White Gold Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

  • 50% Indica 40% Sativa 10% Ruderalis
  • THC levels up to 24%
  • Easy to grow indoors and out in a warm, sunny setting
  • Responds well to the Sea and Screen of Green methods
  • Offers cerebral euphoria and powerful physically relaxing effects
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White Gold Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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What is White Gold?

White Gold, a sativa-hybrid, stands out with its high THC amount and fruity aromas. Originating from White Widow and Colombian Gold, it’s prized for its potent effects and syrupy resin, making it a favored feminized pot strain among cannabis enthusiasts.

History of White Gold Seeds

The history of White Gold Seeds is marked by its cultivation success and distinctive aroma. Originating from a cross between White Widow and Colombian Gold, this strain is known for its fruity aromas and syrupy resin. However, cultivating White Gold Seeds at home presents challenges. It demands a specific environment, ideally with controlled temperatures and ample light, to navigate its flowering stage efficiently. The flowering cycle of White Gold is critical for achieving its full potential, typically spanning around 35 – 40 days. Growers can expect a rewarding harvest, provided they maintain optimal growing conditions. This sativa-hybrid is a potent pot strain, offering more than just THC amount; it’s a cultivation journey that tests and rewards a grower’s skill and patience.

Cultivating White Gold Seeds

Growing White Gold Seeds, a sativa-hybrid, involves managing feminized cannabis seeds through specific germination processes. Known for its fruity scent and THC level, it thrives in optimized growth patterns, producing dense foliage.

Choosing a Strain

White Gold, a notable marijuana strain, stands out for its unique attributes. It’s revered for its energizing effects, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a boost in creativity and alertness. This strain boasts a higher-than-average THC potency, which contributes to its strong and lasting impact. Its taste characteristics are a delightful mix of sweet and earthy notes, with a hint of fruitiness that tickles the palate. White Gold is the progeny of parent strains White Widow and Columbian Gold, blending the best of their genetic qualities. The strain is also characterized by its pungent haze aroma, adding to its appeal. It’s a potent MJ strain that’s both incredible and Sativa-dominant, making it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate a complex sensory experience.

Germinating the Seeds

Germinating White Gold seeds is a careful process that begins with choosing the correct planting depth and spacing. These pumpkin seeds should be planted at a depth of about 1-2 inches, in well-spaced rows, ensuring ample room for growth. The ideal environmental conditions for germination include warm soil temperatures, around 70°F to 95°F, and consistent moisture. To promote successful sprouting, it’s crucial to maintain evenly moist soil without overwatering. A sunny location with well-draining soil enhances the germination process. Remember, patience is key, as germination can take anywhere from 7 to 14 days. Following these guidelines can lead to a bountiful harvest of White Gold buds, noted for their unique characteristics akin to the fruity aromas and syrupy resin.

Plant Care and Maintenance

Effective plant care and maintenance are essential for healthy marijuana strains like White Gold Feminized. Key steps include a consistent watering schedule to avoid over or under-watering. Regular fertilization tailored to growth stages ensures optimal nutrient uptake. Implementing pest control methods guards against common plant pests and diseases. Proper sunlight exposure and high-quality soil are crucial for vigorous growth. Additionally, pruning techniques are vital for enhancing light penetration and air circulation, encouraging dense foliage. These practices collectively maintain robust growth patterns and potent THC levels, attributes of White Gold, a renowned sativa-hybrid with notable fruity aromas and syrupy resin. Consistency in care ensures thriving plants and bountiful yields.

Characteristics of White Gold Seeds

White Gold Seeds, a sativa-hybrid, stand out for their fruity aromas and high THC amount. They yield dense foliage, showcasing a potent weed strain profile with syrupy resin.

Flower Time

White Gold Feminized is renowned for its specific flower time, averaging between 35 to 40 days. This short flowering period is a significant advantage for growers looking to cycle crops quickly. However, environmental conditions such as light exposure, temperature, and humidity can impact this timeline. Being a sativa-hybrid, White Gold Feminized typically experiences a robust and vigorous growth pattern during its flowering stage, potentially affecting its height and yield. It’s important to note that this strain, while potent, might also require meticulous plant care and maintenance to realize its full potential. Growers should be mindful of these details to optimize the dense foliage and harness the fruity aromas and syrupy resin characteristic of this marijuana variety.

THC Levels

Cannabis products have varying THC levels, affecting user experience. Low-concentration THC offers mild effects, suitable for beginners or those seeking gentle psychoactive impact. Medium concentrations provide a balanced euphoria, while high-concentration THC products deliver intense experiences, from deep relaxation to strong euphoria, suited for experienced users. Understanding THC levels helps gauge product strength. White Gold, a sativa-hybrid, may exhibit different THC levels than other feminized weed strains like White Widow or Colombian Gold. Each strain’s unique THC profile influences the experience, from fruity aromas to the depth of its syrupy resin.

Aromas and Flavors

White Gold captivates with an exotic scent profile that blends tropical and citrusy flavors with a hazy, earthy diesel essence. This weed strain is renowned for its complex and enticing scent, reminiscent of a forbidden fruit. The buds, covered in a thick layer of syrupy resin and adorned with bright amber stigmas, are both visually striking and richly aromatic. These long, dense, and dark nugs invite users into a sensory journey, accentuating the taste characteristics with notes that dance between sweetness and depth. The combination of fruity aromas and earthy undertones makes White Gold a unique and memorable experience for connoisseurs and casual users alike, solidifying its position as a favored choice among feminized pot seeds.

Height Gain

White Gold Feminized stands out for its significant height gain during flowering. This sativa-hybrid experiences a notable increase in height, requiring adept management and attention. The strain’s growth pattern demands strategic care, particularly in supporting its dense foliage and fruity aromas. While it promises an abundant yield of syrupy resin, growers must be vigilant in pruning and maintaining the plant to ensure optimal growth. Its ability to produce a substantial yield makes it a popular choice, but it also means keeping a close eye on its vigorous development throughout the flowering phase. This balance between maximizing yield and managing growth is key to harnessing the full potential of White Gold Feminized.

Dense Foliage

White Gold‘s dense foliage, a feature of its Sativa-hybrid nature, showcases an impressive display of nearly white blossoms. These flowers, rich in glucosinolates, act as a natural garden pest and insect repellent, crucial for maintaining a healthy and vibrant garden. The dense foliage not only enhances the garden’s visual appeal but also plays a key role in improving soil health. This characteristic of White Gold, coupled with its fruity aromas and syrupy resin, mirrors the qualities often sought in feminized pot strains. It’s a testament to the versatile benefits of White Gold, making it a valuable addition to both aesthetic and functional gardening.

Striking Gold

White Gold seeds are a testament to agricultural innovation, offering significant benefits for growers. This hybrid boasts a robust height and impressive yields of both green and dry fodder. When grown at home, these seeds present both challenges and opportunities. Managing the flowering stage and odor control is crucial for successful cultivation. The hybrid’s sativa-dominant characteristics and fruity aromas make it a unique marijuana variety. It’s a feminized marijuana strain with a high THC amount, appealing to those seeking a potent pot strain with manageable cultivation demands and distinct taste characteristics.

Popular White Gold Strains

White Gold Strains, celebrated for their fruity aromas and high THC levels, are a unique sativa-hybrid. These popular strains, often feminized, showcase a blend of White Widow and Colombian Gold genetics.

Feminized MJ Strains from Growers Choice Seeds

At Growers Choice Seeds, cannabis aficionados find a selection of feminized weed strains with distinct characteristics. White Widow, a sativa-hybrid and a parent of White Gold, offers a balanced, energetic high. Orange Cookies and Cadillac Purple, both with a 60:40 indica/sativa ratio, are known for their soothing yet uplifting effects. For those seeking a lively experience, Sour Lemon OG‘s 60:40 sativa/indica ratio promotes creativity and sociability. Meanwhile, Allen Wrench, another sativa-leaning hybrid, is reputed for aiding PTSD symptoms. Each strain at Growers Choice Seeds is meticulously chosen, catering to diverse tastes and needs in the cannabis community, from relaxation to invigoration and therapeutic relief.


Additional information

Strain Genetics

White Widow x Himalayan Gold x Ruderalis

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid


10% Ruderalis, 40% Sativa, 50% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted

Indoor Yield

Up to 350 g per m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 350 g per plant

Best Use

Evening, Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Diesel, Earthy, Fruity, Pungent, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height


Reviews for White Gold Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

Based on 13 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    White Gold has a nice steady body high, long-lasting effects with a nice earthy taste to it. I was really impressed by how easy this was to grow and found a good harvestable amount of buds when I was done. With how fast flowering was I would recommend this to anyone looking to have a solid strain in a fast time frame.

  2. Verified Owner

    The buds I got from these seeds are dense and frosty, with a beautiful golden hue. The high is smooth and uplifting, leaving me feeling like a million bucks. This strain truly lives up to its name and I feel lucky to have found it.

  3. Verified Owner

    With a balanced burst of energy and uplifting, happy effects, White Gold is perfect for socializing or staying productive. It also offers therapeutic benefits for stress, anxiety, depression, and physical ailments. The strain has a delicious flavor profile with hints of tropical fruitiness and spice. Growing White Gold is easy and it produces dense, resin-coated buds.

  4. Verified Owner

    White Gold Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds are truly golden! The buds are dense and frosty, with a beautiful golden hue. The high is smooth and uplifting, leaving me feeling like a million bucks. This strain truly lives up to its name and I feel lucky to have found it. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a “golden” experience!

  5. Verified Owner

    I was really impressed with the germination rate of these seeds, all 10 of them sprouted and are now in the flowering stage. Can’t wait to see how much weed I will end up with

  6. Verified Owner

    I am really impressed with the way this strain grows, it was my first time growing an auto-flowering strain and it was so effortless. The high was amazing, I felt happy, relaxed, and uplifted. The buds had a really nice appearance.

  7. Verified Owner

    This indica-leaning hybrid offers a balanced burst of energy, promoting relaxation, focus, and sociability. With therapeutic benefits for stress, anxiety, depression, and more, White Gold is a versatile strain. Its unique flavor profile combines earthiness, tropical fruitiness, diesel, and spice.

  8. Verified Owner

    Growing White Gold was a golden experience – easy and hassle-free. The citrusy aroma of the plants was a delight, while the pungent flavor added a zesty twist. The high was like floating on a cloud, melting away my stress and insomnia. Perfect for any time of the day, White Gold truly shines bright in my collection.

  9. Verified Owner

    The effects of this hybrid strain were simply remarkable. I felt my mind being lifted to new heights of happiness and relaxation, while still maintaining focus and sociability. Plus, the therapeutic benefits were undeniable – it helped me fight stress, anxiety, and even provided temporary relief for my chronic pain. The flavor was out of this world too – a tantalizing mix of earthiness, tropical fruitiness, diesel, and spice.

  10. Verified Owner

    White Gold is a great strain for relaxation and stress relief. The citrus and earthy flavors were enjoyable. I was happy with how easy it was to grow and the yield was impressive. Would recommend for any time of day and for those with depression, insomnia, or stress.

  11. Verified Owner

    White Gold auto-flowering feminized seeds? More like gold medalists in my cannabis garden! This strain’s perfect balance of relaxation and energy makes it a daily winner for both medical and recreational use. I highly recommend it

  12. Verified Owner

    As someone who has just started growing their own weed, I can say that i have definitely saved me a lot of money. The experience has been rewarding and I’ve enjoyed learning so much along the way. I’ve also found the Growers Choice website to be particularly helpful, with its many useful guides on how to get the most out of my plants. White Gold was a great grow to start with and its fast flowering time did not keep me waiting long!

  13. Verified Owner

    I was thoroughly impressed with White Gold. Smoking it gave me a great high that left me feeling happy and relaxed. The indica-dominant nature provided a pleasant body high. The citrus and earthy flavor was delightful. Overall, a good experience with this strain!

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