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CBD Critical Mass Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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CBD Critical Mass medical feminized cannabis seeds are indica-dominant plants that get their name from the considerable density of the flowers, which grow so large and thick that the branches of this strain have been known to snap. Our CBD-rich version offers enhanced therapeutic benefits that can ease many different symptoms and conditions.

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CBD Critical Mass Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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CBD Critical Mass medical feminized cannabis seeds are indica-dominant plants that get their name from the considerable density of the flowers, which grow so large and thick that the branches of this strain have been known to snap. Our CBD-rich version offers enhanced therapeutic benefits that can ease many different symptoms and conditions.

Medical Critical Mass Strain

CBD Critical Mass possesses equal amounts of CBD and THC – 7% – which is low for THC, but very high for CBD. The winning combination introduces a numbing sensation that leaves patients feeling creative and focused, if a bit sluggish. This latter effect makes this strain best for evening and nighttime use, as you are unlikely to be in the mood for working or running errands once you’ve settled down with CBD Critical Mass. The high amount of CBD works in concert with the THC to add potency, and also eliminates much of the psychoactive effect for which THC is known. As such, CBD Critical Mass cannabis seeds are ideal for those seeking purely medicinal benefits without the added “high”

CBD Critical Mass Effects

Medicinally, Critical Mass can be useful in combating pain, be it chronic or recurring, including migraines and headaches. The strain stimulates appetite and reduces nausea, which makes it beneficial to people who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, or battling anorexia. The relaxing qualities of the strain can also ease stress and anxiety, lulling you into restful sleep. The effects of CBD Critical Mass are long-lasting and provide hours of relief.

How To Grow Critical Mass CBD

CBD Critical Mass is susceptible to mold, and therefore often grown indoors to allow the grower greater climate control. That said, as long as the conditions are dry enough, this strain can also thrive outdoors. Suitable for tight quarters, CBD Critical Mass cannabis seeds are a good choice for the Sea of Green method. You’ll have your personalized natural medicine in no time with the strain’s relatively short flowering period of 6 to 8 weeks.

Level up your cannabis knowledge with our informative CBD Critical Mass article.

Buy CBD Critical Mass medical feminized cannabis seeds to combat your pain.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Critical Mass x S. Indian x Brazillian


80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content

7% / 1:1

CBD Level



Relaxing, body stone

Best Use

Anytime; Pain management; clears the mind; creative but low-energy


Sweet, earthy, pungent

Indoor Yield

500-600g per m2

Outdoor Yield

700-1000g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


0 responses to “CBD Critical Mass Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. Sunny P. says:

    I like this strain cause it doesn’t overpower me, helps me feel relaxed and de-stress at the end of the day. It’s got a nice earthy aroma, and it hits pretty clean, never makes me groggy, just very mellow and relaxed. Helps a lot with depression too, if that’s an issue in your life. I think things are really looking up and that’s why I will keep buying more!

  2. DNA says:

    If you’ve ever tried the regular critical mass, you’ll probably dig this stuff too, it’s pretty much the same look and taste, and even the buzz is similar, but much more low key. The CBD really helps with stress and anxiety, great for joint pain and good to have around for sleep as well. I tried hard at growing this and feel like I did pretty well. I will try growing indoors next time, just to increase yield.

  3. yabbadabbadoo says:

    This weed has been great for my sore muscles after I go for a long run. I usually run in the morning, cool down, stretch and then drink a smoothie. Once all is said and done, I usually smoke a little weed to help relax the muscles. The CBD does great things for my pain and stress and overall the grow was very easy as well. Love the taste too, sort of like a pine forest, yummm. Great buy!

  4. MS says:

    This is where you get some the best seeds on the internet. I haven’t found a company out there with a better online selection of CBD strains. It’s pretty remarkable. This strain is one of my favorites, really easy to grow and gives a great low key buzz and helps with anxiety and depression. I use it after work or on the weekends, just to have a little mind vacation 🙂 I’ll be back for more!

  5. Four Eyes 90 says:

    Well, if you’re a fan of the regular critical mass strain, you’ll probably also dig this delicious stuff. It’s got that same tangy earthy flavor, yum yum! But it feels a heck of a lot different, much more mild and relaxed, great for minor aches and pains, also not bad for stress and depression too. It’s an easy grow. I had great success with just 3 plants. I’ll definitely buy more weed!

  6. lacker726 says:

    One of the better 1:1 strains I have come across. You really get the best of both worlds. You feel much better about life after smoking, helps with stress, anxiety, and also gives you a nice mind buzz, great for helping with getting work done, or even just relaxing and watching a movie with friends. Hope everyone tries out this strain, it’s not difficult to grow!

  7. hungryhippo says:

    This is a one of a kind strain of mj. I am kind of a weed snob to be real, and have been smoking the normal Critical Kush for years. I was geeking out to find that GCS actually produces its own CBD strain of this weed. I ordered online and had them growing in my basement. Remarkably easy and very productive. I love the mild buzz, never overwhelming and perfect for aches and pains. Very pleased with this weed!

  8. jugaloo says:

    I used to smoke the regular critical kush but knew I had to dial down my THC usage cause I was getting paranoid! This weed really helps with that, I feel really relaxed and also enjoy the mild THC buzz. It’s nice for a walk in the park or just chilling out at home. I love gardening so this was a piece of cake. I was really impressed by these seeds, highly recommend!

  9. pntson says:

    I am not a huge fan of THC, it usually gives me a headache and makes me groggy. This weed however does the opposite. It gives me a lovely body buzz and keeps me feeling fresh for hours! It’s a nice backyard grow, doesn’t take up all of your time, and is very relaxing in a way. Great smoking, smooth and tastes kinda earthy. I smoke usually in the evening to help with stress and pain. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  10. raene05 says:

    This is different from my norm but the leaves are similar in shape,size,and structure as my Critical Mass Mother plant. I have to say all the seeds I’ve purchased are on point with the genetics GC says they are. Been growing/breeding since 1988 and I’ve seen most of America’s OG strains and some Canadian. Thanks again for keeping it real.

  11. jed red horse says:

    Critical mass is one of go-to strains and I was really happy to see there’s a CBD version of this stuff. It’s been great for my stress and anxiety but also helps with the minor aches and pains that come along with working construction. It’s a relaxing grow, does well in any garden space and it has a lot of yield to offer after only about 4 months!!! I smoke right before bed to take the edge off and help me unwind. Great buy!

  12. richard long says:

    Excellent way to have a ton of weed while stretching your dollar. It’s an impressive strain no doubt, very easy to grow and produces around 800 g per plant if you do it right. I like the CBD vibes of this weed, helps me relax, stay stress free, and offers up some delicious earthy flavors as well. The buzz is mild and not overwhelming, great for pain management as well!

  13. Trisha Thompson says:

    I have been a fan of the critical mass strain for a long time now. I usually buy it from the dispensary, but lately the bills have just gotten too high and I need to relax my spending a bit and decided to grow my own. oI am so glad GCS offers a CBD strain of this weed, it’s so nice and relaxing and offers me some excellent pain relief. Perfect before going to work. I really dig this stuff!

  14. wassupdoc says:

    I have been a medical mj user for years and have enjoyed growing my own weed in the past, so I am happy I got try some seeds from GCS. I ordered online and the seeds showed up very fast, nice germ rate on my 5 plants and I got them growing in the greenhouse out back almost right away. I truly enjoy this stuff and really like the pain management benefits it offers for my arthritis!

  15. Sandy Madsen says:

    This weed has been great before bedtime. I usually smoke a bow of this right as I am about to go to sleep and I feel much better about things. This has helped with my joint pain and my anxiety, but it does not get me stoned, so I don’t need to worry about it! It’s pretty fun to grow, no worries on that front, and it offers me a ton of nug. Great stuff!

  16. malik says:

    This weed has been one of my favorites for years and I was so happy to see that GCS carries a CBD version of it. Ordered online and the seeds shipped out super fast! Got them in the ground in no time and really enjoyed the growing process. I like the buzz, it’s very mild and has been excellent for my joint and back pain. Gives me couch lock for sure, so time to watch my favorite movie!

  17. hunny mustard says:

    Huge nugs on this plant! It was so much weed I could hardly keep up, but very worth it in the end. I don’t really care for getting majorly stoned, so this weed is a nice middle ground and helps me a lot with pain and anxiety. It’s a very chilled out buzz and a great opportunity to relax and work on my mental health. I will be back for more!

  18. sweetbuns420 says:

    This is an excellent addition to my CBD collection. I am in the process of starting a CBD grow op here in southern OR and just got a nice wholesale shipment from GCS. They have a phenomenal CBD selection and it’s amazing how fast the seeds arrived. The trays are currently germinating and hopefully will be in the ground in about a month. I love the taste and smell of this stuff (have grown before) and it’s always a winner with aches and pains.

  19. Gail Bonner says:

    This weed is CRITICALLY relaxing! Perfect for my joint pain and for my headaches, and very easy to grow! I got my seeds delivered super fast, and germinated them using the paper towel method, got 3 of 3 seeds to pop and they grew tall and bushy and beautiful! In just 4 months I was harvesting flower, and smoking on the daily, has been such a game changer for me. Thanks GCS!

  20. Jordan Norris says:

    If you’re needing some serious pain relief, this weed is the best there is! It’s great for my back and joint pain, which has been plaguing me for years. I do love to garden so this whole process was a great excuse to get my hands dirty. Ordering online from GCS was a cinch and soon my amazing seeds arrived! Got around 800 G from my little plants and have been smoking every day for pain relief!

  21. dennisthemenace says:

    Critical mass has been one of my favorite strains for years and when I found out they did a CBD version of this strain I nearly freaked! I ordered online and had the seeds shipped out super fast. it’s been easy and fun to grow and the grow time is short and the weed is nice and strong as a painkiller. Great stuff!

  22. Sharon Prentiss says:

    Critical Mass is that perfect anytime weed that helps with chronic pain and headaches. I have joint pain from working on a computer all day, and this weed has been super successful in helping me with my symptoms. I enjoy the relaxing effects of the pot but it doesn’t get me stoned which is nice. GCS delivered the seeds right to my door and they were very easy to grow. Will be back for more!!!

  23. steve n says:

    I have such bad anxiety that I wanted something medical that would make me feel better but not be addicting or have long-term, destructive effects on my mind. A friend mentioned CBD and I’m so glad she did. The critical mass cbd cannabis dims my anxiety to almost nothing and actually lets me think. It also can kind of make me sleepy, so I often use it at night to help me sleep. The smell at first I found kind of off-putting (like a soily, dirt smell) but now I like it and it reminds me of being in the garden. The seeds from Grower’s Choice are the best!

  24. aipwie poskdwk says:

    I don’t even bother refilling my prescription for migraine meds anymore–this CBD critical mass strain works better and faster and is frankly less scary than that stuff! This strain is what I have recommended to my dad and his friends for chronic pain and I find that they all enjoy it, too. The growing process has gone well so far, but it’s only been a couple of weeks. I love this weed.

  25. Lawrence Hart says:

    Dense heavy nugs with a great smell and taste, kind of citrusy or like pine wood. This strain has been a go to of mine for years, but I was surprised to find a CBD strain of this weed, and knew I HAD to grow it. Ordering online with GCS was a breeze! Got my seeds in the mail in just about a week and germinated all 3 using the paper towel method. Now I smoke my own weed in the evening and feel relaxed and pain free!

  26. Connie B. says:

    It’s true, the buds on this plant really are HUGE and dense!!!! I loved growing this weed, it was my very first time! Germinated my seeds using the paper towel method found on THIS SITE!!!!! Got 3 very tall and beautiful plants, and the smell is very earthy and piney. I love smoking this weed in the evening to help me with aches and pains but doesn’t get me super zonked! Happy as a clam!

  27. Bea Motley says:

    Medical mj user here, and I need CBD weed to help me with severe migraines that pop up from time to time. Critical Mass has been instrumental in dealing with my symptoms, I am so glad I decided to grow A great strain for an indoor space, behaves very well, and produces quite a lot of weed! It’s great for smoking anytime of day, won’t wear you down and get you messed up in the head, just relief from your aches and pains. Highly recommend!

  28. Harry S says:

    I needed a weed for my joint pain and inflammation and was led to this site by a friend. The CBD critical kush is an excellent strain, ordered my seeds online and they shipped out fast and reliably. Got all 3 plants to grow beautifully and had a fantastic harvest, extremely relaxing but not overpowering, has helped me with pain, stress, and sleep!

  29. Daniel Vaughn says:

    I need me some Critical Mass at the end of a long work day! I work labor so my body’s always aching in some way or another and so this is a godsend when I get home. I usually make dinner and smoke a joint of this for pain relief. I enjoyed growing the weed, and it’s been keeping pretty well since. I was impressed with GCS collection and plan to buy more.

  30. Timothy S says:

    If you like to smoke a lot of weed but don’t necessarily like to get stoned, go with the critical mass CBD strain. GCS has an amazing online selection, especially of CBD strains. I use CBD to help me with aches and pains and to help me sleep. Plus the indica dominance in the weed really helps with relaxation. Easy and fun to grow if you follow basic growing principles. Happy with my purchase!

  31. Paul R. says:

    Definitely more of a night time smoke than other strains of mj. Have been growing marijuana for years but first time buyer with GCS, was wowed at the amazing selection of seeds on thsi site and was able to choose the right strain for me, Easy germination and fairly fast growing period, smells lovely and reminds me of the woods, and has been extremely helpful in alleviating symptoms associated with my arthritis, I usually smoke before bed to help with the pain as well as to help me sleep.

  32. Geoffrey G. says:

    I never really thought about cannabis being medicinal since I grew up in a strict anti-drug household. As I got older, I started getting really bad headaches and the pharma drugs I used often gave me side effects that were just as bad as my headaches. After some research, I thought I would try it out just to see and found that CBD strains were actually supposed to be really helpful. I used to buy some from a dispensary, but I just found that the product was too inconsistent. After MORE research, I found this company, learned about feminized cannabis seeds, and got to work. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made and even my parents were surprised at how much better it was. My mom even looks after my plants when I go on vacation.

  33. Kurt C. says:

    I really wanted to experience the therapeutic benefits of weed without all of the paranoia that I usually experience every time I use cannabis. I’m really glad I picked this strain, it’s been so helpful to treat my migraines and it’s amazing having a supply on hand. It also grew really quickly, which is great because I’m impatient! Based on these feminized cannabis seeds, I’ll definitely be ordering from Growers Choice again! The prices are reasonable and the delivery was quick—what more can I ask for?

  34. Sam W. says:

    I love these feminized cannabis seeds and am so glad I decided to buy from Growers Choice. Growing wasn’t hard thanks to all the helpful growing advice I found on the website, and after about a month and a half I had some great plants! This strain helps me de-stress after a long day of work and I’ve never slept better in my life. This strain is a bit pricier than most of the other seeds on the site, but it’s a small price to pay for the quality you get from using this plant.

  35. Alex N. says:

    I started using medicinal marijuana to combat migraines. My prescribing doctor recommended I grow my own and to look for feminized cannabis seeds, which is how I came to find this site. After using it for about a year, he told me to use it more regularly to prevent migraines and I can say that I haven’t had one in 6 months. I’m not much of a gardener, so it was hard for me to figure out all the information I should have known first. Once I actually started reading the blog here, I was more successful in my second attempt. This is one of the best informative sites too, as it often gives you some real information for newbies.

  36. fastrack87 says:

    I’ve tried higher THC strains that are good for sleep, but indica or not they just activate my brain and it starts thinking about anything and goes into a wormhole of thought. I love this stuff because it actually calms me down. Super easy to grow as feminized cannabis seeds. Yield was great, timelines were exactly as described and plants grew taller than expected. I grow indoors, so I don’t know if that changes it, but was very pleased with the outcome.

  37. Elena G. says:

    I usually love Critical Mass seeds and these I ordered online from Growers Choice showed in up in good shape, I was hoping they would be better than the seeds I’ve bought locally. Germinating was easy but even though I did what I could to manage the climate in my grow room I still had trouble with mold. Dunno if that was my fault or that these were just more susceptible to it. My other strains didn’t have the same kind of problem so I just don’t know. I might try again because it really is one of my go-to for migraines.

  38. Michael G. says:

    I have arthritis, and have since a young age, this stuff is the first I’ve used that gives me the perfect balance to continue my day and still combat the pain. I ordered 5 seeds and all 5 germinated, which I wasn’t expecting. I’m also really glad I decided to try feminized cannabis seeds…no other pot seed I’ve grown can even compare to the ease in which these ones grew. Love my babies (plants).

  39. Marcia says:

    I have chronic fatigue syndrome, which wasn’t considered a real medical condition for a long time. The thing is that it never goes away, you just try and manage the condition. I tried high CDB and high THC strains from a pharmaceutical company, but they just didn’t work for me. This is a good strain for nighttime use and they are high quality weed seeds.

  40. emmachung234 says:

    I’m glad that I bought from Growers Choice! The seeds arrived fast and their customer support was super helpful. High quality seeds and really help with my pain.

  41. wuyangliu135 says:

    Ordering online for the first time and I’m very satisfy with my purchase. shipping was fast and the customer service was helpful. I really enjoy this strain. Thank you!

  42. chambb55 says:

    Ordered all 3 of the medical options, and this was my favourite to smoke in the evening to just decompress and relax. Helped a lot of with my back pain, but unlike some other strains this one did make me tired. Perfect for getting comfortable and helping to make sure I had a good sleep without the pain I usually get from laying down.
    Seeds arrived quick and without issue, and didn’t run in to any issue when growing. Solid choice all around.

  43. williesneilson says:

    Good service through their website, I never did find a brick and mortar storefront but they sent the seeds right away and the yield was just fantastic and really helped with my knee pain.

  44. Sam Mason says:

    Such a nice strain. The only reason for the 4 star review is the slightly low flowering time – not a big deal but I’d prepare yourself for about 70 days, depending on your climate and lighting circumstances. All in all, I really enjoy the CBD as an alternative to the high, and there’s no doubt this Critical is great for evenings and can put you straight to sleep!

  45. washingtonRS2006 says:

    I found Growers Choice when I was looking for a company that would ship to rural Washington. Their customer service was top notch, they talked me through the shipping process and even helped me pick out a strain for my back pain (CBD Critical Mass). The seeds arrived a few days later and after germination were in the ground without any problems. The entire process felt good and it helped my back pain tremendously.

  46. Janie Cohen says:

    I am so happy that I bought seeds from Growers Choice. I was able to find exactly what I wanted, and the seeds showed up even faster than I had expected/hoped. Quality product and great customer service!

  47. Jimmy Smithe says:

    These seeds are awesome. Ordering online was simple (this website is way better than others I have used) and the seeds arrived quickly. and in great condition. Not a single problem with growing and I truly enjoy this strain–great for decompressing and relaxing after a long day.