CBD Dancehall Medical Feminized Seeds

CBD Dancehall Medical Feminized Seeds

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Aptly named for the reggae style of music known as “dancehall,” the CBD-heavy Dancehall strain will have recreational and medical users alike happily swaying to its upbeat tempos. Buy Dancehall seeds today to help with stress, sleep, and your appetite.

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CBD Dancehall Medical Feminized Seeds

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Having only been around since 2010, this sativa-dominant hybrid strain captured first place in the Indoor Bio category at the Spannabis Cup that was held in the same year of its introduction to the cannabis market.

What are the effects of Dancehall cannabis?

  • Happy
  • Aroused
  • Uplifted
  • Euphoric

Under the experienced hands of a cultivator, Dancehall marijuana seeds can grow into plants that contain 60% sativa and 40% indica. However, what makes this award-winning strain really stand out is its more than 1:1 CBD to THC ratio that boasts up to 15% CBD and a maximum of a 9% THC level.

Ironically enough, this sativa strain that was named for a distinctly Jamaican style of music was created by Reggae Seeds by crossing Juanita La Lagrimosa with Kalijah.

While some recreational users can be quick to relegate high-CBD strains to the “medicinal users only” category, in reality, Dancehall’s uplifting and buoyant effects are pretty much guaranteed to have recreational users rethinking their stance on CBD-rich strains.

In fact, due to having low THC content, Dancehall is the perfect option for new and inexperienced users as it won’t overwhelm them, and for seasoned cannabis consumers as well who want the positive benefits of a sativa without risking getting “super stoned.”

Known for delivering a quick, clear-headed, and cheer-inducing cerebral experience that can often leave users feeling aroused, Dancehall is a happy kind of strain that can make for a popular party strain that keeps those in attendance animated, in good spirits, and moving on the dance floor without flooring anyone.

Dancehall’s lively and long-lasting effects combined with its physically tingly and calming effects make for a fabulous way to free one’s mind and body without placing the heavy restraints of being too high on a user.

All of this is today, if you’ve been avoiding trying Dancehall because you think it’ll be too weak for you, think again as its properties, whilst far from over-powering, are very prominent and present.

What are the therapeutic benefits of Dancehall cannabis?

With a CBD content that consistently tests at right around 15%, Dancehall makes for a phenomenally power-filled medical strain that is a true blessing to patients in the medical community. While all medical qualities of any cannabis strain are purely anecdotal, the fact that medicinal cannabis is legal in so many states in the U.S. and prescribed by licensed healthcare physicians says something about its potential to significantly benefit medical marijuana users.

As an upbeat and optimistic strain with lighthearted levity and tranquil effects, Dancehall is considered to be highly effective in boosting the moods of users who are feeling like they’re stuck in a black hole of despair, as well as quickly eradicating feelings of stress and helping to alleviate various mood disorders.

As an analgesic, CBD-rich Dancehall contains the possibility to provide significant relief and pain management in spades to patients who are suffering from physical ailments such as chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, cramps, muscle spasms, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, and potentially even symptoms related to other diseases.

Lastly, due to its lively and animated energy, some medical users say that it helps to lift the weariness of fatigue.

What are the adverse effects of Dancehall?

For those who are naturally prone to anxiety or panic attacks, Dancehall may have the unwanted side effect of somewhat increasing their sense of paranoia. Although this possible negative effect is pretty minimal, you may want to avoid using it when you’re already in a heightened state of anxiety.

Its other possible side effects are that of cottonmouth and dry and itchy eyes, which are both very typical possibilities with any kind of cannabis strain.

What does Dancehall smell and taste like?

While Dancehall doesn’t have a particularly pungent aroma profile, which is great for those who value discretion, it does give off some wonderfully floral, woody, and peppery notes when its buds are ground up or crushed.

While its smell isn’t too strong, the flavor of Dancehall is much more pronounced with tasty and sweet juicy pineapple notes that are subtly underlined with some diesel-like undertones that enhance as opposed to detracting from its taste.

How do I grow Dancehall cannabis seeds?

Growing Dancehall cannabis seeds into healthy plants can be a bit challenging as they are pretty fickle in their environmental and training needs, which means that this strain is best grown by experienced growers. Fortunately, since Growers Choice only sells feminized cannabis seeds, you have a 90% chance of all of your seeds popping and a 99% chance of ending up with female plants.

As a strain that can be grown indoors and outside, Dancehall needs to be grown in a dry setting where it gets plenty of water. Grown in a mid-to-high-humid environment will increase its likelihood of developing a grey fungus known as botrytis, which it is particularly susceptible to.

Grown indoors, it will respond well to the Sea of Green method, and if you use the Screen of Green training method, you should be able to trigger its flowering stage that much sooner. In addition, Reggae Seeds advises that you give your plants just three weeks into their vegetative growth stage and then transition them to their flowering period by changing their light cycle to a 12/12 schedule.

Finally, to bring out Dancehall’s beautiful purple hues, you need simply to shock it near the end of its vegetative growth stage by exposing it to overnight temperatures of around 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

What do Dancehall cannabis plants look like?

When given the space in which to achieve its full height potential, Dancehall plants can grow to be five to eight feet tall. The nuggets that its plants produce are shaped like arrowheads and are very fluffy in their structure, which is a typical sativa trait.

Its bright green buds, which can feature purple highlights when properly shocked, have coarse and curly pistils that are orange and gold in color. Topping things off, this eye-catching strain features a thick frosting of very sticky trichomes that are golden-hued.

When to harvest your Dancehall cannabis plants

When properly tended to, Dancehall marijuana plants provide average-sized yields of gorgeous CBD-rich buds that are sure to delight growers and users alike.

When raised in an indoor setting, this sativa-leaning hybrid should be ready to harvest in about 8 to 10 weeks with a yield of about 283 to 340 grams per square meter.

Cultivated out in nature, Dancehall generally produces an approximate yield of 340+ grams per plant sometime around the first or second week of the month of October.

Similar cannabis strains to Dancehall

1. Painkiller XL: this well-balanced hybrid strain that comes with a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio of 9% and that cerebrally uplifts while relaxing the body also has Juanita La Lagrimosa as one of its parent strains.

2. Royal Medic: as a sativa-dominant hybrid that contains 12% CBD and just under 10% THC and provides users with powerful healing and some lucid cerebral effects is another offspring of Juanita La Lagrimosa.

3. Dance World: this sativa-dominant hybrid, which boasts a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio of 12%, is the offspring of both Juanita La Lagrimosa AND Dancehall!

4. Lemon Thai: this upbeat and cheer-inducing strain also has a sativa-to-indica ratio of 60:40, but unlike Dancehall, it contains 21% THC.

5. Medibud: with an indica to sativa ratio of 60:40, a CBD level of 1%, and a moderate yet impactful THC content of 17%, Medibud offers medical and recreational users some very soothing and euphoric effects.



Additional information

Strain Genetics



40% Indica, 60% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Indoor Yield

Up to 350 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 350 gr

Best Use

Anytime, Depression, Fatigue, Pain


Diesel, Earthy, Fruity

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

22 reviews for CBD Dancehall Medical Feminized Seeds

  1. VenomousViper Verified Owner

    Dancehall Seeds offers a wide range of Dancehall strain seeds for growers looking to cultivate this CBD-heavy hybrid. With a CBD to THC ratio of more than 1:1, Dancehall provides therapeutic benefits such as stress relief, improved sleep, and increased appetite. This strain has lively and long-lasting effects, leaving users feeling uplifted, euphoric, and aroused. However, individuals prone to anxiety or panic attacks should be cautious as Dancehall may increase paranoia.

  2. Seong-Hun Kim Verified Owner

    With a mild fragrance and high CBD content, this sativa strain offers a clear-headed and creative high. It’s great for social gatherings, providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The plants can grow tall, reaching up to 8 feet outdoors, and thrive in dryer climates with low humidity

  3. Dmitri Smirnov Verified Owner

    This strain is a perfect choice for those seeking relief from depression, fatigue, and pain. With its high CBD levels and sativa-dominant genetics, it provides a happy and uplifting experience. The buds have a unique blend of diesel, earthy, and fruity flavors. Growing this strain indoors or outdoors is relatively easy, making it accessible for intermediate growers.

  4. 8CelestialCipher Verified Owner

    The CBD content really helps with my pain and fatigue, while the uplifting effects leave me feeling happy and relaxed. All of my seeds sprouted and germinated, making for a successful and enjoyable growing experience. The fruity and earthy flavors add an extra touch of enjoyment to this already amazing strain.

  5. WeedWhiz Verified Owner

    Great high-energy party smoke, no wonder they call it dancehall. Got me up and about with ease and really put a pep in my step. The fruity earthy taste was great as well! Only downside is that this had some growing difficulties as it was not the most resilient plant outdoors. Still worth the time if you want a good upbeat smoke.

  6. Brenda Ochoa Verified Owner

    CBD Dancehall is one of the best strains I have tried for managing my chronic pain and fatigue. It has a fruity and earthy flavor that I love and leaves me feeling happy, relaxed, and uplifted. It was easy to grow indoors and produced a high yield. I highly recommend this strain for anyone dealing with chronic pain or fatigue.

  7. y3110wp3ngu1n5 Verified Owner

    This easy-to-grow CBD strain is a breath of fresh air. Dancehall has a light euphoria and pain-relieving capabilities. It’s nature’s medicine growing right in your own backyard.

  8. Snowflake3Squid Verified Owner

    CBD Dancehall are here to get the party started! With its high CBD content and mild fragrance, this sativa strain is perfect for beginners. Whether you’re looking to treat chronic pain or just want a clear-headed, creative high, Dancehall has you covered.

  9. AlwaysLastPikachu24 Verified Owner

    CBD Dancehall is a fantastic strain for anyone looking for a balanced high that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. The earthy and fruity flavors make for a pleasant smoking experience, while the CBD content helps with any aches and pains. I love how versatile this strain is – perfect for any time of day!

  10. CannabisCove Verified Owner

    A moderately difficult grow that took almost 10 weeks to grow, but it was not too difficult to take care of. For experienced growers, this should be easy to take care of. A nice gentle high that is great for pain and fatigue.

  11. user454 Verified Owner

    Got this to grow for some of my relatives who have various aches and pains related to aging but don’t want to get super “stoned.” All of them love this and are always asking me to grow more. I make salves with it too. Good stuff. Two thumbs up!

    Grant A., Paonia, CO

  12. HiddenGamepad Verified Owner

    I found CBD Dancehall to be a great strain for any time of the day, and it helped me feel less anxious and more relaxed. It also helped with my chronic pain and gave a nice boost of energy without any jitteriness. Would recommend it for those with depression and fatigue as well.

  13. TemporalTitan51 Verified Owner

    Dancehall is the perfect strain for a creative and social high, without the paranoia. it helps me with pain, mood swings, and fatigue. Growing it can be a challenge, but its completely worth it, you’ll get a nice harvest of aromatic weed.

  14. GrowGreenMagic Verified Owner

    This really helps relieve pain and tension in my hips and lower back. Helps with pelvic floor dysfunction, and generally puts me in a relaxed mood. Buying online is definitely the way to go….saves money and time and usually the growing instructions on this site are really useful and helpful. I also had to call customer service about delivery rates, they were very helpful and it was easy to find a person to talk to. 5/5 stars for great product and service!

  15. Stacey Davis Verified Owner

    Great! I am a huuuuge fan of this weed, especially since it’s so high in CBD. Let me tell you, this weed is GREAT for those pesky aches and pains, and the VOLUME of nug (usually between 500-600 G per 3 plants) is crazy! I am able to save hundreds of $$ off growing at home, and with seed genetics like these, it’s hard to mess up!

  16. Maisie Marshall Verified Owner

    Gets me into the perfect creative space. That’s why I am always smoking it before band practice! Had a great experience growing this at home. I tell ya, igrowing your own mj saves you lots of $$ and IMO it’s better quality than Pacific. Can’t wait to smoke this dope!

  17. Rafferty Pierce Verified Owner

    Heady and delicious this weed is great for getting up and getting out! Love the fast growing seeds, the convenient delivery, and the amazing growing advice you can find here on this website. Great customer service team too, always willing to help!

  18. Jobe Stanley Verified Owner

    Been a weed grower since before it was legal in California. NoCal has the best growing conditions for weed anywhere in the states. I buy 5 seeds at a time and am always spacing them out so my harvest goes all year long (In a greenhouse). Really nice looking weed with a TON of mental health benefits. Excited to grow more marijuana, even if it takes a little while!

  19. Kobie Forbes Verified Owner

    A surprisingly balanced hybrid with a sativa leaning kick that makes going out on the town all that more fun. Growing at home was actually quite nice and not a chore. Been great for smoking on my own and with my buddies. It has a forest taste to it, kinda like pine trees, and it goes pretty much straight to your head, so get ready to dance! Or just chill out and watch a movie haha!

  20. Yaqub Witt Verified Owner

    Best when smoked for relaxation and pain relief. The THC content is relatively low, but the CBD is quite high. You’ll feel a little lighter mentally, and physically you will be buzzing and tingling. I am lucky to have a greenhouse on my property. It makes weed growing extra easy. Ordering online is also a huge advantage. Happy I found this website, I will recommend it to all my weed-loving friends.

  21. Janice Fernandez Verified Owner

    Makes me sleepy and hungry haha.

    Grew in a greenhouse, 600 grams. Freshhhh.

    Gonna buy more now, cheap & fast delivery times.

  22. Cade Deacon Verified Owner

    Get ready for a night out when you smoke the dancehall mj strain. Good for making into weed butter, and then baking into cookies or brownies. Made some great edibles in my day off and took em and shared em with my buddies. Fast shipping, reliable germ, and a medium yield of dank sticky weed!!

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