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Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An energizing and mood-boosting strain, our Durban Poison is the ultimate sativa. Say goodbye to fatigue and minor depression – you’ll find yourself more socially at ease and some of your physical aches may even fade away. Start small with this strain – it’s a powerful one!

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Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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What Are The Benefits of Durban Poison?

The uplifting and energizing effects of this popular and powerful strain are finely represented in our Durban Poison cannabis seeds. Find relief from morning grogginess and get on with your day with this all-natural, safe treatment.

Where Does Durban Poison Come From?

Durban Poison cannabis is born of hard-hitting African sativa landrace strains, and offers a host of energizing and healing benefits to patients requiring a bit more oomph than their late night or poor sleep allowed. If you find yourself dragging before your day has even began, try a dose of Durban Poison and enjoy stimulating sensations that will keep you going during your long day with a high generally lasting two or three hours.

Durban Poison Effects

Not only does Durban Poison deliver good cheer and energy that can set aside symptoms of depression and anxiety, it also finetunes your focus and can impart a creative boost that will might just open up new avenues of possibility in your work or hobbies. Many users find Durban Poison eases social stresses, leaving them more capable of chatting and better able to express themselves. Some people may find these effects cause a bit of overstimulation and a jittery sense similar to caffeine, so it is important to start small with Durban Poison and not overdo your dose. If you experience mild paranoia from this strain, remember to take deep breaths and remain calm – the feeling will pass.

Is Durban Poison a Medical Cannabis Strain?

Medically, Durban Poison is a good potential treatment for people struggling with depression, or those bombarded by stress and fatigue for any number of reasons. Surprisingly for a strong sativa, Durban Poison does offer moderate pain relief, so muscle tension or mild chronic pain could be managed during the day by this multi-purpose strain.

Can I Grow Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds?

Growers Choice Durban Poison cannabis seeds are quite easy to germinate and cultivate, and people living in warm, humid climates may find success growing outdoors during the warmest months. Its pure sativa heritage means Durban Poison plants grow quite tall, but its flowering time is on the low end; the plants require only 8 or 9 weeks and as they continue to stretch in the flowering stage, the vegetative stage need not be overly long.

Order Durban Poison cannabis seeds from Growers Choice – we will deliver your seeds discreetly to your door, wherever you may reside. Enjoy natural energy with this potent, healing strain.

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3.75 (4 votes)

Additional information

Strain Genetics

South African Sativa


100% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Focused, Energetic, Uplifting

Best Use

Daytime; relieve stress; relieve depression; pain management; fight fatigue


Pine, sweet, earthy

Indoor Yield

350-450 g/m2

Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where To Grow

Indoor / Outdoor

Plant Height


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  1. last call says:

    This is one of those strains that just really wakes me up and makes me wanna do stuff! I am pretty stoked about the way this turned out, got a really nice yield, maybe 400 g per plant and the smell is just intoxicating, it’s like spicy earthy goodness, really stoked about it and very happy I ordered from GCS, great company with a lot of amazing seeds!

  2. fuelmonster says:

    A very earthy and exotic tasting strain and also very grounding. When I am feeling stressed I smoke this weed and it really helps bring me back to earth. Something about the sourness of the weed, it just makes me feel like I am right at home, no matter where I am! Hope this stuff grows well indoors, cause it did super well in my garden 🙂 I wll definitely be back to GCS for more of their amazing mj seeds!!!

  3. bibberty says:

    Hows about we smoke a fat bowl and go hiking? This weed always gets me in the mood to go out and about and get stuff done! I love the strong earthy spicy flavor and the intoxicating harsh smoke. My brain feels all wavy and my mind is all wonky, but I definitely have energy from this stuff and it’s a great thing to have if you’re struggling with depression. Great for growing indoors if you’ve got the space!

  4. halpert albert says:

    If you need an extra boost of THC in your life, definitely hit up the durban poison. It’s great for when you’re feeling super down and need a mood boost and also helps a lot with anger and depression, something I suffer from a lot of. It’s nice to grow in the basement, has a great yield and smells super exotic and delicious. It’s great for sharing with friends when they come over, put on some tunes and just chill. Great buy, definitely one of my favorites!

  5. Ace V says:

    If you’re dealing with some intense stress or pressure, don’t sweat it, this weed will get you ready to work and get stuff done! It’s been super helpful when I am swamped at work and need a little extra energy boost to get through the day! I feel like I really kick butt on this weed. It was pretty easy to grow, definitely will do it indoors next time for that bigger, healthier yield!

  6. anastasia n says:

    I can imagine smoke this weed out of a hookah and digging its delicious spicy earthy vibes. It’s super exotic tasting, and the buzz really blasts me off into outer space! It;s got a great sativa vibes, so I feel much better about things, helps me focus and be creative at work, even helps me socialize. Highly recommend!

  7. cannoli denoli says:

    A very energizing strain of mj, has been great for my depression an anxiety, powerful stuff, hard to find such a pure bred sativa anywhere that’s this cheap!!! Great buy from GCS, so impressed with all the seeds they have to choose from. Can’t wait to share this weed with friends, and take it with me to parties. Somehow it’s both energizing and chill. The smell is super intoxicating as well!

  8. Salty mccormick says:

    This is some powerful stuff but also super duper relaxing. I wish I could smoke this out of a hookah or something but I settle for a bong rip every now and then hahaha! Great for growing indoors. I love how easy this stuff germinated and the yield was really cool too! I am surprised things worked as well as they did, cause I am a newbie! But the smell is super intoxicating and spicy and earthy and exotic. Excellent stuff!

  9. ifwkem says:

    This has been an excellent source of joy and expression for me! There’s nothing better than cultivating your own weed in your own garden. It’s so amazing to have this stuff producing a ton of weed in my backyard and fills me with such joy to be smoking this weed all day every day! It’s so energizing and uplifting. Feels super strong and lovely, gives me great vibes and makes my day even better!

  10. Jorge Dunn says:

    Nothing poison about this weed. It’s all good vibes and good times! I am super stoked about this stuff and definitely want to keep growing it in my backyard! I love the delicious spicy and earthy flavor of this weed. It’s a great smoke in the evening and does wonders for my stress and anxiety and even helps my back pain a little bit. It’s nice to know I have this around the house and definitely want to buy more!

  11. Joe says:

    Hard to pinpoint the perfect sativa strain, but the durban poison certainly comes close. I really enjoyed growing this weed. It’s been an exceptionally easy grow, with a lot of fun little challenges along the way. It does very well indoors if you’ve got the space. Tastes very spicy and earthy as well. It’s been great for my depression and helpful for my energy issues as well. Definitely a worthy buy!

  12. J cassidy says:

    This is some delicious stuff. I really dig the delicious earthy spicy vibes from this stuff. It’s super easy to grow, especially if you’ve got a nifty new indoor space just like mine! I didn’t have any problems ordering online with GCS, they have such an amazing and extensive collection! I really like the smell and taste of this weed, very pungent, and the buzz is hella relaxing and chilled out!

  13. schute says:

    I usually go for hybrid strains but this one seemed far too intriguing to pass up! I love the ease with which it grows and it really gave me no problems at all. Has a great sour spicy taste to it, and gives me a wonderful mind buzz that keeps me going for hours on end. It has helped me a lot with my ADHD symptoms and keeps me in a good mood for most of the day. Thanks GCS!

  14. Maggs Lowe says:

    Time to wake up? Smoke some this stuff! It’s remarkably powerful and it always give me the mood and energy boost that I need. It’s so nice to grow indoors in my new basement space, and it has a lot to offer in terms of energy, mood and even focus! Definitely a worthy buy. Thanks GCS!

  15. Michael Kosina says:

    A very earthy, spicy smell and taste, exotic in a way. Hella energizing, this weed gets me up and going, perfect in the AM before work to get me feeling high and also feeling focused and alert. I love the sativa properties of this weed and it was actually very eays to grow. Produced a smallish yield but the quality of the weed made it very worth it. It has definitely improved my mood and energy levels!

  16. FlubberNugget says:

    This weed is very unique! It has a strong earthy flavor, and a pungent smoke, but wow it’s been so great for my mood and energy levels. My depression just melts away and I feel so much more alive! Helps me with social anxiety as well! What a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to get better at socializing. It’s not even difficult to grow, so what’s holding you back! You should definitely try this weed. Thanks GCS!!!

  17. Josh Cramer says:

    This is some spicy weed! Yum yummmm! It’s a very interesting buzz, makes me feel kind of floaty and light-headed but it’s always a great choice for when I am feeling down or blue. Helps tremendously with depression and anxiety and even encourages creative thought. Love the smell of this stuff too, very potent and exotic and an excellent backyard grow!

  18. John Bradley says:

    This is a great strain for midday fatigue. It’s been super easy to grow in my backyard, no previous experience required! I love the taste and smell of this mj, so remarkably relaxing with a slight spicy flavor to it, and it’s been great for my depression symptoms. I am high as a kite as I write this, so trying to keep it together lol!!! Definitely a worthy buy.

  19. O'Neill says:

    I love the durban poison for its amazing Sativa properties. I have a lot of energy issues, so smoking this throughout the day has been great for my mood, my energy, and my focus. I get a lot of work done I wouldn’t have gotten done otherwise, and I feel remarkably less depressed. Was an easy grow and offered up a lot of weed in just 4 months. Very happy with my purchase!

  20. Carolynn Harris says:

    This is a classic strain of mj, have been smoking it for a while now and am very happy I found these seeds online. GCS has a killer selection and was happy I landed on this classic weed. Got my seeds in the ground in no time and they germinated beautifully, got a ton of weed from this stuff and now am feeling the buzz. Super down to earth stuff, great for pain and anxiety!

  21. Zed McCoy says:

    One of the best sativas on the market, and actually great for outdoor growing. Fits perfectly in most gardens and offers up some delicious nug for you to enjoy. It’s got a sour earthy taste and gets you very high, great for a mood or energy boost that helps with anxiety and depression symptoms. Also great before parties to get you in the right head space. Great stuff!

  22. Kimberly Jones says:

    Not sure why they call this marijuana strain “poison” becuz to me it is exactly the opposite. Durban Poison gets me into a clear-headed and stress-free frame of mind, which is good because I’m an EMT and have plenty to stress about due to my job. Durban poison makes me feel good, it makes me feel great, and I appreciate that the growing time isn’t too long either. My girlfriend said that the plant was pretty enough to put on Instagram, but I’m not quite ready to advertise my marijjana use to the world at large ha ha.

  23. Amy P. says:

    This strain is a good choice for the beginning of a long day with your family. Kidding! But really, it’s good at giving you energy and making you more social. Definitely helps. The seeds germinated great for me, very happy with this MJ purchase.

  24. Lynette Stephens says:

    It’s so nice to find such a strong sativa on this site. I don’t really care for indicas as they make me sleepy! I need the energy throughout the day because my work life is like wicked boring and pretty difficult too. I smoke this during my lunch breaks and feel much better going back to the office after lunch. I am creative, productive and focused on durban poison, but it is very pungent so be careful about your boss!

  25. Domingo P says:

    This weed will wake you up and keep you moving throughout your long and busy day. I use it every morning before work, helps me feel awake and focused and helps me relax too, stay focused you know? I grew in my basement and it was very straightforward. A very pungent smell, but classic nonetheless. GCS has an amazing online collection, definitely a worthy buy!

  26. Westley says:

    It’s hard to find a 100% sativa these days, most strains are a blend of some sort, but if you’re like me and LOVE sativas, then Durban Poison is the way to go. Ordered online from GCS and got my seeds delivered in just over a week, super fast! Germinated all 3 using the paper towel method, and they all grew into beautiful plants. Smoking it gives you this energizing effect, great for my mood and stress, and gets me excited to go outside or go hiking. It’s a winner for sure, give it a try for yourself!

  27. Grant Hansen says:

    If your a sativa lover like myself, this is a great strain to grow! Ordered my seeds from GCS (first time) and they shipped our really fast! I got all 3 of my seeds to germ using the paper towel method on this site, and they produced beautiful plants with green sticky bud! I love smoking this stuff in the morning to get me up and moving, has also been great for my mood!

  28. Henry McKee says:

    Definitely a hit it and quit it type strain. Very powerful sativa, will definitely give you a burst of energy and help you keep moving. Not great for anxiety however, makes me anxious sometimes if I smoke too much. The grow was pretty easy, and fairly quick too. I would recommend this to anyone who needs help with their mood and with energy. It’s been useful in deal with my depression. A solid choice!

  29. Jason B says:

    WOW, what a powerful strain. I love that it’s a 100% sativa strain, which is hard to come by, and I was really impressed with GCS online selection! Got 4 of 5 seeds to pop using the paper towel method, and they grew into gorgeous plants, Bright bright green, and also very pungent, so keep in mind if you have nosy neighbors. Great yield as well, at least in my climate. I smoke this in the morning usually to help me with my energy levels, also helps with depression symptoms as well!

  30. Steve R. says:

    First time buyer with GCS, excellent selection online and seeds shipped fast! I was really impressed by the germ rate, all 5 seeds popped up with the paper towel method, plants grew quite tall and this weed is rather pungent, I enjoyed the smell however and really liked the dense green nugs. It’s a very energizing strain, I usually smoke on my lunch break BUT it can be quite pungent so just be careful, next time I’ll grow indoors to increase yield. Will be back for more!

  31. Justin.mcneil35 says:

    Fast shipping, and seeds popped with no problem. Haven’t harvested yet, but the smell is amazing!

  32. jimtheowner says:

    I feel happy, upbeat and ready to do something. Thanks Growers Choice

  33. Bmmatthew00 says:

    Great shipping service. Can’t wait to germinate

  34. pauline T says:

    I wasn’t sure I’d like these, but I bought a bunch of different feminized cannabis seeds from this company. If you’re looking where to buy the best weed seeds, this is definitely the site to do it. Durban Poison is like taking a shot of espresso, I find. It clears mind fog, wakes you up, and really doesn’t give you that traditional high that you would expect from a strong strain. I feel like I have a lot of energy and it kind of gives you the happy high. This is one that I smoke for an anytime high. You can do literally anything and you’ll feel great doing it.

  35. Franklin R. says:

    If you feel a lot of stress or anxiety, then this might be the strain for you. You can also tell that these seeds have great genetics. Aside from the fact that the feminized cannabis seeds make it easy to grow, the buds are great! I’ve ordered from Growers Choice a few times now and they’re always nothing but professional! Prices are always great—keep your eyes on sales—and my order always arrives right on time. I recommend Growers Choice to everyone who will listen!

  36. henry.gibbons23 says:

    I’d tried this strain once or twice before and decided to try growing some myself. I don’t know if it’s part of the pride of growing your own plant, or if Growers Choice seeds are just that much better, but my buds are the best I’ve ever had. The plants are also quite aesthetically pleasing with their height, but might not be the best for people with limited space. For me though, they’re perfect and i’ll definitely be buying feminized cannabis seeds more when I need them.

  37. Mitchell Ralph says:

    Hands down one of my favorite strains. Easy to grow, pretty good yield and also decently short flowering time. I had to prune these quite a bit, but it just made them grow even taller. Would grow outside if I had better whether so inside it was. I also used silica as I grew it helps the plant grow taller. Best online order I’ve ever made.

  38. Rashad G. says:

    To be honest, I was not expecting how strong these were going to be, even though it’s a pure sativa. I just finished curing my first batch and I had a hit, but it was afternoon and I couldn’t get to sleep until well after midnight. Good thing it’s energizing because I had another hit when I woke up next morning and I was able to at least kind of function on little sleep. I’m blessed that I can grow these outside during the summer, because these plants smell really strong and I didn’t want that in the house. These guys ship pretty quick too. I got them awhile ago but I was waiting until I tried it to leave a review so it would really mean something.

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