Cheese Autoflowering Seeds

Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid that has a generous amount of pungent fermented cheesy aroma but with easy-to-care-for auto-flowering genetics. Making it an excellent choice for novice growers. The heavy indica influence makes it a very hardy plant, and the rich resin covers the landrace strain, like grated aged parmesan, packs a very respectable 16% THC.

  • 80% Indica 10% Sativa 10% Ruderalis
  • THC level up to 16%
  • Offers deliciously pungent cheesy flavors!
  • Boosts happiness and relaxation
  • Thrives in sunny, Mediterranean-like climates
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wrapped giftEarn 320-2530 Reward Points!

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Hailing from the United Kingdom, the Cheese strain is a rare breed among cannabis strains. Originally, Cheese seeds weren’t a thing, as you needed a clone to get your hand on this pungent strain that yields beautiful plants. However, it is now possible to grow plants from the ground up, conveniently, thanks to Cheese auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Plus, thanks to the genetic makeup of auto-flowering seeds, cannabis growers benefit in multiple ways. Here’s why Cheese auto-flowering cannabis seeds may prove to be an excellent choice for you.

The Flavor Profile of the Cheese cannabis strain

If the Cheese marijuana strain is known for anything, it’s the pungent aroma and immense flavor. What’s notable about Cheese is that it is effectively just a honing of the strain Skunk #1, without any other specific parent strains in the mix. However, that honing left us with Cheese being a strain that some consider arguably the tastiest strain out there. It really comes down to how you feel about a truly cheesy aroma. People say that this strain smells and tastes like actual cheese. It’s a distinct flavor with a tangy edge many compare to sharp cheddar. No wonder it comes from the United Kingdom, as cheddar cheese comes from that land. These are aromatic plants, so if you engage in indoor growing, be aware of that. It’s a strong strain on the smell front, and even if you enjoy the flavors of real cheese, you may find it an unwanted aroma if it permeates your living space. That’s why many cannabis growers have mitigating factors in place to keep aromas in check. Even if you love the aroma of a particular strain, you may not want to be smelling it all the time throughout your home.

What’s it like to smoke the Cheese strain?

Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid, and that remains true even of Cheese seeds with auto-flowering genetics. Our Cheese auto-flowering seeds come in at 50 percent on the indica front, 30 percent in terms of sativa parentage, and 20 percent in ruderalis genetics. We’ll get into ruderalis when we discuss what it is like to grow plants from our Cheese seeds. These marijuana seeds have a 17 percent THC level meaning this is a moderate strain in terms of THC content. Other than being a potent strain in terms of the cheesy flavor profile, the other thing that characterizes Cheese as a strain for smokers is how hard and fast it hits. Cheese plays out more like a balanced hybrid, hitting you with the energizing nature of Cannabis sativa plants before knocking you out, perhaps literally, with the effects of Cannabis indica. Users describe swift-hitting uplifting effects at first, often even experiencing euphoric sensations. Be careful, though, because if you overindulge in Cheese the first time you use it, there will likely be adverse effects, especially if you are new to cannabis. After a brief, if intense, heady high, be prepared to grab the nearest chair or even head right to bed. The indica will take over, leaving you with a sense of deep relaxation that will give you a heavy body stone. You may bliss out, find yourself experiencing couch lock, or even drifting off to sleep by this point. Real cheese could never do that!

Growing Cheese Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants

This is where the ruderalis genetics come into play. Most cannabis plants are photoperiod, and the photoperiod version of any given cannabis plant flowers based on exposure to a specific light cycle. An auto-flowering cannabis plant, on the other hand, flowers based on the age of the plant. That’s often to the benefit of beginner growers. Now, to some, the drawback to auto-flowering strains is that your cannabis crop will have less yield. Auto-flowering plants are smaller than their photoperiod brethren. Here, though, is where Cheese delivers. The original Cheese plants, the photoperiod version of the strain, were bred with the express intention of delivering high yields at harvest time. As such, even Cheese auto-flowering plants provide a yield on par with some photoperiod strains. While an outdoor harvest tends to bring in 250 to 350 grams per plant, indoor growers can expect 400 to 500 grams per square meter.

Cheese Autoflowering Seeds Details

Strain Genetics

Skunk #1 x Afghani x Acapulco Gold x Columbian Gold x Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 10% Sativa, 80% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Body stone, Happy, Hungry

Best Use

Evening, relaxation, sleep-inducing


Cheese, Earthy, Pungent

Indoor Yield

Up to 300g per m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 500g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Cheese Autoflowering Seeds

Based on 116 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    Great cheese flavor….gets ya kinda fast, generally makes me tired and groggy, so best reserved for nighttime. I don’t know much about growing weed other than what I read online. GCS has some good growing information and generally pretty helpful customer service. 100% germination guarantee is pretty nice too…..there’s not much to lose!

  2. Verified Owner

    Despite the name i did not mind cutting into this cheese! I can not recall if i did any work for this grow, these things felt like they grew on their own overnight! Perfect germination and was smoking within 2 months of growing. Was surprised how quickly my shipment came in too!

  3. Verified Owner

    This was an incredible strain, it was easy and fast to grow, with an intense high that hits the body hard while relaxing you completely. Easily great for those that want to drift off to another plane. The yields were quite high and I got a great amount of weed to smoke now.

  4. Verified Owner

    I can’t say enough good things about Cheese Seeds. When the seeds matured the plants became hearty, with buds that are high quality and fragrant. I also wanted to add the customer service is prompt and courteous – 10/10 would buy again.”

  5. Verified Owner

    I can’t say enough good things about cheese auto-flowering feminized seeds. The plants are hearty, the buds are high quality and fragrant, the customer service is prompt and courteous – 10/10 would buy again.”

  6. Verified Owner

    Cheese has a funky flavor that may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely for me. The energy is ripe, intense, and clear-minded. If you want a great growing experience, and you don’t have all the fancy equipment, no matter, GCS seeds grow very reliably outdoors and are super adaptable to a bunch of different climates. It must be the genetics!

  7. Verified Owner

    I scored big with these cheese auto seeds. In both quality and quantity. It gives a really nice heady type of feeling, then it goes into a strong phase of relaxation. Happy with the shipping, incredibly happy with the genetics. Easy to grow and harvested in under 9 weeks.

  8. Verified Owner

    Fresh and funky cheese weed is a great choice for users who suffer from pain, stress, and anxiety. I grow this strain every summer and enjoy the process. I learn a little more each year, and I get better each time. There’s a treasure trove of great growing advice on this website, and I urge you to peruse. GCS has by far the best prices online, and usually some fast shipping too. A good choice for a gift or just for yourself!

  9. Verified Owner

    You know you are going to find good weed when you shop at Grower’s Choice. This is one of my favorite strains cause it’s easy to grow and usually produces hundreds of tiny little nugs that look and taste amazing. Definitely has a cheesy flavor, and one that makes you think of fondue, or broccoli cheddar soup. Definitely a good buy, but sometimes I wish I had more room! I’ll never go commercial, but for myself, this great.

  10. Verified Owner

    You’ve probably had this strain before, and either you love it or hate it. I am in the “love” category. I personally like the dank funky smell, and how quickly it grows in the summertime! HIGH energy weed, usually puts me in a creative and or social mood. Pretty happy about it!

  11. Verified Owner

    Growing Cheese was a breeze! I always get a good amount of buds from each harvest. I like to grow it indoors. I’d say I get anywhere from 475-510 grams of nugs every time. I did grow it outdoors once, and it did fine, but I agree that using LST indoors is the best.

    Kai M., Sedona, AZ

  12. Verified Owner

    Out of 4 different strains I grew cheese was my favorite. It has very good taste and a laid back high.

  13. Verified Owner

    Hearty and strong, it was actually very resilient and forgiving. Pungent in all the right ways. Super beginner friendly. Does great in hydro. Will get more!!! Definitely a favourite. Won’t regret it, trust me.

  14. Verified Owner

    I personally love this strain but it certainly is rather pungent

  15. Verified Owner

    This one is taking a little longer than my other autos, but still very pleased

  16. Verified Owner

    This earthy funky strain is a great way to unwind and have some fun at the end of the day. I got this weed delivered to my apartment, only took ONE WEEK after ordering online, and it smelled absolutely fantastic. I just loved cutting off the nugs and drying them out, then smoking them like 3 days later, feeling like a boss! Best stuff in town, pretty excited for the next batch!

  17. Verified Owner

    Cheese will waken the mind and the senses…it gets me all sorts of excited for the future as it helps me tackle my depression. I work full time and only have so much time to dedicate to marijuana use. This will help me stay active in my garden outside of work however…it’s better to have this weed in my life than if it wasn’t. Gonna buy some more seeds today to see if it all works out!!

  18. Verified Owner

    Cheese is pretty wonky and funky and a little fun as well. I LOOOOVE smoking it after my yoga sessions cause I feel like a zen master and totally at peace with myself and universe, and the funky smell really awakens my senses. Growing weed is wholesome, don’t let the government fool you, cause it’s all ridiculous and silly and we need to focus on ending the war on drugs!

  19. Verified Owner

    Cheese is going to get you all baked in the brain and you’re gonna want to bake some mac and cheese for yourself before passing out on the couch. Verrrrry relaxing vibes, but also pretty funky and creative…sometimes I am posessed with the urge to paint or draw when I smoke this weed, and other times I just want to sleep. Will definitely keep buying this stuff, great investment!

  20. Verified Owner

    Gotta get some cheese weed in your life to truly know how awesome it can be. The sweet taste is remarkable and the cheesy flavored smoke may just blow your mind a little bit. Ordering online was suuper smooth and easy, and the seeds were easy to germinate, had a great growth rate and only took about 5 months before they were ready to harvest. Great experience all around, gonna buy more!

  21. Verified Owner

    I was suuuper excited to watch this weed grow in my backyard, just sipping my coffee and giving me a great little vibe. Ordering online was nice and easy and the weed shipped directly to my mailbox, it really is the future you know? Growing guides on this site had some great advice, followed the paper towel method for germination and got great results and nearly 600 grams of pot!

  22. Verified Owner

    Cheese is what you get when you combine all the funky weeds of this world into one, amazing, unbeatable funky strain that makes your head feel light as air and your body feel super buzzy and relaxed. I ordered it online, had it shipped to my new place, and then I got to growing right away. I love how vast their online selection is, so many to choose from, even my dog seems excited!

  23. Verified Owner

    Cheese has a funky fresh flavor and a lot of great smells and tastes that offer up some seriously nice vibes!! I get baked and then run for miles, enjoying the mountains and the ocean, and I wanna keep growing this stuff for the future. It reaaaaallly helps with my depression, and it keeps me feeling nice and strong. I love growing and slowing down my life, and you will too!

  24. Verified Owner

    Cheese is your new best friend….it’s a really funky strain, smells for days! Gets me nice and stoned, very woozy and kinda wonky, and all kinds of fun. Great for going to shows or concerts, perfect for getting baked in the park and watching people do Yoga LOL. Never lets me down 🙂

  25. Verified Owner

    Dang cheese weed is amazing!! I smoke it all night long, and I sleep better than I ever did in the past. It puts my mind right at ease and gives me a brain massage if you will. Loved growing this in my backyard, had an amazing smell and taste when I first harvested it, stayed fresh for a long time. Kept it in my jars in the house in the basemet.

  26. Verified Owner

    Mmmm I love cheese weed, this stuff smells and tastes just great. I ordered it online, had it shipped to my new spot here in Washington and was growing it right away. I am very pleased with the way this has turned out, gets me nice and baked every time….very cheesy flavor, and stinky too, but I like that, it’s always a good buy on my side!!!

  27. Verified Owner

    Cut off a slice of this cheese and you’ll be living in style! This weed is positively luxurious…it practically sparkles every time I harvest…my hands are really sticky, they smell like fresh cheese weed, and the smell alone practically gets me high. I am pretty dang excited for my next batch to arrive. Positively love ordering seeds online, very exciting stuff, a true win in my book 🙂

  28. Verified Owner

    I smoked a little of the cheese weed before writing this review cause I wanted the real experience…and I gotta say it’s pretty fantastic! I get SUPER high every time I smoke even just a little bit, and I am very pleased with the result. I ordered online and had it shipped to western OR, and it’s got a very nice smell as it’s sizing up, makes me feel really clean and good when I am smoking homegrown!

  29. Verified Owner

    I worship the cheese strain for all its cheesy goodness. I have never had so much success growing weed as I did this time around! Ordering online is simple and fast, and the weed just shows up right in the mailbox?? How cool is that!? I love it’s dense nugs and coloeful trichomes, and even the stickiness it leaves your fingers after you roll a joint. Good times all around!

  30. Verified Owner

    This makes me the happiest girl on the planet. I love growing marijuana, it’s such a good hobby, makes for a nice time every time. I get really stoned in the evenings and watch documentaries on netflix. It’s so much fun but then I get tired and this weed helps me sleep too. Have been very pleased with the results. I’ll always buy more from grower’s online, the shipping is fast and reliable!!!

  31. Verified Owner

    I really enjoy the cheese flavor and all the relaxing cheese vibes that come with this weed. I smoke it most mornings and it gets me off to a GREAT start…I love the way it just opens up my mind to new possibilities, and the seriously chill vibes of the afternoon smoke is pretty great too. It definitely smells strong, so make sure everyone around you is cool with weed before smoking it!

  32. Verified Owner

    This cheese strain is absolutely magnificent, and it helps with all kinds of great things that help you stay focused and positive during the day. I love smoking this right before work or even during my lunch break, keeps the mind feeling all loosey-goosey and I have had nothing but good experiences growing this weed from home. Definitely worth the effort and the wait!

  33. Verified Owner

    Cheese please! This weed makes me all kinds of happy, it gives me a huge head rush and makes me feel as buzzy and a little dizzy too. Not too shabby though, makes life feel so much brighter and a little more surreal. Ordered it online and had it delivered to my place, got a great grow out of these plants indoors, nearly 600 grams to smoke through! Awesome buy!!!

  34. Verified Owner

    Mine had a hint of smell like the mexican cheese you get at the latin store.this has to go down as One of my favorite strain..

  35. Verified Owner

    Well, I got into the weed world pretty late in life. I started smoking weed this year because of quarantine, and I will never look back!! It’s been an incredible time, getting my hands dirty in the garden, cultivating this funky indica cheese strain, and smoking the heck out of it once it was ready to harvest. Has been GREAT for my appetite and my depression, and never fails to make me smile!!

  36. Verified Owner

    Well, I never thought I would be here,but here I am writing about this strain…it’s completely amazing and I am so surprised to be saying this. Honestly, I thought these seeds would be bunk, but it turns out they are great and I am very pleased with the result. The smell and taste are hella nice, and the cheesy flavor is pretty amazing. Really can’t complain!

  37. Verified Owner

    Get your cheese on with this amazing strain. I have been a huge fan of this stuff since I was in college. I have always loved the smell and taste and definitely wanna grow my own, so I hit up GCS and get myself 3 seeds which look amazing and got them growing in backyard with new garden bed, amazing!!! Smells like cheese and gets me stoned like a villain and I love sharing with my GF cause she’s a pothead too!

  38. Verified Owner

    This cheese will certainly please. It’s good for you when you smoke it at night or even in the afternoon. It’s a funky smells and a funky high too, makes me feel all weird in the best way possible. Very excited for the next few weeks, cause my next harvest is looking stellar, very green and orange, and a little bit smelly. I gotta say, I am impressed!

  39. Verified Owner

    This is a nice strain with a lot to offer you if you’re feeling kinda woozy or depressed or whatever. Like, I am soooo down for this strain, and I think it helps me stay focused, like it helps with my ADD symptoms. I kinda love just going out into my garden in the AM and making my plants looks beautiful with watering and pruning.

  40. Verified Owner

    Cheese is pretty darn delicious weed and it helps me stay super loose and chill before I go out and party for the night, cause growing weed is the bomb and it is amazing for just chilling or hanging with your homies. I am very excited to have more marijuana in my life, this stuff is THE best, and GCS always delivers on time. Great online delivery system!!!

  41. Verified Owner

    I don’t know what to say….I have thought about growing this weed for such a long time, and now that I have finally just gone and done it, it turned out so much better than I could have expected. The smell and taste are strong and also very enjoyable, helps me manage my pain and stress levels, gives me all kinds of good fuzzy feelings, kinda like wrapping myself in a blanket on the couch at night, so relaxing. I Looooove this weed:)

  42. Verified Owner

    I was a little wary of this strain just cause I thought cheese and mj don’t mix, but I was wrong actually they do! I ordered 3 seeds online and had them delivered, got to growing them right away, some beautiful growth, the biggest weed plants I have ever grown, almost as tall as me, very smelly lol. Took a few hits and feeling really good, such high-quality stuff and you can just grow it on your own!!

  43. Verified Owner

    Cheese is a powerful strain, it gets you really stoned and it keeps you feeling funky fresh. They have a great selection on this site, but I am more of an indica guy and hey, I love cheese:) Can’t say it’s gonna be like the best weed in the world, but dang you grew it on your own, and for no reason, this is gonna change your life forever with its green color and cheesy flavor!

  44. Verified Owner

    I was kinda worried about this weed cause I thought I would hate it, but I actually love it so much! I got this stuff shipped right to my door here in Oregon and got to growing right away. Very happy about the taste and smell, it’s kinda funky but I happen to really like it. It’s pretty dope and also very exciting to have new crops in your backyard every year!

  45. Verified Owner

    Say Cheese!!! This weed is gonna make your day…even if you live out here on the west coast and everything is just covered in heavy smoke right now! I can’t say how I feel about 2020, it’s a very hard year for all of us. I definitely wanna smoke this weed though to calm down. It was easy to grow, and generally made for a nice garden addition, plus it just smells amazing!!!

  46. Verified Owner

    Yep, I am your typical stoner, and I love buying this delicious weed cause it’s fun to grow and it smells like cheese! It’s sooooo nice and relaxing and it helps with all kinds of stress and depression, plus it gives you hella munchies, I mean really powerful stuff. Defnitely worth buying this if you’re new to the game and wanna try something different.

  47. Verified Owner

    What is that smell? It’s cheese weed of course! The best smelling stuff in town, and it gets you real high! I am a super stoner, I love buying weed seeds online and growing them at home. I have gotten really good at it, and find I am very skilled in the garden 🙂 Very impressive yields too, sometimes nearing like 8 oz of fresh HERB! Such a good buy!

  48. Verified Owner

    Cheese is an excellent buy if you’re into funky weed. I love the crazy strain, it grows so well in my backyard, I have no idea why. It’s great for working out in the sun and getting your hands dirty. I got nearly 800 grams of cheesy funky weed, and I must say I am very happy 🙂

  49. Verified Owner

    Whaaaaaa? There’s a cheese-flavored weed out there? Time to buy my seeds online with GCS! I have been smoking weed from GCS for about a year now and have never been disappointed. There has always been something special about my harvests, they grow huge and they produce so much flower I am practically swimming in fresh weed. This stuff made the whole house smell like cheese!

  50. Verified Owner

    Cheesy like a cheese pizza maybe….and it makes all your jokes super cheesy too….and it makes your whole world feel like cheese and it makes the moon look like cheese….and it makes you want to just eat cheese. Yeah it’s fun to grow and the whole room smells like cheese. Cheese is life. Weed is cheese.

  51. Verified Owner

    It’s just what it sounds like…a funky and skunky strain of marijuana that helps with feeling blue. I call it the depression killer cause it immediately lifts me up and puts me in a great mood. I ordered online and had everything delivered right to my home. The growing info online I found very helpful, mostly cause I am new to marijuana. I definitely think you’re gonna love this stuff, give it a try!

  52. Verified Owner

    This weed is as funky as a James Brown album, makes life all around you feel super chill and absolutely delicious. It hits really hard!!! All you gotta do is smoke just one hit at a time and you will be in good shape. I am a big fan of growing my own marijuana. I smoke this to help my stress and ease my arthritis symptoms. It does both beautifully and it’s great to have the seeds delivered to my home!

  53. Verified Owner

    I guess cheese has always been my favorite but I never knew it! I ordered online cause it sounded kinda cool and I am glad I did so. Got these seeds delivered and they grew to remarkable heights, producing a TON of mj that I have come to love smoking when I come home from work. It’s got a real funky vibe and definitely makes for a good time with friends, try it out!

  54. Verified Owner

    Cheese is one heck of a strain of marijuana, it’s good for those relaxing days in the summer when you just wanna make things weird, and it works! Ordered online and had my seeds delivered to my apartment here in LA. I was actually able to grow it right on my patio in a big pot, and I gotta say I am thrilled with the results. Beautiful nugs, truly gorgeous plant, well worth the effort!

  55. Verified Owner

    I love myself a good cheese…it’s always what I end up spending too much money on in the grocery store lol. And when I am super stoned on cheese weed, well that doesn’t exactly solve the problem lol. This was a good basement grow….the grow lights really helped get these seeds off to a good start. I got nearly 600 grams of fresh funky herb, and always like rolling a nice spliff with my homegrown bud!

  56. Verified Owner

    I was like “whaaaaaa?” when I saw there was a cheese flavored strain of weed, and I just HAD to try it. Dude, this weed is siiiiick. It’s so good for my mental state of mind yo! I ordered 5 seeds and had em delivered to my place in Cali. Perfect growing conditions down here and this weed just loooooved my backyard. Got myself a BIG yield, very strong and impressive. Will definitely buy again!

  57. Verified Owner

    Who doesn’t love some good cheese? I am so happy to know there’s a weed version of cheese too! lol Got myself some weed and am very happy with how it grew in my backyard. I smoked it to manage my stress and anxiety and feel much better about life these days. The high is subtle yet powerful and it truly changes my day. Well worth the effort!

  58. Verified Owner

    Cheese please! Who doesn’t love this delicious strain? It’s very funky and tasty and delicious and helps tremendously with pain, stress and depression. I really hope I can become an expert weed grower cause I feel like this is such a fulfilling hobby. It’s such a nice thing to have cheese weed in your life, so FRESH and a hella nice buzz!

  59. Verified Owner

    Cheese is one funky strain of mj and it really scratches the itch of needing a smooth sultry high. I love this weed for it’s unique flavor, I grew it for the challenge, and had a nice yield after about 5 months of effort. I really didn’t have any issues with my plants they grew just as planned and made for an excellent yield! Beautiful bud, truly, and definitely worth the effort!

  60. Verified Owner

    Who cut the cheese? Not me! Lol This stuff smells pretty funky but it’s all good when you smoke it on the daily and realize just how good it makes you feel. Love this bud, definitely a worthy buy if you are new to the game and want to try something different and interesting. I smoke this to help me with my headaches and my depression but really it’s just fun and is really fresh. Growing weed is a great hobby.

  61. Verified Owner

    Sticky and dense and full of flavor…I am a major fan of this weed…have a huge love for GCS…they really excite me with their sales and specials and the ease of shopping with them. I smoke this to be happy…to feel free…to free up my worried mind. Sometimes you gotta do that to just stay sane in this day and age. Perfect for growing at home…makes the whole house smell cheesy and funky which is kinda cool if you ask me 🙂

  62. Verified Owner

    Cheese is one of my favorite things in this world and that goes for weed too! Got an excellent yield from my 5 plants. I got so much weed that I had to sell some of it to the dispensary down the road…they were cool with it! I was so happy to find that it really does smell like cheese….and it gives me a funky high that makes me wanna dance or just chill. Either works for me!

  63. Verified Owner

    I never thought I would like a strain of weed that smells like cheese. Like you’d definitely be surprised how much this literally tastes like smoking gouda or something lol. Got a great yield from my grow, much better than I thought…probably nearing 500 grams of pure THC! This works better as an evening smoke. Helps me unwind, gets me in the mood for watching TV or playing some music. Happy as can be 🙂

  64. Verified Owner

    Yes please to cheese! Who doesn’t love cheese weed? This stuff gets you kraaazyyy stoned! I smoked it before I wrote this!!! I love buying weed seeds from these guys! Amazing selection, like more weed than I could ever grow in my life! What an awesome website!!

  65. Verified Owner

    Pass the cheese please, that’s what I always say to my buddies when we are smoking this weed. Don’t know about you but I LOVE getting high and really appreciate this particular bud. It’s so relaxing and uplifting and it has a great cheesy flavor, very pungent, especially when it’s fresh and I really liked growing it outdoors, made for a great addition to my backyard garden, better than I would have expected. I can’t believe how easy it was to order online!

  66. Verified Owner

    Treat yourself to some high-quality cheese weed. It’s nothing short of fantastic and helps with stress and depression. I grew 3 plants out in my backyard. Just give them sun, water, good soil and some love and they will grow into beautiful, tall bushy weed plants. I am very pleased with the results of my grow, the quality is impeccable, and it’s definitely worth the effort and longer wait times. You will save yourself so much money!

  67. Verified Owner

    Say Cheeeeese! Yep, this weed really does taste like a piece of cheese and it gets you super duper high! I mean, it’s a trippy indica high for sure. Your mind is clouded and your body feels all loosey goosey. I mean I kinda love it, I just don’t smoke it when I have important business to take care if, you know? Fun as a heck to grow this in the backyard. I mean, I am no expert, but I still managed to care for these plants, AND I got like 500 grams of fresh nug at the end. Soooo worth it, buy yours today, don’t wait!

  68. Verified Owner

    Cheese will definitely brighten your spirits, no not the kind you eat for dinner, or on your cheeseburger, this weed! It’s super delicious, has kind of a tangy funky smell to it, and the whole yard now smells like mj, which I tend to really like. I am very excited about the prospect of getting a greenhouse together so I can grow more cheese weed! Pretty solid yield too, about 600 grams of fresh pot. Nice online selection, easy to navigate and order. Makes weed buying soooo much easier, and it’s saved me a lot of money!

  69. Verified Owner

    It’s a cheesy good time, has a nice pungent smell, but it actually tastes pretty good, I was surprised by how much I liked it. I got these seeds as a gift actually, and was surprised at how easy this was to grow. Got a nice yield, probably like 300 g from one plant. I saved my other 2 seeds for later. I don’t smoke that much, but I do like to take a few good rips of this weed from time to time and it gets me blazed, pretty nice for when you’re stressed or depressed!

  70. Verified Owner

    When you got the cheese growing in your basement you got the whole house smelling like it, and It’s pretty cool if you dig it. Got some nice fat nugs from these plants, not hard to take care of. Just give em some love and they’ll produce. I smoke for my pain, my back pain, neck pain, what have you. But the best part is the mind buzz, very uplifting, relaxing, and euphoric. Helps with sleep!

  71. Verified Owner

    It’s strong and smells strong too. But it’s pretty darn relaxing if you take it at the right time of day. Good for headaches and minor aches and pains. Makes it easier to interact with people, eases social anxiety and not to mention it’s a nice joint to pass around the fire circle. Definitely pungent smelling, but a strong indoor grower. Worth your while for sure!

  72. Verified Owner

    Used to smoke this weed back in the UK, nice stuff and always a good time. Smoke this stuff on my own now. Worth the grow, reliable seeds, good product, helps with stress you know? Nice for the weekends, for dates you know? Smoke on my bike, in the car, wherever. Love the taste and smell. Very cheesy. Fun grow too. Good buy.

  73. Verified Owner

    I love the indica edge this weed offers, but it hits like a sativa…strange! I love the taste and smell of this stuff, as opposed to my wife who can’t stand it lol! It’s very earthy and has a hint of that cheese smell, very strong on the nose but a mild and smooth smoke best done as a joint. It definitely is an after work smoke for me, roll one up right when I get home and am kicking my feet up the rest of the night. Will definitely grow more!

  74. Verified Owner

    Surprisingly well balanced strain, really helps balance me out when I am in a tizzy, gets me back on my feet when I am down, and turns my frown upside down 🙂 Got my seeds delivered right to my door from GCS, amazing online catalog, I feel super fortunate that my friend recommended this site and even helped me get some growing done. It’s pretty impressive stuff and really smells a lot like Cheese! It’s perfect for that night in you’ve been saving for yourself.

  75. Verified Owner

    Strong, pungent, stinky weed…I love it! Got mysefl 3 seeds online with GCS and grew them in the basement. I have my grow lamps and irrigation all set up and it worked beautifully. It definitely stinks up the place, smells a lot like cheese and skunk, but it’s really very relaxing and great for stressful days when you need a way to relax. Worth the buy and the longer growing time!

  76. Verified Owner

    If you don’t mind the smell this stuff is top notch. Great grow in the greenhouse environment if you’ve got the space for it. Love the way it just fills out and gets super tall, nice dense nugs, pretty high quality stuff you know? Easy to order online, really couldn’t ask for more!

  77. Verified Owner

    Don’t let the cheese smell turn you away, I was a bit skeptical myself at first, but I am pretty glad I ended up growing this strain. Really beautiful flowers, super dense, they kinda look like popcorn, and of course the smell is pretty powerful, but the weed is really mild and relaxing, easy to smoke in a long session with friends or just chilling in front of the Tube watching the Sopranos haha. Had a great experience ordering online as well. I’ll be back!

  78. Verified Owner

    This is a real interesting strain of weed. The growing was a little over my head, but that’s just because I am a newbie. Pretty happy with how things turned out though, got some nice nugs, maybe a little less than I was expecting, but they have a very pungent smell and flavor, great for my stress and bad days, also helps me fall asleep too. I’ll grow weed again, but maybe not this strain.

  79. Verified Owner

    I’ve had some issues getting to sleep recently. Work is really stressful lately and I can’t seem to find the time to destress. Glad I found this weed however. Nice growing out in the backyard, finally putting my garden to good use after such a long time. They did super well and taste phenomenal. I feel excellent when I smoke this, and the cheesy flavor makes it all that much better. I have been sleeping much better lately and feel better overall!

  80. Verified Owner

    This is one of those strains you’ve probably heard of but never tried so I recommend actually giving it a go! It’s wicked easy to grow at home, I literally grew it in my backyard and it did super well, even though the yield was a bit small. Either way the nug was top notch, the stress relief and trippy mindset is real and its got a great flavor. What more could ya want?

  81. Verified Owner

    This weed is funky fresh! I have a nice grow space in the basement, finally got to break it in with this weed! I ordered online with GCS and the shipping was hella fast, really amazing stuff. I got like 400 g of weed per plant and with only 3 plants that is a LOT of weed! It’s definitely got a funky cheese smell to it, but I happen to enjoy it very much! A nice indica driven high, I’ll want more for sure!

  82. Verified Owner

    This is an excellent strain for those looking for a little something different. I loved the growing process. I am an avid gardener and found this grow to very straightforward and easy peazy! I definitely love the earthy cheesy taste and the low-key mind buzz this stuff provides. It’s nice for sharing and helps me a lot with stress and depression. It’s almost like medicine!

  83. Verified Owner

    I finally got my grow space set up in the basement and I am really pleased I got to put it to good use. Ordered my seeds online with GCS and they shipped out super fast! Nice, even germination and also a very even growth between all 3 plants. I got quite a lot of nug to work with, and the basement smells like cheese lol! I usually smoke this delicious herb in the evening, to help me unwind or just relax in front of the TV. It’s a very mild but enjoyable buzz.

  84. Verified Owner

    A really soothing strain of MJ. It’s so relaxing and absolutely great for my stress and anxiety. Definitely recommend this as an evening strain, cause this stuff will get you feeling sleepy after an hour or so. It’s been a great experience working with this stuff, loved growing it in my basement, had some really great indoor success, and the nugs are dense and beautiful and green. Lone this stuff!

  85. Verified Owner

    This is an excellent strain of mj for feeling funky on a Tuesday! I grew this in my backyard and it is very smelly indeed. I even think the neighbors wanted in on some lol! I got like 400 g of weed per plant and love smoking this stuff in the afternoons after work. It’s got that great cheesy flavor and the buzz is super syrupy! Great stuff!

  86. Verified Owner

    This is definitely some delicious herb if you like the taste of cheese! I am very happy with how this turned out, took a gamble on this strain but it worked out for sure! Grew it in my basement and got a nice medium yield, great looking buds, super dense and delicious, absolutely worth the longer growing times. I smoke in the evenings to help with stress or anxiety, and I feel much better now!

  87. Verified Owner

    This is some great weed, so funky and delicious, and whoever hates on it is wrong! It’s a bit of a challenge to grow for me, would have rather attempted it inside, would have probably had better yield, but outdoors was fun too, right in the backyard, and a nice 200 g yield is nothing to complain about. The buzz is remarkably strong but also really chilled out. I really like this stuff!

  88. Verified Owner

    A funky strain of mj with an unforgettable taste. A nice mellow high, but can be a little spacey if you smoke too much. One or two hits will do ya! Great for growing in your basement, makes for a great house plant, but it stinks a bit so keep that in mind. Love GCS, such a great company with a lot to offer. I highly recommend to anyone who loves indica hybrids!

  89. Verified Owner

    Yes, it does smell and taste like cheese, so buyer beware, this will stink up your basement. BUT don’t let that deter you, it’s fantastic weed, has been really helpful for my anxiety and depression symptoms, always puts me in a funky mood and leaves me feeling super relaxed. It’s NOT hard to grow, so definitely pick it up if you’re on the fence. Thanks!

  90. Verified Owner

    Love me some of the UK cheese. It’s been recommended to me by my friends and helps me deal with stress and anxiety. It’s been a lot of fun to smoke, and a lot of fun to grow too. Luckily I enjoy gardening so this wasn’t a chore! The yield was a bit smaller than i’d hoped but no matter, the weed was Grade A stuff and really tastes like cheese. Great buy!

  91. Verified Owner

    I’ve heard a lot about this strain but never had a chance to try it. Happy I took a gamble and grew it at home. Ordered my seeds online with PSB and had them delivered. Got all 3 to germ using the paper towel method and used my gardening skills to manage the rest. Had great success and a nice harvest, love the funky smell and taste and gets me stoned every time!

  92. Verified Owner

    Funky as ever, have been growing this weed for years but first time with GCS, got a great yield from this stuff, almost 500 g per plant but that’s growing indoors, in my basement. Happy I ordered from this company, excellent selection, and they have all my favorite weeds. Will be back for more!

  93. Verified Owner

    Gotta admit that I wasn’t so sure about the name (CHEESE) but I really enjoyed this strain. Growing went well, they popped right up. And I love the high that makes you happy and winds you down to sleep. I will order this MJ strain again for sure. Some people complained about the taste, I guess it wasn’t amazing but it really didn’t bother me at all. Thanks GCS.

  94. Verified Owner

    Soooooo funky, I love the cheese weeds cause who woulda thought the combo would be so divine? I grew right in my backyard, looked great among my other plants and gave me a huge harvest of mj to take inside. I smoke at night, it’s the best way to unwind, just watch a movie and chill out, no hurries or worries. Has been great for headaches and pain management as well 🙂

  95. Verified Owner

    OMG I love this weed, it’s so delicious and gets me delightfully stoned! I have trouble relaxing at the end of the day and this weed really does the trick, keeps me feeling funky fresh, and also helps me with stress and anxiety. It does make me tired, so I don’t usually smoke during the day unless I am craving a good nap!

  96. Verified Owner

    This is a really fun strain of weed, especially if you’ve been growing for a while! I have a nice greenhouse in my backyard and am getting some delicious results, just had my first harvest the other day, 500 grams! Dense nugs, deep green in color and smell, of course, like cheese curds! Perfect for a rainy day, or if you’re feeling blue, this is a really fun high, will get you feeling loopy and creative. Definitely coming back for more!

  97. Verified Owner

    If you’re like REALLY into weed, then this is a great strain for you. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something different that’s not too hard to grow. I grew it right in my backyard, it’s pretty pungent stuff, but it gets you really stoned and helps you relax. Tastes cheesy for sure, so keep that in mind. I love it though, and GCS is a great company.

  98. Verified Owner

    Cheesy goodness! I am so happy I grew this strain, it’s got that funky cheesy smell that can either be a great asset or a huge turn off to your mj smoking experience. I happen to love the smell and flavor and find it very unique. Not to mention that the seeds were very easy to grow, and that the plants gave off quite a bit of mj. I smoke on the daily, great afternoon strain to help you relax, but too much and you might get sleepy!

  99. Verified Owner

    Definitely an interesting strain of mj, it really does have a cheesy taste to the smoke, you wouldn’t believe it! Pretty easy to grow however and definitely a good strain to have around on the evenings or weekends in general, great for just chilling out with a book or watching a movie, the buds are huge and green with sticky orange pistils, beautiful stuff!

  100. Verified Owner

    Just got these seeds last Friday, planted them on sunday and already have growth in all three!! I cant wait to watch this strain grow, and harvest it. I love this company and its fast growing seeds and customer service thank you!

  101. Verified Owner

    Would highly recommend this strain if you have an illness. Even though most people don’t associate cheese with medical strains, it really helped me when I was going through cancer. Originally, my sister was growing these for me and then I started myself when I was stronger. Easy grow and great yield. Didn’t know about feminized cannabis seeds before buying online from this company, but definitely a good choice. Thankfully, using this strain helped me maintain my weight and not feel nauseas. Now I’m cancer-free and I would say marijuana probably saved my life!

  102. Verified Owner

    I had a little trouble with the delivery—I was initially sent less seeds than I’d ordered but when I reached out to customer service they were very responsive and apologetic. I got the right amount sent to me right away. I love how quickly this plant grew, and of course I love the effects of the harvest. I’ve been a fan of this strain for a really long time and I’m happy I finally decided to buy some feminized cannabis seeds. Despite the slight inconvenience in the beginning, I’ll definitely buy from Growers Choice again!

  103. Verified Owner

    Worked as described. Grew with leds under my stairs. I honestly treated them poorly just to see how “auto” they were. I gave them irregular light hours too and they still produced an ounce between two 22″ plants. They smell pretty sweet and many of my traditional grower friends were impressed. Gonna try something new and actually give a shot now that they can go outside…just gotta protect them from the deer.

  104. Verified Owner

    Thanks Growers Choice for a great experience from start to finish! The customer service representative I spoke to pointed me in the direction of these feminized cannabis seeds and they worked out great. Not only was I able to get a good harvest (on my very first time growing!) but this plant is also perfect for helping me manage my anxiety while also providing the perfect little buzz. I’ll definitely be ordering more seeds from Growers Choice and can’t wait for my next delivery to arrive!

  105. Verified Owner

    If you are looking for a less finicky strain to grow, this is it. Feminized cannabis seeds also cancels out the male strain so you end up saving money. I saw the flowers for the first time at a friend’s place. They asked me to take care of the plants one weekend and I had to order my own. Tried looking for where to buy pot seeds in my area but wasn’t impressed with the choices. Will be placing a bigger order next time.

  106. Verified Owner

    Cheese is one of the easiest strains to grow, I think, especially these auto-flowering seeds from Growers Choice. Fat buds, and fast. Honestly, I used to wonder why anyone would order seeds online when you could just shake some out of an order, or whatever, but then my buddy was showing off his trees and I was sold. Haven’t shopped anywhere else, to be honest, the seeds I get from these guys are great quality and the price is fine, considering if you know what you’re doing you can really stretch your yield.

  107. Verified Owner

    I’ve been looking for cheese feminized cannabis seeds everywhere, but nothing beats the quality here. Ordered and delivered with no issues in the USA, not sure if that matters to anyone. I germinated with no issues. All 5 seeds sprouted, although I did over water so one ended up dying. Easy grow overall, and love the sharp smell. Best part is the relaxing effects because they so strong.

  108. Verified Owner

    Ok. If you’re a stressball like me, you need to buy Cheese pot seeds. It’s not crazy intense, but it still helps me really calm down at the end of the day. I feel so good that I can actually focus on getting things done without worrying so much if I don’t get around to something.

  109. Verified Owner

    Totally personal preference but the taste on this isnt my fav. High is great, no issue there, but its got this certain taste that just was a bit different than I usually like. Besides that, the grow for this was ideal and I do love how it makes me feel. Relaxed and happy, it’s worth trying and if you want an easy grow then this is such a solid choice.

  110. Verified Owner

    I get brutal headaches regularly that kill my appetite and my ability to function. I wanted something that would take the edge off the pain, and if possible, allow me to eat something without wanting to vomit.
    Customer support helped me pick a few options to try, and so far this one has been my favourite. Not only has it helped with the pain, but even better it’s made me relaxed enough to be able to sleep it off, something I could never do before. I know it’s not under their medical options, but this one has been a life-saver for me.

  111. Verified Owner

    Ordered this strain because I was super curious about the mixed reviews regarding the flavour. Seeds came quickly and were easy to grow, so I was off to a great start. Plants ended up growing pretty tall, so that impressed me!
    After smoking, I get why the reviews are so mixed. The flavour is definitely unique and the smell is quite pungent. I didn’t find that to be a negative though, and the high I got deeply relaxed me. I also got insane munchies, so be warned!
    All in all was really happy with my purchase and I’m glad I gave Cheese a chance!

  112. Verified Owner

    These seeds got here quickly, just as advertised.

    I love cheese! I’ve tried this strain grown by some friends and from dispensaries, so it’ll be neat to grow my own. I’ll probably do this one last, but right now I’m just enjoying the color the package adds to my shelf – love the detailed info on the package, too. Oh, and I’m going to be reusing the little glass vials for something – so handy!

  113. Verified Owner

    I was intrigued by the flavor of this one, I had talked some people who had tried it and had mixed reviews. I will lump myself in the enjoy the flavor category. The couch lock from this one is something I look forward to, nothing beats it.

  114. Verified Owner

    Worry free grow and am very happy with the results. I love the sharp smell and the ability to deliver a relaxing calm feeling. I seem to really get hit by the munchies off this one, an added plus for me, I love it. Very pleased.

  115. Verified Owner

    Reviewed this last year, and I’m back again. What does that tell ya? I know I said I don’t like the flavor, but honestly I tried this with the friend I grew it for and was proved wrong. Right now my plants are just starting to flower so no issue there. This automatic thing is growing on me and I like the lack of extra work on my part. Will try to review again when harvested.

  116. Verified Owner

    Grew this for a friend cuz I don’t like the flavor, but it grew pretty good. First time growing auto-flower seeds and I think I like having more control over when the flowering starts, but it was definitely cool to not have to worry about changed the light or anything.

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