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Albino Kush cannabis seeds bring a captivating twist to regular strains with their cool lack of chlorophyll and pigmentation. Dive into the intriguing world of these rare and fascinating seeds, renowned for their distinct traits and effects.

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Wholesale Banana Runtz Feminized Seeds

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What are the origins of the Banana Runtz strain?

Solfire Gardens is the original breeder of this one-of-a-kind strain. At the time, the breeder crossed Banana OG with Runtz to produce — you got it — Banana Runtz! With superior strain genetics, the Banana Runtz strain is blessed with many top-of-the-line characteristics.

Banana OG is an indica-dominant strain, resulting from the crossing of the OG Kush and Banana strains. This gives this potent strain a smell and flavor profile of overripe bananas with strong effects that will creep up on you if you overindulge. Be prepared to be in the zone and allow sleepiness and hunger to take over.

With Runtz, smokers get a hard-to-come-by hybrid strain that’s full of fun and fruity flavor and smells like your favorite candy! As one of the most popular strains, it won Leafly’s Strain of the Year in 2020. The strain provides big uplifting effects along with big doses of euphoria.

Solfire Gardens’ combination of Banana OG flavor and the beloved Runtz’s award-winning ways truly makes Banana Runtz a marijuana strain that you can’t miss out on!

Why is Banana Runtz so popular worldwide?

As time has passed, Banana Runtz has continued to gain popularity and not just in the states but worldwide. The hybrid cannabis strain has consistently been regarded as a top choice for several reasons.

First of all, this strain is known for its potent effects due to a mind-blowing THC level that ranges from 20% to 26%. Consequently, your body and mind get lifted with a high only this strain can provide! That’s why so many smokers turn to it for a whole plethora of reasons.

Folks also flock to this strain due to its fruity banana flavor that’s sweet and provides a sweet and creamy goodness that satisfies all of your senses. This is one of those legendary strains that is going to make you want to indulge your sweet tooth!

Are you still a bit unsure? All you have to do is check out just one Banana Runtz review to see how this fantastic strain is a step above the others!

What are the effects of Banana Runtz?

  • Balanced
  • Body effects
  • Cerebral high
  • Energetic
  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation

Since it’s such a wonderfully balanced hybrid, you’ll get a load of pleasant effects that you’ll feel in your head and body. As this hybrid cannabis strain kicks in, you’ll sense a lift in the form of increased mental energy for a big cerebral high. You’ll get the motivation you need to take on virtually any task, but the pleasant effects don’t stop there!

The strain offers a ton of awesome body effects to make you feel good, uplifted, and euphoric. Then, relaxation kicks in that’s ideal to help you feel better, including easing muscular pain. And what about if you’re experiencing appetite loss? Well, this is the ideal strain for you! On top of all that goodness, you get a healthy dose of long-lasting effects that aren’t fleeting to keep you up in the sky!

What is the appearance of this strain?

As you grow Banana Runtz, you will be impressed with its appearance, which features plenty of neon green nugs. The cool color is part of the appeal of this elite variety. Taking a closer look, you’ll notice beautiful undertones of amber and dark orange hairs. The crystal trichomes on the leaves of these plants have a milky amber hue, making this strain a real standout!

What is the flavor profile of this strain?

What’s the best way to describe this magnificent and high-profile strain? Let’s go with a fruity flavor profile full of ripe banana flavor that’s just begging for you to smoke it! You’ll also experience a hint of spicy black pepper to add to the complexity of the strain’s terpene profile. As you smoke, you’ll get strong notes of sour candy that provide a real fruity banana blast of flavor.

The smell of this hybrid marijuana strain is just as tasty. While the aroma is sweet and sugary like its taste, Banana Runtz creates a strong and pungent odor with some spicy notes. The delicious aroma will have you feeling like this strain can do no wrong because the fruity, dessert-like aroma will have you wanting seconds, thirds, and more!

What is the flowering time and yield of Banana Runtz seeds?

When it comes to growing this cannabis plant, you can choose to grow it indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs. When you grow this strain indoors, the flowering time is 7-8 weeks. However, if outdoor growing is your thing, you can expect the flower time to occur around between the end of September and early October.

As with many good things that can come in small packages, Banana Runtz is no exception. This high-quality cannabis isn’t known for producing large yields, so expect a more moderate yield. The average yield of this strain depends on several factors, such as whether you choose photoperiod or autoflowering seeds and whether you plant inside or outside.

Photoperiod seeds yield an average of 16-64 ounces per plant outdoors and 8-24 ounces indoors. Autoflowering seeds produce 1.7-7 ounces per plant outdoors and 1.7-4.2 ounces indoors.

The growing conditions your seeds encounter also affect their yield, which is why you want to pay special attention and ensure they have optimal light, water, nutrients, and more. The better you treat your plants, the more you can expect healthy growth to achieve the highest potential yield.

What are some tips for growing these female seeds?

The first tip to ensuring the best Banana Runtz possible is to choose high-quality fresh seeds from reputable seed banks. Once you have these fresh seeds, you want to take special care when it comes to the germination of cannabis seeds. Many people prefer the paper towel method to get their seeds started.

As far as this method goes, you put your fresh seeds in a piece of damp paper towel. Then, you either fold the towel over or add another piece of damp paper towel on top. Once these seeds start to sprout, they’re ready to be transplanted into some fresh, high-quality soil.

Don’t Miss Out on Banana Runtz Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to purchasing high-quality Banana Runtz seeds, you have to look no further than Growers Choice Seeds, as one of the most reputable seed banks to find everything you want and need. We offer an array of delicious strains and an assortment of noteworthy strains to provide you with only the best. You can check out the strain reviews for yourself to see why we’re top-notch!

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Runtz "Cookie Fam Cut" x Banana Ripple#17


30% Sativa, 70% Indica

Flowering Time

70-80 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Aroused, Tingly, Uplifted

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield



Fruity, Herbal, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



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