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Wholesale Gorilla Zkittlez Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

Your cannabis seed collection may be about to increase. Old-school flavors get a delightful recontextualization in this new-school strain with award-winning genetics. If you are looking for marijuana seeds, and aren’t afraid of trying a new strain, it’s an excellent time to give the Gorilla Zkittlez cannabis strain a shot. We think you’ll have an awesome experience.

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Wholesale Gorilla Zkittlez Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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The Mighty Genetics of the Gorilla Zkittlez Strain

The cannabis cultivators over at Barney’s Farm are the ones responsible for giving us this strain. One of the parent strains, Zkittlez, is pretty obvious given the name of the strain. The other parent is the strain known as Original Glue. Now, the world of cannabis strains is known for nomenclature choices that can be confusing. Sometimes a strain will be known by a few names. Or, maybe the strain once had a certain name, but now is known as something else. That’s the case with Original Glue. If you have ever heard of the cannabis strain Gorilla Glue #4, it is the same strain as Original Glue.

What Do Gorilla Zkittlez Plants Smell and Taste Like?

if you have flavor in mind when you choose a new cannabis seed strain, you’ll want to know what you are getting into with something new. Fortunately, with the fantastic flavor of Gorilla Zkittlez, you are likely to enjoy the experience. The fresh aroma of this strain is astringent and herbal, but the flavor is sweeter and fruitier. Hey, one-half of this strain’s name is meant to evoke a certain candy that is known for the taste of tropical fruits. You’ll find that in this strain, though counterintuitively some say Gorilla Zkittlez has more of a gummy bear flavor in terms of candy. It’s all within the parameters of sweet, fruity candy, though. Some notice hints of chocolate in the aroma and flavor as well. If you like a strong sense of candy and fruit in your strain, give these strain seeds a shot.

Where Gorilla Zkittlez Falls on the Cannabis Spectrum

The overall profile of this strain leans toward the indica side of things. Some would therefore call it an indica-dominant hybrid, but personally, we think that is a smidge misleading. It’s more of a balanced hybrid that leans indica, coming in at 60 percent in terms of indica content and 40 percent on the sativa front. We like to engage in proper labeling. This is a fine strain for growers seeking a high-THC strain as well. Generally speaking, Gorilla Zkittlez comes in at 20 to 24 on the THC front, averaging 22 percent all in all. That’s not gigantic power, but it does make for a potent strain. These cannabis strain seeds do pack a punch, so be careful with this one!

Enjoy the Long-Lasting Effects of Gorilla Zkittlez

If you are an avid consumer of marijuana, you may be able to jump in with both feet when partaking in smoking Gorilla Skittlez plants. Indicas are known for body relaxation effects, and this strain does lean toward indica, as we noted. You might get some nice relaxation from enjoying Gorilla Zkittlez but don’t necessarily expect long-lasting sedative effects with all that sativa in the mix. While you can relax some, this strain is characterized more by mood-boosting and a mental spark. It can be a creatively leaning strain, as opposed to a strain that will give you couch-lock. If you want the positives of both indicas and sativas without being pulled too far in either direction, this might be the ideal strain for you. Just be prepared for the high levels of THC!

Is Gorilla Zkittlez a Good Therapeutic Strain?

If medical seeds are what you’re looking for, there are strains better known for their medical qualities. That being said, if you like the flavor and smoking experience of Gorilla Zkittlez, it could provide some medical-grade benefits for you. Specifically, the mood boost of this strain can help you with emotional issues. If you are struggling with the symptoms of stress or mood swings, then this is a cannabis plant that can help. Hey, we all need a mood boost every now and again, right? If that’s something you turn to marijuana for, then Gorilla Zkittlez is a strain that can benefit you on that front.

Growing Gorilla Zkittlez Plants

People often speak of the enchanting beauty of this particular strain. The purple color pops, but it’s the impressive trichome display that tends to wow people. Of course, having a beautiful plant in your cannabis garden is a nice perk, but that is a sliver of what matters when it comes to growing your own cannabis plants for your personal use. What’s it like to grow Gorilla Zkittlez plants at home? Well, this isn’t a “set it and forget it strain,” and it can be a little temperamental, so novice growers may want to eschew this one. Experienced growers, though, can help Gorilla Zkittlez’s plants thrive. The thing that is important to know is that this strain is more susceptible to pests than many other plants, but other than that it is capable of thriving indoors or outdoors. A frequent tip for earning a hefty yield from this strain is to prune it and keep it lower to the ground. This leads to more bud sites popping up, increasing your yield. Flowering time tends to last 8-9 weeks, with the potential for huge yields. Most growers get 500-700 grams per square meter indoors. The outdoor yield can also be abundant, coming in at up to 2,000 grams per plant.

Get Gorilla Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

At harvest time, you’ll be happy with your Gorilla Zkittlez plants, although you’ll want to go with feminized seeds. Only female marijuana plants have buds, which is where almost all the THC is found. There is no harvest without buds, and fully feminized seeds can nearly guarantee female plants. We offer international delivery, so just pick your favorite strains, or some new ones, order seeds, and let us handle the rest. Growers Choice Seeds provides customers with fast, reliable, and discreet shipping across the planet. There are other cannabis strain seeds you may want to add to the mix. Barney’s Farm did well in bringing Gorilla Zkittlez into the world, but cannabis cultivators have been doing their thing for decades. Here are five more cannabis seed strains to consider:

1. California Orange: A classic West Coast strain with plenty of fruit flavor to it, specifically a citrusy profile. California Orange is a balanced strain as well, but it also has moderate THC levels, which is better for some.

2. Purple Punch: Want a bit more indica in the mix? Purple Punch is fruity, it gets compared to certain candies too, but it has 70 percent indica, making for a more relaxing experience than even Gorilla Zkittlez.

3. Purple Gorilla: Easy to grow with abundant yields, Purple Gorilla is quite similar to Gorilla Zkittlez, but is better for beginner growers to try to tackle. Additionally, Purple Gorilla comes in at 18 percent THC, making for a chiller strain.

4. Wedding Cake: Is THC your thing? The Wedding Cake takes the, well, cake! It leans indica, and it is a sweet strain as well. However, Wedding Cake packs in 25 percent in terms of THC levels. That’s a true treat for THC lovers!

5. Clementine: We wanted to end with a strain that would lean the other way for the sativa fans out there. Clementine is a balanced hybrid with 60 percent sativa that brings both sweet and sour flavors to the forefront. It’s an easy strain to grow, though we know you shouldn’t expect anything more than decent yields from this particular variety of cannabis plants.

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Strain Genetics



40% Sativa, 60% Indica

Flowering Time

56-63 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Powerful, Relaxed

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield



Fruity, Spicy, Woody

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

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