UK Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

UK Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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(79 customer reviews)

Born and bred in the scenic Luton region of the British Isles, the legendary UK Cheese strain has been taking the cannabis community by storm since the mid-90s, grabbing headlines for its audacious cheesy aroma, high THC content, overly generous outdoor yields, and fast flowering time.

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UK Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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UK Cheese is as invigorating as a strong cup of tea, yet relaxed enough for a cozy day in. From green-thumbed beginners to seasoned cultivation connoisseurs, everyone’s invited to the exhilarating and rewarding experience of growing UK Cheese. 

Origin of UK Cheese Seeds

Originating in the tranquil Luton region of the British Isles in the mid-1990s, UK Cheese, a pungent phenotype of Skunk #1, took the United Kingdom by storm before making its noble entrance into Amsterdam and the United States. Today, it stands as one of the most distinctive and popular cannabis strains worldwide, boasting an average THC content of a substantial 17%-20%.

What Are the Characteristics of UK Cheese?

Aroma and Flavor

UK Cheese is a true delicacy for the senses, offering a cheesy, pungent aroma that has a flavor profile to match. The myrcene terpenes give UK Cheese buds their signature musky scent, resulting in a powerful and funky fragrance reminiscent of severely aged cheddar cheese and skunk. There’s an underlying layer of a fruity, earthy aroma, followed by a hint of spiciness, making this scent profile a truly complex bouquet. The flavor of UK Cheese is just as distinctive as its delicious wafts. When consumed, it delivers a strong and tangy, classic cheese taste that lingers on the palate. Feel free to leave the cheese-infused charcuterie board at home while enjoying this strain… It’s got you covered!

What Are the Effects of UK Cheese?

One of the most appealing aspects of UK Cheese is its fast-acting and well-balanced high. Users often report feeling energized and carefree, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a relaxed but not sleepy experience. The strain offers deep relaxation and mental stimulation, creating a balanced high that offers both body and cerebral effects.

Beyond its recreational use, UK Cheese has gained popularity as a medicinal strain, particularly for combatting depression, migraines, and chronic stress. It is known to provide relief from these conditions without causing overwhelming sedation, making it an ideal choice for medical users seeking a functional and uplifting experience. This strain has been known to cause couch-locking effects in larger doses, so we advise you to consume intentionally and to generally start with small doses.

Flowering Time and Harvest

When cultivating UK Cheese indoors, growers can expect a flowering time of approximately 8 to 9 weeks. For outdoor cultivation, the harvest usually occurs around late September to early October.

The plants typically grow to a height of about 70 cm indoors, making them suitable for indoor setups, as less space is required for proper cultivation. UK Cheese plants that are grown outdoors can reach a height of up to 200 cm when provided with low humidity and warm temperatures. 

Yields and Bud Quality

Indoor growers can achieve a yield of up to 600 g/m2, while outdoor cultivators can be rewarded with heavy harvests of well over 1 kg per plant! 

Buds produced by UK Cheese plants are as luscious as they come, featuring light green hues, bright orange hairs, and a heavy dousing of top-quality resin, containing all of the delicious cannabinoids and terpenes. This plant is a double dose of eye candy that you won’t want to miss!

High THC Content

UK Cheese is not for the faint of heart when it comes to THC content and potency! The high THC content contributes to the strain’s powerful effects, making it a preferred choice for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. THC levels in UK Cheese strains typically range from 15-20%, with some more potent varieties soaring over 20%. It offers a euphoric experience that perfectly balances physical relaxation and cerebral stimulation. However, novice users will probably have a better time if they proceed with caution, considering its potency.

How to Grow UK Cheese Seeds at Home

Germination Requirements

To kickstart the successful germination of UK Cheese seeds, you’ll need your cannabis seeds, bottled water, plates, tweezers, and paper towels. The germination steps include the following:

  • Soak the seeds in bottled water for 48 to 72 hours until they develop tap roots.
  • After tap roots emerge, carefully transfer the seeds to potting soil using tweezers.
  • Ensure the soil is kept moist during the germination process. Make sure not to overwater, as the soil should not be soaked.

Suitable Growing Conditions

UK Cheese plants thrive in indoor environments, and with a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, you’ll be witnessing juicy buds in no time! They can also flourish outdoors, but the plants require low humidity and warm temperatures to reach their full potential. It is often advised to grow this strain in an indoor environment where temperature and humidity can be closely monitored and maintained, although the indoor yield is not quite as abundant as an outdoor yield might be. If growing indoors, keeping the plants at a height of around 70 cm is also recommended.

Nutrient Requirements

Providing balanced nutrition throughout different growth stages is crucial for healthy plant development and maximizing bud production. UK Cheese plants require essential macro and micronutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc, among others.

During the vegetative stage, a nutrient ratio of N-P-K (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) of 3:1:2 is commonly recommended. In the flowering stage, adjusting the ratio to 1:3:2 can support optimal bud development. Growers should follow the specific recommendations provided by the nutrient manufacturer and monitor their plants’ health closely to avoid nutrient deficiencies or excesses.

Common Nutrient Deficiencies and Solutions

Some typical nutrient deficiencies in marijuana plants include:

  • Nitrogen deficiency: Yellowing of leaves (commonly the leaves near the bottom of the plant) and stunted growth. Address by providing a balanced nutrient mix with sufficient nitrogen.
  • Phosphorus deficiency: Dark green leaves with purplish discoloration, red stems, and poor bud development. Correct by adding a phosphorus-rich fertilizer.
  • Potassium deficiency: Yellowing and curling of leaf edges, leading to reduced flowering. Treat with potassium-rich nutrients.

To address these issues, growers should adjust their nutrient solutions accordingly and maintain a consistent feeding schedule. Don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as it sounds!

Fertilizer Options

Growers can choose between organic and synthetic fertilizers to meet the nutrient requirements of their UK Cheese plants. Organic options include compost, worm castings, and fish emulsion, while synthetic choices encompass balanced nutrient solutions formulated for cannabis cultivation. 

Harvesting and Curing Tips

The timing of the harvest significantly impacts the potency and overall quality of the UK Cheese buds. Harvesting too early can result in a lack of full cannabinoid development, while harvesting too late may lead to cannabinoid degradation. Optimal harvesting and curing takes skill and experience, but don’t be deterred if you’re a novice grower! You will be harvesting like a champ in no time. 

To achieve the best results, harvest when the buds have reached their peak ripeness, which is typically indicated by the presence of milky-white trichomes. Carefully trim the buds from the plant, removing excess foliage.

Next, dry the harvested buds in a cool, dark space that has ample airflow. Maintain a stable temperature and humidity level to avoid mold growth and to ensure a gradual and even drying process.

After drying, cure the buds in glass jars, occasionally opening them to allow fresh air in. Curing preserves and enhances the aroma, flavor, and potency of the buds, ensuring that the results are of the utmost quality. That’s it! Get ready to witness and enjoy the dense, juicy fruits of your labor.

Similar Marijuana Strains to Try 

  • Exodus Cheese Auto-Flowering is an epic indica/sativa hybrid, known for its balanced effects of relaxation and mental stimulation. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking to boost those creative juices while still feeling at calm and light-hearted. This strain has a THC content of around 17% and is relatively easy to grow, due to its auto-flowering capacities. 
  • Blue Cheese is your guy, if pungent cheesy smells with hints of blueberries are what you’re after! This strain offers a large indoor and outdoor yield of around 500 to 600 grams and has a THC content of about 19%. As an indica-dominant strain, you can expect to feel happy, relaxed, and sleepy when indulging in this cheesy treat.
  • Head Cheese is best known for its euphoric and relaxing effects. This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a punch with a THC content of up to 25%! We recommend caution when using this one, as it is quite potent and all too delicious, serving skunky flavors enmeshed with cheese and a slight sweetness. Outdoor growers can expect ginormous yields that are around 700 grams!
  • Cheese Auto-Flowering is another baddy for the books, offering growers a stress-free cultivation experience and a flavor that is resplendent in cheesy, earthy notes. This is an indica-dominant hybrid with a THC content of around 17%, bestowing upon its user feelings of happiness, relaxation, and a comforting body high. 
  • Big Buddha Cheese is as reassuring and uplifting as its name suggests, offering sensations of happiness, relaxation, and possibly Oneness with the universe (if that’s what you’re into). This is an indica-dominant hybrid with a THC content of around 18% and can be an excellent choice for those looking to ease fatigue, pain, and stress. 

Additional information

Strain Genetics



10% Ruderalis, 40% Indica, 50% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Indoor Yield

Up to 300 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 300 gr

Best Use

Anxiety, Anytime, Depression, Pain


Cheese, Earthy, Pungent

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

79 reviews for UK Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Israa Taha Verified Owner

    The high was fantastic, providing a blissful and relaxing experience. The plants grew beautifully and yielded a great amount of buds. The shipping was fast and the effects were everything I was hoping for. Plus, the taste was amazing. I also appreciate the great information provided on the blog.

  2. NatureNavigator Verified Owner

    UK cheese does indeed have a funky cheese aroma, but the buzz is anything but cheesy. In fact, this weed is deeply soothing, healing, and meditative. I feel once I smoke this I can relax into a trance-like state. It’s been really helpful in managing depression and anxiety. I really appreciate the help the blogs provide and the REAL people who work for customer service. This is a ride or die company for REAL!

  3. Tirth P Verified Owner

    The earthy, cheesy notes were a delight to my taste buds. The high was euphoric and happy, leaving me feeling relaxed and content. It was an easy strain to grow, providing a decent yield both indoors and outdoors.

  4. Christine Sanford Verified Owner

    Was impressed by their germination guide. It was helpful in guiding me through the process of growing my own plants and the results were great! I also found the resources available at Growers Choice to be very helpful from soil to fertilizers, it’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to grow top quality cannabis plants. The finished product was smooth and flavorful, with notes of classic UK Cheese. If you want a strain that produces good yields for recreational or medical use, I highly recommend UK Cheese

  5. Jumpy Jellyfish Verified Owner

    Get ready to be blown away by the one-of-a-kind experience of UK Cheese! The intense aroma of this strain brings me back to my favorite memories. The effects are a perfect blend of relaxation and euphoria, making it my go-to choice for unwinding after a long day. It’s like a personal trip down memory lane with every toke. Embrace the cheesy goodness!

  6. WeedWarlock88 Verified Owner

    UK Cheese is a great strain for those looking for a chill, happy high that helps with anxiety and pain. The earthy, pungent cheese flavor is unique and enjoyable. The plants grew easily and were a medium height, producing a decent yield indoors.

  7. Youssef El-Amin Verified Owner

    This strain is the ‘cheesiest’ experience I’ve ever had. The plants grew effortlessly, and the final result was a bounty of earthy, pungent buds. The high is a perfect balance of relaxation and upliftment, making it ideal for combating anxiety and depression. Definitely a must-try for anyone seeking pain relief.

  8. Mountain3Moose Verified Owner

    I recently tried the UK Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds, and I am thrilled with the results! Not only did their customer service team provide helpful assistance, but all of my seeds germinated successfully except for one. The strain itself is amazing, with a deliciously potent aroma and a relaxing high.

  9. Flabbergast3 Verified Owner

    Mmm this weed is savory as it is potent. It’s a delicious blend of Indica and Sativa energies, leaving me feeling light and refreshed with a buzz that lasts for hours. It’s a great end-of-day smoke, and your friends will love it too! Good times, great weed!

  10. Solar7Serenade Verified Owner

    With its audacious cheesy aroma, high THC content, and fast flowering time, this strain is perfect for both beginners and experienced cultivators. The buds produced are luscious and resinous, with a unique flavor profile that combines tangy cheese with fruity and earthy undertones. The effects of UK Cheese are well-balanced, providing both relaxation and mental stimulation.

  11. Edmond M Verified Owner

    I had an amazing experience growing UK Cheese from Growers Choice, their customer service helped make sure I picked out the right strain for my anxiety. The seeds all germinated without any issues, and the growth was healthy and promising. I like the euphoric and happy high that I got from this strain, perfect for any time use.

  12. GlimmeringGoddess Verified Owner

    Only took 5 days for me to get these seeds in the mail, and all 5 of the seeds I bought sprouted and got full germination. After the last 4 weeks these plants have been growing strong and it is clear the high quality of seeds I got from this site.

  13. Mighty Moron Verified Owner

    I recently purchased UK Cheese auto-flowering feminized seeds and couldn’t be happier. The aroma from the plants is absolutely incredible – a perfect blend of sweet and skunky scents. The buds themselves are also top-notch, with a dense, resinous appearance and a high THC content that packs a serious punch. Overall, I highly recommend these seeds to anyone looking for a top-quality strain with an unforgettable fragrance.

  14. quinn c Verified Owner

    Fresh seeds, really some of the best. Bought mine online, had them shipped to my apartment in Queens. Does well out on the balcony. Gets the morning sun. Great growth rate, only takes about 10 weeks to mature. Definitely gonna keep buying. Best weed seeds in NYC, bringing the west coast to the east coast. Radical.

  15. HYnevergetfat777 Verified Owner

    Have cheese seeds in fridge! Three years old and they sprout like any other GCS seed! No issues with any auto from this company……✌✌

  16. Tyrell L. Verified Owner

    I have 2 cheese plants currently going in my tent. 25 days old. I’ve been LST’ing and they are flourishing. One has dozens of pistils already and the other one is not too far behind. They look beautiful for day 25. I started a 3rd seed about 5 days ago and still nothing so I’ve started my last 2. Hopefully these girls sprout and I’ll have 4 thriving in my tent. Other than that the 2 I have going are coming along beautifully and can’t wait for them to grow bigger. I’m growing in soil using GH nutes. The other thing I want to say is that the customer service is exceptional. Fast with replying and completely helpful and understanding. I’ll be back!

  17. Mathieu S. Verified Owner

    Ordered 25 seeds and have been growing 5 at a time. Out of all 25 seeds only 2 ended up as duds. Don’t let UK Cheese’s slow grow time discourage you from choosing it. It’s so worth the wait. I’m back to order another 25. Thanks GCS!

    Mathieu S., Bar Harbor, ME

  18. Zackery R. Verified Owner

    These girls took 12 weeks some 14 weeks. It does make a difference if you do 12 on 12 off lighting versus 24 hour light. I suggest 24 until budding then 12 on 12 off. I super cropped mine and split stalked them and my lord these nugs are potent! There’s no way mine is under 20% thc. 4 puffs and I’m good for a couple hours and I smoke a lot. Split stalking is suppose to add 7% thc and I really think it does. Best auto I’ve ever had!!!!

  19. J. Walls Verified Owner

    Excellent product and services. Have used other company’s on the past and had issues with postage. Growers Choice has not let me down. I will continue to use on future. Keep up the great work ?

  20. Dickson250 Verified Owner

    These are a necessity, have done several never a problem only for when it’s cured we can’t put it down in the evening✌

  21. Maddie B. Verified Owner

    It’s cheese heaven over and over again✌

  22. Emrys M. Verified Owner

    I probably grew them too long, as I was waiting for the trichromes to turn milky so I can flush, but that never happened, so I did not harvest them for 90 days. At least I learned something, and it gives a nice mellow high, but you are not ******.

  23. Isra M. Verified Owner

    Just take a look! I’ve done a couple hundred gcs autos and they are like a machine. Cheese on right glue on left, very rapid and healthy development with all GC autos. DWC 315w lec lamp always super cropped split stalk fool proof techniques and seeds brought to you by GC✌✌✌✌

  24. L.Woodward Verified Owner

    Lovely as usual! Wonderful cheese and glue autos going like a machine✌

  25. BabyBelle15 Verified Owner

    Solid High THC strain, love it so much! Easy to grow as well will come back again for more !

  26. Zeenat P. Verified Owner

    Amazing. got 9 ounces from ONE vigorous auto cheese seed.Took over the cab. Most have ever gotten from a 2×3 cab grow.

  27. Roderick Walker Verified Owner

    Germinated 1 seed and it popped 3 days later (100%).

    Started the grow the first week of August and I’m currently in the flowering stage.

    Definitely taller than expected at a little over 4 feet tall, but I have it spread out well in a 2×3 with the Scrog net.

    Slower than my other autos, but seems like it will yield way more (fingers-crossed). I started 2 other auto strains at the same time and I’ll be chopping those in 2 days.

    Didn’t see an option to share the photos.

  28. Naima_Oconnell124 Verified Owner

    Hi, so far I have two plants going in a grow tent,and they are doing great! They sprouted about two months ago. At this time, they are about two and a half feet tall, and are appearing totally healthy: green and bushy, and loaded with buds!! So far, so great!! Looking forward to harvest.I downloaded your Grow Bible, so I have been reading it and following your directions. Thanks!! PS,I am from North Conway, New Hampshire

  29. Jaydan329 Verified Owner

    I’ve done a couple hundred GCS autos and they are like a machine. UK Cheese on right glue on left, very rapid and healthy development with all GCS autos. DWC 315w led lamp always super cropped split stalk foolproof techniques and seeds brought to you by GC✌✌✌✌

  30. Pr4s30dym1umC0nfus3d69 Verified Owner

    Juped quickiy out dorrs 8ft tall + after two top crops during veg….large Cheeses…

  31. Firat Montes Verified Owner

    Wonderful cheesy flavor that makes any smoke sesh into a luxurious experience. Not the easiest grow, but I enjoyed it either way. If you love marijuana, and you just can’t get enough of it, save yourself some time and money and just grow at home. GCS is an awesome community of growers that are at all experience levels and love weed. Plus their customer service is always accessible and helpful!

  32. Ross Verified Owner

    This is a must have! Very relaxing ****. Also good at night before bed! Gorilla glue on deck! Top notch for sure✌?

  33. Gr4c3fulW0rr13d69 Verified Owner

    Getting frost in Northern Michigan gave some of my plants a purple finish
    Very fruity, body buzz with light cerebral.

  34. Jaskaran H. Verified Owner

    These super cropped in the hydro are huge! One at 5.9 zips dried all bud! Top of the chain seeds for sure✌

  35. Gina D. Verified Owner

    I’m actually currently growing the gorilla glue and white widow seeds by GCS and both strains are doing great! also have Og kush, bubble gum kush, and njack herrer going to plant after those finish, but CHEESE!!! wish i could purchase this asap, but now that i know its here i know it will be worth the wait to buy and grow after i get everything else grown, its my all time favorite! I am a licensed grower here in oklahoma, and i must say that Growers Choice has helped me get off to a great start, I will be sticking with them for the long haul!! Awesomeness!!

  36. MMoody858 Verified Owner

    Only had 2 germinate out of 5. I just harvested the auto last week and it is hanging. Had pretty good yield for a small plant. No problems with it through the whole grow. Hope to be trying it out in a week or two. I also started some cheese about 3 weeks after and had 5 of 5 germinate those have about 30 more days in flower buds are coming along nicely. I also purchased some blueberry auto which I will be growing as soon as the cheese is finished.

  37. Portia D. Verified Owner

    Have several starting in soil and hydro, have harvested a few! Very good pain, appitite, sleep meds. Another top notch auto from the top of the notch seed company! Now onto some delicious northern auto buds?

  38. JSi3rra Verified Owner

    Have two of these cheese going and they are 4x4x4 Twelve weeks in and I don’t know what to say except I’m dumbfounded by the size of these for being autos i’m thinking they are procrastinators and we will be greatly rewarded at their end.

  39. Agatha_1992 Verified Owner

    Sent money on 21 Feb received package 27 Feb. That was lightning-quick and hassle-free!!!

  40. Mylo M. Verified Owner

    Shipping was really quick, I live in the US north east received within a week. Just planted them a couple weeks.

  41. 4dv1c3B4r33r4h69 Verified Owner

    Ordered on a Sunday, package left the west coast facility in San Diego on Monday, it arrived on the east coast on Friday. Very fast processing time and very discreet and timely delivery.

  42. ReaganC. Verified Owner

    4 out 5 germinated and one seedling died. It was most likely my fault due to inexperience.
    Delivery was fast and discreet.

  43. T.Mclellan Verified Owner

    We will be starting them soon.

  44. 690pt1m1st1cD1sturb3d Verified Owner

    We are in week 7 off flower on are organic gorilla glues and they are doing fantastic! Easy to grow and looks like they are going to finish in outstanding fashion. Highly recommended for all the organic growers out there.

  45. Sania Cooke Verified Owner

    I’ve ordered and grown blueberry, super silver haze, white widow, strawberry kush, and GSC. Never had a problem with delivery, even in the bad ole days. The seeds pop and have had good genetics. They don’t have a lot of new strains but I swear by what I’ve grown so far!

    Cheese Autoflower

  46. Mira F. Verified Owner

    Have cheese seeds in the fridge! Three years old and they sprout like any other GCS seed! No issues with any auto from this company……✌✌

  47. Y. Webster Verified Owner

    The cheese seeds came fast, germinated the first 5 immediately, and all sprouted ………. I’ve always had success predominately with your seeds…… the only time that I didn’t you stood behind them 100% …. that’s why I keep coming back!

  48. Ins3ctGr13f420 Verified Owner

    Great, I loved these and have some good pics

  49. Hibba D. Verified Owner

    These girls took 12 weeks some 14 weeks. It does make a difference if you do 12 on 12 off lighting versus 24 hour light. I suggest 24 until budding then 12 on 12 off. I super-cropped mine and split-stalked them and my lord these nugs are potent! There’s no way mine is under 20% thc. 4 puffs and I’m good for a couple of hours and I smoke a lot. Split stalking is supposed to add 7% thc and I really think it does. Best auto I’ve ever had!!!!

  50. H Vasquez Verified Owner

    Excellent product and services. Have used other company’s on the past and had issues with postage. GCS has not let me down. I will continue to use on future. Keep up the great work ?

  51. Aiza S. Verified Owner

    Excellent product and services. Have used other company’s on the past and had issues with postage. GCS has not let me down. I will continue to use on the future. Keep up the great work ?

  52. Ebonie Brock Verified Owner

    Great germination and fast shipping. A fantastic grow for anyone looking for a high THC funky weed that makes you creative and giggly!

  53. Helena C. Verified Owner

    I germinated a seed and got it to around 3 inches and put it in the ground early July. I wasn’t expecting much but wanted to get an idea on bud size and such.
    This is mid October, I went to check on the plant, I didnt feed it any nutients or fertilizer I just wanted to see how hardy it was and if it was real easy to grow.
    The plant got about 4 ft high, and had enormous buds.
    Here are a few pics of the buds, I used my hand as a reference, (my pinky ring is a size 13 1/2) my hands are large!

  54. Darien C. Verified Owner

    It was a nice experience can’t wait to order more and do it again.
    The finished product was so nice for our first time.

  55. 198Norton Verified Owner

    Put 4 In the ground, dug a 10 gallon hole dumped (1) 16 oz cup of dr. earth bud bloom booster on the bottom filled hole with a a bag of premium soil. Fox farm Ocean Forrest or similar. Got big beautiful and frosty 2 weeks till chop. Started mid april will finish end of July. 3 out of 4 came out great! Auto’s get huge in the ground pure organic grow. Happy so far. West coast bay area legal grow!

  56. wwedu2 Verified Owner

    Great looking bud, easy to grow. Will be shopping for something else here next year.

  57. Clara W. Verified Owner

    Great smoke! I harvested with all cloudy trichomes and a few ambers. It’s smooth and gives you a nice buzz in the head. For my first growth I’m impressed with the ease and speed of growing. I grew in a tent, and I used very little nutes (again first time grower), and I didn’t top or LST. I wanted to avoid hurting the plants. Two of my plants had root issues with the starter pellets, and I didn’t have enough light.

  58. Sl33pyM3rm41d69 Verified Owner

    I started late in the season but a fairly independent plant, that can tolerate hot weather with high-grade plant soil no nutrients with good ph balanced water. With a proper dry and cure, this is definitely top shelf and I will never buy it from a dispensary ever again. Next season will be epic! Thanks GCS!

  59. 69Y0rksh1r3J3rk Verified Owner

    Overall so good nothing to be unexpected slight variety in phenos

  60. Ins3ctGr13f420 Verified Owner

    Like a sore Peter, can’t beat it!

  61. 69GuyW4sh1 Verified Owner

    Ordered on a Sunday, the package left the west coast facility in San Diego on Monday, it arrived on the east coast on Friday. Very fast processing time and very discreet and timely delivery.

  62. 420H4t3C0nd3mn3d Verified Owner

    I started late in the season but a fairly independent plant, that can tolerate hot weather with high-grade plant soil no nutrients with good ph balanced water. With a proper dry and cure, this is definitely top shelf and I will never buy it from a dispensary ever again. Next season will be epic! Thanks Growers CHOICE!

  63. 420Rud3P0nt14n4k Verified Owner

    UK Cheese was my first buy from GCS, and wow was i impressed. My plant grew very fast the first few weeks did train my plant to stay small but produced very high quality buds. I am now doing Super Lemon Haze and Bubba Kush auto!

  64. ktmblm0602 Verified Owner

    All 3seeds germinated on day 3 and boy did they take off! I’m a month into my grow and as always auto flowers impress me with quick growth !

  65. W34kM0d3st420 Verified Owner

    I had a great experience with GCS

  66. Billy S. Verified Owner

    I LST, topped once, and harvested just the top buds on day 69. This small half-harvest yielded 1oz. It’s not much but it’s a huge improvement for me! It’s gorgeous. Can’t wait to light it up!

  67. Christian15 Verified Owner

    This is my second indoor growth, I am amazed it gets better with each growth. I grew two UK Cheese and one white widow autoflower. I topped one blueberry and LST’d all three. Great results, it bounces back like nothing was cut. I ❤ growing Marijuana lol.

  68. 420Cl1ff0rdD4t Verified Owner

    I love growing marijuana!

  69. Maegan0728 Verified Owner

    My first two grows we’re with UK Cheese auto. Beautiful buds and a really wonderful smoke. Smooth, fruity and relaxes the body without losing the will to move. Thanks GCS

  70. Arthur L. Verified Owner

    The UK Cheeseyyyy is by far the best ever. I couldn’t be more happy.

  71. 420W1ck3dP1n34ppl3 Verified Owner

    Of the 5, 4 of them popped and grew into beautiful ladies. Not too concerned with the lost one because of the quality of the other 4. Would recommend GCS to everyone.

  72. Raphael S. Verified Owner

    My harvest is TOP shelf. Absolutely amazing high.

  73. Cup1dAnnk4tr31n420 Verified Owner

    Bought 5 seeds for my first growing experience and although only one grew, I was happy with my harvest. I started too late in the summer and through trial and error, I know the things I did wrong and what I need to do differently next time. I just couldn’t get over how easy it was. I was amazed by the amount of crystals and smell this plant put out and I’m excited for what my future holds in the grow biz.

  74. 69St0rmyDur13n4 Verified Owner

    From seed to harvest UC autoflower is a great choice easy to grow had no issues.

  75. S. Thatcher Verified Owner

    had 3 that didn’t germinate but the angels helped me out with that, I really appreciate the support! my plants are almost finished, stinky ladies, they look amazing!

  76. Isha Rojas Verified Owner

    Fantastic results.

  77. Neil B. Verified Owner

    Awesome for my first time I ended up with 47.9 grams

  78. Shayaan1923 Verified Owner

    GCS hit it out of the park with this strain, will be ordering again, using their nutrients also with great results

  79. S4v3Gu1n1v1v3420 Verified Owner

    Every seed popped and Mama Bear just loves it! That makes Papa Bear happy! 14.5 dry outside average, what’s not to like?

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*To be covered by the Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds 90% Germination Guarantee, you must precisely follow the Germination Method.