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Wholesale Strawberry Cough Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

Few people, if any, enjoy a coughing fit more than cannabis connoisseurs. To those enthusiasts, coughing when you use a cannabis strain is an indication of quality or at least part of the ritual of smoking the fruits of a marijuana plant.

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Wholesale Strawberry Cough Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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The Iconic Genetics of Strawberry Cough’s Strain Profile

Though the genetic lineage of Strawberry Cough is technically of a mysterious, even mythical origin, we feel like we have a good line on the genetic lines that yielded this beloved cannabis seed strain. This particular marijuana strain is believed to be the progeny of Strawberry Fields, reminiscent of the beloved Beatles song, as well as the truly legendary genetics of Haze. Any strain with “Haze” in its name can likely trace its origins back to the old-school Haze strain. Granted, Strawberry Cough doesn’t have “Haze” in its name, but it does, presumably, lend its genetics to this hybrid cannabis strain.

What Kind of Hybrid Strain is Strawberry Cough?

Cannabis plants come in a variety of styles. Strawberry Cough is what we call a sativa-dominant strain. The sativa influences are heavy in this strain, as it comes in at 80 percent on the sativa front, and a mere 20 percent on the indica front. However, that is enough indica parentage to make an impact on the beneficial effects of Strawberry Cough as a strain. You might think of Strawberry Cough as a “manageable sativa” as a result of the bit of balancing that indica gives you. Indeed, this strain is an excellent choice for fans of sativa-dominant strains, and also those who want a reasonable, moderate THC level. These marijuana seeds typically come in at 18 percent on the THC front, with anything below 20, but about 15, being in the moderate range. Speaking of which, Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds also have a moderate level of CBD, another chemical compound with an impact on people. CBD can also tamp down the psychoactive effects of THC, so don’t worry about Strawberry Cough being one of the strongest strains. Oh, it’s an enjoyable sativa-dominant strain, but it’s not an overly strong one.

The Fruity Aroma and Fresh Strawberry Taste of Strawberry Cough

Your nose and your taste buds will be happy if you decide to grow your own Strawberry Cough! The sweet strawberry taste bolstered by a beautiful aroma is at the forefront of this strain. Some compare Strawberry Cough to a tasty strawberry milkshake, but there is complexity in this strain that gives you more than a fresh strawberry taste. There are those who sense an earthy tang in the flavor profile with a bit of pine cone in the mix. There is actually a milder strawberry scent to Strawberry Cough, though you do still get the aroma of a field of strawberries in the mix. Ah, but there is more to a field than just the sweet aroma of garden-fresh strawberries. There is a bit of a spicy profile in the scent, with herbal aromas that complement the standout flavor well. if you like a sweeter taste to your cannabis strains, then the ripe strawberry flavors will do well with you. However, you also get to enjoy that hint of spice and the herbal aroma in the mix as well. Complexity in flavor and aroma tends to be a good thing. if you like a sweet taste with your sativa characteristics, after your initial taste of Strawberry Cough we bet you will be hooked!

A Wide Range of Effects of Superb Quality From the Strawberry Cough Cannabis Seed Strain

The sativa influences of these cannabis seeds are clear in the way Strawberry Cough makes you feel. Sativa strains are energizing by nature, and they give you more of a heady high. That makes strains such as Strawberry Cough a smart choice for a daytime strain. If you use a strain like Strawberry Cough too close to bedtime, it might have a negative effect on your sleep, but as a daytime strain, or a strain for social settings, Strawberry Cough is a smart choice. The daytime boost is a real delight to many, and by being an energizing strain, it won’t keep you from engaging in physical activity, whereas an indica-dominant hybrid strain might have you dealing with couch lock. There are those who take to the strain quite well and experience a deep sense of euphoria, with blissful effects that carry them through their day. It is also often used as a creative strain, as the sativa with a hint of indica to round it out doesn’t prevent you from finding sharp focus in your mind. We will note that, among sativa varieties, Strawberry Cough is known as a “creeper strain.” That means that it tends to take a little while before the psychotropic effects of Strawberry Cough hit you. If you hit it too hard too fast, thinking the lack of effect comes from a lack of power in the strain, suddenly you might find yourself overwhelmed, which is not a happy experience. Take it easy and let the effects wash over you in time, because otherwise, this enjoyable sativa-dominant hybrid might turn a social evening of smoking into a tough night for you. It’s all about finding a happy medium, even if you love that distinct strawberry taste.

Strawberry Cough and Medical Use

There are medical conditions for which Strawberry Cough could become the choice when you buy marijuana seeds. Sativas, known for mood-boosting and head-based effects, are often used more to handle issues with mood and emotion. You might find that Strawberry Cough has anti-anxiety effects, and it can help with stress as well. It can make going about your day a happy experience, or at least a better experience. If you deal with fatigue, you could boost your energy levels with Strawberry Cough as well. Those standout flavors aren’t the only good thing about this cannabis seed strain!

Is it an Enjoyable Experience to Grow Strawberry Cough Cannabis Plants?

As experienced cannabis growers can tell you, cannabis is a sturdy plant. The ease of growth is one of the best reasons to make the move to growing your own marijuana plants at home. That being said, some strains are easier to grow than others. Fortunately for at-home growers, Strawberry Cough is a low-maintenance plant compared to some other strains, a forgiving plant in case you are still figuring out the whole “cannabis growing” thing. A medium-height plant, this is a strain you can go with whether you are an indoor grower or an outdoor grower. Expect a flowering time of 9-11 weeks with Strawberry Cough. At harvest time, indoor plants are 400 grams per square meter, while outdoor plants provide 400 grams per plant. Whether in an indoor garden or outdoor garden, Strawberry Cough’s ease of growth makes it a fine choice for novice cannabis growers.

Strawberry Cough Seeds for Sale From Growers Choice Seeds

After that initial taste of Strawberry Cough, we bet you are going to want to come back for more of this euphoric sativa. With Growers Choice Seeds, you can have quality feminized cannabis seeds delivered to you quickly and discreetly. We fully feminize all our cannabis seeds for sale because only female marijuana plants have buds, which is where almost all the THC in marijuana is found. Yes, we make the extra effort to give you the best experience possible as an at-home marijuana grower. The quality service we offer our customers is appreciated from the time they buy their seeds to shipping time and beyond. We want to create the optimal conditions for you, from first-time growers to experienced cannabis growers. Strawberry Cough is an incredible variety of cannabis seed strains, but we have a wide range of options for you when it comes to strains. No single plant can encapsulate everything there is to enjoy in the cannabis experience. Here are five other cannabis seed strains to consider beyond Strawberry Cough.

1. Blue Amnesia: Amnesia has provided its iconic genetics to strains such as Amnesia Haze, while Blueberry has legendary genetics prized by fruit-flavor strain lovers. Now, Amnesia and Blueberry have come together to give us Blue Amnesia. We offer it in auto-flowering feminized seed form, which means your plants will begin the flowering period automatically, not based on exposure to a specific light cycle.

2. Super Silver Haze: The concentration levels of THC resin give Super Silver Haze its name. This sativa-dominant hybrid is known for boosting energy levels and for a long-lasting high. That burst of energy has given Super Silver Haze a loyal fanbase around the globe!

3. Sundae Driver: A sweet treat from the Northern Hemisphere, this indica-dominant hybrid strain provides a happy medium between being uplifted and relaxed. If you like dessert strains, consider feminized seeds for Sundae Driver! That amazing taste is one to behold.

4. Jack Herer: Decades after introduction to the cannabis consumer, Jack Herer remains an award-winning favorite. This balanced hybrid strain offers you a peppery pine flavor worth checking out.

5. Super Sour Diesel: An iconic sativa strain, feminized seeds for Super Sour Diesel are packed with THC. You want energy? This is an incredible variety of marijuana strains for you!

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Strain Genetics



20% Sativa, 80% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Calming, Energetic, Focused

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield



Earthy, Spicy, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

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