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Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An energizing and mood-boosting strain, our Durban Poison is the ultimate sativa. Say goodbye to fatigue and minor depression – you’ll find yourself more socially at ease and some of your physical aches may even fade away. Start small with this strain – it’s a powerful one!

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Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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What Are The Benefits of Durban Poison?

The uplifting and energizing effects of this popular and powerful strain are finely represented in our Durban Poison cannabis seeds. Find relief from morning grogginess and get on with your day with this all-natural, safe treatment.

Where Does Durban Poison Come From?

Durban Poison cannabis is born of hard-hitting African sativa landrace strains, and offers a host of energizing and healing benefits to patients requiring a bit more oomph than their late night or poor sleep allowed. If you find yourself dragging before your day has even began, try a dose of Durban Poison and enjoy stimulating sensations that will keep you going during your long day with a high generally lasting two or three hours.

Durban Poison Effects

Not only does Durban Poison deliver good cheer and energy that can set aside symptoms of depression and anxiety, it also finetunes your focus and can impart a creative boost that will might just open up new avenues of possibility in your work or hobbies. Many users find Durban Poison eases social stresses, leaving them more capable of chatting and better able to express themselves. Some people may find these effects cause a bit of overstimulation and a jittery sense similar to caffeine, so it is important to start small with Durban Poison and not overdo your dose. If you experience mild paranoia from this strain, remember to take deep breaths and remain calm – the feeling will pass.

Is Durban Poison a Medical Cannabis Strain?

Medically, Durban Poison is a good potential treatment for people struggling with depression, or those bombarded by stress and fatigue for any number of reasons. Surprisingly for a strong sativa, Durban Poison does offer moderate pain relief, so muscle tension or mild chronic pain could be managed during the day by this multi-purpose strain.

Can I Grow Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds?

Growers Choice Durban Poison cannabis seeds are quite easy to germinate and cultivate, and people living in warm, humid climates may find success growing outdoors during the warmest months. Its pure sativa heritage means Durban Poison plants grow quite tall, but its flowering time is on the low end; the plants require only 8 or 9 weeks and as they continue to stretch in the flowering stage, the vegetative stage need not be overly long.

Order Durban Poison cannabis seeds from Growers Choice – we will deliver your seeds discreetly to your door, wherever you may reside. Enjoy natural energy with this potent, healing strain.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

South African Sativa


100% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Energetic, Focused, Uplifted

Best Use

Daytime, Depression, Fatigue, pain management, reduce stress


Earthy, Pine, Sweet

Indoor Yield

350-450 g/m2

Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

74 reviews for Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Bagelschmear (verified owner)

    I wanted a funky strain that I could smoke for hours on end with my buddies. I can’t believe it took me this long to find this weed! I am very excited about the prospect of growing this bud and definitely enjoy watching it grow in the ground. I bought myself a few seeds and germinated them right in the backyard. WOW they took off really fast and are growing beautifully. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!!!

  2. Newton (verified owner)

    Durban is my new best friend…it’s really tasty and delicious…helps me with pain, stress, depression…you name it! I ordered my seeds on the GCS website, they were very fast to ship it to my place. I got some very nice flower from these plants…I barely had to do any work! Very nice, fluffy buds. Can’t wait to buy more!

  3. Panada Bear (verified owner)

    I wanted some weed to share with my new friends, Bob and Slice…things were going great till BOB stole my freaking bowl and ran away with it…but he’s too crazy to hold onto stuff for long so was like “here man you lost your bowl…” like WTF? Does he think I am dumb or something? I was so mad I just straight turned him onto GCS and was like buy your own seeds Bob, they’re great!

  4. Pikake (verified owner)

    Boost your mood and change your outlook with durban poison…this weed is a true gem in the weed community…it’s a bit of a challenge to find honestly, and I am glad that GCS had this in store…beautiful flowers on this plant and absolutely worth growing at home…you get a Big yield and some really high-quality weed for smoking when it’s done. I am all about these hybrids and this one really does the trick. Give it a try!

  5. Blessed Farmer (verified owner)

    Durban Poison is one of my favorite strains and it is even better now that I grow my own weed at home. It was actually my wife’s idea that I grow weed cause I was having a lot of stress and anxiety issues, but this helped a lot and I like to smoke it after I get home from work. Excellent smell and taste and what a treat to just have this in my home. You can’t beat the seeds from Grower’s choice!

  6. Head in the Clouds (verified owner)

    Get your poison on! This is a truly fantastic strain of marijuana…it helps with stress and anxiety…makes me feel like a beauty queen or fashion model. I love that I bought this strain…I had so much fun growing it on my own…makes for an awesome gardening project…and once it’s harvest time, you’ll feel like you accomplished something amazing! Definitely worth the buy if you’ve got the time. Give it a try!

  7. RAINBOWS (verified owner)

    Durban is the best strain to share with friends. It makes for a great buy when you wanna grow your own weed but maybe are a bit inexperienced or not a great grower haha. I luckily have a nice grow room in my basement and am able to get this weed up and running downstairs. The whole house has this wonderful exotic weed smell, and when It was time to harvest my fingers smelled for days! I smoke this to help me with social anxiety and stress.

  8. Nursery Rhymes (verified owner)

    This was an experiment for me, I am not used to working in my garden, but I am very glad I decided to try this out. Got myself 5 different seeds from GCS, and germinated them in my home area. Then I put them outdoors for some fast growth, and they were flowering in about 5 months time. Perfect indica hyrbid, has a great spicy taste and smell, and it gives me an excellent hangover cure lol! Great buy!

  9. Jawbreakers (verified owner)

    Durban poison is one of those strains that keeps you coming back for more…and you’re not sure why! It’s a really exotic tasting strain…for lack of a better word…and it helps with stress and anxiety….makes me wanna drive a boat out onto a lake and smoke while the sun goes down. I have a lot of love for GCS, they have great seeds at a great price and they make for a nice addition to my always growing collections of weed seeds!

  10. Rest N Piece (verified owner)

    Get yourself some Durban poison for a relaxing night in with the buddies. I got myself 10 seeds and let me tell ya this stuff will last me lifetime. Each plant produces like 200 grams if you do it right, and it’s all super fresh and high-quality stuff, better than what you can find at the dispensary. I love GCS, they have an amazing online selection and their prices can’t be beaten. I will definitely buy this stuff again once I run outta weed!

  11. Ziggy (verified owner)

    If this weed is what it’s like to be poisoned…sign me up! The durban poison is one unique strain. It helps with stress and depression and has a very unique earthy spicy flavor. I never knew how good I was at growing marijuana. Definitely a new hobby of mine thanks to GCS. Their grow guide on this site is pretty darn useful, but it can’t protect you from squirrels and insects that wanna invade your plants! Just be aware of that when growing outdoors. Otherwise, expect great results!

  12. Adams Eve (verified owner)

    Durban poison is a new strain for me, I’d never heard of it nor have I grown it. I thought I would just take a chance and am glad that I did. Very happy with the results. I got nearly 600 grams, or like 3 shoeboxes worth of weed lol. Very smelly stuff, has a unique spicy flavor to it, and it’s definitely good for when you’re in need of a chilled out night in front of the TV. Stuff gets pretty rough out here in Oakland sometimes, so it’s nice to know I have this to look forward to at home!

  13. Barry Cope (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  14. Susana Leos-Garcia

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  15. contact sports (verified owner)

    It’s a funky strain, great for growing indoors (if you like the smell). Got myself 3 seeds online. Great website 🙂 Excellent selection too with good prices. Used the grow guide on this site, paper towel method, screen of green, you name it. Very helpful and definitely worth the effort. Love me some delicious durban at night, helps with the stress you know? Give it a try!

  16. Notorious (verified owner)

    I smoke this weed and then turn on the Velvet Underground, something about the combination pleases my brain lol. I am a long time stoner and have been growing my own weed for years. I love the taste and smell of this strain in particular, it’s so funky and earthy and relaxing, and the buds are like…dense and a little heavy! I feel so proud I was able to make such a delectable product, and all cause GCS has great seeds!

  17. Campfire Smoker (verified owner)

    Durban poision is always a treat on the weekends. It’s got that great unique flavor that never quits. It’s very fresh and dense and good for smoking out of a bong or a bowl. I liked growing it at home, but this wasn’t my first rodeo. GCS always has quality seeds and this is no exception. Big fan of the way this all turned out in the backyard, very solid yield!

  18. Jacob North (verified owner)

    Do you need an extra mood boost to get you through a difficult day? Try out this mj for some serious smile power and a dose of heady buzzy weed! I have never grown mj before, and I am quite happy with the result. I just germinated the seeds in my home and a few weeks later planted them outdoors. I got an excellent yield after 4 months, I was so excited to see the flowers forming on the plants, what a treat! I smoke in the evening to relax and feel good about life. What are you waiting for? Buy this online with GCS today!

  19. Susan Radice

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  20. Karen Lewis (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  21. Clean Mind (verified owner)

    If this stuff is poison, then I want to be poisoned! I love the way this stuff hits me, it’s super relaxed and uplifting, but too much of it and I fall right to sleep. I like to smoke this weed and then do some writing, then I really like to just chill on the couch and watch a movie. Easy enough to order online with GCS, love their amazing online selection, and fast customer service too! Great yield off these plants, I highly recommend this for people with depression.

  22. Cobalt (verified owner)

    How about passing around a bowl of the durban poison after work? Trust me, your housemates will totally love it and the bud just tastes and smells amazing! It’s definitely a relaxing high, good for when you’re stressing and need an out. This helps me unwind and actually improves my mood. I bought the seeds but my housemates did most of the growing in the backyard, one of them loves growing weed so he was happy to do it. I am pretty stoked about this stuff, and am excited to grow more!

  23. Puppy Daddy (verified owner)

    Durban poison…what is there to say about this strain that hasn’t already been said. Well, it’s a classic for a reason, and it’s pungent spicy smell does a lot to get me in the mood to smoke some weed. I really appreciate the ease of this process. Ordering online with GCS gets me my seeds super fast and I am able to plant them directly in my backyard. Germination is always spot on, and the genetics of these seeds makes them easy to care for. You won’t be disappointed.

  24. Kamaina (verified owner)

    Durban poison is a classic fo sho! It’s got that earthy sour taste and amazing indica vibes that help with stress and anxiety. It’s great for chilling out and watching the tube. Definitely worth growing your own…you get so much more done and it’s well worth the effort…it’s even fun in my opinion! Plus the size of these nugs will make your head spin, they’re also so light and fluffy, and they give such a subtle mood boost. Things are great, I love this stuff!

  25. James Templeton (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  26. Lucky (verified owner)

    This strain will wake you right up! It’s perfect for those days when getting out of bed just feels impossible. But if you keep a fresh bowl packed by your bedside, then you’ll be right as rain! It’s got a funky flavor too, amazing stuff that’s perfect for sativa lovers everywhere! I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found this site! Their online catalog is seriously amazing, perfect for all stoners anywhere in Canada!

  27. CoolCat (verified owner)

    The durban poison will kick your booty into shape! I love smoking this weed before going out on the weekends, puts me in a crazy head space, puts me in a wild mood and makes me wanna party! Something about that strong earthy taste really does it for me…or those bright green dense nugs, it’s so rewarding to have grown your own weed! Easy online ordering with Grower’s, fast delivery, and the grow guide on this site is extra helpful! Will buy again!

  28. coreyhamza (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  29. coreyhamza (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  30. terry winthrop (verified owner)

    I love durban poison, it’s been on of my favorites for years. It’s a strong earthy blend with a great indica and sativa buzz. I like how easy it is to smoke this weed. It helps me with stress and depression and gives me a nice clear head for whatever I am doing. I wouldn’t smoke it at work necessarily, but it’s good for the weekend. I highly recommend!

  31. Beth Harner (verified owner)

    This weed hits me crazy weird…it’s SUPER energizing and gives me a great head rush, my mind is bouncing from thought to thought and my creativity is on fire. I ordered online like you do and got these seeds delivered to my place here in LA, which is pretty great I gotta say. This weed grows well in my hot, dry climate, but it definitely loves WATER so keep that in mind too. You really can’t go wrong!

  32. buckman (verified owner)

    I’ve had an excellent experience growing this weed, it’s incredibly potent, so I only need one or two puffs before I am in a good spot. I love the strong earthy smell and taste, does very well in the AM when I am dragging, and the buzz lasts me a good few hours. It’s also pretty helpful for depression and anxiety, usually gives me a nice “overstimulated” feeling, kinda like I drank a cup of coffee and am feeling really hyper. Happy with my purchase!

  33. Carmine mendoza (verified owner)

    Suc an exotic tasting strain, almost like smoking incense! It’s got this delicious sour and spice taste to it, super delicious. I ordered online and the seeds came directly to my door as I ordered. Followed the g