Allen Wrench Feminized Seeds

Allen Wrench Feminized Seeds

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(37 customer reviews)

Fragrant and potent with a generous yield, Allen Wrench marijuana is a strong tool in your aresenal, helping to power through low energy, depression, and stress.

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Allen Wrench Feminized Seeds

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A master of all, Allen Wrench marijuana is a multi-functional strain, high in THC, that will help you get your daily jobs done. 

A blissful blend of indica and Sativa that leans towards its Sativa in a glorious way, Allen Wrench, with its 24% THC content, provokes a cerebral stimulation that wakes up the mind with a burst of energy and focus. When sparked, it fills the room with a strong and fruity/floral aroma, with notes of earth and sourness. A zesty combination on both the nose and tongue. Equally purposeful as a recreational strain, Allen Wrench marijuana works well to suppress symptoms of depression and stress, and can aid in providing a focus for patients with ADHD. 

Growing Allen Wrench marijuana seeds requires a bit of a practiced hand. Indoors or out, techniques used by veteran growers can help maximize the strain’s yield. Also important to note, Allen Wrench’s delicious aroma may be overpowering, and growers will need to consider a system to control odors. Flowering for Allen Wrench lasts between 10 and 11 weeks, and this boisterous plant can yield between 16 and 24 ounces, depending on its environment. 

Additional information

Strain Genetics



20% Indica, 80% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

70-80 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Focused, Happy, Uplifted

Indoor Yield

Up to 600 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to Up to 800 gr

Best Use

Anxiety, Daytime, Depression, PTSD


Earthy, Sour, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

37 reviews for Allen Wrench Feminized Seeds

  1. surprisenellyo Verified Owner

    A bright and shiny new strain right in my backyard. Loving this MJ cause it’s growing so steadily and easily on it’s own. Never fails to make me smile! Great for depression and anxiety, and always offers up a nice yield. This will be my 3rd season growing with GCS and never had a bad experience with them. The plants got almost 5′ tall this year and were incredibly productive. Fresh and fast, never feels like work, just love!

  2. Mi-kyung Han Verified Owner

    Allen Wrench Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a popular choice for cannabis growers. With a high THC content of 24%, this strain offers a cerebral stimulation that boosts energy and focus. It has a strong fruity/floral aroma and a zesty flavor.

  3. AJ Simmon Verified Owner

    Allen Wrench is an exceptional sativa-dominant hybrid strain that delivers a powerful head high. I was truly impressed by its uplifting effects, leaving me feeling focused and happy. Growing this strain was a good experience, with the plants reaching a medium height and producing a rewarding yield.

  4. Hiroshi F Verified Owner

    This strain gave me a creative boost and a sense of euphoria that lasted for hours. The plants grew strong and tall, with dense buds that were a joy to harvest. The earthy and sour taste added to the overall experience. Great for daytime use and relieving anxiety and depression. A must-try for those seeking a uplifting and flavorful high.

  5. 3candles Verified Owner

    I found myself a little overwhelmed with this strain, laying on my couch and enjoying the high, I indulged myself in just letting myself get couch-locked. If you like those kinds of highs this is an excellent strain for you. Great for any gardener as this yields high volumes without demanding too much maintenance either.

  6. Sue Smith Verified Owner

    Newbie grower tried AW last summer and great success before and after harvest. Worth a repeat.

  7. Kristian Nielsen Verified Owner

    This sativa-dominant hybrid strain gave me a focused and happy high that was perfect for daytime use. The earthy and sour taste was pleasant and not overpowering. Growing the seeds was a bit of a challenge for a beginner like me, but it was worth it for the high yield.

  8. Jared R Verified Owner

    Found myself shooting through my stress and low-energy downtime with this excellent Sativa-dominant hybrid. Its big yields and rather manageable growing allows me to accessibly have this strain at hand all the time. Took my about 12 weeks to grow so I will say you may want to avoid this if you want to grow something fast.

  9. Jasmin Diaz Verified Owner

    Recently tried my hand at growing Allen Wrench Feminized Seeds and the experience has been rewarding! Though this strain takes longer to grow and requires a bit of work, the results are worth it. Not for beginners, be sure to research thoroughly before attempting this strain – you won’t regret it when harvest time rolls around.

  10. Tomkelley4221 Verified Owner

    One of the best strains I’ve grown in the past few years very high yielding plant and o so sticky love it

  11. Sheena B Verified Owner

    I had a great experience with Growers Choice Seeds. Their customer service was helpful in recommending AK-47 for my needs, and the shipping was fast. All seeds sprouted and germinated without any issues. Also, their blog has great information for new growers. The high from AK-47 was perfect for anytime and helped with my depression and stress while keeping me creative, happy, and relaxed.

  12. Big Cheese Verified Owner

    Allen Wrench Feminized Seeds may have a strange name, but the results are nothing short of amazing! The euphoric high and creative boost have made it one of my new favorites. The plants are also easy to grow, producing a high yield. Don’t let the name fool you, this strain is a must-try!

  13. 2DreamyDingo Verified Owner

    With a potent THC content of 24%, this strain provides a burst of energy and focus, making it perfect for getting through daily tasks. Its fruity/floral aroma and delicious taste add to the overall experience. Not only does it offer recreational benefits, but it also helps alleviate symptoms of depression and stress.

  14. cityofgod Verified Owner

    The perfect tool for working through pain, stress, and fatigue. It’s a life-saver in the afternoon, really perks me up. I’ll be buying more today!

  15. EatBullets Verified Owner

    Allen Wrench was an excellent strain for me, with a strong and cerebral high that kept me uplifted and focused throughout the day. Really enjoyed the taste of this strain and it was very easy to grow. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for an energetic high.

  16. Funky Ferret Verified Owner

    Allen Wrench, you’re the handy tool in my cannabis toolbox. These seeds produced plants that were sturdy and full of resinous buds. The aroma was a delightful mix of fuel and citrus. The high was energizing and uplifting, perfect for tackling creative projects. Allen Wrench, you’re my go-to strain for a productive and enjoyable cannabis experience.

  17. MeteorMarauder59 Verified Owner

    Allen Wrench is like a shot of espresso to the brain. I was pleasantly surprised With the earthy aroma and energizing effects, Very happy with the genetics. All 3 of my plants are growing strong and I’m about a week away from flowering.

  18. Yasuo Watanabe Verified Owner

    I lost one out of the five seeds, but the remaining four germinated perfectly. The plants grew beautifully, and the aroma is simply mouthwatering. Allen Wrench is a strain that truly lives up to its name, providing a burst of energy and focus.

  19. Pizzaparty72010444 Verified Owner

    GCS has a great policy where if your seeds don’t germinate they will replace for free for 60 days! I’ve always had success with their seeds and allen wrench was no different!

  20. Carolynwwe33 Verified Owner

    I’ve been ordering from GCS for years because time and time again they have proven themselves to be the most reliable and easiest to order from. They always have an extensive collection of seeds that they’re constantly adding to. I’ve been growing since the 90s and swear by GCS.

    Carolyn W., Napa, CA

  21. Vanessa D. Verified Owner

    Fast delivery and good looking beans

  22. Romalosw3 Verified Owner

    Allen Wrench is fantastic is curing very nicely will purchase it again!

  23. Kirandeep B Verified Owner

    Okay, so, I got 10n seeds delivered in the mail. They came in just about 10 days, so not too shabby! I like that they ship to Canada, and quickly too. I have been very fortunate with my yields and my delicious weed. It’s so kushy and fluffy and light. I love just smelling it for hours and then packing a sweet bowl. It’s an indica no doubt, but it’ll change your life no matter what!

  24. England man Verified Owner

    Nice looking plants, this high THC strain can totally wake me up for the morning, definitely give it a go if you never tried this!

  25. Loreleikk Verified Owner

    Bought 10. 9 popped roots. Fast shipping. Will update the post later after harvest.

  26. Abbie3ott Verified Owner

    So far everything is going great. 100% germination and can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months. Also super easy to order and shipping was faster than I was expecting.
    You guys are the best!

  27. Steventate Verified Owner

    When I first viewed the seeds they were the puniest seeds I’d ever seen and would’ve been trashed under different circumstances. Now 5&6 days later, 100% germination and all plants in the substrate and showing green I’m amazed and a very happy camper!

  28. Zidan Verified Owner

    In the 2nd month of my grow. They are wonderful. Such a happy morning strain!

  29. Sol O’Doherty Verified Owner

    Freaking awesome!!!! Like mcdonalds I’m loving it!!!!

  30. Karter Stein Verified Owner

    Fantastic! I had 100% germination following the instructions of your article and damnnn I have some beautiful flowers!

  31. Codiec1 Verified Owner

    Germinated five seeds a month ago and all look strong and healthy…this is my first crop with your seeds and just second overall, but everything looks good so far…this is a lot of fun and I have been waiting 50 years to do it legal

  32. Jaxson Dalby Verified Owner

    Amazing! I’m a first-time grower and I feel that these seeds were easy to grow. They look amazing too. Getting ready to harvest and dry trim. Can’t wait to smoke it!

  33. Nadia B. Verified Owner

    Just popped looking forward to enjoying the final product

  34. Zakaria B. Verified Owner

    I was so excited when I found these seeds I bought a pack of 10. They arrived quickly with no issue and I look forward to experimenting with them and getting some subcool style breeding going. So glad you guys brought this strain back as a regular.

  35. Walid Oneil Verified Owner

    So far very healthy plants. Been growing for 7 weeks from seed. They already smell awesome!

  36. Codie A Verified Owner

    No matter how stressed out you feel, how anxious you feel, or depressed, allen wrench is the perfect tool to add to your box! This uplifting hybrid strain is an easy grow with fantastic results. I am always impressed and amazed by the sheer volume of weed I score from GCS seeds. Usually, my harvests hover between 300-500 G. Very strong flavors and a nice buzz. Mmmmm I do love this strain!

  37. Efe Cortez Verified Owner

    Gotta have this tool in your toolbox! Allen wrench is an easy grow and it produces SO much weed! I bought 10 seeds online. They literally ship to Canada in a matter of Days!! No other seed bank on the net is THIS reliable. Plus the yields are incredible. It really is as good as it seems!

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