Animal Crackers Feminized Seeds

Animal Crackers Feminized Seeds

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(26 customer reviews)

Animal Crackers marijuana shares its undeniably tasty flavor with the childhood snack but that’s as far as it goes. A deceptively high THC content and natural CBD levels make Animal Crackers a salve to soothe what ails you.

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Animal Crackers Feminized Seeds

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Looking for a snack? Animal Crackers marijuana may curb your cravings. The plants burst with color and fragrance, but its the high THC content and natural levels of CBD have put Animal Crackers marijuana on the map for its potent medical potential.

Animal Crackers marijuana delivers a fast-acting high that settles in comfortably. The more you indulge, the deeper the couch-lock, and all the better to unwind as the day draws to an end. It’s equally uplifting, adding a positive mindset that will make it easy to drift into sleep.

Like a batch of fresh-baked treats, Animal Crackers has an aromatic presence that is earthy and sour, touched by a sweet hint of vanilla. Its flavor isn’t far off, with a creamy smoke that tastes of nutty vanilla, hints of citrus and a touch of earth. Could this make any better a recipe for treating muscle aches and pains, chronic stress, insomnia, even nausea?

Best cultivated indoors where the climate can be carefully controlled, Animal Crackers marijuana seeds require specific attention, regular trimming, and more-than-adequate ventilation to guarantee that after 9-10 weeks your Animal Crackers plants will yield about 300 grams when planted indoors, and about 350 grams when cultivated in the great outdoors.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Animal Cookies


25% Sativa, 75% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Anxiety, Depression, Evening, Nausea


Earthy, Pungent, Sweet

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

26 reviews for Animal Crackers Feminized Seeds

  1. thr1v1ng Verified Owner

    Animal Crackers – an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a creative twist. I was impressed by the euphoric and happy high it provided, perfect for easing anxiety and depression. Growing this strain was a good experience, with medium-sized plants producing a moderate indoor yield.

  2. Lara Bittencourt Verified Owner

    Growing these plants was a wild adventure, but worth every moment. The high is like a roaring lion, leaving you euphoric and happy. The plants themselves are strong and sturdy, their aroma pungent and sweet. Perfect for those seeking relief from anxiety and depression. Animal Crackers is the perfect treat for a wild evening.

  3. Darrel S Verified Owner

    This strain took longer than I would have liked but these buds easily became worth the wait. A little hard to grow, the novice grower may want to avoid this strain. The high was very nice and enjoyable with a great body high with some mental engagement.

  4. shoooooot3 Verified Owner

    A classic strain, used to smoke it in college. Animal crackers is delicious, uplifting, and great for bodily aches and pains.
    Took about 10 weeks to grow, seeding through harvest. It’s a summer grow for sure and really appreciates some good heat!!

  5. James Underwood Verified Owner

    ideal for those looking for a challenge. This fast growing strain is not for the faint of heart, and offers an earthy taste with a small yield. While it may be difficult to grow, Animal Crackers comes with the reward of something special with it’s great anxiety cleansing high. Relax your worries away.

  6. Jill Horton Verified Owner

    Great Indica forward hybrid, the last little bit of Sativa in it is a welcome addition, as this high takes you above and beyond for a wonderful euphoria-filled high. Course nothing good comes easy as this plant is very hard to grow and care for, be amply prepared if you plan to undertake this endeavor.

  7. Abdul Rahman Verified Owner

    Animal Crackers Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a delightful treat for any cannabis enthusiast. Not only did the helpful customer service make my buying experience a breeze, but the high germination rate ensured that all my seeds sprouted successfully. The plants themselves are beautiful and fragrant, and the high THC content and natural CBD levels provide a soothing and relaxing experience.

  8. Ravi V Verified Owner

    Animal Crackers Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a popular choice for marijuana growers. With a high THC content and natural CBD levels, Animal Crackers offers potent medical potential. The plants are visually appealing and have a delicious aroma, reminiscent of fresh-baked treats.

  9. Meme Machine Verified Owner

    I recently grew Animal Crackers Feminized Seeds and had a blast with this strain. The buds were covered in trichomes, and the aroma was heavenly. It provided a strong, long-lasting high that left me feeling relaxed and happy. The name Animal Crackers perfectly fits this strain as it was just as fun and delightful as the little crackers we enjoyed as kids. Highly recommend!

  10. DabDominion Verified Owner

    Although Animal Crackers took a bit of time to flower, I was blown away by the quality of the buds when they appeared. The high is great for anxiety and depression and the taste profile is a perfect mix of earthy and sweet. Massive yield from these seeds as well.

  11. FPSFrodo Verified Owner

    Animal Crackers has got to be my favorite strain so far, I loved the indica body high and how it helped me feel relaxed after a long day. Despite the 10 weeks it took to grow, I had a large yield from these seeds and found the high to be euphoric and happy.

  12. Sassy Seahorse Verified Owner

    Animal Crackers, a strain that brought me back to my carefree childhood days. The buds were like little nugget-sized treats, full of sweet and earthy flavors. The uplifting and relaxing effects had me giggling and munching away. Animal Crackers, a snack for the soul and a must-try for any cannabis connoisseur.

  13. Arctic5Armadillo Verified Owner

    Animal Crackers Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds offer a potent strain with a high THC content and natural CBD levels. This strain provides a fast-acting and relaxing high, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. With its earthy and sour aroma and creamy smoke, Animal Crackers is a treat for the senses.

  14. ricobenny1 Verified Owner

    I get super stoned on animal crackers MJ…loving the fresh bud, the uplifting energy, and the sweet sweet flavors.
    5 seeds was the perfect order. I just grow at home, right in the backyard. I don’t use any special products or anything, just grow as I grow, as organic as it gets.
    I had some pest problems last season, but I am planting in a new location this spring. Thinking things are going to work pretty well for me this year.
    I love the product and believe in its reliability. Excellent call!

  15. KushKnight Verified Owner

    This indica-dominant hybrid produces an amazing euphoric and relaxed high that’s perfect for evening use. Its sweet flavor and pungent aroma make it a pleasant experience. It’s also a great strain for anxiety and depression.

  16. StickyIcky365 Verified Owner

    I love the aroma of earthy and sour that is touched by a sweet hint of vanilla. Its flavor isn’t far off, with a creamy smoke that tastes of nutty vanilla, hints of citrus and a touch of earth. The absolute best tasting strain I’ve ever had

  17. Sion W. Verified Owner

    Absolutely delightful….just a sweet and uplifting strain that brings me hours of joy and relaxation. I love smoking and listening to music, drawing or painting. GREAT!

  18. Angelo Cline Verified Owner

    Oh yes! Animal crackers is awesome and delicious. The nugs are large and IN CHARGE! They grow tall, with long beautiful sun branches. Nothing makes me happier! It’s done wonders for my anxiety and depression, and usually puts me in a generally good mood. I found my forever weed 🙂

  19. Ainsley Barker Verified Owner

    High in both THC and CBD, animal crackers gives you that straight up no BS buzz that helps fight off depression and negative thinking. Maybe it’s the childhood nostalgia talking, but the flavor is REALLY reminiscent of the cookies themselves! Fast shipping and quick germination on my 5 seeds. 5/5 stars!

  20. Lyra Huff Verified Owner

    Grab yoursel some animal crackers and get STONED my friends. I LOVE the vibes of this weed cause it hits me with such strength that NO worries can pass through. I feel like Animal Crackers is Gandalf and my depression is the Balrog in the MInes of Moria. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

  21. Bianka Gillespie Verified Owner

    Animal crackers ia great beginner strain for new growers. It was one of the easier strains to cultivate and the flowers came in STRONG! Bought 5 seeds online, had them delivered to the house (I definitely am VERY online with my shopping these days). Their products are all high quality (at least the one’s that I grew myself). I am excited to be a loyal member and try ALL their different strains. If I can beat my 800 G harvest from Animal Crackers, then I’ll write back with another glowing review:)

  22. Bernice Patton Verified Owner

    Yummm, this weed is bright and powerful, it helps me manage my stress and keeps me feeling happy! It’s great for fighting depression and anxiety. The results are usually amazing and only take about 5 months! Very quick to germinate and grow, just make sure it has lots of heat and water every day!

  23. Jill Xiong Verified Owner

    This weed is FUZZY! A bright neon emerald green color, hurts the eyes every time. I had a great experience growing these seeds, they went off without a hitch, and they attracted all kinds of beneficial insects to the garden. Made for a fantastic grow in the summer, even the butterflies loved it. Highly recommend for stress and depression. Animal Crackers is the cure 😉

  24. Bailey Campbell Verified Owner

    If you have a hankering for some mellow indica weed, then this will be a good grow for you. Animal crackers is a classic strain, high yielding and easy to grow. THis is my first time growing GCS seeds, but their genetics are on point. Germination rates are near 100% and the yield was medium-high, nothing modly. I like this weed for it’s sweet and dry taste, a good smoke for really any time of day.

  25. Amiya Waller Verified Owner

    Have been cultivating marijuana since the 80s. I never thought we’d live in an age where I can purchase my mj seeds online and have them shipped to my house! Great genetics on these seeds, the germination rate on them is nearly 100%. Have had some great luck cultivating these in a greenhouse, yielding nearly 300 G per plant. Enough to last me MONTHS at a time.

  26. Marina Jacobs Verified Owner

    I like that animal crackers has a hefty dose of THC and natural CBD to not only relax the mind but soothe the body as well. Grew indoors in my greenhouse and had excellent results. The seeds shipped fast (I Live in Canada) and the growing conditions indoors are perfect here. I got nearly 8 oz of mj from my grow, and I plan to harvest more this afternoon. So far the nug is fresh and colorful. No mold problems.

  27. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

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