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CBD Shark Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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This medical strain will take a big, sharky bite out of pain, stress, and lack of sleep. A combo of pure CBD and Shark Shock, CBD Shark boasts 8% CBD and just 6% THC, so you’re bound to get a lot of medical benefit and minimal to no mental high. CBD Shark is also popular for soothing inflammation and cramps.

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CBD Shark Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An indica-dominant medical strain with a high percentage of healing, non-psychoactive CBD, our Shark CBD cannabis seeds are your ideal evening or nighttime strain for fighting pain and stress, and rendering you remarkably relaxed and happy as you head off to sleep.

Shark CBD, born of the strains Shark Shock and a pure CBD variety, is head and shoulders above many of our strains in the pain relief department. You might have heard in researching cannabis and pain, that one of the reasons this amazing plant is preferable to prescription painkillers is its ability to tackle both nociceptive and neuropathic pain; pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, tend to fall short in treating the latter.

This is why so many desperate patients are turning away from the more traditional option, desperate for something that actually helps cancer and other conditions that affect the nervous system. If you’ve made up your mind to grow your own holistic medicine in your backyard or growroom, Shark CBD cannabis seeds are an excellent selection.

In addition to its outstanding pain-fighting properties, Shark CBD also kicks stress to the curb, and is a highly capable anti-inflammatory. Patients struggling with anxiety and depression often find the relaxing happiness that arises after a dose can alleviate moderate symptoms, and Shark CBD can also be a girl’s best friend for fighting cramps.

Our Shark CBD cannabis seeds flourish into mid-height plants with a moderate yield of about 300-400 grams per square meter when grown indoors. Though you might not want to start out with Shark CBD if you’re a new grower, you also don’t need a high level of expertise to see a successful harvest of this healing, therapeutic strain.

Growers Choice Shark CBD cannabis seeds are tested to guarantee authentic genetics, and are packaged in medical-grade glass vials before being delivered quickly and discreetly to your home. All our cannabis seeds come backed by a 90% germination guarantee (two-seed minimum), and our helpful customer service representatives are always happy to help you troubleshoot any issues, from choosing the best strain to ensuring good germination.

Order Shark CBD cannabis seeds today and start experiencing the bliss of all-natural medicine.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Shark Shock x CBD


80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 Days

THC Content


CBD Level



Relaxing, Focused, Sleepy

Best Use

Evening; pain management; relieve stress; ease muscle pain


Earthy, Woody

Indoor Yield

300-400 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

200-300 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Period


Where to grow


Plant Height


27 reviews for CBD Shark Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. widfjiem (verified owner)

    OOOOooo so relaxing! I got this weed delivered right to my door, and got the seeds growing right away. The germination guide really helped and the paper towel method was clutch. Finally got some tasty flower after only 4 months of growing, and the bud is super mellow and fresh and smooth. Great for treating migraines and stress. Highly recommend!

  2. centurianfox (verified owner)

    This is the best CBD strain I have come across. I just recently have been getting into CBD, it’s been so great for my neck and back pain, and helps me sleep at night. It’s a very subtle high, never overpowering and great for just smoking before bed. It’s been a nice experience growing this weed in my backyard, it did really well in my greenhouse. I’ll be back for more!

  3. Tracy Elba (verified owner)

    I never thought I’d be a medical marijuana user, but my doctor recommended I try it out for joint pain and depression symptoms. I ordered my seeds online with GCS and had them delivered to my door. It’s been nice having this in my life for sure. The grow was very simple and straightforward. I got a nice yield and usually smoke this in the evenings to help me relax and soothe my pain. It also helps me sleep!

  4. Flower Power (verified owner)

    I am a big fan of this stuff. It’s so easy to grow and offers up some delicious nugs just after 4 months of growing! It’s a beautiful plant with bright green leaves and white pistils on the ends. I smoke for medical reasons. The CBD helps a lot with my back and neck pain as well as my headaches. It even helps a little with depression. I find it very useful and will be back for more!

  5. smokeydabear (verified owner)

    This has been a miracle for my pain and stress. It’s so very relaxing and has helped me a lot with joint inflammation and insomnia as well. I grew in my basement in a small grow space I set up down there. I really enjoyed the process, very straightforward and easy, and the yield was incredible. Perfect for an evening smoke right before bed!

  6. Logan (verified owner)

    This mj strain has done wonders for my back pain. I usually grow this weed at home and then bake my very own CBD treats with it. They are so tasty and wonderful! The body buzz is very nice and helpful and the mind buzz incredibly mild, I never feel overly high and can’t function through the day. This is great weed for anyone who suffers chronic pain!

  7. durman (verified owner)

    This is an excellent strain of mj, so great for my pain and stress. I grew it in my backyard and found it very easy to to do. I am a beginner, so this was a new experience for me. I love the taste and smell of this weed too, it’s remarkably sour and a little bit of sweet. Great buy, with no high!

  8. Henry Grace (verified owner)

    This has been incredible for my joint pain. I grew it in the backyard and was surprised it was so easy to manage and take care of. My husband did a lot of the work but it was very rewarding on my end as well. Its got a nice sour and sweet taste. Gets me buzzed but not stoned and then all my aches and pains melt away. A great buy!

  9. Alana Crawford (verified owner)

    This has been a dream, truly. Ordering online with Grower’s Choice is remarkably easy and the delivery happens super fast! I grew this strain in my backyard, grows just like a tomato plant, and offers up some delicious herb. It’s remarkably fresh and helps a lot with my aches and pains without getting me super high. Big fan of this weed!

  10. cooperHooper (verified owner)

    This has been great for stress and pain relief. I feel much better after a long day’s work when I come home and smoke a bowl of this CBD weed. The high is very minimal, but the CBD effects are marked! I love the taste and smell of this weed as well, very fruity and a little sour. Not difficult to grow, and very well worth the time!

  11. ariana (verified owner)

    I have been suffering from migraines for years and needed something to deal with the paid. This CBD shark strain is really the best I’ve found for dealing with my symptoms. I was glad they were easy to order online and grew very nicely, with a little patience, as an added bonus, the head buzz is nice and mild. A real gem!

  12. Jerry Nunez (verified owner)

    This is my new favorite strain of mj. It’s seriously great for my back pain and has really helped me relax in the evenings. The buzz is mild but welcomed and the stress just melts away. I love the growing process too, was very simple to order online and have the seeds delivered right to my door. Got them in the ground in no time and soon was smoking my very own bud!

  13. Ryan domino (verified owner)

    If you like a nice mild buzz with a great body high this strain may be best for you. I am a medical user and have used CBD to help with joint pain and really to help with relaxation. I liked growing this weed, it was easy and pretty fast too, and got a GREAT yield. If you like the CBD feel without the super duper stoned feeling, this shark will work for you!

  14. June Stevenson (verified owner)

    This strain is a big deal, it’s got all the great properties of CBD, which include relief from back aches headaches and joint pain, with none of the drawbacks of getting super stoned! I grew this stuff in my backyard and was amazed at just how easy it was. It has been great in the evenings to help me with stress and it’s even a little relaxing too!

  15. Janet Curtis (verified owner)

    I have been enjoying the benefits of CBD for my chronic pain for many years. This was my first attempt at growing my own mj and was happy with the result. Ordered my seeds online with GCS and had them shipped directly to my door. Delicious stuff man! I grew right in the backyard, had no problem getting the seeds to germ and in just 4 months was smoking my own CBD, tastes great and feels nice as well, doesn’t get me stoned and really helps with pain.

  16. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    My pain is overwhelming at times, I have aches and pains in my joints, in my neck and in my back. I need weed to help me ease these symptoms, but I don’t care for getting high. CBD shark is the perfect middle ground, a very easy to grow strain with a lot of great medical benefit. I usually smoke in the evening to help me with my symptoms and to aid me with sleep. Love the smell and the taste as well, like sour blueberries. Highly recommended for other medical users like me!

  17. Frank C (verified owner)

    The best evening smoke on the market, a very relaxing strain that really kills off whatever pain you may be feeling. Happy as I can be when I smoke this stuff, but it isn’t overpowering. Lovely earthy woody taste and smell, and the plant is a lot of fun to grow. GCS has some really solid seeds, have been ordering from them for a while now, and will definitely be back for more!

  18. Len M (verified owner)

    I have chronic pain and this causes me to get aggravated easily, I smoke CBD weed to help with my symptoms and the Shark really kicks the pain in the rear and gets me feeling relaxed and not too stoned. It was pretty easy to grow and the seeds shipped out fast. Had a nice yield of around 400 grams and really enjoy the orange looking bud. Tastes kinda sour but its really smooth. Helps a lot in the evening with mood and pain.

  19. Neil T (verified owner)

    Incredibly relaxing strain of mj, very helpful in soothing aches and pains, even headaches don’t stand a chance. Ordered online through GCS and got my seeds delivered in so time at all! Very easy to germinate using the paper towel method and in just a few months I was literally swimming in mj! I smoke in the evenings due to the indica dominance of the strain which helps me sleep and really makes a difference in my pains and stress.

  20. Jade M (verified owner)

    Excellent for pain management patients like myself. Have been using mj for years to help with my arthritis pain, which usually affects my wrists and my knees. Gardening tends to help with my symptoms so I enjoyed the process of growing Shark CBD in the backyard and was pleased to find that I was able to germinate all 3 seeds successfully and harvest over 1000 grams collectively. I don’t care much for smoking so make mj butter and cook delicious treats, which I take throughout the day to help me manage my symptoms. The THC isn’t too powerful, so while it does provide an enjoyable euphoria, it isn’t overpowering. 5 stars!

  21. lesleyewilliams (verified owner)

    Our new favorite. Happy strain with great pain-soothing effects.

  22. kyle rouche (verified owner)

    I’m I guess what you’d call a novice grower, so I wanted to get something that wouldn’t be too difficult. I hear a lot of great things about this site, so I decided it was the best place to order feminized cannabis seeds from. Big buds and no issues growing..didn’t have pests or mold or anything. My hubby was dealing with severe nausea from chemo and even helped with my nephew with seizures. Significant difference in both. It did kind of give them both couch lock, but overall, this was the best strain to choose. It’s done its job!

  23. Esther P. (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for all the medicine with none of the high, this is such a good strain! It is particularly great for pain relief, and it’s helped me cut out so many prescription pain killers. I don’t know if I’d recommend this for first time growers because it took some extra time to bring the best harvest, but that little bit of extra time was so worth it. This was my second time ordering from Growers Choice and service and feminized cannabis seeds were just as great as the first time!

  24. cstate10 (verified owner)

    Was really excited to see that GC added another strain to their CBD line. As usual, this strain did not disappoint, and my seeds were delivered quickly and were nice and fresh. This one might be the best of all the CBD plants that they currently have in the online store. It’s great for pain and found that it also really helped me relax—body and mind. I also had no trouble getting results from my feminized cannabis seeds and my plants are healthy and thriving.

  25. Pacey OR (verified owner)

    Not my first rodeo but was looking for something with less THC. This was excellent. Great pain releaf (haha) and not too much of a high. I left this for a couple extra weeks to flower and it made a big different. It’s not a tall plant whether you grow indoors or outdoors. I tried both to see how each did. I wanted to stick with feminized cannabis seeds and was very happy with the purchase.

  26. Michelle Edwards (verified owner)

    First of all, shopping with Growers Choice is a breeze, such a huge difference from what I’m used to with other brands. Some companies online are just dealing crap seeds and charging you an arm and a leg. I’ve been ordering from GC for a few months but I jumped on the chance to get the CBD Shark when they added it to the store. It’s fantastic for pain, one of the best I’ve tried. I don’t find them hard to grow, but you do have to give them a little extra attention if you want your plants to come out just right.

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