Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Our Diesel feminized cannabis seeds traces their lineage to Sour Diesel and Afghani indica, which come together perfectly to create a high-sativa strain tempered with the whole-body relaxation of indica. The strain boasts a powerful dose of euphoric energy that can help you to relieve the stress and anxiety of the day, and tackle symptoms of depression, which eventually gives way to a secondary relaxing effect that can ease away aches and pains.

Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Diesel is a popular strain throughout the US, and has many incarnations, from sativa Sour Diesel to hybrid NYC Diesel. Our Diesel feminized cannabis seeds trace their lineage to Sour Diesel and Afghani indica, which come together perfectly to create a high-sativa strain tempered with the whole-body relaxation of indica. Diesel gets its name from the slightly fuel-like taste, which is offset by a sweet, citrus flavour.

Original Diesel Strain

Diesel offers users a potent high best experienced in the morning or early afternoon – despite the follow-up relaxation, if you try this hearty strain before bed, you’re likely to have some difficulties falling asleep.

Diesel Medical Use

Diesel boasts a powerful dose of euphoric energy that can help you to relieve the stress and anxiety of the day, and tackle symptoms of depression, which eventually gives way to a secondary relaxing effect that can ease away aches and pains, both chronic (constant or repeating) and acute (short-lived). Like many types of cannabis, Diesel also has the potential to stimulate your appetite which, in addition to just being a lot of fun, can be useful to people suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia, and ensure that those undergoing chemotherapy eat enough to keep up their strength.

Growing Diesel Cannabis

Like so many good things, Diesel comes to those with the patience to wait. Our Diesel cannabis seeds are eager to germinate and grow, but tend to take their time through the flowering stage, which lasts between 65 and 70 days. Luckily, though, Diesel tends to grow better indoors, which means you won’t have to worry about your sunny season running out before the life cycle is through. (That said, Diesel cannabis seeds can prevail and flourish outdoors in the proper conditions.) Once it is finally ready for harvest, Diesel rewards its patient gardener with a good yield of 17% THC flower, and a slightly higher percentage of CBD than many of our classic strains.

Our article, Diesel Feminized Cannabis Strain answers even more questions about this great variety.

Try Diesel feminized cannabis seeds to energize and ease pain.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Sour Diesel x Afghani


30% Indica, 70% Sativa

Flowering Time

65-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



energizing, Euphoric, Uplifted

Best Use

Anxiety, Daytime, Periods of intense focus, reduce stress


Diesel, Pungent, Sweet

Indoor Yield

450-550g per m2

Outdoor Yield

500-600g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

116 reviews for Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Arun Ramos (verified owner)

    The diesel strain is gonna wake you up AND chill you out. It tastes and smells absolutely fantastic, you know…you’ve probably smelled it walking down the street in San Francisco LOL. I like everything this strain has to offer, including the sticky nugs and the FAST growing time. Well worth it!!

  2. Jodie Goodwin (verified owner)

    Diesel will break into your brain and make your hair stand on end. Feels pretty great to have this weed in your life cause things are just great!!! I am so happy I am finally growing my own marijuana. I feel like a total boss! Even my girlfriend likes me better. Feeling like things are just gonna be great for the next year…till my weed runs out!!

  3. Chanel Tomlinson (verified owner)

    I was stooooked to grow this marijuana….I have been wanting to grow my own weed for YEARS now, and finally GCS has made that a possibility for me. I bought myself a nice little packet of 5 seeds and I germinate these beauties one at a time! Feeling really great about it, can’t deny! What an awesome time!!!

  4. Indi Benjamin (verified owner)

    It doesn’t get much better than this. Diesel is everyone’s favorite, and now you can grow it at home. It’s got that same pungent gasoline smell you remember, and the high is nice and clean, like a well-oiled engine. I didn’t know how it would work out for me, but It turns out I have quite the talent for growing high-quality mj. GCS is the best site I have used so far!

  5. Bernard Thomson (verified owner)

    I am more of an AM smoker, and I find this weed to be really nice and relaxing. I smoke it every evening at 5pm right in time for me to get off work and start heading home. I love smoking weed with my wife, we have such a nice time together, making dinner and watching movies, plus we love growing weed together in the garden here in San Francisco, good times!

  6. Fleur Escobar (verified owner)

    These fumes will get you high, guaranteed. Ordered 3 seeds, got 500 grams of pot. It’s just that simple. Just take care of your plants, you will not be disappointed, they will look great no matter where you plant them, and smell just fantastic. Such a fantastic time, I really feel like a true pro right now!

  7. Hoorain Oconnor (verified owner)

    Diesel is one heck of a good time. I smoke this and then have a little breakfast and then go for a little jog and my mind is the clouds every time. I ordered my seeds online, they shipped very quickly, and then I got to germinating them, using the paper towel method, looks amazing, smells great too. I get some very exciting vibes from this weed and will def keep smoking.

  8. Shyla Keeling (verified owner)

    This diesel fumes is too good for television, smells rad, keeps me feeling super buzzy for HOURS. It’s literally so much fun! Ordered my weed online, and when it arrived about 7 days later, I started growing it right away, and I got a very substantial yield, mostly cause I treated these plants like my babies, and I am very proud of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Mahir Yoder (verified owner)

    I started 5 of these seeds any only 3 of them grew ๐Ÿ™ But that’s ok…this weed is great either way and I still got a lot!! Very chill and uplifting, makes for a great buy, a solid smoke with your buddies and a delicious time all around!

  10. Florence Colley (verified owner)

    Yummm, this weed really gets my engines revving, makes my mind feel like it’s firing on all cylinders and gets me in the mood to drag race some peeps from down the alleyway, and get into it real dirty like we always talk, but things never feel the same after you grow them your own, pretty exciting stuff, pretty remarkable buy, definitely gonna smoke this stuff again and again.

  11. Horace Broadhurst (verified owner)

    I am gonna keep this one short….It’s an awesome buy, the weed is fresh when ya harvest and it takes a long time. Ordering online is pretty great, the smell and taste are awesome, pretty excited about all of that stuff out there. Love growing weed and full love to the grower’s community, we all have to support business like GCS in these troubled times!

  12. Phillipa Stone (verified owner)

    Mmmmm what a delicious strain, helps me stay sane during these insane times!!! I gotta plant this weed in my backyard and then I watched it grow from my porch and wished it well every day “Hello little weed plant!” Then I got to pruning it and watering it to make it beautiful…I am so happy with this plant, and I will harvest all the weed I can once it settles in….great stuff!!

  13. Shakir Jensen (verified owner)

    I think this might be the stickiest dankest weed I have ever smoked…it rolls up great into a joint, but it’s so sticky that it’ll sometimes clog your bowl or bong, but that’s okay, I really loooove the taste and smell, those sweet diesel fumes are just magic to the brain, they make a whole lot of sense to those of us who worship mj, great buy!

  14. Arnold Hibbert (verified owner)

    Diesel fumes consume me, I am processed and then spit back out again into the atmosphere, above a gas station in central nevada. I like the way this weed makes me feel, like a true poet…I order it online, have it shipped it to my place here in OR and really enjoy the growing process. Very relaxing and very happy, I will definitely buy more of it again and will definitely keep on smoking that dope!

  15. Saeed Baxter (verified owner)

    Diesel is a wonderful time, it’s a really chilled out strain that helps with stress. I smoke this and then take long walks along the sound, and I really love the water around here, it never gets old and never feels like it’s boring. When I smoke this weed, I feel like everyone is my friend, and I love talking to people, it’s a very social strain, which is pretty fun for an introvert like me ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Jackson Tait (verified owner)

    You wanna smoke diesel cause it’s bound to give you a head rush….makes me feel all loosey goosey, I go for long walks along the sound and chill with my homies all afternoon long. I love smoking this in the afternoon cause it gives me all the energy I need to keep going. Well worth the effort, you will not be disappointed, very pleased with the result!!!

  17. Haris Fields (verified owner)

    Wanted to try something new for my bday so my brother bought me this strain and we like to grow it together, and of course, smoke it together too! Great buy, especially for the price, and helps with stress and depression and everything brought on by quarantine depression. Well worth the effort and definitely a good thing for the future cause we all need to save $$ on this weed!

  18. Ellie-Louise Kirby (verified owner)

    I worship the diesel strain, it’s been like a good friend to me over the years. I wanna keep growing this stuff too, cause it’s pretty easy and it saves me some $$ in the long run. I got a nice yield from these plants and will absolutely keep growing more. I like ordering online too cause it’s super fast and convenient, and I have never had a bad experience with this company, GCS always comes through!

  19. Caden Walls (verified owner)

    If this weed isn’t enough to get you high then the fumes will be. I love this weed for everything it does for me, gets me super stoned and also gives me this nice tingly sensation beneath the skin which is pretty cool too, it’s kinda trippy honestly and really gets me going in the best ways possible, will definitely buy more from GCS, their online selection is choice, very relaxing stuff!

  20. d92jd (verified owner)

    If you ever want to throw a party, and you gotta have some weed for that party, this is the absolute best stuff to have! It’s beautiful and very intense, it makes my head feel like it’s swimming up in the clouds and makes me feel like a real rockstar. My friends and I love smoking this and playing video games, ordering pizza, you know, the good stuff! Can’t wait to buy more!!!

  21. greenearth22 (verified owner)

    The diesel weed is always a good time, and it never fails to get me super stoned! It’s really fun to grow at home, even if you’re just trying it out for fun. You don’t have to be a professional, this stuff is great no matter who you are and whatever skill level you posess. I am very pleased overall and really like the smell of this dank!

  22. Nil Sandoval (verified owner)

    Oooo the fumes are just wild baby, they fill my head with wild thoughts and make me super creative when I wanna just sit down and write. I feel relieved on a lot of levels here, finally in control of my weed destiny, and feeling like a green thumb in the backyard now, pruning an watering and whatnot. Can’t complain baby!

  23. Crocodino (verified owner)

    These fumes are hard to ignore! You’ll probably smell them down the block on your walk home. Luckily I love deep in the Oregon countryside, so nobody bothers me out here, and my weed grows beautifully. I’ve been pretty stoked about my experiment thus far. It’s so nice to have this land at my disposal, so much growing power, so much weed too!

  24. max Kramer (verified owner)

    The diesel weed is probably the best stuff there is. I REALLY like smoking this stuff in the afternoon, like it helps me stay chill and focused even when I am just OVER being at work. Either way, it’s been a great time for me, I love growing marijuana, so that’s pretty chill. I definitely wanna keep smoking this dope cause it’s been good for my brain, man I feel like night and day on this stuff, can’t wait to buy more!

  25. Joan candid (verified owner)

    Diesel is an amazing strain and it helps with stress and depression specifically. It was an easy buy (Online) and a great indoor grow as well. The flowers showed up about 5 months in, and they were fresh as can be, and also super fluffy ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to buy more weed, it’s gotta be my favorite thing in the whole wide world!

  26. Daniel OUters (verified owner)

    The diesel fumes fill up my living room, and the smoke is thick as it curls around my lips and nostrils…the music and lighting are low, there’s a cat in the corner, meowing and scratching at its post absentmindedly. I feel warm and calm in my basement. No windows in here, I feel like I am in a time capsule…Very stoned, very relaxed too…man I am glad I bought this weed Hahaha

  27. elijah mann (verified owner)

    Diesel is now my favorite strain, it is easy to grow, nice to cultivate, and helps me manage all kinds of pain and stress. Love how nicely this stuff shapes up, it’s an easy grow, but you gotta care for it!! Show it love like it’s a little baby chicken or something haha. It smells suuuuper strong, and it helps me stay active in the garden. Really enjoy smoking this marijuana and highly recommend you do the same!!!

  28. hassan mohammed (verified owner)

    Nothing hits the spot quite like this relaxing indica strain, I looooove smoking this after work, right when I am about to meet up with my buddies for game night. Every day is just wonderful, and my spirits are so high. I can’t believe just how much I enjoy growing this fresh earthy weed, and how nice it turns out too!

  29. jimboaswm (verified owner)

    I smoke diesel in the afternoons to get my engines revving…it’s a good strain for road trips ironically enough, and it’s a good buy if you’re new to weed. Cause every seasoned stoner vet knows the joys of smoking the Diesel weed in the summertime. I am a trucker, so I smoke this on the road and it just keeps things interesting!

  30. capabara3499 (verified owner)

    The diesel is a powerful vibe…helps me manage my stress, my anxiety, and it makes me very happy. I like how strong it smells, like the nice smell of gasoline mixed with the skunky vibes of marijuana. I got a BIG yield, really nice yield, and am smoking it every day. Well worth the effort y’all!

  31. cecececely (verified owner)

    Diesel will really get your engines running!! I have been a fan of this strain for a long time, usually buying from the dispensary, but my therapist said I should start trying to take care of things for myself, so I thought it might be fun to just start growing my own weed, and I was right!!! This stuff came out extra special, very tight and sticky green flowers, smells as fresh as can be!

  32. Hippy (verified owner)

    Diesel is one powerful strain that is sure to fire up your engine. I know it’s cheesy but this weed gives you a ton of energy! I feel super alert and awake on this stuff, makes me really stoned and helps me with stress and depression. I ordered it online and it shipped out incredibly fast!!! Got a BIG yield nearing like 500 grams, amazing pot to have around the house, it’s tremendously relaxing!!!

  33. What I am… (verified owner)

    You can smell this stuff from a mile away! It’s got the greatest vibe of any of the weeds that I know, and it helps with stress, depression and anxiety like nothing else. I smoked this and like to bake cookies or make a cake. Turns out I am a pretty good baker, and life itself is now better because I purchased these seeds online. I am the new master weed grower in my friend group!

  34. @toxicbuddz (verified owner)

    I was so surprised when I finally got around to growing this just how easy it was lol. I was SOOOO intimidated at first, but I followed the grow guide on this website and found it really helpful for my success. I smoke it every day, usually in the afternoon. I feel much more relaxed and happy, and my sleep is better too, plus it smells like diesel!!

  35. germ fool (verified owner)

    I got this strain cause I used to smoke it in college and it helped me have confidence at parties lol. I don’t go to many parties these days, but I definitely enjoy smoking this weed. Helps me manage my stress, anxiety, depression, you name it. It’s got that classic diesel smell, and it fills the whole house with some wonderful aromas. Has a great vibe!!!

  36. Patrick Colorado (verified owner)

    If the fumes don’t get you stoned, then this weed certainly will. I loooove the taste and smell of this marijuana. It helps me manage my stress on the day today. I am in my car for 5 hours of the day doing deliveries and it gets old, for sure. I am fortunate to have my own backyard at home and am enjoying the smell from the yard. Makes me feel great and gives me something to do in the car lol!

  37. Frenchie (verified owner)

    Get your engines running for diesel weed. I swear this stuff smells like exhaust from my old truck! It really brings me back to the old days when I used to go Mudding with Freddy behind the Dollar General. I am pretty stoked on this mj, real easy ordering online and having it delivered to the house. Got it growing in the basement, pretty solid stuff, and definitely has a good vibe to it. You’ll dig it too.

  38. Swiss Kick (verified owner)

    Diesel is just one of those strains that makes any day brighter. It’s really easy to grow and makes a HUGE yield too. I have been growing weed in my greenhouse for years, and this stuff from GCS might just be the best stuff I have ever encountered. I got a massive and beautiful yield, all of the flower was nice and tight and very bright green. The greenhouse smells like marijuana for sure lol!

  39. David Smudge (verified owner)

    Diesel is a real rocking strain! It’s great for growing if it’s your first time. I ordered these online and got them delivered to my door. Beautiful seeds, very round and easy to plant…makes a real nice growth in the backyard where all the sun hits the soil…I mean I really babied these plants…I wanted them to be perfect and perfect they were! I was very proud of how this all worked out. Definitely worth the effort!

  40. Frank Rosebud (verified owner)

    If you haven’t smoked this weed, then you have definitely smelled this weed walking down the street. Great buy for the price….you get a WAY bigger yield than if you just bought it from the store. I am pretty stoked for when this weed is available to harvest…right now it’s just starting to form flowers and they are beautiful! Got a nice buzz just from smelling this stuff it’s so powerful. Great buy from GCS!

  41. Aim High (verified owner)

    Diesel is a nice blend of sour and sweet…it gives you a rocking head buzz…makes you feel super woozy and a little wonky too…I ordered my seeds online and had them delivered. It’s a super easy process and the bud came out really nicely…only took about 4 months of time…beautiful lovely weed. How can I be disappointed?

  42. Waynesworld (verified owner)

    This is a really strong strain with a very memorable smell and taste. Got myself 5 seeds and am germinating them one at a time. Can’t wait to harvest these beautiful fl