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CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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The Blueberry CBD strain is a favourite recognized for its medicinal benefits. Traditional Blueberry indica was paired with a CBD –rich strain for a strong therapeutic effect that can ease many symptoms.

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CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Widely recognized for its healing benefits, Blueberry is a favorite in the medical marijuana world. CBD Blueberry feminized cannabis seeds pair the traditional indica with a CBD–rich strain, further strengthening those therapeutic effects.

High-CBD Blueberry

Unlike traditional Blueberry (get our auto-flowering version here), which has a moderate level of THC at 16%, CBD Blueberry brings this THC down to 7%, and matches it with 7% CBD. While this percentage is low for THC, when it comes to CBD 7% is a powerful dose. Not only does the prevalence of this cannabinoid pump up the healing benefits, both on its own and in combination with THC, it also blocks the psychoactivity of the THC, making CBD Blueberry relatively free of psychoactive effects. If you’re seeking a strain that is purely therapeutic, CBD Blueberry cannabis seeds are the perfect choice.

CBD Blueberry Effects

CBD Blueberry cannabis seeds develop flowers that offer the same fruity, blueberry taste and scent of their parent strain, and provide a long, relaxing high topped up with a sense of euphoria. Medicinally, this strain can serve as a mood enhancer – it a good treatment for stress and depression, when used with care.

Medical CBD Blueberry Strain

The relaxing qualities of CBD Blueberry cannabis seeds can ease chronic and recurring pain falling anywhere on the scale from mild to severe. Patients undergoing chemotherapy, or other treatments that come with lots of side effects, can find relief without the heady effect of recreational strains. The cheerful calmness that sets in shortly after consuming CBD Blueberry fades gently into sedation, which can combat insomnia and relieve any stress or anxiety preventing total relaxation.

This medium-height plant is ideal for growing indoors, and can yield an impressive crop of up to 500g of flower per square meter. The medical buds will be ready for harvest in eight to nine weeks.

Want to learn more? Read our CBD Blueberry Cannabis Strain article!

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3.83 (6 votes)

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Afghani x Thai x Purple Thai


80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-65 days

THC Content

7% / 1:1

CBD Level



Calming, relaxing, happy

Best Use

Evening; pain management; stress reduction


Fruity, Mango

Indoor Yield

400-500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

550-650g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


0 responses to “CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. Kelly Simmons says:

    It’s a very mellow kind of weed, isn’t really there to get you stoned, but definitely gets you feeling giddy and a little happy too. I like the flavor, as anyone would, it’s like fresh berries with a hint of skunk, and it definitely does well in the garden, definitely worthwhile and happy as can be!

  2. largescreenas says:

    One of the more refreshing strains of weed out there. It’s very easy to grow and does well in a backyard setting. I have a nice sunny spot out in the backyard and this seed took remarkably well to the soil. I hope I can smoke this stuff everyday for a long time. I am hopeful that this weed will help me with my arthritis as well. Great for pain, and it tastes like fresh berry pie!

  3. conjunctionzx says:

    This helps me a lot with my headaches and joint pain. It’s a wonderful gardening project and doesn’t seem to be too hard to grow. My seeds did very well in the garden beds I have built out back, and I am pretty stoked about the general smell and taste of this stuff. Smells just like blueberry and has these richly colored purple flowers, which are really pretty! Hope I can smoke this every day from now on!

  4. schrutefarms says:

    It’s definitely one of the easier grows I have done in recent years. Helps a lot with stress and pain and also makes me very happy! I usually smoke this in the evening, after the work day is done, and suddenly feel much lighter. The buzz is mild and the pain relief is very real. I love the smell too, as everyone mentions, the taste of blueberry is amazing! How can you go wrong with this stuff. It’s magic!

  5. Sprinkles1029 says:

    I’ve actually been smoking the blueberry indica on this site for a while now, but decided to try out this CBD strain instead. Turns out it’s really excellent for headaches and stress, and the buzz is really mild, but very soothing and relaxing. Helps with sleep and stress, and all around has good vibes. Never overpowering and still smells like blueberries!

  6. weedman says:

    I have always been a fan of the blueberry strains of weed, they always have that sweet/sour taste I am after, but this weed has been my favorite for some time now. It’s excellent for pain, stress, and anxiety and the buzz is nice and mild, never overpowering. It’s been good for my back and neck pain as well, since I work labor 3 days a week. Couldn’t have asked for a better growing experience, will be back for more!

  7. tempo fred says:

    I never through I’d be here writing a review about weed, since I haven’t used it my whole life, but WOW I really have been missing out! This stuff is truly excellent, it’s not difficult to order or grow and produces a LARGE amount of marijuana for smoking. I have a big STASH now, and am feeling excellent about it, especially since it smells like blueberries! Really perfect for any night off from work, keeps the body and mind at ease!

  8. ampm18 says:

    I am so happy I bought this weed! It’s been super great for my anxiety and depression and offers me a lot of pain relief as well. It’s not difficult to grow and always gives a nice yield. Happy I ordered with GCS this time, they have one of the best online selections for sure and this is no exception. Beautiful plant too, very colorful and deep purple and red. I will most certainly be back for more!

  9. dagger029 says:

    You really can’t beat this stuff. It’s been an incredible buy for me. Ordered my seeds online with GCS and they shipped out hella fast! 100% germination on these seeds and what an amazing yield too! Great for my back and neck pain. I couldn’t ask for more than this. It tastes and smells like blueberries and really helps me unwind. Happy as can be!

  10. Tony says:

    I’ve been a medical mj patient for years and this has been my go-to for some time now. My husband suggested we grow some at home and so we ordered weed online at GCS and had the seeds delivered to our front door. I enjoyed growing this mj in our garden in the back and have to say the blueberry flavor is very strong and relaxing. The CBD helps greatly with my neck and back pain, and I will certainly come back for more!

  11. checkmate 7399 says:

    This has been an excellent choice to handle my chronic pain symptoms. I love how easy it was to grow, I did so in my basement in my new grow space. It gives off some delicious nugs, so purple and beautiful and delicious! It’s heavily relaxing, but the buzz isn’t overpowering. It’s an excellent buy. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  12. raene05 says:

    This is a truly exceptional plant and is true to its healing benefits. Thanks!

  13. ptero says:

    This was my first attempt at growing weed. I ordered this strain online to help me with my joint pain and depression and it really seems to be doing the trick. It was not difficult to grow and offered a lot of flower for me to smoke. It really does taste like blueberries and is very easy on the lungs too. The buzz is very mild but the pain benefits are remarkable. Highly recommend!

  14. Malcolm says:

    This is some delicious stuff, and so relaxing it’s hard to type! I ordered my seeds online with GCS, got them delivered right to my door, excellent buy for sure. This weed is super beautiful and amazing. I love the smell, it’s just like fresh berries and it has a great vibe about it. The buzz is very mild but the pain relief is REAL! Definitely give it a try!

  15. slackerlack says:

    This is one of my all time favorite strains. It’s been remarkably good for my depression, anxiety, and pain. Helps soothe my symptoms almost instantly and it tastes lovely. My husband did most of the growing, I am disabled. He has gotten a nice yield from this weed, and we have a lot to go around. It’s nice to have some in the evening when my symptoms flare up. Tastes like blueberries!

  16. Jeremy Grant says:

    I have terrible aches and pains, I am getting old and my joint pain is not getting much better. Never thought I’d be here, smoking mj to help me with pain, but my doctor told me about CBD and it truly has been very useful. I grew this mj in my backyard, and the seeds sprouted beautifully. The smoke is blueberry flavored and it helps a lot with my discomfort. It does not get me very high which I like. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  17. artychoke says:

    Truly an amazing plant. Something special about it’s bright green, red and blue leaves. The smell of berries is unmistakable and the buzz is easy breezy, no problems with getting stoned, only perfect for just chilling out and easing my aches and pains, even headaches. Has been a great asset in my life. Will buy more.

  18. robb boles says:

    This is some exciting weed! It’s very easy to grow and the CBD properties have been great for my chronic pain symptoms. It’s amazing how extensive the selection is on GCS, they have so much to offer! Glad I chose this one cause the taste is unbeatable, like a slice of blueberry pie in the summer, and the THC is low enough that I am not losing my mind!

  19. Aaliyah N says:

    This one is for the books. A great strain of mj with a lot to offer those of us who suffer from chronic pain. Have been smoking CBD strains for many years now, but this was my first time growing it on my own. Had great success just growing in my basement and WOW what an amazing flavor. Definitely a worthy buy!

  20. rachel says:

    I suffer from chronic pain and anxiety and this helps a lot. It’s a great backyard grow and the smell is so very pleasant it wont upset the neighbors. It’s been great for my pain and headaches and has helped some with my anxiety. I don’t care for getting high so the CBD component is very welcomed. Has a great flavor as well. A worthy buy for sure!

  21. Jeffrey Epom says:

    I ordered my seeds online with GCS and had these babies shipped out in no time. Germination was simply and effective using the paper towel method. Got an amazing yield too, and such a beautiful plant with its deep purple nugs and delicious berry flavor. Won’t get you stoned, but will help with any pain or headache you may have, nice indica edge for relaxation also.

  22. ashley h says:

    I am honestly so happy that medical marijuana is legal in my state now because cannabis helps me so much with my pain management. I have crippling arthritis and at first was kind of resistant to the idea of using pot to treat it (refer madness and all that) but my husband helped me buy it and grow it and the effects speak for themselves. You really can’t beat the convenience of buying it online and the quality of the seeds are so good! All 5 of our seeds germinated and I’ve really benefitted from the effects of this CBD strain so far.

  23. the DUDE says:

    I’m a firm believer that there isn’t much CBD can’t do. I even give it to my dog now, for real. It’s like the best therapy ever. I have been growing my own MJ for about a year now and these did not disappoint. They germinated and started growing quickly. I’ve had less luck with some other strains I’ve gotten on GCS and other websites but the grower’s Choice customer service has been super helpful with any issues.

  24. Jeanette Klein says:

    I rely on CBD for joint pain relief, and this weed does the trick in helping me relax at the end of a long day too! I love the taste and smell of this weed, it’s not too pungent and is lightly floral and sweet, like berries! Yummmmm! I love growing weed, have been doing so for many years and this was a great experience ordering online with GCS. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  25. Jared Green says:

    I need CBD to help me with my joint pain. It’s a lot to handle my arthritis during the work week, especially since I am stuck in front of a computer most of the day. This weed was very nice to grow in my backyard, it’s a lovely outdoor strain with a nice berry scent and deep purple trichomes, so lovely since I love to garden. I smoke usually in the evenings when my symptoms are at their worst. Excellent stuff!

  26. F. Garcia says:

    I tell ya I haven’t come across a better weed for pain relief AND taste! This is a solid strain for anyone who loves CBD. GCS has a great CBD selection already but this one is my favorite by far. It’s easy to grow and produces these flowers that are deep blue in color, gorgeous bud! I smoke anytime I feel a migraine coming on, and it tastes just like blueberry pie, plus it helps tremendously with my symptoms. Couldn’t ask for a better strain. Amazing stuff!

  27. Ian Lam says:

    If you need something to help you deal with aches and pains, this is the strain for you. It’s literally like a dessert weed, tastes very fruity and sweet but doesn’t get you stoned, helps me with my back and shoulder pain and also offers some light relaxation benefits as well. It’s a beautiful plant with dark blue buds, I’ve never seen anything like it before. Highly recommend!

  28. Landon Scott says:

    Another great CBD strain from the dudes over at GCS! I love this stuff, it’s super chill and really helps with muscle pains and headaches. I usually take a toke or two after work just to relax and feel alright about life. I grew in my basement, pretty nice looking plant, wild colors, and gave me a solid yield of about 250. Will be back for more!

  29. Riley McBride says:

    Probably the most gorgeous weed I have ever grown. GCS has an amazing online selection, so incredibly vast and affordable. I use CBD to help me with chronic migraines and was thrilled to grow the Blueberry variety, such an amazing plant, with bright red and purple trichomes all sticky with resin. Incredibly relaxing and has been great for my symptoms, I can’t wait to grow more!

  30. tdth39 says:

    The best stain I have ever tried awesome

  31. Joel K. says:

    CBD has been extremely helpful in dealing with my pain symptoms since I was in a car accident almost a year ago. I seldom smoked weed beforehand but when I found out about Blueberry CBD it sounded too pleasant to pass up. MY husband did most of the growing but the plant itself is extremely colorful and smells delightfully of berries in the summer. I should mention he grew indoors as well. Smoking this in the evenings has been extremely helpful for pain and inflammation relief. It also helps me sleep and tastes like blueberry pie:)

  32. jack says:

    I have finally harvested two of these plants and will tell you that the results are phenomenal and the effects are exactly as described in the seed description. Well done, folks.

  33. Gareth L. says:

    If you haven’t ever grown with feminized cannabis seeds before, I would highly recommend you switch over. This is my first time growing blueberry, so I didn’t want to waste my money. After seeing the reviews, I decided to go with this company and had no idea what feminized seeds were. To my surprise, I got the best yield I’ve ever had from any of my plants. I followed the grow advice from the site and actually decided to grow indoors.

  34. JSparrow says:

    My first time with a CBD plant and I loved it! Only germinated 3 of the 5 seeds I purchased, and they all popped! Careful with these if you are limited on space, 2 of the 3 stretched quite a bit (3rd received less light because of the 2), and got a bit of light bleaching. Smelled amazing all through it’s life, and I will definitely purchase again!

  35. Andy H. says:

    I was so excited about these seeds because the picture of the plant was just so beautiful! Wow, do these seeds truly turn into something gorgeous. It did take a bit for me to get my actual seeds, because I was originally sent the wrong order. However, after reaching out to the customer service team, my proper order was promptly delivered. Despite the inconvenience I’ll definitely order from Growers Choice again because these seeds were just awesome—because they’re feminized cannabis seeds, they’re so easy to grow!

  36. Winston B. says:

    First off—wow, what a beautiful looking plant! I decided to buy these feminized cannabis seeds based off the other reviews here and I’m so happy I did. It’s really helped me with my back pain from an old injury and it’s got a great taste. Really appreciate that I can partake of this and keep a clear mind without having to worry about becoming dependent on prescription pain meds. My only issue is that it doesn’t grow great outside—I tried putting one of my seedlings outside and it didn’t grow as well as the ones I kept indoor. But a small sacrifice for such a great plant!

  37. Smiley K says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, feminized cannabis seeds are the best for your buck. These grow into pretty great pot plants. You won’t have any issues growing, although I’ve only grown indoors, as long as you follow the instructions. I usually use this to manage my depression. I’ve been able to lower my dosage of SSRIs to less than half of the original dose. Online is really the best place to get great quality seeds. I know this company wholesales, but there’s nowhere to buy these seeds near me so online it is.

  38. hazeleyedqueen2 says:

    Love CBD blueberry. I’ve ordered seeds a few times, and grown these ones before from this company. Always had a great result, but that probably because these are feminized cannabis seeds. I hated having to pick a male out of the lot and found I’d be wasting half my plants from other companies. I used to grow outdoors, but recently moved and switched to indoors. The outcome is still 100%. Buying online is also great, because I know these seeds are from the same company every time and always fresh.

  39. Kelly F. says:

    CBD Blueberry is a good strain, but I was expecting something a little bit stronger. Not to get high, because that didn’t happen, but it also didn’t do anything for my anxiety. Really pretty to grow, though. A bit of a strong smell, almost got in trouble from my neighbors haha but I was able to pass it off. I think I just need something that has more CBD, and I hope you guys bring in some more options because I think your other strains are good and the shipping and prices are reasonable so I’d like to keep ordering my cannabis seeds online from here.

  40. Miranda says:

    This stuff is perfect for me because I didn’t want something too high in thc. A friend suggested buying feminized cannabis seeds, so that’s how I found this company. My delivery came extremely fast, and 4 out of 5 of my seeds germinated as expected. I really love how everything is pretty much laid out for you on the site too. You really can’t go wrong.

  41. kimgalex says:

    We got our seeds about a month ago. Germination took about 5-6 days. We have them under the grow lights and they are looking very healthy. We are first time growers (we are senior citizens LOL!) We have been researching for months on how to grow our own. So excited to get these seeds! My husband suffers from restless leg syndrome so bad. In a few months after harvest, I will come back and give another review on how it works. Thanks.

  42. Cayla says:

    I’ve never grown before, but I needed something for my migraines. The fact that these are feminized cannabis seeds just makes it even better. i ordered to Canada and have my license to grow, so it was probably the best decision I’ve made. I followed all the advice given to germinate and had no issues. 3 out of 3 plants sprouted and have been growing beautifully.

  43. eyjipt77 says:

    New to Cbd this strain has made me some what of a fan, I felt like a trillion Bitcoins.
    Any one looking fur a new grow try this strain from Growers Choice it won’t let you down

  44. chambb55 says:

    All my seeds germinated quickly and ended up giving me beautiful buds! Suffer from chronic back pain and this strain was great for helping ease that pain. Loving the high CBD strains because I felt like I could still go about my day normally, just more relaxed and pain free. Was able to go to work and not feel any anxiety about anything, so I really recommend this for people who want a really solid medicinal option.

  45. Sarah says:

    What a pretty plant! Not just aesthetically pleasing, but awesome at managing pain. Thanks to the high levels of CBD and lower THC, I had no feelings of paranoia. Just a totally relaxing experience. Customer service recommended this one, and I’m so glad they did!

  46. Mason says:

    These seeds germinated very quickly. I really enjoy this strain as it helps my hip pain, but doesn’t cloud my mind to where I can’t get other stuff done. They’re really pretty plants and gave me a high yield. I would recommend this to any medicinal patient looking for pain relief with low anxiety-inducing effects.

  47. aprilmalone051 says:

    I planted these ones as soon as I got my package in the mail. They germinated really quickly – actually, 4 of them did but I’m still giving 5 stars cause I know that’s unavoidable, but as soon as that happened I talked to the sales person and they’re sending me a new seed – I just had to pay shipping. The other four are looking good in their vegetative period right now – so pretty! Can’t wait to test this strain out.

  48. Simon Huang says:

    Was recommended to try this strain by the customer service rep a while back. Plants grew to flowering no problems and I must say she did a great job! This is perfect for my chronic knee pain and helps me relax at night without pain. Very high quality medicine.