct cheesy smell; it’s about the exploration it takes you on.

Right from the get-go, Big Buddha Cheese announces itself with a cerebral high that’s both uplifting and euphoric. You’ll feel your mood elevate, a gentle wave of happiness washing over you. It’s perfect for those moments when you need a burst of positivity or a creative spark.

But it’s not all about the mind. The indica-dominant genetics of this strain will make sure you’ll experience a deeply relaxing body high. You’ll feel a soothing calmness that eases muscle tension, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Despite its potency, it’s not the kind of strain that leads to overwhelming couch-lock, making it a good choice for various activities.

This strain is particularly noted for its balanced effects, which makes it a popular choice among both recreational and medical users who are seeking relief without heavy sedation.

The journey with Big Buddha Cheese finishes in a state of serene contentment, leaving you relaxed yet aware, calm yet cheerful. It’s this unique combination of effects that has solidified its place as a beloved variety in the cannabis market.

What do Big Buddha Cheese’s Plants Look Like?

In the world of cannabis cultivation, Big Buddha Cheese stands out as an attractive and robust indica-dominant cannabis plant. This award-winning strain showcases a unique growth pattern and appearance, showing off its quality genetics.

Visually, Big Buddha Cheese plants are characterized by their medium stature, making them a manageable height for growers. Their indica dominance is evidenced in their bushy, dense structure, with wide, dark green leaves that seem to absorb every bit of light. As the plant matures, it displays a majestic array of tightly packed buds, each one coated in a thick layer of sparkling trichomes that shows the potency.

The buds of Big Buddha Cheese are a good size and dense. They grow heavy on the branches, which will need a little support later on. These nuggets have a pungent, cheesy aroma, which is part of this strain’s unique terpene profile. As flowering progresses these buds deepen in color, with hints of purple and blue weaving through the green, where you see its Blue Cheese lineage.

In short, Big Buddha Cheese plants are visually appealing and are loved for their dense, resinous buds and distinctive cheesy aroma.

Best Growing Methods

Big Buddha Cheese, an award-winning extremely potent and high-yielding plant, offers an interesting challenge and experience for cultivators. This strain, which is known for its robust growth and exceptional quality, is a dream plant for both novice and experienced growers.

One of the key aspects of successfully growing Big Buddha Cheese is understanding its growth cycle. Typically, it takes about 8-10 weeks for this strain to flower. This indica-dominant feminized cannabis plant thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings, although indoor cultivation allows for great control of its environment.

Growers should also pay attention to the nutritional needs of this strain. Big Buddha Cheese benefits from a balanced diet, rich in essential nutrients, to support its dense, resinous bud development. Maintaining optimal humidity and temperature levels is a must to prevent mold and pest infestations.

As these plants mature, growers can expect to see their signature dense buds, which give off a pungent, cheesy aroma. The final yield is typically high, showing off this strain’s quality genetics that have made it a popular variety amongst cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators.

Harvesting Big Buddha Cheese

This strain typically requires about 8-10 weeks of flowering before it’s ready for harvest. Knowing the right time to harvest is an important factor in making sure that the buds have reached their peak in terms of potency and flavor.

For indoor growers, Big Buddha Cheese plants usually signal they’re ready when the trichomes (the tiny, crystal-like structures on the buds) change from clear to a milky white color. This change indicates a high THC level, which is important for the strain’s potent effects. 

Outdoor growers should plan to harvest Big Buddha Cheese around late September to early October in the Northern Hemisphere. The outdoor environment allows the plants to develop fully, often resulting in a more complex terpene profile, which contributes to the strain’s distinctive cheesy flavor and aroma. 

Harvesting too early can result in a less potent product, and waiting too long can lead to a degradation of the active compounds that give Big Buddha Cheese its recreational and medical qualities. By striking the right balance, growers can expect a harvest that exemplifies the excellent quality, intense flavor, and potent effects that Big Buddha Cheese is renowned for.

What Does Big Buddha Cheese Taste Like?

Big Buddha Cheese has a symphony of flavors that begins with a bold, unmistakable cheesy taste, true to its name. This cheese-like flavor, inherited from its legendary Cheese lineage, is savory, and reminiscent of eating a slice of mature, sharp cheddar.

There is an earthy tone that users will experience, which adds a robust depth to the overall flavor profile. Also, there’s a subtle hint of skunkiness–a nod to its Skunk #1 ancestry–that adds a pungent twist to your palette.

As each puff goes by, users may also detect a slight sweetness that balances the more dominant savory flavors. This sweet note rounds out the tasting experience, making Big Buddha Cheese not just a strain with a distinctive taste but one with a dessert-like finish.

The Power of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds have helped change the cultivation of cannabis, particularly benefiting novice growers by simplifying the growing process. These seeds are bred to produce only female plants, which are the ones that produce the cannabinoid-rich buds sought after by both medical and recreational users.

The importance of feminized seeds is in their efficiency and predictability. Traditional cannabis cultivation involves growing from regular seeds, which produce a mix of male and female plants. However, male plants do not produce consumable buds and can pollinate female plants, leading to seeded flowers. This necessitates the identification and removal of male plants early in the growing cycle, which can be challenging for inexperienced growers. Feminized seeds eliminate this step, and ensure that nearly 100% of the plants grown will produce the desired buds.

Big Buddha Cheese feminized seeds are an excellent choice for growers, especially those who are new to cannabis cultivation. This award-winning, indica-dominant feminized cannabis variety is known for its resilience and relatively easy growing requirements. It adapts well to various growing conditions, making it a good choice for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Growers can expect robust, medium-sized plants that are capable of producing high yields of potent, aromatic buds. 

Similar Cannabis Strains

For enthusiasts looking for similar strains, several other cannabis strains offer similar effects and flavors. Here are some strains that match well with the profile of Big Buddha Cheese:

  • Blue Cheese: This strain is a classic choice for those who appreciate the unique, cheesy flavor profile. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid and is known for its relaxing effects and distinctive blueberry and cheese aroma.
  • Exodus Cheese: Also known simply as ‘Cheese’, this legendary strain shares a lineage with Big Buddha Cheese. It’s known for its distinctive cheese-like aroma and well-balanced high, making it a favorite among connoisseurs.
  • Lemon Skunk: This strain offers a balanced high, combining cerebral stimulation with physical relaxation. It’s a great choice for those who enjoy a tangy flavor profile and a mood-lifting effect.

  • Bubba Kush: A classic among indica lovers, Bubba Kush is known for its heavy tranquilizing effects. It shares the relaxation and stress-relief qualities of Big Buddha Cheese but with a sweeter, more earthy profile. Bubba Kush is ideal for those seeking deep relaxation and a sedative effect, making it a good choice for evening use.

  • UK Cheese: This autoflowering strain is famous for its sharp and sour aroma that resembles mature cheese. UK Cheese is considered a staple in the Cheese strain family and shares a similar lineage with Big Buddha Cheese. It has a potent, balanced high, and users love it for both its relaxing body effects and uplifting cerebral stimulation.

Additional information

Strain Genetics



40% Sativa, 60% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Indoor Yield

Up to 450 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 450 gr

Best Use

Anytime, Fatigue, Pain, Stress


Cheese, Skunky, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds

Based on 67 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    the amazing site got my delivery on time

  2. Verified Owner

    Just started the germination process little girl 6 in tall after 1 month beautiful Indica leaves with a slight Sativa fingertip. Doesn’t seem to be difficult at all to grow or germinate. Last year super skunk and AK were super successful, everybody’s happy thank you hippie wisdom

  3. Verified Owner

    I bought a 10-pack and I messed 7 up but the last few grew great its a little tricky in the beginning once its 2 feet high its pretty much Smothe sailing so I bought 20 the deal pack and I’m waiting for them to be delivered to get more going and some ready for outdoors also if you plan to grow this truly amazing plant outdoors do it in a area were it won’t be hit with wind a lot and wait till there 2 feet before putting them out they are a sensative plant I don’t recommend new growers but for new growers wanting a great strain that is easier buy gold leaf our the lsd strain. Easier to grow

  4. Verified Owner

    Seem to be healthy, like the natural light and the led light

  5. Verified Owner

    The Big Buddha Cheese seeds worked great thanks for your help and for replacing the ones that didn’t pop

  6. Verified Owner

    The Big Buddha Cheese was absolutely amazing. Had different results than the description – a monster plant in 2×4 space yielded 12.5 oz of dried flower. Super dense, tight nugs with great aroma, flavor, and everything you could ask for. Very similar shape and growth pattern as the American Haze extreme – which makes sense. Loved it so much popped two more for next run. Can’t wait to get more

  7. Verified Owner

    Excellent seeds

  8. Verified Owner

    They got a rocky start but caught up well. Started flipping last week and nice buds starting. Expect about 3 more weeks.

  9. Verified Owner

    I received the seeds less than a week ago. All ten have sprouted and already 1/4 inch high. I love growing marijuana 🙂 Thank you.

  10. Verified Owner

    I germinated them on a small plate with paper towels. However, I waited a bit to long to transplant them and must have damaged the long, delicate root of 3 of them, so those never emerged.
    The ones that did survive my abuse are thriving out in the yard and have been tip pruned a couple of times already. I’m looking forward to a bountiful harvest.

  11. Verified Owner

    Happier than a dry wilted ? plant in a rain storm! Haha. Just wanted to shoot some pics of girls going strong this yr only 6wks in

  12. Verified Owner

    Growing like weeds

  13. Verified Owner

    Fast delivery, great germination (100%) ! Grow and harvest was easy with lots of buds ll

  14. Verified Owner

    We held out on veg a couple weeks and just switched to flower. Still waiting to see the nugs grow

  15. Verified Owner

    Really good just like GDP! lol

  16. Verified Owner

    So far so good! Just started 5 Big Buddha Cheese, and 5 Blueberry kush! 🙂 I’m very excited at this point, experimented with some seeds had laying around just to get my tent right… $120 3 months ago and still waiting! I’ve got two batches of seeds from Growers Choice. Haven’t had a bad seed yet, all germinate. Super fast discrete shipping!! Hands down Growers Choice is the BEST:).. I’ll add some pics in my next 5-star review ?�?�

  17. Verified Owner

    We planted them and they were doing awesome, then grass hoppers came and they demolished them.

  18. Verified Owner

    Big Buddha Cheese are coming along nicely. Due for harvest in 7 weeks!

  19. Verified Owner

    Everything is going good I’m growing 2 outside and all is good so far.

  20. Verified Owner

    This strain is alright

  21. Verified Owner

    I had some problems with animals but the seeds have produced amazing plants.
    I’m looking up at dozens of buds.

  22. Verified Owner

    Did very well in the humidity of eastern Va.Easy to maintain. Used GC nutriants throughout the grow.Thanks again GC. for another season of success.

  23. Verified Owner

    The seeds I used germinated and the plants are doing well just waiting on the final product.

  24. Verified Owner

    This has been my best grow so far. My buds are still drying, but it will be at least 3.5 oz when it’s done, hopefully 4oz. This plant grew fast and flowered big. From seedling to harvest it took a little over 3 months. I grew it in a deep water culture bucket using general hydroponics brand nutrients and a nutrient schedule from I grow in both BBC and dwc and have been using the same nutrient mix for each. This beauty was grown in a 2 by 2 by 4 foot tall tent with a Phlizon reflector series panel led. It has a power draw of 100 to 150 watts. I think I would have had an even greater harvest if I didn’t defoliate as much as I did. Still, this is my best yield so far. The buds are super crystally. I’ve been smoking some of the trim (small buds not leaf), and its really strong. I can’t wait to try the final product. I highly recommend these seeds. I’m no pro grower, but I am not a beginner either. I would think that even beginners will do well with this.

  25. Verified Owner

    They grew wonderfully lots of vigor and good stacking. Had 2 plants in a 2.3×2.3 under a mars hydro 300 eco light got about 3 oz’s.

  26. Verified Owner

    All germinated an all are growing.

  27. Verified Owner

    Good buds so far had trouble with white flys but got rid of them, you need to watch your plants for small changes then react quickly to fix problem. Growing pot is so cool just like growing anything,but the pay off is the best.

  28. Verified Owner

    Thanks very much for the Big Buddha Cheese seeds. They sure performed well as you can see.

  29. Verified Owner

    Harvested five wonderful plants loaded with buds. Pruned plants so colas were big and full, sticky with resin. Eyepopping yield of eight full 32-oz. canning jars full of bud. Incredible!

  30. Verified Owner

    You guys are great my first order got here on time and on the first try thank you once again you guy ls are great thats why you are rated number one seed bank online

  31. Verified Owner

    the plants are coming along nice they look amazing GC got a winner with this one almost done I’ll post pics soon

  32. Verified Owner

    I always have awesome results with GC seeds!

  33. Verified Owner

    Excellent wonderful flavor
    Highly recommended

  34. Verified Owner

    Hands on grow, worth it all!!

  35. Verified Owner

    Grown in living soil!!

  36. Verified Owner

    Shipping was fast. Seeds germinated within a couple days and took off!! Flowered in 4 gallon pots and got about 4 ounces total from 2 plants. Grown in my own mix of organic super soil under 1 HLG 100 3000k, Plants were beautiful the whole way through. Buds were on the small side, but fairly dense. Extremely frosty and aromatic, this is the best I’ve ever grown

  37. Verified Owner

    Haven’t gotten that far but she’s bushy and pretty. Just started to flower!

  38. Verified Owner

    Hours of reading the lab section of Growers Choice helped me learn. Just enough light, just enough of all but never too much. Made my own organic soil. Left the single flame propane burner on a few hours for CO2(use extreme caution) and the lights on a few times, but other than that it was all danky dankenstien. Thank you Growers Choice. Very therapeutic to grow canabis. Thank you very much Mr. H.

  39. Verified Owner

    Excellent seed’s quick germination. The plants are big and healthy. Have pruned a couple times lots of top. Look forward to the end result. I’m in Michigan so we are just in the early stages of flowering. Thanks because I love to grow marijuana

  40. Verified Owner

    Better than I expected. Thank you

  41. Verified Owner

    I was a bit worried about paying out some money for seed and getting nothing lol. But that’s not the case here . What you get is no doubt a premium product and they guarantee it wow ..Well, I took a chance an I’m sure glad I did.I love growing too so I bought a bunch of different flavors …I did end up getting something that didn’t pop I emailed customer service? No problem replacement wow then USPS delivered it to someone else?? They track them down but they were crushed ? Customer service was already on my the case saying no problem we replaced it again wow !! Absolutely amazing customer service .. I’m extremely satisfied with everything and this company’s results !! Thanks, Cynthia. P.s you have some amazing employees!!

  42. Verified Owner

    I purchased Big Buddha Cheese Feminized seeds for my first-ever planting! (Legal now in Virginia!!) The seeds I purchased were not a disappointment. I started basically for the first time, nothing special, just dirt, potting soil, and water. Mistakes were made, the biggest was I used a three (3) gallon pot and should have used a five (5) gallon container or bigger and because of this I had to start the flowering stage early. The one picture shows the plant at four (4) weeks. The other picture shows the beginnings of a few buds. I am a very happy customer! The hardest part is the wait!

  43. Verified Owner

    first grow, oddly started a plant in mid-July, in MD. She grew to a bit over 6′, yielded just over 2 oz of bud. High-quality, gets me super-buzzed, despite my very high tolerance…as advertised. Planning a more elaborate grow for next season!

  44. Verified Owner

    Been a customer a few times, great quality, great info. You guys are awesome, wish shipping can be faster tho

  45. Verified Owner

    My overall experience is going great! Shopping, ordering and growing has been a pleasure! I am quite happy and excited to start sampling! Now using the 3-gallon Warrior pots, fancy soil and I used tomato cages. Looking Very Good! Now about 5 weeks of flowering now and they are 4-5; tall. Very nice looking stuff!

  46. Verified Owner

    Big buddha cheese, 2.3 lbs dry bud in 5 x 5 tent. 4.5 months total run time. This is to show fair frosting. Very pleased with Growers Choice (I have ordered over 1,500 in seeds in the past year and have been very happy.
    I have countless pictures of optimal grower success with Growers Choice.

  47. Verified Owner


  48. Verified Owner

    2nd time buying 1st time I got a mix pack can’t remember exactly everything sprouted and flowered perfect bought 20 big buddha cheese seeds 18 sprouted I’m happy with them and I never plants could carry the down syndrome genes ?

  49. Verified Owner

    This is some super strong medicine for pain relief. I’ve now harvested 2 so far & I am very happy with BBC. It was ready for me at week 10 approximately. A small amount of mildew and a little bud rot in a greenhouse but overall very vigorous & resilient. I can’t wait to run this indoors to up the density & yield. I give this a 9/10 as far as BBC go.

  50. Verified Owner

    Beautiful plants, they definitely do the work for you! Took me putting them on 10/10 to kick them into flower after around 8 weeks. What a cool strain!!!

  51. Verified Owner

    Ready for a good laugh? Smoke some big buddha cheese and get your big belly energy on! I ordered 5 seeds, and was happy to see them deliver just days later. I know many of the farms that GCS sources its seeds from because I WWOOFed for a year in the area. I’m pretty excited for the prospect of getting a greenhouse next season. It’s going to definitely increase my yields. Great to know I have a seed dealer for life!

  52. Verified Owner

    This hard-to-find strain offers an evenly-balanced high that uplifts the spirit and mood, while also providing relaxation and mental clarity. With its pungent cheese aroma and creamy flavor, Big Buddha Cheese is a favorite among users. Medical benefits include relief from insomnia, pain, migraines, and GI issues. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, this medium-growing plant is easy to cultivate and yields impressive results.

  53. Verified Owner

    Good strain for beginners. It took me just about 8 weeks to grow. I’m happy that I chose this strain with the help of customer service. They weren’t kidding with the quick shipping because it came fast and safe. I’ll be grabbing more of this as soon as I can.

  54. Verified Owner

    Big Buddha Cheese is a great strain for those looking for a mild and happy high. I really enjoyed the relaxing and uplifted effects that this strain had. It helped me with my fatigue, pain, and stress and I found it to be a great anytime strain.

  55. Verified Owner

    5/5 germination with a 12 week turnaround. Produces light, fluffy, sticky nugs that are fun to harvest but mess up your pruners lol. Do NOT skip the drying/pruning stage. Make sure your plants are well cared for. Do not neglect! Buddha cheese has that funky cheese flavor and a deep indica high that induces belly laughs!

  56. Verified Owner

    Big Buddha Cheese is a great strain for a nice balance of effects, leaving me happy, relaxed, and uplifted. I found this strain a good one for managing pain and fatigue, especially after a long day. Growing these seeds was also quite easy and the skunky and sweet scent was entirely worth it.

  57. Verified Owner

    This plant is great for an indoor set up, got a 2×2 tent and this seed didn’t grow too big so it was manageable for me. An issue I was having with other projects recently. Was a great experience buying from Growers as well, fast shipping and informative customer service! Perfect 3/3 germination = quality for my price paid.

  58. Verified Owner

    A nice balance of Indica and Sativa packed with an excellent high for pains. Even better is the accessibility ease this grew with! Not too hard-hitting and feels smooth to hit. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a mellow smoking experience.

  59. Verified Owner

    The taste of this strain immediately impressed me, with a creamy cheese flavor that really stood out. The high is nice and relaxing without any paranoia or anxiety, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Yield was average but the quality of the buds more than made up for it.

  60. Verified Owner

    Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds, despite its unusual name, has turned out to be one of the most satisfying strains I’ve grown. The buds were dense and potent, delivering a smooth, cheesy flavor. The effects were exactly what I was looking for – relaxing, but not too heavy, and perfect for unwinding after a long day. I would definitely recommend giving this strain a try.

  61. Verified Owner

    I’d been looking for this strain everywhere for growing it from seed, so to say I was thrilled to finally find it in the GCS catalog is something of an understatement. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised as GCS always has the best selection around.

    Kristina T., Sparks, NV

  62. Verified Owner

    If you’re in search of a powerful and hard-to-find strain, Big Buddha Cheese Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a must-try. This evenly-balanced cannabis is known for its intensely blissful high that lifts the spirit and mood. With a pungent cheese aroma and creamy flavor, this strain offers a chill cerebral high without brain fog.

  63. Verified Owner

    This strain is the perfect balance of indica and sativa, providing a happy and relaxed high that is perfect for any time of day. The skunky and sweet flavor is unique and enjoyable. I had no issues growing these feminized seeds and was pleased with the medium-sized plants and impressive yield.

  64. Verified Owner

    This strain was very enjoyable with a high that is relaxing and fills you with a blissful high to facilitate a good mood. Really good for cheering up on dreary days I really liked everything about this strain. Easy to grow and yields heavily to the right gardener willing to give it some love.

  65. Verified Owner

    Say cheese! Big Buddha Cheese is one funky strain that’s as delightful to grow as it is to smoke. All seeds sprouted and germinated, thanks to the great information I found on the Growers blog. The plants grew strong and sturdy, with beautiful, skunky buds that tasted sweet like cheese. The high is perfect for anytime use, providing relief from fatigue, pain, and stress.

  66. Verified Owner

    For medical users, Big Buddha Cheese offers a range of benefits. From relieving pain and insomnia to helping with migraines and appetite loss, this strain has got you covered. Plus, it’s an excellent mood and focus booster, helping with anxiety, ADHD, depression, and stress.

  67. Verified Owner

    I was thoroughly impressed with Big Buddha Cheese. The name alone grabbed my attention, and the experience did not disappoint. The high was incredibly uplifting and left me feeling happy and relaxed. The flavor of this strain was a delightful combination of cheese, skunk, and sweetness.

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