Skunk Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

Skunk Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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(109 customer reviews)

Growers Choice sells hundreds of feminized and autoflower seeds online. Marijuana growers love the classic strain Skunk Autoflower for its unique smell and rather short/quick flowering time. Browse the Growers Choice site to buy quality seeds online today.

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Skunk Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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Welcome to the spellbinding world of the Skunk autoflowering feminized cannabis strain – a real ruby in the cannabis cultivation landscape and a sumptuous treat for the cannabis community. This magical strain brings the heat with its distinguished qualities, making it the first choice for those seeking rapid growth, robust yields, and resilient plants. Thanks to its autoflowering capabilities, you can almost sit back and watch it work its charms!

What Are the Benefits of Skunk Autoflowering Seeds?

Short Flowering Phase

One of the main advantages of Skunk Autoflowering seeds is their autoflowering nature. This high-speed champion clocks in with a jaw-droppingly short flowering time, maturing within approximately 8 weeks. For growers, this eliminates the need to closely monitor and manipulate light schedules, making the cultivation process more straightforward and beginner-friendly. You’ll be swimming in a sea of delicious green faster than you can say ‘Skunk Autoflower’! 

High Yield Potential

Skunk Autoflower shows off a beefy yield potential of up to 600g/m² indoors and 100-300g/plant outdoors, making this hybrid strain an attractive option to both commercial growers and those cultivating for personal use. Their branchy and medium-tall structure allows for multiple bud sites, contributing to a bountiful harvest when given the right care and environmental conditions. 

Resilience to Adverse Weather Conditions

The Ruderalis genetics in Skunk Autoflowering strains contribute to their durability and resilience, so these vigorous plants are well-adapted to colder climates and can withstand temperature fluctuations better than many photoperiod strains. As such, this strain can handle sudden temperature drops, heavy rain, and high humidity, making them a reliable choice for outdoor growers in less stable climates. They are also highly resistant to damage by pests and pathogens, largely due to their internodal gap, which allows for adequate air flow.

Aroma and Flavor 

Skunk Autoflowering strains are aptly named for their distinctive aroma, which is often described as deliciously pungent. It is a swirling dance of sweet and sour, a mesmerizing fusion of skunky notes, earthy-mossy aromas, and fruity essences, thanks to the terpenes present in this strain. The taste is similar to the aroma, and just as delectable, featuring a skunky flavor with notes of a woodsy, earthy taste. It’s a smorgasbord for the senses that’ll have you securely attached to it after just one puff. 


Skunk Autoflower cannabis plants will take you for the joy ride of your life, offering a variety of effects, including a blissful mood,  increased energy and focus, a spark in creativity, and potential euphoric effects. Skunk Autoflowering strains have also gained popularity among medical cannabis users for their therapeutic effects. The strain’s uplifting and mood-enhancing qualities can be beneficial for individuals dealing with mood disorders, depression, and chronic stress. Additionally, some users have reported relief from mild pain and inflammation. This strain is your new go-to to fix it all, soothing away stress, pain, insomnia, and inflammation with its therapeutic properties. Whether you’re a recreational thrill-seeker or a medicinal user in search of relief, Skunk Autoflower buds offers a personalized gift to everyone.

What Is the Flowering Time and Period of Skunk Auto?

Several factors can influence the flowering time and yield of Skunk Autoflowering plants. The most crucial factors include genetics, light cycle, and environmental conditions. Although the strain’s autoflowering nature allows it to bloom regardless of light conditions, it’s still important to show it a bit of love by providing exceedingly optimal conditions. Your plants will thank you with top-shelf buds! 

Factors that Impact Flowering Time

  • Genetics: The auto-flowering trait is inherent in the genetics of Skunk Autoflowering strains, specifically due to its ruderalis components, which make up 10% of its genetics (30% sativa, 60% indica). Growers should ensure they are using reputable and stable seed banks to ensure the plants possess this auto characteristic, as this variety encourages quick flowering times.
  • Light Cycle: While Skunk Autoflowering plants don’t require a specific light cycle change to initiate flowering, providing 18-20 hours of light per day during the vegetative phase can encourage vigorous growth before flowering commences.
  • Environmental Conditions: Temperature, humidity, and airflow, can influence the overall growth and flowering potential of Skunk Autoflowering plants. Maintaining a stable and suitable environment will promote healthy growth and higher yields. Growers may choose the plant indoors, where they will have more control over the temperature and humidity.

Tips For Maximizing Growth and Yield

To maximize the yield and flowering time of Skunk Autoflowering cannabis, growers can employ specific cultivation techniques, including the following:

  • Planting Density: Planting feminized and autoflower seeds closely together can enhance yields, especially in indoor setups, where space may be limited. However, it is essential to strike a balance to ensure each plant receives enough light and airflow to thrive. 
  • Sea of Green (SOG) Method: Utilizing the Sea of Green method, growers can achieve uniform, low-profile growth. By training multiple small plants rather than a few large ones, growers can take advantage of the short flowering period to consistently produce fantastic results with minimal maintenance.
  • Pruning and Training: Properly pruning and training Skunk Autoflowering plants can optimize light penetration and airflow, leading to increased bud development and healthier growth.
  • Quality Light Source: Investing in a high-quality light source for indoor cultivation is crucial to ensure plants receive sufficient light intensity and spectrum throughout their life cycle.
  • Nutrient Management: Careful management of nutrient levels is essential for achieving healthy growth and maximizing yield. Overfeeding or underfeeding can negatively impact the plant’s development and flowering.

Novice Growers

New to the cultivation game? No worries! Skunk Autoflower cannabis is the perfect mentor. While mastering light cycles, watering schedules, humidity control, and nutrient requirements can be tricky, Skunk Autoflower is a patient and forgiving guide, gently leading the way with its durable, autoflowering nature. Here are some tips on how to tackle challenges that are commonly encountered by newer growers!

  • Managing Light Cycles: While Skunk Autoflowering strains don’t require light cycle changes for flowering, it’s still important to provide sufficient light during the vegetative phase to promote strong growth.
  • Watering: Overwatering or underwatering can lead to issues such as root rot or nutrient deficiencies. Finding the right balance and establishing a proper watering schedule is crucial.
  • Humidity and Temperature: Maintaining appropriate humidity and temperature levels in both indoor and outdoor setups is vital for preventing mold, mildew, and other environmental issues.
  • Nutrient Requirements: Understanding the nutrient needs of Skunk Autoflowering plants throughout their life cycle is essential to support healthy growth and maximize yield.
  • Pest and Pathogens: Treating pests and diseases promptly is crucial to prevent damage to the plants and protect overall health. Be sure that you know how to identify these issues to ensure prompt care. 

Despite these challenges, Skunk Autoflowering strains are still highly beneficial for beginner growers due to their inherent durability and ease of cultivation. The autoflowering trait eliminates the need to manipulate light cycles, reducing the chances of errors for novice growers. Additionally, their shorter flowering time allows for faster feedback and learning from each growing cycle, making it easier for beginners to gain experience and improve their cultivation skills.

Similarly Sweet Autoflowering Strains

Autoflowering versions are a first choice for many a grower, due to their quick growth, short flowering time, and high yield potential, and Skunk Autoflower delivers it all on a silver platter, accompanied by a pungent sweetness that is all too deliciously deviant. Similarly sweet autoflowering strains include desert options such as:

  • Cream Autoflowering offers a delightfully sweet caramel flavor, making it a treat for users who enjoy a little luxury in their lives. This indica-dominant strain has a THC content of approximately 16% and is known for inducing relaxation and euphoria. This is a great strain to try in the evening when your thirst for ice cream and deep sleep rolls around.
  • Lemon Skunk Autoflowering is a sativa-dominant strain known for its skunky, acidic, and citrus flavor. Lemon Autoflowering provides a zesty astoundingly potent experience for users, offering a tasty 20% THC content. This is the strain to grab if you’re looking for a little boost in creativity or if you need some inspiration to get that spring cleaning done.
  • Bubblegum Autoflowering is surprisingly true to its name, as this strain exudes a sugary and bubblegum-like sweetness that will have you reminiscing about those good old childhood days. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is known for promoting giggles and a light, cheerful air. It’s not a shock that this juicy chew is one of the most popular strains!
  • Pineapple Autoflowering offers a tropical and fruity flavor that’ll instantly transport you to a warm, sandy island, where all of your problems are quickly washed away by the sweet, citrusy aromas. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, with THC levels around 15%, this strain will induce feelings of happiness and relaxation. It also offers medicinal benefits, easing symptoms of depression, fatigue, and pain. 
  • Strawberry Haze Autoflowering is a no-joke stunner, with its sumptuous and sweet strawberry flavor and its uplifting, reinvigorating effects. This sativa-dominant hybrid produces huge yields of up to 700 grams for outdoor growers and up to 500 grams for indoor growers. As an easy-to-grow variation, with a THC content of around 15%, this strain is a go-to choice for many marijuana connoisseurs. 

Growers Choice also sells feminized seeds (occasionally of the same strain) if you prefer that over the autoflowering version. Happy growing!

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Skunk#1 x Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 10% Sativa, 80% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

45-50 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Creative, Euphoric, Relaxed

Best Use

Ease nausea, Evening, sleep-inducing


Fruity, Sweet

Indoor Yield

300-400 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

100-200 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

109 reviews for Skunk Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

  1. st0ner4life Verified Owner

    A classic strain with a pungent skunky smell and a lightly uplifting hybrid buzz. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to grow this MJ. ALL the great growing advice on this website has been instrumental in making a huge difference. I have learned so much….and I love the 90% germination guarantee!

  2. Brandon Ball Verified Owner

    Just started my first grow with these seeds, its been about a month now and they have been growing amazingly! 2/3 seeds germinated which was a little disappointing but i imagine nobody is perfect their first time. But from the 2 i did get they’re growing very fast and i think i’ll be able to smoke my first grow very soon!

  3. PotPhoton710 Verified Owner

    Shipping was incredibly quick and I was impressed by the quality of the seeds. The Skunk strain is a great choice for anyone looking for a strong high that hits both the body and mind. The Autoflowering aspect makes things even easier for beginners, and I was very happy with the yield I got from these seeds.

  4. MysticPhoenixer Verified Owner

    This high was perfect for my insomnia issues. Found myself readjusting my sleep schedule and becoming more well-rested than ever before from this strain. Growers blog helped greatly in informing me in buying this strain and I find all the articles extremely helpful.

  5. KookyKitten Verified Owner

    Really impressed by the strong and pungent skunk smell this strain has, it’s definitely not subtle. The high hits hard in a great way and lasts quite a while. The autoflowering feature also made it easy and quick to grow, I really enjoyed the experience with this strain.

  6. Elena Rodriguez Verified Owner

    A classic strain of weed….certainly one you have heard of before. It’s a good choice for new growers, the MJ is easy to work with, hard to mess up. Buying online is really easy and convenient. The sweet flavor of the MJ is accompanied by a deep skunky smell and a buzz that lifts me off my feet a little bit. Makes me extra social, extra smiley, banishes my depression TO THE DEPTHS!

  7. denham BOBBY Verified Owner

    All new grower’s should use autoflowering seeds. These were very reliable and easy to grow, which is great cause I am generally useless in the garden LOL!

  8. GlitteringGalaxy Verified Owner

    Skunk Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds are amazing! As soon as I opened the package, the smell of skunk filled the air, and I knew I was in for a treat. The buds were dense and sticky, and the high was out of this world. I can’t wait to order more and experience that unmistakable skunk aroma again!

  9. Jawad K. Verified Owner

    Like a good friend, skunk auto is always there for you. Auto seeds are easy to grow, meant for the beginners of the weed world. Friendly, tasty, approachable, sociable. What a likeable and popular strain. I mean WOW never seen nugs this BIG and fresh. Haha having fun!

  10. Sallie Mahoney Verified Owner

    I am a bio-dynamic farmer in Boring OR. I make all my planting decisions by the light of the moon. Everything is in flux, and it’s really important to see how your plants will do outdoors….I think it’s possible to grow great weed plants outdoors, you just have to try a little harder than you’d expect. If you can’t control the weather you need to adapt quickly. That’s the nature of farming.

  11. Dax I. Verified Owner

    Over the past couple years, I’ve probably bought about 150 of these seeds. I’ve been around for a while and I agree that Skunk is one of the easiest strains around to grow. One of the big reasons is the fact that it contains ruderalis, which pretty much always guarantees an easy grow.

    Dax I., Vancouver, WA

  12. THCvibez Verified Owner

    I got the seed i ordered and i must saz fast shipping and germinating one seed but not these so best fast shipping Thank You Grower Choice.

  13. Jose Jaramillo Verified Owner

    100% germination rate. Roots took over the pot quickly.

    3 healthy girls.

  14. Damon Potter Verified Owner

    Got pretty high when I smoked the skunk the other night. I was wandering around my neighborhood for HOURS, enjoying all the buzzy glow of the streetlamps. Pretty exciting stuff though, especially for that sweet low price of $33. YOu really can’t go wrong at that price point. Gonna make your life much better and it’s gonna keep you feeling focused for the rest of your days!!

  15. Inayah Barnes Verified Owner

    Skunk is a good purchase for anyone new to the weed growing game….it’s got all the right vibes, and MAN it just hits the best spot, right between the eyes man, and I am soooo excited for the next few years when I just can show up at the basketball court high as hell and beat all my friends in one on one! Feeling pretty LUCKY man!!

  16. Tianna Terry Verified Owner

    I get baked on the skunk and ride my bike down the lake shore and feel like a total boss! I am sooo stoked about getting blazed on homegrown herb, this stuff is wildly popular with my friend group and it gives me all kinds of hope about being able to grow my very own weed for the rest of time on earth!!

  17. Marlie Morley Verified Owner

    Skunky flower with a nice indica vibe, makes life very relaxing and good for my mental health during the pandemic. I am pretty stoked about the prospect of growing even more in my backyard, these plants get sooooo tall, they are taller even than my fence, which is just crazy! Easy ordering online as well, shipped out really quick. I have never been disappointed with GCS….ever!!!

  18. Poppy-Rose Plant Verified Owner

    This skunk strain is one for the books…it’s hella relaxing, and packs the perfect punch. It smells great man, like a skunk is chilling with you in your living room. But it’s the GOOD kind of skunk man, not the bad kind lol. It’s an easy grow don’t even worry about it, you’re bound to be very happy.

  19. Zayaan Franks Verified Owner

    If you can’t smell it from a mile down the street then you’re not doing it right haha. This weed is best when it’s as stank as possible, and let me tell you these nugs are so dank that they kind of feel wet which is awesome! Sticky and a little sweet, this weed will make you feel like you’re living in a dream, and if you gotta have some if this delivered via online, all the better, it’s a very productive strain and looks absolutely great!

  20. monokata258 Verified Owner

    Skunk is pretty alright, it’s a good vibe, grows nicely and it smells pretty great. Not gonna say it’s the best weed I ever had, but it’s pretty darn tasty and relaxing. I will absolutely keep growing this weed from Grower’s Choice 🙂

  21. Takeshi57 Verified Owner

    You should definitely buy this weed cause it may just make your day. I was a little disappointed at first when my seeds decided to not germinate, but I had to warm the soil and they then started growing. Very lovely vibes, especially with how nicely they grew. I got nugs as big as my hand, some of them smell so strong I gotta put it in a jar, it’s amazing. Very satisfied with my purchase!

  22. Zahara Redfern Verified Owner

    Get skunk high and you’ll be eating tacos all night. Truly the ultimate munchies strain. I feel like I have gained like 5 lbs ever since I started smoking this weed, but it’s been pretty chill and life has been pretty alright as it is, and this smelly weed is a nice addition to the routine. Very exciting stuff, pretty jazzy and herbal, gonna make ya scream.

  23. Hayden Page Verified Owner

    Skunk is a pretty wild smelling strain that gives me all the best feels. I smoke every dang afternoon to keep my blood pumping and feeling real good. I am pretty exctied for the next strain to arrive, cause I just keep getting better at growing marijuana and my yields keep increasing! GCS has very useful growing info on their site!

  24. Yuvaan Harrington Verified Owner

    Give this strain a try if your in need of fast flowering action no need for long grow cycles …you’ll be smoking in no time with is beauty..

  25. Saara Frye Verified Owner

    Skunk is a wild and wonderful strain that gets you super stoned and puts you in a great mood. I am very stoned right now and I feel like music just sounds fantastic and the green beans I am eating are extra crunchy and flavorful. Gonna buy more today cause my stash is running low!!! Either way this was awesome, very pleased, very happy. Gonna buy more!!!

  26. Leyla Mackenzie Verified Owner

    I have a very hectic job, sometimes It gets so crazy I can’t help but walk around downtown a little bit during lunch and take a few puffs. I like all the money I get from my jobs, but ultimately it’s about the weed you’re smoking at the end of the day….This stuff is just fantastic, it always gets me very high and I am absolutely thrilled to have it on my register for next season!!

  27. Gwion Mcdougall Verified Owner

    This is some stinky weed!! It’s so skunky it sometimes feel like a real skunk snuck into your house and is chilling in your living room! Luckily it’s just weed, and the buzz is absolutely fantastic. I ordered this weed online cause we don’t have a lot of dispensaries here in Canada, but the seeds shipped out rather quick and I got to growing them right away. Excellent stuff!!

  28. Paris Giles Verified Owner

    Mmmmm skunk! I actually love the taste of skunk and find that it’s a really nice strain for growing in your backyard. The deer kind of ruined one of my plants and probably got pretty stoned in the process, but the other one turned out great! Awesome looking bud with a seriously nice flavor and the buzz never lets me down!!

  29. Trystan Payne Verified Owner

    I have been a fan of skunk weed for some time now. It’s been on my buy list since last christmas. Luckily my brother bought me some of these seeds for christmas this year and they are already doing really well. I live in LA so it’s easy to grow year-round, and the warm summer vibes are just incredible. I love living here and I love growing this marijuana. It’s been a good time all around!

  30. Boris Bannister Verified Owner

    Skunk is fantastic strain, makes for a great buy when you are just chilling and need a new hobby. I smoke every day to keep the demons away. I really wanna keep growing marijuana for all the great things it does for me, makes me nice and chilled out. Has a great smell too, very strong and earthy, makes life much better =)

  31. greenweedmonster88 Verified Owner

    This weed really lives up to its title….it stinks!!! It’s so good though LOL I love smoking this dank herb in the evenings before going out with my friends or late at night with my girlfriend too. We love growing weed together in our nice house. Such a good buy, especially for the price, has a good taste and smell and is fresher than anything you could ever want. Love it!!!!

  32. Fynley Tran Verified Owner

    I think anyone who is committed to this weed can grow it themselves. It’s really not as hard as you might think. Gives me a great thrill to just work with my plants in the backyard and smoke them 5 months later haha. Nice and pungent and really fresh tasting, Pretty excited for the next few weeks when I get to start my next batch. I’ll let you know how it goes!!

  33. landon g Verified Owner

    I was really impressed by this skunk weed, and I am definitely gonna buy more. 5 stars for sure!! Beautiful dope with a whole lotta cash saved from just growing my own! I have nothing but good things to say about this company, great investment, seriously! I will definitely buy some more!!

  34. Iván Ruiz Verified Owner

    I was always a fan of skunk weed. It was my go-to strain in college when I needed the motivation to get some studying done or a paper written. Thankfully those days are behind me, and I have been very busy working on my novel. I will absolutely buy from this site again, and I will definitely keep growing weed in my own backyard!

  35. Peter McKay Verified Owner

    Skunk weed is the best, it’s the classic strain you’ve wanted to smoke for years and never knew how to grow. But now you can jusr order this stuff online and get a really good yield, just amazing and you won’t even be able to believe it. I can definitely smoke some dope here, and it’s gotta be the best possible stuff, cause I need like hella vibes in my life bro.

  36. Yoshikawa Verified Owner

    The skunk strain is top quality and a classic for sure, it’s a great buy when you got some time on your hands and just wanna get dirty in the garden. I Love buying from GCS, they ship out their seeds in record time, and I have been feeling better than ever before. I am a great grower now, all those tips and tricks from this website really work! Plus the smell is amazing 🙂

  37. skunkedout Verified Owner

    This skunk strain is really a treat to grow, makes things so much easier to manage than if I was buying all that weed at the store. It’s been good for my finances believe it or not, cause you get a whole lotta weed for a cheap price. So relaxing and nice, and definitely helps with nausea and stimulates appetite, plus it’s super pungent lol!

  38. derek bynes Verified Owner

    Skunk can really make a difference in your life, like even if you’re tired or something, smoking this will help you feel great again, it’ll rock your socks, and at an unbeatable price. It’s just sincerely delicious, and it is definitely a good buy if you like the smell of skunk, which I do, and I know that’s weird. Definitely worth it!!

  39. str82thedome Verified Owner

    The skunk strain is a classic for sure, helps with stress and depression and makes for a good purchase, even if you’re new to marijuana. The smell and taste are exactly like you’d expect, it’s really strong when it’s freshly dried from the plant, like really impressive stuff. Ordered online and had it delivered. Very fast delivery and excellent germination, 5 of 5 seeds!! Now I am swimming in skunky fresh weed, and life is pretty good!!

  40. texedout Verified Owner

    The skunk seeds are really nice to have around the house, they smell good and then they grow good too. Perfect for your outdoor garden bed or even in the basement if you got the lights. I am lucky enough to have a greenhouse thing going on, and I like the option to have this weed in my arsenal, gets me really high and it just tastes amazing, plus it’s a good hybrid, not too overwhelming one way or the other!!

  41. Joseph Britta Verified Owner

    Your classic indica weed, makes it nice and easy to smoke when you get home and know what you’re getting. I am pretty happy with my buy, very nice to order online, very simple and fast, good delivery times, discreet, easy for growing on the porch or in the ground. I don’t have anything set up in the house or closet for indoor growing, but maybe next time. Smells very strong!

  42. dnenihi Verified Owner

    You might be able to smell it from a mile away, but that’s the appeal in my opinion….gotta love that fresh taste and smell, and that delicious earthy vibe. Ordered it on this website, and the pot seeds shipped directly into my mailbox in no time at all. Gonna try growing indoors next time to increase yield. Gotta love this stuff!

  43. Mark D. Verified Owner

    I can smell this weed plant as I am coming into my driveway sometimes. It’s always looking very happy in the sunlight. I water it when I get home, and it seems to do very well in the summer sun. I am not a gardening expert, but 10 oz weed for my first grow is pretty darn good! Very high-quality stuff too…and always gets me good and stoned. Very pleased with my online order.

  44. Tom Warren Verified Owner

    Skunk is a really good time….it’s gotta be one of the more relaxing strains on the internet…helps with all kinds of depression and also just general boredom, cause let’s be real, we all love smoking this weed to help chill out, cause otherwise, life is just too stressful and uptight. Well worth the vibes, and well worth the money cause it’s honestly cheap!

  45. Brittany D Verified Owner

    Dang what is that smell? Oh wait, it’s this amazing skunk weed! I smoke this almost every evening when I am cooking dinner and come up with the most amazing concoctions. I ordered online and had it delivered right to my place here in south Seattle. Can you believe I was able to just grow it in my backyard? I am very excited to have some fresh mj to share with my friends…everyone wants to hang with me now lol!

  46. jackie d Verified Owner

    Skunk is amazing, and it helps me deal with stress and depression. I grew it out in the backyard and got a very nice fulfilling strain, it’s so rewarding to work in the garden, it makes my bones feel good lol. I am very excited though to finally have some homegrown weed, and I highly recommend trying this out for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised!

  47. Mark Mello Verified Owner

    If you haven’t seen this strain, you have probably smelled it before just walking down the street. It’s a delicious strain if you ask me…really sour and a little harsh on the lungs…makes me feel like I am at home. I smoke it usually out in the backyard and go swimming in my pool. Makes me feel real keen on the summer weather…my head feels like its in a cloud and my body is relaxed as can be. Highly recommend!

  48. Diamond Verified Owner

    Skunk is a really nice strain, makes for a good afternoon or evening smoke…definitely offers all the things you’re looking for in a weed….from deep relaxation to funny thoughts and daydreams. I am extremely happy I bought this weed online, made my life so much easier! Don’t be alarmed when it smells like a skunk walking down the street, it’s just my weed!

  49. @worrywart Verified Owner

    Skunk is some serious business with great vibes and a very enjoyable high. Makes me feel all kinds of woozy and dreamy and fun. Love the taste and the smell of course, very pungent, and definitely worth growing your own. I loooove smoking weed, and growing it too, I feel like a true pro!

  50. Winton Nickles Verified Owner

    You can smell this stuff from a mile away….it’s pretty potent but I totally love it! It’s gotta be my favorite strain of weed…super sticky and fresh right when it is harvested from the plant. I always like to grow this in my basement to get an even bigger yield and just enjoy the room smelling like pot lol. I usually just go upstairs, dry out the plant, pluck the buds and smoke it outta my bong. Can’t be beat!

  51. Agua Verified Owner

    Skunk is a real gem, super worth growing your own weed…makes for the perfect backyard gardening project. I live in Oregon and the times have been perfect, the climate is super dope, and I really appreciate the taste and smell cause it’s like super dank! I got a big fat yield with beautiful nugs the size of my hands. I am like crazy proud of myself for getting this going all on my own and you can too!

  52. Tiger Hunter Verified Owner

    Skunky delicious goodness…makes me wanna crawl into bed and just lay under the sheets….I love buying this weed though, it’s always delivered on time….always helps me when I feel super stressed or depressed….and has that iconic smell that brings me back to my college years. One of the easier strains to grow….but never fails in quality, try it for yourself!

  53. next generation Verified Owner

    Skunk me bro! Pass that joint cause it’s hitting hard right now!!! I am SO happy I grew this weed at home…it’s so fulfilling and rewarding, makes for a great looking strain…has all these beautiful colors mixed in….makes for a great smelling strain too…the whole house is skunky and funky yall! Easy online ordering, highly recommend!

  54. Mooney Verified Owner

    Skunky sweetness fills my apartment. We light another bong and take a huge rip. Now I am totally stoned…the line between pain and joy is blurred…I am one with my carpet….the video games blare in the background….flashes and bangs….all noises and no coherence….so glad I grew this weed….makes me a total slug….having so much funnnn!

  55. Mando Whal Verified Owner

    Really dense weed…super sticky and of course…super skunky!!! It’s so nice to have this around…so nice to finally be able to grow my own bud at home where nobody is gonna bother me and I can smoke it all night long and just play video games until the sun is up. I love this as a challenge…it’s really good, REALLY GOOD STUFF!!!

  56. Jenner Broderson Verified Owner

    Skunk is really good weed….it’s so strong like you wanna pass out after you smoke it….I am so happy I decided to grow my own bud….makes me feel like a freaking champ….has all kinda of street cred behind it…my pockets always smelling like skunk….so good for the soul!!

  57. Erlah Heade Verified Owner

    Skunky and delicious….a true classic you can grow in your own home. I ordered online and had the seeds delivered to my place here in Northern Cali…perfect weed growing conditions out here, beautiful smells and the sunshine and trees you just can’t beat it. Got myself a nice yield…better than I expected and I usually pack a joint to smoke at lunch to help me stay focused during the afternoon. How could I complain?

  58. Rosey Verified Owner

    Skunk flower is like a delicacy up here in Canada…right next to POUTINE!!! Ever smoke skunk weed and eat poutine…well its THA BOMB.COM! I love this stuff more even than I thought I would. I bought 3 seeds from this website called GCS…ever heard of it!? LOL I am hilarious. I smoke this to make my arms tingle and my head get all fuzzy like. Good for smoking and will def buy more!

  59. Silent Waters Verified Owner

    Skunk it up with some skunky weed, great buy for these troubling times…real easy to grow in your backyard, smells like crazy and grows way faster than you’d expect. It’s as tall as me, and definitely makes for a great purchase if you’re a new grower. I smoke it to help with pain and stress and depression. Great any time of day and worth the effort!

  60. Blue Collar Verified Owner

    Skunk weed is all about getting really stoned with your buddies and having a good time, it’s about letting go and about just enjoying life and what you have. I always buy from Grower’s they def have the best selection anywhere in Canada. I have great growing conditions out in my backyard and get these seeds growing every single summer. I grow so much weed that it lasts me all winter long. I am very happy with the results!

  61. konawaina Verified Owner

    Skunk weed has kind of a bad rap to it, but this skunk strain of weed exceeds all expectations! I got 3 seeds from GCS, and the delivery was super fast and the germ was reliable. I got a very solid grow off these little plants. Beautiful buds the size of my fist (some of them) and a HUGE gorgeous harvest with all sorts of skunky flavors and smells. It’s very relaxing stuff, you won’t be disappointed!

  62. Macka Ronni Verified Owner

    Get skunked by this stuff and you’ll never be the same. I was always a weed smoker, ever since I was in college, but now I feel like I gotta be growing my own weed with the economy and whatnot and this stuff will def save you some money! It’s fresh as hell and gets me super stoned and I even find it relaxing and uplifting. Can’t wait to buy more seeds for my indoor grow room, It’s gonna smell like skunk for 10 years!

  63. @macnutpie Verified Owner

    Skunk is the BOSS! I am a huge fan of this strain and have been smoking it for years, but now I finally got to grow my own, a long-time dream of mine! I ordered my seeds online and got them delivered right to my door. Excellent quality cause they all germinated and grew super tall! This stuff is pungent and it really knocks your socks off…I like smoking it at night to put me in a good mood and help me relax. Definitely worth my while and saved me a bunch of dough!

  64. Needle in the haystack Verified Owner

    Skunk is boss, we all know that, and growing it is even cooler. This was my first time ordering with GCS, such a great company with a stellar online catalog. Got myself an excellent yield from my 3 plants, better than expected. I like these sweet sweet nugs, sticky and dank as heck, perfect for rolling up a spliff or smoking out of a bong, and great for my stress and anxiety. What a plant!

  65. lurveya1977 Verified Owner

    Obviously, if you don’t like the smell of weed then you should probably avoid this strain, but if you’re like me and you LOOOVE the smell of skunky bud, sign me up! I got an excellent yield from my 3 little plants, beautiful dark flowers that are super sticky and fragrant. It’s an indica folks, so you know what that means, in-da-couch! Very subtle but kicks you on your butt when it sneaks up on you, so be ready with some munchies and Netflix!

  66. Radar Verified Owner

    You can smell this stuff down the street it’s so strong, but it’s well worth the smell cause the buzz is just fantastic. I got myself 3 amazing plants that grew from tiny little seeds. I followed the grow guide on this site and they did GREAT in my backyard. I got an amazing yield, nearing like 800 grams and I can’t believe the freshness of this stuff. Sativa weed is the best!

  67. whatsthatsmell808 Verified Owner

    You can smell it from down the street, but it’s like coming home to your girlfriend or wife, “Honey, I’m home!” What a great weed to come home to, you can smoke it in front of the TV all night and it just feels spectacular. Perfect for a long drive or a good hike in the woods too, but mostly, just for naps and snacks. Great buy!

  68. Jumping Jack Verified Owner

    I personally love the pungent smell of this weed. It’s an easy grow, even if you’re not familiar, and almost everyone can appreciate this buzz. It’s a classic head buzz with a nice dash of indica that helps relax at the end of the day. I like to smoke this and then play some music, or maybe write a poem. It makes me feel very creative and happy and now I am very excited to share with friends and family!

  69. kevin’s grow Verified Owner

    We call this banana Bud in Mayport Florida in the early eighties when I was in the military this is awesome, indoors you need a 600 W light or better the bring density out it sticks to the bag will stick to your fingers animals to the bowl.

    • tellitlikeiseeit Verified Owner

      Say pain goodbye for few hours.

      • justsaying Verified Owner

        Germinated into Peat pellets just fine.

        • Downspout Verified Owner

          Bend the stock at 30゚ each Bud will grow into a banana turn baggy inside out grab Bud cut off dry in baggy it sticks to everything enjoy

  70. Schwinn Verified Owner

    That smell is something you’ll never forget. It’s strong, powerful, and super skunky, and when it’s fresh, lookout! I got 3 seeds online and had em shipped to my place here in eastern WA. Got them really fast I was amazed considering I live in the middle of nowhere. That said, I have a nice greenhouse on my land that’s perfect for growing weed and I got a very solid harvest from my 3 seeds. Excellent for stress and anxiety!

  71. Happy&Health Verified Owner

    Skunk weed is an absolute classic. Helps me deal with anger, pain and depression and always manages to put a smile on my face. I feel pretty darn good about this stuff, a great grow with excellent yield. I am very surprised how well this turned out, all my nugs are deep green and Exxxxxtra fluffy. Don’t be surprised when you’re back on GCS to buy more seeds!

  72. Eggs&Bacon Verified Owner

    Is that a skunk in my living room? Nope, it’s just some delicious skunky weed with a hint of earth and spice. It’s good for those long days with nothing to do, makes for a great lazy day smoke cause it helps relax the body and calm the mind. Doesn’t put me to sleep though, so that’s nice. I smoke it and then I usually just chill out on the back patio and watch the clouds go by. Good stuff!

  73. the Teacher Verified Owner

    You can smell this weed from down the street. And it always puts a smile on my face….”yay, I smell my own weed plants in my backyard!” Then I would go home and tend to the plants and prune them and make then super pretty and beautiful. Got an excellent yield, probably the best I have ever gotten from growing weed. Perfect strain for dealing with stress and anxiety, but also gives me a mood boost and a fierce run of confidence. Heck yeah I’m gonna grow this forever!

  74. Scrappy Verified Owner

    This stuff is like a sleeping pill…it makes me wanna just crash on the couch, watch a movie and go to sleep. It’s done great things for my insomnia, and it helps a lot with my stress. I grew it out back, near the other herbs and spices. It did very well out in the sunshine and all the rain we got this summer, made for a very productive plant, probably got like 5-8 oz worth of marijuana, pretty solid! Good skunky smell too, you’ll totally dig it 🙂

  75. Sounders Verified Owner

    I have a job that gives me soooo much stress, sitting in front of my computer all day totally sucks and I need a nice break every once in a while. So I grew this weed or a nice mental vacation. I am very excited with how this turned out, got a nice yield, and I hardly had to care for it at all. It seemed very happy in my backyard, and it’s nice to have this stuff around the house, with it’s pungent skunky smell and it’s euphoric vibes!

  76. Johnny Law Verified Owner

    That smell will haunt your dreams…but I absolutely love it personally. It’s so nostalgic for me when I used to be smoking in college…I am so thrilled to be growing my own marijuana, it’s been a great gardening project and my plants produced a whole lot of marijuana! I dried it out and smoke it just about every day! It’s got a great blend of indica and sativa that gives me the mood boost and relaxation I need to get through the day!

  77. beckworth777 Verified Owner

    The smell of skunk weed is one of the more recognizable weed smells out there. It’s earthy and pungent, definitely gives me a strong head buzz, and offers me a strong burst of energy and creativity. I like the fresh nugs, how dank and sticky they are, make some great resin too, great for saving for later. I got my seeds delivered from GCS, had em shipped right to my door, pretty awesome stuff. Great for indoor growing, and I’m super happy I have the space for it!

  78. kittydermdom Verified Owner

    Skunk has gotta be one of the more prominent strains out there, I used to smoke it college all the time, but now it’s my turn to grow it my own. I LOVED the process, it’s super rewarding and relaxing and it offers up some smelly, dank herb with a lot to offer my headaches and depression. I smoke this and feel instantly better about life. I like the relaxed vibes and the wonderful head rush and there’s really nothing to complain about. Very happy!

  79. Ben Elkins Verified Owner

    This weed puts me right to sleep. That’s why I reserve it for right before bed, when I am just chilling on the sofa reading a book for playing video games. Either way, it’s pretty exciting to have my own weed to smoke. I don’t think I’ll ever visit a dispensary again now that I know how easy it is to grow my own, and how easy it is to order online with GCS. Super solid company with great customer service and an unbeatable selection!

  80. lucy lucille Verified Owner

    A surprisingly mellow and relaxed high, great for chilling out after work or on the weekends. It’s pungent stuff, so it can be hard to conceal if that’s an issue for you. Got my 3 seeds delivered from growers, excellent online selection with just the right amount of variety. Got all 3 seeds to germinate and proudly got my 3 plants to grow successfully in the backyard. Nearly 400 g per plant and very high quality stuff, makes me sleepy if I smoke too much!

  81. Jeremiah Morris Verified Owner

    Yeah, it definitely has a skunky aroma to it, so warn the neighbors to hide the kids lol. It’s worth your time though, I am a skeptic myself but this definitely helps me with anxiety and depression and energy. Gets me REAL stoned, but sometimes I just take a small puff for a glow in the afternoon. Worth the growing time, and the smell, but definitely does better indoors. Highly recommend!

  82. Phil legrand Verified Owner

    This is definitely a classic strain of weed. It’s got that stanky skunk smell and has a great sativa dominant vibe about it. Wakes me up and doesn’t every get me down. Helps with depression, anxiety, and stress! Great for a lunch break smoke or anytime after work. Maybe not before bed though. Super easy to grow, and fast delivery. GCS has got the goods!

  83. officedog Verified Owner

    Oooo that smell! It’s super intoxicating and different, and you recognize it a mile away! I got my seeds growing in the backyard super fast, and they all did really well even though I haven’t done any growing before. I think this is the perfect strain for beginners, just because the weed is excellent and really scratches all the itches. Nicely sativa dominant and helps a ton with stress and depression. I highly recommend!

  84. JR83311 Verified Owner

    If there’s a strain out there that everyone will recognize, it is this one. It’s got that distinct skunky smell and helps a lot with depression and anxiety, gets me feeling strong and also helps me feel relaxed too. I smoke after work when I get home and cook some dinner and chill with my cats on the front porch while rolling a few Js for the weekend. Perfect MJ for long sessions. Great vibes!

  85. Bowman2736 Verified Owner

    You know you’ll be in love this weed the second it starts to flower, smells so fresh and stanky! Love that delicious smell and taste, reminds me of smoking during my college days. I’ve become quite the gardener since then, and it’s been a real treat finally having some high quality seeds sprouting up in the backyard. Love the buzz as well, hella uplifting and euphoric, great for reading, writing, or going on a hike!

  86. karen h. Verified Owner

    Take a load off with this skunk weed. It’s killer for stressful days followed by relaxing nights. I use it to help me with stress and depression, and something about that skunk smell really does me the trick! It’s pretty fun to grow weed, pretty proud of myself, the germination guide really helped and the grow time was relatively short. I’ll try again soon!

  87. William S. Verified Owner

    My work life can be really overwhelming, I travel a lot and usually don’t get a lot of sleep. When I get home I really enjoy returning to this weed. My lovely wife is an excellent gardener and decided to grow this herself out back and she’s kind enough to share with me haha. It has definitely helped with my insomnia, I sleep a lot better at night, and I love the strong skunky smell and taste. I am no weed expert but I would say this stuff is pretty top notch!

  88. Bill A

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  89. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  90. Daisy Real Verified Owner

    Dang this stuff smell super strong! It even attracted my neighbor’s attention, but don’t worry, they’re cool with it. I am pretty stoked about this weed, feels a lot like I am floating on a cloud and all the colors are super saturated and amazing. I am relaxed, but also alert, really high but not “stoned” so yeah, it’s great stuff, and easy to grow too. Highly recommend!

  91. Anges Hann Verified Owner

    This happens to be a really powerful uplifting strain of weed if you can get over the smell! It’s super nice to smoke in the afternoon on the back porch. Very uplifting, my mind is racing, all kinds of thoughts and great creative ideas. It even gets me in the mood to clean, I can’t get enough of this stuff. I will definitely grow more!

  92. take a hit Verified Owner

    This has to be one of the better classic weeds on this site. The genetics are killer and all 3 seeds germinated beautifully. I got around 400 g per plant from harvest and I am very impressed with the results. It’s got that classic skunk smell and flavor, hella relaxing, great for my stress and anxiety, and perfect in the evening after dinner!

  93. jayna Verified Owner

    This is some stanky weed for sure! But it’s the most relaxing weed you’ll ever smoke. It’s been great for my stress and anxiety and even helps me sleep at night! It was very easy to grow indoors, has a nice place in my basement and gave me some really impressive flower after just a few months time. It’s a strain every stoner will love, and I am sure that you will too!

  94. melanie Verified Owner

    The smell of this weed is intoxicating on its own. Very strong earthy skunky smell, but it’s also really very relaxing and uplifting as well. I really dig how easy it was to grow, I didn’t even have to try really, it was super straightforward and it really just took care of itself! Definitely a worthy grow, especially if you need some night time relaxation, and always a great buy from GCS!

  95. purpledog832 Verified Owner

    You’re gonna love the dank sticky nugs that come with this plant. Great for outdoor growing if you’re neighbors are cool with the smell cause this stuff is pungent! Definitely has been great for my aches and pains, and also keeps me feeling happy and creative throughout the day. I really liked the vibes of this stuff, and GCS has such an amazing online selection. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  96. ccallow Verified Owner

    This is some DANK herb, absolutely stunning stuff with a very high yield and that delicious skunk smell! I loved how easy it was to order these seeds online. GCS has such an amazing selection with a ton of herb to choose from, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Got like 1000 grams from just 3 plants and I am smoking on the daily to help with stress and anxiety.

  97. Jordan Norris Verified Owner

    Oh boy am I glad I got this weed. I grew it out back with my other herbs and spices and it fit right in. I love the delicious smell and taste of this stuff, super potent and pungent and strong. But the buzz is not overpowering, in fact it is highly relaxing and offers me some great rest at the end of a long day. It’s got that classic skunk smell that never gets old. Give it a try!!!

  98. Andrew Verified Owner

    You really can’t go wrong with this weed, it’s excellent for my back pain and my stress levels. All my worries just melt away in a skunky weed cloud. Such a miracle I was able to grow this all myself. I love how tall and bushy the plants got. I am so proud of my ability to produce a TON of weed all by myself. Skunky goodness!

  99. tkpartyking Verified Owner

    Much better as an indoor grow, you’ll get a significantly higher yield. I love the smell, think its really nice and potent and its always nice to smell it around the house. Very relaxing stuff, perfect for rolling a J with my family members after work is done and just chilling out around the house. It’s a great do-nothing strain. Highly recommended for the typical stoner!

  100. Bill Hodges Verified Owner

    Some powerful stuff, definitely gonna stink up your house, but I kinda like the smell so I don’t really mind. It’s a good grow, have been doing this kind of growing for years in my greenhouse out back. It smells and tastes delicious, has a great buzz to it that will keep you feeling good for hours on end, very relaxing and great for stress. Helpful for anxiety as well!

  101. pepelepew Verified Owner

    Skunk is one of those strains you gotta try growing if you’re a seasoned stoner like myself. It’s just a beautiful strain with some amazing sativa properties. GCS has the best seeds in town too, and it’s real easy to order them. They arrive in no time at all and my seeds germinated beautifully. It’s got that skunky smell you’re gonna love. It gets me suuuuper high as well!

  102. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  103. Alan Anderson Verified Owner

    I love this dank herb! It’s got a that classic skunk smell that makes for a great time every time. Have been growing mj for years and skunk has been on the list for some time. Have a nice greenhouse out back with a lotta space for growing. This stuff is killer, has a buzz that’ll knock your socks off and make you wanna curl up on the couch with a kitty! I will definitely be back for more!

  104. Darren Call Verified Owner

    Oh man, I can’t imagine a better weed than this. Super easy to grow and offers up a nice medium yield, especially if you’re growing indoors. Amazing stuff, has that great skunky smell that makes your head feel loopy, and the buzz is great for my stress and anxiety, and also helps me relax and sleep at the end of a long work day. Great stuff, will be back for more 🙂

  105. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  106. Brenda Scott Verified Owner

    Very pungent weed as you can imagine, so I recommend growing indoors, you’ll get a much better yield that way and conceal the smell. But WOW got like 500 g per plant, and all really healthy and delicious stuff. I smoke in the afternoons when I am about to crash and this stuff helps tremendously. It’s been a real treat helping with my anxiety and depression. Will be back for more!

  107. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  108. Matty Verified Owner

    I need some help sleeping at night, and this stuff knocks me right out. It’s a good outdoor strain if the neighbors don’t mind the pungent smell. It was real easy getting seeds from GCS, they’ve got a sick collection of seeds and I am stoked I got to try them myself! I share this weed with my gf, she loves it too, maybe the dog is into it as well idk! Will buy again 🙂

  109. darkest_epitome

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  110. Benjamin Campbell Verified Owner

    If you’re looking for a fast-acting insomnia medication this is it! I love skunk weed, have been smoking it for years and never looked back. I have never grown it before myself, so this was a great experience for me. I love the smell of this weed, so skunky and strong, and man this weed is like the most relaxing strain in the world, great for stress and sleep!

  111. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  112. hellothisis patrick Verified Owner

    Skunk is that classic indica strain that everybody loves. A fantastic grow, but definitely better suited to indoor environments. It’s so delicious I can’t stop smoking it, but be careful it’s super strong! I wouldn’t recommend if you have a long list of errands to take care of, so reserve for the evenings to help relax. relieve pain, and sleep 🙂

  113. Daniel D. Verified Owner

    Not the greatest yield in the world, but for what it lacks in output it makes up for in quality! It’s got that classic skunk smell, that makes you feel stoned just by looking at it! I smoke usually at night, it’s very relaxing, makes you feel kind of tired and heavy, and it really helps with stress and sleep!

  114. Daniel H Verified Owner

    Quick to flower and a delicious strain overall. Yes, it’s pretty pungent so keep that in mind all you backyard growers! I grew in my basement, have been doing so for years, and got my plants to look tall and beautiful, with orange buds! I smoke usually in the evening, it helps me unwind and let go, plus it’s great for pain or cramps. Sleeping through the night has never been easier!

  115. Dirk Archer Verified Owner

    Love me some skunky weed! Ordered this stuff online and the seeds shipped out FAST! I can’t believe how easy it was to grow, I’m no green thumb, but this stuff really works. Good genetics I guess? But i’m just yer typical stoner and was happy to see my skunky plants flower in just a couple months, got around 300 grams too, not bad! Smoke weed everyday (of course) and love the skunk after work is done and its time for fun haha. Great stuff!

  116. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  117. Kurt Harrington Verified Owner

    Solid strain of a classic MJ. The seeds shipped out super fast and 4 of 5 popped so not a bad germ rate. Much better to grow indoors, this plant seems to prefer living in a controlled environment, and gives off around 300 grams, a little bit less than I was hoping for to be honest. Very pungent, so keep that in mind, but has that classic sour skunky taste that gives an excellent and relaxing buzz that helps me sleep and reduces my aches and pains!

  118. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

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