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Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Great for any time of day, Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds relax and ease some pain, and offer a touch of blissful euphoria. These effects make this an ideal strain for people hoping to relieve stress and depression, as well as pain. A balanced hybrid, Gorilla Glue averages 21% THC and tastes of pine and diesel. It is easy to grow and great for beginners!

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Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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We’ve taken a modern crowd favorite and made it even easier to grow therapeutic, great-feeling and great-tasting cannabis! Our Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds feature the Diesel-backed genetics of popular Gorilla Glue #4 and our trusted and tested ruderalis strain. The result is a fast-flowering, automatic cannabis plant; an excellent choice for new and established gardeners, that will impress with its effects.

How Will Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Affect Me?

Growers Choice Gorilla Glue is a great option for any time of day – it offers just enough relaxation to keep you feeling loose and soothed, but not enough to put you to sleep. That means, if you have some things to do, Gorilla Glue will let you get them done while still delivering the relief you need.

Don’t plan for too much detailed work, though, since Gorilla Glue cannabis seeds will leave you feeling a bit euphoric in larger doses. Stick to small amounts to feel less of this famous marijuana trait, or just enjoy the deep relaxation it encourages, and the uplifting sensation that goes along with it.

Does Gorilla Glue Have Medical Uses?

The relaxing and uplifting qualities of Gorilla Glue auto-flowering cannabis seeds do offer some therapeutic benefits along with the obvious recreational ones. You’ll find your stress – and even some symptoms of depression – washed away after a treatment, your woes being overtaken by a sense of gentle happiness and – not surprisingly – a bit of hunger.

Gorilla Glue is quite adept at helping patients deal with minor to moderate chronic or acute pain, especially that of the neuropathic variety, and you might find the vestiges of the strain can help you ease into sleep if you’re headed there already.

Side Effects of Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering?

We always recommend starting with small doses of any new strain, until you have determined your ideal amount. The 21% THC in Gorilla Glue can deliver moderate to mighty effects, depending on your tolerance, and if you go a little bit overboard, you might find yourself with dry eyes and mouth. Anxiety and paranoia aren’t too common with this strain, but practice caution nevertheless!

Growing Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Like most of our autoflowering strains, Gorilla Glue is easy to grow and makes a great first try for passionate people who want to try their hand at gardening their own medicinal or recreational cannabis strains (in states where growing is legal, of course).

After germination, auto-flowering seeds generally spend two or three weeks in the vegetative stage before transitioning to the flowering stage. Unlike regular seeds, you don’t need to worry about changing your light-to-dark ratio to prompt this change – the Russian-born ruderalis in the genetics takes care of this for you.

After about 60 days in the flowering stage you should be ready to harvest, and could wind up with up to 500 grams per square meter of fresh bud from an indoor grow.

Like all Growers Choice products, Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds are fully feminized, so you never need to worry about identifying male plants in your crop.

Happy growing!

Additional information


Gorilla glue #4 x Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 40% Sativa, 50% Indica

Flower Time

55 – 65 Days

THC Content


CBD Level


Best Use

Anytime, Depression, pain management, reduce stress


Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted


Diesel, Pine

Flowering Type


Yield Indoors

400-500g per m2

Yield Outdoors

200-300g per plant

Where to Grow


Growing Difficulty



Auto-Flowering Feminized

Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

185 reviews for Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Ali Holly (verified owner)

    Gorilla is a solid strain, smells kinda skunky and funky, makes for a great vibe when you’re chilling with your buddies. Not a bad gift for someone you love…I got it as a gift from my brother, and I admit I was pretty stoked about it. I think you should try it for yourself….you won’t regret your decision!

  2. primo soil (verified owner)

    Gorilla glue is where it’s at! This is the best strain on the internet and it’s great for those of us who need a little boost of energy in the AM. I swear, coffee just doesn’t cut it anymore, but when I combine coffee and weed, it’s a magic combo and I feel right as ever! I get on my bike and go to work, feel much better about getting my work done. I will always buy from this site, they have the best weed seeds in Canada!

  3. thorseman (verified owner)

    these auto flowering seeds are the best they produce full and healthy buds at a consistant and abundant rate they were so simple to grow and the yield is impressive

  4. Palm Tree (verified owner)

    I am totally glued to this strain of weed, and I think you know why! I ordered online and got myself 3 seeds, and they delivered them right to the mailbox. It was like Christmas came early when I got to open my package. It was so fresh and ready to plant. I used the paper towel method and got the seeds to sprout right away. I know I will be returning for more amazing pot seeds!

  5. GSD (verified owner)

    Super sticky weed….like so sticky that it’s hard to roll into a joint sometimes, but this is exactly what I do! I ordered 5 seeds online and am growing them one at a time…paper towel method works great for germination….and it creates the most delicious strains you’ll ever see. I got some gorgeous buds….big as my hands….and super white and green….very sticky, very exciting. I’ll definitely buy more!

  6. Lady Lioness (verified owner)

    The time between order and delivery was longer than expected due to the COVID-19 restrictions, however, GCS kept in contact through email to letting me know what was happening… I used the chat a few times everything was handled professionally and promptly… I followed the germination guide on three of the Gorilla Glue Autoflowers two days ago and today I had a 100% successful germination… I’m so freaking excited…😝I’ll def make another review in about 10-11 weeks… stay tuned for the end results… Over all experience with GCS is five stars… Will be shopping again and recommending to others…

  7. ewrecc420 (verified owner)

    Awesome strain to grow!!! Love this girlie!!!

  8. WWF (verified owner)

    Gorillas are so cool….they used to be my favorite animals as a kid. I ordered my seeds online and got them delivered to my door…beautiful seeds, truly. They grew extra tall and made some beautiful bud. I ordered them online and they showed up before I could blink! I took care of them like they were my babies. The weed was white and green and so cool to look at. Even better to smoke…I am really happy about this marijuana!

  9. @latergram (verified owner)

    I got seriously glued to this stuff…all I did all day was smoke till I was broke…and it was so worth it…like growing your own weed….that’s what’s up! I love the great-tasting flavor and love the killer buds…so nice to have around!

  10. LawnBoy (verified owner)


  11. MHG (verified owner)

    Gotta get me some gorilla glue…like what’s up yo? My name’s DENNIS and I am all about this KUSHHHHH. Smoke it to maintain my RAD lifestyle…you know…skateboarding with Jess and Regina…getting backed and doing sick kickflips in the Denny’s Parking Lot. I am 34. I bought this weed online from Grower’s… definitely a solid purchase. Gotta escape you know? This is how you do it. grow your own weed!

  12. Marty Short (verified owner)

    Got me 5 seeds for growing out in my greenhouse…they shipped out lightning-fast…got em in less than a week! Perfect buy for when you need a new gardening project….I am pretty stoked on this new weed…It’s very fresh, a little sour and has nice bright colors. It’s like caprisun on a hot day….I really liked these when I was a kid haha. I smoke at any time of day…and this has to be the perfect way to stave off the afternoon crash

  13. Night Nurse (verified owner)

    Recieved 3 gorilla glue auto seeds and have started them. So far extremely impressed with not only the seeds but the service that you get with this company. Will be buying more again from here.

  14. Kermit da Fogg (verified owner)

    I would give this weed 10/10 stars if I could. This is one of the best strains on this website, hands down. It’s so fresh and sour and refreshing, like a lime beverage during the summer months. I smoke this for relaxation and focus, cause it does both! I get hella stoned and take long walks or hikes in the gorge. Great for growing out in the backyard or even in the garage if you have the lights and the room. Smells like fresh pine. Amazing stuff!

  15. Root 2 Rise (verified owner)

    I didn’t know how much I loved weed until I started growing this weed. It’s a real treat and makes for some amazing cannabis smoking with your closest friends. I am pretty new to the game, but I followed the grow guidelines on this site and had great success. Very white and green buds, stunning flavor, very sour, and does great things for my energy levels. I highly recommend!

  16. prewashed (verified owner)

    Get glued to the gorilla glue and you won’t want anything else. I have been a fan of this weed for years, and it’s been hard to find the seeds to grow my own. But GCS always comes through in the end, cause they have strains nobody else seems to carry. I got a beautiful pack of 5 seeds, made for an excellent backyard experiment with some pretty astounding results. The flower is bright white! How exciting, and the weed is sour as all hell. You’re gonna love this stuff 🙂

  17. Ice-T (verified owner)

    This is a great strain for some experienced smokers who like a strong kick to their mj. Easy online ordering with GCS as always, and always a good crop at the end of the day. I really like the smell and taste too, very sour and straight up like a pine forest, which is pretty cool living in the PNW if you ask me. I got 5 seeds and am germinating them one at a time to savor the homegrown weed for as long as possible 🙂

  18. luggagecart (verified owner)

    Gorilla glue is best smoked in laaaaarge amounts, so you are fully glued to the couch or your bed and just wanna lay there for hours. I am soooo happy I went for this strain. It’s such a trippy looking plant. Had no idea that weed could be so white and green! Got like 6 OZ of weed from 3 plants, and I am smoking like a champ! I love the powerful earthy smell and sour flavor, it doesn’t get much better than this!

  19. the Headless Horseman (verified owner)

    This weed’s not about to make you any smarter, but it definitely helps with stress. I tell ya, when I smoke this I get hella stoned and just looooove how it makes me feel. I feel dumb as a rock but yeah, TV is wicked good, so is music and food. Gives me the munchies hardcore, I just wanna nom on some pizza you know? Great buy from GCS, they have all the best seeds online, and at a great price too!

  20. lime (verified owner)

    Awesome seeds!

  21. allan_bellin (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  22. dicorrevisuals (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  23. Joseph Douglass

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  24. Jonathan Holmer (verified owner)