AK Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An auto-flowering version of the popular classic AK-47, AK Auto-Flowering is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a complex lineage of strains from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and Afghanistan.

AK Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An auto-flowering version of the popular classic cannabis seed strain AK-47, AK Auto-Flowering is a hybrid with a complex lineage of strains from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and Afghanistan. The addition of ruderalis means once the AK cannabis seeds are germinated and planted, you don’t have to worry about changing the length of daylight – they will switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage all on their own.

How will AK Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds make me feel?

With 50% sativa and 40% indica, AK Auto-Flowering is pretty close to a balanced hybrid; it presents its indica roots in the relaxed, happy high that leaves users feeling lazy and creative, while the sativa influence creates an uplifted, euphoric sensation. The potent, resin-coated buds have a sweet, earthy flavor, and are best suited to evening and nighttime use. Take it easy when you’re new to AK Auto-flowering. It has an average THC level of 19%, so too much can make you a little paranoid or cause a headache.

Medical benefits of AK Auto-Flowering?

If you’re looking for quality medical cannabis seeds, AK Auto-Flowering is a good choice for mood regulation, offering relief from the sometimes debilitating symptoms of conditions like depression, bi-polar, and other mood disorders. The strain is also a great choice when you’re feeling particularly stressed or anxious, and if taken in the evening, can enable you to float easily into sleep. In small doses, AK auto-flowering can also relieve headaches, despite its potential for causing them in higher amounts. The strain has the potential to relieve other types of chronic or recurring pain, as well.

Growing AK Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds

AK Auto-Flowering has a flowering time of seven to nine weeks, an improvement on the original AK-47 strain. When grown from Growers Choice cannabis seeds, the plants develop with impressive strength and resistance, and offer a moderate yield of rich, healing flowers, both indoors and out.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

AK-47 x Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 40% Indica, 50% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



body stone, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Evening, full body relaxation, Induces sleep after a few hours


Spicy, Sweet

Indoor Yield

450-500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

200-360g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

122 reviews for AK Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. THCvibez (verified owner)

    I must say i got both my seed and this strain is one of them. Germinated with no problem 100% germination wow!!! Grower choice And We Took A Chance And Got Great Product We Reordered again due to these high-quality Seeds.

  2. Bryan Erickson (verified owner)

    AK 47 is pretty fantastic. It’s nice when you smoke it in the mornings right when the sun is coming up. Looks truly amazing in the garden as well, grew as tall as I am right now, and I am pretty excited for this stuff to just have a permanent spot in the yard. I never grew weed before, but now, I feel like a pro and will definitely continue to buy from GCS.

  3. Kathryn Yates (verified owner)

    AK is pretty sweet man, like literally and figuratively. It’s got a nice easy vibe, makes my life feel deep and exciting and it gets me all kind sof stoned which is exactly what I need after a long day at work, checking groceries for entitled people. I am very excited for the possibility of growing weed in my own backyard. GCS makes marijuana so accessible to everyone and I am thankful to be a part of it!!

  4. Areeb Hodge (verified owner)

    AK is a good buy and it helps with stress. That’s all I really need it for in the end is dealing with stress and depression. I like the way it grows but I am not a gardener, I just always have my eye on the prize, which is some nice, fresh MJ, a very good purchase, especially for the very affordable prices on this site, and it saves you a LOT of money at the dispensary cause you ain’t going there anymore!!!

  5. Susannah Mills (verified owner)

    A very fancy strain….kind of makes me feel like I am smoking the caviar of weed! I grew it out in my backyard, and I gotta say, it looks absolutely phenomenal. A great strain for when you are just looking to relax and really need some new marijuana that is cheaper than dispensary stuff. Just be patient, sometimes this weed takes a while to grow, but it’s worth it I promise, and online ordering is def the way to go ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. fgould (verified owner)

    These five (5) seeds did not germinate and now I’m trying to get replacements after waiting over a month just to receive them. Then took weeks to determine they failed to germinate. Really losing my patience with this outlet.

  7. Jacqueline Barajas (verified owner)

    Some very earthy and delicious magic that helps with stress and depression and keeps my appetite regulated as well. I am an all day smoker, starting right when I get up in the morning, watching the sunrise with my cat and enjoying my homegrown herb. Always order online, it’s fast and reliable and makes life so much easier. I am definitely in the mindset to keep buying marijuana from this amazing company!

  8. Antonio Arroyo (verified owner)

    This was a great purchase on my part. I don’t mean to be bragging here. I mean I really like the way this weed grew at my house, produced tons of fresh, dense nugs, and kept me feeling great all day long. I smoke it almost every evening to keep the stress at bay, and man is it fun to just play video games on this weed, so happy!!

  9. Giorgio Noble (verified owner)

    Get high with AK and you know it’s gonna be a good night! I ordered my seeds online and they were absolutely amazing, they smelled good, tasted good, and they even grew pretty nicely in my backyard. This was my first time growing weeds, so it was a bit of trial by fire, either way, I am very excited to grow more of this weed, it’s been a truly amazing experience!!

  10. Melanie Moss (verified owner)

    AK is a nice and relaxing strain and it helps with stress and depression. I like smoking this on the weekend, it gives me something to look forward to during the week, and I am very excited for the prospect of growing even more weed! Awesome buy, especially for the price, and the yield is pretty amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a totaly stoner these days, smoking GCS weed all night long and sleeping much better now!!

  11. Naya Snider (verified owner)

    AK is a pretty nice buy, easy growing, flavorful flower, and it gets me stoned so that I am not stressed out anymore. Very nice stuff to have around the house, and it’s just that easy to order it online. You ever seen flower as big as your hand? Well you’re about to. Got a NICE grow for a very reasonable price!

  12. Dianne Blackburn (verified owner)

    AK is a ridiculously powerful strain. It gets me into the best frame of mind for creativity. I ordered it online and then planted it in my garden bed out back. Looks pretty great under all that sunshine. Very tall and exciting plants. They look amazing, get me feeling pretty fantastic and also give me a vibe that makes me feel peaceful and happy. I am a more pleasant person LOL.

  13. Reuben Fisher (verified owner)

    AK is gonna get you all jazzed up and ready for the real world….Ordered online and had my stuff delivered….Gets me real stoned this stuff, has a NICE little edge to it, makes my mind kinda fuzzy and manic and is great for creative bursts. Had a wonderful time growing this in my garden, very excited for the next few steps. A great time every time with GCS!

  14. Martin Swift (verified owner)

    AK is gonna make you sway to the right and to the left and look into the souls of cats LOL naw I’m being a wierdo but that’s what this strain is all about! I only bought 3 seeds, they took a little while to arrive, but it was worth it, especially since germination was so solid. They grew within a few months, and they got super tall and very bushy and man! do they smell good. It’s a real treat, gonna make you feel like a true hero.

  15. Lilith Wallace (verified owner)

    This strain is phenomenal, an absolute gem, and a classic, always a good choice to buy from GCS cause their seeds are top-notch every time. Ordering online is definitely the way to go, makes life much easier each time, gets me where I wanna be, totally a good purchase, especially for this incredibly low price. I will definitely keep growing my own weed, makes me suuuper happy!

  16. Brogan Hughes (verified owner)

    AK is an autoflowering strain that makes growing your own weed at home super easy and rewarding. I opened up my package of seeds the other day and was overjoyed with what I found….3 beautiful mj seeds looking their best! Planting them was easy and fun, and they JUST started to pop, which is a great feeling watching your very own weed grow and become beautiful!

  17. Hakeem Monroe (verified owner)

    First grow indoors. This one so far is growing excellent! A month into it and is so strong.

  18. Nela Chapman (verified owner)

    If you want a strain that really checks all the boxes, then I think you will love this AK strain of marijuana. It’s an easy grow and makes for some really nice green bud and it helps with stress and depression. It’s very colorful too, I saw reds and oranges I have never seen before in a weed plant, and it keeps pretty nice too if you put in a jar in the cupboard or something!

  19. Emyr Povey (verified owner)

    Wow I have never had a weed with a more complex and interesting high than this…I love the way this stuff smells and tastes and it feels just amazing to smoke in the evening. It gives me a NICE head buzz and all I can do is chill on my couch and read books and maybe watch a terrible movie from the 90s. It was all okay in the 90s and this weed makes me feel like that all over again!!!

  20. Annette Pineda (verified owner)

    The ak strain is gonna blow your mind!!! It’s a true dream, makes everything around it feel really soft and velvety, and smooth like a shaved tree or something crazy. I am not a metaphor guy, but I am a weed guy, and growing this has given my art new meaning and new life. I love just sitting back and getting stoned and writing a whole sonnet for my loved ones. It’s so relaxing and opens the mind!!!

  21. Dylan Fernandino (verified owner)

    This is some very colorful marijuana, it’s got so many flavors it’s like fruity pebbles or something, my favorite breakfast cereal when I was a kid. I smoke it all day though, and it gives me a lot of energy, and keeps me focused on my work and also makes me feel kinda creative and happy!!! I love smoking and growing some weed at home, what a good day!!

  22. BunBunny (verified owner)

    This is one heck of a time, you’ll love growing this weed at home in the comfort of your own backyard or basement. It’s a really chill experience, and the gardening is pretty mild. I have been very pleased so far with my experience and will definitely buy more of this weed for the future cause it rocks!!!

  23. Annie Stanton (verified owner)

    AK is a really nice blend between indica and sativa. It’s not the easiest strain to cultivate but it offers a lot of good vibes if you do it right. It’s pretty prolific too, makes for one heck of a garden plant, cause everyone in the neighborhood will be jealous you know? I definitely enjoy this weed, wanna buy it again, and again, and again!

  24. fred baker (verified owner)

    AK is a nice and relaxing strain, helps me deal with stress and keep focused on all the work I need to do. Ordering online is the best way to go, it’s sooooo easy! And the weed shows up super fast at your door, no matter where you live. I smoke this stuff in the evening, pretty chill buy cause it’s cheap and gets you high. I definitely wanna buy more you know? I think GCS is a great company ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. orcman (verified owner)

    AK is one of the better strains you’re gonna find here. It’s a seriously relaxing buy, makes me feel really good inside and gives me a nice mood boost that other drugs cannot. I have always been a fan of homegrown stuff…but never had the space! Now I have the space, and I am starting my very own weed operation, bigger and better than ever before. No depression anymore, so that’s chill, I really love it!

  26. nancey trong (verified owner)

    The AK 47 strain is a real gem. I ordered it online and had it delivered to my place here in Bremerton, have a great space for growing weed in the yard where nobody can see it and steal my crops!!! Easy for growing when you don’t wanna be outside taking care of it all day, but definitely a good bet if you’re new to marijuana and just wanna try something out. It’s a very flavorful strain.

  27. Michael sanders (verified owner)

    The world is watching us….and I am very excited to be in the spotlight with my new marijuana…it’s the best growing experience I have ever had…stunned by it’s colorful flora, it’s emerald green and streaks of burnt oranges and yellows and blues, gently wavering in the warm desert air…such a dream it is to grow your own marijuana….my dream realized and come to fruition, all thanks to Grower’s Choice Seeds.

  28. Jose Ricardo (verified owner)

    I had never heard of this strain before coming to this website. I was so impressed (overwhelmed?) by the sheer amount of variety on this site and the low prices for every different item. Ordering online was fast and simple, and the AK strain was perfect for me, did great in the backyard, made for a nice gardening project along with my other herbs and spices. Feeling pretty good about myself right now!!

  29. 535allthe (verified owner)

    The beauty of autoflowering seeds is that they basically take care of themselves. Ordered online and got this stuff delivered right to my apartment here in Washington. The cooler weather makes it kinda hard to grow, but if you have a greenhouse or grow light, you will be very happy with the result. Can’t complain this is some solid, flavorful, aromatic herb ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Jean Henry (verified owner)

    When it’s time to chill hardcore, then you gotta be smoking the AK-47 strain, it’s really relaxing and also very uplifting. I am pretty excited to have this stuff in my backyard, really brings the whole garden together and it just smells like a slice of heaven. It’s got all kinds of colors and the birds seem to love it lol. Harvesting was a breeze, and it made for some fat stacks of nug. Can’t complain!

  31. sleepergomez (verified owner)

    Definitely a complex weed, mayb