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Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Also known as Cindy or C99, Cinderella 99 is a popular sativa-dominant strain fathered by the famous Jack Herer cannabis plant. High in THC (our version is around 22%), Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds grow into potent plants. At 70% sativa, this sweet, citrus-scented strain will give you a serious burst of energy and creativity; avoid using Cinderella 99 too close to bedtime; you’ll likely find it difficult to fall asleep, though once the high has dissipated a little, it has been known to fade into sedation.

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Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Also known as Cindy or C99, Cinderella 99 is a popular sativa-dominant strain fathered by the famous Jack Herer cannabis plant. High in THC (our version is around 22%), Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds grow into potent plants.

What Effect Does Cinderella 99 Have?

Many users of this strong strain caution that it should be used sparingly (think one hit and quit), because a little goes a long way. Since it can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to feel the effects of the high – when smoking or vaporizing – it is important to use Cinderella 99 mindfully, and take it easy. At 70% sativa, this sweet, citrus-scented strain will give you a serious burst of energy and creativity; avoid using Cinderella 99 too close to bedtime; you’ll likely find it difficult to fall asleep, though once the high has dissipated a little, it has been known to fade into sedation.

Medical Cinderella 99 Cannabis Seeds

While Cinderella 99 is an excellent recreational strain, making for a fun, energetic high, it also has numerous medical benefits for those seeking a bit of healing on the side. Medically, Cinderella 99 can help alleviate any stress, anxiety, or depression you’re experiencing, easing you into a more uplifted mood. Patients have also found Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds to help them relieve mild pain and migraines, and the strain can battle nausea and increase appetite, making it a suitable choice for people undergoing chemotherapy cancer treatments, or struggling with an eating disorder like anorexia.

Cinderella 99 Grow Tips

Specifically bred for growing in indoor gardens, Cinderella 99 will thrive in a hydroponic environment and has a short flowering period of between 7 and 8 weeks. Quite short for a sativa strain (Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds rarely stretch beyond 3.5 feet), Cinderella 99 provides a generous yield of up to 1000 grams per square meter of plants. If you live in a very temperate climate and try growing your cannabis seeds outdoors, you may even see as much as 900 grams from a single plant.

To learn more about this popular sativa strain, read our Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis article.

Try Cinderella 99 feminized cannabis seeds for energy and creativity.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Jack Herer x Shiva Skunk


30% Indica, 70% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted

Best Use

creative pursuits, Daytime, heightened energy


Earthy, Fruity, Sweet

Indoor Yield

700-800g per m2

Outdoor Yield

800-900g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

108 reviews for Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. KIa (verified owner)

    C99 is well worth the time and effort to work in the garden and get your hands dirty. I actually think it’s really fun, but I definitely could see myself getting a little tired just pruning branches and putting down side dressing. Either way, the weed is really top quality, very fresh, and a true indica sativa blend that makes the pain go away for a while.

  2. Janky Tent (verified owner)

    Cinderella was my favorite fairy tale growing up, and then when I turned into an adult I magically became a stoner lol! I thought this would be the perfect strain to grow for myself and thankfully I was right. I got 3 seeds delivered to my home from GCS, they were packaged nicely and they went straight into the ground once I got them. Beautiful smell and taste and the best vibes you could ask for! Definitely worth the buy!

  3. Oahu Brah (verified owner)

    I was always a fan of the c99 strain….it was always my go-to when I went to the dispensary down the road. I figured it was time to take the next step and grow my own weed. I am really happy I took this leap. It was really rewarding and made for a great outdoor project. I love getting my hands dirty, so this was the perfect excuse to do that! My bf helped a lot with the growing process, and the results were amazing! The freshest weed I’ve ever grown and definitely the most relaxing too!

  4. Rick Hotchkiss (verified owner)

    C99 is a really nice strain that helps with anxiety, depression and all kind of social ailments….like I NEVER want to party, but when I smoke this weed, suddenly you can’t get me off the dance floor. It’s amazing! I ordered myself 3 seeds online, super fast and easy….got them delivered really fast, like in no time at all and WOW I am so impressed with the results. good buy for sure!!!

  5. Sandy (verified owner)

    Now don’t let this train intimidate you.
    Easy groin strain definition of quick I was done around the six week of flower with 95% milky white trikes.

    Good citrus fruity sweet flavor, with an uplifting head high that last for hours.
    It won’t stop you from functioning,but you may find yourself randomly focused on random things. Lol

    Definitely got to pick up more of these seeds! Type of seeds you Save!

  6. Aaron Aimees (verified owner)

    C99 is a true quest for knowledge and understanding…it’s a basic grow….easy for even beginners, but if you are a master gardener, then you will undoubtedly get better results, especially if you grow indoors. I got 3 seeds delivered from GCS, they came in a nice glass package that I keep around the house….planted them right in my backyard..pretty exciting stuff to have growing in your yard! Very energizing buzz too, nice for gatherings or parties!

  7. Mike Myers (verified owner)

    Cinderella was my favorite Disney movie growing up, so it makes sense I would want to grow this strain. Got an excellent yield from my 3 plants, very beautiful buds and a truly excellent quality, helps with stress, depression, anxiety and overall sadness. I love growing my own weed, it’s so fulfilling, and the seeds from GCS make it easy! Very happy with the results!

  8. Bryan Mello (verified owner)

    C99 is one heck of a strain that helps me stay focused during my workday or even during class. I love the taste and smell of this dope…it’s super sour and FRESH! Got myself 3 seeds which turned into 900 grams of pot in 5 months…can you believe it! Can’t say I am disappointd….I’ll definitely buy more 🙂

  9. @neednewfriends (verified owner)

    I never thought I’d be growing my own weed…it’s a new experience for me…but I think I am pretty good at it…I get a better yield every time…especially now that I can grow indoors…made me smile when my first batch of flowers formed on my plants…they are beautiful and very deep green…smoking it is a nice and relaxing experience…pretty energizing in the mind…great buy…will be back for more!

  10. Nice Work (verified owner)

    Cindy 99 is like your date to the prom…it’s like smoking up and feeling like you’re the king….it’s like a kiss under the stars while you’re camping….it’s a treat and a dream and absolutely everyone should try it…it’s pretty easy to grow…never been easier with these dank genetics…I will always order from this site from now on!

  11. Imperial (verified owner)

    You never know what you’re going to get with this stuff. It’s a pretty wacky high, and it’s always changing, but never negative, always in a good way. Good smoking when you’re in need of some energy, and maybe wanna just dance with your eyes closed. Good for going to the club, or even just getting a lot of homework done, which is pretty rad too. It really checks off all the boxes, smells like trees too. Can’t deny you will supply!

  12. nextime (verified owner)

    I am definitely too tired to go out and party most nights…but when I smoke this weed I feel like a completely different person! It’s very energized and pretty darn exciting. It’s super green, like neon green, and the buds are hella sticky! I pack a nice bowl and take a few rips and I am stoned as all heck! Time to Party!!! My girlfriend did most of the growing, but we like to share 🙂

  13. @crackersandcheeseplease (verified owner)

    Ready to get all stoney and weird and play some music? That’s what I’m about to do. I live in Portland and I am a big fan of this weed. Used to buy it from the Happy Leaf down on Burnside but that place closed down recently so I am on my own…well not really, but I wanted to grow my own weed anyway. So I got a nice backyard garden together and got some great growing capacity and then planted my 3 little seeds which soon became huge beautiful plants. Got a great yield and a wonderful buzz off these guys. Can’t wait to buy more!

  14. Climbing Ivy (verified owner)

    If you’re someone that likes to get high and party, then C99 might be just the strain for you. I will tell you firsthand it gives you a great energizing buzz, makes me feel focused, productive and creative and also keeps me on my toes, you know? I don’t like weed that makes me feel groggy and tired, and this weed does the opposite of that. I got nearly 500 grams off my 3 plants, all of the nug is very fresh and high quality, very sticky too! Can’t wait till we can party again lol!

  15. PAUL CYBULSKI (verified owner)

    Seeds look awesome, they arrived safe, discrete, and fast! I cannot wait to get these in the soil soon! A+++ so far!

  16. Top Picks (verified owner)

    A marijuana strain worthy of a princess. This plant, let me tell you, is pure magic. I have never gotten so much flower off my plants before. I think it’s the feminized genetics making it very easy to grow and get a HUGE Yield. Nearly 500 grams from 3 plants, a great little gift from the earth. Tastes super sour, and really refreshing too. Great for smoking in the afternoon for a little energy boost. Makes me feel tingly all over!

  17. @naughtybutNICE (verified owner)

    Cinderella finally found her prince charming. I LOOOOVE this weed. I am a total fanboy, bought myself 5 seeds, germinated 3 and saved the rest for later. Perfect germination off these seeds, pretty excellent yield too. I enjoyed pruning weed and making them into perfect little stoner christmas trees, and when it was time to harvest I was soooo excited! Got nearly 500 grams from my plants, and the buzz is super uplifting and awesome. I really like this stuff!

  18. Karen Brotzel (verified owner)

    Fast, easy and yummy!


    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  20. Nolookingback (verified owner)

    Smoking this weed definitely makes me feel like a princess, just like cinderella, but hey, it’s not all about royalty, it’s more about getting super stoned! Great buy from GCS, they always have the highest quality seeds at a price that just can’t be beat. Perfect for outdoor or indoor growing, and only 4-5 months from seed to harvest. You won’t regret getting your hands on this stuff, well worth the buy!

  21. Continental (verified owner)

    C99 is what me and my friends like to call it, and we all went in on some seeds and a small greenhouse together. Excellent buy overall, and extremely easy to grow! Beautiful buds the size of my fist, and the smell…just wow! So fresh and delicious, and great for my neck and back pain. Also, a real dream for stress and depression. What are you waiting for? This weed is great!

  22. Frosty da Snowman (verified owner)

    It’s never too late to start smoking marijuana. I have been consistently impressed by GCS. Their online selection and pricing can’t be beat and they always sell me top-notch seeds that germinate evenly and produce great flower! This weed in particular is one of my faves. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling stressed and need a little pick me up. I’ll be growing more in the future!

  23. GalGrower (verified owner)

    C99 has been in my life since college, I’ve always enjoyed its strong sour smell and its nice buzzy feelings. I smoke it to help with depression and anxiety, and I enjoy its nice head buzz as well which helps me stay positive and creative. Definitely a worthy buy if you’re feeling down and blue and need a nice gardening project. You can grow it in the backyard if you like. It’s a great yield with a lovely buzz. You’ll very much enjoy!