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Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Relax and ease minor depression symptoms with sweet, creamy Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering. Stress and anxiety don’t stand a chance in the face of this strain, and even insomnia is sent running for the hills. Bubble Gum is easy to grow thanks to the ruderalis in its heritage.

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Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An indica-dominant hybrid developed in the US, this popular strain is best known for its ability to get those creative juices flowing, and deliver deep relaxation. At Growers Choice, our Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds come complete with assured authenticity: they have undergone genetics testing and are protected by our 90% germination guarantee.

Bubble Gum is a creamy, sweet strain with an earthy and sugary scent. This delightful palate offers significant uplifting effects, leaving the user feeling cheerful and sending symptoms of depression right out the door. But the balance of indica in the strain also means Bubble Gum won’t overstimulate; it delivers deep relaxation that can soothe away anxiety and stress, and help both fatigue (at the beginning of the dose) and insomnia (at the end).

Many patients also find Bubble Gum cannabis is a good choice for mild to moderate pain relief, making it easier to focus on that increased creativity and really get some work done. The combination of pain management and mild anti-nauseant effects means Bubble Gum is suitable for people undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

A fairly mysterious strain in terms of origin, Bubble Gum is nevertheless confirmed to be quite easy to cultivate. With a tendency to grow quite vertical without much side-branching, Bubble Gum often requires clipping, so beginners should look into best practices to get the most out of their plants. Growers Choice Bubble Gum cannabis seeds will germinate in 3 to 7 days, and require about nine weeks in the flowering stage after vegetation.

At Growers Choice, we’re proud to offer an auto-flowering version of our Bubble Gum cannabis seeds. Auto-flowering strains remove the need for a switch in lighting to trigger the flowering stage. Instead, thanks to their cross-breeding with Russian ruderalis, auto-flowering plants automatically enter the flowering stage two or three weeks after planting. The addition of ruderalis will not alter the THC level, effects, nor flavor of Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering, but the plants may be a bit shorter than the original variety.

Order Grwoers Choice Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds now, and have your products in hand just days later, thanks to our quick and discreet delivery. With Growers Choice, you can cultivate your own holistic, natural medicine right in the comfort of your own home.

Additional information


Bubble Gum x Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 40% Indica, 50% Sativa

Flower Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Creative, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Daytime, Depression, improve appetite, reduce stress


Floral, Sweet

Indoor Yield

300-400 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

200-300 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

59 reviews for Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Mafi Paulo (verified owner)

    Bubble gum is just so nice and relaxing and it makes me so darn happy too! Ordered this bud online and had it delivered to my place! Excellent buy for when you’re looking to grow your own weed and are new to the game. It’s super easy! Very sweet flavor and the colors of the bud are great! Super green and a little pink. So enticing. Definitely recommend!

  2. Salt & Pepper (verified owner)

    Pop your bubble gum and get on the weed train cause this mj is off the hook! I got this weed cause I like sweet stuff like candy and thought why not? Easy AF to grow outside in the yard where all the sun is and the birds are chirping lol. I feel like a real grower right now and am super excited to have this weed in my arsenal of awesomeness. Dope weed for the price too, really high quality, definitely worth a shot!

  3. Green Tomatoes (verified owner)

    If you want some bubble gum then go for this instead it’s waaaay better and has all the right flavor! It’s sweet and light and it makes you feel like you’re smoking it on a pink cloud….then you get real stoned and go for a bike ride around the lake…very impressive stuff and definitely a good buy for the ages, and totally helps with depression, try it out!

  4. ROCKNROLL (verified owner)

    I wanted a happy weed, something that wouldn’t make me paranoid or twitchy…figured this might be my best option. Ordered it online and got myself an excellent little batch of weed that should last me quarantine. It’s very light and the nugs are super fluffy. I like smoking this out of my bong and will absolutely keep growing more in my basement. Two thumbs up for GCS!

  5. Giving Notice (verified owner)

    Bubble gum is the flavor of my childhood, it helps me stay happy and positive even when times are tough…and they are!!! My yield was pretty darn huge, amazing flavor and a great sativa buzz. Never overwhelming, but always chilled out and fun. Great for like jogging and taking runs!

  6. Banana Peels (verified owner)

    Make some bubble gum pop in your brain and you’ll feel like a new person…it’s so light and fun to smoke with your friends and everybody can have a good time. We all smoke this in my house, get super stoned and laugh and laugh. I am an excellent grower and grew it in my own backyard. Awesome buy from the guys over at Growers!

  7. Honu (verified owner)

    If I am ever feeling cloudy, this stuff makes me crystal clear! I get myself a whole lotta nug from these plants, and I stock upppp! I much have like 5 harvests worth of weed and I love to share it. Having a lot of weed is like kind of comforting to me, and this weed in particular. It’s very mellow and happy and has a great sweet flavor. Can’t complain!

  8. Lester Valentine (verified owner)

    I have trouble with depression, I will be honest, and since quarantine started, I just like to smoke a little MJ to help me feel more evened out, a little less stressed, and a little more on top of my happiness. I smoke this almost every day, I like its light earthy flavor, its sweet aftertaste and its mellow, uplifting buzz. It gives me hope, when things are just so difficult right now and I am honestly trying my best. I ordered 3 seeds online and they shipped out right on time. Very happy with my purchase 😉

  9. Running Man (verified owner)

    Bubble gum weed oughta brighten up your day…we all need some hardcore relaxation at a time like this, so don’t worry yourself and get a nice little crop of bubble gum going so you can pop pop pop your way right through quarantine. I am feeling so much better since I started smoking this weed. It makes my days so much easier to get through. I love the taste and smell, very intoxicating and wonderful. Can’t wait to smoke more!

  10. Chevy (verified owner)

    I feel like being a kid was a whole lifetime ago, but smoking bubble gum weed kinda brings me back to the days when I was younger and things were simple. I used to wander my neighborhood, following stray cats, and buy gum down at the 7-11. Now, when I smoke this nice, light sativa strain, I can meander back to a simpler time, take walks around my neighborhood, and then instead of buy bubble gum, I’ll get some wine lol!

  11. Flo-Jos (verified owner)

    Blow yourself up a huuuuge bubble of the bubble gum weed and then watch it POP! Not literally of course, but your brain feels nice and light like it’s floating in a bubble. a VERY happy strain, amazing how nice it is to smoke when you have it at home. It’s something I look forward to every day. I store it in my closed in a little jar, and I pack myself a HUGE bowl that gets me feeling LIT! You really can’t go wrong with this weed!

  12. Puka (verified owner)

    When it comes to bubble gum, expect the unexpected. This weed will pop a fuse in your brain and send you into happy mode. There’s no way you can smoke this and not have a smile on your face. It’s an easy endeavor too, cause I am no expert, but by following the guide on GCS I got a really nice yield. It’s not a heavy, groggy buzz, in fact, it’s great for just getting stoned and feeling great about life. The depression killer for sure!

  13. reelguy (verified owner)

    I used to LOVE bubble gum, I chewed it all day long when I was in middle school and they all knew me as “gum girl” but that’s beside the point. I grew up and started smoking weed, as you do, and need some sativa to keep me feeling light and bubbly. Very worth the buy on GCS, their online selection is amazing. Try this sprain if you like to be an active stoner, like me!

  14. reviewguy (verified owner)

    I never really liked bubble gum until I tried this strain of weed. Something about smoking this sweet, sweet weed really awakens my sweet tooth and makes me want to binge candy! I got my 3 seeds from GCS and they arrived within a week, very exciting! I grew them outdoors after germinating them indoors. Perfect growing conditions in my backyard, absolutely beautiful sunshine. I’ll be back for more for sure!

  15. Groom (verified owner)

    I am a huge fan of strong uplifting sativas like bubble gum weed. It’s done wonders for my stress and even helps with depression. I grew it out back and gave it plenty of sunshine and water. It seemed to like being outside, especially in the hot summer sunshine. SoCal is the perfect place to grow marijuana, and this weed really confirmed that for me. I’ll buy more online with GCS as soon as I have some $$!

  16. Ian (verified owner)

    If you like sweet weeds, then this will probably be your new favorite strain. I am a big fan of this stuff, which helps me with stress and anxiety and depression and offers up some amazing positive moods and good energies. It’s like a psychedelic dreamland, transporting me to a new dimension where my stupid job doesn’t exist anymore, yay! I smoke and then cook a delicious dinner for myself, play my favorite tunes, and relax on the sofa

  17. Mango (verified owner)

    It’s sweet and then it’s chill, it makes for a great high when you’re sad or depressed, or feeling lonely. It’s like a party in your brain and candy in your mouth. Easy grow with great results, used the screen of green method to get my plants to produce. Pretty stoked about my harvest, absolutely rad smelling stuff, very earthy and kinda floral as well? I’m not the best at describing myself lol. Either way, a great buy especially for online.

  18. Grassy Lady (verified owner)

    If you’re a fan of this sweet treat, then you’ll totally dig this delicious herb! Sooooo much fun to grow. I LOVE gardening and get all excited when I get to grow weed. Such an excellent buy, with so much nug to harvest from my 3 little plants. This stuff is hella sweet and suuuper uplifting, great for depression and anxiety and also a real killer strain for stress as well. Definitely good after work, or even in the middle of the day. Helps with all those negative thoughts that make work difficult!

  19. Sweet Dee (verified owner)

    Used to go down to the candy store as a kid and get myself a pack of gum as a kid and that was a big deal for me. Nowadays, I am not into sweets, but I sure do like sweet weed. This weed definitely scratches the itch, and it’s a pretty delicious tasting strain too. It’s nice and easy to grow, but it’s a worthy hobby, you get out if it what you put into it, and if you have some time to spend caring for your plants they’ll produce beautiful flowers after about 4 months time. I highly recommend it, it’s very gratifying!

  20. Bubba (verified owner)

    The bubble gum strain is definitely one of my favorites. I’ve been growing it for years! I had no idea about GCS until my good friend recommended the site and then POW the whole game changed on me! GCS has THE BEST seeds in Canada, easy to order, fast to ship, reliable germination as well! I got a nice yield, very healthy stuff with some beautiful color to it. Uplifting and euphoric and great for depression. Give it a whirl!

  21. Bubba (verified owner)

    Bubble gum is like a trip back to the good old days, it’s filled with summer vibes and the sweet chew of candy…It’s a really nice sativa blend that helps with depression, anxiety, focus and energy and never fails to make a bad day feel much better…I like the smell and taste especially, it’s so very sweet! And the weed is fluffy and oh so fresh…there aren’t many better things in life than growing your own mj. Well worth the effort!

  22. udndkcwid9283848 (verified owner)

    I love bubble gum to begin with, but seeing that it was a mj strain made it some much more special. I ordered my seeds online and got some nice buds on the plants. It was an easy grow, got probably 500 g from just one plant which is way more than I was planning on…but it’s really sweet and uplifting. Helps me with depression and anxiety, gives me a great head buzz and fills my mind with creative ideas.

  23. Phil Oliver (verified owner)

    I need some help feeling good throughout the day during these winter months. I really appreciate this weed for that reason. It helps me stay focused and relaxed and brings about a positive mood. It’s nice to have this around when you’re trying to stay awake at work and it’s 3pm and you had a Chipotle burrito for lunch lol! I had a great time growing it, it’s super easy to manage and cultivate and has a really sweet taste. No regrets!

  24. Larry Wiegert (verified owner)

    Oh man, i just lit up my batch for the first time, and I am super happy with it. It’s ridiculously sweet and delicious, has those sativa vibes that make it easier than ever to get outta bed in the morning or to smoke on my lunch break. I feel like wicked better about life, my depression has disappeared, and my self esteem has gone way up. I feel like I am performing even better at work now. Couldn’t be happier with my new strain!

  25. graham crackers (verified owner)

    Once you pop you just cant stop! A very sweet and fun strain of marijuana. I have been smoking this as an oil from the dispensary for the last few years, but wanted to transition back into flower again. Great site with an amazing selection, and ordering online is incredibly easy!!! Love how easy this was to grow indoors, has an amazing smell and the flowers are bright green and pink, how cool! Excellent smoking and very fresh. Will be back for more!

  26. Lisa webster (verified owner)

    This weed makes you happy!!! It’s really easy growing and easy smoking as well. Got myself 3 seeds from GCS delivered to my place out in SoCal and have been growing out on the porch, does really well in these big ol’ pots I got from my grandma. I love the smell and taste, very sweet and a little bit skunky. I usually smoke this before going to work for a burst of that sativa energy, and then I feel great throughout the day!

  27. lance brody (verified owner)

    If you suffer from anxiety or depression, then this might just be the strain for you. It’s some really light weed, mentally I mean, very euphoric and uplifting, helps with the gray days and the sadness. Grew it myself, first time ever, in the backyard, and WOW these plants really took off. Couldn’t ask for a better yield, just the right amount for me. Very green and a little pink and super sweet and just great overall.

  28. Joe taylor (verified owner)

    A truly stunning variety of mj, and has been sooooo helpful in fighting depression. I swear, once I smoke this I am in such a better mood. It’s been great for improving my social skills and makes me wanna just go out and party. Loved growing this stuff, what a great experience, and it turns out I am pretty good at it too, must have a green thumb after all! I got a nice yield with big beautiful flowers, and the smell is intoxicating.

  29. Clint George (verified owner)

    Better than a trip to the bodega down the way, gets me super stoned and helps with depression. Got a nice yield from these plants, probably 1000 g in total after about 4 mo of growing. Not too bad considering this is my first time doing this. I want to try again, probably indoors next time, but the outdoor grow was good, solid green and pink nugs, pretty cool stuff overall, definitely gonna do it again!

  30. Dave K. (verified owner)