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Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An indica-dominant hybrid originating in the UK, Cheese Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds have all the properties of the popular feminized Cheese strain, with the added benefit of an automatic flowering cycle. Users of Cheese Auto-flowering report sativa-like effects: a happy and euphoric high, followed by deep relaxation that eases pain and soothes away stress.

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Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An indica-dominant hybrid originating in the UK, Cheese Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds have all the properties of the popular feminized Cheese strain, with the added benefit of an automatic flowering cycle.

Best Cheese Strains

Thanks to the addition of the cannabis species ruderalis, Cheese Auto-Flowering switches from the preliminary vegetative stage to the flowering stage within a few weeks, without any change in daylight hours. This almost magical progression comes from the rougher climate of ruderalis’ native Russia; the plants had to progress through their life cycle without relying on the gradual change of light throughout the summer.

Cheese Autoflower Effects

Despite the indica dominance of Cheese auto-flowering cannabis seeds (they possess 50% indica genes to 30% sativa), users of this strain report sativa-like effects – a happy and euphoric high. Once that heady joy has died down, however, Cheese Auto-Flowering ebbs into a strong, couch lock-like sedation and a sense of bliss.

The total-body relaxation of this strain makes it an excellent choice for people suffering chronic or recurring aches and pains, who don’t mind a bit of the famous cannabis “high” along with their relief. In fact, the euphoric sensations carry their own benefits – Cheese auto-flowering is adept at relieving stress and anxiety, and the blissful sedation in the later stages can help you ease into sleep stress-free, treating insomnia as well. An influx in appetite, experienced by some users, makes Cheese a good choice for people struggling with an eating disorder.

Cheese Auto Strain Yield

Cheese auto-flowering cannabis seeds contain a low to moderate amount of THC – about 10% – which means the mental high, while still prevalent, is unlikely to be too intense. Ideal for indoor growing (as most auto-flowering cannabis seed varieties are), Cheese is easy to grow and just 50 to 60 days will elapse between the start of the flowering period, and harvest. You should see an good flower yield from this medium-height strain – as much as 500 grams per square meter.

Learn more: Cheese Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strain.

Try Cheese Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds to soothe your pain and help you sleep.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Skunk #1 x Mexican Ruderalis


20% Ruderalis, 30% Sativa, 50% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



body stone, Happy, Intense, Relaxed

Best Use

Evening, relaxation, sleep-inducing


cheese, Earthy

Indoor Yield

400-500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

250-350g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

81 reviews for Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Hanabata Days (verified owner)

    Pass the cheese please, that’s what I always say to my buddies when we are smoking this weed. Don’t know about you but I LOVE getting high and really appreciate this particular bud. It’s so relaxing and uplifting and it has a great cheesy flavor, very pungent, especially when it’s fresh and I really liked growing it outdoors, made for a great addition to my backyard garden, better than I would have expected. I can’t believe how easy it was to order online!

  2. Smooth Peanutbutter (verified owner)

    Treat yourself to some high-quality cheese weed. It’s nothing short of fantastic and helps with stress and depression. I grew 3 plants out in my backyard. Just give them sun, water, good soil and some love and they will grow into beautiful, tall bushy weed plants. I am very pleased with the results of my grow, the quality is impeccable, and it’s definitely worth the effort and longer wait times. You will save yourself so much money!

  3. Kailua Kona (verified owner)

    Say Cheeeeese! Yep, this weed really does taste like a piece of cheese and it gets you super duper high! I mean, it’s a trippy indica high for sure. Your mind is clouded and your body feels all loosey goosey. I mean I kinda love it, I just don’t smoke it when I have important business to take care if, you know? Fun as a heck to grow this in the backyard. I mean, I am no expert, but I still managed to care for these plants, AND I got like 500 grams of fresh nug at the end. Soooo worth it, buy yours today, don’t wait!

  4. Gouda (verified owner)

    Cheese will definitely brighten your spirits, no not the kind you eat for dinner, or on your cheeseburger, this weed! It’s super delicious, has kind of a tangy funky smell to it, and the whole yard now smells like mj, which I tend to really like. I am very excited about the prospect of getting a greenhouse together so I can grow more cheese weed! Pretty solid yield too, about 600 grams of fresh pot. Nice online selection, easy to navigate and order. Makes weed buying soooo much easier, and it’s saved me a lot of money!

  5. Gerald Williams

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  6. Greenhouse Grower (verified owner)

    I love me some hybrid weeds, it always seems to hit just the right spot. A nice little head buzz to get the gears turning and a nice body buzz to kill off the stress. I LOVE gardening so this was a great experience for me. I got myself a nice hefty yield. I dunno how much but it’s more than I can smoke myself! Brilliant flavor and smell. definitely worth the longer than normal growing time. It tastes like cheese!

  7. Chiro (verified owner)

    Cheesy like a delicious Cheeto, or maybe a fresh slice of pizza? It’s pretty astounding how many flavors of weed there are in the world. I feel really lucky I was able to grow this indoors and get such a stellar yield. It’s funky as hell and puts me in a wierd ass mood. I feel like taking long walks around Portland at night and just watching the city go by. Definitely worth my time and yours too!

  8. Kwiki Mart (verified owner)

    Cheesy jokes are even better when you smoke cheese weed LOL. I am the king of dad jokes, and when I get really stoned, I tend to fire them off like crazy. I like the smell of it personally, but I can see why somebody would not enjoy this. It’s okay though, the indica laden weed is absolutely relaxing and great for when you’re stressing out. No sweat growing this too, it’s very easy to manage and take care of. I will definitely buy this again ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Lemonade (verified owner)

    Cheese weed is kind of a funky concept and it’s also a funky weed! Perfect for smoking when you’re stressed out and having a bad day, makes for a perfect companion to some wine or dinner and your favorite TV show. The grow was easy peazy. I have a nice little closet space in my house with a bunch of LED lights that make for perfect growing. Excellent flower production smells like heck but I happen to like it lol. I’ll buy some more to replenish my stash!

  10. Wicked Will (verified owner)

    Say CHEESE! Heck of a strain of marijuana, super funky tasting, definitely has a cheesy aftertaste, and the buzz is really mellow and smooth, perfect for weekends and days where you just need to relax. It’s good at night, gives me mad munchies and keeps me feeling stoned and happy after work. Loved growing it in the backyard, got an excellent yield with minimal effort, but maybe cause my soil is in such good shape? I will definitely be back for more!

  11. theSkunk (verified owner)

    Cheese is an excellent strain for stress, depression and anxiety. It’s good for those of us who love the smell of cheese and also dig the skunky vibes of marijuana. It’s a winning combination and it is a real treat to smoke as a blunt or a joint. I ordered my seeds online with GCS and got them wicked fast. Perfect timing cause the weather is just warming up and it’s time to plant my seedlings! My 3 seeds have germinated and I’ll keep y’all up to date with my new weed crop!

  12. Chef Grow (verified owner)

    This stuff is like fresh cut STINKY cheese, which is alright by me, cause I’m kind of a cheese enthusiast in my spare time. Excellent choice from grower’s, they always seem to have the best selection of seeds at the best prices, and all if it is online. Plus the shipping was really fast and reliable, and the seeds showed up at my place here in Washington in about a week. Got nearly 500 grams from this grow and all really high quality stuff!

  13. 9 times outta 10 (verified owner)

    Cheese is an interesting strain…never thought I’d grow it myself but I was gifted these seeds last Xmas and decided why not try it out? Got myself some seeding trays and a built a small greenhouse in my backyard. Love the way this all turned out…got some beautiful flower in about 4 months time, and yup…that’s not fresh brie….that’s weed you’re smelling! It’s pretty funky but kinda fun, and the buzz is ultra chill. Love it when I go out on my boat over the weekends.

  14. happy customer (verified owner)

    This cheesy weed is hard to top! It’s one of the more relaxing strains I have ever smoked, gets me really stoned and relaxed and it’s just perfect for my stress levels! I got almost 500 g from my 2 little plants and I saved a strain for later. The smell and taste do NOT disappoint, especially if you totally love cheese like I do. I will definitely buy from grower’s again, what an amazing online catalog!

  15. Valentine (verified owner)

    The cheese weed has some serious flavor and it’s got the craziest taste!!! I didn’t think I was gonna like this weed, but it turns out that I LOVE IT!!!! It’s super-duper relaxing, helps me with my stress and depression, and definitely gives me a high that lasts for hours, perfect for when you are having a lazy/bad day and need a little euphoric pick me up to keep going…It’s helped me get through some difficult days at work!

  16. Bobo

    I received 3 seeds of this strain and all 3 germinated. The 3 plants had about 11 – 14 week span from seedling to harvest. Even though we have not a full cure on these they still smoke very well and produce a very calming high. A great strain and I recommend it.

    These were my first auto flowering plants, so I made a few mistakes. Here are a few suggestions… 1) Transplant seedlings directly into the final pot size. Stepping up the pot sizes on autos will stunt their growth. 2) If you are using cloth pots, use a 7 gallon or larger one. 5 gallon pots produced a much smaller plants. 3) Prune but don’t over do it. I read that you are not supposed to prune autos, but that was a mistake. I suggest that after the plant hits the flower stage that the unneeded branches get removed so that the bud branches can get more light. Do not top the plant though. Low stress training to open up the plant helps too.

  17. David Blake (verified owner)

    I really love the taste and smell of this weed. It’s really pungent and sticky, it’s like the freshest weed I’ve ever smoked and it makes all the difference in the world. Growing your own means growing organic, which means you get the purest stuff on the market, that and it’s all your own! This stuff did great in my basement, has a wonderful body buzz with it, makes me kinda tired so I smoke it at night most of the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Bobo

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  19. Lois Barnes (verified owner)

    It’s definitely cheesy, but in a pretty endearing way. The smell and taste are super unique and they come together to form a truly unforgettable weed. I ordered my seeds online with GCS, and had them delivered of course, pretty impressive time to flowering, really fast and produces super well! I only germinated one of the seeds, I am gonna save the other two for another time, maybe when I can finally grow indoors? Cool beans!

  20. merry meredith (verified owner)

    It’s a cheesy good time, has a nice pungent smell, but it actually tastes pretty good, I was surprised by how much I liked it. I got these seeds as a gift actually, and was surprised at how easy this was to grow. Got a nice yield, probably like 300 g from one plant. I saved my other 2 seeds for later. I don’t smoke that much, but I do like to take a few good rips of this weed from time to time and it gets me blazed, pretty nice for when you’re stressed or depressed!

  21. warden pelis (verified owner)

    When you got the cheese growing in your basement you got the whole house smelling like it, and It’s pretty cool if you dig it. Got some nice fat nugs from these plants, not hard to take care of. Just give em some love and they’ll produce. I smoke for my pain, my back pain, neck pain, what have you. But the best part is the mind buzz, very uplifting, relaxing, and euphoric. Helps with sleep!

  22. Laurie Manotti (verified owner)

    It’s strong and smells strong too. But it’s pretty darn relaxing if you take it at the right time of day. Good for headaches and minor aches and pains. Makes it easier to interact with people, eases social anxiety and not to mention it’s a nice joint to pass around the fire circle. Definitely pungent smelling, but a strong indoor grower. Worth your while for sure!

  23. simon matic (verified owner)

    Used to smoke this weed back in the UK, nice stuff and always a good time. Smoke this stuff on my own now. Worth the grow, reliable seeds, good product, helps with stress you know? Nice for the weekends, for dates you know? Smoke on my bike, in the car, wherever. Love the taste and smell. Very cheesy. Fun grow too. Good buy.

  24. Julio Salazar

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  25. King Piper (verified owner)

    I love the indica edge this weed offers, but it hits like a sativa…strange! I love the taste and smell of this stuff, as opposed to my wife who can’t stand it lol! It’s very earthy and has a hint of that cheese smell, very strong on the nose but a mild and smooth smoke best done as a joint. It definitely is an after work smoke for me, roll one up right when I get home and am kicking my feet up the rest of the night. Will definitely grow more!

  26. pureres (verified owner)

    Surprisingly well balanced strain, really helps balance me out when I am in a tizzy, gets me back on my feet when I am down, and turns my frown upside down ๐Ÿ™‚ Got my seeds delivered right to my door from GCS, amazing online catalog, I feel super fortunate that my friend recommended this site and even helped me get some growing done. It’s pretty impressive stuff and really smells a lot like Cheese! It’s perfect for that night in you’ve been saving for yourself.

  27. judgegan (verified owner)

    Strong, pungent, stinky weed…I love it! Got mysefl 3 seeds online with GCS and grew them in the basement. I have my grow lamps and irrigation all set up and it worked beautifully. It definitely stinks up the place, smells a lot like cheese and skunk, but it’s really very relaxing and great for stressful days when you need a way to relax. Worth the buy and the longer growing time!


    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  29. C. Reed (verified owner)

    If you don’t mind the smell this stuff is top notch. Great grow in the greenhouse environment if you’ve got the space for it. Love the way it just fills out and gets super tall, nice dense nugs, pretty high quality stuff you know? Easy to order online, really couldn’t ask for more!

  30. jessedlyons

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  31. Jiminy Cricket (verified owner)

    Don’t let the cheese smell turn you away, I was a bit skeptical myself at first, but I am pretty glad I ended up growing this strain. Really beautiful flowers, super dense, they kinda look like popcorn, and of course the smell is pretty powerful, but the weed is really mild and relaxing, easy to smoke in a long session with friends or just chilling in front of the Tube watching the Sopranos haha. Had a great experience ordering online as well. I’ll be back!

  32. chris mcguy (verified owner)

    This is a real interesting strain of weed. The growing was a little over my head, but that’s just because I am a newbie. Pretty happy with how things turned out though, got some nice nugs, maybe a little less than I was expecting, but they have a very pungent smell and flavor, great for my stress and bad days, also helps me fall asleep too. I’ll grow weed again, but maybe not this strain.

  33. Louise Batchelor (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  34. Gino Dack (verified owner)

    I’ve had some issues getting to sleep recently. Work is really stressful lately and I can’t seem to find the time to destress. Glad I found this weed however. Nice growing out in the backyard, finally putting my garden to good use after such a long time. They did super well and taste phenomenal. I feel excellent when I smoke this, and the cheesy flavor makes it all that much better. I have been sleeping much better lately and feel better overall!

  35. darkglobe (verified owner)

    This is one of those strains you’ve probably heard of but never tried so I recommend actually giving it a go! It’s wicked easy to grow at home, I literally grew it in my backyard and it did super well, even though the yield was a bit small. Either way the nug was top notch, the stress relief and trippy mindset is real and its got a great flavor. What more could ya want?

  36. funkster09 (verified owner)

    This weed is funky fresh! I have a nice grow space in the basement, finally got to break it in with this weed! I ordered online with GCS and the shipping was hella fast, really amazing stuff. I got like 400 g of weed per plant and with only 3 plants that is a LOT of weed! It’s definitely got a funky cheese smell to it, but I happen to enjoy it very much! A nice indica driven high, I’ll want more for sure!

  37. DominicFury (verified owner)

    This is an excellent strain for those looking for a little something different. I loved the growing process. I am an avid gardener and found this grow to very straightforward and easy peazy! I definitely love the earthy cheesy taste and the low-key mind buzz this stuff provides. It’s nice for sharing and helps me a lot with stress and depression. It’s almost like medicine!

  38. ccuhoops (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  39. lee (verified owner)

    I finally got my grow space set up in the basement and I am really pleased I got to put it to good use. Ordered my seeds online with GCS and they shipped out super fast! Nice, even germination and also a very even growth between all 3 plants. I got quite a lot of nug to work with, and the basement smells like cheese lol! I usually smoke this delicious herb in the evening, to help me unwind or just relax in front of the TV. It’s a very mild but enjoyable buzz.

  40. ccuhoops (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  41. i29oiww dqw (verified owner)

    A really soothing strain of MJ. It’s so relaxing and absolutely great for my stress and anxiety. Definitely recommend this as an evening strain, cause this stuff will get you feeling sleepy after an hour or so. It’s been a great experience working with this stuff, loved growing it in my basement, had some really great indoor success, and the nugs are dense and beautiful and green. Lone this stuff!

  42. Paul Thomas (verified owner)

    This is an excellent strain of mj for feeling funky on a Tuesday! I grew this in my backyard and it is very smelly indeed. I even think the nei