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Wholesale Runtz Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

Candy-esque in taste and scent, Runtz seed strains are best known for their mixture of vibrant yet relaxing effects. Consumers can expect hours of joy and creativity followed by a comforting lull to close out the evening. 

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Wholesale Runtz Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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What are Runtz Feminized Seeds?

History of Runtz

An acclaimed strain, Runtz seeds are beloved for multiple reasons. Tart, sweet, and energizing, this strain of cannabis first emerged in California before gaining global popularity. While its taste is perfect for fans of the snack, this strain is also coveted for its deeply euphoric properties. Ideal for a quiet, berry-scented afternoon, consumers can expect a spark of lucidity that soothes. Additionally, the appearance of this strain is a nod to its namesake; gardeners can expect plants with a vibrant tapestry of candy-colored hues.

Characteristics of Runtz

Whether this hybrid strain is already your favorite or you’re curious to know more, we’ve put together all the basics for gardeners and consumers looking to grow or enjoy.

In general, Runtz seeds are best suited to intermediate gardeners rather than first-time cultivators. However, given their adaptability, this strain can be grown just about anywhere with appropriate care. As such, they make excellent indoor plants, and while they’re recommended for skilled growers, can be cultivated by beginner growers should they have the proper ambition and equipment.

Flowering Time

Runtz seeds are potent strains that have a flowering time of approximately 7-9 weeks. Typically, they will yield 16 ounces per plant if tended to thoughtfully. This translates to an average indoor yield of roughly 400 grams per square meter, and an outdoor yield of 450 grams per plant, respectively.

Feminized Seeds

Runtz seeds are sought after for more than their whimsical effects; highly versatile and pest-resistant, they can stand up to more challenges than your typical cannabis plant.

Typically, feminized seed strains, when pollinated by males, will produce seeds and resin-covered flowers. However, they will also prioritize seed production, which results in buds with reduced potency. Feminized seeds bypass this issue entirely by eliminating seed production.

While regular seeds will produce approximately 50% male plants, feminized seed strains are bred to produce only female plants. Therefore, growers who opt for feminized over auto-flower seeds can expect a crop of seed-free plants, higher yields with greater grams per plant, and maximized bud production. Additionally, there is a wide selection of feminized weed seeds available to meet a huge variety of preferences.

Feminized plants may be better suited to intermediate to expert growers, as there are additional essential steps in tending to immature crops. They tend to be a slightly less fast-flowering seed strain, typically ready for harvest 7-9 weeks from germination. They are also more sensitive to climate conditions. Humidity levels, temperature, and lighting will all require careful adjustment. Finally, they may need additional care to ward off pests. We recommend applying organic pesticides with 2-3 separate applications per week—although this will vary.

Growing Runtz Feminized Seeds

Indoor growers may want to consider the Screen of Green (SOG) method if they’re cultivating Runtz indoors; this method will encourage more lateral growth. In addition, experts recommend being generous with the use of nitrogen in its growing environment; doing so will help these feminized seeds reach their full potential.

In its vegetative period, keep your relative humidity levels at 55-75%. For the flowering period, aim for 35-50%. Temperature levels should be between 71-82 degrees Fahrenheit, and drop to 64-75 degrees at night.

Sweet Aroma and Fruity Flavor

If you have a sweet tooth, Runtz seeds will no doubt be enticing: Famous for their distinct flavor profile, they’re ideal for those seeking a fruity aroma and candy-scented euphoria. Tart and sweet, its dominant terpenes are Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Limonene. These are the terpenes responsible for the initial, potent hit of berries, followed by a waft of creamy, sugar-scented smoke.

Lime Green Color and Crystal Trichomes

Runtz seeds flourish into plants that are visually stunning: You can expect light, vibrant green plants with crystal trichomes and stringy calyxes. They will likely be of medium height, with a colorful appearance reminiscent of its namesake.

Your garden will boast orange pistils, purple leaves, and distinctive lime-green buds. While Runtz seeds are popular around the globe for their euphoric effects, their appearance makes them all the more coveted—particularly by growers.

Popular Cannabis Strains from the Runtz Strain

Runtz marijuana seeds are such a ideal strain that various varieties have been created. Below, we cover some of the basic facts about a few popular strains in the Runtz family.

White Runtz

A perfectly balanced strain, White Runtz Cannabis Seeds contain a 50/50 mixture of indica and sativa. Its parent strains, Zkittlez and Gelato, contribute to its distinctly delicious flavor: Like other strains in the Runtz family, this strain tastes potently of sweet and sour berry-like candy. Additionally, its characteristics are just as delicious as its flavor: Known to spark joy and profoundly soothe, this colorful plant can provide hours of pleasant, focused effects. Its buds are spade-shaped with deep green nugs coated in crystal, frosty trichomes.

Runtz OG

A potent hybrid strain, Runtz OG seeds also contain a mixture of 50/50 sativa and indica. As such, it provides a deep sense of lucidity and focus, while simultaneously relaxing the body. Rich with resin, this strain typically has a notably high THC content—although this may vary. As such, it is not recommended for beginners, but rather, best-suited to experienced growers and consumers seeking a heavy hit of euphoria.

Purple Runtz

Like its siblings, this strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid known for its gorgeous appearance and fruity essence. Visually, it boasts dense, rich green nugs with vibrant orange pistils and purple undertones. Consumers can expect notes of citrus and earth, with candy-esque overtones. Additionally, they’ll be greeted by a spark of mental lucidity mixed with intensely mellow physical effects.

Pink Runtz

This strain sparks joy, and euphoria, and may even leave you a little giggly. In another balanced hybrid, you can expect cerebral, focused effects that are known to alleviate stress. This strain typically has a high THC level and tastes of cherries and sour candy. Its dense, mint-green buds, fire-orange pistils, and snowy, white trichomes are as much a treat for the taste buds as they are for the eyes.

Auto flower Strains

Given Runtz’s enormous popularity, the Runtz family now has auto-flowering cannabis seeds for sale. Autoflower cannabis seeds originate from cannabis ruderalis and grow into mature cannabis plants that are resilient to mishandling. As such, they make excellent outdoor plants—yet can also flourish in smaller, indoor spaces. While Runtz strains are naturally pest-resistant, this capability is only further strengthened in auto-flowering varieties.

Runtz auto-flowering cannabis seeds tend to be fast-flowering strains and can be ready for harvest in as little as 35 days. They will flower on their own without adjustment of light cycles and are particularly well-suited to chillier weather. Currently, they are available in several varieties including Runtz OG and Runtz Pineapple. While Runtz OG is mentioned above, the Runtz Pineapple seed strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with just 10 percent sativa.

Combined with its suitability for inexperienced growers, it may become the strain of choice for indica-loving beginners. Similar to its siblings, it helps ease negative thoughts and produces hours of soothing calm. Its buds are fluffy and deeply green, while its golden undertones, orange pistils, and snowy-white trichomes only enhance its visual appeal. Typically, auto-flowering Runtz strains have a flowering time of 8-9 weeks and can be harvested in the middle of October.

Additional information

Strain Genetics



50% Indica, 50% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Creative, Relaxed, Uplifted

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield



Earthy, Herbal, Sour

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height


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    The plants grew effortlessly and the buds were covered in trichomes. The quality of the marijuana was so so amazing! The customer service was very friendly and helpful towards me. I would definitely recommend trying these seeds out for yourself!

  2. Verified Owner

    I was very impressed with the fast shipping of my Runtz Seeds! The germination rate was very high and the quality of the plants was amazing. The buds were dense and smelled incredible! The blog on the site was also very helpful and informative.

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